The North Platte semi-weekly tribune. (North Platte, Neb.) 1895-1922, December 29, 1922, Image 6

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Something to Think About
TO MAKIS one's self hnppy. to
keop on the sunlit trallH, to go
nbotit the day's duties with u light
licnrt ami a willing Imntl, one inimt
keep conslnntly In the splendent, null
ant rays from the worlds above.
It Ih not easy to wear n smile when
troubles hover near, but by continued
effort In the right spirit. It rw be
done, i
Many of our annoying perplexities
nro of our own making, consequently
tbey can be avoided by turning from
them when they first knock at the
door of our hearts for admission, and
abutting the door In their fticcs.
We are Inclined to brood over some
fancied wrong until It becomes a
formidable ghostly thing that haunts
our life from day to day. We are
prone to forget that we are rational
beings possessed of spiritual powers
capable of turning night Into day by
a grain or two of faith, which In our
moments of despondency we frequent
ly overlook, or cast aside In quest of
n balm of our own.
We art not willing to accept the
juicrcd promises given to us by the
iMaster of Men, simply because we
prefer the slmdows or doubt rather
(than the glorious sunlight or endur
ing trulli. so we continue to stumble
Hind fall In the darkness of our crea
Itlon and blame the Fates for our mis
ierable plight.
Human vanity and an exalted Idea
of our prowess are In
Imofit cases responsible for the sor
rows, tears and disappointments that
luHiially beset us.
Wo make pitiable Jobs of our work
Itmt we stubbornly refuse to change
our methods even though they bring
jus nothing but regret and pain.
And generally we rest fairly con
tent with (Mir failures, .for we keep
(multiplying them and courtln,; their
company when we know In our hearts
that we should pursue a contrary
We wish to be assured of brighter
days, but in our blind eagerness to
find them, we deliberately turn our
bucks upon the paths that take to
the hills anil choose the rougher
ronds thnt carry us down to the dark
if we would not wnsto our years
In Ignorance, we must lift our eyes
up to the light of Wisdom, plnce our
hands confidently In her nlways friend
ly palm and be content to be guided
by her kindly counsel and Illuminat
ing smile, for there Is no other way
by which we enn hope to overcome
Impeding obstacles and reach the
(9 br MoOlure Newspaper flyndlcnt.)
Has Anyone Laughed
At You
Britnt, ft.
You 8ay Your PrayersT If bo,
take the laughtw lightly and
show them to what your -ay-era
liavo really amounted. Not
by boasting or lecturing, but by
kindliness. For those who never
pray are very often sunk when
the "ship" Is tottering, 'hlle
you hnvo the " Kock o.' Agea" to
cling to. There Is no truer say
ing than "actions speak, louder
than words" and If you act like
n regulnr fellow and do not Htay
apart from people, others will
pretty soon understand why you
pray and maybe they will ' ecln
to Kay their prnyers, trt
Your Get-away hero Is:
Let your acts so shine that
everyone you come up against
feels better.
(O br McClr Newpper Srsdlentp.'l
News of All Kinds Gathered From
Various Points Throughout
Ward J. Smith, n farmer living near
Florence on the Wnshlhgton highway,
was electrocuted from contact with a
barbed wire fence, which had become
short-circuited with electric power
John Llnderman of Lexington was
seriously burned when an oil stove
was upset In his room and set the
bed clothes, furniture and papers
about the room afire.
The "Forgei-Me-Not" Drive at Omn-
rm last week yielded a fund of close
to $5,000. The monoy will be used
for relief nnd welfare of Uie wonnded
and disabled soldiers.
Henry llohrens of Boomer, repub
lican nnd progressive, retired farmer,
applied on election day for seat No.
13 In the state senate. It was as
signed to him on faith.
Thru the efforts of Iter. Ralph M.
Fngan, pastor of the Methodist church,
Urge Congress to Appropriate Half
Million Dollars to Aid in
Lincoln, Neb. II. D. Lute, secretary
the Stats Farm Bureau Federation and
Dr. George A. Peltier, plant patholo
gist at the Experiment Station, havo
returned from St. Paul where Uioy at
tended tlie second annual meeting of
the Conference for the Prevention of
Grain Rust.
