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At the I'innarle of Hope, Desire. Achievement lies
which comes to him only who courts it. The foundation of
Business Success
is the Bank Account. Have you laid the foundation?
We are interested in your
(Copyright. 1920. Western Newspaper Union.)
"You arc surely my friend, Tresh
nm," projected Willie Hurton.
"Xot so much us I was," seriously
replied Hugh Troshnm. "1 don't like
the bright, flippant way in which you
treat what you call your 'tiff with n
young lady for whom I have the high
est admiration and respect."
"Surely you aren't hit yourself In
that direction I" railed Burton deri
sively. "We won't discuss that, replied
Treshnm with dignity. "You and I
have known one another for a good
ninny years and I am a passably loyal
fellow, but the autocratic and Indiffer
ent wny In which you treat the wound
ing of a trustful, sensitive heart hurts
"Oh ! fix it tip for me, anibnssndoP
royal !" spoke Hurton nlrily. "Of
course, I broke an engagement to take
Vera to an entertainment nntl did
some lllrtlng with others under the
provoking hufliness of the little scold
er, but thnt is no reason why she won't
make a move townrds a reconciliation.
Honest, I'm sorry, and I think a lot
of her. Tell her so, smooth It over.
She's got n cool $50,000 In her own
right, Is pretty as a picture and I'll
marry her tomorrow If she's ngreea-ble."
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IHllHHIMKraiyilsillllMH lOlQMI I I I M il I 1 I I I i I 1 1 i I I I j I I I I I I f E I I
Hugh Tresham was something more
than annoyed. He did not at all like
the mission upon which he was being
I "You are straining my sense of pro
priety and Justice, Hurton," ho ob
served. "You are asking nn extraor
dinary duty of me, but I will hope
that If I break the Ice and open the
war for you to effect n reconciliation,
you will prize the treasure amongl
womankind ns she deserves to bo."
"Yvp, I'll turn over a new leaf," de
clared Hurton. "Of course. I'm not
going to report to her In tears or any
of that rot, but If Vera will let by
gones be bygones with nothing more
said, I am willing to bo reasonably
meek and humble."
There was the trace of sneering au
dacity and egotism In tones of the un
worthy lover and Treshnm went his
way with compressed lips and a
pained nnd thoughtful face. Hurton,
the son of one of the most Influential
residents of Hnyvllle, had been known
to Tresham. just establishing u mod
erate law practice, for a long time.
The lntter owed many favors to Bur
ton and until the pnst year had held
him In high regard. Ho had been
pained and disappointed nt a great
change In him, however, but was too
loyal to tell others so.
It was a hard task ho had assumed.
There was a basis to the Insinuation
on the part of Hurton thnt Tresham
thought more than ordinary of the
belle or Itayvlllo society. From the
first time that Treshnm met Vera
Drlscoll he had reallz.ed that he had
come across the only wonjnn ho could
ever love.
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are the best insurance against
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suited to a majority of trac
tors, Polarine Extra Heavy,
Polarine Heavy and Polarine
being recommended for quite
a number. For the proper oil to
use in your tractor consult your
Stanolind dealer or write us.
Tresham reached the Drlscoll homo
to find Vera seated In n garden ham
mock. She greeted him grnclously. but
her brow furrowed, those chnrinlni?
lips lost their smile nnd there was no
encouragement In her eyes as Tresh- j
nm clearly and nt once divulged the J
motive of his cull. Ho said all he had i
promised Hurton to say. The dark
expressive eyes flashed with something
like scorn.
"Ho you not think that the peniten
tial appeal of Mr. Hurton should have,
come from his own lips direct?" she
"I have fulfilled a mission to a
friend," responded Tresham simply.
"May I hear a reply message to him?"
"I will think over what Mr. Hurton
hns said," was Vent's reply.
Then the fair face cleared and she
became the entertaining hostess com-'
plete with a man she respected and
esteemed. Tresham sighed drearily as
he left her presence. Its charm en
hanced In his estimation the gulf of
wealth between them, while emphasiz
ing his convictions of the unworthl
ness of Willis Hurton more decisively
thnn before.
