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    Scene from "Kiss Me Ami in.
at the Keith Theatre Thanksgiving Evening. November 27th.
Sunshine I
CCopyrlfht. 1919, by the Weittrn N1M
- oaoer Union.)
"Wnke up, Illruml somebody Is
Bcrcnmlng jout in tlie pasture lot."
Mrs. Benson shook her somnolent
better-half vigorously, hut he mumbled
In a confused way. As she was about
to call out to their son Sidney, who
slept In another room, the young man
in question hurried past the open door,
pulling on his coat.
"Something Is on fire, mother," he
said, "but It isn't near the house. You
had better get dressed while I see
what the trouble Is."
A series of new screams rang out as
young Benson reached the yard, daz
zled by a great glare, a direct view of
which the intervening stables partially
shut out. As he rounded a shed he
saw that a haystack was ablaze. The
flaming filaments were bearing di
rectly toward the buildings. Sidney
darted lightning quick for a pitchforfc,
dismantled, scattered and trnmped out
the manaclng heap and stared hard at
a figure crouching against the pasture
"Was it you who screamed?" he
challenged, 4 M,n hi? suspicious
tones died down to gentleness. The
Intruder wns a young girl, pale and
trembling. She arose to her feet. In
the dying glow of the lire her rare
beauty shone forth with n vividness
that thrilled Sidney. Her attire was
rich to the point of extravagance nnd
she wore two lings and a pin at her
throat that sent back dazzling prls
matlc sparkles of color.
"Yes," she replied In a quavering
tone. "I was tired with a long, long
trninp nnd weak, too, from hunger. I
wns seeking shelter when I reached
here. I sat down on the horse block,
for there wns no light In the house.
Then I thought I saw one behind the
barn, but It was only a rough-looking
tramp lighting his pipe. When he saw
me he ran, and T think It likely he
dropped a match that started the Are.
The hay rack blazed and I tried to
wake up somebody In the house by
"It is a good thing you did, Miss,"
returned Sidney, approvingly. "If the
barns had ever caught the whole place
would hnve gone. Are are you n
stranger nround here?"
"Very much so," came the prompt
reply, and Sidney was greatly puzzled.
The girl showed no phnso of boldness,
yet sTTe wns clear and definite.
"-We've got you to thank for saving
the bnrns nnd probably the house," he
As must leave the farm nnd am moving to town. I will sell the
the following property, located one mile north and two miles east of
North Platte. Neb., on
Wednesday, December 3, 1919,
Commencing at 10 o'clock a. m.,
Twonty-four head of milch cows, 12 are giving milk now, all aro
with calf and some fresh soon; 7 head of 2-year-old steers, 8 2-year old
heifers, will be fresh In spring; 14 head of yearling calves, 30 head of
spring calves, mostly all White Faces; one three-year-old Ited Short
Horn Bull, eligible to registry.
One span of grey geldings 6 and 8 years old, weight 3,000 and
broke; one span black geldings coming 3-years-old, weight 2C00; one
span black geldings 10 years old, weight 2100 and broke; gray gelding
8 years old, weight 1300 and broke; bay mare 7 years old, weight 1400
broke; gray gelding 12 years old, two bay saddle horses 6 and 8
years old, weight 1000 each; brown single driver, 9 years old, weight.
1300; brown mare 12 years old.
13 head of shoats, weight ahout 175 pounds each.
2 Deering mowers, 1 is practically now, 3 Milwaukee mowers In
good shape, 2 hay stackers in good shape, 3 hay rakes In fair shape, 2
hay, sweeps, 2 riding listers, 2 cultivators In good shape, Ingrain bindor
In good shape, 4 wide wheel wagon gears, 1 narrow wheel wagon with
box in good shape, 4 bale racks, 1 hay rack, 1 three-section hnrrow in
good shape, 1 three-horse gasoline engine, 1 wind mill and 2 -ater
tanks, 1 four-horso road scraper, 1 scraper, G set of work harness,
most of them In good shape, 1 good saddle and bridle, 1 spring wagon,
2 good grind stones, 1 large size Do Laval cream separator.
2 wagon shacks, ono 10x12 feet, other 8x10 feet, 1 cow barn 14x30
feet, 1 cow shed, holds 50 head of cattle, 1 grainory 12x14 feet, 1 milk
houso 8x10 feet, 1 hog shod, 1 garage, 1 hen house.
I kitchen cabinet, 2 range cook stoves, these stoves aro in good
shape, 1 heating stove, 1 tablo, 1 stack cover and 2 tents.
200 tons of prairie hay in stack. 200 bushels of rye, and a number
of things not mentioned.
TERMS G months timo, 10 per cent intorest All sums under ?20
cash. It will pay you to bo with us at this sale.
EI). KIEIUG, Auctioneer.
KAY C. LANGFOItl), Clerk.
said. "If you hadn't given the warn
i Ins that blas'.lng stack would soon have
! done Its work. You had better come
I to the house. 1 think my mother will
i be up and and she will see that you
I nrc made comfortable."
I "Perhaps you don't evuctly take me
; on trust," spoke the girl. "This dross
i does not belong to me nnd these blaz
ing gems arc stage diamonds. All I
will tell you Is that I am an orphan,
nnd I ran nwny from tin school where
my gunrdlan had placed me and Joined
a traveling show. They were good
people In It, but It failed and the
i sheriff seized everything except the
clothing we had on."
"But what are you thinking of do
Ing now?" questioned Benson.
"Oh, anything to earn n living." re
plied the girl. "I won't go back to
school nnd, as I wrote my guardian,
I Intend to choose my own way In
Sidney led the way to the house.
Ills mother wns down s,tnlrs and she
viewed this strange guest with temer
ity. Midnight and a beautiful girl
dressed like a princess Mrs. Benson
had only known through novels or the
movie stage.
However, she could not refuse hos
pitality to one who had probably
Hived their home. She prepared n
meal and saw' that their visitor was
comfortably Installed In' the best bed
room. -
Nrrf movnlPf Adrlnnne Mnrfel. as
"he lob' 'hem her name was. became
III with a fever. It was a week be
fore she was up and around. By that
time she hnd won on the motherly
regard of Mrs. Benson to tin extent
thnt would mnke parting u sorrow.
"Let me stay In the dear old place,"
suggested Adrlnnne. "I will be glad
to work just to be among the kind,
good people you nre."
There came about what might hnve
been anticipated. From the first Sid
ney loved her; from the first she es
teemed him as the manly, true-hearted
fellow he was. They were quietly
One day an nutomoblllst drove In to
the farmyard for water. Sidney wns
getting it when joyous faced Adrlnnne
came out of the house.
"Weill Weill" exclaimed the auto
mnblllst. "Found at last, eh, and pret
tier than ever. My dear girl, you have
led us n long quest."
"Sidney," .spoke Adrlanna In her
strnightforward way, "this is my guar
dian thnt was. And Mr. Boyden, this
Is my husbnnd nnd we are the hap
piest pair In the world."
"A femme sole nc longer, then?" ob
served the lawyer.
"Don't call me names, dear old
guardy, but what Ih n femme sole?"
"A single lady, my dear, but now,
being u married one. I fancy I had bet
ter nrrange with your husbnnd to take
over the fortune your fnther left you."
"Sidney never knew there was a for
tune," said Adrianne, "and I never
cared for It after finding n home in
this real, beautiful sunshine land."
People of Siberia Satisfied With tho
Trade Checks That the Merchants
Have Issued.
Private trade-cheeks, Issued by firms
nnd wealthy Individuals, have largely
replaced the nut hum currencv in Si
berla. The ruble In nnv form outside
the metal disk Is too unstable to be
accounted of real value and the work
man who finds himself with nockets
full of "Omsk" or "Kereusky" cur
rency need hold no fear of belnir con
sldercd a plutocrat. For the ruble, nn
to a few months ago worth half a dol
lar m exchange, has diminished to
somewhat less than four cents, face
value. True, tho green paper variety
ianejed "Kerenskv" commands n blub
er premium than do the vellow-bneked
bills of Omsk; true, again, the tender
of the former Is worth more thnn
cither of the two aforementioned. But
for nil practical purposes the people
oi Vladivostok receive and demand
quite as a matter of course tho nunlnt
slips Issued by their tradesmen. Kn
terprlse on the part of the merchnnts,
it mny be observed, keeps pace with
ino tunes; for examn e. ono Vlndlvo
stok restaurateur has had his checks
made to read: "American Grill. Two
Hubles. Not Good for Kver."
