The North Platte semi-weekly tribune. (North Platte, Neb.) 1895-1922, December 14, 1920, Image 11

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Millions for a
New Stomach
One of tho greatest American million
aires satd to his physician, "A million
dollars, Doctor, spot cash and no grum
bling, for a now stomach, " and then
-the siek man groaned and turned away.
All his wealth could not make him
'Jiappy or contented, for happiness large
ly depends upon digestion. Without
health where does happiness come Int
After all tho stomach plays a great
Tart in everyday life. Without a
healthy stomach and good digestion our
"blood is thin, watery and poor, our
lieart action is weak, our liver does not
do its duty, and man is miserable and
unhappy. Prevent disease by putting
the house in order and strengthening
Tihe system against the germs of disease.
Dr. Pierco, of the Invalids' Hotel and
Surgical Instituto, at Buffalo, N. Y
Jyears ago understood diseases and their
prevention, and ho discovered certain
roots and herbs which wore nature's
xemodles, and succeeded in putting them
up in a form that could be easily pro
cured at the drug store (liquid or
tablets). This ho called Dr. Pierce's
Golden Medical Discovery. This Dis
covery gives no falso stimulation be
cause it contains no alcohol or any nar
otic. It helps digestion and the as
similation of such elements in the food
as are required for tho blood. It gives
to tho blood tho food elements the tis
anes require. For over fifty years It
lias enjoyed the confidence of the
American public Try it now!
Appetite Keen
and Bowels
You can relish your meals without fear
of upsetting your liver
or stomach if you will
out your laun in rr-n-r-.-
Carter's Little L&K I E.K 3
Liver nils.
Foul accumu
lations that
poison the
blood are ex
celled from the bowels and headache.
dizziness and sallow skin are relieved.
Snail Pill Small Dose Small Price
Creamery and Cream
Station Supplies
Milk Bottles and Dairy Supplies; Eei
cases ana umcKen uoops
1 309 Jones St 1901 E. 4th St
Exceptional opportunity at tho present time
for young: women over nineteen years of age
wno nave naa at least, tiro years in nigu sonool
to take Nurses' Train loir in peneral hosDltal.
Our graduates are In great demand. Address
Supt. of Nurse, Lincoln Sanitarium
Lincoln, Nebraska
UK 0 m
iieW Life 101
Sick Man
Eatonic Works Magic
T have taken only two boxes of
rcntnnlc nnd fonl like n new man. It
has dono me more good than anything
else," writes u. u. rnppir.
Eatonic is the modern remedy for
acid stomach, bloating, food repeating
and Indigestion. It quickly takes up
and carries out the acidity and gas
and enables the stomach to digest tho
fnnfl nntnrnllv. Thnt monns not only
relief from pain nnd discomfort but
you get the full strengtn irom tne ioou
you eat. Big box only costs a trifle
with your druggist's guarantee.
Remember. I stand back of every box.
Every druggist guarantees to refund the
purchase price (60 cents) if Peterson's
Ointment doesn't do all I claim.
I guarantee It for eczema, old sores,
running sores, salt rheum, ulcers, sore
TilDDles. broken breasts. Itching skin, skin
diseases, blind, bleeding and itching piles
-as well as ror cnanng, ournB, scaias, cuts,
bruises and sunburn.
"I had 30 running sores on my leg for
11 years was in threo different hospitals.
Amputation was advised. Skin grafting
ttna tried. I was cured by using Peter
son's Ointment." Mrs. F. E. Root. 287
Michigan street, Buffalo, N. Y. Mall or
ders niled by Peterson Ointment Co., But--
laio, m. x.
Three, strong, hand made, Imported
cane baskets, sizes 10-11 and 12 or 11-
12-14 Inches diameter, good for uny
Nurposo around a home. Price deliver
ed 52.00. Only 3 baskets to a customer.
E. P. Simmons, Box 193, Laredo, Tex.
Wanted, A Good Man
in This County
to distribute stock and poultry remedies to
farmers. Pleasant work, good pay. Write
Box 470 Paducah, Ky.
Factory Direct 49 buys larse 190 Phoiw
-.11. 1A tr r.Kn.d t.l,(tlnni flut Alt
aloff. Ilelle-Hlckcy Mfg Co.. Ht. LpuU, Mo
Bronchial Troubles
n-...!.- il. iJt.l. mrt vmi relieve thm
n Miiirbltf and effectively
bjr tiling promptly ft dependable remedr
PI sos
W. 'N. 0J., OMAHA, NO. 4-1920.
Uncle Sam: The Poor Old Rich Fellow
WASHINGTON. Tho nation will
face a continuation of the nnnu
ol tax bill of $4,000,000,000 for at least
three years if congress adopts rec
ommendations drafted by treasury
officials and laid before Secretary
Houston for approval. Mr. Houston,
It was stated, probably will Include
such recommendations In the form
of an analysis of tho government's
financial condition In his nnuuul re
port to congress.
The analysis will show, nnd accom
panying recommendations will sug
gest, It was suld, that a three year
program for tax revision Is required
In-order to meet maturing govern
ment obligations and cover current
federal expenses and that approx-
New Administration
WASHINGTON. With tho govern
ment likely to spend $1,000,000,-
000 or more nnnuariy for years to
come, the working out of an effective
budget system will be one of the first
tasks of the Harding administration.
The bill estnDllshlng a budget system
may be passed In advance of the In
auguration of Senator Harding ns
president next March.
Tho Good-McCormlck budget bill Is
pending before the senate, after hav
ing been passed by both houses last
spring, vetoed by President Wilson
and repassed by the house. As
passed a second time by the house,
a provision which tho president ob
jected to because he thought It cn-
crouched upon constitutional powers
of the president with respect to the
removal of ulllcers appointed by him,
was eliminated.
In case the bill Is passed during
the winter session In advance of
March 4, there Is a likelihood of tho
organization of a budget bureau be
fore Senator Harding tnkes office as
president. Under the bill the secre
tary of the treasury Is made the di
rector of the bureau while an assist
ant director Is provided to bo appoint
ed by the president at a salary of $10.-
000 a year. A general accounting of
fice nlso Is created headed by a con
troller general unci assistant control
ler general appointed by tho presl-
Ten Thousand Have
80NW -
MOMS than 10,000 owners or Liberty
bonds nnd Victory notes have lost
their bonds either through theft,
through destruction by burning, or
through some form of carelessness.
The last official figures showed 7,50!.
persons having lost their bonds, of
whom 0,038 were holders of coupon
bonds. These figures are up to the
close of the last fiscal year.
For those who have lost their cou
pon bonds there Is llttlo relief. For
those who have lost registered bonds
there Is every probability of relief.
Government officials say probably M),
000,000 coupon bonds still ure In the
hands of purchasers.
Tho tales of those who had lost
Heigh Ho! 100 Women and Musical Satire
TIE first theater productions com
pany ever nlunned. organized and
mannged by women, backed by a
founders' association of 100 women In
official life nnd from business und
professional circles In Washington, In
cluding Miss Mary Anderson of Chi
cago, chief of tho woman's nurenu or
the department of labor; Mrs. Helen
II. Gardener, civil service commis
sioner, und Mrs. Clara Seurs Taylor,
rent commissioner District of Colum
bia, recently launched Its first ven
ture, "Heigh Ho," u muslcul sntlre.
The officers of tho new organiza
tion, tho Washington Theater Produc
tions, Inc., Mrs. Glenn A. Smith Tin
nln, Miss Kathprlne S. Brown, and
Mrs. Mary Holland KInknId, ure well
known In tho Middle West.
Mrs. Tinnln was born nnd reared
In Chicago; Miss Brown made Chlcn
go her headquarters while acting as
western producer for eastern theatri
cal managers, and Mr. KInknId was
a member of the staff of the Milwau
kee Sentinel and of the Inter Ocean.
The ambition of the new organiza
tion is to build In Washington an Im
mense thenter hounlng three iiudltorl
ams, a repertory theater, a children's
Imntcly $8,000,000,000 in Victory notes,
wnr saving securities, nnd trensury
certificates of Indebtedness will be
duo for payment within tho next threo
years, trensury figures show.
Retention of the present uggregato
levy of tuxes, or maintenance of the
annual revenue of tho government at
about $4,000,000,000. then Is held to
bo unavoidable on tho face of average
expenditures estimated for the period.
Recommendations to bo made by
Mr. Houston, It was understood, will
propose abolishment of the excess
prollts taxes In their entirety and the
substitution therefor of a graduated
Income tax of a substantially deeper
cut than under present revenue laws.
It was believed the new Income taxes
would apply only to Incomes above
$5,000 annually nnd that provision
would be made for a graduated ln
crenso even on tho additional tax as
the amount of Income grows larger.
The secretary Is expected to ad
vise congress that the strictest econ
omy In federal appropriations Is nec
essary If the program outlined on the
basis of $4 ,000.000.000 tax bill Is to
be accomplished.
to Tackle Budget
dent at salaries of $10,000 and $7,500
The new administration Is expected
to get the budget bureau In work
ing order so that estimates may be
submitted under tho new plan to con
gress In December, 1021, for appro
priations for the fiscal year begin
ning July lj 1022.
Already the house has adopted a
change In rules thnt was Intended to
l)o supplemental to the budget bill.
This change centers In the hands of
the appropriations committee the au
thority to report appropriations here
tofore scattered among tho commit
tees on ngrlculture, foreign affairs, In
dian affairs, military nffalrs, naval af
fairs, postofllccs and postrouds, and
rivers and harbors. One largo com
mittee of thirty-five members will do
tho work which has been divided
among eight committees.
Lost Liberty Bonds
their coupon bonds are most pitiable
In many Instances. I'oor women who
have struggled and saved to purchase
government securities, either through
carelessness or n variety of unfortu
l.ute clrcumstnnccs suddenly . find
themselves minus the bonds. They
endeavor to recover them, full, and
then present their plea to the govern
ment. Of the thousands who have
pleaded for the substitution of securi
ties for coupon bonds, only a negligi
ble percentage have produced suffi
cient proof of loss to permit the gov
ernment to relieve them.
This condition probably will be
brought to the attention of tho com
ing congress with a hope that soruo
measure of relief may bo found for
the owners of bonds ns well as pro
tection for the government.
The treasury ofllcluls again call at
tention to their pleading that coupon
bonds be exchnnged for the registered
bonds. Almost every udvantago Is
given the holder of registered bonds.
Almost every disadvantage accrues to
the holder of coupon bonds. And yet
the people will not respond. Any
bank will handle the mutter.
theater, concert hall, all fully equipped.
Plans for tho building havo been
drawn, but without waiting for the
completion of the edifice the founders
already aro at work on productions,
leading oft with "Heigh Ho," which
will play In Halt! mo re nnd IMchmond,
and reach Chicago before the end of
tho season.
The author of tho book and lyrics,
Eugene Lockhnrt, will appear In tho
cast. This Includes Bradford Allen,
who originated the character of Bert
In the London production of "The Bet
ter 'Olc," Louis Cnssuvant, Thomas
Conkey, " nnd Miss Fern Doubledny.
Deems Taylor, who mude the orches
tratlons and contributed purt of the
score, servos us musical director.
Sum of $97,000,000 Will Be Divided
Among State In Proportion
to Population.
"Tho Inst apportionment of federal
funds to the state In rond construc
tion under the existing federul-ntd act
became available July 1," said Mr.
McDonald, chief of the bureau of pub
lic roads.
"This Is the largest apportionment
yet certified under the Federal aid act.
amounting to $100,000,000, three-quarters
of which Is derived from tho ap
propriation bf 1010 and 52n.000.000
from tho original appropriation of
11)10. A deduction of $3,000,000. or
per cent of tho funds, will bo mado
to provide for the expense of admin
istering the federal aid act by the
Department of Agriculture. Tho bal
ance of $!)",000,000 will be divided
among the states In proportion to their
population, urea, and mileage of posl
"Under the law the states are re
quired to enter Into formal agreements
with tho secretary of agriculture for
the construction upon which this mon
y Is to be used before July 1, 1022.
Any money which Is not tnken up be
fore that time will bo reapportioned
among all the states In the same man
ner In which the original apportion-
nienls nro made. All previous appor
tionments have been taken up In the
time allotted, and It Is not likely that
the states will fall to absorb this last
apportionment. 1 do so, however,
will menu lnnt tne ttos must sur
vey, plan, and let contracts for nt
least $200,000,000 worth of federal aid
road construction ni tho next two
"If the states continue to pay more
than 50 per Cent -of the cost, ns they
have In the past, the cost of the roads
constructed with this last apportion-
Good Roado Mean Greater Rural Com
fort and Prosperity.
ment may reach $230,000,000. In other
words, it will he necessary to plan
for construction at the rate of at leust
$100,000,000 and probably morn per
year. Some appreciation of what that
means may be gleaned from the fact
that In 101.1 the expenditure for all
roads In the United StateK, construct
ed under state supervision, was only
"Since 1015, however, state highway
departments have been greatly expand
ed, and efficient machinery has been
developed which will undoubtedly bo
able to bundle tho greater volume of
"Tho states have had four years In
which to prepare for tho expenditure
of the large funds which now become
available. They expect to bo able to
luindlo them. What Is of greater con
cern to them nt this time Is tho con
dition which may result If federal ap
propriations nre permitted to lapse.
