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News of All Kinds Gathered From
Various Points Throughout
State Fire Marshal Hartford reports In the lowlands of Douglas, Washing
that 110 fires of H70 between January ton and Hurt counties are being saved
1 und March 20, were caused hy sparks from destruction by reclamation,
falling on shingle roofs. He warns : Another post eradication district lias
n.nnnxt . Mtt.wtxa I j"y I. .win nltttk1ft.tf0 ' llO'lfl flU t (I I it I I llwl I II limit t til ll II IT fifllintV
clean nnd thus avoid burning out of
Boot winch causes many nres. jig is or i no Known as mo "iscousniuir. emu
he opinion, after investigating tlio ieation district" created for the extoriu-
causos of fires, that 75 per cent of
them could hnvo been avoided by
proper precautions.
Superior's Juvenile band, composed
mostly of now beginners, nnd which
has been organized loss than six
months, gnve a concert Inst week that
was pronounced by the nndience as of
.on exceptionally good character, nnd n
irepetltlon lias been requested.
A load of hogs bought near Spear
llsh, S. D., last November and brought
to Nebraska for feeding, was mnrketed
,iit the South Omaha stockyards by W.
F. Krnmmc of Malcolm. They aver
aged 207 pounds and wore sold at
$10.15 a hundred.
The nmount of wnr finnnco loans to
.agricultural and live stock interests
In Nebraska has exceeded the $14,000,
000. murk, according to" the report of
,F. W. Thomas, regional chairman of
the War Finance committee In No
lrasku. Mrs. Flton Pnlmor nnd Mrs. Joseph
IMcOuIro had a narrow escape from
death when their car, which Mrs. Mc
flulre was driving, backed down a steep
grade and turned turtle over a twelve
foot embankment nenr Broken How.
At tho school election at Benkelmnn,
,a proposal to Increase the school tax"
levy 8 mills passed by a large major
ity. A proposal to permit Sunday
baseball won by four ballotts, l,r2 be
ing cast against It nnd l.r0 for It.
Nebraska, it Is said, has more kinds
of birds than any other state In tho
union. There are many beautifully
colored birds, such as the cardinal,
Iscarlet tanlger, oriole, bluejay atid,
most common of all, the robin.
The Valparaiso home talent play,
"The Old New Hampshire Homo" wns
(presented to two well filled houses and
.more Ihnn one hundred dollnrs clenred
ito ndd to tho Methodist Kplscopal aid
'society fund.
Hie acuto shortage of houses In York I
lias prompted thirty-live business men
to nrgnnlzo n home builders associa
tion. Approximate $200,000 will bo
available for, the construction of new
Corn and alfalfa, two of Nebraska's
principal crops, proved to be the most
economical ration for cr.ttlo feeding on
a 100-i)ound basis of gain, It was de
termined nt tho close of the University
of Nebraska agricultural collect-.
Asslstnnt County Attorney Charles
Kubat of Douglas county gesticulated
so vigorously In his prosecution In dls
,trlct court of Sebastian Onrclco for a
Illquor law violation that his right arm
was dislocated.
More than .'100 school tenchers nru
expected nt Pawnee City during tho
spring trl-county teachers' Instltuto
(which Includes tho schools of John
Inon, Nemaha and Pawneo counties.
A fourth of July celebration will bo
Iheld at Bloomtlcld under tho auspices
jof Ray Lamb post of tho American
Legion, tho first celebration of this
ltlnd In thnt plnco In eight years.
Heavy taxes hnvo led tnxpnyors of
IKnor coilnty to discuss tho organiza
tion of n lenguo to fight for a reduction
(on the levy. A meeting will ho called
jfioon to discuss the matter.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Anrirow Curtis of Shti
bert celebrated their golden wedding
.last week. A family dinner was serv-,
V'd, at which all tho children of the
ifamlly were present.
The 7-yenr.old son of It. 15. Rrltt of
lllgsprlng, was seriously hurt when he
iattcmpted to "hook on" a passing auto
Tie suffered Internal Injuries und his
recovery Is doubtful.
nigh expenses hnvo necessitated the
consolidation of several departments
In the Itaynrri high school and the
iihnlltlon of others. The teaching force
has been cut down.
