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WILSON TOUT. Editor and Publisher. :
Entered at the North Platte, Nebraska
Postofflco a8 Second Class Matter.
Year, In advance $1.60
David said "Commit thy way
unto tho Lord; trust also In him and
lie shall bring It to pass." Psalms
a?: 5.
Cardinal MorckA said -within
us all Is somothlng
than personal interest, than porsonal '
kinships, than parly feeling and I
this profound will within us Is pat-
rlotlsm." ,
Ono resident of Lincoln county is
credited with having remarked to a I
follow citizen that the commissioners
have spent twenty thousand dollars
on the now court nouso nnu now uiuy
want nnothor twenty thousand dollars
to completo lt.
graft about It
1HUIU uiuoi. uu
his further ox-
has boon
Tho facts are that $110,000
paid to tho contractor to
ho rnnnonso to our
offer of a priao to tho mother who
would write tho best article on "How
to mako North Platte a better placo
to ralso boys", there is nothing
which can bo done. That means
tlcat North Platte Is aB good a placo tq
raise boys as lt could bo. That's
fine. If there Is nothing that can bo
done wo aro glad tho mothers know
it and aro so satisfied. Tho con
tst closes Saturday.
Tho Firemen's Carnival which Is
to bo hold horo. not Tursday evening
la attracting more attention than It
did. Tho showing mado by North
Wittto in tho matter of flro losses j
during llio past year Is so creditable
that tho citizens are' giving tho 'fire
men tho benefit of ' being responsi
ble for' tho g6od work' Tickets for
tlie carnival aro brio' dollar each and
maybo socltrod from' any0 'member or
tho department. 1 '
Tho second boy hils como to Jur
office and gono. Tho ' bbys do not
scorns to want to loarn a trade bo thoy
can mako monoy latter. -Tiro main
Jdoa with thorn Booms to bo tb-gct all
tho monoy. thoy can now s6 thoy can
havo moro swoot and gabd things to
cat. This office cannot wasto tlmo
on such a boy. Wc will tako a good
fqllow who Is going to school nnd If ho
-wjll givo ua his tlmo and attention
and If ho has ability wo can teach
hlm tho printing trade. When wo j
need help and ho loams to do tho, work
Wo will pay him full wngos, iwhlch aro
pre'tty good. Any such boy should
see tho editor and stnrt In now
In qui; nowa columns wo print a
heading' on titled "Son ot North Plntto
Blacksmith Is Now a College Presid
ent'' Tho North Platto blacksmith
memtlbnod Is our rospoctod townsman, j nut thoy aro about to tho end of
Fred Elliott, Tho son Is Just Install, j thojr funds. Not a cent has boen
6d a president of one of tho- largo wasted hut they did not go. far en
onston universities with avondorful 0Ugh. Tho problom now Is to comploto
oquiiMnont and a groat record for past the building hnd get tno valuable
achievement. While tho phrnso la rocords of tho county Into tho flro
striking yot it tho truth wero known 1 proof vaults whoro thoy will bo safo
it Ib probable that tho father could j That Is tho Job which Is taxing all
have boon a college presldout Instead tho powers of tho commissioners to
of a blacksmith lt ho hnd started that I docompllsh.
way. Ho was a good blacksmith and
tho son is a good college president,
Wo wondor how much dltferonco thoro
is aftor all.
Ono of tho gratifying signs of the
times is tho groat advance in tho
membership of tho Woman's club.
The oftlcors speak of a process by
which those who In formor years
Joined tho club in order to bo doing
Bomcthlng or for social purposes,
have dropped out and tho roal, pro
gressive womon of tho city havo
takon tholr places. With a member
ohlp of 250 or moro nnd pushing ot
a practical program of social bottor.
mcnt thoro 1b no reason why tho
Woman's club ehould not oxerclao as
great an Influonco on tho community
us tho Chamber ot Commerce or any
of tho othor clubs which aro trying
to help North Tlatto.
Tho Trlbuno editor would urge an
early rosponso to tho Buggostlon of
our city librarian that wo glvo avail
able chlldrons books to tho library
rather than glvo thorn storage Bpaco
in our homos after thoy havo Borvod
tholr purpose Tho only way to got
this dono is to do It. If anyone
thinks thoro la nd ncod for theso
books ho or sho has but to sit a
whllo by tho librarian's doslc aftor
school somo OYoning and watch tho
boys and glrla como and go as they
bring back tho books thoy. havo road
and coloct sew ones to read. What
looks of pleasure as thoy turn in a
book thoy have enjoyed and what
anticipations as they read oyer tho
Sltlc and sc,ct book which they!
expect to Ilka. It Is an opportunity
to do something for childhood and
wc should rlso to tho occasion.
Tho Tribune wants a correspondent
j ovory coinniunlty In Lincoln county
Wo havo an offer to make to rolla- l
bio men or women who will sond us
the items from their community, i
Just wrlto us and ask for particulars '
as to what you should do.
Lincoln county needs a school
nurse. Tho work done laBt year by
tho Red Cross was but a beginning
and should bo followed up by ab
vigorous a campaign as possible.
1 The long-awaited roport of tho sur
"Down ' vey of Lincoln county schools by the
deeper I School nurso last year, vlias", not
reached us yet. It will be doubly
welcome If It comos before It Is so i
old It Is, more or loss out of date,
The Red Cross Is not In financial
shapo to omploy a nurso and tho
counly commlBslon0rs havo not 8'con
f wny c,car to stand tho oxpenBO
Nq othor 2atlfm unloB8 lt Is
c,uba Qf th(J county
could ralso the required amount ot
money. Someone may havo a plan
.... . .
WII,C" Jms "0l yut ouen "uou"i:uu'
it womu lnucou no a uiessing 11 uje
nurse could bo secured.
Tho H. & S. reception held Satur. i
day evening1
is but another mile 1
stone In tho upward progress of ttais!wosn 25" pounds. $30 each If taken
city. While other business men aro j quick,- Mac Westphall, phone 785F21.
retrenching and Idling away their
I tlmo and' opportunity, this firm is
branching out.
Their old quarters
In tho Brodbeck building wero better
than most similar concerns possess.
Thoy might hayo' Btayod thoro until
prosperity drovo thorn to action. But
that Is not tholr way of doing busi
ness. They took the stop, leased
downstairs quarters, furnished them
magnificently and sot to work to
make their first year in tho now lo
cation tho biggest buslnoss year or
their career
And watch thorn do it. i
rllncy hav0 Bot lno paco f or au North
Platte business during this summer
depression and thoy deservo leader
ship. ' ' ' u
ThOBe who havo Investigated t,ho
matter !aro approving tho judgement
of 1 tho County commissioners In tho
.matter of tho construction of the now
ciounty court house as far , as it has
gono. Thero aro at least throe, qual
ltl6s which were doclded upon and
thoy aro the throo ofi which almost
ovory citizen of Lincoln .county would
npprdve; Tho court houso must bo
fireproof? It must bo large enough to
sorvo a growing county for many
years and It must bo handsome o
nbugh ta represent tho real Ideals
of tho pooplo ot tho county. The walls
aro up and tho boauty of tho bulld-
Ing as far as lt has boon built Is gen
erally acknowledged. Nothing but fire
proof material has boon' used so far.
Tho measurements of tho bu,lldlng
show that It ta as big as any ot the
nowor county court houses In tho
stato, and some of them aro getting
protty crowded oven now. So far as
they havo gone, ovory ono of tho
maior reoulromonts has iboch mot.
When in Doubt-
On a financial matter you con
sult your banker or broker, it
lt Is a logal question or contract,
your attorney, In olthor in
stance you selloct men whoso
oxporieuce is broad, judgement
Bound nnd in whom you roposo
ovory contldonco.
In consideration of your ln
Burnuco affairs why not uso
similar Judgment? I havo mado
a caroful Btudy ot tho linos ot
insurance which I carry. I
havo had fiftocn yoars exper
ience, and fool qulto confidont
to advlso you on any Inouranco
mattor. I urn Just as glad to
advlso you with reforouco to
policy you alroady havo, as I
to advlso you with rotoronco to
anco, v
Insurnnco Specialist,
1). & L. Bid?.
Want Ads
FOR SALE Tomatoes for canning.
Phone 787F21(. Ream Bros.
for SALE Dodgo touring car.
Phono 811W.
FOR SALE Soft Coal Stoves.
Phono 1147J.
lot. 1502 West Front-
Birds. 409 W.
F0R SALEOno lnrge
Cheap. 214 E. 3rd sL
llufck .car.
FOR SALE Team and Harness. 603
So. Pino.
FOR RENT Ono sleeping room.
409 W. Third.
FOR SALE Annrnrlmntnlv 4BA ft
114 inch black -pipe. New condition.
Artiflclal Ice and Cold Storago Co.
nn nuv-n ti .
1 uuuae an
muuuiu. impure a. u. ivocK:n,
220 W. Sixth Street.
FOR ' SALE Threo boars, thorough-
orou i'.oianu-uninns. 7 montns old.
FOUNDTWo hogs. 7 miles north
east of town on tho Henrv Ruhm
farm 0wner lnqulro of D KolfJO
Describe same and pay damages.
FOR SALE Native rei cqdar 'and
used lumber at' old stock yards,
North Platto. Seo Gono Crook or I
Harold R. Burke, First National Bank
of North Platte.
FOR SALE Household goods
room 'house1.- 405 Vrost 4th.
of 9
, -x . v,,. ,.
room, llvinir rnrtm nmi lfltniion fnrn.
A.H.mtni.irt' iirmvM' tn,
Wrtr,ii,ft t,.i,. nfv.
UV4 '
FOrt SALE-By owner leaving tqyn,
2 houses, 3 room houso furnished
and 5 room houso modern except heat.
Rental income $55.00 per. month. In
quire at 221 So. Walnut aftor 6 p. m.
LOST Two rings. One rjd and ono
Whffo 6ot in Women's rost room at
North Platto Depot, Tuesday between
one and two o'clock p. m. Finder
leave tamo at this offlco and receive
generous reward.
:o: .
Clinton's for Eyo Glassos.
Roal Estato Mortgages bought and
sold. T. O. Patterson.
A son was born to Mr. and Mrs.
'Albert E. Powell Sunday.'
Always cool at Danoeland, every
Saturday jalta
. Mrs. E. S. Saltsider of Dickons
shoppod In tho city yesterday .
Crow & Crow still pay the highest
prices for eggs.
Wilber Swanson who is attending
tho University at Lincoln has pledg
ed for tho Sigma Phi Epsilon frater
nity. Mtas Wllda WJoodhouso who has
boon visiting hor auntMrs. R. L.
Graves, has returned to hor home in
This is notice to all hunters that
you aro absolutely forbidden to hunt
on lnnds owned and oporatod by mo,
north of tho North Platto rlvor,
under tho penalties of trespass pro.
vlded by law.
Honry Hanson.
:o: :
Tho Yooman will glvo a reception
to tho Slto Committee tor tho Yoo
nidh Orphans' Homo on Tuesday
evening at 8:45. Everybody inter
ested Is cordially invited to attend.
Every Yooman should bo present
promptly at 7:45 and all applica
tions not yot inltlatod como before
8:00. This will bo a big social
mooting. Corrospondont.
Water ront in District B is now duo
and payable at the Water Offlco ana
will bocomo dolinQucnt aftor Sopt.
i'Otb. All services where tho water
ent is not paid by Sopt. 20 In Dis
trict B will bo shut oft in accordan&j
with tho Water Ordinance This
gives about throo wooks for payment
ot wator bills and glvos railroad men
two pay days boforo Sopt. 20. Please
seo your water bills aro paid boforo
Sopt. 20th and do not ask for or
expect an extension of tlmo. t
Dlstlrct 11 comprises all that part
ot tho city west of Locust street and
botweon tho Union Pacific right ox
way and tho Burlington rlgEt of way.
