The North Platte semi-weekly tribune. (North Platte, Neb.) 1895-1922, October 12, 1920, Image 5

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6 Bell-ans
Hot water
Sure Relief
BtL warn
mm fo
Unnatural Flavor.
A girl from Gotham was visiting
friend "up the state," who was trying
to run a model chicken farm. The
frirl was much Interested In nil thnt
was show)) her, particularly n lino of
Incubators, In front of which she tnndo
thlB ohscrvntlon :
"So you have Incubators? Very nice,
Indeed; but I nm afraid that artificial
chickens can never tnsto llko natural
Buy only "Diamond Dyes"
Eod) package of "Diamond Dyes"
contains directions so simple that any
woiimn can diamond-dye worn, shabby
skirts, waists, dresses, conts, glove,
stocking sweaters, draperies every
thing, whether wool, silk, linen, cotton
-or mixed goods, new, rich fadeless col
ors, llnve druggist show you "Dia
mond Dyes Color Curd." Adv.
The Human Dud.
While he was making his way about
Ids pliltooii one dark night a sergeant
heard the roar of n "Q. I Can" over
head and dived Into n shell hole. It
was already occupied by a private,
who was hit full In the wind by the
noncom.'s head. A moment's silence
a long, deep breath, and then:
"Good lord, Is that you, sargo?"
"That's me."
"Thank heaven I I was Just waiting
for you to explode!"
Watch Cutlcura Improve Your Skin.
On rising ,und retiring gently smear
the face with Cutlcura Ointment.
Wash off Ointment In five minutes
with Cutlcura Soap and hot water. It
1s wonderful sometimes what Cutlcura
will do for poor complexions, dandruff,
Itching and red rough hands. Adv.
A New Definition.
"What Is a widow?" asked the
teacher of a Sunday school clnss, the
-subject of the duy's lesson being the
widow of Hum.
There was silence until she nodt
ded to a little boy on her left, and
uld: "You know what n widow Is,
don't you?" for she knew that the lit
tle boy's mother was one.
"Yes'm." he nnswered, "It's a lady
vfhnt takes In washing 1" Edinburgh
Catarrh Can Be Cured
Catarrh Is a local disease greatly Influ
enced by constitutional conditions. It
thereforo requires constitutional treat
Is taken internally and acts through
the Blood on the Mucous Surfaces ot
the System. HALL'S CATARRH
.MEDICINE destroys the foundation oi
the disease, gives the patient strength by
improving tlio general health and aailau
nature In doing Its vork.
All Druggists. Circulars free.
F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, Ohio,
Wasted Effort
Vice Presidential Candldnto Cool
Idge was commenting on a -rival politi
cal party. "It reminds me," he said,
"of the little boy who Kurt his finger.
"'How did you do It?' cried the
anxious mother.
'"With a hammer,' sobbed Willie.
"'But I didn't hear you cry.'
" '1 didn't know you were In tho
house,' was tho reply."
Important to Mothers
Examine carefully every bottlo o!
CASTOKIA, that famous old remedy
for Infants and children, and see thut It
Rnnra iht
Signature otQXhsl
In Ueo for Over 80 Years.
Children Cry for Fletcher's Caetoria
Could Leave It to Him.
"I must brenk the engagement, and
yet I don't, want people to say I Jilted
him," said Maud.
"I have It. Invito him to tea," bus
Rested her friend. ,
"Make somo of your tea biscuits."
"And he will break It himself."
A Polite Fiction.
"Are luwyers truthful?"
"In the nature of things they can't
"Why not?" ,
"Aren't they nlwnys adaYessIng the
Intelligent gentlemen of the Jury' 7"
Ulrmlnghnm Age-Herald,
Rather Mixed.
"What Is his walk In life?"
"He Is demonstrator for a now auto
mobile." fUJUCt Have Strong, Healthy
ris. - If they Tire,Itch,
ton G&Md smart or uurn. u sora
frtiZrCrC Irritated, Inflamed or
UUR LYtO Granulated.useMurine
often. Soothas, Refreshes. Safe for
Infintor Adult. At all Druggists. Write for
Free Eye Book. Miriao Eji Etacs CQktp
Machines Should Be Cleaned and Dis
infected Before Storing Away
for the Winter.
