The North Platte semi-weekly tribune. (North Platte, Neb.) 1895-1922, November 25, 1919, Image 4

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dicate.) Three of the famous four mit In their
banner-hung den. Suddenly Ted
Morse, cnptnln of the crow, rose, and
dramatically pounding his tnnned list
upon tho desk, said:
"Look here, follows, wo'vo got to do
something about Perk!"
Slip Morgan punched tho white II
on n.rod pillow nnd throw It nt Bill
Mltton, trnck champion. Slip was
Bliortstop on the Imsobnll toMm.
"Come off of thnt, Morgan," the af
flicted drawled, "Whnt'll wo do about
Tod took the floor.
"This Is tho way things stand. We're
graduating this year and I'm having
the famous four spend tho summer
with mo on Long Islnnd. AVe'II have
n big time, but look nt Pork! He'll
probably ship a young library home
before lie comes. Thnt lad's tho bright
est man In college j but boys, he's miss
ing life." One hnnd was flourished
In tho smoke-heavy air. "What girl
would glvo a row of pins for n mnn
who's nlwnys burled In books? They
don't care If he graduates summa
cum laude. What they want to know
is, if he broko his ankle In footbnll 1
or won a cup In tennis. And the
worst of It Is," tho speaker registered
deep emotion, "Perk Is so very good
looking 1"
"Yes," Slip finshed, "a month's train
ing would make him the biggest bug
on the team. Dut no, he prefers to
write books on electricity."
Three long groans !
Bill spoke next.
"Perk is a wonder, but Ted said It,
he's missed life, and It's up to us to
force It upon him. The question Is,
Inspiration soared Into tho room and
Slip's inevitable hnnd leaped to catch
It Tho game Is on. i
Perk was lennlng over Miss Mny.
When one Is six feet two and one's
partner In Ave feet, one nnturnlly
leans over. A becoming pink hnd
flwept his face nnd a painful expres
sion, thnt of absolute resignation, hid
beneath It. Miss Mny spoke prettily.
"Oh, Mr. Perkins, It must bo won
derful to be famous In college."
Perk wns afraid to contrndlct, but
denied fame bravely. Miss May was
"You mustn't try to deny It," she
fihook a pink forefinger nt him, "for
Ted hns told us nil about you, nnd,"
Bhe looked sweetly up, "personally, I
had much rather bo famous In sports
than tho brightest man In college. I
just love baseball, nnd they say you
are so splendid.
Perk gasped I This was Ted's work I
Ted's and the other two. They hnd
told all tho young ladles present thnt
he was a college-fnmed athlete, and,
try hard as ho could to deny It all,
the girls had henped him with admir
ing nttentlon. Perk snw tho object of
his temporary hutj grinning ncross tho
dance hall and would have given his
summa cum laude to hit him.
Thnt night words burned between
tlie fnmous four.
"Yes, they all bellevo it and they're
going to keep on believing It," Ted
quietly Informed his former roommnte.
"It's just n llttlo lcsson tho college for
cot, old mnn, nnd you owe your pres
ent popularity to us."
"Thanks," said Perk bitterly, "espe
cially In tho enso of Snlly Byron," but
the boys laughed and Perk reddened
Tho next day Perk took Sally canoe
ing. Things hnd progressed. They
were already applying first nnmcs.
"What a wonderfully steady stroke
you have, Perk," Sally complimented.
"I supposo you acquired thnt from
practicing In thecrow."
"I novcr " Perk began, but never
As tho dny went on ho suffered
more, but ho learned. lie took n new
interest in sports nnd they suited him
eo perfectly. Ills books wero for
gotten, not too much, but enough. And
three of the fnmous four wagged their
heads approvingly then jubilantly
for Perk had fullen in lovo.'
A Sunday evening wns being herald
ed by n goldcn-purplo sunset nnd
Perk had enticed It took very llttlo
enticing Sally to tho shore. They
sat quietly, Sally's small hand hidden
In tho man's big one. With th6 last
lingering rnys of tho setting sun, Perk
turned to tho girl beside him.
"Snlly," ho said quietly, studiedly.
"I liavo something I want to toll you.
