The North Platte semi-weekly tribune. (North Platte, Neb.) 1895-1922, October 12, 1920, Image 9

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    Name Description Scollon Ami
Tominlili IK limine 21)
a Charlton All 1 39.30
"Vttn. H. Ulllman N1BK SVi a M.JO
C. Charlton N'WU 3 S.90
0. Charlton All 3 39.10
VTedlman A. Sleatna N'HNEU. Wtt,
SHS13U 4 89.S0
Ktnma, Imlver SHEK, NHSBH 1 11.18
C. Charlton All 5 39.S0
I. A. Wight WHSBVi 18 8S.10
u A. Wight All S3 89.80
Louis C. Ulatsl BHNEH, A WHOTVK
A SU SI 2S.10
J. 13. Evans WUNBM. EXWii St 0.62
C V. Turpte NttSWU 87 89.10
0. V. Turple All 9S 40.10
C. V. Turple Alt 39 89.80
a. V. Turnle WV4 83 22.70
C. V. Turple All 83 89.36
Tmvnxiilii in ltiuiKo an
Herman Luschett EHEH & SWM 2 47.94
Charlotte I. Woodward.. All n 1C8.9B
Krnost 13. Kclsar NW 4 18.80
W. L. Majorowlz NH 11 86.60
1. Yank Ulevlns 13H 12 81.40
Wlsloy Blovlns WEH 14 41.00
Ai J. Salisbury All 19 G7.00
McDonald State Ban tc... Wtt 20 19.00
William Hi. Marra NWU 34 18.0s
TtioB. W. Bayilo NB & NttSBU 20 21.10
Ttoy T. Uayne NWU ft WttSWH 20 17.3B
nyran Flotehor All 80 40.00
Hyran Fletcher . Alt 80 43.42
Hyran Fletcher All 31 33.08
P. t. Grceloy Ntt & SBU 33 2B.75
McDonald Slato Bank SWU 33 8.C7
C. Charlton All 33 38.01
C. Charlton NEU 34 0.61
'I'mriislilp l limine ill)
irattlo Sunderland WttSWU . 2 0.11
Hattlo Sunderland E',4 3 BC.61
Howard Simines Kstato. .NEU Ss EttNWU ft
N'BUSWU & KEViSEVi 0 34.71
Alma H. Slmms NWUSBH fi . 4.G0
Ilattlo Sundorland WttNBU 10 0.11
731 1 za Stovons WSWU 10. 0.11
James a. Stuart SBU. 8EUSWU 12 22.14
James C. Stuart SttSWH, &
SWUSEU 13 . 11.73
James C. Stuart N'WUNEU &
N',4SWU 21 10.71
Ttoyal S. Stuclty SNWU, SWU 28 63.01
Carl Crumroy SWU 31 B7.S0
S. E. Johson N.NEVi 33 9.11
Royal S. Stuckcy NttNWU 33 0.11
Ijalo Uonlcosky EttNEU. NEUSBU 34 13.C8
Stephen Johnson WttNBU. NttNWU 34 22.GO
Llzzlo nenkosky NWUSWU 35 4.57
TowiimIiIii 10 llnniro .10
Frances Kanouf N & E14SEU S 2S.S0
Oarson Furnish SEW 11 2C.C0
O. A. SohreconKOSt SEU SWU ft SE'4 12 3C.10
Wilmota Filbert WttSBM IS 27.22
WUmeta Filbert NWU 20
Chnrlcs W. Dillon SWU 30 11.03
CUarlca W. Dillon N ft SEW 29 41.00
Township 11llntiKf HO
N. II. Kronqucst All 4 60.22
N. II. Kronqucst All 3 43. ,3
Stella McGuIro ..All B
Nels V. Anderson NEU ft S S 31. SI
Austin Ij Flotehor B'ANBU 10 7.37
Walter F. Votaw WttNBU ft Wtt 10 27 71
N B IjCRas SEU 10 10. S3
MarV Simmons WttHEVS ljj 4.91
A. Shoesmlth SEU 19 10.;...
S. E. Mansfield NWU 20 .0 23
: :k::kk:wkkxk::k::;:k::... ...
