The North Platte semi-weekly tribune. (North Platte, Neb.) 1895-1922, November 25, 1919, Image 11

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c a package
before the war
c a package
during the war
c a package
Europeans Said to Find It Hard to
Master the Designations of
tho Various States.
Down on the wharves they tell a
tory of how two British sailors wero
rowing a skiff under the stern of the
nttl?hlp Ohio as she lay In un Eug
tah port.
"A ho, a hultch, and n 10," Raid one
f the llinles, "Wot a 'ell of a name for
i eliip!"
We made very merry over Russian
md Polish names. When (t came to
the Balkans we were free to confess
that we didn't know whether the Do
jrudja was a river or a breakfast food.
But It Is now borne In upon us that
ur own place names may not mean
much more to Europeans than some
if theirs mean to us.
Half the nunies of our state. are
pure Choctaw to all but educated Eu
ropeans, and not much more to many
af those. A celebrated violinist said
be had long ago given up trying to
comprehend American geography or
Indian names, and simply bought his
railroad ticket to uuy place his man
ager designated.
"You ought to translate them." ho
added plaintively.
Bis host confessed :
"We can't." Boston Globe.
8mall Consolation.
Hubby Look at Blinks retired from
bueineBS, and 1 am still In harness.
Wine Yes, but Blinks Isn't a mule.
a. woman seldom means all the mean
tnlngs Rhe says.
The new high-school teacher thought
that she was making a decided hit
with the older boys because they gath
ered around her to talk at many of
the Intermissions. The principal, who
had noticed this, commended her on
her interest In the boys and then told'
the boys how they should appreciate
her for this same Interest.
"I guess you like to have her talk
football with you," he smiled.
"Oh, no," hastily corrected one of
them. "She doesn't know any football.
We talk It before her and then we like
to stand near so we can hear all the
foolish questions she asks the fellows
about It."
For His Own Good.
"What became of Niblick who used
to be in the ribbons and laces?"
"We've transferred him to the iiard
waro department," answered the man
ager, "lie was getting too sentiment"!
with some of our feminine patrons. If
he's called to wait on a woman In the
hardware department she'll probably
be the kind who won't stand any fool
ishness." Birmingham Age-IIerald.
Applied Knowledge.
Our little boy nskts so many ques
tion' and so many of them we are un
able to answer, so we give him this
answer: "That's just nature, son."
One day I asked him how he got Ills
face so dirty, and he said: "That's
just nature, mother." Chicago Tribune.
And sometimes when n man's fnults
are burled with his bones, the latter
have too much company.
and coffee-drinking arc closely
linked together with many
If your case is like that, try
Instant Postern
awholcsome cereal drinkwith
a really rich coffee-like flavor
that meets the test of taste, just
as the beverage itself meets trip
test of health.
Economical, Ready Instantly, Delicious
Made by
Postum Cereal Company
Battle Creek, Michigan
Sold by Grocers and General Stores
Hens Should Havo Access at All
Times to Supply of Material to
Help Grind Feed.
(Prepared by tho United Sta'tos Depart
ment of Agriculture.)
Tho bens should have access at all
times to n supply of grit or stones of a
size small enough to be swallowed
readily. Grit Is used by tho hens to
help In grinding In thtlr gizzards tho
hard grains which they eat. A supply
t ordinary gravel will answer the
purpose of grit very well. Crushed oys
ter or clam shell also should be given
to tho hens and be kept before them at
all times. If tills Is withheld the hens
Sclf-Feeders Are Handy for Holding
Grit, Crushed Oy6ter Shell, Etc.
are likely to lack sufficient shell-form
Ing material In their feed, with the ro
suit that they lay many soft-shelled oj
thin-shelled eggs. Grit or shell can bt
purchased in small quantities at any
feed or poultry supply store.
Show the Least Intelligence of Any
Farm Fowl When Young and
the Most When Matured.
