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No. 101
Bratt, Goodman & Buckley announc
ed lato Saturday night that thoy have
acquired Lot 3, block 113 and will
build on that lot and tho corner lot
adjoining in tlio spring. They have
owned tho corner lot for somo time
so their holdings thero is just a quar
ter of a block.. This is at tho south
cast corner of Sixth and Pino streets,
just across tho street from tho Lloyd
opera houso.Tho plat gives 152 feet
on sixth street and tho same frontngo
on pine street. Thoy havo not decided
whether thoy will build ono or two
stories but in any event tho walls
will bo built strong enough In the first
story to hold a second story. "When
seen Saturday night Mr. B. It. Good
man of tho firm said "Wo believe
tho only direction for tho retail sec
tion of this city to expand is eastward.
There is no barrier there to provent
its going in that direction. "Wo will
build tho. new building with the idea
of its being used for retail purposes
and we will build to suit tenants." It
is expected to start work in the early
Mrs. Goo. Newman spent yesterday
Sn Choyonne with friends.
A daughter was born to Mr. and
Sirs. R. L. Cochran yesterday.
Joo Solomon of Maxwell was a busi
ness visitor jn tho city Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Mahan spent
yesterday in Kearney with relatives.
Mrs. Fay Brower of Hershey visit
ed in tho city with friends yesterday.
Mrs. J. K. Eshiemen of Hershey vis
ited in the city with frI6nds yester
day. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Eshlerhen of Her
shey spent yestorday in tho city visit
ing with friends.
Mrs. J. F. Fredricl and .children
spent Christmas in Boulder, Ipolo. vi
siting with relatives.
Miss Nina Elder loft this morning
for Oshkosh where she will attend tho
wedding of a friend.
Misses Helen and Ethel Souser and
Cora Todd spent yesterday in Clarks,
Nebr. with relatives.
Donald O'Brien left Saturday for
Woodrivor, Nebr. where ho spent
Christmas with friends.
Mrs. C. W. Roams returned yester
day from Sidney after visiting with
relatives for several days.
J. O. Moore and family spent yester
day In Ilorshoy at tho home of tho
former's parents Mr. and Mrs. J. M,
Miss Marian Richards returned Sat
urday evening from Lexington to spend
Christmas with her parents Mr. and
Mrs. G. D. Richards. f
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Smith and dau
ghter of Akron, Ohio arc guests at
tho homo of tho former's parents Mr.
and Mrs. J. I. Smith.
Miss Wllma Coatos who attends tho
University at Lincoln is spending tho
holidays with her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Elmer Coatos.
Theodoro Payno who attonds tho Uni
versity at Lincoln is spending tho holi
days in tho city with his parents, Mr.
and Mrs. F. E. Payno.
Miss Helen Smith from tho Univer
sity of Nebraska Is spondlng tho holi
days in tho city with her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. J. I. Smith.
Mrs. Hoyt Smithors and daughter
of Kearney arrived Thursday ovenlng
to spend tho holidays in tho city at tho
James Smlthers homo.
Chas. Hlrsch who attends tho Uni
versity of Nebraska, is spondlng tho
holidays in tho city with his parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Hlrsch.
Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Hemlug of Chap
pol arrived Sunday to spend tho holi
days at tho homo of their daughter Mr.
and Mrs. J. E. Sobastian.
Mrs. Thomas Hestcklnd returned to
her homo in Bolmar, Nobr., Saturday
after receiving medical attention in
tho city for Bovoral days.
Miss Eva Hoagland arrived homo
Friday ovening from Lincoln whoro
sho attends tho University to spend
tho holidays with her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. "Walter Hoagland.
Cartoon Review of 1922
xUtfffo' rWj?' " "Ca?1 "BobBBO mm Shout
o f STARTED O iJSSa I Go op ?JtyC
Miss Wheeler announcos January
2G 31 as "bargain woek' at tho city!
library. During thoso days, anyone
having a library book upon which a
flue might be due may tako it to the
library and leave It on the table by
the door or put it on her desk and no
quostlons will be asked. In a number
of North Platto homes thore are li
brary books which have been held
out through some mistake on the part j
of the librarian or tho borrower. They '
aro needed at the library and yet tho j
borrower hesitates to take them in
Imim.nn P 1, 1nHn.A . . .. t .1..
ovortlmo. A library book is somo-1 'motlng it.
