The North Platte semi-weekly tribune. (North Platte, Neb.) 1895-1922, April 09, 1920, Image 12

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    mmH3crkly Iriluntc.
HI A h KARL. Kdltor and Publisher
Ono Veiir by Mall, In ndrance. .l.7t"
Ono Year by Carrier, In aitrnnco, 82. 00
(Entered at the North Platte, Nebraska
Postofflce as Second Class Mutter,
FRIDAY, APlflli mil, 11)20.
ASinoimccnii'iit of ill. P. Klnlmld for
(lie Republican Ue-noinlnution for
RoprcM'tilnllvo in Congress.
T Respectfully, submit to the voters
4t th Sixth District my candidacy for
r-iiomluntloii for congress. 1 be
lieve the record of my neventeen
.ywtr of service Is. a gunnintoe of the
offortu I have mlulo In their belmlf,
alBo'of tholr confidence In the success
of thoao offorU. ''
Groat changes have como In that pe
I0d. Agriculture has come to bo rob
qgnlzod an Uio most Important of our
Industries. Irrigation bus dovolopod
naw areas of cultivation, and must
tj6ntlntio to do ho. Potash discoveries
In our Sixth district has mado It ono
of the greatest factors In tlila country
iin furthering agricultural dovolopmont
My long Borvlpo hna placed mo at the
hond of the Committee on Irrigation
of Arid LandH, bosldofl giving mo ad
vanced positions on othor coinmltteon,
winil has otherwise afforded mo an op
portunity to bo of still largor service
to my, constituents, and It Is becauso
I fool that I can ronder that bettor
and largor service that I submit my
candidacy again to the voters of tho
Sixth district.
I maintain thoro should ho a moro
oqultablo division botwotm tho price
jroallzed by Uio producer and that paid
bj the ultlmnto consumer, and that
this should bo accomplished largoly by
tho firm enforcement of existing fed
oral anti-trust statutes.
Tho cost of lubor Is regulated large
ly by tho cost of living, and American
labor has tho rljjht to oxpoct a living
wngo commonsurato with Amorlcan
standards of living as compared with
the lower standards of foreign coun
tries. I favor tho reduction or tho prosont
'heavy, federal tuins as fast as may bo.
consistent with the actual nocassltlor,
of tho government, based upon truly
economical management, outstand
ing obligations and tho maintenance
of tho integrity of our national cred
it, and that tho, m&ssoa should bo re
lieved In a measure by shifting a por
tion ,of their burdens to tho shouldors
of thoso who realized lmmonso profits
on war contracts.
Shall support tho Soldiers' Four-fold
ndjurttod Compensation bill, rocom
'monded by Uio Amorlcan Loglon.
Am rppoln?r compulsory mllltnry
-trulring In iccordanco with the major
ity rentlincnt of mv constituents.
I doom it mysduty to remain In at
tendance on the prosont session of
congress, which il regret must pro
vent my return homo to moot voters
In person. M. P. KINK AID.
'iirlnll Pnuinge to Freight,
The district commltteo for tho pre
vention of loss and damago to ffroluht
of which station agent Earl Stamp ht
chairman, held Its monthly meeting
Tuesday evening In this city with sta
tion ngonts and employes between
North Platte and Sidney present. I. A.
Sharon, of tho claim department at
Omaha was also present. Koports
showed that slnco tho formation of
tills employes' association in January,
101D, tho loss of ttnrt dajrtilgo to freight
litut been lossomid to a mark degreo
aind that employes of tho freight de
partment as woll as train men nro
mure careful In tha handling of freight
both In transit and at freight ware
houses. Shippers will no doubt ap
preciate tho good showing that tho us
Vuntlon of loss aiKl damage to freight
sedation s ninkliig.
.MHIiodlsl. Cliureli Announcements.
Preaching at 11 a. m.
ut 8 p. m. Dr; Henry Chung "will
spunk 011 Korea. Dr. Cluing was tho
Korean Envoy to tju Purls Conference,
a noted compiler, of Korean Treaties,
'unrt author of the , recent book, "The
.'Oriental Policy of, the Unltod States."
