The North Platte semi-weekly tribune. (North Platte, Neb.) 1895-1922, April 09, 1920, Image 11

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Safe and proper directions are in every "Bayer package"
"Bayer Tablets of Aspirin" to be
genuino must bo marked with the
Bafety "Bayer Cross." Then you are
Betting the true, world-famous Aspirin,
prescribed by physicians for over 18
years. , m
Always buy an unbroken package o
"Uayer Tablets of Aspirin" which con-
tains proper directions to safely relieve
Colds, Headache, Toothache, Earache,
Neuralgia, Lumbago, Rheumatism, Neu
ritis, Joint Pains, nnd Pain generally,
Hnndy tin boxes of twelve tablets
cost but n few cents. Druggists also
sell larger "Bayer" packages. ' Aspirin
is the trade mark of Bayer Manufacture
of Monoacetlcncldcsterof Sallcyllcacld.
First Sojer Say, Bill, lemme hnve
five, will yer? Jack Just borrowed live
off me.
Second Sojer Can't do It, buddy. I
Just borrowed five off Jack a minute
ugo. The Dome Sector.
Eighty-five thousand women are
now employed by the railway system
of the United States.
The Reason.
"There are no more liquor Jokes
now, are there?"
"No; I suppose the prohibitionists
were afraid people might drink them
In." Baltimore American.
The Result.
"Ksau gave up his birthright for a
mere pottage."
"Yes. nnd he made a mess of It."
The Itching and Sting
or Klazmg, Fiery Eczema
Skin Is on Fire. I The source of Eczema is in th
Seems Lilcn tli
There is a harassing discomfort
caused bv Eczema tnnfc Viornmoa
a torture. The itching is almost
uuuuuiiiuiu, una uie sum seems
on fire with the burning; irri
tation. A euro from local applica
tions of salves and ointmenta is im
possible, because such treatment
can only allay the pain temporar
ily. The disease can only bo
reached by going- deep down to its,
source. 1
blood, the disease being caused by
an infection which break3 out
through the skin. That is why tho
most satisfactory treatment for al
so-called skin diseases is S. S. S.,
for this remedy so thoroughly
cleanses the blood that no imnurl-
ties can remain. Get a bottle to
day, and VOU will sen rosiilta frnm
the right treatment. Write for
advice. Address Medical Director,
110 Swift Laboratory, Atlanta, Ga.
Spectator at Moving Picture Refused
to Be Mixed Up In Any Shady
f " Domestic Affairs.
"I saw you at tho moving picture
show last evening," said the fat
plumber, "but when I looked for you
a little later I missed you."
"Yes, I got up and went home."
"When was that?"
"I left when the villain began to
lay n snaro for the wife of the man
who had to stay at his otllce on ac
count of business."
f "Didn't you see uny more of the
"Aud. you left at tho most Interest
ing part?"
"I knew. If things kept on as they
were headed there would be a fuss
pretty soon between the two men, or
between the man and Ids wife and I
made up my mind I wouldn't be mired
up in anybody's domestic troubles."
Youngstown Telegram.
Clothes and the Man.
"The clothes do not make the man,"
(remarked the ready-made philosopher.
"No," replied Mr. Chugglns. as he
climbed out from under the car. "If
clothes made the man, mobbe I could
put on a fur overcoat nnd a cap and
make this fool machine treat me like
I was u regular chauffeur."
Natural Question.
"Wlint are you doing to sava
"To snve money? Is anybody try
ing to do thnt nowndays?"
Original Expression, "Getting the
Dickens," Was Not, as Many
Think Something Profane.
Sometime, somewhere, from some
body we all get "the Dickens." And
those of us who become prominent get
it more than the others.
Among those of us ordinary mor
tals who occasionally find relief In let
ting off steam in the form of some
thing more expressive than Blnng,
there seems to be a common miscon
ception thnt "getting the Dickens" lg
a modification or abbreviation, of
(Heaven help us I) "getting the, devil."
