The North Platte semi-weekly tribune. (North Platte, Neb.) 1895-1922, October 12, 1920, Image 12

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BtwxlWttkln Stfbune.
WILSON TOUT, Editor and Publisher.
subscription wiicki
Oho Year, In ndrnncc ..$2.00
Entered at tlie North Platto, Nobraska
Poatofflco 03 Socond Class Matter.
' tuj:si)AyToctojjku i2mo
t On, account of machino troublo wo
go to. proes, without a numbqr ol an
nonc4montB and local ltoms which
would ,,1imvo (toon lu thin Issue other
wit. ''
Column of Nonsense.
-: :o;
Lincoln Comity should have an as
sociation dovotcd to tlio development
of our "blooded llvo atock Industry. W
liavo iirfow brcodors of flno cattle and
hogs but such stock la not appreciated
as It should bo and tlio market la not
oncournglng to the breeders. Oc
casionally a blooded animal Is brought
to this locality which should com
mand tlo attontlon of the whole llvo
Htock Industry but It oftoii gets only
passing attention. If wo hud an us
Hoolntlon to promote the ralHlng of
good breeds of live stock it would
niosn much to tlio farmers of Lincoln
County,. Wo have somo of the best
hog and cattlo men In tlio stato and
their stock Is first prize stuff but wo
know that tholr efforts and tho pro
duct Is not glvon enough consideration
by tho other, farmors and ranchmen.
Can't''' wo got such an organization
started soon?
lord usiii) oars.
10L7 'Touring $195. OC
1917 Iloadstor 2G0.01
1917 Roadster , 310. 0(
1910 ford Ton Truck Body C,ab. 525j
Ford Sales & Sorvlco
I)CA1 Mm IM3I180NA r,
lolj. AVprthloy , Is roportod Is bo,
grqWing- much Weaker ovory day.
m'i Edith Tompkln of Chicago is
vleitlHg.'at tlio homo ot lior aunt Mrs.
T. Gjfeattorson. .,
Ilihllos' Gunii Club will Wednofl
dajalornooh with M.$r J V. Romigh
821 West Fourth.''
Tj'irnmlng Beads in a great variety
of hinds-and colors at Wilcox De
partment Store.
Buy satisfaction, by buying Munslng
Underwear for tho wholo family at
Wilcox Department Storo.
Just arrived at tho A. T. Johnson
Dopt. Storo a now shipment of millin
ery fit apoolnl prices for tho comlilg
Tho sothor ovonlng when wo wore
walking Into town from out near tho
Lincoln Highway brldgo, a number of
cars passad Ua without saying "Want
a rldo" and wo got to noticing that
most of thorn had about ono scat
ornpty. Wo woro quite woary of walk
ing and as wo had plonty of tlmo to
think while coming In wo got to won
dering why thoy didn't glvo us a lift.
