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Chapter VII Continued.
Xou'vo been shot I . . . Mamrnn,
bore's Lnddy, nnd bo's been shot. . . .
01), theso dreadful days we'ro having!
I can't benr them I Forlorn River used
to bo so safe nnd quiet. Nothing
happened. But now I Jim comes homo
with a bloody hole In him then Dick
then Lnddy I . . . Oh, I'm nfrnld
come day they'll nover come home."
The morning was bright, still, and
clear ns crystal. The bent waves had
not yot begun to rise from the desert '
Noll sat perched high upon the top-)
,nr,Hf f H,n mrrnl rrnfo. Hick
leaned bosldc her, now with his eyes
on hor face, now gazing out Into tho I
alfulfn nold whore Boldlng's thorough-:
brcds grazed and prnnccd nnd romped
and whistled. Nell watched tho '
horses. She loved them, never tired
of vouching them. But her gazo wurf ,
too consciously averted from tho
yearning eyes that tried to meet hers
to bo altogether natural.
A great fenced field of velvety green j
alfalfa furnished n rich background
for tho drovo of about twenty whlto
horses. Blanco Diablo was tho only i
ono In the Held thnt was not freelto ;
roam and grazo whore ho listed. A
stake and a hnltcr held him to ono ,
-cornor, whero he was severely let
alone by tho other horses, no did not
like tills Isolation. Blanco DInblo wns
not happy unless ho was running, or
fighting n rival. Of the two ho would
rather fight. If anything white 'could
roscinblo a devil, tills horse surely
did. Ho had nothing beautiful about
him, yet ho drew the gazo nnd hold
It. Tho look of. him suggested dis
content, anger, rovolt, vlclousness.
When ho wns not grazing or prancing,
, he held his long, lean bond lovel, point
ing his nose nnd showing his teeth.
Boldlng's favorite wns nlmost nil tho
world to him, nnd ho sworo DInblo
could stand, more heat and thirst and
cactus than any other horse ho owned,
nnd could run down and kill nny
borso In tho Southwest,
Tho cowboys ndmltted some of
Bddlng'H claims for Diablo, but they
gave loyn. and unshaknblo nlleglnnco
to Blnnco Sol. As for Dick, ho hnd
to fight himself to keep out of argu
ments, for he sometimes Imagined ho
was unreasonable nbout the horse.
Though ho could not understnnd him
self, ho knew ho loved Sol ns n mnn
loved n friend, n brother. Free of
homy Saddle nnd the clumsy leg
shields, Blanco Sol wns somehow nil
satisfying to the eyes of the rangers.
The dazzling whiteness of tho desert
sun shano from his wat; ho had tho
flro and Rplrlt of tho dosort In his
noble head, Its strength nnd power In
bis gigantic frame.
"Bcldlng swears Sol never bent
DInblo," Dick wns saying.
"He believes It," replied Nell. "Dad
Is queer nbout that horse."
Tvo often wondered how Bcldlng.
ewir camo to give Blanco Sol to me,"
sold Dick. ,
"I think ho wanted to get rid of
"Maybe. Ho surely has strange pns
slon for horses. I think I understand
bettor tlinn I used to. I owned n
couple of rncors onco. They were
Just animals to mo, I guess. But
Blnnco Sol I"
"Do yon love him?" nsked Nell; nnd
now a warm, blue Ilnsh of oyos swept i
his face. I
"Do I? Well, rather." 1
"I'm glad. Sol hns been finer, n
better horse since you owned him. no
loves you, Dick. Sol nlwnys hnted
DInblo, and nover hnd much uso for
Dick looked up at hor.
"It'll be be pretty hard to leave Bol j
when I go nwny," '
Nell snt perfectly' still.
"Go away?" sho nsked, presently, ,
with Just tho faintest tremor In her
voice. j
"Yes. Sometimes when I get blue j
as I nm todny I think I'll go. But
In sober truth, Nell, It's not likely
thnt I'M spend all my llfo hero."
Thero was no answor to this. Dick
put his hnnd softly over hers; nnd,
despite box half-hearted strugglo to
frco It, ho held on.
rNell 1"
Her color fled, no saw her lips
part Then n henvy step on tho gravel,
n cheerful, coraplnlnlng voice Inter
rupted him, and made him relcaso Nell
and draw back. Bcldlng strodo lntu
vlow round the adobe shed.