After tho hntchtng season Is over,
clenn nnd disinfect the Incubators,
empty the lamps and carefully store
the parts In tho machine. Lnmps con
taining oil which are left In their prop
er place on the Incubntor for somo time
after the hatching season Is over will
cause trouble when It Is started again,
ns the oil tends to work up Into tho
Tho Incubator should be disinfected
once a year, or oftcner If any disease
Is present In the hens or chickens,
say poultry specialists of tho United
States department of agriculture.
Some operntors prefer to disinfect
Some Operators Disinfect Their Incu
bators Before or After Each Hatch.
their Incubators before or after each
hatch. A 5 per cent solution of a re
liable coal-tar disinfectant or carbolic
ncld may be used to wash out the ma
chine nnd to disinfect tho egg trays
nnd nursery drawer. If tho burlap Is
very dirty It may be cheaper to renew
than to clenn It.
For an Incubator of nbout three cu
bic feet capacity one mny pour one
half ounce of formalin, which contnlns
40 per cent formnldehyde, on one-hnlf
ounce of pcrmnngnnntc of potash In n
pan In the Incubator, which produces
a very penetrating gna and thoroughly
disinfects the mnchlne. The door of
the Incubator should be closed Just
as soon ns the liquid Is poured Into the
pan and left closed for twelve hours
or longer. Incubators should ho well
aired before they are used after disin
fecting, especially when formalde
hyde or any disinfectant which pro
duces a gas has been used.
Fowls Will Consume More Food in
Spring Than In Fall Amount
Varies With Breeds.
The feeder must use his own Judg
ment In deciding how much grain to
give the hens, ns the amount of feed
which they will ent varies with dif
ferent pens nnd at different seasons
of the year. They will eat more feed
In the spring while lnylng henvlly
than the summer nnd fall when laying
fewer eggs.
A fair general estlmnte Is nbout one
quart of scratch grains nnd nn equal
weight of mash (about one nnd a half
quarts) dally lo 13 hens of the gen
eral purpose breeds, such as the Ply
mouth Rocks, Hhode Islnnd Reds, or
Wynndottes, or to 10 hens of the small
er or egg breeds. This would ho about
seven nnd a half -pounds each of
scratch grains nnd of mnsh dnlly to
300 Leghorns ni?tl nbout nine nnd a
half pounds of ench to 100 general
purpose fowls. If hens have free
range or Inrge ynrds containing green
feed a general purpose hen will ent
about 75 pounds of feed In n year nnd
a Leghorn will cat about 55 pounds, in
addition to the green stuff consumed,
It has been found In experiments con
ducted on tho government poultry
Regular Attention and Proper Treat
ment Will Prevent Troublesome
Lice and Mites.
It Is absolutely unnecessary for poul
try to bo seriously troubled by either
lice or mites. Regular attention and
proper treatment of tho quarters will
rid tho lloek of mites, nnd If body
lice nre found the birds should bo
trented for these also. Usually If a
place Is provided where tho hens can
dust themselves they will keep tho
lice in check.
Lice Are Detrimental Because of Irri
tation Caused by Crawling
About and Gnawing.
True bird lice of the order Mnllo
phaga never feed upon the blond of
their host but feed upon exudations
from tho skin, epidermal scales, bits
of feathers and hair. They are dotrl
mcntnl to the host by causing Irrlta
tlon due to crawling nbout and their
gnawing hnblt. A "lousy" flock of
chickens 1b not a profltablo Investment.
Efforts Being Made by County
Agents to Locate and Pre
vent Spread of Disease.
Characterized by Development of
Nodules Called Tubercles In Varl- ,
ous Organs of Body Best to
Kill Off Whole Flock.
County agents in .certain sections of
the middle West report the finding of
tuberculosis In some of the chicken
flocks In their localities. In order to
locate and chock any further out
breaks of this dlseaso they are re
questing nil farmers whose chickens
die without nny apparent cause to
notify the fnrm bureau and to send In
tho livers of flic dead birds for ex
amination. Tho disease Is likely to
show In this organ most plnlnly.
Chronic, Contagious Disease.
Tuberculosis of fowls Is u chronic,
contagious disease characterized by
the development of nodules called
tubercles In vnrlous organs of the
body, hut most frequently In tho liver,
spleen nnd Intestines. It Is readily
communlcnted to most species of birds
nnd to several species of mammnls.
but It Is almost impossible to com
munlcnte the tuberculosis of man arid
cattle to fowls.
