The North Platte semi-weekly tribune. (North Platte, Neb.) 1895-1922, September 09, 1921, Image 2

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j.e'5 put on a ftECont)
Clmrlos Hinckcr loft Tuesday by
auto for Wyoming points.
CUntou & Son, Graduato Opticians.
Try us for service.
Mr. and Mrs. It. Holton, o Ognllnln,
woro city visitors Tuoaday.
Wo aro .picking toinntoos now. North
Platto Floral Co.
Mrs. Wra. Coon Ik reportifi to bo
ill at tlio Osteopathic hospltnl.
Mrs. B. Harris and Bon left Wodnos
ilay for Lincoln to visit relatives.
Miss Emmn Evorctt underwent an
operation at a local hospital Tuesday.
Hugs dusted, cleaned or sized.
Phonos 1039W or C01W.
Cha. Boguo retiirnod Tuesday from
Omaha to spend a few (days in the
Mrs. E. W. Groves and son loft Wed
nesday for Lincoln to nttonj, the Stato
Jainos Rannio of Portland, Orogon,
Is visiting his mothor Mrs. Anna Itan
nlo. Miss Ethel MoWllllams has resumed
duties In the Newton book Btoro after
a two weeks' vacation which was
spent In Chicago.
Mrs. Geo. Trexlor returned tho flrat
of the week from Fairmont where she
Mr. and Ir8' 0co' Vosolpka loft
Tiiosuay for Lincoln to attend the
Stato Fair.
Miss Clara Orton returned Tuosday
from Kimball whoro slia pont a week
visiting friends.
Mrs. Matilda McLean and daughter
Anna left today for Glonvll, Nebraska,
to visit relatives.
Mr. ani Mrs. A. Parton of Wallace
visited at tho F. C. Comically home
tho first of tho week.
Arthur Curtis has resigned his po-j
sltlon at tho Star Clothing House and
will leavo soon for Omaha.
Dr. L. J. KKAUSK. Dentist. X.ltiiv1
Diagnosis. McDonnld Bnk Building,
Phono 07. t -
Mr. an,, Mrs. II. L. Truxel cumo
Wednesday from Kimball with tho
expectation of locating hero.
Lawronco Murrln was removed to
Omaha Wednesday whoro ho will un-J
oorgo an operation for appondlcltls.
IL H. Laijlgrar, Wm. Landgraf anil
Jack Stack rotumed Wednosday from
Donvor 11114 Pikes Poak where they U
tonded tho Pikes Peak races.
World's Famous Horses Entered in
Ak-Sar-Ben Fall Races
f : ,, ' 7-
Hal Miihono, Nebraska owned pacer, with a record of 'JiuIVi, one of the
sensations In the (iniml Circuit during 10120 and 1021, together with Johnnie
Quirk, Red Ijuincolot and Kid Hal, threo other Grand Circuit pacers, will be"
seen In a spirited contest at Ak-Sur-lleu fall races. ,
A large number of other Grand Circuit horses aro entered and It will 6e
Interesting Indeed to witness the performances by these world famous race
horses which very seldom como west of the Grand Circuit.
The new Ak-Sar-llen Held one-mile track together with the largo purses
are the attractions that, will bring the very best In the speed world to this
section of tho country. The races for 11)21 will be held September lK-ll-lfi-lOth,
nnd the management Is calling especial attention to the automobile races,
September 17t li to be held on tho same track.
In addition to t lie ruclng program each uflcnioon, will be given a con
tinuous performance consisting of high class vaudeville nets and Uuth Law's
flying circus. Miss Uiw has recently perfected an nutimiohllo-aerophine
change act which Is very sensational.
Each evening visitors will lie entertained with a pyroteetmleal display,
"Montozuinn, or U10 Last Days of the Aztecs." Tons of the most spectacular
fireworks produced will be used In this exhibition.
( 1921, b McC'lure N'ewipaper SynJIoate.)
The golden sunlight of Juno rested
Invitingly on tho eross-stltch motto.