"Hey, Dick, that darned Ynqul In
dian can't bo driven or hired or coaxed
to lea Forlorn River, lie's well
enough to travel. I offered him horse,
gun, blanket, grub, But no go."
"That's funny," replied Gnle, with
jHmlle. "Lot him stayput htm H
"It doesn't Btrlko mo funny, But
VH Jell you what I think. Thnt poor,
homeless, honrtbroken Indian baa
JikcD a llUac to. you, PJcfc You
plt&dcra of the Parol Saga .
Wlldril'C, iLtC, i
Illustrations by
Irwin .Myertf
saved b!s HfeZ That 'sort of tiling
counts big with nny Indlnn, even with
nn Apache, With n Yaqul innybo It's
of deep Blgnlflcance. I've heard a
Ynqul say that with his trlbo no debt
to friend or foe over went unpaid.
Perhaps that's what alls this fellow."
"Dick, don't laugh," said Nell. "I've
noticed the Ynqul. It's pathetic the
way his greut gloomy eyes follow
"You'vo rande n friend," continued
Bcldlng. "A Ynaul could bo a real
frInd on this desert If he gets his
Birungu. ouck iou u i service lo
J, ln't mlstnko mo. IIo'S Welcome
here. But you'ro responsible for him,
nnd yonll bnvo trouble keeping him
from mnssncrlng all tho Greasers In
Forlorn River."
Tho probability of n visit from tho
raiders, nnd a dhsh bolder than usual
on tho outskirts of a ranch, led Bold-
Her Color Fled. He 8aw Her Llp8
lng to build n now corral. It wns not
sightly to the eye', but It wasOdgh nnd
exceedingly strong. Tho gate wns u
mnsslve nffnlr, swinging on huge
hinges and fnstenlng with henvy
chains and padlocks.
At night Bcldlng locked his white
horses in this corral. Tho l'npngo
heVdsmen slept In the ndobo shed nd
Joining. Bcldlng did not Imnglnc thnt
nny wooden fence, however substnn
tlnlly built, could keep determined
raiders from breaking It down. They
would bnvo to tnko time, however, nnd
mnko considerable nolso; and Boldlng
relied on these fncts. Holding did not
bc!lec n bnnd of night raiders would
hold out against a hot rifio fire. Lndd
did not share Boldlng's sanguine
One January morning Dick Gnle
was nwnkonod by n shrill, menacing
cry. He leaped up bewildered and
frightened. Ho heard Boldlng's boom
lng voice nnswerlng shouts, and rapid
stops on llagstones. But theso bad not
awakened him. Heavy breaths, almost
sobs, seemed at his very door. In
the cold and gray dawn Dick saw
something white. Gun In hand, ho
bounded ncross tho room, Just out
side his door stood Blanco Sol.
It wns not unusual for Sol to come
poking his head In at Dick's door dur
ing daylight. But now in the early
down, when ho bad been locked In
tho corral. It meant raiders no less.
Dick cnlled softly to tho snorting
horse; and, hurriedly getting Into
clothe nnd boots, ho went out with n
gun In each hand. Sol was quivering In
every riyiscle. Liko a dog ho followed
Dick around tho house. Hearing
shouts In tho direction of tho corrals,
Galo bent swift steps that way.
IIo caught up with Jim Lash, who
was nlso leading n whlto horse.
I They reached the corral to find
! Belfllng shaking, roaring liko n uiHd-
man. The, gnto was open, tho con-d
wns empty. "Tom, whero's tho Pnpn
go?" said Lndd.
"no's gone, Lnddy gonol"
"Doublo-crossed us, eh? I see benv
n crowbar lyln' by tho gntepost. Th
Indlnn fetched It from tho forge. It
wns used to pry out tho bolts nn'
steeples. Tom, I reckon thero wasn't
much time lost forcln' that gate."
Dnyllght made clear somo details of
the raid. Tho cowboys found tracks
of eight raiders coming up from tho
river bed whoro their horses had boon
left Evidently tho Papngo had boon
falsa to his trust Ills few per
sonal belongings were gone. Moro
horses wcro found loose In tho Holds,
Tho men soon rounded up eleven of
tho whites, all moro or loss fright-.encd.