Nothing a walker llkoa bettor than to
bo takon In by a car. As Ivsald, wo
got to wondering why and bo went
ovor to see Ed Davis about It. Uo was
thoro in tho storo talking about quar
antine signs on houso whore sick
people are but wo couldn't wait for
him and his Indiana friends to get
through so wo asked him about empty
automobiles not taking woary walk
ers in and ho said ho didn't know. Ho
said If ho had a car and saw a weary
walker ho would take her In. That
amtlsod us but Ed's Indiana friend
iprobably wasn't paying nny attention
for ho never evon smiled. We Bald
that wouldn't do us any good and Ed
said, ho didn't know as ho Intended to
do us any g6od. Ho said wo couldn't
expect hlin to tako In ovoryone along
tho road or ho would havo his car
overloaded before ho got to town. We
eald ho might tako In his fastest
friends when ho saw them having to
walk along tho dusty highways and ho
looked real sorry and said that's
right. Then ho really didn't
matter so much sinco ho didn't havo
a car hlmsolf anyway. Then Ed's
Indiana friend asked us If wo thought
tho drivers of empty cars recognized
us and wo said wo woro sur0 they did
not becauso -wo always pulled our cap
down over our faco to keep tho glare
of tho hoadllghts out of our oyes. Ed
said that didn't look reasonablo to
him and we askod him why and ho
paid If we wcro coming to town and
tho glaro of tho headlight got In our
oyos tho car must be going tho other
way and that ho bot wo pulled our
cap down ovor our eyes because woj
didn't want the driver to recognize
us and see that wo did not havo a
car. of our own and so must walk like
othor common folks. Ed had present
ed atnow side of tho question and
while, wo were thinking it over Ed's
Indiana friends told about hearing otj
a man In Indiana who stopped and
took a walker In nnd tho walker prov
ed to bo a bum and rode clear homo
with him and tho man had to tako
him Into tho house that night for fear
If ho loft him out he would run off
with tho car boforo morning. Wo said
wo would bo afraid of that to and Ed
said that probably was the reason so
many empty cars passed us the other
Want Ada
hou8o. Inquire
Jb'or Rent 2-Room
812 So.- Chostnut.
For Sale 70 bushol grain body for
truck. Phono 1081W.
For J tent A storo room. Inquire at
MoVIckor Mllllnory. '
For Salt A new C room cottage on
Wost Bth. Phono 1165J.
For Sale Grant Six car In good
shape. Call at 114 E. Ninth St..
For Sale Pair of young, gentle
mules. Inquire of J. E. Koontz. Phono
373 J.
For Kent Furnished room in all
niodorn houso. Phono 1121. 221 So.
Locust. ,
For Sale Second Hand Cadillac car
60 gallon air-tight tin tank. Inquire
D. C. Congdon. w
lHiitcdT-Janltor at Prosbytorlai
Church. Apply, vand furnish referen
ces to J. C. Ilbllmau, Brodbc,ckfBldg.
IVimted Experienced Saljos jady.
Apply by lottor -stating oxperlenco
and salary expected In first letter.
Wilcox Department Store.
Ranted Two hundred horses to
winter. Best of feed and sheds. Ono
dollar a month. Phone or Wrlto J. II.
Marovlsh, North Platto
Wanted A man to open a vulcaniz
ing shop In Gothenburg. Thoro is no
shop of this kind In Gothenburg. This
Is a g"ood location on Lincoln High
way. Write E. A. Calling, Gothenburg,
Wanted A Lonoly Young man of
good character, small means and car,
Ii ' n , muuiw iwvu lu HU1IIU JUUHg Hilly,
l or Jtcnt-Hvo room houso for rent no objections to young widow. Object
Tho Methodist Woman s Homo Mls-'nfaiit n,.f1 ,n .,,, , , , ,
, .. , "igut anil wo said wo wcro glad any
.ivwitttr Cnnffilu I11 mnnf 1.1 Hi ililtfnll -
T , 1 jbi aim wo saiu wo wcro cla
uliiTiuru Knnlnlv will innot In dm pluivnll - . .
" ' l,0(ly tl,tlut ln,0 us ,n "u take ub to
parlors Friday afternoon at three ,. homo ium k U(i
Members aro asked to come promptly lho moro wo t, ht nbmt
, glad wo woro that anyono hadn't tak-
for tho interesting program
Dr. I,. .T KltAlTSK. Dentist.
Donald Rank
riionr 97.
llnHdlw. Rooms 9 , " 'i8,1" B" th'
42tf "U( w-oiu. Aim now wo know
furnished. Apply at 51G E. Cth St, after
seven o'clock In evening.
For Said A quarter section Platto
hay land, all good for alfalfa. $75.00
per acre. Box 172", North Platto, Neb.
call at 1109 East 4th.
Wanted Thrco rooms unfurnished
close In by man and wife. Phono
Wanted Threo corn shuckers with
or wlthotu wagons. Phono or write
J. H. Marovlsh. North Platte.
Ono J.crscy cow or calf for sale or
ttado on Ford car. Phono 719W. or
call at 1003 W. 8th.
