The North Platte semi-weekly tribune. (North Platte, Neb.) 1895-1922, November 25, 1919, Image 6

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Mr. Husband:--
You yourself look at the old carving set and inspect the
Silverwear in your home and then cornein and let us show you
When you see what we have . you will buy. And your
wife will be very happy to be surprised by a gift of something
for her Thanksgiving and Ghristmas dinner table.
Try it.
CLINTON, The Jeweler.
; Sign of the Big Ring.
Graduate Dentist
Office over thq. McDonald
Stato Bank.
Pat Sullivan, of Dickons, transacted
business in town Saturday.
Mrs. Hollo Thompson, of Elsie. vis-i
ited with frlonds in town yosterday.
Dfxon & Son, Sight SpecialiNtK.
Mr. and Mrs. II. H. Golsert, of Pnx
ton, spent tlio weok ond with friends in
Dixon's suggestions arc suro to
pleaso you.
Barber shops will be closed Thanks
giving day, but will be open until nine
o'clock tomorrow evening.
We can show, you an exceptionally
fine lino of beaded bags. C. M. Aus-'
tin, jewolor. 91-2
Joe Thompson, of Stapleton, trans-
acted business m town Saturday pre- roiurneu nomo aunuay. no win ac
paratory to leaving soon for Texas pPt a position as traffic manager for
to spend the winter.
T, , 1 lllule io make North Platte his homo
Bags, fancy hnir pins, mesh
nar pins, ail good girts, c. M. Austin, 'or item ror uuslness or some
Jeweler. gwjlklnd, the rooms west of the Singer
H. I. Block will leave tomorrov
Columbus ant) Omaha where he
sponu sovorai uays loOKing arier
Lot's olopo! All riKht! I'll nil
you at the Kolth tlientre tonight wlfaE
nrnHAHin "i i i. . ..i i i ..i i f2j
nuii hm"1 kj mum win givu iiur illy
lesson In eloping. Don't fall mo. v
A ijow nsMordiiont of cut stcol
buckles, Just arrived. Something now
in degtyu for dress and evening wear.
K. IVanip & Sons' Shoe Store. 5i-2
Judging from tho way In which poul
try 1b boing brought to town thorn will
be no scarcity of Uirkoyrf. goose, ducks
and chickens for Thanksgiving use.
You Can't beat a blcyclo for Xmna.
John 11. Null, COG Locust. 80tf
Kolth Novllle and J. C. Den wont up
tlio rivor yostordny to build a blind,
which -probably means an amnle
Blaughtor of wild" goose and ducks In
tlio near future.
Those long winter evenings aro fine
for reading. Clinton & Son can fit
your eys so you will onjoy aa evening
at nome with a good book.
1 was there lo make a skotch of
lier. Lunchooii was Just over, und
Bho wns talking to a Utile knot of
women. The first words 1 hoard, aa
I slid quietly Into a nearby sent, werl
National Biscuit," recalling pleaJ
nntly my own tasty Uneeda Luneha
con. I llkwl her, and
ifortably as she spoke a
nnd oars busy.
"Between the dark and daylight,
she was ouoru"tlHcisalwavsi
ult of pnuti
oemt waiting and listening for
till I til aM Ct.. i
(lungs, .1 ve given Hint hs&a:
babies. First i imtl
ilhuii, when tin
lo toddle, 1
(ne in in
ho one- 'pi.
origin. 1,
goodivess of
Unoec Biscuit
is due to the superior materials and methods
employed in the baking. The everlasting table-
Uoodnessof Uneedc
of the In-er-seal
pad of
were wu
"Yon .
ver)t on
i. en
die mUliii llKVWiwai
mala. They are' most lovuhle ana
nioRt tractablo after tlio 've uk!
(,ir filrpf l.i r;t(. t 1 .
.hi , I. i i . .
j We understand tho larger of tho
; two U. P. buildings on Front' street
has been sold to a party who will ro
i move It to a site In tho Fourth .ward.
