The North Platte semi-weekly tribune. (North Platte, Neb.) 1895-1922, February 14, 1922, Image 1

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NO. 11.
Tlio Lincoln School Parent-Teach--er
association will meet Wednesday
afternoon at 3 o'clock. Tho school
children and Miss Florence Chaffln,
tho Rod Cross nurso will take part
in tho program. Refreshments will
bo served after tho meeting. A good
attendance is desired.
Lincoln's birthday anniversary oc
cured on Sunday. The banks and tho
county offices were closed on Mon
day. Lincoln's birthday Is not a na
tional holiday so tho post offlco and
federal offices wero open ns usuul
Tho schools and business In general
wont on its usual.
Carloads of brick, tile and other
building materials are being unloaded
for tho active work of construction
which will begin as soon as the
wcathor permits. Tho contractor says
there is no scarcity of material and
that building firms nro shipping mat
erials promptly.
An enthusiastic meeting in the in
tcrosts of irrigation was held hero
last Saturday afternoon. A number of
south sido farmers from tho west part
of tho county came In and met with
officers of tho Chamber of Commerce
and othors to talk tho matter over.
Tho meeting was harmonious and ad-
journed to tho court room when the
attendance became too largo for the
Chamber of Commorco offices.
Contractor Howard MoMlchael re
ports that tho steel for tho now court
house is being Bhipped and will begin
to arrive hero during tho week. ,A
band oft structural rstQeL-,workera will
' follow soon and begin work.' Ho says
tho foundation is ready for tho super-
UB. Thrifty ss
A Garment Making club was or
ganized among tho girls of O'Fallons
school last week and tho report is
now in tho hands of tho oxtonsion
agent. Miss Hulda Johnson is Icador
with Miss Nolson as assistant. Tho
eleven girl members range in ago
from 11 to 17 years. Following is the
membership: Alice Cary, Emma
Young, Doris Young, Glndys Phln
ney, Edna Johnson, Ethel Young, Et
ta Laubncr and Opal Ellsworth.
Tho Catholic Girls Club will give
a farewell party Tuesday evening for
Mr. and Mrs. Frank McGovern who
aro moving away.
structure of steel and that tho men
cart go ahead and carry tho steel clear
up to tho roof boforo tho masonry
work is started.
In competition with other stations
bolonging to the Union Light & Pow
or Co., C. II. Moroy of tho North
Platto station was awarded tho sec
ond prizo of $G0 for tho largest
amount of electrical merchandise per
capita sold during 1921. Ho was al
so awarded a $10 prizo for tho mout
attractivo Christmas display window.
Ho gavj tho $10 to Arthur Barra
olough who decorated tho window
and divided tho $50 prizo among tlu
Tho part of tho salaries ' of Night
sohool toachers which the North
Platto city schools must pay for the
first month has been set "at $4S0.G2.
Those figures woro compiled 'from
tho records in tho office of Superin
tendent Littel who says that the ex
ponsc for teachers during tho second
month will probably not be so largj
on account of some changes which
have been made. This amount does
not Includo any other expense than
that for teachers' salaries. (It is not
known what tho oilier cxponso '.v ill
nothe nice
Your money with all
its nice features and all its
powers needs protection.
Every protection your
lollars demand is provided
"by the State of Nebraska's
and hero in North Platto
it is our prlvilego to offer
you the' great protection of
State protection for your
every deposited dollar.
Tho board of education mot laiit
night in tho superintendent's office. A
group from tho composite committee
consisting of Mrs. Roddy, president;
Mrs. Gilchrist, secretary and two
A commlttoo from tho Chnmbor oi
Commorco has secured tho signatures
of Jniost all business and profes
sional mon of tho city to nn agree
ment to have irregular advertising
consorod. A secret committee' of the!
