The North Platte semi-weekly tribune. (North Platte, Neb.) 1895-1922, February 20, 1920, Image 5

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o toatirioa Mr. . f. ARENDT,
aox 44, nomltBr Toxos
For Catarrh and Catarrhal Conditions
The evidence of one men like Mr. Arendt Is more convincing proof
to you of the merits of Pe-ru-na than any written words of ours. For
fifty years Pc-ru-na has been the standby of the American Jamlly for
diseases due to catarrhal inflammation of tho mucous membranes lining
the organs of the body. Thousands, like Mr. Arendt, have proved the
effectiveness of Pc-ru-na for coughs, colds, nasal catarrh, stomach, bowel
and livcr.disordcrs or any disease characterized by a catarrhal condition.
If your suffering Is the result of a catarrhal disorder try Pc-ru-na. It
Is a true, tried medicine.
Sold Everywhere Tablets or Liquid
Ntnsty-Ssvon por oent. of ths poopla tuwa catarrh In somt form.
The Right
In all cases of
of all horses, brand mares, colts
and stallions Is to
on the tonpuo or In the teed with
Give the remedy to all 6t them. It acts
on the blood and elands. It routs 'he
dlseuso by expelling the germs. It
wards oft the trouble, no matter how
they are "exposed." A few drops a day
firevent those exposed from contract
ne disease. Contains nothing Injuri
ous. Sold by druggists, harness deal
ers or by the manufacturers. CO cents
and 11.15 per bottle. AGENTS WANTED.
Showing How a Chef Who Really
Knows His Business Can 'Dis
sect a Turkey.
Ever ask Chnrlle Haer, Claypool
."lotel chef, how to carve n turkey
.vhen turkey Is GO cents n pound and
you want to snve everything but the
gobble? Ever ask Charlie? Go at It
this wny:
"Charlie. I've Invested my life's sav
ings In a turkey. I want to make that
nlrd pay."
"Oh, yes, yes," Chnrlle answers.
"Yes, yes."
Then ho grnbs n turkey r.nd a
butcher knife turkey In the left
hand, knife In the light! Zippy! OIT
comes n leg! Zippy OIT comes the
titer leg! Zippy! Off conies one
wing! Zippy! Off comes the other
Then nil you have to do Is to draw
the knife gently through the white
"And you enn make soup out of the
neck nnil sauce out of the giblets,"
said Charlie.
See? Thut's how!
Reflections on a Head.
i Professor "If the gentleman In the
back row will kindly remove his hut
I will continue nnd point out a con-
creto example." Yale Record.
Sometimes n silent disposition Is a
good substitute for minnv ui"
id '
Tflrat Popular
so much used
nowadays in place
of coffee
Sold at the same
fair price as al
ways. No raise-
M grocers everywhere
Made lry
Postum Cereal Company
battle Creels
'I have used Pe-ru-nn for
years in cases of colds and
catarrh. The results have been
good, in fact, more than you
claimed. Have also taken
Lacupia and can easily say it
is one of the best blood puri
fiers 1 have ever used."
Mr. J. F. Arendt
Way Wa-gf
Conditions Being In Europe What
They Are, Press Agent Had De
cidedly Good Idea.
T assisted the other dny at wlmt
may prove to be the springs and origin
of the next great International mar
ring?. The press agent for tin organi
zation which deals In philanthropy for
Europe was talking:
"I want to bring Prince Doalotskl
over here next year," said he. "1 think
I can marry him to some nice Ameri
can girl."
"That'll be nice." I said. "Especially
for the prince."
"That's right," snld the press agent,
seriously. "There Isn't a royul family
In Europe Unit Is open to him Just
now. lie could not get Into some of
them he ain't such n much of a
prince, you know nnd It would not
pay him to marry Into some of the
others. They luive no money or thrones
or palaces or anything left."
"So you think It would be n good
Idea for him to marry Into some well-to-do
factory family over here?"
"Sure," said the press agent. New
York correspondence of tho Knnsaa
City Star.
Aggressiveness mny carry n man
through the world, but he'll need con
siderable philosophy as ballast.
Printers measure their takes and
tailors take their measure.
i MiClao
Motortrucks Given Passageway for
Carrying Coal and Various
Other Supplies.
In an effort to keep nil linos of sup
ply open for uninterrupted trnfllc dur
ing tin; winter months, nnd to thus aid
In minimizing the discomforts of the
public, mi appeal Is going out to high
ways authorities throughout the coun
try where snowfall Is heavy, to keep
the roads clear of snow.
