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No. 46
ALLEN CAK THIEVES SOW ' I Somo Fuels About Lincoln County. I Clyde Uroun Serlouslv Hurl. ll'OrTLATION OF LINCOLN
IX THE FENITENTIAHY. i Lincoln county lias,M',626,5G4 ncros Clyde Brown, son of Mrs. Georgo ; aCOI'NTY ANNOUNCED AS 2:1,120 !
I or land, and or this ncrongo 24F,3GG Brown, who drives a delivery enr for' ' , -
ncros wore under cultivation Inst tno Ilorrod irrocorv. wna ntir niiHlv " '""f""'" nuu..
Wesley Mason and Vospor Mason,
aged respectively soyonteon and olgh-
teen, of Englewood, Colo., and John
Erbel, aged nineteen, of Denver, hnve!lUi is,847 horses
ueen sentenced 10 uie rvansas peni
tentiary to an Indeterminate teim of
from ten to fifteen years on the charge
of breaking Into garages and stealing
cars. Their conviction occurred at
Topekn, Kan., tho early part of this
week, and In pleading guilty, tho boys
admitted that among the earn stolen
b) them was A. S. Allen's Oldsmobllo,
Which was taken from his garage two
or three weeks ago and which was re
covered at Kansas City but has not
yet been returned to Mr. Allen.
Xews of the conviction of tho three
boys was convoyed through a tele
gram received by Sheriff Salisbury.
yenr, 3C.200 acres of llch woro und- Injured this morning whon the enr rt Wednesday from Congressman
or Irrigation. Last
Hall (James Scheduled,
Ball games at present scheduled for
the North Platte team are:
Scotts Bluff at North Platte Juno
27th and 28th.
t year tho county overturned on north Locust street ,KnjW stated tlmWho census burtnu
s andU77 muloB, 67,-; near the fair grounds ontranco and population of Lincoln
822 cattle hud 17,902 hogs. In tho j he was ponned underneath. Ho wa3 uu"l Ul -:u- in snows an yi
number of cattle Lincoln county ranks rol eased by mon approaching in autoai orS" ot, ', ovor . "ml n ,)cr
and convoyed to a hospital in an un-,"?. . vl . . ,
fourth in the state being exceeded only
by Cherry, Custer nntl Hltchcook
counties. Last year tho wheat crop
of the county oxceedod o'he million
bushels, the oats crop SOO.OOthbushols,
tho rye crop 247,000 bushel and the
corn crop nearly 3,000,600 bushels. In
the county 38,000 tond df alfalfa and
110,000 tons of wild hay wero grown,
and the sorghum crop was 30,000 tons.
Our potato crop last, year was less
than 76.000 bushels,.
These statistics aro taken from the
annua! report of the state Jiotird of
agriculturo Just Issued. 'y,.t
conscious condition, but at this writ-' a vopum-
..t i..i....t V.i .. tion Is rather disappointing, as it was
been determined, though considered fZ b ,oml 'nt th. "ulber 0
,. souls In tho county would oxceed
serious. qq
Brown had gotton the car out of the , t,n ,., ...,
garage, and instead of going direct to triS JulSSSS I n n dh evoSiS?
SnliJ Z! ent Pleasure ride. of poopIo ro8ld, pn fftrms nhll
Ho was alono n .the car. Irahchos in the county has been rather
Slop. Look' and Loosen! J0; f" Porcontago. In this incrcuso of
Wonderful bargain! Designer and 7Ja 11 ,tho ,C0V1Vt!,.!h city ot Nor!h
Woman' Magazine (two under one pJa,ttot bA0orb,'Ml ?'G53 lonvl"B Rain
cover) SOc per year by calling month- f, but 2,083 in tho county outside of
ly at Newtpn's Book Store. Two years f1 , , 18 'PTODaoio tiiat sutior
$2.00 by mail (regularly $1.50 a year.) i ?nd; ehey and Brady have doubled
Few days only. Send stamps -or iioJr population In tho past ten years,
checks to Miss G. A. Blair, cure Now-
Wedding Wednesday Evening..
Miss Mary Frances Lampluh and
Geomo Myers wore united in marriage
i,l C Dn!nlr'n nllfinol tat nlnllt Vlnolf ton's.