"God Bless Our Home," which huug
above the door of tho Lane's sitting
room. Attracted by the sunlight Mary
had been gazing at tho motto for
several minutes, thinking In her child
ish mind how typical It was of tho.
room Itself. ;
Mary was extremely fond of pretty
things. She worshipped beauty In ov
ery form, lavished affection on all liv
ing things and craved it in return. Yet,
paradoxical as It may seem, sjie was
the, child of stern, unsympathetic, rad
ical, matter-of-fact parents. Conse
quently, they hafl. never understood
her, and had regarded her as a Sort of
tin anomaly. They were sorely tried
one day when she cried herself to
sleep because they refused to get her
a dress with pink roses In it. They
tried in vain to crush this spirit of
worldllncss, us they termed It.
In this moment of meoltntlon, bitter
thoughts crowded into Mary's mind.
She reviewed the episode that was the
cause of her present punishment. The
night before, In tho hope of making
herself pretty, she had done up her
straight bangs in curl papers.
Joyfully she went to bed, dreamed
drcnimO of pretty faces surrounded
by curls.
In the morning her mother, busy
about breakfast, did not notice the
curls, but after tho customary read
ing from tho IJIhle, her father leveled
his eyes straight on Mary and the
precise brown ringlets on her fore
head. With reddening cheeks she
heard him say, "Mary shall do thirty
examples In arithmetic and show them
to me before she goes to school, this
morning, as a punishment for lapsing
Into worldllncss."
Moved by a spirit or rebellion, aim
determined not to do them. She would,
decclvo hlin! '
She remembered that not long ago
she had undergone the self-same, pun
ishment and had saved the paper with
tho examples on It, and this she would
show to him. Furthermore, she would
read her book of fairy tales during the
time she was supposed to be doing the
The f.tory book was very dear to
Mary's heart, and with tender tlngers
she took It trom the drawer where she
had hidden It ; close beside If was a
candy box with pink roses on It, and
lifting the cover, she took out several
pieces of ribbon, then a bottle of per
fume. All were presents from her
friends, which she kept from her
mother's sight, knowing full well that
sho would call them worldly.
Dear. Innocent treasures I Mary
prized them above all else la tho
wo) Id,
Urged on by u rebellious feeling,
she decided not to go to school that
day. Instead, she would sinnid the day
in the woods. She nlwnys took her
lun to school, so her folks would
not miss I'er. she knew. If they should
question her, she would He to them.
Yes, sho would lie and bo wicked !
So handing her father the bogus
arithmetic paper, she took her lunch
nnd started. The clear morning air
tilled her with an exquisite feeling of
Always hedged In by facts, she now
let her Imagination run riot. Lying
there In the cool, sweet grass, she
caught sight of an old boat, and her
fanciful mind Immediately connected
It with "Tho Lady of Shalott," which
she had recently read at school. She
suddenly decided to play that she was
the "Lady of Shalott," and with a pen
cil from her school bux,roughly traced
tho words "The Lady of Shalott" on
the bow. Sho pushed off from the
shore and, lying In the bottom of the
boat, she sang softly to herself, as did
tho lidy of the poem and "HoiOo dnw
to Couielot,"
A roTigli, grating sound came to
Mary's curs, and she sat bolt upright
to see what was the matter. The boat
, had run against some rocks, which had
punctured a hole In tho bottom, and It
was rapidly filling with wnter. Mary
I called lustily for help, and then every-
I thing went black before her.
The next thing sho knew she was In
J a room where everything was white;
flowers nodded to her from a table be
side the bed, and in the distance she
heard soft music. A blond young pr-
' son all dressed in white entered tho
' room, brushed her hand over Mary's
brow, patted her check and vanished.
Immediately Mary's fertile brain told
. her that she was In heaven nnd tho
blond young person was an angel.
Then she heard familiar voices her
father's and mother's 1 They were say
ing something about "rescued from
drowning;" nnd then It all camo back
to Mary. Hut somehow things were
changed. First her mother would kiss
her, and then her father, and they
caressed her and patted her cheeks,
and her mother whispered that she was
going to buy her the dress with the
pink roses in It that she wanted. And
her father suggested that they tlx her
bedroom at home like this one which
belonged to the parson's wife. And'
they brought her .lowers and fruit and
I a book of fairy tales !
When they left Mary realized that
I she had broken the "iron bars which
had bound the hearts of her father and
mother. And lo ! Inside she found sun
shine, happiness and love such as she
had never Imagined oven in her wild
est fancies.
Movement to Succor Famine Stricken 1
t People Supported by Prominent 1
Men of State.
Ed Kierig,
General Farm Sales A Specialty, 1m
Ken! Estate. Reference and Datfci
first National Bank,
1 ! "
Here's the Greatest Tailoring Value
in America
They're All One Price!
They're All Wool and Mode to Order.
Fell Suitor Overcoat Made to Order $32.50
Such Values Have Not Boer Olferod Anywhere Since 1014
Three Hundred Styles to Select From.
Every concelveable color and weave it here
Tailor Shop
606 1T2 Dewey Si. Up Stairs
1SS lzor.T Mav Hantins n'
Vienna, III., is the "perfect schoo
girl." Starting at :he age of 'si
years, she this season graduate
from high school at the age of sev
enteen, never absent nor tardy, ant
never having had a bad marl
agains't her record. She ranked high
in her graduation class.
The Farmer's Auctioneer
H. M. Johansen,
North Platte, Nebraska.
Phone 783F3
For those who do not havo enough
stock or machinery for a genornl
farm salo, I am located so I can hold
a combination salo at North Platto
or at tho Falrvlow dairy 1 miles
west of town, I havo always got
onough stock or machinery listed with
mo so wo can hold n combination salo
any time.
rhyslchin and Surgeon
Diagnosis and Treatment
Calls answered Day and Night.
Ovor Union Stato Bank.
Office Phono 29G Houbo Phono 123GJ
Office 310 HoaselZS'
Ostcopnth Physician
Ovor tho OubIb. North Platto.
A special Agricultural Committee
for the Nebraska Near East Relief
has been formed and among 'its mem
bers aro Governor Sumuel R. McKel- i
Vitr, Ceo &tuhr, Secretary Department
of Agriculture; C. II. Gustafson, Na
tional President United States Grain
Growers, Inc.; H. D. Lute, Secretary
Ncbmskit Furjn Bureau FcdernjjQji ;
Elinor 12. Votings, President Nebraska
Farm Hurcail Federation; C. J.
OslJorn, President Nebraska Farmers'
Educational and Co-Operatlvo Union,
and several other leading Nebraska
Approved by Officials.
In tho last week .T. It. Howard, presi
dent of tho American Farm Bureau
Federation ; C. II. Gustafson, National
President of the United States Grain
Growers, Inc.; President .Tames and
V. I. Drommond of tho International
Farm Congress, and Nebraska farm of
ficials have approved with a spirit the
work that Is saving tho lives of thou
sands In tho Near East.
Presdcnt Howard writes: "I believe
that the enterprise for which the
Near East Relief Is gathering food is
worthy of receiving the generosity of
the Aniereau farmers. Upon Investi
gation of tho methods proposed for1
collecting nnd handling this gift, these
methods appear practicable. It Is be
lieved that the Near East will be able
to carry out this program and that It
will do so nnd on this basis It will re
ceive the support of tho American
farmers who aro generous and who are
able to give."
Gustafson Commends Plan.
And Mr. Gustafson says: "I want
to take this opportunity to commend
your organization in Its efforts to se
cure contrbutlons of grain for tho re
lief of the starving of the Near East
and to give my hearty endorsement
to your plnn as It has been presented
to me. Your method will accomplish
the greatest good for tho greatest
number. It Is a duty and a privilege
for the farmer to contribute to this
worthy movement and I do not hesi
tate to urge and recommend that
farmers and farm organizations sup
port it with liberal contributions. Let
mo assure you that I shall lend sup
port to your work wherever possible."
While Secretary n. D. Lute of the
Nebraska Farm Bureau Federation
says he believes: "The fanners of Ne
braska will be pleased to have the
opportunity to contribute their sur
plus corn for the needy children of
the Near East."
Saunders County Sets Pace.
Saunders county which is tho leading
corn county in the state is hard at
work organizing for the Near East
harvest grain appeal. It. Conrnd
Johnson Is the special grain chairman
for tin's appeal and he Is being ably
backed by (Mr. F. E. Alder, former
county superintendent of Saunders
schools and Jesse M. Galoway of
Wahoo. In all of the districts of tho
county, groups of men. regardless of
their walk In life, are agreeing to get
bnck of this movement. Indeed
Saunders county, which has been fore
most In all former appeals of this
nature, Intends to take no second place
with any other county In the state.