A week went by. Burton fumed and
then sulked when he found thnt Mlsa
Drlscoll was not nt nil eager to take
him back Into her good graces. Then
mysteriously It became known that
the uncle of Vera, who operated a
large manufacturing enterprise, had
failed, and It was said that all of
Vent's fortune had been lost In the
It was Just after then thnt Burton
received a note from Vera, asking
him to call. He did not reply nnd she
wns glad for reasons of her own. It
seemed thnt a penniless bride wns not
the fancy of this very worldly nnd
selfish young man.
Nobody looked down upon Miss Drls
coll when she readjusted her life In
accordance with a changed financial
condition. She was a general favorite
and preserved her wonted cheerful
ness nnd exerted her helpful Influence
ns before.
Willis Burton mnrrled Into a newly
rich family and flaunted the dazzle of
money bags like the cad he was.
Hugh Troshnm set studiously, serious
ly nt work to console Miss Drlscoll.
But ho did not proceed far In that
direction, for very quickly and very
clearly Vera Indicated thnt she needed
no consolation as to her lost lover. In
fact, she began to evidence nn Inter
est In the nffalrs of the young Inwyer
and n plensure in his companionship
thnt caused both to bless the money
rilsnster that had led to love and Its
choicest blessing.
Varieties of Potatoes,
tine potato may be big enougn to
provide n meal for a good-sized fam
ily. People In Virginia like them that
wny, In northern markets, however,
the demand Is for potntoes of a mod
est size. In Europe potntoes are
grown of different kinds for different
purposes. Certain varieties are raised
for cooking and others for stnreh
mnklng and distilling. Over there
they have a so-called "stock potato,"
which Is not used for human food at
all. It Is very lnrge and coarse of tex
ture. The yield to the acre Is twice
the ordinary, and the tubers, being ex
ceedingly rich In stnrc'i. are great al
cohol producers.
III 1 1 II
(Copyright, 1920, Wentorn Newspaper Union.)
Then were six boarders at the
home of Mrs. Luolln Goodwin and Uiey
were a congenial and pretty well satis
fied sextette. There was a Mr. Enid
(ray and his young wife, the two
Misses Wnrd, spinsters, Gordon Llslo
and Millie Forrester. The young man
last named was an Industrial engineer.
the young lady nn assistant bookkeep
er, and with them principally the
story has to do.
The Grays had Just started out In
iimi-rle-l life, Gordon Lisle was ;tt the
time working on a salary and Miss
Forrester was it beginner In her then
existing position. She and the Grays
were content to occupy rooms on the
third floor, while 1-lsle had an apart
ment In the half attic. The Misses
Ward, having an Income from a small
estate, were able to pay for more pre
tentious quarters on the floor below,
but these grades of means did not af
fect the regard with which Mrs. Good
win considered them. All were wel
come to the double parlor on the tlrst
floor, and many pleasant concert eve
nings they pnssed, Mrs. Goodwin the
delighted high priestess of so much
harmony and comfort, Millie nt the
piano, Llslo accompanying her with
his violin, the spinsters always called
upon for an old time duet and the
Grays In an ecstasy of enjoyment sen
timentally holding hands.
It was when there was a break In
this perfect circle that Millie grew sad
and thoughtful nnd the others lost
their former home Interest. The
young man had told his friends enough
to Indicate that he had lingered In the
clly to contest a lawsuit which In
volved a large amount due him from
an engineering corporation. The ease
went against him and he was a very
much disappointed man.
".Somehow I lost nil the Important
papers In the mutter," he told Millie
sorrowfully the evening tlley parted.
"I have got to go back to hard work,
penniless and defrauded. It Is a dis
appointment to have you go out of
my life, Miss Forrester," he ttddetl
with deep feeling, "for your company
has been a pleasure and an inspiration
to me. I have nskeil iny sister, Mrs.
Hartley, to Invite you to her home,
for she will miss you, too, and It will
be a solace to me to realize that you
two are sometimes thinking of me."
"I shall never forget you," answered
Millie with truth and emotion, and
she broke down In tears after his de
parture. Once a week after that on Invitation
Millie was an evening guest of Llsle's
sister. They became true friends and
more so than ever when on one occa
sion Mrs. Hartley told Millie that she
was the only girl Gordon had ever
loved and Millie, overcome, confessed
that he had won the affection she had
never before revealed. In heart to
heart sympathy those two read the
frequent letters the brother wrote to
his sister and they sent back messages
of hope and cheer.
