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No. 58
two of the Oldest firms
in the city consolidate
Effective today two of tho oldest
firms doing business la North Platte,
tho- W W. Blrgo Co. and tho North
Platte Lumber Co., will be consoli
dated uhdor ono management. Tho
now corporation will bo known as
FIold-BIrge Lumber Co.
Tho W. V. Dirge Company Is the
oldest established mercantile firm In
North Platto and the oldest lumber
yard In tho stato that has been con
tinuously under ona personal man
agement. Tho business was started
In the spring of 18S1 by W. W. Blrge.
In March, 1913, the business wns In
corporated, in order to properly care
for Its expansion, with W. V. Blrgo as
president and It. D. Blrge as secretary-treasurer.
In 1888 Field & Boal purchased from
S. R. Howell & Co., of Chicago, the
North Platte Lumber Co., and contin
ued to operate It under that name. In
1892 Mr. Field purchased Mr. Boat's
Interest In tho business. After tho
death of Mr. Field In 1912 the firm was
incorporated with Mrs. Field as pres
ident and L. B. Dick as secretary
treasurer and manager.
Tho officers of tho now corporation
will be L. B. Dick, president; "W. W.
Blrgo vice-president: Blanche B. Field
vice-president, and R. D. Blrge, sec-rtary-treasurer.
Tho officers of this
corporation are all well known to the
citizens of North Platto. They have
always been associated with every
movement that looked to the im
provement and progress of the city
and county. Tho two active officers
of tho nw corporation, L. B. Dick and I
R. D. Blrge, are. both natives of North i
Platte and have literally grown up in'
tho lumber business of this city. i
The new corporation will contiuue
to operate both yards at their present
locations. Various Improvements will
be made In both of them with a view
of giving tho v?ry best service to the
community. They are making prepar
ations to meet all of North Platte's
constantly growing needs In the line
of building materials and coal.
The two firms both have a long and
"honorable business record in North
Platte and The Tribune is of tho opin
ion thnt the new corporation will prove
to bo a decided business asset for the
The Martin bombing piano in which
Capt. Roy N. Francis planned' to make
his, trans-continental trip, with North
Platte as tho only stopping place, was
completely wrecked in a terrific elec
trical storm which swept oVor the
field at Mlneola, N. Y., Tuesday after
noon. Capt. Francis was to havo started
from Mlneola at 3:30 this Friday
morning and was due to reach North
Platte at S:65 this evening. The dis
tance between the two points Is
1,509 miles.
Some delay will now intervene be
fore tho completion of the flight, but
the air service announced that It the
demolished piano could not be recon
structed, as Is probable, another ma
chine would be substituted
Band Concert Program.
At 8 p. m. Friday, August 1st, the
North Platte Municipal band, Earl
Stamp, director, will play the fol
lowing program nt the court house
March The Southerner Alexander.
Overture Morning, Noon and Night
Song by James Schaffer, band ac--ompanlment
-Till We Meet Again
Invitation a la Valst "Weber.
Patriotic Patrol Spirit of America
Serenade D'Amour Blon.
"Waltz Alpine Sunset King.
March Bombasto Farrar.
: :o: :-
Saturday and Monday,
Madge Kennedy
"Daughter of Mine
n tradition of creed that is shattered
in the melting pot of America. Also
tho Sunshine Comedy
"The Shadow of
Her Pest"
New Real Estate Firm.
The Roberts Bros. Land Co. Is the
name of a new real estate firm that
has engaged In business In North
Platte. Tho members of tho firm are
Walter Roberts of this city and R. G.
Roberts, of Schuyler, the latter at
present maintaining real estate agen
cies In several Nebraska towns, but
"will probably move to this city to
make his headquarters. Tho com
rany Is now In quest of suitable of
fice rooms, which at this time are
rather difficult to secure.
. .
Wanted to Rent Office room in
business section. Phone Red 1174. tf
6 'Partners Three"
a story of the plcturesquo American
desert, and of three wayfarers who
combined to "beat the game."
The Christie comedy
The value of an automobile depends not
only on the stability of the car you buy, or
nov own, but also on the 'stability of the
dealer from whom you purchase.
The real value of a car is the exact
measure of the service it gives.
Our organization, both in spirit and
facilities, is prepared to and does stand back
of the automobiles we sell. Our customers
bear out this statement.
Dodge Brothers.
Chandler Cars
kr j ,
"Service0'- Our Owners"
North Platte. Neb.
Telephone 844.
6th & Locust St.
Mrs. Edith Owens, of Missouri, Is
tho guest of Miss Gladys Hall.
0., V. Turplo returned yesterday
from ft business trip to Omaha.
Word has been received of tho safe
arrival of Cyril Cool from overseas
Miss Clara Sorenson returned yes
terday from a visit with friends In
Orand Island.
Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Perkins will
leave tonight for Omaha to spend Sat
urday and Sunday.
Walter O'Connor left tho parly part
of the week for New York to pur
chase goods for his store.
H. J. Thlossen arrived yesterday
from Falrbury to take a position at
tho McDonald State Bank.
Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Forbes and Mrs.
J. f? Twlnem nrrlved home last even
ing from an auto trip to Estes Pork.