The highway departments should know
nt least a year In ndvnnco what funds
ure to be available In order that plans
may be mudo for future construction.
Unless, therefore, further federul ac
tion Is taken In the coming year, the
Btutes will bo left In doubt as to tho
future policy of thu government, and
the amount of money they must bo
prepared to expend. Such n contingen
cy would Involve u serious setback to
the progress of road construction, iul
should bo avoided by early congres
sional nctlon."
Farmers Cannot Haul Produce to
Market When Prices Are High
on Account of Highways.
It Is a well-established fart that
market prices for oven staple crops
vary considerably throughout (he year.
Whero bad roads prevail, farmers ure
frequently unable to avail themselves
of favorable prices. It Is common for
farmers to find thnt they cannot haul
their produce to market when prices
are highest,' because the roads are lm-
Federal Aid Helps Poor States.
Do you know what federal aid In
road building and sthcr things does?
It makes tho rich and prosperous
Btntes contribute to the poor and back
ward states.
Texas Leads In Bulidlng.
Texas leads the country In the
amount authorized "for good roads, with
bond Issues totaling $11,703,000.
Provide Free Range.
When possible free range should be
provided for the breeding stoelc.
The Remedy With a Record of Fifty-
four Years of Surpassing Excellence.
Thoso who suffer from nervous
dyspepsln, constipation, Indigestion,
torpid liver, dizziness, henduches,
coming up of food, wind on stom
ach, palpitation and other Indica
tions of fermentation nnd Indiges
tion will find Green's August Flower
a most effective and efficient assistant
in the restoration of nn Hire's functions i
and a return to health and hnpplnesa.
There could be no better testimony of ,
tho value of this remedy for these trou
bles than tho fact that Its use for the
last fifty-four years has extended Into ,
tnnny thousands of households all over ,
the civilized world nnd no Indication of
any failure has been obtained In nil
that time where medicine could effect
relief. Sold everywhere. Adv.
Belgian Cats Are Overworked.
During luncheon nn export attending
the International llnunco conference nt
Brussels, Belgium, recently wns sur
prised to see the restaurant cat tnnrch
up and present hint with n mouse. The
mouse, seeing n clmnre for life, scram
bled up his trouser leg. The expert
said he quite understood that the cats,
which are rare, wore tired of mice,
who swarm In millions, and were will
ing to give strangers, but why
could not they kill them first?
Another visitor complained thnt,
when he nsked the hotel elevator boy
to bring up tho cat to kill a few mice
In his bedroom, he was told that tho
cat's time' was fully booked up and
that It could not be spared for the sec
ond floor. From the Continental Edi
tion of the London Mull.
How's This?
do what wo claim (or it euro Catarrh or
UearneBS caused by Catarrh. We do not
claim to euro any omer nutcase.
liquid, taken Internally, nnd acts through
tho blood upon the mucous surfaces at
tne system, thus reducing tne innamma
tlon and restoring normal conditions.
All Druggists, circulars rree.
F. J. cnenoy & co., Toieao, unio.
Dirty San Francisco.
Snn Francisco hns some of tho dirt
iest streets In the United States, If
not In tho world, and what makes this
condition more Inexcusable Is the fact
that It should bo an extremely easy
city to keep clean and healthful, says
the Snn Francisco News Letter. In
the first place, wo do not havo to con
tend with tho volumes of smoke nnd
soot coining from hundreds of fac
tories such as tho eastern cities nro
cursed with; In tho second place, wo
could devise n wnv of uslnir tho ocean
water to wash streets and Mdewnlks
with (salt water Is a mild disinfect
ant) ; and thirdly, we are blessed with
an equable climate thus making street
cleaning nn easy matter every day In
the year.
For many years druggists havo wstched
with much Interest tho remarkable record
maintained by Dr. Kilmer's Bwarap-uoot,
the great kidney, liver and bladder medi
It is a physician's prescription.
1innt. In n utrencthenlnir medi-
rtno. If hnlm thn kldnevs. liver and blad
der do the work nature Intended they
should do.
Swamp-Root has stood tho test of years.
Tt ! .nlrl liw nil ilninrMn on Its merit
and It should help you. No other kidney
medicine has so many tnenaa.
Be sure to get Swamp-Koot and start
treatment at once.
However, if you wish first to test tnts
great preparation send ten cents to Dr.
Kilmer & Co., Binghamton, N. Y for a
mnl bottle. When writing be sure and
mention this paper. A1t.
In Any Trade.
"A dress designer," says a Ciimo-
mile street dressmaker in tlio London
Nows, "must be born." Wo nlwnys
think this Is an ndvantage. Punch.