Water Commissioner.
SatflrW was cloudy for this Yioln-Uor0, looked much like" raln.f Yesterday Judgo Woodhurst unit-
Sunday, wan ar.muwhat warmer, oloud'ied In mnrlngo 'Layton Loughroy of
Ing up In the evening and ending lnj'tfansas City and Miss Nellie Ef. Olds
a good rain. Tho precipitation was
.81. Tho hlghost temperature yester -
day was 09 and tho lowest last night
was 40. Forecast says' It will he 'warm
er tonight and Wednosday.
North Plntto Is a cream center for
this part of the stale. During tho
pasture season it Is said to ship out'
more cream than any other city on
tho Union Pacific railroad and that
,.. ..i.mi .. . . .
in uuuuiun 10 supplying tue local
demands for milk and - cream and
that of two creameries for butter
and Ice cream. At present the sup-
ply of cream has fallen off possibly
40 per cent below the mid-summer
totals. As tho supply falls off the
price goes up. The falling off is
seasonal and expected but came a
little earlier this year than usual. At
ono tlmo tho price was as Ibw as 21c
bUt now U ,s up arouml 30 ccnts wIth
prospocts of going still higher. Tho
cream check has beon the salvation
nf ,o,. .ll.. n ... ...
" 1J"iU" i;uuaijr1n said estate, will appear at said
"u uo 1 imr oruu caiue oecomo,umo and nlaco and duly present tholr
moro common tho amount of dairy-
ing done here will increase.
i will allow nThunting on, my
. . .
as I have leased all the lakes. Viola
tors will bo prosecuted.
Sam Fackler
Victor,' VIctorolas, Holley Music
Miss Bessie Show spent Sunday
with her parents in Hershey.
Freo dancing from 8:45 to 9:30, at
. . ' rt . .
uanceinnu every aaturaay nue.
Kv" examined. Glasses fitted. Sat-
isrnct!m. sure.
l8fact!m. pure. Clinton & Son
' Jqu will bo surprised at the quality
of juries Suits yoil can buy from $25
jto f40 at wilcox Department Store,
' , . . ,
oiuuu nuuuu lias icuuivu mu
duties at the Malonoy store after a
two weeks vacation.
Mr. and Mrs,. Ray Cummings and
c.hljdrcn . left Sunday morning for
thpr, neWj-hojijo in Council. Bluffs.
Dr. J. H. Kerr is visiting his bro
th Dr. T. J. Kerr enroute from Den
vorto Jiis home in Arkon, Ohio. f
Cpmo )n and seo our now line of
fanpy hair pins and barrettes.
C Sn; Clinton & Son.
Mr, and Mrs. Fred Pease of
Faxton transacted business In the
city for a few days last week.
New records twice a month on the
Edison and Columbia Machines. Dixon
'Misjc Shop.
Joe Nolan loft Sunday for York
to 'attend the American Legion con
vention. Mr. and Mrs. N. E. Buckley are
expected home the last of this week
from a trip to Estes Park.
I Miss Evangalino Herrod arrived
' home Thursday from her European
I trip.
! Clarence Garman has been rein
stated on the railroad after being out
of service for the past two months.
Harry Bandarct and, family of
Paxton visited with friends in the
city last week.
M. J. Posson of Paxton visited with
friends- in the city for a few days
last week. ,
Bevorje Wurtelo left this morning
for Omaha where she will attend
Brownoll hall this fall.
Dr. Marie Ames leaves Saturday
for Savanah, 111., whoro sho will visit
relatives for several weeks.
Mrs. Otto Weber returned from
Topoka, Kansas, where, she attended
tho Kansas Stato Fair.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Baldwin ot
Callaway aro visiting with friends in
tho city for a few days.
Miss Scott of Sidney spent tho
weok end In tho city visiting at the
W. J. Braham homo.
John Hahlor of Omaha spent Sun
day in North Platto visiting his par
onts. Miss Ardls Sllllson returned to Koy
stono yesterday after spending four
days horo visiting Miss Evelyn Boldt.