Tho small son of Theodore DoOront
of Contrnl City suffered serious Injuries
when ho wns struck by a car whllo
retrlevlng u bnseball which had gone
into tho street.
Mrs. Androw Oreharz was burned
to death by nn explosion while wash -
lng lnco curtains In gasoline, at her
homo In Omaha.
T. H. Fulton, city editor of the
Beatrice Dally Express and n news
paper correspondent of that city, has
filed as u republican candidate for
state senator faun tho Sixteenth sen
atorial district, comprising the counties
of flngo and Pawneo.
Tho Chamber of Commerce at Om
aim has decided to add n large number
of tholbiislnuss and professional wo
men's league to Its membership.
Charles Trimble, secretary, an
nounced that nt least 400 horses will ho
entered In the Ak-Snr-Bon races to bo
run In Omuhn June .1-17.
A report by Socretnry Phil V, Bross
of the department of finance shows the
nmount of each levy In each county In
Nebraska for 1021 Otoe county Is
lowest with a total levy of 2.20 mills
on tho dollar valuation. Arthur coun
ty, In tho grazing region, is highest,
with u total lovy of 7.05 mills.
An ordinance prohibiting the display
of firearms thnt may bo concealed
about the person and providing ftut
retail dealers who dispose of them
must register each sale 1ms been drawn
by City Attorney Van Dusen for Police
Commissioner Dunn of Omuhn.
Tlic Fnrwell Live Stock Shipping os
Roclntlon line n loud of hogs nvernging
222 pound which sold for $10.55, the
highest priro paid for hogs ut tljo
South Omuhn nmrket tids season with
the exception of early In March when
cliolco light hogs made n top of $10.00.
Hundreds of acre of farm land
that woro inado valueless hy the rav
ages of the Missouri river years ago
by the state department of agriculture
Inntlon of pocket gophers.
Two clothing clubs have been or
ganized nt Union. Mrs. L. It. Upton
Is to have chnrge of tho advanced girls,
who will complete course 2 In cloth
ing. The grammar and Intermediate
girls also organized a club.
At a mooting of tho Friend hoard of
education It wns voted to reduce tho
faculty of the city schools for next
year from nineteen to sixteen teachers.
Teachers were elected at a reduction
of 0 per cent.
Otto Zlomke of Grand Island set flro
to his car when he struck a match to
light a clgaret while standing near tho
open gas tank which was being tilled.
Otto wasn't hurt but tho car was dam
The board of education elected W.
O. Books of Nelirnska City as superin
tendent of the York schools for a term
of three years, at a salary of $:i,500 tho
first year,
Carl Iiriindmnn, Nebraska City dairy
man, has returned from Wisconsin
with in head of Holsteln cows, said to
bo tlio llnost ever brought Into that
Mrs. I). It. Fletcher, teacher In the
Lndgcpulo. schools, has tiled for county
superintendent to opposo Miss Anna
McFaddon, Incumbent for tho past
eight years.
A petition stoned by about fifty
Iteatrlce business men asking the city
comnrissloners to renppolnt Chief of
l'ollco H. M. Dillon has been filed with
the city clerk.
Crows have become n peRt In Holt
county. The county farm bureau Is
planning upon uniting In a poisoning
campaign to rid them of the nuisance.
The llnance committee of tlio Wood
Lake Community club hns raised a
road fund of nearly a thousand dollnrs
to be used on tho roads this summer.
An Importnnt Itlble conference will
be held In Omaha Sunday, April 23,
under auspices of the Christian and
Missionary alliance.
An election has been called hy tho
commissioners of Deuel county to voto
$100,000 In bonds for a now county
high school building.
All Falrbury teachers have been re
elected. Fight, however, will not re
turn. Five men on tho staff have been
there more, than threo years and. will
The I'awneo City high school cvm-
murium lias been converted Into a skut-
Inp rink since the closing of the basket
Dun season.
Miss Lucille flcorgc, of Ilrokcn Row,
won first place in the drnmntlc class In
this district declamatory contest nt
Tho Prague school district has voted
$00,000 bonds for n new modern school
building to replace the rtho that burned
Hist winter.
' Tho Row D. S. Ilonnker or the Pres
byterlnn church nt Fullerton .has re
signed to nccept n pnstorate at Fair
Tho date for the state convention of
tho American Loglon hns been set !for
S ptembcr 18, 11) nnd 20, to be held nt
The contract for water works and
electric light plnnt nt Wood l.nko 1ms
been let. Work will start at once.