I The small or building is being torn
down. '
I Special Homo cured bacon 35c por
pound. Brodbeck's Moat Mnrkot. ff
Mrs.. C. T. Wholan has been confined
to bod or a chair for sevoral days by
reason 9 of an ulcornted foot which Ib
extremely painful. The ulcer devol
oped several weeks ago, and lum boon
graunny growing worse.
' Silver for tho' bride, Dixon, tho jew-
.Next Monday will be tho first of
December and right then is the time
people should begin their Christmas,
snoppjmgv -rue tortn Platto mer
chants are ready for the Christmas
trade, why not make your selections
while tlio stocks are complete?
Hoses, chrysanthemums and carna
tions, "the nation's most expressive
flowers," yor Thanksgiving! North
PJ&tte Floral Co. Phone 1023.
Earl Stamp, who for' a couple of
mnths had boen lining the position of
traveling auditor for tho Union Pacific,
i-eypoiut Bennington Co. ana con-
ijewmg maclilno store. Call at Ringer
nice,, oi.
C. J, Lnndholni and Claus Anderson
Evil I sell twonty-six thorouabred Poland
.China boars at tho Johanson sale barn
n this city next Saturday afternoon.
nese men nre among the most atio-
cessrai or our thoroughbred hog
growers anu tlio animals they, will of-
ror win no doubt attract tho attond
unco of many Interested In good hogs
See our new lamps In window ox
traonWnary. G. M. Justin, jewol
or. oi2
Redhead, redhead, Qlngerbread
iiwati rwi-iiairoil iax!o hoard this
everywhere sho went. Sho didn't caro.
hlio was luppy. But when her hus
band insulted lier because nt hnr
Titian locks she was hurt. There's a
iiiuerenco lit balna- teased bv vmir
friends and InsuiUKl by your husband.
See Alico Brady In "Redhead," at the
crystal theatre Tuesday and Wednes
day. RKMKMUnSR, your watoh will not
leave 15D'S bench (in Prater's Drug
Store) until It is RIGHT. S7tf
dren'a Hour Uko a feasti. For tin
tiny toddler thoio is'.n aricc
menu, somotlme Uneeda Biscuit
and milk, sometimes Oralinm',Crack
k?rs Oatmeal Crackers or Lunch Bis
cuit. This Is changed on special
occasions to Did Time' Sugar Cook.
ftewtoiM and, rarest of
no days when we had
cream and No,U?tt nn.i those
sere our lyLCerOTs
dy to
j."P In
Biscuit is due to security
trade mark package.
t seem
y cioturh
, but alwa; a
ways dalut.. al
iniar as' only National
wult Products can be. iMiriiia the
mTii-ii ... K.'.los m'im-c iri-.ivlnff
" ' " 'l ' Oil '1,.. !..'.
. . i i ; i 1 1 , , , .
Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Stono arc visiting
relatives in Kansas City.
Mrs. S. K. Rosh, of Choyonno, is the
guost of Mrs". P. T. Itodmond.
Claude Slbbltts lias accoptcd a po
sition nt tile Platte Valley State Bank.
We lnjca surprise Xmas suggestion
for ycti. tlxon.
Will Yost Itfft Saturday for Kansas
City for a short visit with friends.
Mrs. John Weinberger wont to Oma-
ha Saturday whore she will visit her
laughter, Mrs. Win. Alien.
, .
A diamond for Xmas, Dixon, tne
Jowolor. '
Hugh Brognn, of Koystonc, was the
week end guest of his aunt, .Mrs. J.
Don't put off Xmas-shopplng.
on," ilfo Jowoler
Miss Myrtlo Bcolor has roslgnod hor
position at the Platto' Valley State
It Is tho oarly. Xmas shoppor that
get satisfaction. Dixon, the Jeweler
Arthur May, of Gothonburg, was a
week ond guost at tho G. S. Huffman
Call 212 for froBh grocorlcs. " Dick
Stegomann. 77tf
K. T. Tramn went to Omaha Friday
to spend 'sevoral days looking after
bustnoss matters.