times found or misplaced and these, Frank Lum, mentioned in tho recent ; Pre8i,iont GraTaouncos to bo of-
aro needed at tho library In order to I n0Hco court news was not the Frank i t81"0ni ra; , . .
f , , , , , poiico court nojs, was uoi me iranic fectivo January 1, 1923, that tho Union
get these books and magazines backjLum living at Wollfleet, who calls' our , PnoIflo 1)nn 0 ' UIJ ,' urnuco co " "
to tho library, this woek is called bar- attontion to tho fact It was another ' , . 1 groun insurauco coer
, ob. ,uta .. ,., auo"uon 10 mo Iact- u waa anolU0r lng nccident and health insurance will
wu uj man oy tno samo name, wno lias mado be discontinued thon but tho croun
sooing that all library books left In hl8 resldenco horo in North Platte off , USC0IU uut 1110 fup
the stores are sent back to tho library I an m fSloni Umo P nn covering life and permanent dis
tills week 1 somo timo. abilities will bo continued as usual.
Tho room formerly occupied by tho
Dleners just west of the S. & R. Sof-
vlco Station Is being remodeled for a
tiro shop under tho management of
tho Robinsons. It will have all tho
latest machinery for tiro repairing and
will bo up-to-dato In every way.
Someone acquainted with tho place
effected an cntranco to tho offico of
tho Star Bootling and Mercantile Co.,
last Thursday night and thero found
keys to tho candy and tho tobacco
In the candy room a number
of boxes were opened but apparently
nono were missing. In tho tobacco
room tho thief found what ho wanted
for approximately ton thousand
cigarettes wore carried away.
Thieves entered tho King Fong, Robort H. Jandobour returned Fri
cafo early Sunday morning and took, day from a trip to Chappell, whero ho
tho cash reglstor ana about ?40 in 'was Judge at tho first annual Deuel
money. Entrance was effected through ! county poultry show. Ho roports a
tho front door whoro tho lock was
forced. Tho night man retired about
thrco a. m. and tho cooks camo at flvo.
Betwoen thoso hours tho robbery was
committed. Tho cash reglstor was
found about two miles north of tho
city and was returned in good shapo.
The money was gone.
The Rotary club will mis3
mooting this week as tho regular day
was Monday and tho members wore
too scattered to meet on that day. An
evening meoting is bolug planned for
. ,
Tho program announced for cole- no explains in a uuuoun issueu yos
brating tho Christmas season in North 1 tor,lay' t,mt tho orlS'al estimates on
Platto was carried out In all particu-ltho whol Pla!1 woro a,,out ?500,000
lars without a hitch. Tho churches 1)Ut tlmt il cost $1,209,082.10 for 1921
were tho leaders but tho civic and fra
ternal organizations did their part and
citizens generally gavo freely of timo
and money in helplug to make the
Christmas season a morry one.
Tho basket ball team loft this morn
ing on a trip through Wyoming, Colo
rado and western Nebraska. Thoso
who will mako tho trip aro Denver
, Wilson, Georgo Shanor, Molvln Yates,
i Lawrenco Hubbard, Georgo Pltman
Edwin Rector, Fayo Yoarsloy, Elmer
j Pcaso and Gordon Schwalgor. Thoy
j wore accompanied by Mr. Roottger, tho
good exhibit of poultry and says tho
intorost in tho January show horo at
North Platto is surprising. At least
a dozen Douol county exhibitors ex-
poet to bo hero with birds. Deuel
county does not havo a county agont
i nor a county fair and tho intorost in
1 the poultry show was groator than
The local basket ball team played
tho Lincoln team Saturday evening' at
tho Franklin auditorium. Tho boys
on both teams played woll but North
Platte fouled a numbor of times and
in this way lost the game to Lincoln
The score was 21 to 14.'
Mr. and Mrs. Jolhio Antonldes who
attonded the University at Lincoln,
aro spondlng the holidays In tho city
' at tl10 homo of tho formers paronts,
' flIr- ail(l Mrs- D- J- Antonidos.
' 1
W R f V 1 1 fl f t 1 Kf. tllHDn .I'll. H' '
and will cost a little more than that
for 1922. For that reason tho accident
and health part will bo discontinued.
From Boulder, Colorado comes
copies of tho local papor tolling of
tho oighth annual Christmas Carol
concert given thoro in tho Clirran
Opora Houso by tho children of tho
public schools of that placo. Tho
miiBlc was undor tho direction of Miss
jLi'lian McCrackon, a nlcco of Mrs.