One practical course to take when
the disease Is found In n flock Is to
kill off the whole (lock ns quickly ns
possible nnd to disinfect thoroughly
all the houses nnd runs Immediately,
says the bureau of animal Industry of
the United States department of agri
culture. Thorough Disinfection Urged.
Unless disinfection is thorough the
new flock Is likely to contract the dis
ease when placed In the Infected
A Well-Cared for Flock of Hens Pro
duces Economical Eggs and Meat
for the Family.
houses nnd ynrds. When possible new
birds should be plnced on new ground.
Another method of combntlng tuber
culosis Is to dispose of nil hens nfter
the second laying period and to de
stroy nffected fowls as soon ns symp
toms nppear.
The eggs of the diseased birds fre
quently contnln the bncllll, experi
ments prove, nnd young chicks
hatched from such Infected eggs are
When Corn Kernels Are Well Dented
It Is Ready for Silo, Is Opinion
of Specialists.
The question, "When Is the best time
to cut corn for silnge?" Is again being
frequently asked. Tho weight of ex
perience of experiment station men at
University Farm Is thnt corn Is ready
for tho silo when the kernels nre well
dented or glnzcd. Analyses made by
chemists Jinve shown thnt the corn
from nn average acre cut at the glazing
period contnlns 7,308 pounds of di
gestible mntter as against 4.220 pounds
when the corn Is cut at tnssellng time.
Wliilo there Is a larger amount of
green corn to the acre when tho corn
Is In the tnssellng stage, the total
amount of dry mntter Is not nenrly so
great then as when the corn has
glazed. The dry matter per ton
nmounts to 285 pounds nt the tnssellng
stngo, a'J.'l at the silking stage. 38!) In
the early milk, 444 In the late milk,
nnd 023 pounds nt the glazing stage.
In ense there Is danger of frost, corn
should ho cut early rather than al
lowed to wait for the maximum
pounds of dry mntter.
Little Excuse for Permitting Soli to
Become Worn Manure Adds
Needed Humus.
The roots of red clover penetrate tho
soil to n depth of Ave or six feet and
bring up valuable fertilizing elements,
hence the soil thai has become worn
out for clover production Is In pretty
bad condition. On the dairy farm,
there Is little need for this condition
to come about. The application of
barnyard manure adds the necessary
humus nnd if occasional liming Is nec
essary, It should be done. Insects and
fungus diseases occasionally day a
considerable part In the dcclluo of
Forest Service Compiles Infor
mation on Conditions.
In Various Sections Many Farmers
Obliged to Cease or Curtail Im
provements Requiring Use of
Much Lumber.
To show tho serious dlsndvnntncc
nnd economic loss to which Inrge num
bers of farmers have been put because
they have not properly utilized avail
able woodlands, the forest service,
United Stntos department of agricul
ture lias compiled Information re-
Well.Managed Farm Timber Stand Is
Source of Fuel and Affords Shelter
From Cold Winter Winds.
gnrdlng conditions In n number of sec
tions of the country, of which the fol
lowing cases are typical :
Farmers In Rockbridge county, Vir
ginia, who have timber on their own
furms have been little nffected by high
lumber prices, and have been nblo to
mnke the necessary repairs and Im
provements, while their neighbors
whose homo woodlands failed to af
ford the needed supplies of timber
hnve been obliged to cease or greatly
curtail Improvements requiring much
lumber. These fnrms aro suffering
from depreclntlon In vnlne. In Cali
fornia, where the ngrlcultural pros
perity has been marked for tho past
three years, many ranchers are now
tanking only such repairs and Im
provements ns nro absolutely neces
sary. This Is owing to the high prices,
limited supply, nnd poor quality of
available lumber. These and mnny
other Instances nre' cited in tho re
port which the forest service has pre
pared on the condition of th fniistrv
! resources, of the country In response
to a resolution paused by tho United
States senate.
North Dakota Station Finds It Good
When Given In Moderation With
Some Concentrate.