The Nebraska delegates cast their
rotes for n resolution urging Congress
to appropriate $."00,000 for barberry
eradication next year and recommend
ing additional participator In the cam
paign on the part of the spring wheat
states most directly interested. The
resolution wan unanimously adopted
by 75 delegates from thirteen north
central slates.
The principal speakers were John R.
Hownrd, president of the American
Farm Bureau Federation and Dr. H. C
Stakmnn of the United States depart
ment of ncrrlculture. Mr. IToward des
cribed barberry eradication as one of
the most important activities on the
Farm Bureau program. Dr. Stnkman
who has Just returned from abroad,
reported thnt TSnropo hns succeeded In
Wolbach Is soon to hnve one of the controlling black stem rust by tlie er-
state traveling libraries, consisting of ndication of the barberries.
more than two hundred books.
Fire which destroyed the .T. P. Gib
bons elevator at Kenrnoy cuused n
loss of $70,000. Spontaneous combus
tion resulted In an explosion which
tore the roof from tlie elevator.
: i I
No limn linn ,a rlKlit to luitvo the world
rh ho foil lid It, 1 Id imiHt utlil Homcthlns
'to It; cltlicr I in mtiHt inako ILh people hot
.'lor, or Imjiplor, or liu must itm'Ku tlui fnco
(of tbo world moro lieinillfiil or falror to
look lit. I'Mwiiitl Holt.
fpillfl main dish or the meal Is very
Important, and Variety Is the aim
f f most cooks. There are but a Hin
ted number of meats, but by combina
tions nnd various ways of serving we
may mako them different and multiply
the number of dishes we servo,
Veal Cutlet.
Cut a veal cutlet Into pieces two by
three Inches, then (hit ten well with
,1)10 palm of the hand. Dip In egg,
(then In bread crumbs, and fry n gold
en brown In deep fat. Then place In
(tbo oven for twenty minutes to llnlsli
cooking. Drain the fat from the pan.
ndd two tablespoonfuls of (lour, brown
quickly and add one cupful of water.
Cook for live minutes, add salt nnd
paprika, one table-spoonful of grated
onion, two tablespoonfuls of minced
green pepper. Lift the meat to n
warm platter nnd pour the sauce
nrouud the outlets.
Stuffed Calf's Heart.
Cut open the (icitrt and remove tbo
tubes. Wash In plenty of cold wnter
and (111 with any well-seasoned stuff
ing. Sew to hold In shnpo, then tie
In n cheese cloth nnd steam until ten
der. Place in a baking pan, rub well
with butter, .cover with broad crumbs
nnd brown In n hot oven. Calf's
henrt cut In slices and sauted In a
hot frying pan with butter, makes a
tasty dish. Cook well on both sides
and serve well seasoned.
((!. Weatern Newspaper Uqton.)
i a i u &
:tiv C
4 1 IE
Sense b?Ae
T THANK Thee, Lord, that through
the year
Rich blessings have around me
spread ;
That though some days seemed dark
and drear
The sun some gleams sf upleador
thank Thee, Lend, for strengtfa of
To toll for those wtthla my care;
For Thy great love that uaved from
And blessings gave la richest share.
For ull Thy blessings on life's way
thunk Thee this Thanksgiving Day.
Former Secretary of State, who was
chosen by the Democrats at the re
cent election to again fill thaf posl
tlon. '
Anton Lundeen, n former Nebras
kan, Is one of two missionaries re
ported held by Chinese bandits in Ho-
nan province, according to a dispatch
to the State department at Washing
The Stnte Tuberculosis association
announces that 10,000,000 Christmas
seals have been placed on sale to col
lect funds to prevent tuberculosis and
In the Interest of public health,
Judge R. W. Hobart has sent to Gov
ernor McKelvIe his resignation, effec
L. II. Flood of Carson Is dead from
bloVd poisoning resulting from a boll.
It Is estimated that $100,000 ex
changed hands In election bets hi
The Madison Woman's club cele
brated its twenty-llftti anniversary
November 2. "
John Seltr, veteran snilor of tho civil dead at Sutton at the uge of
ninety-two years.
Fire starting in a coal bin destroyed
tho Presbyterian church at Hebron,
causing a loss of $4,000.
McCook Elks will initiate a class of
ono hundred December 7. Mnklng the
membership of this lodge over -100.
Arthur W. Billing, native of Pawnee
county, missionary at Foochow, China,
for tho pant fifteen years, has been
visiting old friends at Table Rock.
