The North Platte semi-weekly tribune. (North Platte, Neb.) 1895-1922, June 18, 1920, Image 12

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Rexail Drug.
-SemMiBeeklg 3rtbune.
AHA h HAHK, Editor and Publisher
l)n tear by Mull, In ndvunco. .$1,75
One Vcur by Corrlor, in udranco, $9.00
'iitorod at tlio North Platte, Nebraska
Postofllco ua Second Class Matter.
i'JlIDAY, JUNK 18th, 1020.
Jingo Irrigation District.
A Washington special to tho World
Jlorald Bays: Flvo hundred thousand
acres of land hotweon North Platte
' -and- Konrnoy, NohraHka, will become
lart of u mammoth Irrigated qoctlon
At a auri'oy being urged by John Noff ,
o Lexington, in approved by tho gov
ernment and llndB favor at congrea
tslonnl Jinnda,' ho that appropriation
Prayer Jleotlng Schedule.
Chairman, P. It. Stevens, Tel. 1275
WAItD I. Superintendent Mrs. N. 13.
Louden. Tel. 1053J. Assist. Supt.
Mrs. W. Cummlngs, Tel. 1298.
SECTION A. South of tracks td 4th,
hotweon Dowoy and Poplar.
SECTION B. South of tracks to 4th,
hotweon Poplar and Taft.
SECTION C. South of tracks to 1st,
betweon Taft and city limits.
SECTION D, East of Dewey, to Poplar
hotweon 4th and B.
SECTION E. East of Poplar to Taft,
botwoen 4th and 11.
SECTION P. All east of Dowoy ho
tweon A and E.
SECTION O. All eaat of Dowoy, bo
twoen E and south limits.
WAHD II. Superintendent Mrs. M'. E.
Scott, Tol. 303W. Assist. Supt. Mrs.
J. II. VanCleavo, Tol. 1211W.
SECTION A Prom Dowoy to Willow
'uotweon ani and a
Mr &ei wlSoiui tho Chambers ' BBOHON B. Prom Dewey to Willow f 7 One of these
of Commorc o 'North IMa tte and botwco A anA " & s- Addition. lfuI""8t'? fa,? h,nf 1)00,1 tho writing
KeanS nnnd a' SlJ 'Stan za- BTOTION O. II. & S. Addition and fth? Ster wl"th thS''
IZSXTrS between Willow and 1
w h t he reel Smntlon Borvlco nn 0ak fro' 3,(1 to A- ? , UmJ prcachers and folks, wlthti,
ifiihiffiiZ SECTIONED. Between Willow and t$ "'&T
wcy win Do forthcoming hOOii.
.Somo Idea of tho magultudo.of the,
project may bo gained when It Is
known that tlio total of nil lands In lr-i
I t ... n .. , t '
xiBiioiu projects wosi oi urmgoport is
Oak from 3rd to A
SECTION i E. From Willow to Oak
between A nnd south limits. ,
WARD III. Supcrlntomltnt, Mrs. A.
J. Crawford, Tel. 712. Assist. Supt.
about 04,000 acres. Tho great benoOts MrH- M- E- Crosby, Tol. 9GGW.
-resulting to that section would bo SECTION A, West of Dowoy to W11-
greatly miHtlpllod, It Is assorted, In ,mv "otweon tracks and 3rd street.
Ithe territory Tietwoen North Platte SECTION B. West of WUloW to Oak
and Konrno'y. ''0twca tracks and 3rd.
Irrigation, pojocts that exist . ho- SECTION C. Wesf of Oak to Wnehlng
twoon thoso cities now nro compara-' t" ltwoon tracks and 2nd,,
tlvely small nnd aro dependont upon SECTION D West of Washington to
purchase of water from tho 'Pathflnd- Madison betweon tracks and 1st
or dnm, near Whnlon, Wyo. There Is SECTION E. All west of Madison bo
4in Immonso loa of water by ovnpora-1 twocn tracks nnd 1st.
lion In this long carriage. Water users WAItD IV. Suporlntondont, Mrs. P.
lUlfl propectlve water usors oast of Powers, Tol. 2G3J. Assist. Supt.
JJofrfh Platte want to avoid thlB. JIrs. Lelnlngor, Tol. 1153W.
. Tills can bo dono only by construct- SPPTION A. North of tracks oast of
lrig a vast storago rcsorvolr closer to Locust.
1jtt projoct. It Is this and othor feat- SECTION B. North of tracks between
irros tho practicability of which could Locust ond Maplo.