Mrs, Goodwin, the kindly landlady,
took her tlrst vacation In twenty years
and by a mere coincidence exactly at
the time that Millie was apportioned
hers. A helpful Impulse came to the
latter after she had decided that she
would remain in t lie city during the
two weeks spell of leisure. Mrs.
Goodwin had been kind and motherly
toward her and Millie set at work to
repay all her friendly consideration.
The portly landlady did her best, but
nmld her multitudinous duties she neg
lected cleaning house that spring.
The vncant room that Lisle had occu
pied had not found another tenant.
In n systematic way Millie started
to have a grand surprise for Mrs.
Goodwin when she returned. Mrs.
Gray gave her what assistance she
could nnd the cleaning up program
was good practice for the bride of a
year and gave Millie a new Insight as
lo household work.
Somehow It saddened, yet engrossed
her to work In the room that Llslo
had occupied. It hail not been touch
mi since his departure and he had left
some framed pictures on the wall,
there was an old straw hat In a closet
anil In wastebasket pencil sketches of
bridge and conduit work that ho had
mapped out. On a window ledge MU
lle enme upon a faded rose bud. She
wondered If it was one she had worn
In her hair and gave to lilni one
Millie did not evade u thorough ren
ovation of the neglected room. There
was a wardrobe chest of drawers set
In n niche and all of those shu dis
lodged and scrubbed and mado sweet
and clean. As she was setting one
back In the place her eyes fell upon
n crushed package of papers wedged
In behind a lining board and the bot
tom of the- wardrobe. She drew It
forth. Ten minutes later, hurriedly
iressed and all In a Mutter, Mllllo has
t. 'led from the house to seek the sis
ier of the man she loved.
"Thexp must be tho missing papers
. ur brother so often told mo about,"
spoko Mllllo breathlessly. "Oh 1 if so,
(in hey not mean something to him?"
nn. I Mrs. Hartley uttered a glad cry as
sin looked them over.
"oh, Millie!" she cried Joyously,
'lb -, are the precious documents, In
deed : Wo must wire Gordon at once.
You glorious girl ! You have restored
his f' rtune and" she paused and be
stowal upon Millie an Interrogative
"Yes." replied Mllllo frankly and
fervently, "and love, true and lusting,
m It was his long ugo."
I have the Money
on hand to close
loans promptly.
Real Estate Mortgages
Bought and Sold
Loan Broker
Building & Loan Building
Storage Batteries
Midway Motor Co.
Physlclnn and SargooH
Office OTcr Koxnll Drug Stole
Offlco Phono 371. House 1008
I'liRjIdan and Surgeon.
Speclnl Attention Ghon to Snrjrerj
and Obstretrlcs.
Offlco: Building & Loan Building
Phonos: Offlco 130, Residence 116
Physician. Obstctrictan
Surgeon. X-Hny
Culls Promptly Answered Night or Duj
Phono Office G12 Residence (170
Offlco Phono 340 Res. Phono 1237
Osteopathic riiyglclnu
Ue'ton Bldz. North Platte. Nob
Phono for Appointment!
Estnte Nn. 17in nf t t
renco, (loconsed In tho County Court of
Lincoln County, Nobraska.
mo nmio or iNoornBicn, to nil porsonB
IntnrpStml 111 anf.l TCafnfn ... i...
thnt tho Administratrix linti nietl n nnnl
account nnd rnnnpt nt Imi. n ,1 .v. I n I Mn
flou nnd a petition for1 llnnl sottlomont
nnd dlschargo ns such, which hnvo hoon
nui iui nciniiK uoioro sain court on
Jlllv 0. msn nf n nMnMr n ... ....
may npponr nnd contest tho' (mine.
wmtMi ,i line j.', i;izo,
WM. 11. C. WOODIIimST,
JVOTICn OI' FI.VAIj iihpoiit.
Estnte Nn. 170ft nt ah.... ir c. M .
Ill tlin fmtlltv rrtnrf nt T t.,nnl..
--- ---- -" " 44,iiv.uiii utili
ty. Nohrnskn.
Tho Htato of Nohrnskn: To all persona
Interested In snld Iistnte, take notice
thnt tho ndmlnlstrntor hns niod a final
llCCOlint nnd rrmnrt nf I, la ... 1, .. I. .1. ......