Miss Stella Banks and Master La
Verne Elliott returned yesterday
from a week's visit with relatives In
Mr. and Mrs. L. S. Smith and In
fant son arrived yesterday from
Julesburg for a visit at tho Hoxle
Henry Landgraf, who has been
spending tho past year on tho coast,
Is expected to arrive homo In a day
or two.
Kodaks and films at the Rcxull.
Mrs. Edith Gantt and Abnor "Wess
burg left yesterday for Crcston, la.,
where they will attend tho wedding
of Bob Gantt tomorrow.
Mrs. Russell Wryman entertained
several neighboring families at a pic
nlc Wednesday evening In a manner
that resulted pleasantly to all.
Word was received yesterday that
Will Elliott bad landed In New York
Wednesday from fourteen months' ser
vice overseas. At present ho Is at
Camp Merritt.
Wanted Lady to work evenings at
news sctnnd. Apply at the Barkalow
Bros, news stand at the depot.
John Poulos spent the .early part, of
tho week at Kimball looking after the
harvest of the wheat on his farm. Dry
weather cut the yield down to ten
bushels to tho acre.
Mrs. J. Shrlver returned home tho
first of the week from Kearney where
she had been taking post graduate
work In dramatic art and expression
for the past two months.
The W. c. ?. U. will meet at tho
home of Mrs. V H. LoDloytf 403 Vest
Sixth street, Tuesday afternoon at
2:30. A jublleo fund Is to be raised.
Do not forget your dollar.
Girl for general housework. Mrs. J.
S. Slmms, Phone 3S. 5G-3
Mr. and Mrs. W? T. Alden and
daughter will leave Sunday on a fish
ing trip to a lake near Steamboat
Springs, Col. At Kimball they will
be joined by several relatives.
For Sale Chicken feed. Call Paw
nee Springs ranch. 68-lp
Mrs. John Tlghe returned yester
day from Lexington, where she had
been visiting her daughter, Mrs. Wll-
rreaauiarp.' Air. and Mrs. Stuart are
the-proad parents of a son, born last
Always stop nt the Rexall.
Wednesday morning at the Luther
an parsonage, Rev Koch united In
marriage Edward Jay Wilson and Miss
Ruby Oestreich, botli of this city and
Thursday afternoon ho read the, ser
vice for John W. Franko and' Miss
Dora Alice Rlesland, both of Kearney
:; :
Announces his discharge from milit
ary service and the establishment of
his office over Hlrschfeld's Clothing
Phones: Office 333. Res. Red 85G.
Tho abstract of ansossmout for the
car iaia shows that tho nssossed vnl
A telegram recolved Tuesday even
ing announced that tho motor trans-
UO Of real ntlll nnrHnnnt nrnnnrfv In nnrt trnln t,f,.ttiir mirniunnn .Lnim
Lincoln county is $G,S41,245, of which stances, will roach North Platto as
?3,4.J,D25 Is personal and ?3,3G1,C20 lsper schedule time tomorrow evening,
real estate. Compared with tho, 1918 j The exact time of arrival cannot bo
assessment there Is an Increase of stated but as a stop for lunch nt
(5141,2-lB In the total assessed value. Brady will bo made It Is probable
That the assessed vnluo of personal) that tho tho train will roach here bo
property Is greater than tho assessed tween thrco and four o'clock. As It
value of real estato Is rather unusual i approaches tho city on tho Lincoln
in a .euraska county, but lh Lincoln
county It is duo to tho fact that wo
have so many thousands of acres of
grazing land that Is assessed at a vory
low price per aero. Howcvor. next
year a re-valuation of real ostnte will gave his approval to tho following
bo made, and It Is probable that an In- program:
crease of from twenty-five to fifty per Mayor and delegation of citizens will
cent will be made. j meet trnln at Brady and act as-os-
Froiu. this abstract It Is learned i cort to city. Entering tho city from
tbttt in tho county thero aro 67.S22 1 tho east on Fourth, tho convoy will
head of cattlo of all ages, with an as- pass north on Dowoy to Front, west
BeSfi'd value of $8.57 ner head of a 'on Front to Locust, north on Locust Hnnnrt nhiiifv nmi nnn rrhn trnn.r.
real vaiv of $42.85 per head. This j to city park. As tho head of tho train' wherein tho prosont constitution Is
wujiw mane me real vaiuo or all the reacnos uowoy anu rourtn a enort, lamo and tho futuro needs of stato
I n n (! 1. A ... n . .1 A il 1 f.. A . . A mm .
dmv win uo iiiuuu uuu u iiurui Key iu RornmmcDii xur. wucox is particu
tho city will bo presented to Colonel larly well fitted to take an active
S. W. McCluro, commanding officer nart In tho constitutional convention.
Highway whistles will ho blown, thus
apprising tho citizens of Its comlifg.
Lieut. Doran, advnnco publicity
man, spent last evening In town and
In conferenco with a local committee
Wilcox A Cnntlltlnle- , 4
Petitions aro now- In circulation
for signatures for tho purpose of
placing In nomination Wesley T. Wil
cox as tho float delegate to the con
stitutional convention from tho dis
trict composed of Keith, Lincoln and
Dawson counties. This Is not in op
ponltion to cither W V. Hoagland or
J. G. Beolor, as they aro candidates
from Lincoln county whllo Mr. Wil
cox will seek to be tho delegate from
tho float district.
Having retired from tho practice of
law, and having ample tlmo at his
command, