The North Platte semi-weekly tribune. (North Platte, Neb.) 1895-1922, October 12, 1920, Image 11

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Kill That Cold With
Coldi, CoQfbs
La Grippe
Neglected Colda aro Dangerous
Taka no chancas. Kaap thl standard ramady bandy for tha first anaata.
Braaka up a cold In 24 hour Rallavea
Grlppa in 3 daya Excallant for Haadacha
Qnlnlna In this form does not affect tba bead Cascara la beat Tonlo
Laxativa No OpUta In HM'a.
ayajTaynaHyHiayTMP 'It AJI
mmsr niiii irnr
H Broken plates $1.50 up. -Mail ll
HE teeth, we return same day. Ml
H 704 Qy Nn'l Buk BJdr-. Osub, Ntb. H
Ctiticura Soap
For the Hands
Sup 25c, Ointment 25 end 50c, Tilcnm 25c.
Creamery and Cream
Station Supplies
Milk Bottles and Dairy Supplies; Use
Cases and Chicken Coops
Q09 Jones St. 1901 E. th St.
SO Years Old
Was' Sick
Now Feels Younrj After
Taking Eatonic for
Sour Stomach
"I had sour stomach ever since I had
the grip and It bothered me badly
Have taken Eatonic only a week and
am much better. Am 80 years old,"
aye Mrs. John Hill.
Eatonic quickly relieves sour stom
ach, Indigestion, hearfburn, bloating
and distress after eating becnuso It
takes up and carries out the excess
acidity and gases which cause most
ntomach ailments. If you have "tried
everything" and still suffer, do not give
up hope. Eatonic has brought relief to
tens of thousands like you. A big box
costs but a trifle with your druggist's
imiorsi color and
Beauty to Gray and Faded Hak
wo. una ii.oa at ararxi'ti.
trllrox Cbf m.'lV ki. Pitehnrur. N.Y
loam, tie., itopi all pain, eoiurei comfort ta the
tt(, nakei walkinc eaar. lie by mall or at Urno.
Itiu. UImox Ctxinlc&l Works, t atcfcoirua, M. T,
Watson E. Coleman,
Tatent Lawjer, Wahlrjgton,
I) O AdTlea and book Iras.
laWf raaionable. Illnheit rel etaccei UetUerrlcea.
OrUrtruU Mjfrlou "OuIJu Tulkluic Hoard."
Hold your' Mbound at It anawora. Bunt
? repaid annere in U. 3. on recrlpt of 12
laganl Spec. Co., CG43 H Qrern St , Chlcagu
All the Facilities.
"Has your friend a pull?"
"Ho ought to have. He Is In the tur.
"California Syrup of Figs"
Child's Best Laxative
Accept "California" Syrup of Figs
only look for the name California on
the puckage, then you are sure your
child Is hnvlng the best and most harm
less physic for the little stomach, liver
and bowels. Children love Its fruity
taste. Pull directions on each bottle.
You must say "California." Adv.
Verbal Golf.
Black "What kind of golf does
Brown play?
White Worst I ever listened to.
London Answers.
"They Work while you Sleep"
Do you feel all tangled up bilious,
constipated, headachy, nervous, full of
cold? Take Caacarets tonight for your
liver and bowels to straighten you out
by morning. Wake up with head clear,
stomach right, breath sweet and feel.
Ing line. No griping, no Inconvenience.
Children love Cascarets too. 10, 25,
50 cents. Adv.
Money Not All-Powerffil.
Money, In truth, can do much, but
It cannot do nil. We must know the
province of It and confine It there, ntid
even spurn It back when It wishes to
get farther. Carlyle.
Stops Hair Coming Out:
Doubles Its Beauty.
A few turns buys "Danderlne."
After an application of "Danderlne"
you can not find a fallen hair or any
dandruff, besides every hair shows new
life, vigor, brightness, more color and
thickness. Adv.
The Trouble.
"Is your husband stroug In his con
victions?" "Oh, yes, but he's wenk in his
Look Out for Rheumatism ?
As Winter Approaches i
So many cases of Rheumatism
come from a tiny disease germ that
Infests the blood, that physicians
are beginning to realize that this
source of tho disease is becoming
quito prevalent. Of courso a dis
ease that has its source in tho
blood cannot be reached by local
remedies applied to the surface.
One remedy that has given splen
,dld results in the treatment of
Rheumatism is S.S.S,, the fine old
blood remedy that has been sold by
druggists for more than fifty years.
S.S.S. acts by driving out of tho
blood the disease germ that causes
Rheumatism, thus affording real
Begin taking S.S.S. today and if
you will write a comnleto history
of your case, our medical director
will give you expert advice, with
out charge. Address Chief Medical
Adviser, 151 Swift Laboratory, At
lanta, Ga.
