The North Platte semi-weekly tribune. (North Platte, Neb.) 1895-1922, November 18, 1919, Image 5

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    Only Is Cents An Hour
And Think
of the Work
it Saves . Ifel
The Automatic Electric Washer.
washes a tubful in a few minutes, without labor, and the
clothes are cleaner, look better and last longer. And it
can be operated for V, cents an hour! Think of the la
bor that was formerly required to turn out a washing all
being replaced by a few minutes' work at the rate of
lic an hour. It certainly cuts out the Blue Mondays
North Platte Light and Power Co.
Graduate Dentist
Office over the McDonald
Stato Bunk.
, Don't miss seeing Wm. S. Hart in
one of his best pictures nt the Keith,
last time tonight. It is "The Money
Corral" and is the peppiest Hart pic
ture put over for months.
The markets are all short on mer
chandise now and it behooves one to
make Christmas selections, early. .Let
us help you. C. M. Austin, jewel
er. 89-2
Harry Benderet and Miss Ella
Welch, both of Paxton, were united in
marriage Sunday forenoon by Judge
"Woodhurst, and the couplo left on a
noon train On a wedding trip in the
Don't neglect your eyes, have Dixon
& Son take care of them.
Nobraskans attending Columbia Un
iversity, New York, have organized a
Nebraska club. Among the members
are Nanine Iddings and Leslie Bare,
of this city and Roxana Erb of Goth
enburg. The number of farmers in town Sat
urday was unusually large. They had
been.interned at home for a week by
the deep snow and unbroken roads
and were forced to come to town on
Every girl wants a Cordova bag.
Dixon has the kind they want.
MrS. James Golden was the recipient
of a surprise party Friday evening,
when a score or more friends called
and snent th ovonlng at cards. Prizes
were awarded to Mrs. C. E. Lemon
and C. V. Purdy. j
Exceptional values in ladies' coats.
E. T. Tramp & Sons. j
Mrs. John Bratt and N. E. Buckley
went to Omaha Saturday where they!
wero Joined by Mrs. Buckley and Mr.
Buckley's mother and the party start
ed on a trip to New York City whero
they will visit for several weoks.
The American Restaurant in the
Waltemath building on oast Sixth,
which for six or eight years had been
conducted by Chinamen, closed up
yesterday. The room has been leased
to a former business man who will re
engage In business.
The dogroo team of the Knights of
Columbus returned yesterday from
Sidney whero they conducted a class
initiation Sunday afternoon, which was
followed by a banquet in the evening.
This is tho seventh class tho Sidney
council has initiated.
For Sale A nice now residence pro
perty last house on North Maplo. For
price see L. D. McFarland, 2005 east
4th street. Phono Red 732. 83tf
The Style Slunv
Tho stylo show put on at tho Stylo
Shop Friday overling was a decided
success and tho Jargo crowd in attend
ance was well pleased with the dis
play of costumes charmingly shown
by tho ladles who acted as mod
ols. Costumes for ah nccaslons woro
shown and 'Mr. Popejoy fufthor pleas
ed tho audlcnco by occasionally giving
a short talk about tho gowns.
Doucot's orchestra furnished appro
priate music. Mrs. W. II. Cramor and
Miss Cocolla Hilgort sang sovoral
numbors and Trovelyn Doucot played
a violin solo. The ladles who so
charmingly assisted ns models woro
Mosdamos W. II. Cramer, Trovoyn
Doucot, W. w. Burko, Arthur Bullard,
Emily Coates and Misses Gay Ileston,
Hazel Smith, Wllla Rauch and Coral
I'leadod Guilty to Adultery
Tom H. Har'q was arraigned In tho
county court Saturday on tho charge
of adultery, tho Information charging
him witli eo-hablting with ono Emma
Sheldon, a married woman. Haro
pleaded guilty, and was bound over to
tho district court under bond of one
thousand dollars.
Are you in need of a nerve tonic?