People of Sybarls Allowed Their Char
acter to Be Sapped by Love
of Luxury.
The present meaning of tho word
sybarite Is n perswn devoted to luxury
and plensuro. It Is derived from tho
ancient city of Syburls, sltunted In
southern Italy near to the shores of
the Gulf of Taranto. It wns founded
by the Greeks 720 11. O. nnd became
Tery powerful. In the days of Its
opulence it was ruler over four nntlons
with their 215 towns and could
raise an army of 300,000 men and
equip them well for the field. The
walls surrounding tho city wore said
to extend six miles nnd tho suburbs
covered nn nren of seven miles. It
wns the old story, however, for na tho
city grew In wenlth Its people degen
erated nnd became noted for effem
inacy nnd self-indulgence, nnd it Js
told of them thnt no trade that made
a noise w'iis allowed within tho city
limits. Senecn tells the story that one
of tlu Sybarites complulned that he
had not rested comfortably during the
whole night, and upon being asked
why, ho stated that he had found a
roso lenf doubled up under his pil
low, which had hurt him pain
fully. Thus It is easy to see how the
word sybarite has been bestowed upon
one who lives for pleasure and self-gratification.
Wl6dom of Betty.
Wo had n family picnic. When we
hnd eaten our supper wo sauntered
slowly out of the park townrd the
car line. Suddenly, Betty turned and
ran quickly back toward the spot
where wo hnd eaten.
"Betty, come quick," said mother.
Betty ran faster, without any ex
cuse for her conduct.
"What are you going back for?
Why don't you come when I call?"
cried mother to Betty's retreatlnc
"Just a minute, mother." renlied
Betty. "I want to get my gum. I
parked It on ono of the benches."
Chlcngo Tribune.
Flies Imprisoned In Amber.
Tho proverbial "flv in umber" in
strikingly exemplified In a collection
or red nmner rrom iJunnn recently pre
sented to tho British museum. Tim nm.
her Is unusually rich in insects, Includ
ing, according to an English nuthorlty,
who has examined the mntorlni thir.
ty-ono new species, of which flvo nre
types or new genera. Most of these
arc found in a block of
larger than a man's fist. This has been
ciu mio succs nuout imir nn Inch thick.
Nearly every large order of Insect is
represented wlh the exception of nnts.
Swordflsh a Fathead.
It surely would be Imprudent to ad
dress that formidable creature, the
swordllsh as Fathead, yet the term
would be quite appropriate.
The heads of one hundred nverngo
swordllsh will yield sixty-five gallons
of an oil thnt has high market vain?.
Itcfincd and sun bleached, it is indis
tinguishable from whale oil, nnd fetch
es the same price. In fact, commer
cially, It Is whale oil.
Whale oil Is obtained on a much
larger scale from halibut heads, which
aro treated In the same way as the
swordllsh heads I. e., cooked to a
pulj) with steam nnd pressed. A short
ton of them will yield forty gallons of
oil. Boston nnd Gloucester (Mnss.)
annually produce twelve thousand gal
lons of refined whnlo oil from hnllbut
Avvny bnck in the 70s somebody dis
covered that salmon bends were rich
In oil, nnd since then the production
of It has been n considerable industry
in connection with tho Pacific salmon
fishery. By 1895 the annual output
had risen to fifty thousand gallons.
His Identity.
"I see you hnve u new professional
man In town," said "the picture en
larger, who visited tho hamlet suffi
ciently often to be mildly Interested in
the hnppenings thereof. "I noticed tho
sign, 'J. W. Bloor, O. D., M. T. D., D.
C What is ho practicing, anyhow
logomachy ?"
"Nope ; economy nnd eye doctoring,"
replied the landlord of tho Petunia
tavern. Kansas City Star.
Canada's Fuel Resources.
The fuel resources of Canada are
situated li'i tho extreme east and west
and the western part of Alberta; the
lignite' coals aro situated in the prov
inces of Alhertn and Saskatchewan,
but lying between the limits of these
deposits Is n great stretch of terri
tory devoid of coal measure of eco
nomic value. Tho 12,000 squnro miles
of peat bogs arc situated in this area.