Two to six Inches of snow covered,
western Nebraska following one of tho
worst spring storms In years.
Falrbury Is again discussing paving
! nnd It Is likely that some work will
; be dono this summer.
Flvo hundred students of tho rurnl
Innd city schools took the eighth grade
.examinations nt York.
j Several ranch men In tho Arnold
vicinity are placing ring-nocked pheas-
ants on their places.
j Farmers living southwest of Ply-
, mouth, hnvo organized a stock shipping
. association.
I Kllsworth is already making pro-
i paratlons for n gorgeous celebration of
itho Fourth.
Aurora bus voted against holding
.any more street carnivals In that place,
A local chapter of the Order of Do
Moloy has boon Instituted In Sidney,
Seven silver loving cups are anions
tho fnriy-five golf prizes to be given by
Beatrice business houses this season,
They nro doslgnntcd ns the president's
champion, pioneer, tenderfoot, conso'
lntlnn, ladles' championship and lad
les' consolation.
When n person contrncts a debt,
oven If It Involves illicit booze. Iho
debtor must pay, according to tho dis
trict court at Norfolk.
Adam Marshall,, widely known ex
hibit Ion wild west rider, was killed
ut Valentine, when ho fell under a
Northwestern train.
Farm work Is reported threo weeks
ahead of the usunl season In Cheyenne
nnd Duel counties. Tlio soil is In good
condition In splto of the fact that tho
winter has been extremely dry.
Choyonno county will hold n harvest
festival In Sidney during October, Tho
plans nro to hold it for threo days,
with baseball In the morning and af
ternoon of ench day.
Meeting to protest against school
tnxos, mothers of Cage county school
boards, voted In favor of a motion sug
gcstlng a cut of 20 per cent In tho sal
nrles of school teachers.
Garden Docs Not Seem Complete
Without Short Row or Patch
of Vegetables.
Almost. Any Variety la Good, Main
Difference Being in -Type of Root
It Is Cool Weather Plant
And Grows Quickly.
The rndlsh Is practically a uni
versal vegetable. It Is now In the
mnrkot the year around and rnrely Is
there a garden planted without at
least a short row or small patch
broadcast to these pungent appetiz
ers of the garden. There Isn't a grcut
difference In the vnrlous kinds of rad
ish offered for sale by the seedsman
and almost any of them will be suc
cessful. The main difference Is In
the type of root.
Stick n pencil blindly on nlmost any
of them nnd order the one spiked and
you will have good radishes If the gar
den conditions are sultnble for grow
ing good radishes at all.
In the South the rndlsh can be
grown outdoors almost all winter ex
cept In the colder sections, plnntlngs
being made every ten days or two
weeks for succession, in the North
It Is the first vegetnble to go Into the
ground In the spring; In fact, It should
he planted as Soon as the soli can be
worked, ns It Is quite hardy and won't
be hurt by n little frost.
It Is Cool Weather Plant.
It is a cool weather plant und must
he grown steadily nnd quickly. Hot
weather or a dry spell, either giving
a check In growth, result In hollow,
pithy roots, which nre quite worthless.
Cool and fairly moist conditions make
the crisp, Milld, toothsome radishes
that everyone relishes In the enrly
days of spring.
Of the white radishes, Icicle has at
tained great popularity and Is n tine
radish. It Is excellent In the summer
when other types nre not nt their best.
In case of doubt, French Breakfast
In the olive shade, Scarlet Globe In
the round, nnd some of the 20-day
specialties can be recommended. Any
of the long scnrlet types give much
the same result, tho Improvement In
the newer varieties being In regular
ity and uniformity of growth.
Radish soil must be rich and tine
nnd (deeply worked. It In best to have
the manure dug In during tho fall or
if this hns not been done It should be
well rotted nnd well Incorporated with
the soli In the spring. Radishes will
If These Radishes Had Not Been
Thinned They Would Not Have
Been So Perfect In Shape.
grow almost anywhere If the soil Is
rich and In almost any sort of soil ex
cept clay. Clay soil needs to be light
ened with ushes or sand nnd copious
dressings of niauuro spaded into It if
radishes are to do their best in It.