; You cannot afford 'to miss hearing tills
eminent spoakor. '
Sunday school at1 9:45 a. in.
, 1 Epworth LcngiuV-soclal hnlf hour
8:30 p. in., devotions 7 p. nr.
: :o: :
First Lutheran Church.
Morning worship 11 o'clock, sub
ject, "After Easter; What?" Evening
worship. S o'clock, subject, "The
'Easier Peace." Sunday school 0:45.
The first or tho , 'lessons In Church
History will bo Uyjght in the men's
. class Sunday morning by the Pastor.
AU the men of the church invited.
Electric scalp treatments for men
or women at Tho Stylo Shop, Marlnollo
' Mount y Parlor, 'phono 19!) for appolnt
. ments.
I (lied my petition for nomination
to tho office of County Judgo on
March 1st, 1920. Tho primary election
will be April 20, 1920, and as the
dutlos of the County Judge are so ex
acting and tho business of such vol- j
nine and Increasing every day, I will
be unable to make an active canvas.
which I think a Judge should not be
required (0 do, thereby eliminating
any bias he might feel for favors
asked. If the tax nnvers consider that
I have done my duty In tlillr behalf !
as well as the general public, and
without fear or favor, I 11111 ontitled to
your endorsement by your vote. My I
official record Is open for inspection
and I court examination. The office 1
of County Judge Is non-partisan. ,
-we 11. c. wuounuuaT, ,
County Judge
::o:; 1 1
Lease Part of (,'ily Park.
The Park Commissioners have leased
the north side of the Fourth ward park
to the fair association for a period of
twenty years at an annual rental of
$200. and the lease was approved 1
the mayor and council Tuesday even
ing. Undor tho provisions of the lease
tho fair grounds and grand stand,
when not in uso by tho fair associa
tion, aro open to uso for base ball,
football or othor civic purposes, with
out charge, and tho leaso provides that
thoro shall bo no Interference with
park Improvements as embodied under
tho original laid out plnns. Tho city
is safe guarded against liability of
nccidonts, nnd In other matters.
Now that tho fnfr association hns bo
curcd a lease, additional grandstand
and bloachor accommodations will be
provided and additional buildings
7f P
Unusual, Values Brought by the Leaders after Easter
Sale of WoiBeFd's and Misses'
Co 111 111 en (Is Fair Association.
At a recent mooting of the Public
Welfare Hoard a resolution was passed
commending the county, fair associa
tion for the good accomplished nnd
urging that tho fairs be continued, nt
tho same tlmo recommending that care
bo oxerclsod to ollmlnato any gamb
ling that might bo engnged In by tho
Tho board accepted an ordinance
regulating public dances and provid
ing a license therefore and tho ordi
nance hns boon presented to tho mayor
nnd council for passage.
Slnco Mnrch lGth eight cases liave
been roportcd and Investigations have
been mado.
April C, 1920.
Hoard mot pursuant to adjournment,
proBont Koch and Springer and county
clorkwhen the following clalmo were
allowed :
S. Workman, dragging, $30.70.
J. I). Hemphill & Son, supplies, $1G.
A. J. Salisbury, Jailors foos, $13G.50.
A. J. Salisbury, board of prisoners,
A. J. Salisbury, mileage and expense
i. J. Salisbury, office expenses,
A. P. Kelly, supplies, $190.50.
E. C. Hoatettor, brldgo work, $30.00.
Paul Moyor, rent and ofllco ox
ponacs, $27.90.
Win. Smith, road work, $111.80.
It. C. Solby, road work, $23.48.
J. M. Barton, road work, $8.50.
John Barton, road work, $7.50.
George Burmood, road work, $7.50.
Sam Voting, road work. $1.50.
Dewey Flcstclior, road work. $18.00.
Win. Hollow, road work. $3.00.
Albeit Frederick, road work, $3.00.
Herman Frederick, road work. $3.00
Worth Oannnlll, toad work. $3.00.
Henry McClune, road work, $3.00.
George Kurig, dragging, $10.50.
Oscar Onrlleld, road work, $7.00.