I hnven't plnyed fair I've Hod." Tho
girl's eyes widened but sho made no
reply, lie went on:
"Tho boys tried to piny a llttlo Joko
on me, but they cnrrled It n bit far,
nnd I didn't havo tho ncrvo to deny It.
They said I was, a big nthleto In col
lego and, well, I'm not I'm nothing
In n girl's opinion In yours. I didn't
realize what It would menu to a girl
llko you and I went In for tho biggest
things thnt Interested me books. I
wns all wrong, but It's too late. I
don't suppose," he dropped her hand
and looked away, "I can 4iopo to bo
forgiven, but I want you to know how
hard It's been to tell you this, be
cause," his eyes found hers, "I lovo
Sho smiled hnpplly.
"Perk, dearest," I knew all tho time.
Ted let mo In on tho llttlo Joke, nnd I
think It's dono you good. It's broad
ened your views and Interest) and,"
Alio looked adorable, "and It's proved
to me that you're n mnn-and Pork,
you inlrh I" ' (I t know that
thn '
Soldiers Were Capable of Dolnjj Con
siderable Execution With the
ow and Arrow.
The first "gnu" used In warfare wan
undoubtedly the crossbow arbalest
of the type having a reflex composite
bow made of wood, sinew, horn or
whalebone, nnd wound tip with i
rachet or "crnnnnquln," which slipped
on ovor the stock nnd wns held In
place by a loop controlled by a trans
verse peg In tho stock Just behind the
This weapon reached its highest
development In Germany under Mnxl
mlllnn, when It had n steel bow of
Immense power. There Is one In thu
Boston niuxemn with n bow of over
two and ono-half Inches wide and near
ly three-fourths of an Inch thick. In
central Europe, France nnd Spain the
bow was not used much save by the
people who came under Mohnmmedan
Influence. The cross-bow being a much
easier weapon to use, It was forbidden
lti England to anyone not having a
certain Income, in order thnt tho yeo
men nnd common people should be
forced to use the long bow, which In
military purposes wns vastly superior
on account of the rapidity of Its fire,
although outranged by tho crossbow.
It had one grcnt advantage of light
noss. A military crossbow with wind
lass weighs about 20 pounds.
Records Tell of Uprising Which Evi
dently Ended Unhappily for the
Rebellious Citizens.
A recently deciphered papyrus
shows n pretty revolutionary spirit
among the Egyptians In the year 2000
B. 0., or nearly 4,000 years before
the French thought of an upheaval.
The period Is between the old and tho
middle kingdom, and an Egyptian
sage plaintively Invites the king to
snve his people In telling him of the
conditions of the country. He tells
him that "thnt Is past which yester
day could be seen. The lnnd turns
like a potter's wheel. The noblo cry
out nnd the poor aro full of Joy. Ench
town snys, 'Let us drive the strong
from without our midst I Those who
wore clothes aro now in rags. Noblo
women trail through the land, and
housewives say, 'Had we only some
thing to entl' . . . The poor pos
sess lordly things, and those who
could, buy themselves no sandnls now
hnve treasure. . . . The peoplo
have dethroned the king nnd perse
cuted his ofllclnls." Thnt the revolu
tion was u success seems hnrdly to
hnve been tlie case, for the papyrus
goes on to say that laughter has gone ;
misery Is In tho land; big and small
say, "If only I were dead."
Up a Tree.
While In Africa recently Mr. A. 8.
Le Souef, director of the Taronga
;soo (Sydney), snw plenty of elephants,
hlch were destructive to the crops
put In by the natives of the Uganda
country. Ho also observed the body
of a small antelope about 14 feet up
a tree. The enrenss of the antelope
had been put lit this position for
sufo keeping, by leopnrds. "These
members of the cat family nre hnnd
roine, and extremely active," says Mr.
Le Souef. "They play about In clear
places In the forest, tenr up the
ground, and spring far up the trees.
They are most active, but they do
not readily nttnek humnnlty, unless
It bo a child at evening, nnd they
nro hungry. Tho beauty of their fur
makes them desirable for a zoo and
for rugs, but tho number that mny be
killed Is limited. I snw the beautiful
Colobus monkey, which, in spite of its
striking black-and-white coloring, was
difficult to observe among the Juniper
trees from whoso brnnches hung long
pieces of lichen."
No Man's a Hero to His Wife.