I 111
Deldltiff w uncnnsolnblo. He
cursed and railed, and finally declared
ho was jrolnR to trail the rnidors.
"Tom. you Jutt ain't iigoln' to do
nothln' At the kind." said Lnddy.
Holding groaned nnd bowed his bend.
T.mlilv. voii'ro right." ho rnnllnd.
presently. "i'vo got to stnnd it. i
orty. But It's sure tough. I'm snro
wny down deop, nnd nothln' but blood
would ever satisfy mo."'
"Lenvo thnt to ine nn' Jim," snld
"Whnt do you menn to dor'domnnd
cd Bcldlng, starting up.
"Shore I don't know yot , f. . Give
mo n light for my pipe. An' Dick, go
fetch out your Ynqul
The Running of Blanco Ool.
Tho YaquI'. strungo glancu roved
over the corral, the swinging gate
with Us broken fastenings, the tracks
In tho road, nnd then rested upop Bold
lng. "Mnlo," he said, nnd Ida Spanish
was clenr.
"Shore, Ynqul, about eight bad men,
an' n traitor Indlnn," said Ladd.
"I think ho means my herder," add
ed Bcldlng. "If he docs, that settles
any doubt It might be decent to have
Ynqul malo Papngo SI?"
Tho Yaqul spreail wide his hnnds.
Then he bent over the tracks in the
rood. They led' every whither, but
gradually he worked out of tho thick
net to take tho trail that the cowboys
had followed downUo the river. Bcld
lng and tho rangers kept close nt his
heels. IIo found a trampled spotwl.ere
the raiders had left their horses. From
this point a deeply defined narrow
trail led ncross tho dry rlvor bed.
Tho trail of the raiders took a
southeasterly course over untrodden
desert. Tho Ynqul spoke In his own
tongue, then In Spanish.
"Think ho means slow march," said
Bcldlng. "Lnddy, from tho looks of
that trail tho Greasers nro having
trouble with the horses."
"Tom, shore n boy could see thnt,"
replied Lnddy. "Ask Yaqul to toll us
where tho raiders are houdln', an' If
thero's water."
It wns wonderful to see the Ynqul
point. With a stick he traced n line In
the sand, and then at the end of th u
another lino nt right nngles. He mnde
crosses and mnrks nnd holes, and as
he drew the rude map he talked In
Ynqul, In Spanish; with a word bore
nnd there in English. Bcldlng trans
lated as best he could. The raiders
were heading southeast toward the
railroad that ran from Nogales down
Into Sonorn. It wns four days' travel,
bad trail, good sure waterhole one
daycout; then water not sure for two
dnys. Raiders, not looking for pur
suit, could bo bended and nmbushed
thnt night nt tho first wnterhole, n
uutural trap In n valley.
The men returned to the ranch.
Tho rangers ate and drank while mak
ing hurried preparations for travel.
Blanco Sol and tho cowboys' horses
were fed, watered, nnd saddled. Ladd
refused to rldo one of Beldlng's
whites. He was quick and cold.
"Get mo a long-range rllle nn' lots
of shells. Itustlo, now," ho said. "I
want a gun that'll outshoot the dinky
little carbines an' muskets used by
the rebels. Trot ono out an' be quick."
"I'vo got n .403, a long-barreled
heavy rllle that'll shoot a mile. I use
it for mountain sheep. But Laddy,
It'll break that bronch's back."
"Ills back won't break so easy. . . .
Dick, take plenty of shells for your
Remington. An' don't forget your
field glass."
In less than an hour after tho tlmo
of the raid tho throe rangers, heavily
armed nnd superbly mounted on fresh
horses, rode out on the trail. As Gale
turned to look bnck from the far bank
of Forlorn river, bo saw Nell waving
n white senrf. no stood high in his
stirrups and waved his sombrero. I
Then the mesqulto hid the girl's slight I
figure, and Gnle wheeled grim-faced '
to follow the rangers. I
They rodo In single file with Lndd j
in the icau. no tooK a nee-une course
for tho whlto escarpment pointed out
hy the Ynqul,; nnd nothing save deep
washes and impassable patches of
cactus or rocks mnde him sworvo
from It
At noon tho rangers got out of the
thick enctus. The desert lloor Inclined
porceptlbly upwnrd. When Gale got
nn unobstructed vlow of the slope of
the esenrpment ho located the raiders
nnd horses. In another hour's travel
the rangors could see with naked eyes
a long, fnlnt moving streak of black-and-white
"They're hendln' for that yellow
pass," said Ladd, pointing to a break
In tho enstern end of tho escnrpraont.
"When they get out of sight we'll
rustle. I'm thlnkln' thnt wntorhote
the Ynqul spoko of lnys In the pass."
Tho rangors traveled swiftly over
tho romalulng miles of level desert
lending to the nscent of the esenrp
ment. When they achieved tho gate
way of tho pass tho sun was low In
the west. Lndd gave the word to
tie up horses and go forwnrd on foot.
The narrow neck of the pass opened
and descended Into a vnlloy half a mllo
wide, perhaps twlco that In length.
It hnd nppnrently unscnlnble slopes of
weathered rock loading up to beetling
"Keep down, boys," snld Lndd.
"There's tho wnterhole, nn' bosses
hnve sharp eyes. Shoro tho Yaqul
flggored this place. I never seen Its
like for a trap,"
Both whlto nnd black horses showed
against the green, and n thin curling
column of blue smoke roso lazily from
nmld the mesqultes,
"I reckon we'd bettor wait till dark,
or mebby daylight" snld Jim Lnsh.
"Lot me flgfer some. CloTf, what
do you mnko of tho outlet to this
hole? Looks rough to me."
With bis glass Gnle studied the nar
row construction of Walls and rough
ened rising floor.
"Lnddy. It's hnrder to get out nt
thnt end thnn here," he replied.
"Shore that's bnrd enough. Lot me
have n look. . . . Well, boys, It don't
take no flggerln for this Job. .Jim,
I'll Want you at the other end blockln'
tho pass when we're rendy to stnrt."
"When 'II thnt be?" Inquired Jim.
"Soon ns It's light enough In the
mornln'. Thnt Greaser outfit will hang
till tomorrow. Thore's no sure water
nhend for two. days, you remember."
Tho rangers stole bnck from tho
vnntnge point nnd returned to their
horsffl. which they untied nnd left
farther round nmong broken sections
of cliff. For the horses It wns n dry,
hungry enmp, but the rangers built a
fire nnd had their short though
strengthening meal.
Jim Lash rolled In his saddle
blanket his feet nenr.the fire, nnd
went to sleep. Ladd told Gnle to do
llkewlso while he kept tho fire up hnd
waited until It was Into enough for
Jim to undertake circling round the
raiders. When Gnle nwakened. Jim
was up saddling his horse, and Ladd
wns talking low.
With Lndd loading, they moved
away Into the gloom. Advance was
exceedingly slow, careful, silent Final
ly tho trail showed pnlc In the gloom,
and eastern stars twinkled between
tho lofty rnmpnrts of tho pass.
Ladd halted and stood silent n mo
mont "Luck ng&lnt" be whispered.
"Tho wind's' In your fnce, Jim. The
horses won't scent you. Try to got up
ns high ns this at the other end. Walt
till dnyllght before rlskln' n loose
slope. I'll bo rldin' the Job early.
Thut's nil."
Lndd's cool, easy speech wns scarce
ly significant of the perilous under
taking. Lash moved very slowly
nway, leading his horse. Then Lndd
touched Dick's arm, and turned back
up the trail.
Togethor they picked a way back
through the winding recesses of cliff.
The campflre was smoldurhig. Ladd
replenished It and lay down to get a
few hours' sleep, while Gale kept
wntch. The after pnrt of tic night
wore on till the paling of stars, the
thickening of gloom Indicated the
dark hour before dawn. Ladd awoke
before the falntan gray appeared.
Tho rangers nto and drank. When tho
black did lighten to gray they sad
dled the horses and led them out to
the pass and down to tho point whore
they had parted with Lash. Here
they awaited daylight.
The valley grew clear of gray
shadow except under lennlng wnlls on
tho eastern side. Then a straight col
umn of smoke rose from among the
mesqultes. Manifestly this was what
Ladd had been awaiting, no took the
long .405 from Its sheath and tried
the lover. Then ho lifted a cartridge
belt from the pominol of his saddle.
