The North Platte semi-weekly tribune. (North Platte, Neb.) 1895-1922, December 14, 1920, Image 5

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From & Woman Whose Serious Ill
ness Was Overcome by Lydia E,
PUkham's Vegetable Compound.
Garnett Kris."! first took T.vMn Vi.
Pinkharn'a Vegetable Compound for a
complete nervous
breakdown follow
ing the birth of my
oldest child. I got
up too Boon whl
caused serious le
malo trouble. Iwcs
bo weak that I was
not ablo to bo on my
feet but very little
and could not do my
housowork at all. I
had a bad pain in my
loft aido nnd it
would pain terribly if I stepped off a
curb-stone. One day ono of your book
lets was inrown in tno yara and I read
every word in it. There were no many
who had been helped by your medicine
that I wanted to try it and my husband
went to town and got me a bottle. It
eeemed as though 1 felt relief after the
Becond dose, so I kept on until I had
taken ilvo bottles and by that time I
vrua ua won as x couia WISH, adoue a
ear later I gave birth to a ten pound
oy, and have had two more children
since and my health has been fine. If
I ever have trouble of any kind I am
ftoing to take your medicine for I givo
t all the praise for my good health.
I always recommend your medicine
whenever I can." Mrs. EVA E, SllAY,
Garnett, Kansas.
Church Bells in Asia Minor.
, Church bolls are an abomination to
Moslems. In 1017, the Turks. hearing
that the Germans had melted their
church bells and made them Into bul
lets, decided they would melt the
church bellR of Asln Minor. In order
to add Insult to Injury some of the hell
metal was made Into stirrups, to show
the Armenian Christians that they
were both In fact nnd figure under the
feet of their Mohammedan overlords.
Hut the Armenians of Marash have col
lected the money for a good church
bell, to be purchased in Amerlcn, and
are looking forward to a time when
they can worship God In peace.
Important to Mothers
Examine carefully every bottle of
P A R'PflTlT A flint fnmnlls nlfl rumaln
tor Infants and children, and see that It
Ttnnrft fho
In Use for Over 80 Years.
Children Cry for Fletcher's Castoria
In a Bd Way.
"I'm tilling you the truth when I say
that 1 was much happier when I was
''Then why aon't you let your mil
lions go and be poor again?"
That would be of no use. I'd still
feel miserable thinking of those poor
fellows enrsed with money."
6 Bell-ans
Hot water
Sure Relief
Life is a burden when the body
is racked with pain. Everything
worries and the victim becomes
despondent and downhearted. To
bring back the sunshine take
Th fictional remedy of Holland for over
300 years; Jt is an enemy of all pains rs
ultlng from kidney, liver and uric add
troubles. All druggist?, three sizes.
Leek for lb nun Cold Modal oa rery kx
mad aceept no imitation
Cuticura Soap
The Healthy
Shaving Soap
CetlraraSMpthaTMwftboatraiw. EranrwIuraBe.
and Trade-Marks ob
tained. Send for Free
Uooklet. 8TUHGE8
& 8TUROE8, I'atei .
Attorneys, 483 Peters Trust Bldg., OMAHA
aw our vuini r mj
m ifk. Dr. CVH. arry
kmim Avnw, CWm
I for roHD Permanent tfon-Bal
lUHlilN 00 delirerwt. IniUntlf on
AgOIIIO Dig !. Howe Co., fUDUTl
Permanent Non-Bild Chain.
ana on.
lie. Van.
I Broken plates $1.50 up. Mail
H teeth, we return same day.
H Bailey Denial Company
704 Gtr Nit'l Baal BM., (tab, Neb.
Start It Right if It Is to Develop
Into Healthy and Profit
able Cow.
Milk Testing Four to Five Per Cent Is
Not Resdlly Dlgectcd by Younp
Calves and Often CauseaiScour
ing Roughage Invaluable.
During the (lrst six mouths of Its
life u eulf needs considerable uttcti
tlon, If It Is to develop Into a healthy
and profitable cow. At this time of
the year when a greut ninny calves
are started special cure should be
taken not only to get them started
right, but also to keep thein In u
thrifty condition.
It is economy to keep calf In such
'condition that it will gain one to one
nnd one-half pounds dally, rather than
io allow It to become ut all stunted,
As rich milk, testing four to Ilvo per
cent, Is not readily digested by young
calves and often muses scouring, It Is
best to feed them three to three and
one-half per cent milk. A strong calf
at this time of the year can be given
one pounu of milk for every eiglu
pounds of Its live weight.
Be Careful With Gruel.
