The North Platte semi-weekly tribune. (North Platte, Neb.) 1895-1922, October 12, 1920, Image 6

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    OR. 0. II. CRESSLER,
Graduate Dentist
Oflici! over tile .-.McUbnald
Slat liHiik.
OVll LtiTTtilMJOX.
onj. V. Bkor or Maxwoll in ro
nowlng liis subscription to The Trib
41110 writes "I have been a subscriber
to Tlio Trlbuno for 84 yours. Tho
writer Is now 85 yonrs old ami hopos
to tako Tlio Tribune many yoar yet."'l
Tho editor appreciates tho loyalty of
Its old rondors and will do everything
poswlblo to rotaln tholr good-will. Wo
tilnawoly hopo Mr. Dakar wilt read
Tho Trlbuno for many more years.
..Tho Nebraska Stato Itallroad Com
mission nnd tho "Wyoming Public
Utliities Commission met tho Union
Pacific Officials at Coring last Tuos
day ovonlng and tho Joint commis
sions gavo tho Union pacific permis
sion to extend their 'linos from Haig
wot into Wyoming. Eventually this
line will connect with the main line
at Medicine How. The banquet Js
said to have cost hIx dollars a plate.
: Jfl; V. Crossgrovo, Treasurer of tho
Jllglillnc Shorthorn Drcodors Associ
ation, writing from Farnam, says:
"Your papor reprcsonts tho agricul
tural Interests of some of tho richest
(Inrt of Nobraska and in this territory
" thoro aro somo of tho greatest lrrds
of live stock in tho stato or in tho
Untied Statos, owned by representa
tive men who tako a keen interest in
tho upbuilding of tho country." Mr.
.Crossgrovo Is right and n booster.
Mrs. J. L. Sinclair, 34 South Ave.,
jBattlo Creek, Mich., ordorB tho Trlb
'urio sent to their nddross nnd adds
'"Wo have just moved from North
:Platto and Hko it very much hero."
A Soldior in U. 9. A. sent us a com-
munication, forgetful that wo havo
k declared, time and time again that wo,
it; cannot print anything communicated
' to us unloss wo havo tho namo of tho
author or writer. Wo do not print
, those names unloss wo havo pormis-
"slonbut wo must know tho namo.
Miss Amanda Mylandor, who signs
her' namo now ns Mrs. B. M. Dixon,
of Lod Angolos, writes that nho has a
little girl thirteen months old nnd
"that her sister Martha is tho proud
, mother of a ten weoks old daughter.
Mrs,r Dixon says she likes tho Scrap
npto., column vory much.
Myrtlo A. Day Bonds us her sub
tcrlptl6n to Tho Trlbuno and asks us
to send it to her at 1110 Doulovardo,
Slirovoport, .Lo. This Is a long way
from North Platte but their paper will
, bo started that way twice a week
nndvQ trust Unclp Sam to, see that
It-gels there.
Tho mooting of tho D. A. H. which
wns hold at tho homo of Mrs. L. R.
Duko last Thursday was woll nttond
ed. At this meeting, plans woro made
for tho work of tho ypar. A good mus
ical program was rendered, Tho ad
dress by Rev. II. K. Hess was especi
ally tuijoycd. Rov. IIoss fipoko on tho
Pilgrim Parado in tho Centonnry
Colobratlon recontly held In Omaha.
The singer:
Miss Betsy Lnnc Shepherd,
famous soprano.
The test;
A direct comparison be
tween her voice and its He
Crkation by New Edison.
The Jury:
185 public audiences, aggre
gating over 100,000 people.
The verdict
(unanimous J:
No difference 1
mftdc this
toor& of tfealigm
Como in and tell us which
voice or instruments "get"
you most quickly. We'll
give you the "personal fa
vorites" Realism Test, This
test will show you what tlio
New Edison's perfect real
ism docs, how. it brings tho
keener, finer, subtler joys
Horry Dixon
How much and which ones for
Friday and Saturday Only, OcL 15 and 16.
OCT. 15th AND 16th. '
' Another largo shipment of BROOMS.