Whllo the tire that destroyed the
four-story Stlllmun department store
In Muncie rocontly wns nt Its height
an excited woman cnllcd police bend
quarters, snylng thather husband, a
workman, wns supposed to bo repair
ing tho roof on the Stlllman building
and she fenred he might havo perished
In the flumes. A policeman who In
vestigated found thnt tlie man in ques
tion not only hnd escaped but had
helped to save a woman clerk who was
In danger,. The offlcer informed the
wife of this, thinking she would not
only be relloved but proud of the hus
band. Instead she snapped bnck:
"What wns my husband doing on the
roof with a woman 7" Indlnnnpolls
Length of Llfo Extended.
In 1348-60, 25,000,000 denths from
the plnguo or "black death" occurred,
which was one-fourth of the entire
population of tho world at thnt time.
The average length of life In tho six
teenth century wns only 21 years,
while In this, tho twentieth century,
the average life Is forty-flyo yenrs. In
India, however, the average life
today Is only twenty-four years.
We are enabled to see what the sci
ence of medicine Is accomplishing In
more civilized countries, where igno
rance and superstition do not prevail
to any great extent.
Prsooclous Youth,
Mary nnd Ruth were discussing
plans for playing houso and Mary said,
"I'll be tho mother and you bo my lit
tle girl." r
"No," said Ruth, "I want to bo the
"Oh," said Mary, "let's play we've
got plenty of money, and then- we
won't need a futher."
(Copyright, 1919, by the Wt-Urn Nawi
pnptr Union.)
When father wtis cross and mother
tired out mid sister Emmii In n bad
temper, pretty, gentle Aldn Percy had
nn unfailing source of respite and
pleasure Celestn.
Celesta was her pet canary. lie was
nothing of u singer, although he had
n full vocabulary of llttlo chirpings,
of odd express Ivoness, covering :i gamut
from pitiful,, pleading down to the
hnrslt Inflections of complaint and
scolding. As to his cute capers and
tricks, his gyrations on his porch and
his taking ways of daintily picking a
cherry from Alda's own ruby lips and
swinging on her neck chain extended
lengthwise, he was acrobatic, entertain
ing, guest and lover all In one. He
greeted her with Joyful whistle at
dawn and nil but kissed her good
night. Friends might prove false and
suitors tiresome, but Celesta thought
only of Alda, lived only for her, and
when one dny he lay dead In the bot
tom of his cage Alda could not have
mourned more sincerely If It had
been a cherished member of the fam
ily. Alda took no one Into the matter of
the final disposition of her dead pet.
"If there Is a bird's heaven," she
told her mother, "Celesta's spirit has
gone there. As to the poor llttlo body.
It shall go bnck to the elements of nn
ture thnt composed It."
So Alda went down to the basement
where the Janitor hnd his ofllce. She
had been to the florist's nnd had ob
tained a little box lined with soft
white cotton. In this she placed the
dead bird, covering him with flowers.
Q'hls Impromptu casket she covered
with folds of soft tissue paper. The
Janitor wns conversing with u bright
fnced, well dressed young man ns Alda
entered tho ofllce.
"Mr. Nelson," she spoke, extending
the pnrcel In her hnnd, "will you
please place this In the furnace. It Is
my dead pet bird, Celesta, and I hnve
no plnce to bury him."
The. young mnn hnd drawn aside to
afford Alda nn opportunity to proffer
her request. As she told the object of
her mission he removed his hat, anil
Alda was grateful for what she took
to be n recognition of respect, fond in
terest in the dead companion of ninny
happy hours. Tears were In her eyes
ns she parted with all that remained
of her little favorite. She turned away
with only a casual glance at the young
It wns an Impulsive remark of a
close girl friend thnt caused her new
uneasiness nnd worry after she hnd
become quite resigned to her loss.
Aldn hnd told this friend of the fnte
of the little bird. "'Oh, Alda! how
could you have consented to such a
shocking thing ns having poor Celesta
burned up!" exclaimed Winnie Tow
ner, nnd the more Alda thoucht of the
net the deeper grew her regret and
melancholy." One dny she enme across
xne janitor.
"Of course you disposed of my bird
ns I suggested?" said Aldu.