Chamber will rocelvo and consider'
all applications for tho ondorsomont
of tho Chamber of Commerce for any!
form of advertising outside of tho'
regular newspaper means. If tha!
committeo reports ngainst tho sohcmoi
no .slgnor of tho ngrcoment will give
any advertising to tho proposition? If
tho commlttoo reports favorably, the
secrotary of tho Chnmbor will isBUo'
a bluo card permit which will allow'
the holdor to canvas tho business men I
and allow thorn io tako as'lnuch spaco
aa they wish. A copy of tho agreo
mont follows:
"Wo, tho business and professional
mon of North Platto, whoso sig
natures aro horoto attached do here
by agrco to abldo by tho decisions
of tho Consorship committeo of tho
Chamber of Commorco as it rolatos to
unprofitable advertising propositions
and soliciting by non-rosldonts, that,
consideration will not bo glvon by us'
to any proposition that appears to1
havo for Its primary purposo the'
making of n profit for tho promoter)
thorcof, whether promotod by local
partlos or thoso from outside, unless
tho parties making such proposition,'
oxhibit tho "Bluo, Card Permit". Is
sued by tho Chamber of Commorco.
"It is understood and agreed that
all advertising propositions, whehot
presented by local or outsldo , pro-
motors Includo tho following: "'ral
Stnto Commissioner Konnody an
nounced tho following awards undor
tho employer's liability law, In a list
of decisions issued on Thursday:
William J. Brenton, injured while
In tho employ of tho North Platto
Light and Power company on tho 16th
day of August, 1919. Tho Injury ro
celvod was In tho nature of a hornln.
Tho disability bocamo worse up un
til tho 14th day of Docombor, whon
It bocamo nocossary for Brenton to
stop work. Tho commissioner order
ed that ho submit to surgical treat
ment paid for by tho omployer and
that ho bo allowed compensation at
tho rato of $1G.00 each week from
Docombor 14, 1921, until 'disability
Anton Rumory, whilo In tho omploy
of tho American Railway Express
company, North Piatto, sustainod nn
injury when a truck on which ho was
working 'dropped through tho pave
ment striking his back on tho end
gato of tho truck and hit In numer
ous places by falllnrr boxes, which
resulted In a badly bruised back and!
GO per cent permanent loss of uso of.
tho leg. Ho was awarded compensa
tion at tho ratb of $15.00 a week for
129 weeks. In addition to compensa
tion that tho Express company paid,
for his temporary total disability and
hospital and medical cxponso. j
roau timo uoojes, railroad seniority
list books, year books, theater pro
grams, boso ball score cards, track
moot score cards, .cook books, menu
cards, railroad tlmo tables, thormom
otors, account books, hotel registers,
hotel houso rules, uncertain nowspa-
per projects, poultry association
other members called upon tho board
and asked that a second term of night , premium lists, county fair program.
school be Held. After discussing the j ''Outsldo solicitors (for charitable
proposition both pro and con it was J institutions shall bo confined within
decided to hold a second term of ; tho jurisdiction of 'Bluo Card Per-
nlght school providing that each of
tho students would pay two dollarj
for tho eight weeks torm. Thi3
amount would cover all expense such
as teachers' hiro, janitor hire, lights,
etc. Last week slips woro passed
through tho classes to bo signed by
tho student as to whether they would
enroll for tho second term of night
school. By looking through tho slips
it Is found that about 700 will take
advantago of this term. Registration
wUl tako placo Wednesday and
Thursday of this week. People who
aro already taking work at tho night
mit' and wo will rofer all such so
licitors and protnotors to the Cen
sorship committeo of tho Chamber of
The Blue Card permit plan is not
a new ono. "When I was at tho con
vention of Chamber of Commerce of
ficials," said Secretary Baro, "I found
that a number of cities havo already
tried out tho plan and found that it
works fino. Tho merchants havo
tried to stand undor tho load which
has boon imposed upon thcra for
thoso Irregular advertising schemes
but they find It too groat a burden
school will register in tholr classes j They propose to soloct from now on,
whilo thoso who enter for tho first only those forms of advertising which
time will register in tho suporinten- J they consider of financial valuo to
dent's offlco. ' themselves."
I lie
ost Heat
Per Dollar!
is what you want when you buy Coal. Wo handle only
the best grades of coal and give you tho best quality,, the
best preparation and honest weight for your money.
Quality and Preparation Is What Counts.
If You Want Satisfaction Try Our Coal.
If our coal pleases you tell your friends.
If it does not tell us.
rnoNE 40
900 E. FItONT ST.
The Artificial Ice & Cold
Storage Co.
Honest Coal : Honest Weight : Honest Sorvico
Mrs. Olllo Salisbury announces the
following cash donations to tho funds
of tho Associated Charities: Troop 7
of tho Boy Soou4ts $12.60; Amorlcan
Logion Auxllllary, $10.00; W. L. Rich
ards $2.00; A friend $3.00; Additional j
receipts from tho Engineers' Ball, $17.