They have set the date for the cam
paign from September fth to 15th and
expect to raise at least four carloads
of corn and wheat.
In Hitchcock county Mr. ('lemons,
editor of the McCook Gazette, Is the
county grain chairman and with tho
help of J. F. Holmes, county agricul
tural agent, Is organizing the county in
a way that will surprise the entire
Dodge county Is proceeding to or
ganize In a very systematic way. Tho
county agricultural agent, R. N.
nauscr, Is doing all tho secretarial
work for the grain appeal and spmo
of the very strongest farm leaders of
the county aro bnck of the nun "tnent.
Mudlson county farm leaders niv or
ganizing. F. V. Boswe'l at Renkleman, Dundy
county. Is grniji chairman nnd In
Hitchcock county Mr. M. C. Bundy, a
retired and . prominent farmer of
Trenton, Is organizing the entire
county by townships. One farmer In
Stratton of tills county has pledged
ono hundred bushels as a starter for
their county's contribution.
It Is expect od thnt Carl Peterson
and his associates In Chaso coun
who sent In the first car of corn
spring, will hnndte tho grain appo
this county.
North Platto, Nebraska.
Office phono 241. Roe. phone 217
Ostoopnthlc Physician
North Platte, Nebraska
Knights of CoiumbUB Building.
Homeopathic Physician & ,
fifnnriil Prnptliwi ntnt
If Construction Surgery
. nospllnl Accommodation
U Platto Valloy Hospital
j Former Nnmo Twlncm Hospital.
,..... V. ..V. .. ... ...... . .W.
JOHN S. SIMMS, M. 1). .
Special Attention Given to
McDonald Bank Building
Office Phono S3 Residence 38
Office Phone 333 Res. Phone 1020
Surgeon, X-Ray
Calls Promptly Answered Night or Daj
Phones Olflco 642, Residence 676
Licensed Embalmers
Undertakers and Fnneral Directors
Dny Phone 41
Night Phono Black 588
Graduate Veterinarian
Ex-Government Vitor!
assistant deputy State Veterinarian.
nospuai ait aoutn vine Street Ho
pltal Phono 633. House Phono 633.
5, 6. 7 Building & Lonn Building.
Office Phone 70. Res. Phone 1242
Practice Limited to Diseases oi
Women nnd Surgery
Phonos Qfflco 113. Residence 640J
Export Piano Tuner and. Repairer.
Leavo orders at 914 W. 4th St.
Or Phono 334.
Physician and Surgeon
Spcclnl Attention Given to Surgery
nnd Obstetrics
Office Building & Loan Building
Phone: Qfflco 130. Rosldonco lie
Estato No. 1809 of Alico R. Hoyue, do
coased, In tho County Curt of Lin
coln County, Nobraska.
Tho Stato of Nebraska, to all per
sons interested in tho said Estate take
notice that tho Administrator has
filed a final account and report of his
administration and a petition for final
settlement and discharge as such ad
ministrator, which havo boon sot for
hearing boforo said court on Septem
ber 13, 1921, at 10 o'clock a, m., when
you may appear and contest the same
Dated August 19, 1921.
ivm. h. c. woopinmsT
By virtue of an ordr of Kilo issued
from tho District Court of Ltaoola
County, Nebraska, upon a docroe of
foreoJosuro rondorod in said Court
wherein Continental Guaranty Oor
poratlon, a Corporation, is plalntttf
and Frod J. Bremers is defendants!
and to rao directed, I will on th 19th
day of September, 1921, at two o'clock
P. M. at tho east front door of tto
Court House In North Platto, Lincoln
County, Nebraska, soil at PablU Auc
tion to tho highest bidder for cash,
to satisfy said decree, interest and
costs, tho following describe! proper
ty, to-wit:
Lot Ton (10) of Platteriow Snbdl
Tialon, Lincoln County, Nobroeka,
Dated North Pkitto, Nob., AugMt 16,
A. J. Salisbury, Sheriff.