The North Platte semi-weekly tribune. (North Platte, Neb.) 1895-1922, February 20, 1920, Image 11

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Kansas City, Kans.: "About twenty,
throo years ago Dr. Picrco'a Favorite- Pre
scription and Golden Medical Discovery
eavou my mc. l be
came ill; bad n
Bovcro cough and
bronchitis. At timoa
I would got bo badly
choked up that I
would have to sit up
in bod to got my
breath and in n short
timo I began to Buf
fer with dropsy. I
' doctored but did not
improve, in fact, I
got so bad I was bed
fast and had to havo
n n'l. .I--,
told mo tho only thing that would help mo
was a change ol climate. IIo advised mo to
go to a southern climate. I know of Dr.
Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery and
decided to try it. I had my nurso get mo
two bottles. Tho first night I had her give
mo just a few drops every few minutes and
by twelvo o'clock I was asleep, a thing I had
not douo for about thrco weeks. Tho next
day they gavo mo this mcdicino every half
hour and after that as directed. I kept up
its uso until I was a well woman. It not only
cured mo but I was in better health than I
had ever been nnd since that timo I have
always taken 'Favorite Prescription' when
ever I was badly run-down or in need of n
tonic and it has never failed to help me. I
am glad to recommend Dr. Pierce s modi
eincs." MRS. SARAH COLEMAN, 1420
Wood Ave.
Run-down Weak Nervous
Omaha, Nobr.: "I was at one timo
greatly benefited by taking Dr. Pieree'a
medicines. I becamo all run-down in
health, was weak and nervous and wm
greatly in need of some good tonic to build
mo up and give mo strength. I took tho
'Favorite Prescription and tho 'Golden
Medical Discovery' and they proved to bo
just what I needed for they built mo up and
restored me to good health. For this I am
very thankful, indeed." MRS. JENNIE
RICHARDSON. 637 S. 25th Ave.
Constipation and
Slnggisii liver
Don't take chances. Get Carter's
Little Liver Pills right now. They
never tan to mane me
liver do its duty. They jgff
relieve cuusupa
tion, banish in
rfitrfistlnn. I1TTL.E
ririvftnut hill.
ousness, stop A
clear the com-
plexion, put a healthy glow on the
check and sparkle in the eye. Be sure
and get the genuine.
Small Fill Small Dose Small Price
great nerve and blood tonic for
Anemia, Rheumatism, Nervousness,
Sleeplessness and Female Weakness.
Ueoolot mui bear signature. taJr!hr0
Never Took the Ax.
To n small son's insistent Inquiry as
to where he was going each morning,
when lie left for his work a lawyer
always said : "Over to the courthouse.
I got an nx to grind with a fellow over
there." Little son wrinkled his brow
every morning over this answer nnd
one morning he said :
"Well, It's funny I never see you
take the ax with you."
How's This?
Wo offer 1100.00 ror nny caso of catarrh
that cannot be cured by HALL'S
en internally and acts through the Blood
on tho Mucous Surfaces of the System.
Sold by druBglsts for over forty years.
Prlco 75c. Testimonials freo.
F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, Ohio.
All Dig Fish.
"How are the fish running?"
"Good nnd large, sir. So large that
a notary public has set up u shack on
the river hank."
Garfield Tea keeps the liver normal. Adv
Common sense is none too common.
Now Enjoys Best of Health
and Does Her Housework
"I didn't enjoy one day of good
health for more than two years," says
Mrs. 0. E. Wildes, 740 E. Georgia St.,
f ..,r,l.; T.nn
yfjrz "At first 1 haii
backache. After
wards terrible at
tacks of pain left
me weak and limp.
My nrnu and limbs
ached. My feet
felt weighted with
tons of lead. I
couldn't walk
without a enne
and had to bo car
ried to bed every
niaht. I couldn't
Mr. WUdei
do a bit of work and Kept my people
busy rubbing my aching limlw. Some
times my whole body became rigid. My
feet were swollen twice their normal
"It almost killed me to pas the kid
ney secretions. 1 lout -12 pounds and
each day felt I had aged a year. I wn
so nervous the rustle of a paper made
me scream.