"No, Miss. I didn't." came tho nnin-.-
Ing reply. "Young Mr. Worrell asked
me all about you that day you came
to my otiice. lie opened the little box
and saw the flowers and everything.
kelson.' he says to mo. 'I will tnkn
charge of this. Wo have a quiet pretty
spot In our home garden 'where I am
going to bury it.'"
"And who Is Mr. Worrell?" ones-
tinned Alda, n load seeming to have
been lifted from her heart.
"He and his sister own the buildiiiir
here," explnlned the Janitor. "He Is
tho young mnn who was here the day
you brought the bird to me. Ho anil
Ms sister live In tho big house with an
lion fence all around n beautiful gar
den up on Mersey street, onnosltn tlie
library building."
So llttlo Celestn had appealed to
other hearts than her own I A feel
ing of tho most fervent gratitude to
ward Blake Worrell came to Alda, to
remain permanently. Ono pleasant nf
ternoon sho walked slowly by the
plnco the Jnnltor described. Aldu look
ed beyond tho fenets ncross the lovely
flower beds nnd shrubbery, wondering
where the grave of Celestn could be,
und experiencing a sensation of rare
relief and gladness to rcnllzo thnt her
favorlto reposed amid such beauty nnd
A mnn nnd a woman came from the
house nnd turned down the street
toward the spot where Aldn stood.
She recognized the young mnn of the
Junltor's room. He hnlf pnused,
slightly lifted Ids hat and passed on
whllo Alda flushed, sho knew not why.
The pair halted a few feet further
on nnd the sweet fnced lady, Worrell's
sister, came back to Alda.
"My brother tells mo you are Miss
Percy," she spoke. "Can I venture to
think that you would like to seo whore
we hnvo placed Celesta, alongside of
two of our own remembered house
hold pets?"
Thnt broke the ice and let loose a
flood of fervid emotions in tho Impres
sible Aldn. The three visited n llttlo
mound In n peaceful corner of tho
lovely gnrden, nnd when they pnrted
Aldn wns warmly Invited to again
meet theso true souled people, whoso
thoughts were so closely in harmony
with her own.
And with tho first flowers of spring
bloMiomlng, It wns by the side of her
huobnml that Aldn Worrell looked
down upon tho little mound so pre
cious to both.
I (
I .North I'lnHr, Lincoln Count,
, .Ni-liniMka.
, Know n 1 1 men by these prenentit:
' That we. whone names am hereto at
I taclid, have associated ourselves to
gether for the purpose of forming a co
, operative corporation under the laws
of the State of Nebraska, nnd for that
purpose, no nereny adopt the rollowltiK
Articles of Incorporation;
The name of this corporation shall
be "North Platte Equity Association."
The principal plnco of trannactltiR
the business of this corporation shall
lie In the city of North Platte, Lincoln
county, Nebraska., and such other
places as the Hoard of Directors shall
A11TICLI5 in.
The general nature of the business
to be transacted by thlH corporation
shall tie to buy, sell, trade and deal In,
at wholesnle and retail, groceries, pro
visions, food supplies, warps, vegeta
bles, produce, nnd all other articles
and thlliKM Incidental to a general gro
cery, vegetable, food supply, poultry,
fish, game, produce nnd provision mer
cantile buslnuss, to construct, buy,
lonso and otherwise acquire and to
operate, sell, trade and otherwise make
use of elevators for the storage of
grains and cereals of all elanse; to
carry on the business of slanghterlHg
nil kinds of cattle and nnlnmls, used
for tho purpose of food, to manufac
ture and dispone of the offnl of the
same, and to estnbllsh and oroct cold
Btorntfe, nnd refrigerators, stables,
penil, nnd bulldlngH, necessary to eon
duct the slaughtering business, and to
do whatever elro may bo necessary
ami userui tor the business or slaugh
tering cattle and aiilinnlf Intended for
rood, nnd In mnnfncturlng and dispos
ing of tho offal of the same: to buv.
sell, store, cure, manufacture and oth
erwise handle fresh, salt and smoked
meats, fish, oysters and sea food pro
ducts: to buy. sell, own raise, shin nnd
otherwise handle all kinds of farm nnd
dairy products, live stock, poultry, nnd
domestic, foreign and manufactured
rood products: to buy, sell, manufac
ture, nnd deal In Ire: to irmlntnln re
frigerators for frozen products, and to
conduct a genoral cold storage busl
Icrs, to manufacture, buy, prepare and
Bell ico cronm and ices, as well as milk
croam. Ingredients for making ice
crenm and Ices; to buy and sell all
kinds of lumber, cement, coal; to buy
sell, lease, exchnnge. dispose of. or
otherwise deal In all kinds of tnnliln.
ery. engineering nnd hardware special
ties, gasollno or gns engines and mo
tors, steam engines, boilers, electrical
motors larm mncninery, rnrm equip
ment, wire, dairy supplies vehicles,
and machinery and annll nnees of .verv
kind, nnture nnd description, to buy,
nun, nun ueai in seens and poultry
feed, to enrry on a general hnrdwaro
business, including the purchase ami
sale of all kinds of hart1 ware ft vhole
snle rnd retail; to purchase and H..-M
furniture and articles used in the fur
bishing and equipment of bunkq the
atres, churches, schools, residence's and
other public nnd private buildings; to
ouy, 3cii, iracie nnu deal in grain, "ed,
hay, straw and other agricultural pro
ducts nt wholesale and retail: to bdy
sell nnd deal in at wholesale and retail,
dry goods, clothing, wenrlng apviarel
nnd textile fabrics of everv kind. lmtn.
cap. inllliipry, boots, shoes, furnishing
Kuuu, umuy goons, and an articles
and merchandise of like genoral ehnr
acter and description, and to conduct
the business of genoral dry-goods and
clothing morchants tailors. drnnors. lmh.
erdashers, milliners, dressmakers nnd
general outfitters; to manufacture, buy
una sen oread, cakes, pies, crnekers,
blseult. pastry, ice cream nnd other
food products nnd all kinds of pastry,
bread stuffs and other slmllnr nrtlcles;
to buy sell, lease, store nnd repair
automobiles and motot vehicles of all
descriptions nnd their parts and acces
sories; and to manufacture nnd sell
nutomoblle tops, bodies nnd other auto
mobile parts, and to provide und main
tain restaurants, Inns, eating houses,
w. iM.ia-n ui nnieriainment and re
freshment; nnd to do all things Inci
dent to tho general trnnnnrHnn nt th.
character of business hereinbefore
enumerated and implied; to mnko and
perform contracts of anv kind nnd des
cription, and In carrying on Its busi
ness, or for the purposo of attaining or
furthering nny of its objects, to do any
and all things which a natural person
could do nnd exercise, nnd which now
or hereafter may bo authorized by law;
and in tho purchase or acquisition of
property, business rights, or franchis
es, or for additional working capital,
or for any other object In or about its
business or affairs, nnd with limit ns to
amount, to Incur debt, and to raise,
borrow and secure the pnyment of mon
ey in nny lnwful manner, Including the
Issue and sale or other disposition of
bonds, warrants, debentures, obliga
tions, negotiable and transferable In
struments nnd evidences of Indebted
ness of all kinds, whether secured by
mortgnge, pledge, deed of trust or oth
erwise: nnd to own. 1pnsf nrwl noil
such personnl and real property as may
uu iiuuunaiiry nnn useiui ror the trans
action of the business nnd tho accom
plishment of tho purposo of this cor
poration. ARTICLE IV.
This corporation shnll contlnuo for a
period of nlnoty-nlno (99) years, be
ginning With the date of Inenrnnrn-
tion, unless sooner dissolved nccordlng
L(J 1UW.
Aimciyn: v.
The amount of capital stock of this
corporation shall bo Two Hundred
Thousnnd ($200,000) Dollnrs divided
Into Twonty Thousand (20,000) shares
?r.yi pnr value of Ten Dollars
($10.00) ench. Ten Thousand Dollars
($10,000) shall be be fully paid In at
the time of commencement of business.
This stock shall be non-nssessnblo. The
highest nmount of Indebtedness to
which this corporation shnll at nny
time subject ltsolf shnll not exceed
two-thirds of the paid-up capital stock.
The affairs of this corporation shall
bo conducted by n bonrd of Seven (7)
directors, who shnll bo olected nnnunl
ly by tho stockholders. Tho board of
directors shnll elect a president, a vice
president, n secretary nnd a treasurer
from their own number. The names
and plnces of residence of tho members
nr tills linnrd nf rilrectnrn HAlnntml r.
manage and control nil the rfuslness nnd
prudcntlnl nfrnirs of this corporation
until their successors aro elected and
qualified are:
Name Address
Kdgnr St. Dawson, North Platte, Nobr.
Harry M. Johnson North Plntte, Nebr.
Charles F. Burroughs, North Plntte,
"William Kbrlght. It. P. D, Box U, North
riatte, Nebr.
Thos. Orton, 209 S. Maple St., North
Platte. Nebr.
Gone Crook. 319 S. Chestnut St., North
Plntte, Nebr.
"Win. Slmnnts, Box G4G, North Plntte,
The stockholders shnll havo authori
ty to enact by-laws suitable for the
copduct and management of the cor
poration business. Tho by-lnws may
restrict and limit the right of persons
to own nnd trnnsfer the shares of stock
of this corporation.
Thoso articles may be nmended nt
any regulnr or special meeting of the
stockholders, provided thnt n written
notice of tho proposed nmondtnent shnll
be mnlled ton days In ndvnnco of said
meeting to each of the stockholders at
their last known plnco of residence..
hereunto sot our, hands this day of
November, 1919.
Name Address
Thos. Orton, North Plntto, Nebr.
Kills Kglehoff,' North Platto, Nebr.
M. Hnyes, North Platte. Nebr.
J. II. Morrow, North Plntte. Nebr.
fieo. W. ISddv, North PlRtte. Nebr.
Itoy l4tnnln. North Platte. Nebr.
Cheatsr C. Williams, North Plntte, Nebr.
S W Throckmorton, North Plntte, Neb.
Win. o. Sheeriy, North I'latte, Nebr.
Gene Crook, North Platte. Nebr.
J. Roy Dorran, North Platto, Nebr."
W. W. Yates, North Platte, Nebr.
O. R Huff, North Platte, Nebr.
M. R. Uuchtcl, North Platte, Nebr.
A. S. Cornwall, North Platte Nebr.
Rob't. SI. Weeks, North Platte, Nebr.
E. H. Yates, North Platte, Nebr.
John T. Stewart, North Platte, Nebr.
Samuel SI. Souder, North Platte, Nebr.
Wm. J. Stewart. North Platte Nebr.
Wrn. Ebrlght, North Platto. Nebr.
Pred H. Thompson, North Platte, Nebr.
Loy K. Rbrlght.-North Platte Nebr.
Wm. Slmants. North Pirtte, 'Nebr.
W. K. Voselpk. North Platte Nebr.
L. B. Hastings. North Platte, Nebr.
E. M. Dawson. North Platte, Nebr.
Hershey 8. Welch, North Plntte, Nebr.
Hnrrv M. Johnson, North Platte, Nebr
Chnrles P. Burroughs, North Platte
b.,j ' n26dl9
Notice of Petition,
Estate No. 1700 of Albert SI. Seibert,
deceased, in the County Court of Lin
coln County, Nebraska.
The State of Nebraska. To nil per
sons Interested In said estate take no
tice thnt a petition has been nied for
the appointment of P. C. Plelstlcker as
administrator of said estate which has
been set for hearing herein on Decem
ber 19, 1919, at 9 o'clock a. m.
Dated November 18, 1919.
"2fidl2 County Judge
In the mattor of tho estate of Thomas
Connolly, deceased, In the County
Court of Lincoln County, Nebraska.
To the Heirs nnd all Persons Interest
ed In Said Estate.
Notice is hereby given that Kate
Connolly, ns administratrix of said es
tate, filed her final account herein on
November 18, 1919, and also her nppll
cntion for tho assignment of the real
estnte belonging to said estate, to-wlt,
an undivided one-eighth interest In and
to the title In fee to all the Southeast
Qunrter (SI3'4) of Section twenty-four
(24), Jn Township Thirteen (13) North
of Rnngc Thirty (30), West 6th' P. SI.,
nnd that said final account nnd appli
cation for the assignment of said es
tate will be heard before the County
Court in tho court houso In the City of
North Plntte, County of Lincoln nnd
Stnto of Nebraska, on the 15 th day of
December, 1919, at 10 o'clock A. St., nt
which time any person interested may
appear and show cause, if any
there be, why the the said final account
should not be approved and allowed
nnd the said estnte assigned as provid
ed by law.