It Is not. It is n harmless, legitimate
und respectable expression, that may
be used with Impunity In tho best of
company. It Is simply an allusion to
our old friend, Charles "Dickens.
Though immortal as a novelist,
Dickens was well known In his own
time as a newspaper man. So vitriolic
Is he said to have been In his at
tacks on faulty public olllcinls or other
prominent men that gradually it came
to be said, when any one was criticized
by him, that ho got "the Dickens."
Technical Error.
Rubb What was the worst mistake
you made In the army?
Dubb The tlmo I called the cap
tain boss "and hit him for a raise.
Home Sector.
A cynic Is a man who claims to bo
tired of the world. But In reallt tho
world is tired of him.
Australia has nenrly 300.000 acres of
untouched forests.
If You like The
Taste Of Coffee
You'll like
and youll like it better
if you are one of those
with, whom coffee dis
agrees. dThe flavor is similar
but PosIzizxtl does not
contoim caffeine or any
other drug.
Better-health follows
the change.
Sold by all Grocers
Ntuifi fy'Postum Cereal Co, Battle Creek.Mlch.
Prosperity Made to Flow Into Any
Locality by Construction of Sub.
stantlal Highways.
Tho way to make prosperity flow Into
any locality Is to build roads that
will hist and not have to he done over
every few years.
With good roads farmers can dellvei
all their product' directly to towns
within a radius of s'O or more mlos. and
by making more profit themselves thej
reduce the high cost of living for other
people; for merchants are able to take
advantage of new sources of supply tc
buy their stocks under favorable con
dltions. and sell them to their custom'
ers at a lower price.
Millions of dollars are lost everj
year through perishable goods spollliifi
on the railroads because of freight
delays and complications, writes C. W.
Morrison In Farm Journal. Slnglf
large linns have actually saved more
An Improved Highway In New Jersey.
than $100,000 yearly by using motor
trucks; and the trucks will undoubted
ly contribute laruolv to onrunlzod lm.
provement of roads.
Good roads are a nn.vln- Investment.
Local authorities in cities, towns and
counties should net without delay to
meet the growing nntlonal and local
demands before trade goes In other di
rections. It Is nlmnst Imnosslble to
get back the lost advantage after other
districts have won It.
Good ronds brine frmlo mnl in.
crease property vnlues In a commu
nity. They attract homeseekers nnd
Plans Involving Improvement of 12,159
Miles at Estimated Cost of
$181,143,644 Ratified.
The record Indicates Um't from 3nH
1. 1M8. to NovemlKsV J., '1010. the Unltec?
Stales department rf agriculture np
proved 1.U45 rond projects. Involving
the Improvement of 12,150 miles, nt an
estimated cost of approximately S1S1.
143.044. Of this sum approximately
S78.002.107 represents federal funds.
Since tho passage of the federal aid
road act 1.027 projects have been ap
proved. These call for tho construc
tion of 18,500 miles or road, at an es
iiina'ed cost of ?22.").207.847, of which
about 50n.408.140 will he borne by the
federal government. Grntlfylng prog
ress also hns been made In connection
with the national forest road work.
From July 1, 1018, to November 1.
1010. 74 projects. Involving 02. miles
of road, were approved, and plans were
completed for tho improvement of 30
others, aggregating 040 miles.
These facts are brought out In the
annual report of the secretary of agriculture.
Release From Bondage the City Man
as Well as Farmer Solve Living
Cost Problem.
To both city man nnd farmer the
good road means release from bond
age. Counties nnd states whore good
ronds have become n part of n pro
gressive program of legislation hnve
seen values rise, nnd this again has
brought home the fact that good roads
pay for themselves. More Important
to the city dweller, however. In the
fact that eventnally good roads will
prove the solution of the high cost of
living problem.
Some of Determining Factors Are
Right of Way, Material and Cul
verts or Bridges.