"Finally I was advised to uso Doan's
KUlncu PlUs and seven boxes nmdc
mo a well woman. 1 have enjoyed the
best of health for wven years, and have
done all my housework without any
trouble." Sworn to before me.
.lOUN M.Nt'IIY. Notnrv Public.
Gat Don' at Any Store, 60e n Bo
Persistent Coughs
re (Unceroui. Oct prompt relief f
lMo'. Stojn irrila Ion; poolhlrw. EITt.
and tulo for young nod old. No opiate lu
Look at tongue! Remove poisons
from stomach, liver and
Accept "California" Syrup of Figs
only look for the name California on
the package, then you are sure youit
child Is having the best nnd most harm
less laxative or physic for the little
stomach, liver and bowels. Children
lovo Its delicious fruity taste. Full
directions for child's dose on euch bot
tle. Give It without fear.
Mother I You must say "California."
General In Wrong.
When Gen. O'Neill of Allentown first
went to Spartanburg, S. C, his train
was three hours late. The negro escort
nppolnted to receive him at the sta
tion had been dismissed. The general
walked. Presently he was accosted by
a sentry.
"Who Is you?"
"General O'Neill."
"Well, you cut the buck nnn go up
there to headquarters to beat the del),
bll and sec my captain and explain
yourself. We've been waltln' three
hours fer you." Los Angeles Times.
Take a Glass of Salts to Fiush
Kidneys if Bladder
Bothers You.
Eating meat regularly evontunlly
produces kidney trouble In some form
or other, says a well-known authority,
becnuso the uric acid in meat excites
the kidneys, they become overworked ;
got sluggish; clog up ond cause nil
Bort3 of distress, particularly back
ache and misery In the kidney region;
rheumatic twinges, severe headaches,
acid stomnch, constipation, torpid
liver, sleeplessness, bladder and uri
nary Irritation.
The moment your back hurts or kid
neys nren't acting right, or If bladder
bothers you, get about four ounces of
Jnd Salts from any good phannncj ;
take n tnhlcspoonful In a glass of
water before breakfast for a few days
and your kidneys will then act fine.
This famous salts Is made from the
acid of grapes and lemon juice, com
bined with llthla, nnd has been used
for generations to flush clogged kid
neys and stlmulnte them to normal
activity; also to neutralize the acids
In the urine so It no longer Irritates,
thns ending bladder disorders.
Jad Salts cannot Injure nnyono;
makes a delightful effervescent llthla
water drink which millions of men and
women take now nnd then to keep the
kidneys and urinary organs clean, thus
avoiding serious kidney disease. Adv.
Seek, and Ye Shall Find.
J. II. King, A. T. Hunt and II. 1
Senrch are active members of the
men's class of Central Avenue M. E.
church. Recently a lunch was glveu
by the class at which the three wore
present. The telephone rang nnd Mr.
King, who had just arrived, an
swered. The caller wishes to talk to
Mr. Search. Mr. King, havlnj, been
trained In overseas "Y" work, prompt
ly replied: "I don't know whether
Mr. Senrch Is here, sir. If not, will
Mr. Hunt do?"
"Pape'a Cold Compound" Instantly re
lieves stuffiness and
Don't stay stuffcd-upl Quit blowing
nnd snuffling I A dose of 'Tape's Cold
Compound" taken every two hours un
til three doses are taken usually breaks
up a severe cold and ends all grippe
The very first dose opens your
clogged-up nostrils and the nlr pass
ages of the head; stops nose running;
relieves tho headache, dullness, fever
Ishness, sneezing, soreness nnd stiffness.
"I'npo's Cold Compound" is tho
quickest, surest relief known and costs
only n few cents at drug stores. It
acts without assistance, tastes nice,
contains no quinine Insist upon
Papo's I Adv.
Quite to the Point.
"I had a shurp dispute with my
"What about?"
"l'ln money."
Shnve With Cutlcura Soap
And double your razor efllclency ns
well as promote skin purity, skin com
fort and skin health. No mug, no
slimy sonp, no germs, no waste, no
lrrltntlon even when shaved twice
dnlly. Ono soap for all uses shaving,
bnthlng and shampooing. Adv.
