The North Platte semi-weekly tribune. (North Platte, Neb.) 1895-1922, February 20, 1920, Image 7

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The First
And NOW we should be
100 per cent
Everything for Men and Boys.
Graduate Dentist
Office over th Mcllonnld
State Bunk.
Harry Bonner, of Kansas City, spent
the first of the week with his sister,
Mrs. Wm. Yost.
Mrs. M. P. Anderson, of Arthur, en
tered the Twinem hospital yesterday,
for an operation. ;
Mrs. II. N. Smitli went to Melrose
yesterday for a short visit with the
Tony Pushman family.
Mrs. Purbaugh, who has been a pa
tient at the Twinem hospital for some
time past, returned yesterday to her
home in Paxton.
Dr. Howard Yost. Dentist, Twinem
'Building. Phone 807. 77tf
Mrs. Louis Peterson left yesterday
for Kansas City where she will spend
a couple of weeks visiting her niece
Mrs. W. R. Keslcr.
Weather forecasts are for a decided
drop in the temperature tonight with :
probably snow and Observer Shilling
was advised to notify stockmen. !
Art Yates, of Sutherland, well
known in North Platte, is said to be in
bad sliapo again. He submitted to an
operation a couple of months ago and
overtaxing himself suffered a relapse.
Aprons and house dresses which
are good to look at for morning
wear. Why not have a good looking
one when buying one? E. T. TRAMP
.Mr. and Mrs. I. C. McMillln left
yesterday for Heaver City whoro they
recently, purchased a farm upon which
they will make their home. Mr. Mc
Millln has been engaged in the car
penter business here for some time
Everything in stylish stouts. A now
created department at the Stylo Shop.
Attached to train No. 20 Wednesday
evening were two cars of undesirable
citizens who wore booked for depor
tation. Enrouto fronl the west four
men were picked up at Choyenne and
one at Julesburg. The windows and
doors of the cars were locked and the
men were under guard.
Mrs. M. Henry Gilfoyl 'recently
made application to be an accredited
teacher of voice in the Junior and
Senior high schools and has been ac
cepted as such by the Board of Edu
cation This adds voice culture to tho
elective studies of the schools and
students now have an oport unity to
secure high school and university
music credits.
Attorney Goo. N. Gibb returned this
week from a businoas trip to lown.
Wanted A waitress at tho Owl
Mrs. H. B. Parker, of lUwlinn, h tlia
guest of rohttlvos In town, lmvlng ar
rived Wednoiday.
Rev. C. F. Koch went to Paxton
Tuosdfty to conduct the funeral iorvice
of the late Mrs. Henry DebitH.
Dr. J. S. Twinem roturned yostor
Jlay from Iowa,, whoro he wag cHed
a week ago by the Illness of his moth
or. Walter Wilson will soon have com
pleted a five thousand dollar home on
his fnrm near the Platto Valley school
Miss Catherine Sudor roturned to
her home, In Columbus Wudnosday af
'tdr a-visit with' Mr. nnd fair. It. C.
Tho Stacey Mercantile Co. recontly i
received two carloads of sugar which
temporarily relieved the existing
"Six Foot Four" was six months In
making and shows it. At the SUN
only. Two days commencing Tuesday.
Afternoon matinee. 12-2
Promoter Selby announces a wrest
ling match at tho firemen's hall next
Tuesday evening between Bobby
Bylund of this city and Tommy Hay
of Omaha.
Dr. Morrill, Dentist, office over
Wilcox Department Store.
Mrs. Viola M. Redinger, a former
North Platto girl, who has been living
at Ashton, Idaho, has secured a di
vorce from her husband Fred Reding
er on the grounds of non-support. The
custody of tho minor child was given
to Mrs. Redinger.
J. V. Romigli reports tho sale of a
Dodgo sedan to Dr. Carr of Stapleton,
Dodgo touring cars to F. J. Dlener,
Cyrus Fox and Dr. F. J. Wurtele of
North Platte, also J. W. Styskal of
AVellllcet and a Chandler Chummy to
Ed. Todenhoft.
Wanted Furnished or unfurnished
house by March lt. Phono this of
fice. n-2
All members of the Community
Chorus aro Requested to meet at the
Franklin auditorium at 2:45 sharp
next Sunday afternoon. Tho chorus
will sing at the patriotic meeting to bo
held in tho auditorium at three o'clock
and it is desired to run over tho music.
Just received another $1G7.50 Edi
son. Call in and see It, It will fit your
purse as w611 as your ideas. Dixon
will give you credit on an Edison.