Wo deliver fresh meat with grocery
orders. Dick Stoggeman, phono 212. tf
Clarence Norral lion resigned at Mc-
Graw's offlco and nrcepted a pdsition
at the Platte Valley State Bank.
Lost Ladlos' gold bracelet watch,
Swiss movement Flndor plonse re
turn to tills office. Jteward. 00-2
Raymond Vonstrom HrrSved Sat
urday from Minneapolis for a visit
with his sister, Mrs. Arthur Billiard.
Special Kettle rondored lard. Brod-
bock's Meat Market. 86tf
Harry Cramer went to Dlx yester
day to clean up a grain olevntor he
has completed there, and then return
to Ogalalla where he is erecting an
other elevator.
Full line of wheel goods for Xmas
John H. Null, 606 Locust. SOtf
Supt. Woodruff came down from
Choyenne Sunday and yeatorday morn
ing started out to ascertain the coal
situation In every town botween here
and Cheycnno.
Special Homo cured bacon 35c per
pound. Brodbeck's Meat Market. tf
Mrs. Arthur Bullard entertained at
a four course dinner party supuay
ovenlng complihentary to hor brother,
Raymond vanstrom, of Minneapolis
Covers were laid for seven.
Roses, chrysanthemums and carna
tions, "the nation's mo?t expressive
flowers,' for Thanksgiving. , Stotth
Platte Floral Co. Phone 1023.'' '
Passenger ' travel continues very
heavy and second sections of through
coast trains run regularly. It is said
tho number of California bound pas
songors is larger than over before.
.Lot Clinton & Son take care of your
Mlssv Gertrude Dill will arrive to
morrow from Chicago to visit rela
tives and ' attond the Huffman-May
wediUng on Thursday. Miss Dill will
be a member of tho wadding party.
In the faco of high prlcoB wo have
a few $116.00 diamond rings that are
or renmricaoio vaiuo. uixon, tne jew
eler. ' , I
Christian Science service Sunday 11
a. "in. Wednesday ovenlng meetings
every week nt 8:00. A cordial invi
tation Is oxtended to all to attend
those servlcos. Building & Loan build
ing, room 25.
Wanted Llborty bonds at market
price Louis LIpshltz.
Eight cars of coal wore received by
tho Flold-UIrgo Co. during tho weok
ending last Friday. These woro cars
ordored before tho strike and hold In
transit. These eight cars were dis
tributed among nearly five hundred
Buyers, each revolving only sufficient
to keep them from suffering.
Dr. H. O. Brock. Dentist. X-Ray
Diagnosis. Reynolds Bldg. Phono 148
: ;o: :
Johansen's Salo Dales
anth, Felix J. Bokoskl, genqral
farm sale, 4 miles west of North Platta.
aOUi, Laudholm & Anderson pure
bred hog sale at North latte.
llth. Harry Goldsmith's general
farm sale, southwest of North Platte.
ltli, Lee Mustard.neral farm sale,
southeast of North Platte.
18th. A. H. Turpen general farm aala
10 miles northwest of North Plaite.
Finest of All (jifts
We can ahow you every tiling
neaded for the table in the
Community Plate
Ci!NT3Tits Jeweler.
A Satisfied
(Copyright, 1019, by the Wtttern Niti-
paper union.)
" ' ' y - '
f10" ' , , ,
' ' l'0(J,,,,(1 "nlolh Uurt. Just
starting out for a two weeks' vncatlon
Jaunt, to his close friend, Walter Mars-
ton, Just returned from one. "I fanry
we didn't appreelnte the old town dur
ing the hnjipjest period of our lives."
"Wish we'd .stayed there," declared
nix-piaMton. "Von got lvstless, nnil 'me
-ntnliltiflUH, and broke away from tho
only place that will over seem like
real home to us. The city lured usC
Well, we've had twenty years of. It.