Radishes may be sown broadcast pro
vided the seed Is not scattered too
thickly or In rows as close together
ns six inches.
Clean Up Rubbish.
Clean up last year's garden If this
was not attended to In the fall. All
remnants of vegetables and (lowers
must be gathered together and
burned. This will destroy tho eggs of
Innumerable Insects. Weeds should
likewise be destroyed, but do not yet
destroy mulches which have been
placed over hardy plants and around
shrubs. If you have not alrondy
sprinkled limestone over your garden
urea, this Is a good time to do it so
thnt the spring freezing and thnwlng
and tho early rains may help to dis
Integrate and carry tho lhno water
Into the soli to sweeten It. Llnio Is
especially boncflclnl to grapes.
Later Garden Planting.
Lnter gurden vegetables require
less work and less anxloty, as u rule,
than early vegetables. The soil should
be neither too hard to prepare nor
should It lie so slow to germinate and
start growing the plnnts as curly
Advantage of Clover.
When the ground In cultlvutcd fields
becomes hard and dry In tho growing
season wo should know thnt tho soil
Is calling for humus. The beat humus
Lb maUo by growing clover.
- ' b'- ,
Benefactor to Humanity at Least
in One Respect.
Bird Seems to Have Special Liking for
Galls Formed by Parasitic Worm
Other Means for Control
ling Disease.
(Prepared by th Un'tedtSUtei Department
of Agriculture.)
Itecent Investigations conducted by
the United States Department of Agri
culture have shown that tho Kngllsh
sparrow Is a benefactor to humanity
nt least In one respect. It Is able to
kill nematodes parasitic on wheat.
In this nematode disease of wheat
the parasitic worm, forms galls which
take the place of the normal kernels.
During the early development of these
gnlls the sparrows seem to have a
special liking for them. At first It was
suspected that the sparrow might
spread the Infection In this way, but
it was found that the sparrow's diges
tive apparatus sufficed to kill the
The nematode disease of wheat oc
curs In Virginia, West Virginia, and
North Carolina. It also attacks rye.
English Sparrow Is Useful in Control
ling Disease of Wheat.
enimer, and spelt. Tlie disease In
comes serious if precautions are not
taken for its control. Fortunately
practicable control measures are
known. They necessitate (1) the use
of seed free from nemntode galls, (2)
sowing such clean seed on nematode-
freo land, (3) keeping wheat or other
susceptible crops off Infested fields
for nt lenst one year, nnd (4) keeping
nemntode-Infested straw nnd manure
off land to be used for wheat within
a year.
The nematode Is not able to move
laterally In the soli by Its own efforts
except for very short distances. Re-
cause of this fact the disease can bo
eilectlveiy controlled by tin- farmer
on whose land It inn;' occur.
No wheat variety adapted for cul
ture In the Infested sections bus been
found resistant to this disease.
Young Animals Are Easier to Handle
and They Should Be Fitted
With Halters.
Calves, especially those to be used
In the show-ring or purebred bulls or
heifers should he taught to lend when
very young. They are easier to handlo
and much time und trouble will 1)8
snved later on.
When cnlves nre a few months old
they should he carefully fitted with
halters and tied up n short time each
day. This will cause them to lead very
readily. Lead the calves to suckle or
to water for a few days. In lending
them for the first few times pull
diagonally first to one side and then
to the other.
Better Gains Made by Use of Device
and Are Built in Many Dif
ferent Ways.
It Is h fact well recognized by feed
ers thnt hogs having nccess to a self-
feeder mnko better gains than thosa
that do not. These feeders for hogs
ure made In various types. Double-
side feeders with a single door on top,
double-side feeders with a double door
on top nnd single-side feeders with n
single door on top, nil have proved
Better for Them Than Any Other
Class of Animals Because Fiber
Is Easily Digested.
Sweet clover, If nllowed to become
fnirly mnture, Is very coarse and stem-
my. Hay of that character Is more
.favorable for horses than any other
class of anlmnls becnuse horses can
consume and digest a larger percent
age of crude fiber In plnnts. This Is
bpenuse the horse has nn Intestine of
largo cnpnclty ond tho crude fiber fa
digested In the Intestine rather than
the stomach.
Value of Charcoal as Preventive of
Ailments Cannot Be Over-Emphasized.