Clarence Swannon, captain of the
1021 Cornhuskors and assistant conch
at the state University was operated
upon for appendicitis and is rapidily
A small cyclone struck the farm
of W. .7. Furse, near Alma, Saturday
afternoon. The house was unroofed,
windmill torn down and other build
ings demolished.
Eight silver loving cups will be
among the trophies offered at tlie an
mini Piatt Valley Poultry and pet
Stock association's show at Columbus
December 5 and G.
A very' heavy wind on Uie Missouri
river caused tlie sinking of the "Fon
tcnelle," the ferry boat operating he
tween Decatur nnd Onawo, and also
the sinking of a large motor boat
Sunday baseball in Hamilton county
was defeated In a referendum by sixty
four votes. Outside of tho city of
Aurora, a considerable majority of
tlie electors voted lor. Sunday base
A special school bond election has
been cnllod for Doeewber 12 for tho
issuance of $175,000 additional school
live December 81. He hns been on the bond- for tl.e construction of a $320
. I l. l I. 4..,atti .11. 1 '
A MAN can acqulru courage In an
hour. It has been often done on
He can team self-possession In a
But It takes many years of Inteu
filvo training to teach him to keep Ids
Yet these years are well spent, Un
less you are certain that your temper
is Irrltution-proof, you can never bo
uuro of yourself.
At some time, on some occasion, you
may lose all control of yourself and do
something that you will regret for tho
remainder of your life.
It la useful to teach hoys boxing,
not only because It develops their
innscles and enables them to dorcml
themselves In case of necessity, but
because it Is the best lesson in tem
No man, without training, can en
dure sudden pain, inflicted by another
raun without a temporary lit of anger.
Doubtless you have Bomctlmes
wuljced along a path In tho woods be
hind a companion and been smitten
smartly In the face by a branch ,ho
released as ho passed. If you didn't
'loso your temper you were hardly
Learn to avoid sudden anger, which
Is very different from the slow de
liberate kind which you ought to feel
in the face of u great wrong or eyll.
For, If moved to quick wrath, tho
,Mood files to your head, your judg
linent depurts, and for a few minutes
ior a few seconds you are no better
ttban a maniac
You muy not resort to blows, but!
vnn urn lllri'lv to resort to hot words
(that are more dangerous than blows,
jifor Uiov will bo longer remembered.
Nothing worth while wua ever ac
complished In a fury. No vlilon, see
ing red, ever saw clearly. No brain,
(lushed with blood, was ever able to
It Is right that you should be angry
at evil, that you should be Indignant
when you sec, for example, a man beat
ing it horse or u child. But your power
to redre-is such n wrong, even to suvo
the victim, doparts If you are moved
to violent rage.
Lnirn to keep your temper. It will
take a long hard "ourae of lessons,
but they will pay.
(Copfrlfiht by Jaho HUhr.)
Dentistry an Ancient Art.
Romun dentists tilled teeth
gold as early us 000 B. C.
I thank The, Lrd, as one by rau
The days sped to eternity,
Each evening's low descending auu
Left loved ones here to welcome me.
thank Thee, Lord, whea day's Trk
And footsteps turned to home nod
Thnt childish welcoraea at Uie door
Mndo ov'ry passing moment blest.
For nil these Joys I gladly pay
My tributes this Thanksgiving Day.
I thank Thee, Lord, that eacfa day's
Was UBhered In .with hope and
That each day's mm could shine upon
Life's path dovold of thorn or tr.
I thank Thee, Lord, for soft caress
Of childish fingers on my face;
For love that loft, through storm and
Around my hoard n vacant place.
For blessings spread about my way
I praise Thee this Thanksgiving Day.
I thank Thee, Lord, for all the friends
Whoso cheery wclcoxnos make Ilfo
sweet ;
For love thnt nil my way attends,
And mako my happiness complete.
I thank Thee. Lord, for bunds
stretched out
To clasp my own In friendship
warm ;
For hope that puts to flight each
And haven gives in ev'ry storm.
For all Thy goodness on life's wny
I praise Thee this Thanksgiving Day.
. (O by Will U. Uula.)
Formaldehyde as Disinfectant.