Dated at North Plntte. Nebraskn,
November 18. 1919.
n2Sdl2 County Judge.
North Platte Tent
and Awning Co.
100 West Sixth Street
Phono 210
Big Price for Furs,
Don"t sell your Furs before see
ing me. Furs are high and I
am offering the top prices.
Graduate Veterinarian
Ex-Government Veterinarian and ex-
assistant deputy State Veterinarian
Hospital 315 South Vine Street.
Hospital Phone Black 633
House Phone Dlack 633
Notice to Creditors
Estato No. 1700 of Major A. White, de
ceased in tho County Court of Lin
coin County, Nebraska.
Tho Sato of Nebraska, ss. Creditors
of said estato will tako notico that tho
time limited for presentation and fil
ing of claims against said estate is
March 19th, 1920, and for settlement
of said estate is November 13th, 1920;
that I will sit at tho county court
room in said county, on December
18th, 1919, at 10 o'clock a. m., and on
March 19, 1920, at 10 o'clock a. ra.,
to receive, examine, hoar, allow, or
adjust 'all claims and objections duly
nl8dl2 County Judge.
Beolcr, Crosby & Basklns, Atty.
Legal Notice.
T. P. Laughlin and Estelle Gibson,
James Gibson, Rachel A. Staloy, Rosa
Connor, and Robert Staloy, heirs at
law of John Staley, deceased, and Cecil
Touoll, National Firo Insurance Com
pany, Tho South Half of tho South
West Quartor of Section 32, in Town
ship 11, North of Range 32, In Lincoln
County, Nebraska, and all persons
claiming any interest of any kind .in
said real estato or any part thereof,
will ako notico that on the 28th day
of Juno, 1919, W. TGuihor as plaintiff
filed his petition in tho District Court
of Lincoln County, Nebraska, tho ob
ject and pray&vof which aro to fore
close a certain mortgngo deed alleged
to havo boon executed and delivered by
tho defendants, W. T. Ervln nnd Win
nlo Ervln to T. P. Laughlin May 9th,
191C, nnd thereby convoying to said
Laughlin tho South Half of tho South
west Quartor of Section 32 in Town
ship 11, North of Rango 32, W. Cth P.
M., in Lincoln County, Nobraska.
Hint on October Cth, 1919, tho said
W. T. Ervln and Winnie Ervln de-
fondants filed their answer and cross
petition in said action, tho object and
prayer of which aro to clear title to
said lands of certain clouds thereon
and to qulot nnd confirm such title In
tho snld W. T. Ervin and to oxcludo
each and all of said dofondants, and
all porsons claiming any intorost of
any kind in said real estato or any
part thoreof, from any right, tltlo or
claim against said premlsos.
You aro required to answer said
cross petition on or boforo the 22d
day of Decombor, 1919.
Dated November 10th, 1919.
E. E. CARR. Their Attorneys. nlldS
Bonded Abstracter.
Public Stenographer.
Office with D. M. Reynolds, Architect,
Apt. 1 Roynolds Terrace.
Phone Dlack 1105.
, 0, 7 Uuildlng & Loan lliiildJng.
OiTIcp Phone 70. Res. Phono 1242
North Plntte, Nebr.
For the tretitraent of Medical, Surgical
and Obstetrical Cnsos. A placo
where tho sick are cared for bo as to
bring about normal conditions In the
easiest, most natural and scientific
Phone 110.
North Plntte, Neb.
Notico to Non-Resident Defendants.
Oscar L. Llvingstouo and the E oC
tho SWVt and Lots 6 and 7, Section 0,
Township 12, Rango 30, Lincoln coun
ty, Nebraska, and all persons claiming
any interest of any kind In said real
estato or any part thereof, will horo
by take notico that Robert E. Auder
son, plaintiff in an action wherein tho
said Robert E. Anderson is plqlntiX
and you and each of you aro defend
ants, filed his petition in tho district
court of Lincoln coounty, Nebraska,
on tho 6th day of October, 1919, tho
object and prayer of which said peti
tion 1b to quiet plaintiff's title in and
to tho EV6 of tho SWJi and Lots 6 and
7, Section 6, Township 12, Range 30,
Lincoln county, Nebraska.