Every ring held a shell and theso
shells were four Inches long. He
buckled the belt round him.
"Come on, Dick."
Lndd led the way down the slope
until he reached u position that com
manded the rising of tho trail from
a level. It was tho only place a man
or horse could leave the valley for
thev pass.
"Dick", here's your stand. If any
raider rides In range take a crack at
him. . . . Now I want tho lend o
your boss."
"Blanco Soil" exclaimed Gale, more
"Dick, Here'a Your Stand. If Any
Raider Rides !.T Range Take a
Crack at Him."
In amaze that Ladd should ask for the
horso thnn In reluctance to lend him.
"Will you let me have blm?" Ladd
repeated, almost curtly.
"Certainly, Laddy."
A smllo momentarily chased tho
dark, cold gloom that had set upon
ranger's lean race.
Over Hlrschfeld's
Offlco Phono 333 Res. Phone 1020
Physician nnd Surgeon
Special Attention Given to 9urg).s
and Obstetrics
Offlco: Building & Loan BuiWltit,
Phones: Office 130 Roeidsnce 11
Office 340 House 48S
Osteopath Physician
Oror the OaslB North Piatt
mi. RE I) FIE LI)
Physician, Obstetrician, Surgeoii
Culls promptly answered Night or Dai
Phones. Offlco C42 Resldeuco G7C
IV. T. PiaTCHAlll)
Grndnnto Vetrlnnrlnn
Ex-Governmont Veterinarian aud ex
assistant deputy State VcterinarlaL
Hospital 315 South Vino Street.
Phonos. Hospital 633 Residence CSS
Offlco Phone 241 Res. Phone 21
Osteopathic Physician
North Platte, Nebraska
Knights of Columbus Building.
For dates and terms call at
First National Bank
North Platte, Neb.
Taken up by undorslgned Block 33
and 34, Novlllo addition, County of
Lincoln, State of Nobrnska; on tho 19
day of November 1922, 1 black gelding,
2 years old; 1 dun colored gelding
coming 2 years old; 1 gray maro com
ing 4 yrs. old. Unbroko and no brands.
Dated this 22 day of November 1922.
Signed Geno Crook.
To whom It may concern:
A consent petition presented to tho
board of county commissioners to lo
cate a road commencing at tho South
Woat corner of Section nine (9) and
tho Southeast corner of Section eight
(8) Town Thirteen (13) Rango Thirty
four (34) to connect with road No.
213. All objoctlons thereto or claims
for damage must bo filed fn the Coun
ty Clerk's offlco on or boforo noon
on tho 2nd day of January, A. D. 1923
or such road will bo established with
out reference thereto.
Said road to bo GG feet wide.
County Clerk
To whom It may concern:
A consent potltion presented to the
board of county commissioners to lo
cate a road commencing at tho South
west cornor of Section 27, Township
14, North of Rango 31 west of tho
Gth P. XI. and running Uionco North
on section lino to tho Union Pacific
Railroad right-of-way. All objoctlons
thereto or claims for damage must
bo filed in tho County Clerk's offlco
on o'r before noon of tho 2nd day of
January A. D. 1923 or such road will
be oatoblishod without roforonoo
Said rood to bo GG feet wide.
County Clerk
Notico is heroby given that the City
Council of tho city or North Platte,
Nebraska, will sit as a Board of
Equalization on January 2nd, 1923 at
8 p ,m., for tho purposo of equalizing
and assessing tho cost of construction
of pavement in Paving District No. 9,
holng West 4th Street and in Paving
District No. 11, being West 9th Street
against tho abutting property owners.
All thoso having objections to such
equalization and assessment will bo
present at tho council chamber on
said date for the purposo of prosenting
to tho council all objoctlons.
Vltnes3 my band this 19th day of
Docembor, 1922 .
City Clerk.
To whom it may concern:
Tho commissioner appointed to va
cate roads Number 120 and 1G1. Road
No. 120 commencing on the section
lino betwoon sections 8 and 9 Town
14, Rango 33, thenco in a Northeast
erly dlroction, parallol with tho Bouth
bank of the North Platto rivor, and
terminating on tho section lino bo
tweon sections 9 and 10 Town 14
Rango 33.