Most dairymen get their calves grad
ually to eating some kind of calf meal
fed In the form of n gruel, hut many
mnke the mistake of feeding too largo
a qiumtity of this gruel, thinking thnt
It Is not ns wholesome as milk, ami
that they must, therefore, feed more of
It to make up for the food value of
the milk. This causes Indigestion, and
the calves become pot-bellied. The bet
ter practice Is to feed from six to
Starting Early in Dairying.
eight quarts of gruel nnd give thr
calves a good allowance of gralii
ration consisting of equal parts by
weight of corn. oats, brnn and oil meal.
Silage Often Disastrous.
Slloge Is often fed to calves with
disastrous results. This may be over
come by first feeding grain, milk nnd
hay, then silage. Good roughage Is
Invaluable, and It Is a wise practice
to use the second cutting of nlfnlfa or
clover for calf feeding.
Strip of Galvanized Wire Cloth or
Netting Will Effectively Ex
elude Sparrows.
To keep the birds from nesting In
the glitters or leaves from blowing
In, a strip of No. 4 or No. 0 galvan
ized wire cloth or netting should be
crimped on top of the eaves gutter
or held in place by wire passed around
nt Intervals of every two or three feet.
The number of the wire cloth 'Indi
cates the number of meshes to the
Inch, the finer being more suitable for
the purpose. The covering will not
Interfere with n free passage of wa
ter, hut will effectively exclude trash.
Such a covering would be more effec
tive If soldered In place before the
gutter Is put up.
Flr6t Thing to Do Is to See That They
Are Working Free From Frlc
tion and Binding.
When figuring on the draft of even
ers, and the allowance to bo given, the
first thing to see to Is that the even
ers are working free from friction nnd
binding. After that, the next mat
ter of importance Is whether or not
the part of the load to be carried by
each horse Is fair to the horse. Hough
ly. It will be found thit a horse's work
ing capacity Is In proportion to Its
weight, that Is, for horses of similar
build. Put the bulk of the load on
the higher and stronger horse, hut
don't overdo the matter. A couple
inches the advantage means a lot
both ways! i
Most Satisfactory for Covering Weeds,
Tall Stubble and Other Rubbish
on Farm.
Weeds, tall stubble and trash can
he covered more satisfactorily If n
rolling cutter Is used on the plow. Set
the cutter so thnt It mokes a cut deep
enough to separate roots nnd stubble.
The cut should he made Just ahead of
and outside of the point of the plow
share. A trash gatherer, chain or
rod, will help turn the stubble under.
If plowing with n trnctor. a better
job can be done If the speed is In
creased to three miles per hour.
Saves Backache and Many
Useless Adjectives.
Contrivance Is Made of Half a Pickle
Barrel and Attached to Side of
Bin or Granary One Man
Does Work of Two.
This device for holding sacks whllo
filling them should save backache and
many useless adjectives.
It is made of half n plckel-hrrrel
with the ends knocked out, attached
by u small block of wood to the sldo
of a bin or granary.
Five or six nails driven through the
sides of the hnrrel from tho Inside and
pointed ut an upward anglo when the
barrel Is In place, hold the sack In
place during the tilling. The sack Is
Witn I his Arrangement tor noiaing
the Suck, One Man Can Do the Work
of Two.
pulled up over the bottom of the
Lurrel ns shown. It should he nt the
right height from the Hoor for filling,
at the some time resting on the Hoor
lo prevent strain on the nulls und tenri
ing the sack. Dr.le Van Home, In Pop
ulur Science Monthly.
Crow Wages Warfare All Summer
Long on Insect Pests Raids
Cornfield and Hen Yard.
Thnt the crow's chnracter Is not so
black as It Is usually painted Is dis
closed by investigations made by the
bureau of biological survey of the
United States Department of Agricul
ture. In fact, the department's "bird
men" suy that much of the work tho
crow does Is of direct assistance to the
farmer, for "Mister Crow" wages war
fare nil summer long on Insect pests.
In fac,t, Insects supply about one-fifth
of his food, and those which he pre
fers in his diet are the worst Insect
pests the farmer has to contend with
grasshoppers, caterpillars, and white
grubs nnd their parents, Mny beetles.
On the other hand, the crow raids
the cornfield nnd the poultry .yard, and
kills small wHd birds and destroys
their nests. From the evidence at
hand the crow's merits nnd shortcom
ings uppear about equally divided.
While It would not be well to give It
absolute protection and thus afford tho
farmer no recourse when the bird Is
doing damage, the bureau of biological
survey believes that to adopt the poli
cy of killing every crow that comes
within gunshot would be equally un
Growers of 1918 Wool Crop Being
Paid as Rapidly as Possible by
Department of Agriculture.