J .- .
Obstetrics 1
Hospital Facilities g
Platte Valley Hospital
I have the Money
on hand to close
loans promptly.
Real Estate Mortgages
Bought and Sold
Loan Broker
Building & Loan Building
Ed Kierig,
Uciivral Farm SaU-s A Specialty, also
Ileal Estate. Jlcfcreiices and Dates
First National Hank.
Kes. 100 Last Jird St.
l'liono 012
Wo want these.
Big Price for Cast Iron.
No market for bone at present.
Over Hlrschfcld's
Offlco Phono 333 Res. Phono 1020
5, (5, 7 liulldlng & Loan Ilulldlng.
Offico Phono 70. Res. Phono 12
Physician and Surgeon.
Special Attention Given to Snrgery
and Obstetrics.
Offlco: Building & Loan Building
Phones: Offlco 130, Residence 116
Office phono ail. Res. phone 217
L . C . DROS T.
Osteopathic Physician.
North Platte. Nebraska.
Knights ot Coiumbui Building.
O. A. Sehrecongost SBU Si
'I'ounnlilp 12 IIiiiikc .10
M. E. Collins All B
It. U. Ballard SICK 6
Joieph Blackwell NWU 12
Joseph C. Johnson SWU 12
Oiut Branting SWU 18
N. E. JJuokley SEU 14
N. 13. Huektey All is
Wm. J. Collins NIC VI 3t
dust lirantlng All 83
O. Duckworth SHN'BM . SBU 81
Im nslilp lit limine iw
Christina Wlllson Pt. NV, SWUNWM 8
W. T. Hanks Pt. Lot 6 SVi 8
Eva lloddy Pt. Lot 8 9
Walter V. Carlson Lots S . 11 12
Walter V. Carlson WViEH is
Camilla I. Bell EVi v BViWi.4 18
Jennie Ilyan WW 18
Jennie Uyan EH 17
Thomas E. Doollttle WV4 18
James MeClymont W 28
II. T. Woodgate WVi . 24
James MeClymont Wtt 86
James MeClymont EVi 27
'I'ownslilp 11 IllllIKO 30
M. E. Bokeskle EH 4
James A. Shaw SW!4 8
ft SWUNWU . . 18
John Bratt NHNWU ft SBHNWVi
ft NBViSWU 18
Marlon II. Evans SWU ft NWHSBH 84
Wm. It. Plttman rt. Lot 1 88
II. N. Hart Pt. NH St
Wm. Bnlley WHBHSWU
WHSU'Vl 81
'I'ounxlilp 1.1 Hniim- 30
Frank Mlcheal All 3
Chris Johnson , All 4
Chas. Ilartman NEU r
r. J. Hamot N'EU C
Chas. Ilartman NWU ft NHSWU 0
Mary McDonald SHSWU, WViSE 0
W. II. McDonald EHSE 0
I o. Qualloy Alt 0
U. W. Hills All IB
L. II. Hutchons WNW, SEUNWH IS
N. Kelso NKNEU 22
John Wcldon NEU 32
Isaac L. Foasol SBU 20
Isaac I.. Fcasel All 25
Townxlilp 1)1 llnnuo !I0
Harry p. Stovons All 3
Fred Bodlo Wtt 7
Fred B. Ilartman All 9
Harry P. Stovons Alt 10
Harry P. Stovons All 11
D. J. Orooley All 12
D. J. Orooley All 13
Harry P. Stovons All 16
D. T. Donmcad NB'.l 19
D. W. Moon BIS ft SWU . . 20
Harry P. Stovons Ett & SWU 21
M. I,. Wolllvcr NWU 21
John Bratt All - 2C
Adam E. Donaldson All 29
Chas. Ilartman SEU 32
Caroline Bolton SWU 32
Tcnvnslilp 11 IIiiiikc H-
GcorBo Andorson Na & SEU 2
Kdwln O. Hudson NWU S
Heirs of David Toggart. .NEU IS
Robert M. Dowoll NE'l 20
E. A. Brown NEU 22
H. E. Wilson NEU ft S! 20
It A Latlircr
Jai'O Wapner All :;0
W. T. Erwin SttSWU .: SEU 2
j :
!' r. vit iv a nnnn
1 Ur. W. 1. bMmi
i Osteopathic
oasis building ::
North Platte, Nebr.