For Sale Ono feed grinder, wagon
box, spool of barbed wire, hog feeder
and sot of harness. 400 E. Third St.
Onions for Snlc 1 milo north and
lA mile cast of Platto Valley School
Farm for Kent 2 miles northwest
of Tyron. Wrlto Box 103, Minnie E.
Thompson, North Platte.
Wanted Experienced, girl for con-
oral housework. Mrs. J. S. Twlnem,
Phono 283. 71tf
Found A pair of ladles brown kid
gloves. Owner may havo same by
paying for this ad. Call at 100G E. 5th.
For Side Farm well Imprpovedj.
Four hundred acres. Ton miles south
west of North p'latto. Coro G. Mi C.
ArJIflSIni Silk Improved. I Tllc Ladles aid society of the Pres-
A new process Ims been developed byterlan church will moot In the
whereby the kiiiiio ruw iiuiterliil (wood! church parlors Thursday afternoon,
cellulose) Is converted into an Imlta-j It will bo entertained by Mesdames M.
durablltv. with a "fool" llko .hnt nf 1 11,0 lncll3 al(1 soc,oty f Swod-
rcal silk. It Is waterproof and no
moro Inlhunmablc than uuturnl silk.
Tho now process silk can bo drawn
lnt,o much fhior threads than those of
ordinary artificial silk, and Is said to
bo particularly remarkable for tho
quality of the velvets made from It.
Its Nature,
"iKn't It too bad, this dispute they're
having with Germany over coal?"
"Yes; 1t Is a burning shame."
Isli Mission will meet with Mrs. Erick
Sodorman. 800 So. Dowey, Friday af
ternoon at 2:30. All aro' invited'
Tho Knights of Columbus will hold
a regular' mooting Wednesday ovonlng
at eight o'clock at K. C. Hall.
Sliver Leaf Camp No. 301, Iloyal
Nolghbora of Amorlca will moot to
morrow afternoon at threo o'clock.
Mrs. Anna Dobson loft yotscrday for
her homo In Sutherland.
WouIL j&nd as
$0 letter He
coal than me
offer for sale
For Sale Liberty Inn kitchen and
dining room furnlturo and fixtures
ask for C. G. German at Liberty
Inn.' 72tf
Strayed Dark iron gray maro from
tho farm on the BlrdWood sometime
in May. 4-years old, weight about 1400
Guy Coleman, North Platte.
For Jalo Storo fixtures, five floor
show cases, flvo lG-foot wall cases,
ono ribbon enso, ono threat cabinet,
two 10-foot counters, ono Elliott but
ton fastening machino. NELSON &
CO. 717 No. Locust.
friendship, possibly matrimony.. Ad
dress jjl. enro Tribune.
For Sale Early Ohio Potatoes, good
keepers for winter use will deliver In
ton bushol lots at $1.20 per bushel or
$1.00 at tho .'anil. Boy R. Spurrier.
Elmwood farm. RR1 Phone Hershey
lost, Strayed or Stolen Black
saddle horse, weight about 1200 lbs.,
white spot on forehead, white saddle
mnrk on back no brand. Roward.
Notify D. M. Loypoldt, North Platte
o. J.'C. Moore, Hershey.
For Sale All modern houso built
for owner's home. Eight rooms and
bath. Oak floors, full basement, double
garage, all now. On account of money
condition will sell at a bargain if sold
soon. Call at 801 E. 3rd. St. North
: :o: :
Tho North Platto aeioplano left yes
terday for- Falrbury where they will
bo gono all week in order to fill a con
tract thoy made somo timo ago.
Mr. Richards and Mr. Davis accom
panied by pilot Meyers returned a fow
days ago from a sales trip which they
report to bo very successful. Thoy
covered nearly tho entire state of
Nebraska. Their Intention at present
is start planes In tho Southern
stato for the entire winter. Tho piano
which crashed at Julosburg will coon
bo ready for use.
Notice to Kon-Kcsidcn't Defcnitant.