North Platte at Sutherland July 1st. . "iT
Gothenburg at North Platte July '.V.f" L, 1 "V itA.iVl u-nq Misses Saundors, Burton and Llnd- weaso In these county towns, It Is not
aim there has been somo lncroaso
.probably In Maxwoll, Wollfleot, Wal
.laco and Dickens. Taking out tho in-
4th and 5th. .'oVionli- and Ee' antl Mrs- M Town went up the 'probable that tho Increase of thoso
North Platte at Sidney July 10th, B, "lX"?,8. t S,, C branch this morning. residing on ranches and farms cx-
and at Scottsluff July 11th and 12th. I wcddliV march was rendered bvMlss Miss Clara Sorenson returned today
a i iir , , i wt'iiuuiK iiiuivii an i cumvi mumu 1 - j
Sidney will play, a return game ., .A ,n,. , ,rpnt from Lincoln and Grand Islnnil where
onrrtn tmn t Tt1 W UiUU cllIU 1111 Do i i w b wwm. -
some time m Jul. 'selection duritiK tho ceremony. Both sbe had been visiting friends.
ceeds ono thousand. Howovor, whqn
ono, considers tho tendency, of farmers
and especially farmer boys and
gtrla to drift Into tho towns, tho ln-
L. C. Basklns made a business, trip the bride and the maid wero gowned Miss Hannah Young, stenographer R , strictly rurarsectlons
. . . 1 Lit rpi, ,, nft nn til III. T.limo1 nlf Inn Inft Will n na.ln v . . . ' U"" BH.IIU1IH
in white organdie. Tho couple left on in Dr. Lucas office, loft Wednesday n,,,llv ,.:...r"
a night train for Denver, and Colorado on a vacation. iaht vl ol this stnto
Dimngs. , . uoivi uoiner yourseu aoout your nnd In other ntntcq
The bride is the oldest daughter of presents, let Clinton's make sugges
Mr. and Mrs. Harry JLamplugn nnn tlons. 4G-2
Having neen oorn near wvtfi u, Mrs. Chas. Weir and daiiKhter Ellza-
to Gothenburg today.
W. V. Hoagland left last night for
Omaha and Lincoln to transact legal
License to wed was granted Tues
day to G. E. Ltles, of this city, nnd
Grace Bebout, of Hershey.
Ur. H, C. B roc it. Dentist. X-Ray
I' lvsinnsls. Reynolds Bldg. Phone 148
First Class Private Lloyd., of the
local recruiting office, went to Ogal
alla yesterday to spend a couple of
days in looking up possible recruits.
Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Halligan and
Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Seeberger .are
planning on an auto trip to the Yel
lowstone Park soon after July first.
Real Sale values la every depart-
i i.' 1 .j . .j 1 1 . .
E. T TRAMP & SONS. . Klwr wul 'b yi "- Frye will entertain the Royal Neigh-
The North Platte ball team will play ,a"Jn ,.0" UaVchooS'ln the borF' Social Club at the home of,
in Lexington Sunday, and will be up' ,S""dIJ 9'30' Sunda 8Cll00lB ln th former Wednesday afternoon, and all
'"v imra ivpiiriinnrs nnvinir cars nro re-
, First Game nt Home Sunday.
nnit 11111 tin llmin
crown to young womahhood among , ... - TDi,t , .,i a.,.wn.. .... r,
us. Is well nnd favorably known, The;vlalt nt the p at gorenson homo. iteam, which claims to bo tho fastest
?roojAax,!U,d-re? ?naltl Bavngellst Rayburn's subject at the' amateur team In the city. Tho Post-
lllib uuuc nuun i i c (,.. , ,, .. T,r1. offlco ton, pnmiwwoil nf
Liars and What They Said." Ono of .local men who play for tho
them lives in North Platte. 1 sport, nnd tho game next Sunday with
Lot or sale on west Fourth street Ogallala will bo their first game at
ln Second Cody Addition. Inquire at 'hpme- 14 Promises to bo a rend ox
609 east Fourth. Phone 872 Wi ,hlbition of ball, as ln tho recent gamo
number of years and,? employed as
machinist in the shops,,
::o::' ,
Tnbemncle Program.
Friday 2:30 p. m. Bible Study, subj.,'
The Holy Spirit.
Friday 7:45 p. m. Subj. Three Liars
and What They Said. Ono of these
lives ln North Platte,
See our new window of light cut- .aL5n"B,a betwfe ,the tw. toa "
Saturday t:?. a targe cuuii i M T Halan aml Mra. m H.
tings tor summer in sneroois, ice-ieas ' , - - . , .