II. M. Grimes of this city. From tho
press roports, tho concert was a big
success nnd was attended by a crowd
ed houso. The concert was given on
Sunday aftornoon proceeding Christ
mas and was appropriate to tho sea
son. Christmas carols woro sung by
trained bands of boys and girls with
tho rsslstanco of tho music peoplo
of that placo. A silver offering
amounted to over seventy dollars and
this could havo been materially en
larged 1f thoso passing tho platos
could havo gotten through tho aisles
! but thoy woro so crowdod with peoplo
that sections of tho houso could not
bo roached.
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Hnlligan transact
ed buslnoss in Ilorshoy Friday.
Mrs. A. B. Snydor of LUic, Nobr.,
was a holiday shoppor In tho city.
Dr. J. S. Twinom transaatod pro-i
r88lonl IfuaJnoss in Dickons .Fri
day. Fred Meyora of SuthorJand was a
business visitor in tho" city Satur
day. Mrs. Maudo Uoghtol loft to snond
Chrlstm.s in Gothenburg with rela
Mr. and Mrs. T. D. Pylo spent yes
terday In Burohnrd. Nobr., with rela
tives. Mrs. W. A. Martiudnlo of Sarben
was a business visitor in tho city Sat
urday. Mrs. D. A. Methors of Tryon visited
in tho city with frlonds for sovernl
days last week.
Dr. T. J. Kerr left Saturday ovoning
for Akron, Ohio to spond Christmas
with Mrs. Kerr.
Harry Tagorty returned Saturday
from Omaha nftor transacting buslnoss
for sovernl days.
Mrs. Bessio Show spont yestorday in
Ilorshoy with hor paronts, Mr. and
Mrs. J.' K. Eshiemen.
Miss Ilnzol Lowls loft Friday for
Hastings whoro sho spent tho holidays
with friends.
H. B. Ilnrn of Rawlins, Wyo., is
oxpectod homo today to spond tho
holidays with his family.
Miss ILorotta- DJllion loft Fif.dlny
for her homo in Wallnco to spend tho
holidays with hor parents.
Miss Gortrudo Horner loft Friday
for her homo in Wallaco to spend tho
holidays with her paronts.
Georgo Youug loft Snturday for
Hastings where ho spont tho holidays
with his paronts.
Mr. and Mrs. Georgo aibbs loft Fri
day ovoning for Omaha whoro thoy
spent yesterday with relatives.
Miss JDorqtby .FauquoUloft Friday
for hor homo in Wahoo to spend
Christmas with hor paronts.
Howard Marshall loft last Sun
day for Keystone to spond tho holi
days at tho O. J. Ogg homo.
Miss Ruby Dammo loft Friday
for Burr, Nebr.,' whoro sho will spond
tho holidays with rolativos.
Mr, nnd Mrs.'MIko McFaddon of
Paxton aro spondlng tho holidays In
tho city at tho John Horrod homo.
Charles Boguo arrived Saturday'
from Omaha whoro ho has been trans
acting buslnoss ipr sovcral days.
Miss Margaret Campbell loft Friday
ovoning for Omaha whoro sho will
spend tho holidays with rolativos.
Miss Ellzaboth "Warren left Sat.ur
day for Omaha whoro sho will
spend tho liolldaj'3 with rolativos.
II. M. Hart loft tho first of tho
woek for Otho, Iowa, whoro ho will
spond several days with rolativos.
Miss Bessie Boylos loft Friday
Cedar Rapids, Iowa whoro she will
spond tho holidays with relatives.
Miss Mary Dyo loft Saturday
for Sallna, Kansas whoro alio will
spond tho holidays with rolativos.
John Hahlor arrived Saturdny from
Omaha to spond Christmas with his
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Julius Hahlor.
Frod Hanlon returned Friday from
Lincoln whoro ho has been receiving
modlcal troatmont for tho past fow
- Misses Florence and Ida Fltzgibbon
loft Saturday for their homo in Mc
Coolc to spond tho holidays with tholr
Miss Boatrico Ward loavos in a fow
days for Donloy, Idaho whoro sho will
spond sovernl weeks visiting Mrs. J.
R. Barr.
Miss Minnio Williams left Saturday
ovoning for hor homo In St. Paul
Nobrnska to spend tho holidays with
her parents. w
Mr. and Mrs. A. T. JohnBon loft
Saturday ovoning for Gothenburg,
whoro thoy will spond tho holidays
with rolativos.