Women ure changeable. Men aro
Kill That Cold With
Colds, Coughs OM L GriPl"
, Neglected Colds are Dangerous
Tk no chances. Keep this standard remedy handy for the first siissis.
Breaks up a cold In 24 hours Relieves
Oripp In 3 days Excellent forHecdachs
Qolnln in this form does not afToct the head -Caocara ta beat Tonic
Laxadve No Opiate In Hill's.
Begin Kignt inow to
Conauer Your Rheumatism
If vou aro coine to neain rely
upon the liniment bottlo to try to
rub your Rheumatism away, you
will bo doomed again to nothing'
but disappointmont. A disease
that can cause so much pain and
suffering is not on tho surface of
the skin, and cannot be rubbed
Many forma of Rheumatism aro
caused bv a tiny disease germ in
tho blood, and In such casos tho
only logical treatment is to search
out and remove these germs from
Help That Bad Back!
Why be miserable with a "bad back!
It's time you found out what is wrong!
Kidney weakness often causes much
suffering from backache, lameness,
rhumatlc pains, headaches, dlrslness
unci klflnpv rrrctilnrities. Neslcctcd.
It may lead to dropsy, gravel or Bright's
disease, hut if taken In time it is usu
ally easily corrected by using Doan'a
Kidney Pills. Doan's have helped
An Iowa Case
Mrs. O. A. Hol
land, 4U Mathews
Bt., Shenandoah,
Iown, says; "I was
tamo and s o r
through ray back
and my Kiunoys
acted Irregularly
'and I suffered from
Inflammation of tne
Mnddor. I had no
ambition to do my
work. I began
luslng Doan's Kid
ney Pills and In
less than a week
the backache loft
and my kidneys were strengthened."
Gt Doan's t Any Store, 00c Box
Remember This.
There nro ninny stories told ngnlnst
Irishmen of rlpo nnd full uge. but
not so many about them when they
nro young. Still, here Is a proof that
they aro irishmen oven before they nre
It wns a classroom In a village
school In Ireland and tho teacher wns
giving a lessdu on salt.
"Now," sho said nt the conclusion
of her rather long nnd Inclusive lec
ture, "I want some ono to glvo tne a
good definition of salt."
"Shure, tenchcr," said Micky, n
bright, blue'cycd youngster, "It's tho
stuff which makes potatoes -taste
nnsty when you -boll them nnd don't
put uny In."
Dyo right I Don't risk
your material In a poor dye.
Each package of "Diamond
Dyes" contains directions
so slmplo that any woman
can dlamond-dyo a new,
rich, fadeless color Into old
garments, drupcrries, cover
ings, everything, whether
wool, silk, linen, cotton or
mixed goods.
Buy "Diamond Dyes"
no other kind then perfect
results are guaranteed.
Druggist hns "Diamond
Dyes Color Card" -10 rich colors. Adv.
Salmon Eggs by Airplane.
It has always been Iniposslblo to re
stock tho eelobrnted Fraser river fish
ing grounds In British Columbia with
salmon eggs from hatcheries because
tho fertile eggs will not stand carriage
by puck animals over rough mountain
trails. Now It Is proposed to trans
port eggs to the fishing grounds by
New Definition.
It was at tho end of Elizabeth Ann's
first month at school. Sho hnd come
proudly homo with her perfect at
tendance card and with the Informa
tion that there hnd been live absent
minded children this month. On be
ing asked what Mie meant she replied:
"Why, that five children forgot to coma
to school."
Cutlcura Soap for the Complexion.
Nothing better than Cudcurn Soap
dally and Ointment now and then ns
needed to make tho complexion clenr,
scalp clean and hnnds soft nnd white.
Add to thts the fascinating, fragrant
Cutlcura Talcum und you have tho
Cutlcura Toilet Trio. Adv.
Get It Straight.
Son I'd rather b a Could Be, If I
could not bo mi Are; for n Could Bo
Is a May Bo with a chance of going far.
Futlfor I'd rather bo a Has Been
than u Might Have Been, by far; for a
Might Have Been has never been, but
a Has was once nn Are.
tho blood.
For this nurnoso there is no mar
satisfactory remedy than S.S.S.,
tho fine old blood remedy that has
been in use ior more than fifty
years, and has given such general
satisfaction for Rheumatism.
Begin taking- S.S.S. today, and:
if you will wrlto a complete history
of your case, our medical director
will give you expert advice, with
out cnarire. Address Chief Medieiri
Director, 100 Swift Laboratory, At.