And road No. 161, commencing on
section lino between Sections 9 and
10, Town 14, Rango 33, thonco run
ning in a Southeasterly dlroction to
tho soction lino between sections 10
and 11 in Town 14, Rango 33, Wost
was reported In favor of tho vacation
theroof, and all objections thereto
must bo filed in tho county clerk's
offlco on or boforo noon on tho 2nd
day of January, 1923 or such roads
will bo vacated without roforenco
County Clork
Runme 8. 8, 7 Uulldlng & Loan Ulda
Office Phono 70 Res. Phono 1242
Pirncttc llmNed to Eye, Ear, Xose mid
Offices over JIcDonnld Bnnk
Phono 3uG
Licensed EuihnlmcrH
Undertaker nnd Funeral Directors
Day Phone 41 Night Phono Black 538
X-Hiy Diagnosis Oxygen nnd
Gn Anesthesia for Extractions.
Over Union State Bank
Phono 25G
Special Attention Given to
McDonald Bank Building
Office Phono 83 Residence 38
Physician and Surgeon
Diagnoss and Troament
Over Union Sto'to Bank
Offlco Phono 29GW Houso Phono 2UBR
Estate No. 1920 of Hattia M. Reckard,
deceased in tho County Court of Lin
coln County, Nooraska.
Tho Stato of Nebraska. To all per
sons interested in s-iid Estate take
notico that a petition has been filed
for tho probating of the will filed and
tho appointment of E. H. Evans as
executor of said estate, which has been
sot for bearing heroin on January 2,
1923 at 10 o'clock a. m.
Dated December 9th, 1922.
County Judge.
To whom it may concern:
The special commissioner appointed
fb locate a public road as follows:
Boginning at tho Southeast corner
of Section Twenty-nino and tho North
east corner of Section Thirty-two,
township eleven and rango thirty-two;
thonco running west ono mllo between
sections twenty-nine and thirty-two,
along said soction line, thenco South
between Sections thirty-ono and thir
ty two to tho South lino of township
oloven, thenco south between sections
fivo and six and seven and elcbt.
soventeon and e-ightcen to tho South
lino Qf Section Soventoen, Uionco east
about e'ghty rods between sections
seventeen and twenty In townshln ten.
rango thirty-two, all In Lincoln coun
ty and Stato of Nebraska, tho above
doscribod road to be GG ft. wide.
Any or all parties having objections
thereto or claims for damages by
reason of tho establshment of tho said
abovo described road must file Bame in
tho office of tho County Cerk of Lin
coln County, Nebraska, on or before
12 o'clock noon of the 2Gth day of
Feb. A. D. 1923.
Dated at North Platto, Nebr., this
11th day of Nov. 1922.
County Clerk
Sealed bids will ho rpivi nf
Offlco of tho County Clerk of Lin
coln County, Nebraska, on or before
12 o'clock noon of tho Sth day of
January, 1923, for the records
blanks and supplies estimated as
4-8 or. loose leaf nln
- " M. UUW Uh
printed heads.
4-8 qr. looso loaf nrlntnd henrl nnii
pago records.
5 tax lists 2-4 qr; 2-G qr., 1-3 qr.
Tho abovo records to bo made of
tho best linen ledger paper, full bond
oxtra ends, bands and fronts, with
canvas covers.
40& school land receipts, triplicate.
12,200 tax receipts in duplicate.
2000 Redemption Certificates in
4 dozen chattel files of 100 pages
49 assessors books, ledger paper.
cloth bound, per book.
8000 assessors schedules In dupli
cate. CLASS "B"
Wholo sheet blanks, per 100.
Half sheet blanks, per 100.
Quarter sheet blanks, por 100.
Envelopes, 3 1-2 x 6 1-2, per 1000.
Envelopes 4 x 9 1-2, pen 1000.
Sanfords Writing Fluid, por quart.
Spencerlan or Glucium pons, per
Pencils, per gross.
Recor : Ribbons, per dozen.
All 6' said supplies to bo first
class and to bo furnlshel as requir
ed by tho County Officers.
Successful bidders to furnish
bond to bo approved by tho County
Bqard, each bidder to have printed
on tho onvelopo "Bids for Printing."
Tho Commissioners of Bald County
resorvo tho right to roject any or all
Dated at North Platto, Nobraska,
this 14th day of December, 1922.
A. S. ALLEN, County Clork.