Nebraska farmers plan to organize n,
$500,000 co-operative company for the
purpose of publishing a state daily
newspaper, according to an announce
ment by C. A. Sorensen, attorney for
tho. non-partisan league and numer
ous formers' union co-operative asso
ciations. As carpet warp has advanced in
prices I am obliged to raise prices of
work. Rugs 75c and 05c; carpets per
yard, G5c. Call at 308 So. Walnut or
phono Red 975. 11-1
j Tho Union Pacific has sold to R. A.
1 Arnold the big frame building former
! ly used as a dispatchers' offlco and
the building is being blocked up pre
paratory to removal. Mr. Arnold has
sold part of the building to Bert Noble,
and tho part ho retains will bo moved
to a lot on south Chestnut street, stuc
coed and transformed into a tenement
ouse. Mr. Noblo has not yet deter
mined whoro ho will locate his part
of the building.
Chicago Kahn Bros.,
Tailors That Satisfy,
thoroughly experienced in the uiilorlug business
and fully posted regarding the latest styles, will
display at our store on
February 26, 27 and 28
an extensive line of fashionable Wool and Worsted
Suitings, Palm Beaches, Mohairs, Tropicals and
other latest fabrics for
Spring and Summer 1920
COME IN and select your new garments froni large
size woolens. Have your mensuremeata taken in n
scientific manner and receive expert advice regard
ing latest fashions for men. Choose your favorite
fabric, while the picking is good.
Time of deivery will be arranged to suit your own conven
ience. Correct fitting, dependably tailored and rightly priced gar
ments, absolutely guaranteed.
will itAKQinrr tonight
Participants in tho pool tournament
at tho Elks' homo will hold a ban
quet at G:30 this evening, and follow
ing tho "big Iced" a number of stunts
will be pulled off in the lodge room, by
a team of joy makers.
In tho tournament, in which sixty or
seventy players participated, tho side
captained by Bob Dickey made a total
of 1737 points, while the players cap
tained by Doc Pritchard rolled but
1472. The Pritchard players will
therefore boar tho expense of tho ban
quet. Elks who did not participate in the
tournament may, attend the banquet by
paying ?1.25 for a ticket.
Frederick Kndo Pusses Anny.
Frederick Kudo, one of tho early
settlors of Lincoln county, passed
away at his homo in Pomona, Cal.,
Tuesday. For sovoral years ho had
been In poor health, resulting largely
from an nccidont, having boon run
down by an automobile. Mr. Kndo
camo to Lincoln county In tho early
seventies as a member of either tho
Third or Fifth Cavalry and won sta
tioned at Ft. McPherson. Rocoiving
his discharge ho took up a homestead
where ho lived for a number of years,
Inter moving to this city. Eight or ton
years ngo ho wont to California to
mako his homo. Ho was married n
second time, his last wlfo passing
away May of last year.
Tho ico harvoat at Lake Gothenburg
has been completed and 42,530 tonB of
ico havo boon out. Tho Pacific Fruit
Express company has shipped 1,351
cars of Ico, most or it going to North
l'latto and Grand Island.
A Laundress That Wont Fail You.
The wash day problem has be
come a real one, You can't do such
work yourself and dependable help
is almost impossible to find. But
The Laundry Queen
EWfrir Washer S
j 1 P nil . 4-. . n I iirAul1 1 1 1 r 4- oo V .
perfectly as a really good maid would
do. It washes, wrings and rinses-works
quickly and wellgets the clothes out
spotlets, in double quick time.
Let us tell you how you can put one
in your own home. Special ten dry demonstration by factory represcnta
North Platte Light and Power Co.
ill I S J
Julius Pl7.or nrrivod homo Wednes
day night from a two weeks' visit in
Columbus, Ohio, Detroit and Chicago.
illo says Detroit is tho busiest city in
,no country nnd that tho business
transacted there is simply enormous.
Early Sunday morning tho train on
j which Mr. Pizer was riding made a
I sudden stop by tho application of tho
emergency brake, and ills head struck
I tho top of tho bortli, mnking a sorious
scalp wound and for threo days ho was
under tho care of a Chicago physi
cian. Wo aro making a specinlty of Well
ington Cream plo for Washington's
H. C. Pratt, who spent a day In
Gothenburg this week, says that town !
is getting ready to begin a street pav
ing campaign. Tho first district, com
posed of eighteen blocks in tho busl-!
ness district has boon created. Mr.