A man sometimes longs for tonmr
row because be Is ashamed of whin
Right-o, Mr. John Bull! To Know Us Is to Love Us
WASHINGTON. In response to the appeal of the Anglo-American society.
Sir George Watson has given tho sum of 20.000 required for the foun
dation nnd endowment of a chair In American history, literature and In
stitutions, In order to promote such
If this sum be given by a single
donor, the name of the donor will bo associated with the chair.
It Is not proposed that the chair shall be exclusively attached to one
university, but that It shall be used for the general purpose of stimulating
interest and study of America In all the Hrltlsh universities.
Neither will the chair be held permanently by one scholar of a single
nationality. The scheme provides that It shall be held, for a period of ono
to two years, alternately by an American and a British scholar or public man
thus drawing upon tho best Intellectual resources of the two countries, and
securing a variety of treatment of the subjects dealt with.
This novel kind of foundation has been selected by a special committee of
the Anglo-American society, under the chairmanship of Lord Glenconor.
Tho committee Is of opinion that ibis foundation would greatly assist
to create In Great Hrltaln a wider knowledge of America today, nnd of tho
history, literature and institutions of this great trans-Atlantic commonwealth
of English-speaking people.
Virgin Islanders Want Local Civil Government
THE 75,000 people of the ' three Virgin Islands In the West Indies, which
the United States purchased In 1017 from the Danish government for $25,
000.000, think It Is high time they should have local civil government. Up
to date they have been governed by
the United States navy department,
which Is quite willing to get rid of tho
Job. Congress seems to think that
the proposition Is worth looking into.
Anyway, the senate recently passed a
Joint resolution, which the house
m mended. It was evidently slated for
passage nnd at last accounts was as
follows :
"Kesolved, etc., That a joint com
mission to consist of three members
of the Senate and three members of
the House of Itopresontutlvos, to be nppolnted by the Vice President of the
United States, and the Speaker of the House, respectively, Is hereby created
lo visit the Virgin Islands nnd to report fully to Congress as to existing con
ditions lu the said Islands, and particularly to report and recommend action
by Congress, If need there be therefor, with reference to whether the present
novernmeiit under executive direction should lie superseded by civil government
provided by Congress ns contemplated by act of March .'1, 1017 (IIO Stat., p.
IKiii), said government being now only temporary lu character and by order
i.f the President being now vested In olllcers of the Navy; also, as to whether
'engross should at this time provide for a civil government of the Islands
by an organic act; also what, If any, legislation Is necessary pending tho
iornmtlon and adoption of an organic act, and as to the general conditions
existing in the Islands. Said report to be filed at the earliest date practicable,
and during the Sixty-sixth Congress."
The United Slates bought the Virgin Islands so that Germany should not
acquire them. They are on the way to tho Panama canal.
The people of the Islands have asked for this commission, their Idea being
that It should hold hearings und give them a chance to set forth their needs.
Professor's Rocket Makes
VKN Old II. C. L. Isn't In It with
a new type of multiple charge,
the 200 miles of the earth's atmosphere and possibly shoot to the moon Is
sent completely through the band of the earth's atmosphere ami Into.-the
ethereal mysteries beyond. r
With a rocket of his latest designed type, weighing 1,274 pounds Initial
mass. Professor Goddard claims It will penetrate to unmeasured heights and
lead to great discoveries. The announcement from the Smithsonian Institu
tion states that Professor Goddard Is at present perfecting tho reloading
mechanism of his rocket under a grant from the Institution, anil It Is hoped
that a demonstration of its practicability and value can be made soon.
"The apparatus," says the Smithsonian announcement, "designed and
tested by Professor Goddard Is a multiple-charge, high efllclency rocket of
un entirely new design. The determining factor of the elllclency of a rocket
Is the velocity of ejection of tho gases duo to the explosion of tho propelling
material. Professor Goddard bus raised the efllclency of the rocket front 2
per cent to nearly 04 per cent.
"The gn-at sciontillc value of Professor (loddard's experiments lies In tho
possibility of sending recording' apparatus to moderate and extreme altitudes
within tho earth's atmosphere. The nature of the higher levols of the air
has for a long time been a subject of much speculation."