Some one said the turkey shows tlu
least Intelligence when small and tht
most intelligence after maturity ol
any fowl known. This Is true of all
the farm fowls. The goose a'nd duck
will often go some distance from tlw
poultry range, make a nest, deposit
their eggs, Bit and hatch, if undls
turbed, taking no notice as to whethet
being watched by human eyes or not
The turkey Is very cautious. She wll
lead one, if she finds she Is belnf
watched, away from the nest or when
she intends making it, often making
nest and sitting down cozlly, until liei
watcher decides, or is .deceived Into
thinking she is on the nest, but he
will havo to try it over again. Aftei
tho watcher has gone away, she leaves
her temporary nest for tho true one
deposits her egg and usually covers
it deeply with leaves or other trash.
Fowls Are Very Hardy and Open
Sheds Are Satisfactory for
Cold Weather Season.
Geese do not need shelter except
during cold winter weather, when
open sheds mny be provided. Goslings
are not usually hatched until good
pasture is available, and need addi
tional feed only for n few weeks. The
range of pasture used either for gos
lings or for geeso should ho lnrgt
enough so that tho grass will remain
clean, or tho stock should be moved
frequently to fresh land. Coops, bar
rels, or some other dry shelter should
bo provided for tho young goslings.
Geeso are very hnrdy and free from
diseases and insect pests.
Bilious, Constipated or
Headachy tako
Tomorrow tho sun will shine for
you. Everything will seem clear, rosy
and bright. Tour system is filled with
liver and bowel poison which keeps
your skin sallow, your stomach upset,
your head foggy and aching. Your
meals aro turning Into poison, gases
and acids. You cannot feel right Don't
stay bilious or constipated. Feel splen
did always by taking Cascarets occa
sionally. vThey net without griping or
Inconvenience. They never sicken you
liko Calomel, Salts, Oil or nasty,
harsh pills. They cost so little too
Cascarets work while you sleep. Adv.
Tybalt Totter In Fair Way to Be Read
Out of the Aged Men's Pro
tectlve Union.
"1 have reached tho age of eighty
three years," admitted old Tybalt
Tnr.r, "and yet I do not think that
n man Is only ns old as he-ec nee;
heel feels, and that all the c .ncly
widows are after me, merely bocnuso
they treat mo with civility. I havo
never lind much cause to complain of
anybody's lnck of respect for the aged
1 find that tho aged gpnernlly get nil
the respect their behavior entitles
them to. And I have found that tho
nverage busy citizen Is not deeply In
terested In tho trivial happenings of
1854 nnd thereabout.
"As well ns I can remember, tho
weather back yonder wan usually Just
ubout the same ns it Is now. I cnunot
sny thnt I am greotly surprised to find
profiteering going on, for to the best
of my recollection n considerable pro
portion of tho people have hogged
each other at every chance they got
But wlm t is especially queer about mo
Is that 1 do not make n practlco of
denouncing and raving at young peo
ple for cutting tho same fool capers
thnt I did when I was their age."
Kansas City Star.
Name "Bayer" is on Genulno
Aspirinsay Bayer
Insist on "Dnyer Tablets of Aspirin"
in a "Bayer package," containing prop
er directions for Colds, Pain, Head
ache, Neuralgia, Lumbago, nnd Rheu
matism. Namo "Bayer" mcnn9 genulno
Aspirin prescribed by physicians for
nineteen years. Handy tin boxes of 12
tablets cost few cents. Aspirin is trado
mark of Bayer Manufacture of Mono
acctlcacldcster of Sallcyllcacld. Adv.
"See Other Side."
Vic works In a downtown drug
atore. The other day an elderly wom
an perplexed him when she gnvo htm
a newspaper clipping nnd asked him
if he had any of that. Lie read:
"Eight-button length chnmolsetto
gloves, $1.40."
"You must be In tho wrong shop,
mndnine," suggested Vic.
"This Is n drug store, Isn't it?" asked
tho woman.
."Yes," snld Vic, "but we don't Bell
eight-button gloves."