, w. ...n i.fiiniiiini.1 il-
tlon nnd n petition for nnnl aottfomont
nnd dlschnrKo ns such, which hnvo hoon
uuiumtf notoro sniu court on
July Oth, 1920, nt 9 o'clock n. m., when
von mny npponr nnd contest tho same.
.'men uuno if, ivzu.
Iln-3 County .JtidKo.
Kstnto No. 1CS8 of Mary Durkiih,
Deconsed. '
111 tlin Pnnnlv rn 11,., nf T I . . . ........
ty, Nohrnskn.
'i no Htnto or Nohrnskn: To nil nor-
HOIIH Intnrnfltml In unt.i ... ......
...,.l ---- n j.niimj, unit!
notion (tint Hi., n .1 ... It. I ..I i.n , .1 .. i. ' Mii- .
,,.. . " "in nil nil IJl HUH IIICU
a llnnl account of her ndmlnlstrntlon
1'i.iiiiuii iur nnni soitlomout nnd
uintimriio us alien, nnn petition for do-
ternilmitlnn nf IiaIi..!,!,, n...i .n.n...
, . . . nitqi 111MI lllnirilfll-
tlon, w-hlch hnvo heon sot for henrliiK
...w.o nun vuiiri oil Jlliy 'Jin, ID'O, nt
10 oclock n. in., when you may appear
11 tWI rtntilno, , 1 . .. .........
... vuMiuni inu nuiiie.
Dated Juno 8th, 1920.
,,r , WMl c- WOODIIUnST,
Ilr,-:' County JudKo.
xotici: oi' iti:i i:iti:i:s ham:.
Notice Is hereby given thnt by vir
tue of nn order Issued to mo by tho
DlHtrlct Court in nnd for Lincoln Conn
ty, Nobrnskn, In mi action theroln
pending wherein John Arthur SIiiuiih,
Is plaintiff. (Jpftriido Hlnims, Elslo
Kednllo Moyle, nee Slminn, John Moylo
her husband, Sarah Inez Wilson neo
Slinnis, ClmrlOH Wilson ber husband,
Leslie D. SlmniH, single, Elmer Cleve
land SIiiuiih, single, Charles Herbert
Slmins, n minor. Joe Wright Slinms, a
minor, Harry Ezra Hlnims, a minor,
.lunula Clnrn Slinms, n minor, nro de
fendants, I will on the 19th dny of July,
1920, nt the hour or 2 o'clock P. M. or
snld dny at the east rront door or tho
Court House in the City or North
Platte, Lincoln County, Nebraska, soil
at auction to tho highest bidder for
cash, the following doscrlbed real es
tate, situate In the County of Lincoln
and Htato of NebraskA, to-wlt:- South
half or SouthwoHt nunrter (SV4 of
SW'4). Northeast uuartor or tho South,
west quarter (NEVi or 8WU ), South
west quarter of the Southenst (luartor
(SW'4 of SEU). or Section twonty
elgbt C.S), Tounnnlp eleven (11).
Mango Thirty (30); tho North hnir or
the Southenst (unrter (NV4 or SEU),
the South half of the Northeast quar
ter (Sifc of NE'4 nf Section twenty,
eight f2S), Township elovon (11),
Ilnnge Thirty (30), and tho Northeast
quarter (NE'4 or Section Thirty-two
(32). Township eleven (11), Itantfo
Thirty (30).
Dated this lllh day or June, 1920.
Jir.-r.w n. E. ELDEM, Moforeo.
'otlco of Petllloiu
Kstato No. 17CR of Uornanl Mtllor,
ileceaHcd In the County Court of Lin
coln County, Nobraska.
Tho State of Nebraska, To all per
Hons interested in said Estnto tako
notlco that a petition hns been filed
for tho probato of an Instrument pur
portitiK to bo tho last will and Testa
tnent of said deceased and for appoint
ment of George Taylor us Executor of
wild Estnte, which baa boon sot for
hoarlfiK boroln on July 2, 1920, nt !)
o'clock a. m.
Dated Juno 5, 1920.
wm. ir. c. wooDimnsT.
J8-w County Judgo.
f, (!, 7 lliillillng Jc Loan-Building.