I nm still tho slave of a soulless cor
poration at throe thousand dollars a
year. You tire doing il little bettor,
but who knows what luck might have
struck us If we had stayed where we
wore brought up?"
"I haven't even heard from Bockton
for uoarly ton yours," said Burt. "Did
you stop there?"
"I didn't but I met old Ezra Perkins
on the train. Ho gave me all the news.
You know It was Gib Reeves who
took your Job at the general store.
Well, it sooins ho studied law, got ad
mitted to the bur, was elected Judge
and, according to Kzra, just rules the
town dignity, position, a sort of king
about tho district. Then there's Mort
Sawyer "
"Still In Rockton, Is lie?"
"Largely, conspicuously; you know
he superseded ine In my- drug store
position. Started In at four dollars a
weok. Ills old boss died rich and
Sawyer married his daughter, Xnude.
Why, come to think of It, sho was your
early llnnio, wasn't she?"
"A pretty girl and a smart one," re
plied Burt, his eyes showing the
glamour of memory.
"Well, she Is now the richest woman
In the county. Just think of the luck
Sawyer fell Into!"
"I have half a mind to put In my
fourteen days at the old burg," re
marked Burt thoughtfully.
Somehow Marstou's reports of." the
success In life o Reeves and Snwfcer
made Burt thoughtful. Not that, he
was envious, but It rfppeared to hlin
that fate had not boon very kind to
either himself, or Mnrslon, nud yet
they certainly had sturted out In life
with better educations and , business
riblllty thnn those successful rivals In
the nice for succesV. Burt was not
disloyal in the slightest dqgroe when
he recalled the bright, sprightly Nance
Porter jif Ills bpyhoeU days,- but lie
felt dlssatisffVd ns he 'realized thnt his
-city-bred wife had boen obliged to do
without nil the luxury and ease that
of course the, Inherited wealth of the
rich druggist liml brought to his
daughter. As to Reeves, too, he felt a
twinge of restlessness, for had he not
himself blocked out a legal career, but
circumstances had drifted him Into an
other lino.
"Yes, I'll take In Rockton," decided
Burt, and ho did. About tho only per
son who remembered und recognized
him when he reached the town was
antiquated, gossipy old Doc Kendall,
the proprietor of the one pioneer
hotel of tho place, which Burt found
was just us musty and dilapidated as
In his boyhood days. Rockton Itself,
If anything, was more dead tiitm'of
yore. It seemed to bo asleep half the
Doc Kendall got Burt In a corner
and began to pump lilm as to his his
tory since he hnd left Rockton twenty
years previous. vTho old gossip lived
on curiosity and talk and ontored with
zost Into Burt's affairs.
"Five thousand n year, a steady job,
four children nnd n happy wife, eh?"
he commented. "Well, I call that top
notch, Burt."
"Vmi iln"?" nliaoi'koil Tlnrt. I
"I should say so! Why, look at tho
old cro .d you once know around hero.
Vogotutors, noaVly all of 'em. .Inst
took what came iiIotjr and dream away
their life and stick In the native mud."
"Why, I hoar that Gib Reeves has
reached tho highest pinnacle of the
ladder of fame."
"Ho! hoi" snorted Kendall, seeding,
"All front and frasjde. What's a.dls
trfct Judgu In Mucon county, winy
how? Gib Is what he always Wjts, a
groat big balloon all Josh and lirag.
Say, I'll wager lie has his home mort
gaged up to the limit and yet he struts
about as if ho owned the town."
"And Mort Sawyer?"
"Oh, poor old Mort 1 Quick! There
he goes with his wife. Why, you must
remember Nance? There they are,"
and following the ltuWeatlon of Ken
dall's finger Burt tnw a weaaened old
man and a .wry-faced, faded wonfan
driving tiloug In a disreputable gig
-I with a ffeble. wobbling crowbalt held
UP by the patched and v splintered
'"Bay, Burt," continued Kendall in a
Confidential tone,, "they aay Nance has
yot so stingy they live on potato par
lag. She allow Gib a dollar a week
tut his tobacco and laundry and about
all but mniilc htm If he breaks ever
the trace". Five thousand dollars a
year, and healthy and proaperous
lQOklpg, and bringing up your family
with all the advantages of sasslety and
education. Why, boy, you're living on
the cream of life!"
And, his illusions dispelled, Raleigh
Burt went back home and kissed hie
wife's cheek with an ardor that
brought bar all the freshness of
Miti' :iri(i io icea over nis nine oroou
1 h I.... und prlil.', hi inelf a
nai ;.i
Christmas 1919
Come in and hear them
December 1919
"KJ ' .- - '!l.llH' V; I
I'rlre ?2.2.'
0 Holy Mght ChrJsInintf Song, Adam, Soprano Frieda Hempol
Silent Sight. Gruber. Soprano Frieda IIcmDol
' t
Price. $1.70 Kach
By die Babbling Brook, Ring-linger, Whistling and Sinking, Sibyl San
derson Facnn and Lewis James.
Memories of You In Dear Hawaii, MaoMeekin Lyric Male Quartet
.lllgnon FantasIa, Pnrt 1. Thomas Amorlcan Symphony Orchestra
.Hlgnon Fantasia, Pnrt 2, Thomas AmerlcausSymphony Orchestra
Baby Mine, Johnston, Soprano Betsy Lnne Siycphord and Chorus
Snillln' Through, Penn, Baritone - Thomas Chalmers
Christmas Bells are Ringing, Solly, Mixed Voices, Metropolitan Quartet
Song of Ages Clirlslnms Song, Meredith, Mixed Volcoe
- jMotropolItan Quartot
(Jood Bye, Sostl, Tenor s Albort Llndquest
MnciiNiilii, Macmurrough, Tenor . Albert Llndquest
Price $1.15 Each ' .
MoreCnndy (hic-Stop, Kaufman, for Dancing, Jaudas' Society Orchestra
Saxopholila Fox Trol, Wiedooft 1 Yorkes Saxaphono Sextet
Bill's Visit to St. Peter, Negro Vaudeville Sketch with Banjo
Billy Golden and Billy Helns
Pollco Court Scene, Talking Steve Porter and' Company
KHauca Hawaiian Patrol, C. G. Sfowart Conway's Band
Tenth Regiment March, Hall .. Conway's Band
Salome Intermezzo, Loralne Imperial Marimba Band
Serenade d'Amonr, Von Blon Imperial Marimba Band
My Baby's Arms JSIogfcld Follies, 1919, Tiorney, Tonor,
i j Vernon Dalhart
Shlnimie Town Fox Trot Ziegfeld Follies, 1919, Stamper
r w All Star Trio
Celestial Chime, M. Greene, Celesta 1 Robert Gajler
Christmas Bells, Celesta iRobort Gaylor
Everybody's Crazy Over Dixie, Donaldson-Cowan, Tenor i
Vernon Dalhart
What Could Be Sweeter, H. Von Tllzer, Contralto and Baritone
Holon Clark-aiid Joseph A. Philips
Taxi One-Step, Kaufman, for Dancing, Lenzbofg's Riverside Orchestra
Western liand Fox Trot, Gay, for Dancing, Saxophone, Xylophone
, , 1 All Star Trio
Ohi What a Pal Was Mary, Wendllng, Baritone .....Edward Allen
Sweet Leonore, Eastman, Tenor ' , Lewis James
Carolina Sunshine, Schmidt, TonorVernon Dalhart and Mixed Chorus
Brcamy Alabama, M. Earl, Tenor Lewis James and Mixed Chorus.
ood-igh Wnllz, So. 1, for Dancing Jaudas' Socloty Orchestra
Rond-Sighl Wnllz, So. 2, for Dancing Jaudas' Society Orchestra
The jeweler.
Dixon & Sen, Sight Specialists.