Some of tho things which determine
the cost of road construction are: Cost
of right of way, cost of clearing nnd
grubbing, amount and kind of material
to be excavated rid amount of filling
to be done, amount of ditching for sur
face drainage and tiling for subdraln
age, number and sjjie of stream miss
ings necessitating culverts or bridges,
cost of securing and placing material.
If Roods Are Not Improved He Is Un
able to Compete With Farmer
Living on Good Road.
A trucker ten miles from a market
for spring crops, such a rhubarb,
peas und spinach, Is at a (.lent dis
advantage If his market road is un
improved, and he may be totaiij un
able to compete with the trucker the
same distance from market In another
illrt'i lion on ti good road
Mrs. Washburn quickly regained her
strength and flesh.
" bad grippe, followed by pneumonia,
it left mo with n torriblo soreness In my
chest, constant pain in my throat mid bo
weak and norvous I could neither cat nor
sleep. 1 had a chill every morning.
"9no dny 11 '0UnK man told mo how
Milks Kmulsion had got him out of bod
and built him up after ho had been ro
duced to a skeleton and glvon up by tho
doctors. So 1 tried it. I have Rained
In strength, nppetlto and flesh, sleep bet
ter than I have for years, nm doing all
my own work again and feel llko a now
"The beauty nbout Milks Emulsion Is
that it doesn't wear out like most things,
nnd Is bo pleasant to take. It Is a food
as woll as a mcdlclno and builds up tho
blood nnd tissues. It surely put now
blood in my veins nnd I havo tho health
iest color I ever had." Mrs. M. Wnsh
burn, El Centro, Cat.
It costs nothing to try Milks Emutslon.
It will build you up moro quickly, more
suroly than anything else.
Milks Emulsion is a pleasant, nutrltlvo
food nnd a corrective inedlclno. It re
stores healthy, natural bowel action, pro
motes nppetlto and puts tho dlgcstlvo
Orsrans In nlinnn tn fln,lmltnln tnri
Chronic stomach troublo nnd constipation
uro unuauy rciievcu in ono day.
This Is tho only solid o-iulslon made,
nnd so nalatablo that It la eaten with n
spoon llko Ico cream.
no matter how sevens your enso, you
are urged to try Milks Emulsion under
fill Cl 1 n m Tl t Oft Tn lr n nlr ttrtlllfla 1 , .
with you, use It according to directions,
and If not satisfied with tho results your
money will bo promptly refunded. Prlco
60c nnd Jl.SO per bottle. Tho Milks Emul
sion Co., Tcrro Ilauto, Ind. Sold by
druggists everywhere Adv.
Loolo In Her Assertion.
Mabel, age seven, led off after the
Suntlny blessing with a story she had
heard on the way homo from Sunday
school. "A little boy." said Mabel,
"who went to ball names said Sunday
school wasn't much different from bnll
games, because at the Sunday school
they sane 'Stand Un for Jesus.' and
at tho ball game they said "
"Mabel 1" cried the horrified family
In unison, "don't tell thnt story 1"
"Why?" asked Mabel. "Have von
nil heard It?"
''Of course, and It's "
"Well then." proceeded Mnbel calm
ly, "it wont hurt you to henr mo tell
It." Kansas City Star.
If Constipated, Bilious or
Headachy, tako
Brain foggy? Blue devils got you?
Don't stay sick, bilious, headachy, con
stipated. Remove the liver nnd bowel
poison which is keeping your head
dizzy, your tongue conted, your brenth
bad nnd stomach sour. Why not spend
a few cents for n box of Cascarets nnd
enjoy the nicest, gentlest laxative-cathartic
you ever experienced? Cas
carets never gripe, sicken or Inconve
nience one like Salts, Oil, Calomel or
harsh Pills. They work while yon
Bleep. Adv.
Not Yet but Soon.
Peddler Can't I sell you a paper o
pins today, lady?
Lady No, thanks-, my husband
bought a new shirt yesterday. Judge.
Its Style.
"That child actor has a part which
fits him llko n glove."
"Yes sort of kid glove."
teek fi0d appetites I :
C'ft and di2estions
W Its benefits are as GREAT
K as its cost is SMALL!