Offlco Phone 70.
Itcs. Phono 1243
Over Hlrschfcld'a
Offlco Phono 333 Res. Phone 1020
, notici:.
I Notice Is hprptiy given given thnt tho
I assessor lit nnd for the Ulrdwood Irri
gation District, Lincoln cdunty, Ne
braska, 1ms completed the assessment
' for shUI district nnd hns dellverod the
same to tho socretary. The Iioard of
i Directors Is hereby called to moot nt
, tho ollleo of tho secretary on tho SEVl
iof Section 36, Township 1C, Mango 32
(west, Tuesday, July fit It, 1920; to net ns
ja Hoard of Equalization and to honr
objections to tho assessment.
Tho said board to remain lit' session
ns long ns necessary not to oxccoit
ten days during which tlnto nil objec
tions to the assessment nnd valuation
will bo hcnril nnd determined.
Dated this 7th tiny of .Juno, 1920.
.115-2 MAItY f. McNEEL, Sec'y.
Notice of Additional I, nnd Jo lie Includ
ed In lllrilttood Irrigation District.
Notice Is herohy irlvcn to ench nnd
overy owner of lnnd In the Hlrdwood
Irrigation District thnt on tho 12th dny
of Jnnunry. 1920. Cntherlno Movie filed
at tho offlco of said district a petition
prnyniK' titnt tae iiouiidnries or snld
district ho chmiKed so as to Include tho
rounwliiK doHcrlliod lnnd, to-wlt:
Part of NU of KKi of NE eon-
sIsUiih: of llftoeit acred: pnrt of NV4 of
NWIi of NIOtt consisting or fifteen
ncros; pnrt of N of NH of NWU
consisting oi urteen ncros: pnrt or N'.fc
of NWU of NWU consisting of llftoea
nores, nuikliiK n totnl of sixty ncros of
Section it, Township II, ltnitKO 32 west
of tho fith 1'. jr. In Lincoln county, Ne
hrnska, which are contiguous to tho
Hlrdwood Irrigation District, nnd which
constitute one trnct of lnnd, snld potl
tlon prnj-H thnt tho nforosnld hinds h
Included In llio dlNtrlot nnd lie Itrlgn
ted from tho canal nnd tho wntor ap
propriation of snld district tho snnio nsi
lands now embraced within tho bound
aries of said district.
All persons Interested in snld peti
tion will npponr nt this offlco on
Tuesday. July fith, 1920, nnd show cntiso
In writing why prayer of said peti
tioner may not bo granted.
Dated this Kith day or June. 1920.
TKi-3 MAltY C. McNKEIj, Sec'y.
Ill tho County Court of Lincoln Coun
ty, Nohrnskn.
In tho Matter of tho Estate of Min
nie Cornet, Deceased.
To tho Holm and nil persons Inter
ested In snld Estate:
You nro horoliy notified that on Juno
10, 1920, 10. It. (loodman, ns oxooutor of
said estnto, filed In tho County Court
of Lincoln county. Nobrnskn, his ac
count and application for the distribu
tion of snld ostnte, nnd tho assignment
of tho real estnto thereof, towlt: All
of Lots Klvo (fi) nnd Hlx (fi) of Block
V yo (C) of Gamble's Addition to tho
v lllago of Horshoy, Lincoln county,
Nohrnskn, nnd thnt snld nccount nnd
nppllcntlon will bo hoard boforo thiR
court on tho Oth dny of July, 1920, nt
nlno oclock n.,m In tho county court
room In the court house In tho city of
North Plntte. In snld county, nnd you
nro hereby cited to npponr nt snld tlmo
nnd plnce nnd show cause, If any there
be, why snld nccount should not bo ap
proved and allowed and snld estate
distributed nnd assigned.
Dntod North Plntte. Nohrnskn. Juno
10. 1920. WM. H. C. WOODHUitHT.
.1154 (SEAL.) County Judge.
xotick or ni:.viti.:.
In tho County Court of Lincoln coun
ty, Nebraska.
In tho Matter of tho Estate of Anna
Mnrgarothn Meyer, Decensed.