Carranza Needs a "Vice President" Like "Spot"
WHAT the United States could do for .Mexico has been demonstrated by
the regeneration of three American republics accomplished by virtual
protectorates established by Uncle Sum
The three republics are Haiti,
Santo Domingo, and Nicaragua. In
the case of Haiti anil Santo Domingo
the protectorate was estaullshed and
Is still maintained by force of arms.
In tho caso of Nicaragua It was es
tablished by consent, though United
States marines hnvo maintained order
In tho republic for nearly a decade.
When asked why the Wilson ad-
mlulstratlon had not undertaken to
reform .Mexico as it had Haiti, Santo Domingo und Nicaragua. Secretary or
the Navy Daniels once explained that there Is considerable difference In the
size of tho Jobs.
Haiti Is now a going concern, with a complete government of Its own, In
cluding a president, a congress and an army all supervised by the United
States navy.
Incidentally, tho promotion of Scrgt. "Spot" (William A.) Miller, United
States marine corps, to a lieutenant In tho gendarmerie d'Haltl has brought
forth tho fact that ho holds tho strangest Job lit the whole corpn.
Miller for the last four yours bus been personal bodyguard of President
Antegtmnlve of the republic of Haiti. Ho has become so lutluentlal In native
governmental circles that he Is known as the "vice president of Haiti."
He U nhwiy present when Anteguenive meets representatives of foreign
nnwt'i-s He is mined with being the real "power behind the throne."
studies in all the British universities.
The foundation of the chair forms
the principal educational proposal of
the British program for the tercen
tenary celebration of the Mayflower
nnd the lMlgrlm Fathers (11120-11)20).
Tho proposal was as follows:
A sum of 20.000 Is required for
the foundation and endowment of a
chair of lectureship lu American his
tory, literature and Institutions.
Old H. C. L Look Cheap
this new contraption. The Invention of
high efllclency rocket thnt will penetrate
announced by the Smithsonian Insti
tution. The Invention Is tho work of
Prof. Robert II. Goddard of Clark col
lege, who has tested It, and predic
tion Is made that It will be Invaluable
to the science of meteorology.
The highest level so far reached
by scientists with recording Instru
ments is 11) miles, accomplished with
a free balloon. Professor Goddard
believes that his new rocket enn bo
1 d&tev, B5a.
How Many Women Are Like This?
Can anything bo rnovo wearing for women than tho ccasolcsa
round of household duties? Ohl tho monotony of it all
work and drudgo ; no timo to bo sick ; tired, ailing, yet can
not stop. Thcro comes a timo whon somothing "snaps" and
they find thcmsolvcs "simply worn out," and to mako matters
worso,havo contractcdsorious fominino disordor which almost
always follows tho constant overtaxing of a woman's strength.
Then they should remember that tliero is no remedy llko
Jjydln, 13. Plnklmni's Vcgotablo Compound tho expo
rlcnco of theso two women establishes that fact:
Cedar Rapids, la. "After tha
birth of my last child I had such
painful spoils that would unfit mo
outlroly for my housowork. I suf
forod for months nud tho doctor said
that my troublo was organic ulcora
nnd I would h&TO to hnvo an opora
tlon. That was an awful thing to
mo. with a young baby nud four othor
children, so ono day I thought ot
Lydla IS. rtnkham'a Vogotablo
Compound nnd how It had helped
mo yoars botore nnd I dccldod to try
It again. I took five bottles of Vogo
ttblo Compound nnd used Lydla 13.
rinkham's SanatWo Wash nudslnco
thonlhavobcene, well woman, nlilo
to tako enroot my house and family
without any troublo or a day's pain.
I am ready nnd thankful to swear by
yourniodlclnonny tlrao. I am forty
lour yoars old and havo nothadn day's
illness of any kind for throo yoars."
Mrs. II. Kobnio, 017 131113 JJlvd,
Cedar llaplds, Iowa.
All Worn Out Women Should Tako
Volubility Not Wanted.