Are you grouchy? . Then see Con
stance Talmadgo in ' "Experimental
Marrlago" at tho Crystal tonight. It's
a nerve tonic; a sure euro for tho
blues! You shouldn't miss this pic
ture any more than you should miss
your breakfast in tho morning. It's
essential for your happiness.
Special Homo cured bacon 35c per
pound. Brodbeck's Meat Market. tf
Ben P. Bloom, of Crook, Col., and
Alice C. Watson, of Welcome, Wyo.,
were united in marriago by Rev,
Roland Mackintosh Saturday. The
groom, who is a son of Peter b
Bloom, of Cottonwood precinct, was
but recently discharged from tho navy
and tho bride was a yeomauette in the
naval service.
A community chorus will be organ
ized thfs week which It is believed
will eventually number not le3s than
ono hundred voices. In conjunction
with the chorus will bo a community
orchestra of twenty-live pieces. Work-
Ing together these two organizations
will give concerts and entertainments
during tho winter.
For Sale Four horso power Fair
banks gas eugino, good running order.
Brodbeck's Meat Market. 8Ctf
A federal officer has been in town
for a day or two investigating a re
port sent in that home-made booze was
being manufactured in or near North
Platte. As no arrests have been made
it is presumed that he has failed to
discover any illicit distilling. It has
been rumored for slme time that
home-mado booze is being sold In
North Platte.
With the aid of a cane Engineer
Hugh Bird was able to get down town
Saturday. Three weoks ago ho was
passing under the coal chute at the
round house when a workman on tho
chuto tossed off a piece of tho iron
sheeting. It struck Mr. Bird on the
right leg above tho knee, cuting tho
flesh to tho bono and making a very
painful wound.
Wo have a car of fancy box apples
either on tho track or at any of our
stores. It will pay you to lay in your
winter supply. Gamble & Springer.
Tho Fiold-Blrge Co. received two
cars of coal Friday, tho receipt of
which waj somowhat expedited by the
fact that tho supply at tho federal
building had become exhausted and
tho receiving company was directed to
deliver part of tho coal to that build
ing. Tho remainder of tho coal was
dished out in small quantities to those
who had none on hand.
Her heart's desire a beaded bag
from Dixon's, $15.00 to ?G0.00.
If you want to see tho real thing in
photoplays como to tho Keith Wednes
day or Thursday and seo Tom Mix in
"Rough Riding Romance." Ho rides
his trained horso, Tony, up six flights
of flro escapo. And riding Tony ho
lossoes a speeding train and climbs up
by tho lariat to tho roof of tho car. He
also rides four times around tho stair
way of a beautiful palace and carries
off a princess ho has rescued; if you
want to know what else ho does come
and See.
I). A. IL Anniversary Dinner.
Sioux Lookout Chapter Daughters of
tho American Revolution, will cele
brate their third anniversary at a din
ner to bo given nt tho homo of Mrs.
F. G. Hoxle, Friday, November 21st, nt
7 p. m. A cordial Invitation is extend
ed to members of others chapters who
now reside hero. Members unablo to
attend are requested to send regrets.
Dean Honker Dies from Fall
Word was received last Frldav Mint
Dean J. J. Bowker, former rector of
mo episcopal church of tills city, who
with Mrs. Bowker had been visiting in
England for six months, had died Oc
tober 28th from injuries received in
falling down a flight of stairs. The
Dean had gotten up during tho night
and In the darkness had walked Into
an open stairway. Word of tho ac
cident and death came through a Jot
ter written by Mrs. Bowker to Miss
Annlo Kramph, and caused much re
gret to Mr. Bowkei"s many friends In
North Platte.
-: :o: :
Conductor Selbert Dies.
A. M. Selbert, passenger conductor
between North Platto and Cheyenne,
died at his homo on west Fourth street
Friday evening after an Illness of
about two weeks. Death was duo to a
tumor on tho brain, so diagnosed by
a specialist from Omaha who was call
ed Into consultation with local physi
cians. The deceased had been in tho cm
ploy of the Union Pacific for over thir
ty lears, and had moved to this city
six or eight years. Bereft are a wife
and two daughters by a former mar
riage. Mr. Selbert was a splendid citizen
and a popular railroad man and his
death Is deeply regretted.
Funeral services woro conducted by
the Masonic fraternity at tho temple
Sunday afternoon and burial made In
the local cemetery.
Let Dixon caro for your eyes.
Considerable Intorost Is manlfostod
In tho wrestling match to be held at
tho Labor Tomplo Thursday ovonlng
between Fay Jockoach of Big Springs
ami Bobby Bylund of this city. Local
fans have seen Jockosch In action, ns
he easily dofoated Art Nollls.
For tho Lady Friend- a beautiful
boudoir vaso from Dixon's.
Your Thanksgiving turkey will cost
you In tho nolgborhood of fifty cents a
pound. Tho prlco of tho fowl may In
terfere to somo oxtent with tho sin
cerity of your thanks offering, but fifty
cents Is tho quoted prlco tho country
over, therefore local growers or deal
ers are not holding you up.
Wo nro showing a very largo as
sortment of diamond goods this Christ
mas. Clinton, tho Jeweler.
Mrs. II. T. Crockett, who had boon
visiting a daughter iTi Ogdotl, Is tljo
guest of h6r son A. C. Howard aiid
family. Slnco tho donth of Mr. Crock
ett sho has boon making her home at
tho old soldiers' homo at Burkott. She
was a pioneer resident of North Platto,
coming hero In January, 1809.
It was nccossary for Chief Mecom
ber to servo notlco on a number of
property ownors to clear the snow
from tholr sidewalks, or Buffer a fine
under tho city ordinance. It always
happens that somo people are dilatory
about cleaning thblr walks elthor
from lack of time or a don'tglvoadarn
Dies at Local Hospital
Mrs. Almlra Fry, of Julosburg,
mother of Mrs. S. C. Mecombor, who
was brought to tho General Hospital
In this city last Friday for treatment,
died Sunday night at tho ago of olghty
olght years. Death was duo to a rup
turo and ailments incldont to old ago.
Tho remains Iworo taken to Julosburg
this morning to bo Interred alongside
her husband, who died ten years ago.
: :o: :
For Sale
Ono second hand Ford touring body
with Detroit winter top, llko now.'
A good selection of reasonable priced Make this a iowolry Christmas Many
diamond rings, $10.00 to $115.00. Dlx-j useful and pretty gifts at Clinton's
on. tho Jowolor. ! Jewelry store ,
Crystal, Tonight and Tomorrow.
She loved him, she loved him not. Did she, or didn't she? A
world of fun, suspense and alarming situations.
: :n:
Milch Cow For Sale.
Good Jorsey milch cow and heifer
calf for sale. Cow Is 5 years old and
was fresh Oct 1st. Call at 221 south
Walnut St any tlmo after 5 p. m. 89-2
: to: :
Poultry for Sale.
1 Turkeys, geese and chickens. Phono
7S0F11. 89-2
: :o: :
: :o:
Liberty Ilonds
If you wish to dlsposo of your bonds
stato amount and Issue for best prlco.
Address "Liberty Bond," caro Soml
Weekly Tribune. 88-2
: :o: :
W This talking machine is a. standard size $200
macnine -nas an me inecnamcai ieaiures oi me
higher-priced phonographs looks, sounds, and
plays like a $200 machine and is a $200 machine
in everything except the price.
fcU 4 UJ iwi 'LP
Gamble with Springer
No. 1, 220 North Locust, Phone 203.
ao. 1J(, East Street, Phono 490.
no. (, usi jiast Fourth, Phone 791.