Highway Construction Hampered by
Transportation Difficulties and
Lack of Material.
In addition to $19,000,000 for forest
road construction, congress has made
available to July 1, 11120, the sum of
$275,000,000 for federal aid roads. Of
thU mini $17i,000,00v was available up
to ami Including June .10. 1020. Of
this amount the states bud made appli
cation covering $lf2.103.0IO ns of
April 30. Thin federal aid Is to apply
Surface I reatment of Macadam (load
With Bituminous Material and Stone
on 27,700 miles of rond estimated to
cost &5f;,7n i,7fl!. As of May 1st 13,-fi-H)
miles of federal aid road were un
der construction, Involving over $80.
000.000 In federal aid. The total
mileage of computed road built under
the federal aid law since It becnriie
iperatlvo In 101(1 Is 4.301.15 miles, as
of May 1, 1020. an average rate of con
struction of over 1,000 miles a your.
The difficulties of transportation, ,
the luck of materials, the Insulllclent
number of contracting organizations,
the scarcity of adequate equipment
ind the general shortage of engineer
ing personnel In connection with high
way construction during the past two
years have reduced road building ac
tivities to ntiout 3-7 of the full pro
gram. The bureau of public roads.
United States department of agricul
ture Is ready, the states are ready,
the funds are available to push high
way construction on n 100 nor cent
program as soon as tho national eco
nomic conditions will warrant.
Essential That No Water Be Permitted
to Remain on Surface Repair
Ruts Quickly.
To maintain an earth road so that
It will adequately take care of heavy
trallle It Is essential first that no wa
ter lie nllowed to stand on the road
surface or In the ditches, nnil second
ly that defects occurring In the sur
face he repaired Immediately and In
a manner that will form a crust sutll
clent to maintain the loads and 'resist
the wear caused by trallle.
The first can he accomplished only
by grading and draining the road In n
milliner that will permit water to drain
quickly from the surface after every
rain, anil the second by adding clay
and sand In the proper proportions as
required, shaping up the surface with
a light grader, and keeping the trav
eled surface smooth and even with the
rond planer, after which the earth sur
face eventually becomes smooth and
Impervious to water. The result Is an
extremely satisfactory road ot a very
low cost to the public.
Engineering Experiment Station Tests
All Materials to Be Used In
Road Building.
The road mnterlals laboratory of the
Kansas engineering experiment sta
tion Is In charge of the testing of all
materials for use on federal aid roads
In the state of Kansas. Moro than 75
car loads of defective cement and
bricks submitted for test In the past
year have been rejected, thus saving
the state many thousands of dollars.
Proper Procedure of County or Dis
trict Is Matter Open for Much
Just how a county or district should
proceed to finance a system of roads
Is a matter open for discussion. It
depends- upon how, rapidly they need
them and upon how well they are able
to pay. In other words on their val
uation and the cost of tho work contemplated.
Crown for Earth Roads.
Well maintained earth roads need
very little crown. The wider and flat
ter the earth road, the better, If It has
good drainage and Is kept constantly
To Control Weevils.
Clean grain bins carefully before
putting grain Into them, to control
Provide Plenty of Water.
Provide plenty of water for your
utock and the birds.
Western Canada a Country of
Marvelous Fertility.
Literally Hundreds of Miles of Won.
derful Grain Fields Delight the Eye
Yields Will Run Well Over a
Billion Dollars.
A trip through the wheat Holds of
Wosteru Cnnndii may lack the Inspira
tion, such as one may find working In
Rldlnusly through his being as he
traverses the mountain areas of
Canada, rich In the variety of color
and depth of shades thnt they cast,
wonderful In their magnitude, Ibelr
grandeur, restful, even although the
streams that flow from their sides
come down with n swish and a swnsh
creating a noise thnt makes one's ear
drums heat their last heat. Then as
we rest beside the Inkes In the clnuds
and see tho cnlin and peace which
they enjoy In the midst of nestling
hills, we wonder If there's another
world. Care has vanished; all wo
want Is to dwell upon the Scene. But
It was not the Intention to speak of
mountain scenery, roaring torrents,
placid Inkes, and restful haunts.
Untlicr, we were about to speak of the
other kind of Inspiration that Is
aroused as one traverses Western
Canada's Immense plains, grldlroned
with railroads and splendid highways,
along whose borders and pway hack
are to he seen the most wonderful
grain fields. The crops of wheat, oats,
barley, llax, and corn yes. corn hao
Just been harvested, the threshing ma
elilnes are hli'sy, the elevators are
ready the thirty and forty thousand
bushel elevators, with three, four, and
live and more at nearly every station
along the thousand miles of rnllwn.Vt
that serve this Immense new nren of
agricultural land. There Is not a more
inspiring sight than these grain fields.