Then tho- woman reached for tho
clipping, turned It over nnd on tho
other side was nn advertisement for
snake oil. Detroit News.
Italian Wanted to Be Incorporated
and Went About Scheme in a
Practical Way.
"Mister," nn Italian of middle ago
addressed Lou Guernsey. "1 want to bo
By questioning tho Italian, Lou
gnlncd the Information that his client
was n mnn of odd Jobs, mowing lawns,
carrying coal, washing windows, etc.
"You see," explained tho client, "I
am going to havo some advertising
cards printed nnd I think It would
glvo an Influence if I say on them I
am Incorporated."
"But how," nBkcd Guernsey, "do you
expect to hnvo yourself incorporated?"
"I hnvo no knowledge." was tho re
piy, "but If it costs, I will pry!" Los
Angeles Times.
Whnn th'a
sSm. .1 i l- i l. : -1.
ilor nchca. whoa
sjono feels all out
sof-Borts per.
'Imps a coated
tongue it is tht
signal thnt pol
leons are accuo
ulatimt in tb
'system, and
should bo clean
ed out at once.
i after meals, bil
iousness, aiiil
ncas, acidity oJ
tho stomach,
offensive breath
and allied nilmcnta results from auto
intoxication or self-poisoning.
Tako castor oil, or procure at the dnii
store, a pleasant vcgctablo laxative,
called Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pelleta, com
posed of May-apple, aloca and Jalap.
Kansas City, Kans. "Dr. Pierce'
Pleasant Pcllota havo boon my favorite
family median
for many years. J
rnisod quite a
largo fajiily and
from tho time my
children were
small I alway
them tho
,v.;iiihi m j i.ijja
WEvC I. M.
State of Ohio, City of Toledo, Lucas
County bo.
Frank J. Cheney makes oath that he Is
senior partner of the Arm of If. J. Cheney
& Co., doing biiBlnoBs in tho City of To
ledo, County and 8 to. to aforesaid, and that
mld nrm will pay tho sum of ONE HUN
DRED DOLLARS for any case of Catarrh
(that cannot bo cured by tho use ot
Sworn to before mo and subscribed in
my presonco, this 6th day of December,
A. D. 1SSG.
(Seal) A. W. dtcaaon, Notary Public.
en Internally and acts through tho Blood
on tho Mucous Surfaces of tho System.
F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, Ohio.
F. J. Cheney Sc. Co., Tolodo, Ohio.
No one lias a more vivid imagina
tion than tho mnn who imagines ho
knows it all.
The Probable Period.
"How much longer," growled n guest,
"are those old codgers over there In
the corner going to continue to wran
gle?" "About an hour, prob'Iy," replied tho
landlord of the Petunia tavern. "They
are discussing tho League of Nntlons,
and they've only got just as far as ar
guing yet. They have to cuss and yell
and call names before they got It set
tled for today nnd start off madder
than wet hens." Kansas City Star.
When money talks to tho most of
us It Is at the other end of a long
distance phone.
Courtesy Is a rare gem, but may bo
hod without price.
Many n man's only extravagant hab
it Is a wlfo.
Determination wins; persistence is
nlways rownrded.
Thov were casv to
IX tako and pleasant
. Ar,tU in every way,
winftJi iJi 1 ' never causing dis-
""'"" tress. For alug
gish liver, tu'ck-hcndachcs, constipation o?
biliousness thrro is no medicine that can
equal tho 'Pleasant Pellets.' I found them
a great help to mo in bringing up my
family in ns much as they have many
times warded off sick spells my children
would otherwise havo had." MRS.