Emphasis Is placed upon the fact
that the transportation of coal and
other fuel Is more Important In win
ter than In summer, and that it Is
equally us important to keep rural
Road Cleared for Passage of Motor
trucks. mall routes and main market vr.;uig
free from snow as It Is to keep rail
road tracks clear.
Officials connected with highway
work anticipate a prompt response to
this appeal. They report a decided
Increase In the Interest of the public
on this matter of prompt removal of
snow from highways, not only to meet
the necessity of keeping all sources
of supply nnd communication In ef
fective operation, but ns a means of
protecting the public's Investment In
If there were little or no demnnd
for tralllc during snow weather, high
way authorities state tho cost of snow
removal would bo Justified. Snow
melting on tho roadbeds tends to soft
en the subgrade and loosens the huso
under the wearing surface. Evi
dences of these damnges may be seen
after heavy snows In the late winter
and early spring.
When snow Is not removed on trunk
highways, tralllc gradually breaks Its
way through when thaw begins. Tho
tralllc will create one or two sets of
ruts or tracks. The constant track
ing In the same rut produces disas
trous results to the road surface, mak
ing repairs dllllcult and expensive.
Up to July 1, 1919, State Bonds Aggre
gating $224,800,000, Had Been
Aside from money to lie used co-op-erath
.y under the federal aid rond
act. aggregating nearly .$0S0,O00.O00.
some states will expend large sums,
and their several subdivisions will
provide large additional amounts.
"It Is Interesting to notu that up to
July 1, 1010," says the secretary of
agriculture In Ills annual report,
"state bond Issues aggregating $221,
S00.000 bad been authorized and ap
proved by popular vote and that pro
vision has been nincle for voting next
year on proposals for the Issuance of
additional state road bonds to the ex
tent of approximately SHI 4.000.000.
During the present and the next fiscal
year there will bo made available for
road Improvement at least $1,000,000.
000. Certainly few laws. If any, have
produced greater results, either In
terms of expenditures for a good pur
pose or In terms of helpful legislation
and machinery, than the federal nld
road act. It seems clear. In the cir
cumstances, that the principal limit
ing factors In the 1020 program will
be those of rail transportation for,
and production of, suitable rond ma
terials, the contractors' organizations
avnllalile, and the labor supply."
Adherents of This Type Claim De.
fects Are Caused by Poor Con.
crete Foundation.
During tho last couple of years there
hns been a growing sentiment for -construction
of brick pavements on bi
tuminous foundations. The adherents
of this type claim that some of tho
defects of tho brick pavement lire
caused by the defect In the concrete
foundation. They claim that tho bi
tuminous base would be more resilient.
et "Danderine" save and
glorify your hair
In a few moments you enn trans
form your plain, dull, flat hair. You
can hnve it abundant, soft, glossy nnd
full of life. Just get at any drug or
toilet counter a small bottle of "Dan
derine" for n few cents. Then moist
en a soft cloth with the Danderine and
draw this through your hair tnklng one
smoll strand at a time. Instantly, yes,
immediately, you have doubled tho
beauty of your hair. It will bo a mass,
bo soft, lustrous, Huffy and so easy to
do up. All dust, dirt nnd excessive oil
Is removed.
Let Danderine put more life, color,
vigor and brightness In your hair. This
stimulating toulc will freshen your
ecnlp, check dandruff nnd falling hnlr,
nnd help your hair to grow long, thick,
strong and beautiful. Adv.
A Low Brow.
Harold Ilollownut I dread old ago
with Its wrinkled brow.
Polly IMckles Don't worry. There
Isn't room enough on your brow for
more than one thin wrinkle.
A cold Is probably the most com
tnon of all disorders nud when neglect
ed Is apt to bo most dangerous. Sta
tistics show that more than three
times as many people died from In
fluenza last year, as were killed In
tho greatest war the world has ever
known. For the last fifty-three years
Boscheo's Syrup hus been used for
coughs, bronchitis, colds, throat Ir
ritation und especially lung troubles.
It gives the patient a good night's
rest, free from coughing, with ensy
expectoration in the morning. Mndo
In America and used In the homes of
thousands of families nil over the
civilized world. Sold everywhere. Adv.
Charles Clees says: "Smiles are
made to show the heart, not tho
Love originates In the lienrt: brain
has nothing to do with it
TTHEN you see this famous
trade-mark, think a minute
Think of the delicious taste of
a slice of fresh toasted bread!
That's the real idea back of the
success of Lucky Strike cigarettes.
Toasting improves tobacco just as well
as bread. And that's a lot.
Try a Lucky Strike cigarette
Qfl Oimrontod Vry
"Diamond Dyes" Help Make New Out
fits for Youngsters.
Don't worry irbont perfect results.