Pratt says Gothenburg struck him as
a town full of tho real old "pop."
Lost Largo Brooch Shrino pin, be
tween my residence and Masonic hall.
Howard for return. .1. F. Clnbaugh,
309 W. 4th. 11-2
Tho Methodist ladles served a
splendid chicken dinner at tho church
parlors Wednesday and wcro liberally
patronized. The ladles servo those
dinners each Wednesday from 11:30 to
1:30. If you havo not heon patroniz
ing them gel tho habit.
Wanted to Buyi A small farm near
North Platto. Address M. II. Kael-
ber, Blgnoll, Nob. 10-3
Wilson Tout leaves today for
Ciovoland, Ohio, to attend tho national
convention of school superintendents.
: :o: :
Notice is hereby givon that on Marcli
3, 1920, tho Sukraw holrs will sell at
public auction to tho highest bidder for
one-third cash, balanco threo years
with interest at 0 per cent paid annu
ally secured by first mortgage on stvld
land, tho following described tract of
land: tho S' of Section 14, Township
14, Range 28 West of tho Cth P. M'., in
Lincoln County, Nebraska
Said salo will tako placo on tho
south sido of said land and wll com
monco at 2:30 p. m. on said dato.
On completion o' said salo, said cash
payment to bo mado to tho Farmers
State Bank of Maxwell, Nebraska,
whoro deed and abstract showing good
titlo aro now dopositcd. Deed and ab
stract to bo delivered when nolo nnd
mortgago aro executed and delivered
for balanco of purchaso price remain
ing unpaid.
Agent for Sukraw HelrB.
II. M. Johanson, Auctioneer.
Farmers Stato Bank, Clork.
Did you know that a Chandler stan
dard touring car Is still $2095 deliver
ed in North Platto. Yjni know tho
record of these good cars maybo you
did not know that many, formor small
and cheaper cars aro now equal nnd
Bomo higher in prlco tlinn tho Chand
ler, nnd all of Its old prlco mates aro
now from $300 to $900 higher. Con
sider both svnluo and prlco, nnd you
will find no profiteering horo. I. V.
ROMIGII. Dealer.
Mrs. Eva Reese left Wednesday for
Omaha to visit her son Guy for a wools.
Slio will return horo to remain for ton
days prior to going to hor homo In
Registered Suffolk StalUon
for salo or trade. Wolght 1050, six
years old. Inquire of Albert A. Glnnpp
Brady. lOtf
For Salo.
Soven room houso aud twb lots,
houso all modom oxcopt heat; barn
and garago; ono lot in fruit troefl. In
quire at Tho Tribune 9-4
3 room houso and corner lot, plonty
of shade trees, oloctrio lights nnd
water in houso. Can glvo possession
at onco. Call at 221 So. Walnut, at. or
phono Red 310. 11-4
: :o: :
Ihnying and Team Work.
Of all kinds. Will approciato all
work glvon mo and will glvo you sat
iation. Phono Black 1118. .Too C.
Mlllor, 310 W. 8th St. 11-2
Wo wish to announco that on March
15th wo will luiro a salo of Pure Bred
iPoland China Sows at North Platte.
t ::o::
For Snlo
Deslrablq rosldonco property, GG ft.
corner lot, good barn; 5 blocks from
Court House. Immediate possession
given if sold by March 1st. For prlco
and terms seo Qlon Smith at Davis
Garago or call Rod 2G5 aftor G p.
m. 11-2
Utility Batteries.
Batteries like Automobiles are being improved. Some
makes of Automobiles improve; some do not. Same in the
Battery Line.
UTILITY BATTERIES, like some Automobiles, step
out far in the lead of all others.
UTILITY BATTERIES are no higher price than most
others, but so far advanced in service and durability that
all other batteries are out classed.
UTILITY BATTERIES can be charged as high as six
times the normal charging rate without injury.
UTILITY BATTERIES can bo overcharged for long
period without harm.
UTILITY BATTERIES take charge quicker than. any.
UTILITY BATTERIES relieve 80 per cent of Genera
tor troubles due to taking charge easily.
Attention, Auto Owners,
All winter roads have been bad and many cars have
been laid away and likewise your battery has lost its
charge and many in that condition will never again build
up and you are going to be called to got a new battery.
UTILITY BATTERIES have an Iron Clad Guarantee,
free replacement for one year, other do not.
UTILITY BATTERIES the second year aro replaced
on a sliding monthly exchange basis.
Wo are from this date equipping all now Nash Cars