Millet hay fed In moderation Is a
good food for horses. It should not
be the. sole roughage nnd should be
fed with some concentrate. Make sure
that the hay has been cured prop
erly. Several years ago the North Da
kota experiment station found thnt
millet bay when fed In excessive quan
tities had a tendency to cnuse an
Increased nctlon of the kidneys ns
well' ns Inmeness nnd n swelling of
. I 1 I t . fill. In ' . I ... 1... .1 . . 1 I
mc juiiun. jiiib Mi';iiM-ii in iiu nue iu
nn Infusion of the blood Into the
Joints, which destroyed the texture of
the hone. When fed In limited
nmounts nnd In connection with groin
there wus no such tendency, but on
the other hnnd It proved a very good
Farmers So Busy In Late Summer
They Often Fall to Give
Needed Attention.
The close of the batching season In
Inte summer will find mnny people so
busy that they are apt to neglect tho
Incubntor nnd not give It the attention
thnt It deserves before being pur nwny
until next senson. Proper care of tho
Incubator will prolong Its period of
usefulness Just ns surely as It Is profit
able to keep' the farm mnchlnery In
proper condition.
An excellent bulletin on the
profitable production of rab
bits has Just been Issued by the
government. This Is Farmers
Hulletin No. 10! HJ. Itnbblt liais
ing. It may be obtained free
from the division of publica
tions of the United Suites de
partment of agriculture. Wash
ington. Uvery person Interested
In rabbit raising should get u
Boiled Pumpkin Mixed With Bran la
Recommended to Give Fowls
Large Capacity Crops.
Moiled pumpkin mixed with bran Is
a good forcing feed to give the pul
lets large capuclty crops. Figure on
raising some pumpkins ench year for
the hens nnd pullets. Pumpkins are a
cheap crop to grow but usually of
little value ou the market.
WW-1 .
Scotch Cattle Are Quick, Brisk and
Seem to Have Abundant Store
of Efficiency
Tho Ayrshire breed originated In
the county of Ayr, In southwestern
Scotland. In that region, which bor
ders on the Irish sen, the surface Is
rolling and has much rough woodland.
Pastures, therefore, nro somewhat
sparse and It Is necessary for nnlnmls
to graze Inrge areas In order to ob
tain sufficient feed.
It In only within the Inst hundred
years that Ayrshlres have had a type
well enough established to be entitled
to the designation of breed. No exact
account of the different Infusions of
blood of other breeds Into the nnllve
Scotch cattlo to form the Ayrshire
breed Is at hand. It Is prohnble. bow
ever, that the Channel Islands, Dutch
and English cnttlo were all repre
sented. The first Importation of Ayrshlres
to this country wus made In 1822.
since which time there have been fre
quent Importntlnns Into both the
I'nlteil Stntca and Canada. New Eng
land, New York nnd Pennsylvnnla
probably contnln the Inrgcsf number
of representatives of the breed. Thcro
Is n smnll distribution In the other At
luntlc atates nnd the Pacific North
west. In Canada Avrshlres have hnd
great popularity nnd the breed seems
well nblo to withstand the rigors of
the Canndlan climate. Tho merits of
tho breed hnvo not been advertised
widely; consequently If Is not well
known In mnny sections of the United
The colors of Ayrshlres mny vary
from n medium red to n very dark
mahogany brown nnd white, with
either color predominating. Of Into
years among breeders there hns been
n decided tendency townrd white with
red markings. A black muzzle and n
white switch are desired, but are not
necessary for registration. Perhaps
the most picturesque feature of nnl
inals of the breed Is their long horns,
which turn outwnrd, then forward
nnd upward. Another point of which
A Typo of Ayrshire Whose Record Ic,
Milk 21,123 Pounds; Butterfat,
888.33 Pounds.
breeders of tho Ayrshire nro very
proud Is tho uniform, square, level
udder with long body attachment
which Is common among the cows.
Quick, brisk actions nre character
istic of the animals, which seem al
ways to hove an abundant store of
energy nnd to be exceptionally alert.
Ayrshlres have a highly uervous dis
position, which Is useful for both pro
duction urn' ' self-support. Probably
none of tho other dnlry breeds can
compare with the Ayrshlres In ability
to obtain n livelihood on scant pas
tures. Their ability us. "rustlers" has
made them very useful In sections
where tin-re is much rough land In
In weight tho cows may vary from
1)00 to L.'IOO pounds (average about
1,000 pounds) ; bulls weigh between
1,400 nnd 2.000 pounds (average about
1.(500 pounds). The nnlmnls are no
ticeably compact In body, with a ten
dency to smoothness over nil parts,
formerly they were criticized for
their short tents, but that fault has
been removed largely by careful
breeding. As u breed Ayrshlres nre
generally very hardy nnd show great
constitutional vigor.