blAUY E. BRADLEY. 032 Homer Ave,
Rely On Cuticora
All dmnlitiiBoiplS, Ointment 3 AM, T1cmX,
Bampl ion, (r ot "Cmtltmra, Dp. B, tultl"
Kettor Color and
Botutyto Gray and Faded Halt
oon, una fi.ooai annuw
HINDERCORNS ltemon Corn. Cl-
lourrt, rta, ttopt all (win. euurM comfort to thai
frt. nitH wnlklnc iut, 16a, tir mil or at DrsjM
KUU. UImox Chemical WorU. tatc&ocn. tl. J
PATENTS Wstion E, Colomaa,
IT A 1 Cll 1 U fate nt lAwjer.WMhlnevoa:
rl n BBHIW b.a AtfTlcoana boo Ira
Uatas reaionabla, Highest tf rencel. llMtMrrloa
POSITIVELY RVMOVCD tr Dr. BmTl -1m r drvc.t.t r V
jyil, M. fnm loth. Or. CM. Barrj
Write For Mtwlantppt Map and Hoineieekenr'
dulilo. Ad. Southern Land Co., Meridian, Mia
W. N. U., OMAHA, NO. 46-1919.
Kidney nnd bladder troubles don't
idisappenr of themselves. They grow
upon you, slowly but steadily, under
mining your health with deadly cer
tainty, until you fall a victim to In
curablo disease.
Stop your troubles while there is
time. Don't wait until HtOo pains be
come biff aches. Don't trlllo with din
case. To avoid futures suffering begin
treatment with GOLD MI2DAI. Haar
lem Oil Capsulcu now. Take three or
four every day until you feel that you
arc entirely frco from pain.
This well-known preparation has been
one of tho national remedies of IIol
land for centuries. In 3000 the govern
ment of tho Netherlands granted a p
clnl charter authorizing Its solo.
Tho good housewife of Holland would
almost ns noon bo without food as with
out her "Ileal Dutch Drops," as she
quaintly calls GOLD MEDAL Haarlem
Oil Capsules. Their use restore
strength and Is responsible in a great
measure for tho sturdy, robust health
of tho Hollanders.
Do not delay. Go to your druggist
and insist on his mipnlylnc you with a
box of GOLD MEDAt Haarlem Oil
Capsules. Tako them as directed, and
if you are not satisfied with results your
druggist will gladly refund your money.
Look for tho namo GOLD M13DAL on
tho bos and accept no other. In eotled
boxes, three sizes.
30 YEARS IN OMAHA. Painless Dental Work guaranteed 10 years.
Fillings, Crowns, Bridffo-work Platos and Extract! Homo treatment
for Gum Disoasos, tightens tooth and preserves health. It will pay yon
to como for this Quality Work. Sond for Booklet
If you would avoid llmbemcck al
low no dead carcasses or maggots on
your farm.
It pays every farmer to havo n poultry-wired
yard for ills fowls In which
they may bo enclosed wlion desirable.
Much of tho year's success with tho
farm llock depends on tho quality of
tho birds that arc left after tho fall
Figure on enough poultry litter for
the laying house so that tho birds can
have clean scratching materlul through
out the winter.
A little extra enre of your liens and
a bit of choice feed will pay In eggs
many times. Don't be nfruld of doing
too much.
The hen needs exercise the same
as a human being. You can't expect
liens tto havo health and lay winter
eggs when' huddled up in a small
,Nct Contents 15riuid Praohmj
Children Cry For
neither Oplnm.Monnora
Horn Sd
JV helpful Remedy for
rcsiflUnti thcrcfrwnjnhifao'y-
facsimile S!4natopt
Castorla is a'harmless substitute for Castor Oil, Paregoric, Dropa
and Soothing Syrups. It is pleasant. It contains neither Opium,
Morphine nor other narcotic substance. Its age is its guarantee.
For more than thirty years it has been in constant use for tho
relief of Constipation, Flatulency, Wind Colic and Diarrhoea;
allaying Feverishness arising therefrom, and by regulating tho
Stomach and Bowels, aids tho assimilation of Food; giving
healthy and natural sleep. The Children's Panacea The
Mother's Friend.
Bears the Signature of
Exact Copy of Wrapper.
!ii Use For Over 30 Years
The Kind You Havo Always Bought