Miss Kato Miles arrived homo Satur
day from Chicago, 111., to spend tho
holidays with hor parouts, Mr. nnd
Mrs. Henry Miles.
Konnoth Wholan who attonds Notro
Damo collcgo is spending tho holidays
In tho city with hlu paronts, Mr. and
Mrs. C. T. Wholan.
Mrs. C. R. Broternltz and son, Chas
Ioavo tomorrow for Salt Lako City,
Utah, whoro they will spond a fow
weeks with friends.
A commlttoo of taxpayers from sov
oral Lincoln county precincts mot thia
morning with representntivo citizens
of North Platto to Issue n call for a
taxpayors mooting to bo hold In North
Platto on Wodnostlay, January 10 nt
1 P. m. Tho mooting this morning was
tho result of nicotines hold SaL nlchfc
in Brady and In tho Brown school-
house. Other meetings in other places
navo been hold or havo boon called
and tho commlttoos havo boon ap
pointed. Tho Joint committoo mot horo
this morning nnd decided on tho gen-
ornl mooting to bo hold on thd tenth
of tho coming month. This is not to
bo a public mass mooting. Tho dele
gates will bo soloctcd in ouch nro-
cinct and city ward and thoy will havo
votes in tho county mooting which,
will decldo on tho plan of action. Tha
wholo movomont is tho result of dis
satisfaction with tho building of tho
now court houso nnd irregularities in
tho county clerk's offico. Tho mooting
will bo hold in Firomona linll which
will accomodnto tho number if ad
ditional soats aro put in. A formal call
for tho niejHing aud Bigncd by tho mon
who nro gottlng up tho cnll will bo
issued before thoy Joavo this ovenlng.
Secretary Baro of tho North Platto
Chambor of Commerce started tho salo
of tickets for tho annual dlnnor of that
body, this morning. Tho (Into author
ized by tho directors 1b Thursday,
Docombor 28,' at G:30. Tho placo is
tho now banquet roqm 6f tho Hotel
(Pnlaco. The tickets cost 75c each.
Every member of tho Chamber should
bo on hand and tako a part in tho de
liberations of tho body. Tho nnnunl
roport of tho officers will bo mado
and plans for tho coming year dls
oussod. Citizens generally are Invited
to bo prosont.
Tlio December numbor of tho Union
Pacific mngazlno quotes the following
personal sketch of tho rolntlous of C.
F. Trncy of this city with tho Union
"I came to North Platto from Wis
consin Soptomber 9, 1809, and mndo
my first trip as flroman tho following
night, going west on No. 7, the oml
grant train, with Englnoor Al; Hed
dlng. At that timo thoro woro ono
pasnongor train and .freight train dally
In each direction. John P. "Marston
was dlBtrlct foreman, and David Day
was roundhouse foreman nt North
'Platto. J. II. McConiloll succeeded
Mr. Mnrston in 1871 nnd1 J was tho
first man promotod to onglneor by
him. I mado my first running on
Christmas ove, 1872, on onglno 13 from
North Platto oast. John Mooro, after
wards agent nt Grand Island, was my
conductor. On my return 'trip W. A.
Duoll was conductor; Walt IIolHstor
and Hank Bowers woro tho brakemen.
Mr. Duoll was nftorwards superinten
dent of tho Nebraska nnd Colorndo
divisions for s,ovoral years. I was in
continuous sorvico with tho Union Pa
cific until rotirod on Novombor 17,
1913, on account of defcctlvo vision.
In 1919 I was appointed Police Judge
at North Platto and am still on tho
Clnudo DoLanoy loft Sunday for
Thomasvlllo, Fla., whero ho will spond
sovoral weeks. From thoro ho will go
to Tampa, Fla., whoro ho will spend
the remainder of tho winter.
Harry Murrln returned Saturday
from Omaha whoro ho has been re
ceiving medical attention for tho past
few wcoks.
Mrs. Emily Coatos roturned Sunday
from Los Angoles, Calif., whoro sho.
has boon visiting relatives for several
Clintons for spectacles.
Tho directors of tho Chambor of
Commorco havo nominated twenty
four members as candidates for direc
tors. A ballot has boon propared and
tho voting will tnko placo at tho ban
quot Thursday ovoning. Last year tho
ballots woro mailed to mombers bo
foro tho mooting and tho voting dono
by mall but tho small number of bal
lots voted prompted tho directors to
havo tho voting dono nt tho timo of
annual meeting.