At birth the cnlves weigh from C5
to 80 pounds, are very vigorous, easy
to raise, and mnke rapid gains.
Heifers rencli maturity of frame nt
nn age between the Holsteln and tho
Milk from Ayrshire cows contnlns
comparatively little color and has the
fat In uniformly small globules which
average smaller In size than In any
other breed. For these reasons tho
milk sometimes falls to show a dis
tinct cream lino, by which the con
sumer often Judges the quality of tho
milk, Ayrshire milk, becnuae of tho
small fat globules, stands shipping
well without churning, nnd In other
respects It Is well adapted to the mnr-ket-mllk
trade. Tho percentage of tho
butterfat In the milk Is medium, and
consequently there Is no difficulty In
conforming to local or state butterfat
Animal Should Be Fed to Build Up
Body Rather Than for the Man-
ufacture of Milk.
A cow In poor condition at the stnrt
of her lactation period Is not capable
of tho bust, as the feeds she con
sumes following freshening must bo
devoted largely to tho building up of
the body rather than toward the manu
facture of milk mid butterfut.
1 'i
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetabla
Compound Made Me Strong and
Able to Work I Recommend
It To All My Friends.
Bayonne, N, J. "I had paina In back
ana legs bo mat l coma noi sianu causea
py icmaio trouoic.
i ieit so urea an in
time, had bad head
aches, and for six
months I could not
work. I waa treat
cd by a physician
and took other re
medics but got no
roliof. A friend told
me about Lydia E.
Pinkham's V e g e
tnblo Compound and
i t has helped m
very much. I am well and strong and
now abld to do my work. I cannot
thank you enough and I recommend
your medicine to my friends who ore
Blck.M-Mrs. Susib Sacataksky, 25
East 17th St, Bayonne, N. J.
It must bo admitted by every fair
minded, intelligent person, that a medi
cine could not live and grow In popular
ity for over forty years, and today hold
a record for nucn wonderful success
as does Lvdia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
, Compound, without possessing great
virtuo and actual worth. 'Such med
icines must bo looked upon nnd termed
both standard and depcndablo by every
thinking person
Not His Class.
"That old miser Is mil generis,"
"He ain't neither. Nothln' generous
abbut him."
Lift Right Off Without Pain
Doesn't hurt a bit I Drop a little
"Freczono" on an aching corn, Instantly
thnt corn stops hurting, then shortly
you lift It right off with fingers. Truly I
Your druggist sells n tiny bottle of
"Freezono" for a few cents, sufficient to
remove every hard corn, soft corn, or
corn between tho toes, nnd tho. calluses,
without soreness or Irritation.
Virtuo and riches seldom settlo on
one man. Machlavclll.
Some surgeons munage to carvo out
large fortunes for themselves.
Find the Cause!
It isn't right to drag along feeling
miserable half sick. Find out what is
making you feci so badly and try to
correct it. Perhaps your kidneys are
caimng that throbbing backache or
those sharp, stabbing pains. You may
have morning lameness, too, headaches,
dizzy spells and Irregular kidney action.
Ue Doan's Kidney PHU. They have
helped thounands of ailing folks. Ask
your neighbor!
A Nebraska Case
Mrs. Anna Isnsr
strum, 223 8. Arthur
St., HoldrcRo, Neb.,
15 troubled with my
Kianoys. My oacK
- wan mine una i nun
terrible dizzy spells
nmi specKH came
before my eyes,
almost blinding mo.
I wns run down and
felt mlaBrnhtn nil
tho time. Doan's Kidney Pills were
recommended to me and a fow boxes
cured me."
Get Dotn's ot Any Store, 60c Boz
A man is as old a3 his organs ; ho
can be as vigorous and healthy at
70 as at 35 if he aids his organs in
performing their functions. Keep
your vital organs healthy with
Th world's standard remedy for kldny,
llvsr, bladder and uric add trouble
sines 1696; corrects disorders; stimulate
Vita! orens. All druggists, thres tdsss.
Look for U nam Gold Mdt on mimrf boat
ad accaol M imlutioa
rcMir euiiritil
I W N. U.. OMAHA, NO. 40-1920.