Tho efficacy of this disinfectant de
pends largely upon temperature nnd
humidity. In ordinary summer weath
er It la an excellent surface disin
fectant. When the thermometer or
hydrometer Is below 05 tlie power of
formaldehyde la reduced. In the win
ter time the room should bo warmed
artificially and the humidity raised by
opening a steam radlnttr w by boiling
a kettle of water Im it.
irict ever since Its organization 10
rears ago. Ill health i6 tlie cause of
his resignation.
The postoiuce at Georgetown has
been discontinued by the government
after having been In operation for
more than 40 years. Tho discon
tinuance will work a hardship on
many of the patrons who will have
to go to Broken Bow, a distance of
20 miles, for their mail.
New high rocords in production of
Grand Island.
Complaint has been made to pollco
that milk bottJo thieves havts been
opertlng systematically in Fremont,
inking the bottles of milk left on the
doorsteps of patrona of. the early mora
Ing dairymen.
George B, OoHins, 23, successful
contestant on the democratic ticket
against Sam Hoff, republican for a sent
in the lower house of the Nebraska leg.
lslature, will bo the ytmngeet repre
gugnr beets per acre have been reached Untattve In thnt body,
In thn'Mnrli PIrH-a Tfllli-ir thin Tour. I
... ........ J V " m.. nJ I
ln n i -Annr,ln nf flu. WW ni.-ui
Grent Westorn Sugar company. An
vernge yeild of 12.77 tor.o to the acre
In the district compricod by Scotts
bluff. Bayard, Goring and Mitchell
factories Is reported. In 101.5, when
Uie previous high tonngo mark wns set,
the acre yield was 11.95 tons,
That Nebraska's club boys and girls
and refrigerator care for potatoes
halting tho marketing of crops at
Hemlngford. Considerable wltcnt
coming in and the local elevators are.
being fined to capnclty
Twenty-six denominations or sects
are represented among tho studontfl of
the state University nccordlng to
enn hold their own in national contests nurvoy mado by Registrar Florence T
Is again demonstrated with the news McGahey from Uie presonal cards niiefl
coming from Slirevenort. La., thnt t y students wnen regiatcnng.
Fred Grau, corn club boy of Bennlng
ton, won sacond prize on yellow dent
corn at Uie Nttlonal Com Club Show
held thore October 10 to 20. The win
nlng of second plnce In this National
Show In competition with exhibits
from many states Is a matter of real
pride to Nebrasknns.
Tlie contract of the board of educa
tlon with tlie stnte board of vocational
training to place the Columbus high
school homo economics courso under
the Smith-Hughs vocntlonat training
act on the part tlmo basis has been
Burglars attempted to rob the Stan
dard Oil company station nt Ncbraskn
City Sunday, but were frightened
away after they had Jimmied tho front
door, and rolled the safe to the door,
preparatory to hauling It away on a
wheelbarrow that was left standing
at tho door, with tho safe in the door
way. "Dad's day," n now tradition nt the
University of Nebraska, will be In
augurated November 18, when every
itudent in tho university hns been
asked to Invito his father to visit
Lincoln to attend the Nebraska-Kansas
Aggies football game scheduled
for that day.
Mr. nnd Mrs. John II. Blevins, ro-
ildlng nenr Central City, celebrated
their fiftieth wedding nnnlversary last
week. All the children Including four
gons and one daughter were present,
as were all the grand children. Mr.
Blevins Is eighty-one years of age
while his wife Is slxey-olgtiL
Say "Bayer" and Insistl
Unless you sco Uie name "Bayer- on
package or on tablets you are not get
ting the genuine Bayer product pre
scribed by physicians over tweuty-two
years and proved safe by millions for
Colds Headache
Toothache Lumbng
Earache RhcumaUsra
Neuralgia Pain, Pain
Accopt "Bayer Tablets of Aspirin
only. Each unbroken package contains
proper directions. Handy boxes of
twelve tablets cost few cents. Drug
gists also sell bottles of 24 nnd 100.
Asperin Is Uie trade mark of Bayer
Manufacture of Mononcetlcncidestcr ol
Salicyllcacid. Advertisement.
Invention Tests Air.
The Paris-London air service hai
nn Ingenious Instrument for nueasur
Ing the depth of fog above the start
ing place at Croydon or Abbeville
and so to determine whether there ii
clear, dry weather c few hundred fee
up. Tlie Instrument, which Is baset
on the property of human hair of con
tracting sharply on passing from wet
to dry air, consists of a hair attnehec"
to a trigger thnt holds a rlug. Thi
instrument Is sent aloft with toy bal
loons on a string ; as soon as It roachei
dry nlr tho hair contracts, pulls the
trigger, and down comes tho ring on
the string. Youth's Companion.