, land goblets. Clinton, tho Jeweler. 46-2 a golng strong hav ng won four out
s m .,. ..., r , rr lof lx samca played with teams of
against, it is saiu, a spiKea team, Manv in.Hn. sh1flfit-Tha Mlsslne r"'bU.ur "
several, Imported players to be ln the V,.- k questea to nave same ai uie raim
line ud Dlsclp e. . ? yai by two o'clock sharp.
p' i Sunday 2; 30. Men's meeting ln Tab- ' ' ,
Ice Tea. Spoons In Glass, Silver ' ernaoin SuW Big Business-. , 1 Wo ha' 0,10 lot of ?5,98 drcfes,
Plate and Sterling Silver from $1.00, Sundav 3:oo WomeuV meeting in at cannot be beat, formerly priced
per set up. Clinton, the Jeweler. 48-a,i.SSriar by W "0 Tin"? miu' huv'
Dr. Shaffer Is in CTiicauo attending Mr. Wiekland. ' . Plaed In-luch lhat -5LaJia. -bU "
I x.T. . ..,....r . Intr-oasw H. X. thami & slo. i
ine usieuimuim uuincuuuu uim m, aunaay llto opirueu sung baiviuc. m nt f, . , . , lnnnlnir tho Inrm
L. C. Drost and Dr. Harold Fenner SUbl.-Hell, What It Is, and What It Si special trains of Shrinors i en-.f h. air men tJ J 'SSlSut oil tbo
oxnct to leave for Chicaeo the first t Vnt ' routi to the convention at Portland man stanuing upii(,ia on uie
expget to leave ior .incago uie msi is, iot. - ,,.,, ..ator,in,. tim nmnlm plane, Jumping from ono piano to
of next woek. i "" 1 ' . passeu uuuuii jusitiuu, mi
surrounding towns and also won a
practice game from tho city team. Tho
lino up will be: Hlgglns 3b, Cool c. f.,
MUtonberger lb, P. Rauch c, F. San
dall 1 f. J. Rauch r f. Tlley 2b, Trent
bs, ,P. Aman p, McFarland p, Johnson
AUplano Stunts nt Racos.
One of tho featuresto bo given dur
ing fho big auto races on July 3d, will
benllrplano stunts. Among tho events
W. C. Kovnolds left for Omnlm this
morning on business. 1
a nance win uo noiti at tno country
Pint. tmv rr,itH1,i.. n,rt.l.,to
Mrs. N. E. Buck'l,ey loft yostordny '
for n visit with rolntlvos in Omahn.
Will Crook camo down from Julos
burg yesterday to visit his parents.
13. E. Calvin, president of tho 0. P.
Railroad, was ln town this morning,
W. C. Shelvor left today for Port
laud to attend tho Shrlncr convention.
For Rent Sleeping rooms. Inquire
nt.515 West Sixth.
For Sale or trade for n car a team
of horses, wagon, harness and buggy.
416 West Front. 4G-2
At tho convention of tho state bank
ers hold In Omahn this, week, Ray C.
Langford, of this city, wna elocted a
member of tho executive council.
Miss Boatrlco Ward ontortalnod
eight couples nt a surprise party nt
her homo last evening ln honor of
Claronco Wright's birthday. Tho
ovenlng wns spent in music and games
and later a lunch wns served.
Puro thread silk hose for ladles.
All colors and sizes priced during this
snlo at $1.29 per pair. E. T. TRAMP
For Snlo Seven-foot Deerlng Bind
or In first' class condition. Inqulro
of Allen T. Woods, North Platte. 4G-2
Work has been ln progress on tho
outflold of tho ball ground, nnd It Is
now In ns fine shnpo' ns tho Infield.
Taking Into consideration tho advan
tage of tho big fair grounds grand
stand, tho present ball grounds are
by far tho best tho city hns ovor pos
sessed. Bllllo Burko docldod that competi
tion wasflerco and tlint If she wanted
a husbnnd she would have to comb
her hnlr and cut tho slouchy walk.
Soo her at tho Keith Monday nnd
Mrs. Dorothy Dcuborry of this city,
who was arrested by, tho federal auth
orities for a violation of tho Mann act.
failed to appear before the United
States court at Denver whon cited to
do so and thus forfeited a $2,000 bond.
Her local bondsmon had been Indemni
fied, and aro not thoroforo losers.
John Fowler nnd G. M. Cnry, ot
Niohols precinct, wore In town Wcdnos
day for the purposo of getting started
r county organization which would
have bb Its object a warfare agnjust
grasahoppors. The residonts of
Nichols product organized a locaT
association Tuosdny ovenlng, but ln
ordor to wngo an offoctlVe warfare It
will bo nocossnry for nil tho territory
affected with tho hoppers to Join In tho
Tho hoppors aro unusnlly plontlful
this year; they aro baby hoppers tiC
present but they mature rapidly and,
within two or threo weeks they will 6q
matured nnd with their woll known'
voracious appetites will bo a menace
to crops of nil kinds, especially alfalfa
and sugar beets. Tho best mcthoddf
destroying tho hoppers Is to broadcast
nlong tho edgo of tho fields n mixture
or ornn and arsenate of lead. This
was used last year by a uumbor of
valley fanners and found to bo Yer'y
Intersection Paving Bonds.
At tho meeting of tho city, council
Tuoaday ovonlng arrangements woro
put ln motion for tho Issuance ' of.