They lend onu to pause and reflect,
get one Into a mental arithmetic
strain, and the mind wanders us It
gothers the great length of figures that
represents the Western Canada grain
crop of 1020. A pencil and paper
are needed, for the value will run Into
and over n billion dollars. At least,
that Is what those who profess to keep
themselves posted as to values
The wheat crop alone will run over
250.000.000 bushels, nnd If you figure
,thls at $2.80 pur bushel; the price It Is
selling at as wo write, there you have
$700,000,000 alone. Then there Is the
oat crop, with a yield of one hesitates
to say the quantities in bushels, for
the threshors are reporting yields of
110 and 120 bushels per acre, where
but NO and 00 bushels were expected,
but their value, apart from that of
barley and rye and flax, will carry
us over the billion dollar mark.
"Of courso all this means hut we
hnd almost forgotten to speak of the
cattle and horses, the sheep nnd the
pigs.' the dairy and many other farm
products, the Increase and production
of which this year will bring In ninny
more million dollars all this means
thnt there will lie n rush of buyers to
Western Canada this fall, during tho
winter, and next spring.
A certain amount of satisfaction Is
derived by those "hack home here,"
whose friends are writing them In
dorsing the statements that are ap
pearing In the press of wheat yields of
thirty, forty, nnd fifty bushels to the
acre; of oats yielding anywhere from
sixty to 120 bushels per acre. Dis
tricts have not been specially favored.
Travel anywhere, eight hundred miles
east and west, four hundred miles
north and soulli, nnd It Is tho samo
story, splendid yields, good acreage,
excellent prices, easy marketing, but
labor a little scurce. Advertisement.
aids to good looks, sound
teeth eager appetite and
diaestiosi are only 5C a
package sealed
After every meal
WTrrrmriTT r ""
The Thinnest Thing.
The thinnest thing In nature Is the
black spot that appears on a bubble
before it bursts. That black spot Is
the center of a number, usually live,
of concentric rings on the tdiln of the
hubhlo, which form as the skin weak
ens. The thickness of these rings de
creases by regular steps toward the
center, and there the bubble Is, so thin
that It cannot reflect light, and there
fore appears black. It Is about seven
molecules thick. But mica has been
spilt by man Into layers only one moje
cule thick.
Tape's Dlapepsin" Corrects Stomach
"Papo's Dlaticpaln" Is Uio quickest, sur
,cst rullut for Indigestion, Gauos, Flatu
lence, Heartburn, Sourneso, Fermentation
or Stomach I'lptress cnuucil by acidity.
A few tablets glvo almost immcdluto
Rtomnch relief and shortly the ntomach
Is corrected so you can ent favor! to foods
without feu-. Largo case costs only GO
conts nt drug sto. j. Absolutely hnrmlesa
and pleasant. Millions helped annually.
Bost stomuc corroctlvo known Adv.
Airplanes to Chase Bandits.
The Chinchc government plans to use
airplanes to locate bandits and smug
glers, transport precious metals from
the Interior to coast ports and explore
for new railroad and highway routes.
Its Nature.
"My brother has u good
making Job."
"Where is It?
"At the mint."
A Harmless Soothing, Healing Remedy
for Coughs and Colds.
Here Is a remedy for coughs, rolds;
bronchitis, throat Irritation, nnd espe
cially for lung troubles, thnt hits been
sold all over' the civilized world In
many thousands of household for tho
last llfty-four years. Its inerftB hnvo
stood this test of time nnd use, nnd
surely no test could bo more potent
or convincing. It gives tha patient
with weak and Inllnmed luhgrt a good
night's rest, free from coughing, with
easy expectoration lit the morning.
Try one bottle, accept no substitute.
For, snle by all druggists and dealers
In medicine everywhere. Adv.
Domestic Repartee.
"My face Is my fortune, air," Bhe
"Yep," he replied, "nnd Til say your
money docs n lot of talking."
The "Bayer Cross" on tablets is the thumb-print which
positively identifies genuine Aspirin prescribed by physicians for
over 20 years, and proved safe by millions.
Safety first I Insist upon an unbroken "Bayer package ' containing propel
directions for Headache, Earache, Toothache, Neuralgia, Colds, Rheumatism,
Neuritis, Lumbago and for Pain generally. Made and owned striotly by Americans.
Handy tin boxea of 12 tablets cost but a few cents Larger packages
Aaplrln U tha trad mark ot Ilairar llajjufaotur. of Uonoaoatleacldccttr of BallcylleaoU