, ji
..General Hospital..
One Hall Block North ot Postoflice.
Phone 58
A modern institution for the
scientific treatment of medical,
surgical and confinement cuses.
Complatuly equipped X-Kiiy
and diagnostic laboratories)
Geo. D. Dent. M. D. V. Lucas, M. D.
J. B. Rcdfield. M. D. J. S. SIMMS, M.D.
riiyslclan anrl Surfjeoa
Office over Itexall llrng Stoic
Office Phono 371. Houso 10C8
Eye. Ear, Noso ami Throat.
Offico over Iloxall Drug Store.
Phono 113.
John s. sddls, ar. n.
Snecial Attention Given to
McDonald Hank lliillding
Office Phono S3 Residence 3S
Physician, Ohstctrictan
Surgeon, X-Itay
Calls Promptly .Answered Night or JDnj
Phono Offlco C12 Ucsldenco 070
Llconaod Kmbamors
Undortakora and Funeral Directors
Day phono 41
Night phono Black &S8
W. T. PltlTCIIARl),
Graduate Voterinarltm
I3x-Government Veterinarian and ox.
assistant doputy State Veterinarian
llospltal UI5 South Vino Street.
Hopital Phone Black G33
Hou.o Phone Black Cl.'i
- 60.20
42 00
fit. 2. I
21 ni
Storage Batteries
Midway Motor Co.
Wc wil
ica;in scllino:
our Winier Apples on
Oclober 1st. al ihc
G I e i i b u r n i e Pru i I. ?a r m ,
four miles norLb oi
Sutherland. No sales
made on Sunday.
M. II. Woodman, Prop.
Is ronlly hard to find theso days, hut
wo can assudo you wo aro that placo.
Nothing fancy or olahorato about our
restaurant Just good plain food, tho
froshost and boat In tlio raarkot,
sorvod in n cleanly and appetizing
way for you, at no profiteering prplcoa
Why not try us?
RICIII UCAI, Proprietor
Opposite I'nion Pncilir Depol
On or about Sopt. 22 on my premi
ses In dracolnml Addition One Bay
Shetland pony, with tlirco white
foot. Ownor can havo same by Bat
tling cost of feed and advorlisinR.
.ol 1, ,1 ,Lo ,1j S
Baby's Photograph
x v
I (. 1920. Western Newspaper Union)
I "Humph 1" muUered Joel Dorklns.
j and tho accents were those of a dlsnp
i lwlntod man.
I Ho hud flmnci'd to cast his oyos up
i on tho bureau where lay his wlfo's
j writing niutfrtnls. It held a lettor
which lie rccoKiilfi'd as from their mar
ried dniiKUtcr, Kunlct, who llveil In
Brninpton, and beside It was a photo
Briiph, tlint of n child perhaps two
years old. Either It was a poorly tok
en picture, or tho subject was out
raKcously ugly looking naturally.
"Homely as sin," growled Joel, feel
ing wronged as a grandparent. "The
first tit the family, and squints, big
nose ii ml ears, nnd Ma egging mo on
to be prepared to give it u pretty
present. Why, It ought to havo a
musk !"