IftjQ determined by a survey. Plonotr. SECTION C. North tracks and west
The union tabornaclo meetings are
growing with increasing interest and
Tuogdny evening saw the largest
dpowd of the campaign. A fdoiure of
this sorvloe was tho visit of tlTo auto
(faravnn of thlrty-llvo people onroute
to Scotts Bluff for the Sunday School
Another feature of tho campaign is
the singing of Mr. Wick land whoso
tolo work Is aplondld. Hie chorus
singing alone Is worth coming to the
tabornaclo to hear.
Mr. Hayburn has in Ills broad ex
perience, becomo nn expert dlngno
tlclan of the mnnv ills that retard and
kill the progress of Christianity. Ho
does not have to be told your faults
and sins to hit them. After all In one's
nood of God we nro all sn much alike
nnd yet so different. These likenesses
and the differences are both familiar
to tho ovangollst. Ills earnostncs.s.
simplicity nnd foarlossnoss arc wlnn
Ing nnd gripping tho community.
Tho cottago prayer meetings are
hold In over twenty homes at ten
overy morning except Saturday. A
number of thorn aro roportlng 100f;
prayer meetings which means that
overy one prosont offers prayer.
Wednesday evening Mr. Rayburn
spoko on tho subject of the "Paraly
tic." Thls unforunato, malignantly
(IIhoii wnil mill linlnlnuu fn11ntit ....... ,.
-- - I l" 'J .TilO 1 L
stored by u miracle. Ills case of phy
sical healing through the assistance
of his frlonds and the power of Jesus
compared In three particular ways
with Christ's prosont day miracles In
healing paralytic souls.
In tho first place this poor man felt
his utter helplessness requiring from
tho Lord a mlraclo that has lived re
peatedly In such mlrnculmiH li on 1 1 n a
of charactor as Ilnrry Monroo and Mr.
tiuuioy uui tins man could not help
hlmsolf at all. Sinners nro tho same
way. Thoy would never In a thousand
years ask for a tabernacle meeting or
somo form of campaign for tho heal
ing of thoir souls upon tholr own In
itiative. Their frlonds, Christian
friends, must do this for them. That
Is always tho case. It Is tho prayor
mooting crowd upon which God must
depond for his work.
In tho next place thoro were certain
forbidding clrcumstnnces from With
out that mado It Imposslblo ffir the
paralytic to help hlmsolf. So In the
case of slnnors. Sdmo will combine
against thoso mootlngs. It wns the
crowd around Christ that kept so
many from following him. So the
crowd today, has tho same Influence.
Tho knockers, and tho snoerers, nud.
tho fault finders aro with us. Much
of this comes from church members
This Is an ago of fads. Pads- aro in
everything. But of many kinds of
fads Journalism has had Its share in
m m m - - - , .....
Wr" - k J
kf- lr.. ..k
L3I... ......... . P If . ' Tlmon nn..n mnnilt.nM ...If I ... . -ft
t .-llllllUim1 VI IMIS. 1 m.ow I'.ii.iui iiiuuillla will l)U IIUIU
Tho nHBessorft' schodulos returned to " Tuesday. Wednesday, Thursday and
'tho county assossor show a rather Friday, mornings .from 10 to 10:30
Terming docruoso in the numbor of o'clock and nil Interested In tho klng-
Tiogs In Lincoln county ns well as n rto,' rogardless of rollglous affiliations
decrease In tho numbor of cattlo. It 1h nro "vgod to attend. Tho placo of
probable that tho same percentage of nionthiK and tho loader will change
ilooroase will bo found In practically end day. Tho sections w;lll remain un-
vcry county In NohntSkn. changed.
Tho prlco of ctvttlo and hogs, and oh- ' , f . ,':"''-
pcclally tho lnttor, whop compared l llh HAltUAlX COUXTElt
With tho prlco of corn, has discouraged rft "
innnors and thoy have roducod tholr 503 South Pino Stroot Ono otory,
Urda ami. will not Incronso until prices 'amo, flvo room houso In porfoct con-
pliGr- illtlon. Strictly modorn. Basomont
VOTII'!' Iil7'i.0;i77i,r,nv a,, W,atUr m'00f SmuU C0!U shetl- Pr,CO
V&ku rMlB. J.i?M' F ."O-OO- $1,000.00 down, balanco on
i w t i i 4iiiu iikjw ur,
018 North -LincoUi Avonuo Plvo
room, one story, fruino dwolllng. AH
To ll,o owners of tho record title 7 Pr ico S2 OoSo
Of all property adjacent to or nbutt- B 0
tni5 upon the streets hereinafter doa ,,CJV ' t0Tl "' ,
v Urlbed and all Tinrunnu Intn
thero n: ,nvo
Coal house 12.x
Small paymont
isortii liincolu Avonuo Framo
therein: ,"Vo room, ono story residence. Good
YOU and oaoh of you are hereby COIltHtlon. All modern except boat,
notified 'that tho Mayor and City Coal ouso 12x12. Prico $2,700.00
OounaU of tho City of North Platto, Small paymont down, oasv torms.
Hd under date of Juno 1, 1080 pass G13 North Shorhlan Avenue Ono
Jiml approve a certain ordlnanco form- story, throo room dwelling. Strictly
ing nnd CroatlnC navlll? llUtrlflt Mum. tnannnn irn . . .
hoi- C of tho City of Nor h pn o tr sn. oai- oaUo him into the church and tell n
Lincoln County, ami that T!?M V month w,th 8 P0r C0,U !ot ,of 1,0 l0lt (l "Aleop
Lincoln County, Nobraska. and that intorost,
imu luuumiiu niiuuiH. luniuiiiiiir tii .... ...
hloned and out-of-date. They put 05
ui iiiu mame on tno preachers. But
the fault Is with themsel VOS. Tltnv
would rather have n cnnil Ihnn nnd
spend their Sundays being entertain
ed. . '
Another fad of today places a gulf
betweon tho church anil tho laborlnir
man. Thoro never was n greater un
truth. Thore Is no moro gulf between
uio moqring mnu and the church than
between tho church nnd doctors, or
clerks or nn othor
Tho fact of tho difference Is betweon
minion nature and God, between in
clination and a qulckcnod christian
Con8Cl0IlCO. Tills SO nnllfrl fnil fa n
pleco of moonshlno. , The Presbytor-
lans tnought they would solve the
labor quostlon nnd built a labor
tomplo in Philadelphia. Thoy failed.
It wa,s a fad. Wo are tired of so
many BWlvol-chalr exports and drlvos
and experiments nnd
j to preaching the old-fashioned gospel.
i.oib or cnurcues and preachers are
ecclesiastical refrigerators where they,
ico uio pcopio to Keep them all week.
If llO WQrO UohlE back Intn Mm nnntm.
nto ho would choose a church made up
of working and salaried people and
uoi a cnurcn or wealth. Tm T.miw
Homo Journal mndo an 'Investigation
somo years ago regarding the wol
coma given pooplo In churchoB. This
was a fad. But many people In
churches do wear a "lrpop off the
grass" attitude and keep people from
making their acquaintance. This Is
orton indlfforence rather than cold
Acnlll tills unfortunntn nnrnlvlln
jwas carrlel by four frjondg who let
.1.1... tin..... 41. ... u mi .
in uwiiii imu n i voi. iiiey reniizeii
ms uuer noipio88iio88. Lota of poopl
don't care what becomes of nthr .
poor unfortunate child prostitute wns
soiu io l orii the other day. Many, don'
care. What n fnnt tn ennw that i
Jesus only can pooplo bo saved Not
by mud baths and massages but by
Jesus alone can soul paralysis be
nenioil. A man dlos. IIo had nevor
Kono to church in nil his life and
WOUld UOt KQ if Hvinir. IIIh frlonda
grab the bIx hundlos of IiIb coffin and
Dependable Through Thick and Thin
Above everything else you want
dependability built into the grain binder
you buy. You want your binder to go
into your grain fields, no matter what
the conditions may be, and cut the grain
with the least possible loss of time and'
We are selling the John Deere Grain
Binder 'because we know it will give you that
dependable binder service which makes it a
profitable investment.
From the bottom up it's a better-built grain
"binder. Bigger and stronger roller-bearing
wheels; heavier one-piece main frame widely
lapped and hot-riveted together; strong, rigid
platform; three packers instead of two, assuring
better bundles in all kinds of grain these are
just a few of the features that make" it the
better binder.
Another feature you will appreciate on thi3
binder is the easily-operated bundle carrier.
No effort to hold it in receiving position or to
dump it. Because the teeth rise out of the
stubble the instant you start to return the
carrier, it's exceptionally easy to bring it back
to receiving position. And it's no trick to keep
this carrier always in easy-working order
simple adjustments are provided to accomplish
this. Because the teeth drop the instant the
carrier is dumped, the bundles are not scat
tered. The Quick Turn Tongue Truck adds much
to the effective work of the John Deere. The
wheels turn faster than the pole, making clean,
square corners possible. Because the truck
axle is flexibly mounted, both wheels hold to
the ground no matter how rough the fields may
be. This keeps the binder running straight,
and takes off the side draft from the horses.