Ose "Diamond Dyes." guaranteed to
give n new, rich, fadeless color to nny
fabric, whether It be wool. silk, linen,
cotton or mixed goods. dresses,
blouses, stockings, skirts, children's
oonts, feathers everything t
Direction Honk in package tells how
to diamond dye over nny color. To
match any material, hnve dealer she
you "Diamond Dye" Color Card. Ad-
"Is your watch going?"
"Oh. my watch went long ago."
Ualtluiore American.
Important to Nlothors
Examine carefully every bottle of
CASTOKIA, that famous old remedy
for Infants and children, mid see that it
Unnra flu
Signature of C&AfitfflZC&U
In Use for Over !H) Years.
Children Cry for Fletcher's Coatoria
If brevity Is the soul of wit some of
our jokesinlths must be soulless.
There is nothing heavenly about war, or
dyspepsia. The world is outgrowing the
first and Garfield Tea will conquer dys
pepsia. Adv.
All the world's a fruit basket and
tho big fruit Is always on top.
Fiery Itching and Burning of
Skin Is a Most Cruel Torture
Sure Speedy Relief in S. S. S.
Why sutler from these persistent
tortures when it is so easy and
costs so little to do as thousands
of others have done and get relief
through S. S. S.? It is now well
known that eczema comes from
the blood. By giving the blood a
thorough cleansing you not only
get sure and spc dy relief but you
also build up the system and re
new your vigor and vitality.
This good medicine has stood
v Is as profitable as
.. - . .
as those irom growing wneai. oats, uaricy, ona uax nave occn nunc in
ratline Horn, Cattla, Shoap and Hoes. Bright, sunny climate, nutrit
ious grasses, good water, enormcus fodder crops these spell success to the
farmer and stock raiser. And remember, you can buy on aaay tarma
Farm Land at
' . f 1 I a. tL.a ...L!t. b1.Mii.1 meant
0v lUUU equal li uiui wmui sUiuukk
c-rnin farms at nrnnortlonntelv low rjrices.
ir ufnainr v rm inn crnvsomri iu ihiiii
every rural convenience; good schools, churches, roads, tele
phones, etc., close to live towns and good markets.
If you want to get back to the farm, or
scale than is possible unacr your present conditions, invu
eato what VVeotorn Canada has to olfar you.
For llluitrsled lltersture with diih and psxtleotsrs rf carding minced
rsllww rstes. locution of land, etc., apply to
tion, Ottawa, Usiisda, or
I W. V. BENNETT, Room 4, Bee Building, OMAHA, NEB.
Canadian Government
6 Bell-ans
Hot water
Sure Relief
t -m v "V r huys ten ".litre ef
R fl H A D fl R Ace I'etroleum Com-
T company has one well
ilrllltaK In llurkbur
nelt Husher territory, nt a depth of 1,001
fort. Thin well exiucteil now nny dny. Hur-rumlt-l
by two to five thousand barrel
KUshers, There la room on this Uurkbur
nett, Texan, for nve wells.
irss vai.i ahi.i: iiimr.u. Louisiana.
In the very heart of the Twenty thousand
barrel Oustier. Ace Petroleum Company
buya valuable property B00 other valuable
ere of Oil Properties scattered throughout
the Texas Oil Fields. 111k chance for the
mail Investor
Telling of the wonderful resources ot
Texas and Louisiana. Your opportunity to
obtain first-hand Information regarding re
liable oil Investments. Full Information on
Texas and Louisiana oil properties. Send
your name and address for full Information.
It Is absolutely free.
Sum Houston Life lliillillng, Dnlliis. Texas
Exceptional opportunity at the present
time for young women over nineteen
years of ngo who have had at least one
yenr In high school to take Nurses' Train
ing In general hoepltnl. Our graduates
uro In groat demand. Addromj
finpt. ot Nurses, Lincoln Sanitarium.
Lincoln. Nebr.
the test of 50 years as one ef the
greatest blood cleansers known. It
is guaranteed entirely free from
minerals of any kind.
The experience of others has
established the unfailing merits of
S. S. S., and there's no question
about the wisdom of your giving it
a thorough trial. All reputable
druggists sell it. If in doubt as to
your case write to Medical Ad
visor, Swift Specific Co., Dept. 54.
Atlanta, Ga,
tj.imss9VOV Raising
train growing. Successes as wonderful
. . , . n 1 I I
$15 to $30 An Acre
natea lina utVMarl frrtm O 0 in Aft h II tit A If.
tio j v.uwv
i in vri nri n lis uinni
Thcso lands have tfcCi fltsAflZ
to farm on a larger yf.
IJspartmeat or Immigra
v i