P. U. Peterson, road work. $21.00.
W. M. Uubonshalor, road work. $21.
Louis Grady, road work. $38.50.
Ashley .Peters, bailiff, $27.00.
Nob. Tel. Co.. rent and tolls. $G0.10.
N. P. I,. & P. Co., lights. $4Q,9S.
C. 1'. Carston, road work, $42,00.
George Doroty, road work, $17.50.
Drady Vindicator, publishing, $27.3G
Ivan Shlnklo, blado work, $30.00.
J. B. ltedlleld, x-ray. $10.00.
U. W. Schloicher. labor. $11.00.
Mrs. Geo. Willams, mdso co. poor,
Martin AVynian. blacksmtthing,$10.7G
bundry persons, river work, $15.50.
H. M. Perkins, dragging, $20.50.
IP. E. Johnson, road work. $GG.50.
J. It. Baldwin, road work, $55.00.
P. It. Stevens, caro of Mrs. Blakes
iey. $21.00.
G. M. Smith & Co., induo., $21.75.
Fred Tobas. brldgo work. $35.00.
J. S. Hatchor Co., lumber. $19.25.
Hurley Soniiormnn. road vork,U25.G0
C. J. Boyco, hauling gravel, $47.25.
J. U. Hltner, rip rapping, $47(5.25.
T. J. Keofo, salary and office ex
penses, $495.00.
Adjourned to April 12. 1920.
For Sale.
Five room house, nice Hliade troos
and somo fruit trees, wnter. lights and
gas, garage lG.x.12 and ohlekon house
718 west Third street. Phono 104 4 W.
H!! jj. 1 ? 1
Beginning this Morning in which Customers will
secure Savings of Striking Importance
While the savings offered in this after Easter sale are
of great importance- we would especially emphasize the
style, desirability and character of the garments offered.
This sale has been especially prepared to meet the
needs of hundreds of women who every year plan their
spring apparel selections immediately Easter when lower
prices prevail and choice can be made without a hurry.
' SUITS $29.65 $39.65
J? AjVvC" 9261 9H57 '
I I 9271 fj
These suits are indeed noteworthy, all beautifully
lined with plain and fancy silks, each suit distinguish 3d by
some novel touch of individuality or some feature that
will appeal to you.
m all Other Suits
not included in the four lots offered at $2U. Go, $39. G5.
$4S.G5 and $59.50 will be sold to you at a saving of $15.00
to .$25.00 below the regular prices. Fortunate are the
women who will choose their suit now. Here are renl
at $14.85, $19.65, $24.65, $27.65.
Stylish and delightful models. Better grades $34. 65
and upwards. i
at $19.65, $24.65, S29.65, $34.65.
Styles adapted to missps and women, othor grades $39.65 p
a mi upvarns.
Don't wear your wohtliar beaten hat any longer. Visit
our Millinery department vt c.iuw ?,liss Little n-- Mrs..
Woodhursl will br plfr.scf'. y arjsisf y.m to rd.c; ?. be
coming and stylish h:u for you, a.t a moderate price.
Here Is Your Plianee.
Keith & Perkins Co.. Klowrt Co. Col.,
and Orcoly Co., Kans. Ileal" bargains
A-l modern houses for sale nt Ot;all
nla. Peforo you buy see us.
John A. Itowo W. B. Howo,
COO S. Chestnut St.,
25-2 . North Plntto, Nob.
' ::o::
Remember tho date April 22nd
Guild Luncheon and fnncywork sale.
TSIVERY woman knowi ".Hot Itn much naolor to wooh nwl thoroughly eleun
L-J l2ritntmcocl(n(;uteavilu. QrMa8aUM-BnotaticI;ioaJut)""iUTn. Jvstvns
rcaton wfir we uac ninminum Ulr.irninK dlw In tlm SANITARY MIUWMIKSI'
CREAM BlyAliATOR. Another rcn Alununum Jil ilo not ru-.t or c. rroJ
like tho tiuucU. tcl illc cf otli.r
MlkWAUKUE dlwL - pio.'.m too rljTHllHl fPw"
lUwMk Ttroilnc v 4 JIo. civin i.-ttict.