The vnluo of charcoal can scarcely
bo over-emphasized and It should be
fed to fowls of all ages as a preventive
of bowel disorders and disease. It In
best to keep it before the fowis at all
tjmcH, ns there is no danger of them
eating too much. Charcoal has a grent
purifying effect In absorbing noxious
gases and will correct many digestive
I disorders.
Convenient, Sanitary and Inexpensive
It Should Be Well Built
and Located.
(Prepnred by the United State Department
of Agriculture.)
The dniry house that will fulfill
sanitary requirements, and at tiie samo
time be practical and Inexpensive, has
been planned by the United States De
partment of Agriculture. Many re
quests nre received for Information
concerning tho construction nnd ar
rangement of such buildings. To meet
this demand the department has drawn
up pinna for dairy houses of various
sizes which cun he constructed
economically. Copies of the plans will
be sent free to thoso upplylng for
For n person who Is striving to Im
prove the quality of his products a
practical, Inexpensive typo of dairy
house, such as that, planned by the
department, Is nn absolute necessity.
Milk that Is poured or strained in the
barn, or allowed to stand there, Is
liable to he contaminated by bacteria
and to absorb stable odors. As soon
as the cow's milk Is drawn It should
he carried to the dairy house, to bo
cooled Immediately to 50 degrees F.
or lower. An up-to-date sanltnry dairy
house Is provided with all the facilities
for cooling milk in the most economi
cal manner.
For convenience the dairy house
should be near the bnrn, yet so fnr
from it thnt no barn odors can be
detected in tlio house, and should be
on well-drained lnnd that slopes from
the house.
The principal purpose in building
n dairy house is to provide a place
where dairy products may be handled
apart from anything else. To carry
out this Idea It Is necessnry to divide
the Interior of the building so that tho
utensils do not have to be washed in
Interior of Model Dairy in
Electricity is Used.
the same room where the milk is
hnndled. The idea of absolute clean
liness must always be kept In mind;
nnd for this reason there should be
no unnecessary ledges or rough sur
faces on which dirt may lodge. Venti
lators are necessary to keep the stir
In the milk room fresh and free from
all odors, nnd to carry steam away
from the wash room. Windows nre of
great Importance, as they admit sun-
Blt n(l fresh nlrt nnd facimtlte w6rl
In summer the doors and windows
should he screened to exclude files
and other insects.
It Is necessary that there be n plenti
ful supply of cold, running water at
the dairy house. If It Is not possible
to have a regular water system, water
may he piped from nn elevated tank
by nn engine, wind mill, hand pump,
or hydraulic rnm. The dairyman can
111 afford to spend his time carrying
water In a pall to cool milk and wash
For tho proper sterilization of uten
sils nn abundance of steam or hot
water Is needed. A pall or can may
appear to bo clean nnd still may con
tain numerous bacteria which will
hasten the souring of milk, cause bud
llavor in butter nnd cheese, or sprend
contnglon. After the utensils nro
thoroughly clean they should be either
scalded with boiling water or steamed
Too dairy house should .be so built as
to economize lnbor to the greatest OX'
tent. To do this the building must bo
arranged to nvold unnecessary steps.
The equipment of the dniry house
consists of a 1V6 to 2 horsepower
vertical boiler which supplies steam to
tho sink nnd to the steam jet In tho
drain board, a galvnnlzed-Iron wash
sink, n can rack, a Babcock tester, n
concrete cooling tnnk, a milk cooler,
nnd milk scnles. A separator may
nlso bo located In the milk room. Do-'
tails of the construction nnd arrange
ment of this and other dairy houses
may be had by writing to the bureau
of animal Industry, United States De
partment of Agriculture, Washington
D. C
Most Profitable Cow.
A dairy cow which produces JMX)
pounds of butter fat In one year makes
three times us much profit as ouo
which produces 150 pounds.
Adds to Value of Stock.
Testing nnd ' grading up tho dairy
herd not only Increases production but
adds materially to tho valuo at dairy
stocjt. '
Cows Freshen In Fall.
Cows bred In January or February
freshen In the fall.
Stubborn Caees of Stomach
Trouble Yield
Promptly to
25,000,000 Bottles Sold
Rats mi the Cellar.