00; Lady Maccabees, $25.00. This
makes a total of $899.31 to date.
:o: v
Read the' Bargain Counter list;
Yostorday tho consolidation of ha
Coatos Lumbor & Coal Co .and North
Platto and Maxwoll wh tho AVnlrath
& Shorwood Co. of Omaha was an.
nounced. Tho consolidation is tho re
sult of an effort to get North Platto
designated as a Btorago in "transit''
point on tho Union Paolfic. Tho Wnl
rath & Shorwood company Is a whole
sale and rotnil lumber houso having
adoquato capltnl and an enormous
bustness. Tho Union Pacific officials
havo agreed to glvo Ndrth Platto this
advantago In competition with Choy
onno and other points which woro
working tor It. Elmor Coatos Is to
romaln as manager und Robort Dcrry
berry Is to bo his assistant. Addition
al trackago and storago sheds aro to
bo oroctcd horo whoro It is expected
that as many as 150 cars of lumbor
will bo sidetracked much of tho time.
This will mako North Platto a lumbor
jobbing and wholosalo contor which
will holp to mako it grow. Whon soon
yostorday Mr. Coatos said ho was glad
to bocomo nsgoclatod with tho WhI
rath & Shorwood Co. on account of
tholr buslnoss and fluancinl standing
Continuing ho said in part, "I oxpect
to stay right here in North Platto
wid 1 expect to go on boosting for
North Platto and Lincoln county. Un
dor tho now arrangoment, I believe
wo will bo better ablo to servo the
pcoplo of North Platto and nlso will
bo ablo to enlarge our business field
and to cover moro torrltory." Tho
Trlbuno oxtonds Its wolcomo to tho
Walrath & Sherwood Lumber Co. and
congratulates Elmor, Bob and North
'Platto; -
Commandor William Rltchlo and
other state officers of tho Amorlcaa
Legion woro guests of tho Nortk
Platto post and tho captains and ad
jutants of tho southern part of the
sixth district last Saturday. Thoy
arrived about noon and had luncheon
at tho Elks club. Daring tho after
noon a business sosslon was hold at
which oftlcors wero present from tho
following posts: Sargent, Oconto,
LItchflold, Ord, Kearney, Cozad, 'Lex
ington, Gothenburg, Maxwoll, Grant,
Potter, Chappell, Paxton, Sutherland,
llorshoy," Tryon, Wallace, Farnma
and North Platto. During tho busl
noss mooting Commandor Rltchlo told
of tho plans for a complete census
of sorvico mon by countios and tho
organization was affected for carry
ing out tho plans In tho countios rop
rosontcd. Dr. Solby was appointed
chairman of tho committeo for Lin
coln county. ,At C:30 n. banquot was
served to about 100 guests and hosts
lit tho basomcnt of tho Episcopal
'church. Jamos T. Keofo was chalr
' many and Introduced tho following
speakers, each of whom gavo short
addrossos: F. L. Mooncy, for tho
Chamber of Commerco; Mayor E. II
Evans, for tho city of North Platte;
A. W. Shilling, for tho Rod Cross;
Attomoy Bovorldgo of Grant; Com
mandor Rltchlo of Omaha; Adjutant
Frank B. O'Corinoll of Lincoln; R. L.
Cochran, member of tho stato execu
tive commltt'so from tho sixth dis
trict, and J. C. Ed. Fischer of Bo
atrlco, mombor of tho state onier
jgoncy rollof commlttoo.
to' ;
The pupils' of tho Washington
school will , entertain tho Pnront
Toachor association tomorrow at 3
o'clock at a patriotic progam. A
numbor of sohool oxerclsos will bo
given arid tho '' progam will close
..l'fli nn nililmao liv Mra. Mnv Grimes.
! 1 . 1, l. mm. buu " J .
Mrs. A. W. Wllc.ox'tta prosldont.
k- '. . . h.-' ' .'i i I ' f V
, -.r ,, - - " : ' vt ,
A good ns m e
Hodge Brothers , ,
Sedan $1625, Coupe $1450, Touring Car $1025, Roadster $985, Panel Business
, Car $1010, Screen Business Car $1115. Delivered at North Platte.
Phone 844
6th & Locust
Tho Bank for YOU In 1023"