1 Fancy Parlor Broom (only 2 to a customer) each .48
1 Can Light House Cleanser ,05
1 Bar, Lava Soap .07
3 Bars Cream Oil SoapT .25
20 Bars Laundry Soap , .92
Six Bars P. & G. White Naptha Soap . 48
Six Packages Star Naptha Washing Powder 28
2 Cans Lewis Lye --4' 25
21u Lbs. Navy Beans itizLZL .25
2 Lbs- Fancy Japan Rice .25
3 Pacakages Soda .24
2' Largo Packages Cora Flakes .38
3 Packago E C Corn Flakes ' 25
1 Large 45c Packago Crackers! .35
1-4 oz. Bottle Vanilla Flavoring 35
1-V lb. Can G & S Cocoa .25
1-iolb can G & S Black Popper1 25
Six Packages Matches ' ' .35
1 Bushel Potatoes ,. 1.35
1 Largo Jar Apple Butter .45
1 largo quart Jar Trovojo Jam .58
1 Largo 14 Oz. Jar Prepared Mustard 15
1 Largo Packago Quaker Oats 34
1-5 lb Can Calumet Baking Powdler 1.00
1-5 lb. Can K C Baking Powder .75
1-48 lb. Sack Best Guaranteed flour 3.05
1 lb Can Coffee ; 50
1-3 lb Can Coffee 1 1.35
1 lb G & S quality Coffee 45
. 1 ,1b G & S Silver Nut Oleomargarlon 35
1- 15c Glass G & S Mustard 12
3tiCans No 2 Tomatoes 42
3 Cans No 2 Peas 42
2 - Cans No 2y Hominy 44
,Got our prices on potatoes.apples cabbage and onions for
fc winter. Theso prices aro good at all four storesr
Gamble & Springer,.
Men's Fine Made-to-Measure
$37.50 $49.00
0k You Save an Average of 25 Per Cent Now
No Need to Wait for Clothes Costs to Come Down
We Have Brought Them Down Already
Every Garment
in this Sale
Bears the
This Reduction
Brings the
Price of Tailored
below the
Level of Fine
. .
Tho funeral o Mrs. Mary Chlsnhall
was held Friday afternoon from the
homo of her daughter, Mrs. Chas.
Clement, 1109 W. Tonth St. Burial
will bo mado In tho TVellileet como-
tory, with Itov. Shonlc officiating. Mrs.
Chlsnhall was almost' eighty-four
years of age.
Dr. Morrill, Dontlst. offico over
Wilcox Department Store.
Mnrrlago licenses woro Issued dur
ing tlio past week to Glenn B. Jones,
21. a druggist of Merna, Nobr., and
Mtsi Huse.1 L. Brooks, 18, of Ilorshoy;
Leal D Brewer 19, a clerk of Ilor-
shey nnd Mario A. Bunting, 17, also
of Ilorshey ; John P. McDormott, 22 of
Wollfloet, farmer and Violet A. Hal-
Hoy 18 also of Wollfleot.
Real human men aro tho kind wo I
like to see on tho screen. Men who j
aro a Hying shadow of tho people who
movo about us loving, fighting, hat
inglike tho humans wo know and
understand. Such a character is, Big
Jim O'Kano as protrayed by William
Russell in "Tho Man Who Dared"
which will bo tho attraction at tho
Crystal Theatre Thursday and Fri
day. Tho author has mado him no
aligelio sanctimonious hero. Neither
has ho mado him an unreal, unscrup
ulous vllllan. Instead ho is a regular
man llko you and I might know.
Playing with him Is Eileen Percy.
Tolll-Du-Nord Gingham $.50 valuo
special $.35 at tho A. T. Johnson
Dept. Storo.
Dr. Howard lost, "Dentist, Twlnoui
nnUdlnp. Phono 007. 77tf
A reduction in green coffee enables us to reduce our
prico or our Homo Roast Coffee 10 cents per pound. We
will retain the same high grade as .formerly and sell it at
40 cents per pound which makes 10, cents per pound less to
tho consumer over any other coffee sold in North Platte of
equal grade. , ' i3f!
Rush Mercantile Co.
A Lady in Love
An apaptlon of a successful play and with Miss Clayton's
superb acting supported by Harrison Ford will surely entertain
Tonight's Comedy-Alice Howell in Her Bargain Day
Tomorrow's comedy--A Movie Hero.
Excellent Music. What more do you want? Let's tlo!
Crystal, Tuesday and Wednesday.
B. J. VanderhQof left yesterday for
a business trip to Omaha.
Tho Roxall handles the goods. 14tf
Billlken Shoes for children. Try a
pair on our recommendation. Wilcox
Department Storo.
Queen Quality Shoes for Ladles at
Wilcox Department Storo.
Mrs. D. Stockwell left yesterday
for her home in Sutherland.
A comple(o line of ladies all silk
hose at tho A. T, Johnson Dopt. Storo.
Special at $2.50, $3.00 and $3.50. 78-2
ill f$j I
Heats all parts of house down and up-stairs liko a furnace
Heat will circulate, ventilate tho rooms and make warm
Moore's three-way heater does it all without a large in
vestment for either stove or fuel
Slotted fife-pot and deflector at bottom of casing throws
heat to the floor
All the time the casing reflects heat fnto theVnjm
Rooms UPSTAIRS may also be heated by connecting
register to the double collar or merely placing one in
ceiling directly over the stove
OF COAL as burned in tho ordinary 'stovo by con
verting all of the GAS, SMOKE and SOOT into HEAT
W. IL Maloney Co