(;rofcter tcparutuit l!y U:t'.'ivi
ccli set tot w 'iifLW.V.'Klii: to
oiiUe. on y nbout Ualf tu t.iiuilwr cf
iMcoc moJ In ctlvcf iwp.r jio.-.. tu u
tunpUJi evou qrjklier.vlof-ur r.lhmv.tri':.
AOulilytrcMnUuS MktutwiyiHibur.
StC the Sar,i(ry (ltlkuulminu
all our d&puiy tfowtu
LHliiiki.'cMtJ.Uvi-llll.ArteKI'.rut.l(-.ri, ,m''
hmi u.tiK t.)iiMtttM""'"""f""rt"T- v.n"t tirjy.4. : iilf!i4. -i
a. mi imii. r titm ttmti i.u, iioi.i-utul miuuki . '.. .sT.-.-rr-r r . i-JQiN$9
mi ii' mhuhmhi'i m i ii ii mi hm ii " ' r i
Chas. A. McCloud
Candidate for
Republican National
Moro of a buolness man than a
politician. A man competent to
do big things. A great organixer,
wlsa coumolor and wondorful
constructive ability. In a posi
tion to render valuable service to
the Republican National Com
mittee. Vote for him.
An unauthorized strlko of railroad
oinployoB which started a week ago In
tho Chicago switching district by tho
diseliargo of a yard conductor, has
spread until It affects 25 railroads and
in Chicago had thrown more than
f0,000 men out of work, either directly
or indirectly.
Moro than 10,000 union railroad
men In Chicago and several hundred
at Huffalo and nt Champaign, 111.,
were on siriuo. uunurous or unicaso ;
packing house oniployos were Idle for i
lack of live stock. i
Two "out-law" organizations i
branded by, the established brother- i
hoods as "rump" unions, had sprang
up to challenge the right of tho labor
heads to load tholr men.
In tho face of this opposition from
within tho brotherhoods of engineers
railway trainmen, firemen and engino
men and tho Switchmen's Union of ,
North America pledged their support to;
railroad officers In breaking the walk-
out and to thnt end union railroad men
throughout the country havo been
urged to report to Chicago to sero as
strike breakors.
I offer for salo tho Southwest quar
ter of Section 27-13-31, located four
miles west and four miles south of
North Plntto on main road to town, j
u. I ). routo and toicpnono line past
farm, ono of tho best quarter sec
tions in tho uplands, nil In natlvo
grass; about 00 acres could bo broke
and would mnko oxeellont farm land,
balance good hay and pasture land.
Also tho north half of Section 33-13-31,
nine mllos southwost of North
Plntto, all In native grass amj all
good hay and pasturo land, about 90
acres could bo fanned; on main road
to town, on tolophono lino and near
It. F. D. route. Thoso farms aro woll
located In good neighborhood and aro
tho host buys in Lincoln county at
tho price. For price and terms soo or
address GEO. R. MASTERS.
R. F. D. 3 North Plntto. Nob.
Most up to date wall paper patterns
at tho RoxnU, 14tf
I will mnko Uio senson of 1920 with
inv Jack 9 miles southwest of North
Platto. My Jack has proved hlmsolf
a flrst-dnsa broedor. Terms: $12.50
to Insuro maro In foal, $15 for a llvo
mulo. Servlco feo becomes duo when
maro Is sold or changes hands.
Misses Amy and Faye Elder return-. ; Maybe you remember when Nobras
ed the early part or the week from a ka went dry well, see what happened
visit in Omaha. ! Monday and Tuesday at the Keith.
we welcome nonest competition m i-.u-.mei ".anted Dixon's. See
our insurance or any other business !,,ir add
Woodhurst's Insurance Agency. 21-3 onlv.
Ia; or.
1 Tr I
ne i
Young men
Keeo Hof
Wheels Tumirr
Western Efec rk
I Dependable Electric Service Night and Day iffjof I
I for your Faim. See thib Plum in Operation 01 TSrx I
I North Platte Plumbing