Excess prollts made by dealers who
handled the wool clip In 1018 are be
ing distributed to some 100.000 wool
growers by the United States Depart
ment of Agriculture. It is estlinnted
that tht total amount of such excess
prollts Is more than one million dol
lars, of which a little less than half
has been turned over to the bureau of
markets for distribution at the present
Some of the dealers who accumu
lated excess profits have failed or re
fused to refund the entire amount so
far, and tho bureau Is working to se
cure the full amount. The department
of Justice Is co-operating with the
bureau, nnd It Is hoped to complete
the distribution of the funds at an enr
ly dute.
Cost 80 Lives and $7,000,000 Property
Damage In 1919 Evil Almost
Ornln dust nnd slinllor mill slftlngs
appear harmless, hut filtered through
the air and Ignited In a closed struc
ture, they are as deadly as dynamite.
Such explosions cost 80 lives nnd $7,
000.000 property damages In 1010. The
United Stntes Department of Agricul
ture dust-explosion Investigation serv
ice hus practically eliminated the
Handy Little Tool Can Do Wonders In
Pointing Out Profits nnd In
Saving Losses.
The handiest, most helpful tool on
the farm is n well-used lend pencil.
Applied to a piece of paper, and moved
ns directed by n fnlr amount of brains
It can do wonders In saving losses and
In pointing out where profits art to
be had.
Will Convert Table Scraps and Kitch
en Waste Into Wholesome and
Nutritious Food,
In every household, no nintter how
economical the housewife, there Is a
certain amount or tnble scraps and
kitchen wnMo which has feeding value,
but which, If not fed. tlnds Its way
Into the garbage pall.
Poultry Is the only class of domes
tic animals suitable for converting
this waste material, right where It Is
produced In the city, Into wholesome
nnd nutritious food In the form of
eggs ami poultry meat.
Kuch hen In her pullet year should
produce 10 dozen eicn. ponltrv sue-
hup Keuuce Cost oi Living by rseep
' ing Small Flock of Hens in Back
clnllsts of the United Stntes Depart
ment of Agriculture say. The uverage
size of tho backyard flock Khould be
nt least 10 hens. Thus, each flqck
would produce In u year 100 dosten of
eggs, which at the conservative value
of !13 cents u dozen, would be worth
By keeping n backyard poultry flock
the family would not only help In re
duclng the cost of living but would
hnve eggs of n quality and freshness
often dlfllc'ult to obtain.
Remember that eggs produced by
the backyurd Hock cost very little, ns
the fowls are fed largely upon wuste
Roup Is One of Most Common Dis
eases and Is Most Often Con.
tracted by Weak Fowls.
One of the most common diseases
of the fnrm poultry Hock during the
autumn Is roup. This dlsensc Is fre
quently found In damp, poorly venti
lated houses and Is most often con
tracted by birds that nre poorly de
veloped and of low vltalltv. Fowls of
this type frequently get roup and are
the means of spreading It through
out the flock. Obviously, prevention
should consist of eliminating the
weaklings from the flock and provid
ing a house that will be dry and free
from drafts, but well ventilated, says
the United Slates Department of
An additional prevention against
this disease Is the following: Add
ns much potassium permanganate as
will remain on the surface of a dime
to each gallon of drinking water and
keep before the fowls. This nets as
an antiseptic and will help' to keep
the birds In good condition. An at
tempt to cure tho Individual of roup
It not advisable, for, although in the
majority of cases, there may be an
apparent cure, the danger of reinfec
tion Is great, and frequently such
birds cause the disease to sprei.d
throughout the Hock. The safest
policy Is Immediately to remove such
birds from the (lock and kill them as
soon ns they show the first symptoms,
recognized by n watery discharge
from the nostrils or eyes.
Feed Enough to Keep Them In Condi
tlon and Leave Them Eager for
Something More.
After the birds are mnted, prefer
ably not h.ter than December 1, keep
them active. Their ration should be
bulky, using about one-Hfth of green
stuff. They should not be fed nil they
can eat, but enough to keep them In
condition und leave them eager for
They do better on crncked corn
than on a ration of cornmeal only. If
ducks and geese are wintered In good
condition, and mated early, there
should be no dllllculty In getting fer
tile eggs. Too early eggs are not de
sirable. Ducks especially lay very
early In the morning, and the very
early eggs are apt to freeze.
Fowls Should Be Accustomed to New
Quarters Before Season Opens
In Spring.
Unless It has already been done,
stock needed for breeding this sea
son should be bought Immediately
because the supplv Is rapidly growing
less and nlso fqr the reason thi.t the
birds should he changed and accus
tomed to their new quarters before
actual breeding begins.