$15,000 Intersection paving bonds,'
which sum Is tho limit that can bo' Is
sued yonrly. This issuo will covor tho
fiscal yenr which closes July, 31st,
and anothor like Issue can bo ordered'
following August 1st, thus making
$30,000 avallnblo for paving operations
next year.
For Sale. ,
Modern eight room house, only 5
years. old. Same ns now. Thfs is a
bargain for somo ono. Will sell on
easy terms. Call at tho houso or seo
A. E. BELL, 401 So. Ash St.,
Phone 578. 46-tf
W. C. May, of Gothenburg, who Is
woll known In North Platto, accom
panied by his wife nnd. daughter loft
Wednesday for 6anta Anna, Cnl., whore
ho has acquired an intorost in a motor
company which handles the Nash cars.
Most wondorful houso dresses on
sale at $2.45, $3.05 and $4.85. The
kind you'll buy to seo them at Th
Leader Mor. Co.
at Tim T.pnilnr Mnr. Cn. la fnst draw
(nr t n xlnon TIa Hum ntnl nttflllfl
.7.rf m.' iD A refrigerator car loaded
rroblets and Ice-teas $3.00 to $6.00 a early this morning and another spec-
Cllnton. the Jeweler. 46-2 lal is marked us for 10:30 this rore-
wlth noon. '
swooping down to tho ground at n sixty
mile gait and bodily picking up a man
from an automobile, and other stunts
of like daring. These acts will be per
Tt wns renorted here vesterdav that Frisco .express packages and attached .Visit our Dress Goods Counter. formod botween fll0 rncos.
, rV rr,n,, n-(n(, m,o -0 tral 0- J laat evening was els- select your material ior a skitl mm
two women and a man touring the
state were suspected as shoplifters
covered to be on fire when reaching we'll make It up in best stylo and Tho Store Wide Salo of 20 OFF
staie eie .si Lieu suuiiu.a this -terminal,. The car was partially workmanship for $3.00 Special Your at Tho Leader Mer. Co. Is fast draw
mm a l unloaded, the fire extinguished and order must be placed this WEEK at inK to a close. Be sure and attend
on the lookout,
Wanted Girls for nurse training;
$35 per month with board and room
Apply at General Hospital, City
the car set out. The Leader Mer. Co.'s
Mnvlni pninnlntml rtnA nf tho four : .0.
,fttf houses which I am building in the
before the close.
2000 block on east Fourth street, I
48 lbs. of Cow brand, David Harum
C. M. Hayden, who was over from Qffer ,t for sale.or renti iqUirB of or Flavo Flour 'at $3.65
Wallace weunesuay, saiu uie wrme , L D McFariajuj, 17000 block east
in that, section were uegiuning 10 Fourtj, 46tf
"holler" for rain, though up to that
time crops ..nau not oeen nijureu
dry weather.
F6r Sale.
I have a 20-36 J. I. Case Threshing
Most wonderful houso dresses on i machine for sale. It Is nearly new
sale at $2.45, $3.95 and $4.85. The , nnd is ready to go to tho field. You
kind "ou'll buv to see them at The can pull It with a Fordson.
Leader Mor. Co. H. G Llndekugel. Hershey, Neb.
Tf nwlnr ninnmitR to JTi-OO or moro a
dollar's worth of sugar at 17c per lb. '
will be sold with each order.
Teachers' Examination.
The next Lincoln county teachers'
examination will be held Saturday,
tfjJune 26th ln North Platte.
Crystal Saturday and Monday.
" ' IN
"The Border Wireless"
Comedy Saturday "Lion Paws and Lady Fingers"
Comedy Monday "No Mother to Guide Him."
"The Blue
. Pearl."'
A fashionable affair in a New
(York mansion a few seconds of
darkness a priceless gem was
stolen. By a series 6f masterful
j deductions the gem was found.
I Who stole it and why?
j Also two part comedy.
"Wanted A Husband
The "darling of the screen" in Samuel Hopkins Adams
popular romance of a bachelor maid who wouldn't stay
single. She invented an engagement and set her wedding
date. All she needed was a man. See Billie Burke get him.
Commencing Tuesday. Matinee at 2 p. m. and 4 p. m.
From the famous novel,
"The Love Thief
A thrilling drama of the Mexican
Christie Comedy, "A Roman
Scandle." The fall of Rome
in two bumps.
When traveling, cai:ry your funds
in the form of sclf-fndentifying, loss-,
proof Travelers' Checks.
Thoy are of no value without your
signature; If lost or stolen, . you
suffer do loss. Can be cashed any
where bank's, hotels, ticket offices,
business houses..
Issued in four convenient; denom
inations at a very small cost. Ask
' for particulars.
The Platte Valley State Bank
n ft