Refused to Make Money.
"Have wo nny currency left?" asked
the bolsfievist premier.
"Not enough to paper ono small
room," replied the minister of finance,
with a bolshevistic snicker.
"Then wo'd better print some more."
"That's what I think, but tho print
ers refuse to lift a hand until wo pay
them off in real money." Birmingham
Chance for Aviators.
Chairs of jeronautlcs have been es
tablished at the universities of Cam
bridge and London and various aero
nautical scholarships have been Insti
tuted in ISugland.
For Snlo
Ono second hand Ford touring body
with Dotrolt winter top, like now.
The Result.
A prohibitionist said nt n dinner:
"Booze spoils everything. Yes, it
even spoils tho grand gamo of bnse-
"Two local teams in a smnll town
once ngrced to piny a match game,
and the proprietor of tho Rod Dog
saloon took tho team he favored out
side and said:
"'Boys, for every run you mnko to
day I'll glvo you a keg of beer.'
"By a curious coincidence the pro
prietor of tho Tin Can saloon mnde
nn exactly slmllnr speech to the other
team. And what wns tho result?
"Tho result, gentlemen, was thnt tho
two saloonkeepers rushed frantically
out on tho diamond in tho sixth
Inning nnd said tho gamo must bo
stopped nt once. The score stood ut
CO to 57."
Louisiana and Te!as Are Prominent
In the Work of Assisting the
Much encouragement has coitte to
the district olllrera of tho federal
board for voenilnnul education, ns lo
cnl Interest has been dlsplnyed In tho
work of re-eduentlon for dlsnbled sol
diers. The building In which men In
"tryout" courses are taught at Tulnno
university wns donated for the pur
pose. It is u modern, up-to-date build
ing, spacious enough to iiQComodnto
the men who will need this typo of
training In this district. Tho shops at
Tulnno University will still bo utilized,
as will the automobile instruction,
nnd rolnted subjects in Kngllsh and
in simple urthmetlc will ho given In
this building. In addition, it may bo
used ns n socinl center for the men.
An organization has been perfected
among the disabled men In training,
nnd other social organizations In the
city hnvo shown Interest In plnnulng
entertainment for them. A splendid
spirit has developed among tho men
and they seem much interested In
their work.
A slmllnrly satisfactory arrange
ment has been made In Texns nt tho
Grubb school. Ten thousand dollars
hnvo been npproprlnted by tho stato
for use In this school In connection
with tho work done by tho board. . The
school receives pupils at nny time, nnd
no tuition Is chnrged. Bnrrncks are
being built by tho nuthorltles to house )
tho men, nnd n speclnl mess hnll Is
being prepared for them.
Red Sandstone.
Colorado Is full of wonderful red
sandstone rocks. They nro lined nnd
grooved nnd stippled over with fino
dots; they nre worn nnd hollowed and
curved Into Innumerable grotesquo
Bhnpes; from the tiny stone which you
can hold in your Jinnd to the sharp
colossnl wall, hundreds of feet high,
which no mnn can climb, there Is not
nn inch which does not look us if for
millions of years it had Ireen worked
by tools. Yet no hand, no tool, hns
been there. Grains of sand have dono
!t nil grains of snnd blowing nnd
eddying In wind currents. Helen
Hunt .Tnckson.
One dose immunizes the calf for" life, lixtra strong
7 dose syringes, needles, etc., for salc. All orders promptly
filled with lresh vaccine. '
DR. W. T. PR1TCHARD, DistribJtSJr
NorthJ PIatte, Neb.
k 1 . i
I have plenty of SIX PER CENTJMONEY
to loan on improved J farms and ranches,
with interest payable annually and with
option of payingfall or part of loan at any
Tax free mortgages bought and sold.
T. C. PATTERSON, Loan Broker.
B. & L. Building, North Pintle, Nebr.
- "V.'ji - 1 "OHTUCCZABU
8 OAV JE.3 ,UL-fi1g3r
L.-J.TrHm, MIMIMI milliLilll III-1 i
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mm. Co. m
" O "on cArrte
OMAHA, NEBR. sheep andhoss
jbw fyaiff hhh m h i in 1 1 nm in m
See Display on lot east of Herrod's Grocery.