Mrs. Geo. Finn loft Saturday for
Denver whoro sho will spend a wook
visiting friends.
Judgo Towoll and Court Reporter
Frank Smith of Sidney accompanied
by Goo. GlbbB loft yestorday fo7
Tryon whoro&Jstrlct court Is In
Sale of Furniture
405 W'. 4th St. Mrs. R. L. Gravos.
1 James Cox Is enjoying hla two
j weeks vacation from .the Maloney
jot Gothenburg,
Win. E. Shuman, Atty.
In tho County Court of
County, Nebraska.
County, Nebraska.
In the Matter of tho Estate of Rose M.
Knox, Deceased.
Notice Is hereby given to any and
a11 I)orsnB having claims and demands
nimlnnt Mm nutntn nt Mm nnlil Tlnsn M.
Kno' deceased, that tho 17th day ot
3anuv 1923- )las bcon set and
1,01,ue" us 1,10 ?ay Ior U1 recei"on-
examination, adjustment ana allow-
anco of lawful cla,ms a"d dcmamls
an persons, against sam estate nna
that the County Court of Lincoln
County, Nebraska, will at said time
receive, examine, adjust and allow
all such claims against said estate,
as provided by law, nt the County
Court Room In the Courthouse. In the
city of North Platte. Lincoln County.
Nebraska, and all persons so Interested
. .. .. ..I
said claims and demands In the manner
; required by law. or show cause for 1
not so dninc, and in case any of said
(claims or demands shall not be pre1-!
scnted on or Prior to the 8al(l i?th of
I fmiHnrv 1095 flirt pimn oli o 1 1 trr-
over barred.
signed this' notice and affixed the
seal of said Court this 18th day of
September, 1922.
i (SEAL) County Judge
ft 1
We want you to visit our shop.
when you examine our Hate, Coats, :Suits and -Dresses,
you will observe that the styles are of the best, vqry attrac
tive and snappy workmanship is most reliable and the
range of chqice is agreeably large Lower prices for high
quality garments.
We have a large line of Hats for the children as well
as for the ladies.
Just received a shipment of gloves, the newest ideas
in Fabric and Kid Gauntlets.
Blousest Sweaters, Sport Coats and many other novel
ties that will interest you. Come in and get acquainted.
Cattle at
North Platte, Nebr.,
Monday, Sept. 25
We always have cattle here to suit everybody, heavy
weight feeders, handy weights and. light weights, yearling
steers, heifers, calves, stock Cows and feeding cows. You
can always get vhat you want. The highest bidder goes
home with the Cattle. Most of them will sell freight paid
to the river.
Another Real Auction
Next Auction Monday, September 26th, Do not be
afraid to have your cattle here on that day for we can
sell them where they will net you more dollars.
Rauch Live Stock Co,
150 head of extra good breeding cows for sale,
better string of grade ITerofords in this section.
Can Sell Calves for October Delivery
Tae following quotations wero Uio
! opening markets at South Omaha this
: morning nn& wore received here by
tolegraph at 10 a. in.
Hoof steers mostly steady. Corn
, fed strong, $10.75 paid. Tho stock
j veals and bulls generally steady.
, Stockers and feedors slqw ,to lower.
j Medium and light butchers 5 to 10
! contsjowcr, mostly $9.00 to $9.25, top
$9.30. Packing grades 19 to 15 cents
1 iower $7,40 to $7.90. ,
Albrocht Furs at wllcox Department
I Store. . v" .
vou naturally think of the Dodco
when anyone asks which ;car is tho
most dependable and longest lived.
Let your m t car be a Dodgo and got
this super-service, at a. lpwer price
. tWan nny comparable car.-T. V.
j Romlgh, Dealer.
Wo have an auto-polnt pencil with
" i-uv..
. black silk cord. Just what you need
tnr athnn nf n onnMni oc
C. S. Clinton & Son.
Choice lot of young Red Poll bulls
at farmers prices at
South Dewey Street
Not Something ior
Nothing, hut
the Most for
the Least