When you Und people who enn say
volumes about nothing you can usual
ly put It down they are short some
where. A man with Ideas that count
seldom Wears out his vocabulary try
ing to advertise the Idea. Ho lets the
Ideas stand on their own feet. The
fact Is he doesn't need to do so much
for u thing that can stand alone. And
whnt's more, ideas havo a way of
being able to deliver pretty strong ar
gument. When they are founded on
truth there Is no way of getting back
of them. Tho fact tlult others refuse
to accept them does not discount them.
They stand on their own merits to
be recognized und used when people
learn to appreciate their value. His
tory reveuls the fact that her biggest
men were men of small speech.
Proved His Deep Love.
A remarkable will has Just been ad
mitted to probate In England. It Is
that of a Hrltlsh soldier, Lieut. Frank
It. Kirk ley, wounded In notion, and
who died at the Twenty-fourth cas
ualty station. Italy. The will Is writ
ten upon the bad; of a small photo
graph, autographed "Muriel," and con
tains only the words: "I leave nil to
her. Frank E. Klrkley. Ulth July.
11)17." The Identity of "Muriel" was
easily established as Miss Annie Mu
riel Kyrke Smith of Larklilll, Salis
bury Plain. The value of the property
was about $1,500, but It causes a heart
Ihrob to realize that the last thought
af'the dying lieutenant was for the
woman of his heart.
First law that ever was niado was
shattered that which prescribed what
ilam and I've snouldii t do.
Lot's wife was the salt of tho earth
and still she wasn't wit lulled.
A Health-Building Cereal
Pleasing alike
Sandusky, Ohio. " Afterthohlrth
of my baby I had organlo troublo.
My doctor said It vim causod by
too hoavy lifting and I would
havo to havo an oporatlou. I
would not consent to an operation
and lot it go for over a year, having
my slstor do my work for mo as I
was not nblo to walk. Ono day my
mint camo to boo mo and told mo
about your mndlolno said it enrod
hor of tho camo thing. I took Lydla
13. 1'lnkham's Vegetable Compound
nnd used Lydla 13. 1'lnkham's Saua
tlvo Wash and thoy hnvo cured mo.
Now I do my own housework, wash
Ing nnd Ironing and sowing for my
family and alsodosowhig for other
people. IstlUtakonbouloof Vogo
taulp Compound every spring for
tonlo. I rcconnnond your niodlclno
to others who havo troublos similar
to rnlno nnd you can uso my letter
It you wish." Mrs. Tadi. I'amn
imsu,1325 Stono St.,Sandu3ky,Ohlo.
Biarritz, In Southern France, Noted
as the Scene of European Fri
volity and Fashion.
One of tho gayest and mosf popu
lar watering resorts of Europe- Is Biar
ritz In Franco, about forty miles from
the Spanish border. Its nearness to
Spain has colored Its language and ar
chitecture somewhat, giving It tho plo
turesqueness of both countries. It Is
a beautiful place, with Its cream-colored,
red-roofed villas, dark pine trees,
winding walks and crescent of white
sandy beach gun-Mod at either end by
high, rocky bluffs, rising abruptly from
the sea. Before the war It was tho
scene of frivolity and fashion, rival
ing Monte Carlo lu Its gambling, danc
ing and display. It was a favorite
resort with one of England's more
playful kings In his lighter moments.
Indeed, Its main Rtreot Is called Ituo
Edouard VII lu honor of him.
The war brought a sudden change'
of mood to Hlarrltz. Its gambling ca
sinos nud hotels were turned Into hos
pitals for wounded French, and later
American soldiers. Grim convoys of
warships passed close to Its shores on
their way through the Hay of Biscay.
Numerous ships were torpedoed in
sight of the shore by tho German sub
marines lurking along the Spanish
coast. The coast was heavily mined,
and from time to time the detonation
of a mine would shako tho town.
The Reason.
"What art) you storming about so
for?" "Wc'ro having a thundering
tfood 1 1 mo."
If opportunity were at sen, lots of
people would hesitate on tho shore,
dreading submarines.
satisfying food.
greatly pleasing
tu la⁢, jluij. oi
rich nourishment
and ready to eat
without cooking.
Needs no Sugar
to young and old.
a Reason