Kunlco and her husband had not
been back homo since they were mar
ried. Xow they had announced a two
weeks' visit, and little Virginia was
to be brought In triumph. "Little
cherub," tool; the prize at a baby
show. "So smart and cute!" and like
enthusiastic sentiments from its fond
grandmother had aroused pride and
anticipation In tho mind of Joel Dor
klns. Now lie was disillusioned, with
a positive shock. The photograph lay
before him. probably Just sent by Ku
nlco. Ho bad gone to u Jeweler tho
week before nnd had ordered a cosily
nock chain, ho bad written out a check
for ono hundred dollars to bo present
ed to (be wonderful granddaughter as
the start of a savings account.
"I'll cancel the order and tear up the
check," declared Joel wrathfully. "I
hope they don't parade the child
around to have people endure its ap
palling homeliness. 'Cherub.' 'Pretty
us a picture.' 'Looks just like moth
er!' Wow!"
.Tool swung from room and bouse
In a fever of dissatisfaction ami re
Hontmcnt. Half n mile a way lived
Harper Drlggs, the father of lOuiiico's
husband. Drlggs wns a retired farm
er, well-to-do, and Joel located him In
the upper floor of the barn where he
had a work shop. Originally Drlggs
hud boon a weaver In straw nnd split
enne. To while away ills Idle hours'
be once In awhile Indulged in potter
ing at his old I rude, purely for pleas
ure lie was now making a chair for
M granddaughter.
"Whatever possesses father?" more
tli-in once during tlto week Mrs. Dor-Un-
observed to her daughter. "He
lw. a regular grouch all of the time.
Ones around as If the coming of your
sister and Walter and the baby was
p. bore and annoyance to htm."
"Oh, you're mistaken, mamma !" In
Glsted Nora Dorklns. "Ho Is Just so
anxious to see the little one, and cod
dle it. and crow over it that bo can
iwrdly wait until Tuesday arrives."
Joel Dorklns overheard the latter
opinion expressed nnd shook himself,
and growled, and went out in tho gar
don and kicked up tho turf. Those
big eyes! That lint nose!
Tuesday took him to town. The
Drlggs trio were expected to arrive
nbout noon. Joel returned home nbout
two o'clock. He was slightly penitent
as to bis aversion for the ugly child
ho wns expected to go into ecstasies
over. He could not feel pleasant or
welcoming, but lie felt It a duty to
appear glad and cheerful ut having
Eunice once more under the home roof.
As lie neared the housv be fancied ho
distinguished a (hitter of feminine
skirts disappearing. As lie walked tip
the gravel path lie stared hard. Seated
In the wicker rocker that Drlggs hud
made and presented was the most ex
quisitely perfect and beautiful little
child his gaze hod ever rested upon.
Her eyes wore starlike, her ringlets
suggested an aureole of burnished gold.
Tho moment she snw him approaching
sho arose, clapped her hands, nnd then,
extending them caressingly towards
him, exclaimed in wild and Joyous
"Dear Anspa ! I'bo Virginia INtello
Drlggs. How did you do?"
Joel fairly reeled. As there cumo
n suppressed Uttering from beyond tho
screen door leading Into the hallway,
he realized that tho child wa repeat
ing u tutored lesson framed for ids
especial benellt. Tho child fairly
sprung Into his arms. There ho hold
her, quivering all over with emotions
ho could not analyze.
Then he en mo in for a hugging from
Kunii e. which bis son-in-law followed
with a gonial, heartsomo greeting. And
while they nil babbled over tho de
lighted little one, Joel stolo out to tho
kitchen. He hung around his wifo in
a wavering, unaccountable way until
sho challenged:
"Joel, what ever possesses you, act
ing llko a man In a dnzc!"
"I was Just wondering," blurted Joel.
"I noticed a photograph of n baby on
your bureau "
"Oh, that - your picture when you
was a baby," replied Mrs. Dorklns.
"What about It?"
"Oh. nothing at all !" answered Joel,
with a w 'nee.