Throughout the John Deere, you will find
just the kind of construction that you expect in
a good grain binder. We believe it will cut moref,
acres of grain at less cost per acre than any
other machine on the market that's what you
are interested in.
Come in and see this binder. It won't take long to show it to
you. When you get it in the field you will be just as enthusiastic
about it as we are. You can't make a better binder investment
intersections thereof, within tho limits
of tho City are comprised within said J1"'
niLVlni' illulrlnl ..... ,1)11111. PrlCO
room, one story frame roildonce. J it
Mty, nt the 'MS Soi
South - Walnut Street. Fri
with Raid ono story, six room dwelling, in goM
nil-.. i 1 ... ' . . . .
n:,vin ,iiuviof ...,., . ,"Ulll. Price $2,400.00. $500
. . . . la li IliHliiMAA I1P ... ... I. n .
Aii mat portion or Dth straal of bald ir inui wun e pnr c
i lfy, coiumonclnK on the
llryan Avenue. In said City
tei'IOCtion of Eth ntrnnt
' 7 - ...wv " HI VH .
, ...v...v , T unw iHvinni ft tj ti li inil Will''
Httld Dth street to tho ISnst lino of Pino lv nimlern with full bnsembnt. Prle
stroot; whore tho same intorsecta said , $5K0n,00. Will consider vncant lots
nwi.n, ,or Fo,"fl or Do,1:e cor l" Prt trade,
llnloss objoctlons nro fllod as re- n
rSmS A rooont "larrlnVonf Intoro.t In
i '1. 17 ,,ul),11cnt'Il "f thlslnnivoralt circles was that of Miss
notice tho Mayor and City Council .ina Henderson of Omaha to CM.
shall proceed to construct such .pav-jTTarrl of North Platte, son of Mrs. O.
Dated (his 10th day of Juno, 1920.
A. v. HTiimTZ. Mayor.
(5h.AU) O. H. BLDBn.
M. Ifnrrls of that cltv. Mr. HutIs
nUan'if' HnstlnRo nojiono and Mr.
IlarrlR thn slnto milvoslty. Afto,r n
wo(mint irui 'o ios. Anueiw "r. vjn
W TV tit . A V W I . .
City Clerk. .Mrfl. Hnrrls will bo at homo In Lincoln
111 Jobub." What lion nro tnhl nt fun-
orals as thoy proach thorn Into heav-
on I At such a funeral somo one will
say. and in tho nrosonco nf olilliii'mi
too, "Woll I huoss If ypu'llve as well
as no you will ue all right." Such
Only in Joeus can one tlud the Ufa
nun i ui Hiuuiy us 8contin acis 4: is,
"for neither Is there any other namo
undor hoavon, that la given among
mon, whoroln wo must bo saved."
wig iiAitfl.iix in mail
Wo havo stored In a publlo waro
Iioubo at Korth Platto a high grulo
piano which will bo sold at a substan
tial discount If taken at onco. If ln
torostod wrlto Tlio DENVER MUSIC
COMPANY, Donvor, Colorado. 40-8
Mrrs. A. E. Woods and dauphtor, of
Brady, spent Wednosday'in this city.
Juno 14, 100.
Board met pursuant to adjournment,
present Hermlnghausen, Koch and
Springer and tho following business
was transacted:
W. D. Waldo, hauling gravel, $152.
Albert Ballard, hauling dirt. $48.00.
George SIdwoll, work on drag. $30.
John Anthony, work on tractor, $30.
John Ketchum, road w'prk, $48.00.
H. P. Nichols, hauling grnvol, $3G.OO.
George. Frazler, hauling gravel, $8.
Androw Lewis, hauling gravel, $8.00.
C. C. Drake, hauling gravel, $48.00.
Alvln Baker, road work $90.00.
J. II. Kornoruff, road work, $48.
Louis Grady, hauling gravel, .$80.
H. Hamlin, hauling gravel, $4S.
i Sawyer, work on raods, $48.
Abort Stelnhauson, work on roads,
, Chas. Johnson, hauling gravel, $32.
Standard OH Co., oil, $16.80.
Pete Roth, road work, $4.00.
Gus Latimer, road work, $3.
Frank Dark, road work, $3.
J. A. Bewick, road work, $6.00.
John McICennoy, road work, $9.00
Georgo Griffith, road work, $39.00.
Sundry persons, servico state case,
Antisoptlc Products Co., $12.00.
Sundry porsons, serving state cases,
Leon Fobs, rond work, $7.00.
