The North Platte semi-weekly tribune. (North Platte, Neb.) 1895-1922, December 14, 1920, Image 3

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I To Understand Mysteries of "tho Yule
1 tide. It Is Necsssary to Search
Ancient History.
I. .
: '
THE pleasure of giving increases withtth.c thotighlfiilncss
your gift conveys. A useless baubluclcctcd at ran
dom says very clearly "Well, another job is done." Hut v
what happiness is yours when you are really thoughtful.
On YOUR Christmas list there is at least one, perhaps
several, whb will thank you many times for your' thought
fulness in choosing shoes as your remembrance.
Never before have we had such' a lame
assortment to choose from.
Felt slippers in very nearly every col
or for men, women and the kiddies.
Dress Pumps in black satin, patent
and black kid leathers.
High shoes in all new shades .and
heels. 1
' ' Come to the SHOE MARKET where
we can save' you money on your Xmas
23 1Q
TWTAKE her a gift of TIME two hours
a day saved from kitchen work two
hours daily to read, visit, enjoy life.
The fechrist Pressure Cooker saves two
hours cooking time a day in the average
" home, cooking In thirty-five or forty min
utes roasts or fowls ordinarily requiring
Cooks food more thoroly because pressure forces 259 degrees
of beat thru evrry oeu and libra Because steam tignt, it
retains all juices and flavors. Also prevents food cooking
away. Pays for Itself in six months by food and fuel sav
ing. Pressure cooKtng ana canning is urgca oy gov
ernment bulletins.
Is made of heavy, rolled plato. aluminum, smooth,
bright, easy to clean. (Equipped complete with inset
pans. A beautiful, sensible gut,
let with recipes.
Tlio Local dampflre Council will
meet Tuesday evening, Deo 14th, at
the homo of Mrs. M. 13. Crosby.
Important business comos beforo the
Council nnd it is important Hint every
member bo on hand at 7:30.
Ask for free book-
m. j 1 1 j ft, rtnTiirfMiBrfir mmm rm rrr nTur
Word has been received hero that
the local post of tlio American Legion
j at Houston, Toxas, lias elected RoV
1 Mackintosh formerly of this city, as
. chaplain of tlio post The Houston
post numbors over three thousnnd
, members. Rev. Mackintosh was quite
' fictivo In tlio work of tlio American
! Legion whllo in North Platto and
nervod as Commander during )( formation.
KHtliarino Hoaley entertained twen
ty girl at lior liomo Saturday aftor-
! "'ion fn honor of Imr ninth birthday.
The color Kohonio was in tlio Christ-
, mas color. Tlio guests wore' enter
tained with sanies and content. Re
frehniotil woro sorved during tlio af-
, tornoon.
Two pals are coming to tlio town.
1 Ragged and weary they are heading
this way. Watch for thein at the
Crystal They will bo hero Thursday
Notlce Is hereby given that by vir
tue of a chattol mortgago oxecuted
by Sam Hawkins on tlio 4th day of
May 1920, on ono gray horse mulo,
ten yearn old, ono brown mare mulo,
10 years old, ono Ackormnn wide-tiro
wagon and ono sot doublo work har
ness, I will on Tuesday, Jan. 1th at
11 o'clock on my place 1! mllos north
west of North l'latto offer for sale
said above decribod property. Thoro
is now duo on said mortgago together
wlththo expenso of up-keop to Jnn. 4,
$132.50 and said mortgago is filed la
tlio office of the County Clork of Lin
coln County, Nebraska, In tlio city of
North l'latto..
Hated this 10th day of Doc. 1920.
Owner of Mortgago.
Mr Ira LaRuo oiitortnlnod Friday
evening at her homo at a china show
1 or In honor of Miss Essie Wossburg
'who Is to bo married December lfith.
Tlio house was beautifully docoratod
In pink and white. Tlio evening wuh
Hpont' 111 games and contests of If
furont kind. Mrs. McCoy, of Salt
lAka City, sister to Miss Wossburg.
wan tlio only out of town guost. At the
.close of the evening Mrs LnHtie sot
ved dainty refreshments
vvhn In North IMitto atop at th
Jw Holol Palacii ai d Cafo Vim will
io treated well ngtf
N the midst of tlio rush and
excitement of Christmas
propnrnttons cortnln quo
tlont will Hush ncrosw the
' mind, nntl wo find oui-sqIvoh
wondering why It In (lint wo do tlio
very some 'things Chrlstinns after
Christians. Why do wo hnng stock-
I Ihph. llelit f'lirlstinni) trui. trim our
iionics nnd have plum pudding?
To understniul tlio origin of theso
customs wc must wander far back
Jnto tlio forgotten past ages boforo
Julius Cncsar set foot on llrltlslt soil,
or St. Augustlno told the story of tho
Cross to the men of Kent. Hundreds
of years ago long boforo the yonr 1
the ancients, ns wo call tho people
of those times, Jill worshiped tho sun,
the great giver of light nntl life. In
tho month of March they butlt big
(Ires to it, asking it to shino upon the
seeds they had planted nnd warm
them into life. In the autumn they
held another festival, thanking tho
sun for tho hnrvest, nnd ngnln, In tho
winter time, they held the greatest
festival of nil to celtbrnto tho coming
of tho springtime.