1 hIEh-. f
Then it is Genuine
Warning! Unless you see the name "Bayer" on tablets,
you are not getting genuine Aspirin prescribed by
physicians for 21 years and proved safe by millions.
Accept only an "unbroken package" of "Bayer Tablets of
Aspirin," which contains proper directions for Colds, Headache,
Pain, Toothache, Neuralgia, Rheumatism, Neuritis. Lumbago.
Handy tin boxen of 12 tablets cost hut a few cent Larger packages.
Aspirin la tho trad mark of llaror Vlnuf actuxo of MonoacoticacUootor of SallorUoaoid
He Was No Gambler.
Tommy, n small Presbyterian was
befng examined In the catechism by
tho visiting minister. ,
"What Is meant by regeneration?"
nsked the divine.
"Why, It's Just being born again."
replied the victim, with some mater
nal prompting.
"And wouldn't you like to be horn
No reply to this, even under pn
rental pressure, until finally, In des
peration, the truth came out: "I ain't
taking no chances on being n girl 1"
Another Royal Suggestion
From the NEW ROYAL COOK Book
often eaten as a
duty rather than ajoy.
The Royal, Educational
Department presents
here some breakfast
dishes that will stimu
late the most critical
t cup flour
S teaapoona Royal paklng
1 tablespoon sugar
Vi teaspoon aslt
1 cup milk
1 tablespoon chortenlng
filft together, flour, bak
ing powder, aiifror and
alt; add milk, wtll-bcat-en
eRK and melted short
ening; mix well. Orease
muffin tins and put two
tablespoons of batter In
to each. Bake In hot oven
SO to 20 minutes.
Coffee Cake
2 cups flour
U teaspoon salt
S tablespoons sugar
4 teaspoons Royal Baking
2 tablespoons shortening
cup milk
Mix and sift dry Ingredi
ents; nild melted shorten
ing nnd enough mlllt to
make very stiff bntter,
Rprend U-lnch thick In
greaned pnn; add top
mixture, unite about 30
minutes In moderato oven.
Top Mixture
2 tablespoons flour
1 tablespoon clnnnmon
3 tablespoons sugar
3 tablespoons shortening
Mix dry Ingredients; rub
In shortening and sprend
thickly over top of dough
before baking.
Shaft Peculiarly Situated.
A mining shaft In .Sombrercte, Mex.,
Is almost exactly on the Tropic of
Cancer, and at noon on .June 21, the
bud shines to Hie bottom, lighting up
the well for n vertical depth of 1,100
feet or more.
Up In the Air.
"Ho hung upon her words."
"1 see ; she kept him In suspense,"
Hoston Transcript
uiir rw r
i&imr;itec ... asm
Seeking Infermatlon.
O. A. llutchciiH, un examiner for the
state board of accounts, tells a story
on two Monster maid school teachers
who sat In front of htm In u street
car one day last week when the un
nual convention of the State Teachers'
association was In progress.
"Have you liotlced how the people
here put their hands out of the sldeu
of their automobiles so much?" In
quired one of the other.
"Yes," replied the other.
"What do you suppose they do It
fordo they think It Is raining, or
what?" Indhuinpolls News.
Atssoiutmty Purm
Made from Cream of Tartar
derived from grapes.
New Royal dook Hook
containing scores of de
lightful, econotnlcnl rec
ipes, many of them tho
most fnmous In use today.
Ill Fulton Strttt, N.w York Cltr.
Famous Fish Family.
Pickerel Is (llmunltlve for pike, and
Is applied to the smaller species of
the pike family and to the young of
the larger species. It is most often
applied to the handed pickerel, which
seldom exceeds V2 Inches In length. Tho
muskollungo Is a very large species
of pike, sometimes attaining n length
of eight feet. It is found In northern
fresh waiers of North America, und lo
n famous game fish.
a5 tH KT
Think what Hut means to you in
, m'""ujui wiimt ui nign prices. Many
a tingle crop. The same success may still be
. .v. jwt. - wu wiiiag. vciiUB,
Land at $ 1 5 to $30 an Acre
'li. i iT. u ' """iWs x maiKets. railways land of a
kind which grows 20 to 45 hushala of whaat to thi acre!
uood grating lands at low prices convenient to your grain farm en
able you to reap the proflla from slock raising' irid dairying
Learn ine tacts About Western Canada
LiiaVhj; Jiionf on 'fnproyerornts). healthful climate, good
IMtrfoSl. re'. relationships, a prosperous and
uXiiS'" it"u"anS!- dripllon of Una mportwiUka la
BraWiM la-raw
W. V. BENNETT, Room 4, Bee BalldiEg, OMAHA, NEB.
Canadian Government Agsnt,