Thousands Have Kidney
Trouble and Never
Suspect It
Applicants for Insurance Often
Judging from reports from droggisti
who are constantly in direct touch vritk
the public, there is one preparation tha
has been very successful ia overcoming
these conditions. The mild ad healing
influence of Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root if
soon realized. It stands tba highest foi
its remarkable record of aueocaa.
An examining physician for one of th
prominent Life Insurance Companies, ir
an interview on the subject, mado tho as
tarnishing statement that ona reason wh)
fo many applicants for insurance aro re
jected is because kidney trouble ia w
common to the American people, and tJw
largo majority of those whose applications
are declined do not even suspect that the
have the disease. Dr. Kilmer's Swamp
Root is on sale at all drug stores in bottle
of two sizes, medium and large.
However, If you wish first to teat thi
(treat preparation send ten cents to Dr,
Kilmer & Co., Binghamton, N. Y., for a
sample bottle. When writing bo sure oai
mention this piper. Advertisement.
The Boomerang.
My most embarrassing moment wa
at a family gathering where a lot of
cousins, stepsisters and balf-sisten
wera present. We had not met In sev
eral years nnd .here was a tittle jeal
ousy among us.
I heard them mention the aanu
Mario several times, so linnlly asked:
"Who is Marie? Is that Mary, with
her namo styled up to Marie?"
A sarcastic old aunt replied: "Xem,
Maggie, Just as yours Is styled up t
Marguerite." Chicago Tribuae.
The average producHou of uU birds
In the third Nebraska nnUonal egg lay.
Ing contest, which ended October 31
was 161.08 eggs per bird for the year,
according to a report Just Issued by
the specialists In chnrgu at the state
University Agricultural college. Last
year, the average was 154 eggs per bird.
The infant son of Harold Harper of
Stratton suffered a serious injury
when he fell from a piano stool, Uie
skull being fractured.
Rains of the post few days hav
caused small gram planted early In
the fall In ninny parts of the stato to
sprout. Farmers now fear thnt what
wheat does come up will lie winter
killed. The pumpkin pack of the Otoe
Food Products company at Nebraska
City has Just been finished, and was
much larger Uinu at Hrst supposed.
The factory will run practically all
winter, as It packs pork and beans.
Leander Herron, of St Paul, a resi
dent of Nebraska for forty-seven
years, was the one mnn In Nebraska
to receive the Congressional Medal
of Honor and tho only guest of the
government from Uils stato at the
burial of the unknown soldiers lu
Mrs. C. O. Borland of Nebraska City
may lose her right hand, as Uie result
of an accident while working with
an electric washing machine, when she
caught her hand In ono of the cogs,
and It was seriously bruised and
mangled before she could turn off the
Discovery by Scientists Has Replaced
Pills and snlts give temporary re
lief from constipation only at the ex
pense of permanent Injury, suya aa
eminent medical authority.
Science has found a newer, better
way a means as simple as Nature
In perfect health a natural lubricant
keeps Uie food waste soft and moving.
But when constipation exists this nat
ural lubricant is not sulllclenL Medi
cal authorities have found that tho
gentle lubricating action of Nujol most
closely resembles that of Nature's own
lubricant. As Nujol Is not a lnxaUvo
It cannot gripe. It Is in no sense a
medicine. And like pure water It 1b
harmless and pleasant,
Nujol Is prescribed by physicians;
nsed In lending hospitals. Get a bottle
from your druggist today. Advertise
That Should Hold Him.
He (cxcItedly)--Where Is my cap?
nns anyone seen my cap? Who
The Missus (coolly) It's hanging
there on Urn gns Jet.
Ho (still more excitedly) Of course,
on the gas Jet! Could anyone think
of n more Idiotic plnce tp put It?
The Missus (very Icily) Yes; your
head, perhaps.
For your daughter's sake, use Red
Cross Ball Blue In the laundry. She
will then have thnt dainty, well-groomed
appearance Umt girls admire. Ad
vertisement. Character ts tho Inside decoration'
of man; reputation ts Uie whitewash
on tho outside.