"Your mother guvo U to mo years
ugo. You wasn't much of a looker In
those dus, eh, Joel?"
llo inni e for his llttlo den of n li
brary In He- wing of tho houso, ponder
ing over his egregious mistake. IIo
closed Its dcor and took up tho tele
phone to cull up tho town Jowolor.
"Send up that nock chain," lie ordered.
"Thought you didn't want It?"
'Changed my mind. Rend It up thin
ovenfnif, -vlll you?"
And thou, going io his dusk, ho
opi'wd bN ehed: hook and filled In a
I'lnill; ft T In I hi ' . .1 Inllitrs.
o A Clever Rescuer
(. 1D10. Western Newspaper Union )
"Well, I've made my choice," an
nounced Miss Lnvlnin Morton, aged
forty, tt typical old maid from the
coiffure of ages past to tho Hat solo
nnd !ow-hcel footgear of u generation
Three pairs of eyes viewed the
spenker both eagerly and noxiously.
They belonged to the grownup "chil
dren" of the Donne family Estelle,
Mym nnd Cyril. Tho two first named
wero married and settled In life, Cyril
was single. They all lived In the old
homo the widowed mistress of which
lind died n year previous. It was then
that at a family conclave an arrange
ment of cooperative companionship
was agreed on. Tho two married
couples and Cyril divided the budget
of expense nnd sent for Aunt Lnvlnin
to net as housekeeper.
Sho was nent, economical and ac
tive. Cieanllnoss was her hobby and
orderliness her living principle. Half
sister of Mrs. Doone, she assumed a
certain guardianship over her grown
up charges its if the care had been
left to her as n heritage. Almost un
consciously nieces and husbands nnd
nephew fell Into a tacit obedlcnco to
the ways of the exacting and at times
mandatory severe1 taskmaster. She
had made herself a blessing to the dis
rupted household, however, and they
Iieb their peace when sho demanded
strict discipline as to meal hours and
those of rising and retiring.
"Aunt Lnvlnin is good ns gold," ob
served Estelle one day to her sister,
"but It is really a relief to get a
change of atmosphere during our
month at the seashore."
"Yes, but she may wish to go with
us," remarked Myro.
"I hope not," said Estelle, but the
very next day Aunt Lavlnla announced
that she had decideil to close up tho
house during July and ( spend the
month wllii someone of the "three
children," If .she would be welcome.
"You aro going to Portland beach,
Estelle, and you to Koyal Sands, Myra.
Well, 1 don't like the strong sea air.
You told me you wore going to spend
two weeks at Clear lake, Cyril. That
Just suits me. I'll keep you company."
The sisters wore tilled with secret
Joy. Cyril Donne looked diimfound
cd. Tho charge of ids old relative
during hN annual period of recrea
tion was not at all welcome. I lor con
stant presence would Involve a devot
edness io whims nnd wishes that
would spoil lils vocation. For a mo
ment bis face fell and bis eyes wore
clouded. Then with a bravo smile he
conquered ills real feelings. A realiza
tion of all the kindness ami self-sncrt-llce
of this sterling, worthy woman en
tered Ills soul.
"A mi i Lnvlnin," he said genially,
"I shall feel It a proud honor to glvo
you the time of your life. You de
serve tho besi on earth and I shall do
volo myself to swing Hint joii get it."
"You delightful big boy!" enthused
Miss Morton, with 'oars In her eyes.
"No wonder T love you as If you were
my own son !"
Cyril did not loll his relatives, but
he had an object In solectlng Clear
lnko as a vm-nilou spot. Tlx season
before be bad niei thre .quite Infor
mally among a group a Miss Vera
Bloke. He had noxer before boon so
Impressed and a memory of her fair
face, iiad remained with him. He un
derstood that she came .to the lake
annually and hoped the opport unity
would malerinllzo to renew the nc-qunlntanvcsliip.