Mrs. J.- XV. Fotter visited ovor tho
week end with relatives in Maxwell.
Black and colored silks, conjplote
assortment of quality and value at
The Leader Mercantile Co.
Mrs. John McGraw and Miss Maude
Reese left Sunday for a visit in Don
vor. A big shipment of the slip over
sweaters for ladies, all colors. E. T.
Tramp & Sons. 1
Frank Turpio left at noon yosterday
for Philadelphia whore he wllj trans
act business for a week or two.
Ileal bargains in shoes on tho bar
gain counter of U. T. Train) & Sons'
Shoe Store. 91-2
Press reports stato that several hun
dred cars of Rock Springs and Hanna
,coal will be shipped to Nebraska
points this Week. North Platte is
probably on tho list of towns to re
ceive part of this coal.
A timely and fortunate sale of wom
en's and misses' suits and coats, high
grade, classy garments at popular
prices, saving you from $7.50 to $25
on every garment you may select at
The Leader Mercantile Co.
Every Nebraska newspaper coming
to this ' office during the past woek
complains of bad roads, which means
that Lincoln county roads are not the
only ones tkat cause drivers of both
teams and automobiles to cuss. Some
of these days the people of Nebraska
will wake up and favor a proposition
to issue state bonds for fifty million
dollars to build permanent' roads, five
millions to be available each year for
a period of ten years. And It will be
money well spent
For Rent Furnished room, 103
weet Second. 81-1
The Sidney Community Club has se
oured the services of R. P. Kepler, of
Toledo, Ohio, 'as secretary of tne club
at a salary of thirty-five hundred dol
lars a year. The North Platte Cham
ber of Commerce, which is casting
arouud for a secretary, may learn
from this about what they may expect
to pay a man who can acceptably All
the position. . The day naa passed
when a man suitable for this work
can be secured for $1,500 or $9,000 a
year. Incidentally it can truthfully
be said that Sidney is one of western
Nebraska's most active and prosperous
towns. i
Diamond. li.imonds, fllainond. n t
nrri iiiiM-t. i"ifect ;itiil impi-rfi ct
no t .! in t tnr til.' T Vi
Fur Coats and Robes.
Wo take orders for tanning furs
and hides for coats and robes and for
the making of coats and robos from
furs and hides. Coats relined and re
paired. ,
Gamble with Springer
So. 1, 220 Sortii Locust, Phone 203.
So. 2, 11C East B Street, Phono 49C
621 East Fourth, Phono 79l!
Sol ice to Well Drillers.
Staled proposals will bo received
at the office of the City Clork of tho
City of North Platte, Nebr.. up until G
p. in. of tho 2nd day. of Decombor, 1919,
for furnishing all labor and materials
and drilling one 24 Inch well to a 'depth
of 170 feet on the site provided by tho
City of North Platte, Nebr.
Proposals nitut be addressed to Mr
O. E. Elder, City Clerk of tho City of
orth Platto, Nebr., and must contain
a certified check In an amount equal
to two (2) per cent of tho amount of
the bid.
Bidding blanks and specifications
may be obtained at the office of the
Water Commissioner in tho Fire Sta
tion corner of Vine and F.ront streets,
North Platte, Nebr.
The right is reserved to reject any
or all bids, to chanim
scope of the work and to call for new
ojo on cnangeu plans.
.AAUAll!ate(1 eo9t of wel1 complete i
$4500.00. A. F. STREITZ,
Attest: Mnvn.
O. E. ELDER, Mar!
ISEAL) City Clerk. 91.3
Taken Up.
Taken up on or about September 1st
by - the undersigned who resides a half
mile north of the Platte Valley school
house, a roan bull, about 3 years old
W! 1000 pound". ch on
right hind knee, -no brand. Owner
2- f?Ve ,prort'' charges and
take animal away.
McDonald Bank Bldy.
Phone 97.
Licensed Bmbatners
Undertakers and Funeral Directors
Day phone 41
Sight phono Black Sss