Wm. Smith, dragging, $36.10. -Sundry
persons, surveying, $8.50.
II. C. Colin and others, road work,
J. D. Pottse, oil for tractor, $7.50.
C. L. Grant, surveying, $142.50.
Star Bottling Works, mdse, $3.25.
Leo Tolllln, dragging, $30.G0.
Ilawley, Tolllon. voad work, $G0.QQ.
Leo Tollllon, road work. $56.25.
Murphy & Murphy, auto hire, $9.90.
Nelson & Sullivan, oil $9.50.
J. R. Rttner, road work, $200.00.
Standard Oil Co., oil, $262.58.
Carson Furnish, road work, $14.00.
G. E. Thompson, road work, $35.
Walter Remus, road work, $12.50.
G. A. Sohrecongost, road work. $20.
Wm. Remus, road work, $35.00.
Omaha Printing Co., supplies, $40.63.
Sundry porsons, road work, Dlst. 33,
Davis Auto"Co., repairs, $10.45.
Alfred Remus, road work, $35.
Sundry persons, road work, Dlst 2G
George Jenkins, road work, $24,00.
D. E. Jolllff. road work. $6.00.
Horace Fitch, road work, $6.00.
Edgar Hannah, road work, $4.00.
W. T. Elliott, bridge work, $130.00.
Floyd Burton, road work. $22.75.
Henry Konlgor, road work, $18.80.
ChRg. Burton, road work, $14.00.
Dorryborry. sLForbes, mdse, $4.00.
W. S. Hashing dragging. $2G,10.
W. H. C, Woodhurst, wltnoss feos,
Frator Drug Co., mdso, $6.60.
A. P. Kelly, ipubllshing, $233.90.
Standard Oil Co., oil, $199.61.
J. D. Adams, road work, $39,6J
Unlvorslty Pub. Co., supplies, .'$14,90
Standard Oil Co., oil, $299.23. '
Honry Wilier, road work, $69.50.
Burroughs Adding Machine Co., re
pairs, $42.30.
National Rollnlng Co., oil, $18,90.
Foster Lumber Co., lumber, $379.15.
H. P. Nelson & Co., drags, $32.58.
'Omaha SchoorSupply Co., supplies,
$37.97. J
Remington Typewriter Co., supplies.
$14.00. ' '
Wm. Smith, road work, $99.40.
J. N. Keeney, blacksmith work,
Road potltlon "signed by, M. R. Ras
musson and others" coming up before
tho board for final action, the board
being of the opinion that said road Is
for tho public good, allows said road
as petitioned. The board is also of the
opinion that Roads No. 97 and 98
should bo closed and thereby declare
the same' vacated and closed to public
travel. ' ' '
Wheroujion the board adjourns to
Juno 15th.
For nle or Trade
C room Brick .House on east 9th.
4 room Frame Houso on west 11th.
1 lot on west) 6th. Sower, sidewalk
and water. Priced right.
Phono 922W.., 45-3
New Party Is Now Launched.
I New' York June 15. The executive
committee of the committee of forty-
eight announced tonight that forma
tion of a new pary on. a. platform "of
government ownership of transporta
tion - and national resources is over
whelmingly favored In replies receiv
ed to Its questionnaires from every
Taxation of idle land, labor's effort
to share In the management of Indus
try and tho complete restoration of
free speech, press and assembly were
ether planks endorsed, It was stated.
"Among those favored for the pres
idential and vice presidential candi
dates for tho new party, a statement
said "are Senator Robert M. LaFol
lette, Governor Lynn Frazler, Gover
nor Frank P. Walsh and Chief Jus
tice Walter Clark of North Carolina."
Progressives "of all shades of opin
ions from both the old parties," will
attend the convention In Chicago, July
10, according to reports received
from fortyelght state organizations
of tho committee.
20 bars laundry soap for $1.00 at
McMlchael's Grocery. 42-8
Crop shown in this photograph was raised on this land.
All of the land good as the land that Is shown in this
photograph. 90 of land is level, balance is slightly roll
ing. All of tho land is well sodded to buffalo and gramma
grass. Soli is a rich dark loam; plenty of good watev at
30 feet; not one foot of waste land; little Improvements.
Ranch is located In Kiowa County, Colorado, and is only
three miles' from town and railroad. This ranch has never
before been offered for sale. Terms of sale: 10 -discount
for all casjit; half of oil rights reserved; entire tract will
bo sold In pne body for $29 per acre; smaller tracts for $30
per acre. .
2120 Grand Arc., PUEBLO, COLORADO.