To tho holrs and nil persons Inter
ested In snld estnto:
.1,iVo,"n.nnroJV,rcl,, ,10t,fIed thnt on Juno
9th, 1920, Edwnrd It. Ooodmnn, ns expe
utor of snld ostnto, filed In tho County
( ourt of Lincoln county, Nobrnskn. his
account nnd application for the distri
bution of snld estnte, nnd thnt snld nc
co.l.'.nt. implication for distribution
will be heard on the nth dny of July,
1920. nt nine o'clock a. in. In tho county
court room In the court house In tho
Cltv of North Plntte, In said county,
Illld VOIl urn lmrnliv nltn.1 In ............
Ntlid tlmo nnd tllnpn nml ulwii.' it
.. ........ ...... ....,, nitinu, ,i
any thoro be, why 'said account should
um mi limn iivcn nnu allowed nnd snld
"ito iiistriiiutcd.
Dnted nt North llntto Vr.i,f..irr.
tuno 9. 1920.
(SEAL) County Judge.
In tho County Court of i.inrnl li eniiti.
ty, Nebraska.
In tlio Matter of the Estate of Mary
U. McICalght, Docensod.
To all poisons Interested in tho Es
tate of Mary E. McKnluht. Into of r.ln.
coin county, Nebraska.
t ou nnci oncn or you nro horoby no
tified that Carl R Wilson Iiiin fllml Mm
duly verified potltlsn in tho county
court or Lincoln county, Nobraska. al
leging mat Aiary is. McKnlght died In
testate on or about tho 21st day of
March. A. D. 1899. seized In ton h 111 til it
or tho rollowlng described promises
situated in tho county or Frontier and
state or Nobraska, to-wlt: Lot num-
noriKi eignt (S), in HlOck numbered
fourteen (14). Ill tho vlllaire of fiirHH
according to tho recorded plat thoroor.
nfiiviiiK nor surviving nor nusband,
Hobort A. McKnlght, and tho rollowlog
named children mid no other Issue or
descendants, to-wlt:
William S. McKnlght. a son. over
twenty-ono years or ago; Sidney Mc
Knlght, a son, over twenty-ono yenrs
or ngo; Anna McKnlght. a dnusrhter
over twenty-ono yenrs of ugo; Hobert
iinrrison iwcKiugut, a son, under four
teen yours of ngo: Chnrles McKnlglit,
a son, undor fourteen yonrH of nir:
CInronco McKnlght, a son, undor four
teen years or ago; Claudlo McKnlght,
a son, under rourtocn yonrs or ngo.
iimi sniu petitioner, unri v. 1'Jleon,
Ik tho ownor or snld promises In foe
simple, having dorlvcd title thorotb liy
mi lci cuuvoyiiuces irom ine noirs or
said doconsed, nnd by mosno convey
ance rrom Marsha V. Elson and hus
band, D. D. Elson; that moro than two
yeara luivo olapsod Blnco tho death of
snld decensed nnd no nppllcntlon linn
been made In tho state or Nobraska for
the appointment of nn ndmlnlstrntor
either by her holrs or by porsonB claim
ing to bo creditors of snld deceased:
that Hnld deceased resided In tho coun
ty or Lincoln mid Htato or Nohrnskn, at
the tlmo or hor decoaso and died tlioro
ln; by reason whoreor Jurisdiction to
.idminlHter hor estnto appertains to the
county court or snld Lincoln county.
Snld petitioner prnys this court for a
dotcrmlnntlnii of the tlmo of tho dentil
of tho decedent. Mnry E. McKnlght, a
determination or the holrn or snld
Mary E. McKnlglit. tho degrco or kin
ship and the tight or tho real property
belonging to tho snld Mnry E. Mc
Knlght, deceased, nnd for nil othor nnd
proper rollof.
It Is therefore ordered that said pe
tition be beard and determined by thin
court nt tho county court room In tho
cltv of North Platto, county of Lin
coln, nnd state of Nobraska, on tho 13th
day or July. A. D. 1920, at 2 oclock P
M.. which tlmo nnd plnco nro fixed by
this court for the homing thereon.
It Is further ordorod that tills no
tlce shnll bo nubllshed In tho North
Platto Soiiil-Weokly Tribune, a legal
Homl-weokly newsnnpor In said county
for threo nuccossivo wocUh prior to
said hearing.
Dated tills 10th day of Juno. A.D.1920
Jl 5-3 County Judge