Florence Hayes, defendant will tako
notice that on tho 30th day of Juno,
1920,' Frank Hayes, Plaintiff, filed his
petition In tho District Court of Lin
coln County, Nobraska, tho object and
jprayer of -which aro to obtain a dl-
t.isLiA 41.- .1 .lffn...lnH& 11. ..
iiuui mo sum utuuvuiuit uu inu
grounds that tho defendant willfully
abandoned tho plaintiff without good
cause for moro than two years Im
mediately proceeding the filing of his
You aro required to answer said
petition on or before Monday, tho 22d,
day of November 1920.
, 012-4wl;3 Plaintiff.
tf"fe V o wo
$1.50 per Bushel.
We have a car of good potatoes on hand
for sale at $1.E0 per bushel delivered.
All these potatoes are sorted. Lay in your
supply now. . v
Artificial Ice Co.
"The Vigilantes"
Are Coming to the
Thursday and Friday'
Seven stirring reels that take you back
to tho time that fcold was discovered in Cali
fornia. Stirring action and superb scenic effects
$ Overcoming Hereditary Weakness,
Epilepsy, Etc.
It is a common saying that the tlmo
to begin building tho health founda
tions of llfo is beforo birth" It Is a
fact that many aro born with defec
tive health condition but. this need
not cause apprehension or forco any
ono to glvo up in despair of attaining
good health.
Prlnco Don Jalmo of Spain was born
deaf and his mind was affected all as
a result of a prenatal Injury to tho
Queen mother. Ho suffered from this
injury for twelve years beforo as a
last resort ho was taken to a Chlro-'
praetor. Today tho Prince can hear
and Is rapidly making up for logt
tlmo In acquiring an education. Tho
spinal condition that caused his deaf
ness was corrected by spinal adjustment.
Consultation Is without charge or
Drs. States & States
Tlio P. S. C. Chiropractors.
Bnlldlnjr and Loan Building
North Platte
Spinal JXolii!m limbs
(LIFE ' 0 i .' ALTIi)
1 0 TrlciW ORGANS
A Depreciation Fund
is Necessary in the
Telephone Business
After your shoes begin to wear out you may
have them repaired every little while. But some day
you will find they are beyond repair.
If you do not accumulate enough money
(a depreciation fund) to replace the wornout shoes,
you may have to go barefooted.
In tho telephone business, switchboards, cross
arms, glass insulators, poles, wire and telephone
instruments are some of tho things that constantly
require repairing.
If we did not receive enough money from the
sale of telephone servico to provide an adequate
depreciation fund to replace or restore our property
as it wears out, some day we would find our plant
entirely gone and could no longer provide telephone
The undersigned will sell at Public Auction at tho DIscoo Place
I mile south of BIgnolI, Nebraska, on
Friday, October ISth, 1920,
the following described property, to-wlt:
Black gelding 9 years old, weight about 1400; bay gelding 0 years
old, weight about 1200; two sorrel geldings 4 years old, weight
about 2400; brown gelding 5 years, old, weight 1300;v sorrel maro
9 years old, 900; bay saddle horso G years old. weight 10B0.
11 Head of Cattle
Six good milch cows, two yearling heifers, two heifers G months
old, ono steer calf.
HOGS 2 Brood Sows, (i Shoats and G Pigs.
BEES 30 stands of bees in good condition, a largo number of
empty hives, hlvo bodies, supers and other beo supplies.
Farm Machinery, Etc,,
John Deero lister, wldo tread lister row, two Johu Doero 2-row
cultivators, Emmorson sulky plow, threo 1-horso cultivators, garden
drill, stee truck and hay rack, two top buggies, wagon running gear,
hog rack, threo sots work harnoss, single buggy harness and other
articles too numorous to mention.
TERMS OP SALE: 3 months tlmo will bo given ou all sums
over $10,1 'Interest at tho rato of 10 per cent per annum. 2 pel
cont discount will bo allowed for caBh.
COL. II. M. JOHANSEN. Auctioneer