In ancient Egypt, in Assyria, In
Greece, on Homnn soil nnd in t ho
northlnnds theso festivals woro celo
brnted year after year nnd always
about tho same time, the winter ono
being held about Now Year's time.
Wherever the Roman cnglo was
found, this feast was called tho Sat
urnalia nnd It was markedly univer
sal Mccnso and good feeling.
All at once Christianity appeared
upon tho scone. As tho policy of tho
early church was to rcconcllo heathen
converts (0 the new fnltli by ndopttng
Bomo of the liontlnJn customs nnd fos-
tivnls, the now religion ncceptcd nnd
rctnlned ninny, and tho result, ns ia
easily seen, hns been tho strango
medley of pagan and Christian rites
which we use at Christmas time to
After Urltnln was Christianized by
tho Romans, the Saxons and northern
tribes came, bringing their old north
ern rites, and (is Christianity at last
replaced paganism the Christians kept
tho old pagan rltos, merely chnnglng
their inclining.
For many years no two hinds 'cele
brated the same day as the birthday
of Christ They did not know the
exact day', and we do not know It;
but this date hns now become the
most Important one In the world's
The Old Age of Santa Claus.
In Anna Kartiuhur's "Convictions"
In The National Magazine, sho says:
"Siuita Clans totters under his pack,
wearing a long, old face these days.
Probably In his youth ho hud 110 Ideu
of growing old ,or delmrtlng this, life;
therefore when his enthusiasm and
Joyouiness began to wnno unaccount
ably, he must have opined that tho
world was tattering not his own gen
erous throne of life. Nowadays h
creeps down the chimney stealthily on
If somewhat ashamed of his infsslou,
like a polar burglar, mid his eight tiny
reindeer make kiiuiII clatter on tho
lawn, for many of their Joy bells havfl
been lost. When Santa lays a- linger
aside of his nose reilci'llvely la our
times, he exclaims without a bit of
Jolly shake below the waist: 'Degen
erates I Degenerates! lias my world
come to such a pass that people wish
to pay me for my presents? Can It.
bo that little children are so surfeited
with toys that they stop to ask how
much they- cost before accepting them.
There was little Willie, lust year, who
said to his mamma, when he tlrst saw
11 lieniilll'iil woolly dog. "What's It got
Inside? Candy or money? Don't want
a dog 'uK'ss It's got soinethln' In
side I
CHANGE 01' HO Alt NO. 105
To whom it may concern:
The special commissioner appointed
to locato n road aa follows: Com-
lnoilClllir 011 tlin linrllillnn nt Rnnllnn
5 and (S and thonco going south to
main roan running north and south
about 100 rods between C and C on
section line, lias roportoirin favor of
tho same as follows:
Uoglnnlng nt a point in the center
lino of Soad No 195, about 70 feet
south oftho corner to Sees. 5 and 0,
T. 12, N. R. 28, W. of Cth P. M. on tho
3rd standard parallel north running
thenco .south on lino between said
sections 5 and C about 33 chains to
connect with Station 3 of Road IDS.
provided howovor, that tho partios
owning tho Innd on both sides of this
change grndo tho road and All the
chnnnols, place tho necessary cul
vorts, froo of chargo to Lincoln Coun
ty which they ngroed to do, and pro
vided furthor that snld partlos build
extonslon of 20 foot to tho north of
present concrete bridgo near Station 3
of Road 195 to mnko t nival smfn n
parties having objections theroto of
L ioi- (lamagoH by tho establish
ment of said road must Mo snmo In
tllO OfflCO Of the Coillltv ninilr nt T.ln.
coin County, North Platto, Nebraska,
on or ueiore 12 o'clock noon of the
Kth day of February, 1921.
Dated at North Platto. Nebr.. this
filh day of December, 1920
HEAL 1 County clerk
I Games of Heathen Origin
MANY of our most famil
iar Christinas games have
a heathen orlglnll and some of
their requirements once played n
most Important part In tho
heathen rites and mysteries. Ev
ery one knows how, when play
1 11 tr the nomilni' Christmas imlne
of "snap dragon," all other lights
In the room are extinguished
while we try to snatch rnlslns
from hln.liig brandy, but prob
ably lew are aware that the
ancient Hrltlsh Druids were ac
customed to worship, in a tem
ple otherwise dark, a flame of
burning spirits Into which they
cast and out of which they
plucked certain sacred objects,
timl ihat they thus performed
some of tho most awful solem
nities of Ihelr religion.
The Christmas Season.
Though Christmas seems to gain
rather than lose In popular favor as
the years roll by, yet It Is worthy of
note tlmt the Christmas season has
been much curtailed from what It
originally was. For several centuries
It began with the eve of All Saints'
day or "Hallow eve," October ill, and
continued until Canillenias day, Feb
runry J. In England It Is now com
puted only from Chilstmas eve to
Twelfth night.". January 0, while In
our own country VH begins on Christ
mas eve and practically ends on
Christ inns night. Yet even now It real
ly begins 011 December 1ft. marked In
I tin church calendar, "O Siiplontln,"
from ill- m:ii M- of un aiitliom sung
' during Advent.