I was there to make a sketch of
lier. Luncheon was just over, and
Bho was talking to a little knot of
women. The nrst words I Heard, a
I slid quietly Into a nearby seat, wer
vxvationai uiscult," recalling pleas
ontly my own tasty Uneetla Luncl
cuii. i ukcu ucr, ami
jfortably as she spoke at
and ears busv.
"Between the dark and daylight,'
she was quo
lolt of naus
aeems waiting and listening f
, children. Since they wj
thlnus. I'vo irlven tlint
tinlllos. First T linil iriS
Then, when tlip
to toddle. I ttut
me in unxCE
(Iron's Hour like a feasR. Tor tin
tiny toddlers there Isa iVarlec"
menu, sometimes Uneeda' "Blscull
ana mule, sometimes Graham Crack.
ura Oatmeal Crackers or Lunch nin.
cult. Tlli.s Is elinnirnrt mi hiippIiiI
occasions t6 Old Time Sugar Cook.
Newtoiw and, rarest of
ro days when wo hod
co cream and NftiSfessftad t those
vere our
wi.'u-j ir -' .v-n -v v n
Di HtJtS iL NON-rntciAriie .
TVnwiill , s. 4lt 'itkUl
Sr5r ;
arm TV'rttrv-C'
M-rt a r rin -i IL--""' fCL ,T,
3AV JfiS
'UaewVw,-' OMAHA, NEBR. g
See Display on lot east of Herrod's Grocery.
noodness of
t lnfit,i RIcTrnt
. . - W W I M I W W H I
is due to the superior materials and methods
employed in the baking. The everlasting table-
1 r I ni a i a Ii.
guuuiiessui uneeaa oiscuiiisuueioseutuiLy
of the In-er-seal trade mark package.
up in
pad of
"You see. cv
went on. "are much If
mois. ruey are most lovable ami
most tractable after they've had
something to eat. National Biscuit
dainties always begin our Chil
It Plays ANY
aad ALL Records
You are not limited to any one
catalogue The Royal, by a very
unique device, which is worked
by the twist of the wrist, will play
any records perfectly, tho uhangu
being made instantly.
Come In and Hear This
Wonderful Instrument
Let us put on your favorite record
onThe2oj'cr any mi&v., Edison,
Victor, Columbia, Pathfi, Emer
son, and then note the wonderful
volume of tone the qitality of
tone, and the perfect reproduction
of the human voice and the var
ious musical instruments.
I have plenty of SIX PER CENT MONEY
to loan on improved farms and ranches,
with interest payable annually and with
option of paying all or part of loan at any
Tax free mortgages bought and sold.
T. C. PATTERSON, Loan Broker.
B. & L. Building, North Platte, Nebr.
t seem
ivy onotiKli
, hut always
i ilnlntv. nl.
pp V
ne na onlv Nnliniinl
Jscult Products con bo. Dorlne Mio
years when my babies wero growing
up wo never missed tho Chil
dren's Hour with its tasty feast.
The W. F. Godfrey Sale which was to
be held on November 12th, has been post
poned on account of the storm, and will be
held oh MONDAY, NOV. 24lh. Located
24 miles northwest of North Platte, Nebr.,
on the west Tryon Mail Route.
ED KIERIG, Auctioneer.
25c A DOSE.
One dose immunizes the calf for life. Extra strong
7 dose syringes, needles, etc., for sale. All orders promptly
filled with Ircsh vaccine.
DR. W, T. PRITCHARD, Distributor,
North Platte, Neb.
Sale of Thoroughbred
Duroc Boars
There will be sold at Public Auction at the Johansen
Sale Barn in North Platte, on
commencing at 2 p. in. Sharp
12 Thoroughbred Duroc Boars
An offering sired by Ulerstrator Giant 250100 and Fancy
Victor, this offering is very attractive and will bean added aaset
to any breeder or farmers herd. Will als sell 2 High Bred Hol
stein milch cows and some small calves. 2 sets of new harness
and some Household goods. USUAL TERMS. ;
Col. H. M. JOHANSEN, Auct.