IK It satisfies the desire for
I sweets and is beneficial, too. )
I Sealed Tight Kept Right
I "After F the
1 Every M jtWRiGLEYStjffl pi Flavor 1
I Near I mSEOt ! Lasts I
K W. 1 trwr- f f A12 l
Seeing Ourselves,
A well-known film buyer wns chat
ting to a producer tho other dny and
became so Interested in tho subject
of film nctlng that the latter thought
he ought to be tactful and offer him
a part. When tho film wns complete
the producer Invited the buyer to see
himself as he really was.
"Well I"sald Mr. Producer, "and nre
you going to buy the film?"
"No," replied Mr. Buyer, "I'm going
to commit suicide!"
Not Disappointed.
My friend's mother wan reported to
have died, so I Immediately called nt
the house. My friend opened tho door
and I said : "So your dear mother !a
dend." She looked surprised and an
swered : '"Why, no." 1 said: "Well,
Isn't that too bad." 1 meant, of
course, that It was, too bad such a re
port hud got started. Exchange.
Only seven metals wore known In
the days of Columbus. There are now
more than fifty In use.
Indian Sltk.
There nre 1,000,000 persons In India
engaged In the production of silk.
Caterpillars and moths of the mul
berry silk Industry of lndlu ure entire
ly domesticated creatures.
Shabby, Faded, Old Apparel Turns
Fresh and Colorful.
Don't worry nbout perfect results.
Use "Diamond Dyes," guaranteed to'
give a new, rich, fadeless color to anjfj
fabric, whether It be wool, silk, llncnj
cotton or mixed goods, dresses,'
blouses, stockings, skirts, children's'
conts, feathers every thing 1
Direction Book in package tells how
to diamond dye over iiny color. To
mntch any material, have dealer show
you "Diamond Dye" Color Card. Adv.
The lnrgest single deled fruit crop
of the world Is the currant crop pro
duced In western Greece.
Another Royal Suggestion
From the New Royal Cook Book
THERE is an art in
making flapjack pan
cakes, griddle cakes or
wheats, call them what
you will. But it is an art
very easily and quickly
acquired if you follow the
right recipes.
Here are some recipes
for a variety of breakfast
cakes that will make
grandmother envious. The
secret, of course, is Royal
Baking Powder.
Royal Hot Griddle Cakes
2 cups Hour
y, teaspoon snlt
4 teanpoohB Hoyal Daktng
114 cups milk
i tablespoons shortening
Mix and sift dry ingredi
ents; add milk and melted
shortening; beat well. Bake
on slightly greased hot grid
dle. Griddle Cakes with Eggs
Hi cupi flour
H toaspoon salt
J teaspoons Hoyal UaklnK
3 eggs
1H cups milk ,
1 tablespoon shortening
Mix and sift dry ingredi
ents; add beaten 'Cgs, milk
and melted shortening; mix
well. Bake immediately on
hot griddle
Absolutely Puro
Buckwheat Cakes
3 cups buckwheat Sour
1 cup Hour
6 teaspoons Royal Baking
H4 teaspoon salt
z4 cups milk or milk and watr
1 tablespoon molasses
1 tablespoon shortening
Sift together flours, baking
powder and salt; add liquid,
molasses and melted short
ening; beat three minutes.
Bake on hot greased griddle.
2 cups flour
i teaspoons Royal Baklncl
41 teuiinonn nail
' l cups milk
1 tablespoon melted shorten
ing Sift flour, baking powder
and salt together; add milk
to yolks of eggs; mix thor
oughly and add to dry in
gredients; add melted short
ening and mix in beaten
whites of eggs. Bake in well
greased hot waffle iron un
til brown. Serve hot with
maple syrup. It should take
about Vi minutes to bake
each waffle.
New Royal Cook Dook
containing these and
scores of other delightful
recipes. Write for Itfo day.
lit Kolton Stratt
N- Yoth CU
"Bake with Royal and be Sure"