The "Greatest Mother" concept which was visualized la tho famous art
poster used by tho American Bed Cross in Its second wnr fund campaign
hu had Its symbolism adapted to the Bed Cross works of tho post-war era
nnd will lllutnlnato the main poster to bo used In tho Fourth Boll Call Novem
ber 11-28. This adaptation will benr tho title "Still tho Ureatest Mother In
the World." Everyono Is familiar with the original "The Greatest Mother in
tho World," tho effectiveness of which has been shown in part by the fact
that It has furnished n synonym for Bed Cross that has come to nlmost a
housohold torm. Moro than any other symbol, except the red cross Itself, the
public hns mado It tho trademark of the American Bed Cross.
i yrn saw to n mac ANlU L'avlnln
was surrounded by every comfort nt
the resort hotel. Miss BlHko had not
nrrlved, but, Cyril heard, was expct
oxl with her mother during tho wek.
Ills favorite recreation wns canoeing.
Aunt Lnvlnin Hoeoinpunled him .sev
eral times, and one nfternoon had
come as far as tho bench nnd had
plnced In tho ennoo her umbrella and
a wrap, when sho snld:
"I nm so timid on tho water In a
storm, Cyril, and T think wo are go
ing to linve one."
"Not before wo have finished am'
trip." declared Cyril, but ns a lady ln
vnriably set In her opinions Mlas
Lnvlnin returned to the hotel and
Cyril started out hIoiio.
Miss Lavlnln's prediction csmt' true
an hour Inter. The wind blew and the
rain fell, nnd Cyril was making n
hasty dash for the shore when he no
ticed a ennne nearly hnlf n mile off
shore contending vainly with the ris
ing elements of tho tempest. lie could
innke out a form feminine apparently
In n whirling craft. Then It cap
sized outright nnd the Imperiled being,
whoever she was, clung desperately to
the overturned canoe.
Cyril could mako no pragmas
against the hallllng winds, but a quick
stieircstlon came tn bltn. Tie Kofonfl
Aunt Lnvnla's umbrella, outspread Itj
and with this unique sail was homo
through the water straight toward!
tho spot whore the uccldent occurrod.
There was a double glory of hero
ism and delight when be had lifted
the victim of mishap from her dan
gerous position, for she was Mlas
Blako, the lady of his thoughts tho
entrancing lndy of his choice, ob bo
decided before his delightful vacation
had come to an end, for tho unexpect
ed episode of roscuo mndo him
precious and beloved In tho cyea of
the peerless Vera. ',
He kissed Aunt Lnvlnin with
warmth and tenderness the day ho bo
enme Yorn Hlnkc's fiance, nnd she
thrilled and quivered when Cyril told
her that but for her umbrella ho
might never have won his life's hap
According to Reports, the Little Coun
try May Abandon the Monarch,
leal Principle Soon.
News dispatches from Copenhagen
state that there Is a possibility of tho
establishment of n republic in Den
mark, the little country that has been
a monarchy since King llealfdcne ruled
tho country In 100 A. D.
Denmark Is today a limited monar
chy, ruled by King Christian, who di
vides ids power with the two houses
of parliament. During tho war It suf
fered heavily In both its leading indus
tries, dairying and the merchant ma
rine. Many Danish ships wero sunk
by U-boats despite their neutrality,
and the large herds of cattle Hint hud
Kiippiied a large pnvt of Europe's but
ter and cream were killed for food.
Denmark has a population of 2,500,
000, a Inrgo part of whom live on small
farms. Its area is 1-I.S20 square miles,
slightly larger than tho stnto of Mary
land. It Is densely populated, with 105
people to the square mile on tho main
land nnd 275 to the square mllo on the
many Islands along the coast. Copen
hagen, tho capital and principal sea
port, Is situated on the Island of Zee
land. The Island loll; form the
chunt murine nnd the fisheries, while
tho fanners live on the fertile main.
Nothing Left to Ent.
"A telegram from your husband.
Vhut' the matter?"
"Noihiii- much He simniy wired
me: 'Come home. 1 ve run out of sur
linos. "