Plaintiff further seeks In said action
to quiet his title against a certain
mortgage executed by John Kleman,
single, to Margaret Livingston which
mortgage is recorded in Book 18, page
29G, of tho mortgago records of Lin
coln county, Nebraska, and which
mortgago is dated August 17, 1893.
Plaintiff alleges in his petition that
said mortgage has been paid, and that
the same has been barred by tho
statutes of limitation of the state of
Nebraska; that ho and his grantors
have been in the absolute, open, ex
clusive, continuous and adverse pos
session of said land for more than
ten years and that the iplaintlff has a
now and absolute titlo to said real es
tate, and that the defendants have no
right, title or interest of any kind in
and to said real estato.
You are required to answer said
petition on or boforo the 22d day of
December, 1919, or judgment will bo
taken against you by default.
By Halllgan, Beatty & Halligan, hiB
Attorneys. nlldS
Notice to Non-Resident Defendants.
Mead State Bank, a corporation,
Wllber A. Brothwell, Phoenix Invest
ment Company, a foreign corporation
oreanlzed under the laws of Mm sdntn
I of Colorado, and the SW4 of Section
u, Township iu, Rango 33, Lincoln
county, Nebraska, and all persons
claiming any interest of any kind in
said real estate or any part thereof,
defendants, will hereby take notico
that on the 6th day of November, 1919,
A. H. Stevens, plaintiff, filed his peti
tion In tho district court of Lincoln
county, Nebraska, in an action whore
the said A. H. Stevens is plaintiff and
you, and each of you, aro defendants,
the object and prayer of which peti
tion is to quiet tho plaintiff's title In
and to tho SWVi of Section 6, Town-
ship 10, Rango 33, Lincoln county,
Nebraska, against tho claims and de
mands of each of the defendants to
said action in said real estate.
Plaintiff alleges in his petition that
.tho defendant, Mead State Bank, a
corporation, Wllber A. Brothwell and
Phoenix Investment Company, a for
eign corporation, claims some right,
title or interest In and to said real
estato by virtue of a mortgago exe
cuted by Stephen A. Albro and wifo
to Mend State Bank on December 24,
1889, which mortgago is duly recorded
In Book 5, 'page 29S, real estato rec
ords of Lincoln county, Nebraska, the
said Mead Stato Bank claiming to
own somo Interest in said mortgage,
and tho said Wllber A. Bothwell
claiming to own some interest in said
mortgago as assignee thereof from
said bank and as purchaser of said -premises
under a foreclosure of said'
mortgage, and Phoenix Investment
Company claiming to own somo in
terest in said real estato by virtue of
boing tho owner of somo of the notes
secured by said mortgago.
Plaintiff alleges that said mortgago
and the Indebtedness secured thoroby
havo beon paid, that tho same is
barred by the statutes of limitations
of the stato of Nobraska, that plain
tiff hnB been In tho open, notorious,
exclusive, continuous, hostilo, adverse
possession of said real estate for moro
than ten years, and that ho therefore
has a now and independent title to
said real estate, and that said de
fendants and each of them to said ac
tion havo no right, tltlo or interest of
any Kinu in said real estato, having
been barred therefrom by said ad
vorso possession nnd tho statute ot
limitations of tho stato of Nebraska.
You are required to answer said pe
tition on or boforo tho 22d day of
Decombor, 1919.
r, tt A' H- STEVENS, Plaintiff.
By Halligan, Beatty & Halllgan, his
Attorneys. nlld5
Noticn in Prillfnia
Estato No. 1695 of Henry P. Coates. do
ceased, in the County Court of Lin
coln County, Nobraska.
Tho Stato of Nebraska, ss. Credi
tors of said estato will take notico tha
timo limited for presentation and fil
ing of claims against said estato is
March 5, 1920, and for settlement of
said estato is October 28, 1920; that I
will sit at tho county court room in
said county, on December B, 1919, at
9 O Clock a. m.. and nn Mn1, r mon
at 9 o clock a. m., to rocelvo, examine.
objections duly filed.
"8 County Judge.