Mice in the Pantry.
in the Kitchen
What can be more disagreeable than ft
home infested with pests? Destroy them
with Stearns' Electric Paste, the standard
exterminator for more than 43 years.
Kill rats, mice, cockroaches, waterbugs
or ants In a single night. Docs not blow
away like powders; ready for use: better
than traps. Directions in 15 languages In
every box. Money back if it fails.
2 oz. size 35c 15 oz. she $150.
"Grandma's Favorite" Ointment
The one untverial household stand-by. Inval
uable (or relief of Itcnlng, scaly eczema, uslr
pimple, cute, burne, sores, and all skin dls
ease. Costs but a trifle. Send no money,
we deliver 'at your door, parcel post. You
f ay postman EOo and small charges. AOKNTrJ,
t you want to make bit; money, sell this, the
beat ointment made, In house to house can
vass. Write for particulars, big Inducements.
C. D. SINOEIt, 24(3 Bo. 18th St., Omaha, Neb.
NOTE! Cut this out, It may not appear again.
The Eternal Feminine.
Roslyn Is only 5. but she has proved
more tlinn once that she is a true
daughter' of Eve.
Sunday morning she and dnddy
wero taking their usual stroll along
Drexcl boulevurd when dnddy sud
denly became aware of a peculiar
noise that accompanied his daughter's
"Itoslyn," he inquired, "what 1b that
funny 'clicking' noise?"
He looked at her feet nnd snw they
were encased in high arctics, of which
the two topmost buckles were undone.
'I'll do them up for you," he said.
"Why, daddy," she exclaimed, as
tounded at his Ignorance. "It's my
goolnshes ; they're 'collegle. " Chi
cago Journal.
Look for the Name "Bayer" on Tab.
lets, Then You Need
Never Worry.
"Bayer Tablets of Aspirin" can bo
taken safely for Colds, Headache,
Toothache, Earache, Neuralgia, Lum
bago, Rheumntlsm, Joint Pnlns, Neuri
tis, and Pain generally.
To get quick relief follow carefully
the safe and proper directions In each
unbroken package of "Bayer Tablets of
Aspirin." This package is plainly
stamped with the safety "Bayer Cross."
The "Bayer Cross" means the gen
uine, world-famous Aspirin prescribed
by physicians for over twenty-one
years, Advertisement.
Bobby wnn ted n donkey and he
had seen the donkey In a nearby field.
"What would happen if I stole thnt
donkey?" he asked his father.
"1'ou would get six months In pris
on," replied His father.
Bobby thought a while nnd then
said :
"You wouldn't forget to feed It
while I wus away, would you,
Average Size of Farm.
Statistics on this subject vary from
year to year. The average size of a
farm in 1020 was 148.2 acres, as com
pared with 138.1 acres in 1910. The
average acreage of Improved land per
farm In 1020 was 78.0 acres, while in
1010 it was 75.2 acres.
The war has made table linen very
valuable. The use of Red Cross Ball
Blue will add to Its wearing qualities.
Use It and Bee. All grocers. Adver
tisement. Worth.
"What Is Flubdub worth?"
"As a banking asset or a citizen?"
Louisville Courier-Journal.
Before you Rive a man ndvlce be
sure you know the kind he wants.
Better an ass that carries than a
horse which throws.
Is Backache Crippling Yon?
Is that dull, nagging backache mak
ing it hard for you to get around? Are
you lame, sore and tortured with sharp,
rheumatic pains? It's time, then, you
gave some attention to your kidneys!
A pcruiHtent backache is often Nature's
first signal of kidney weakness. You
may have headaches, dizziness and an
noying bladder irregularities, too. Kid
ney troubles, if treated early, nre us
ually easily corrected. Benin now with
Doan's Kidney Vills. Doan's have
helped thousands and should help you.
Ask your neighbor
A Nebraska Case
C. P. Burke, re
tired farmer, Gree
ley. Nebr., says; ''I
liad such pains and
lameness In my
back I could
hardly bend. I felt
tired In my back
nnd I didn't have
tho ambition a well
man n h o u 1 d. A
neighbor told mo to
cei uoan-a juuney
Pills for ho was
suro they would
heln me. I lined
Doan's and from tho first I could seo
a chaneo. They drovo tho troublo
from mo and I haven't been bothered
Get Doin'i at Any Store, 60c Bos
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Save Your Hair
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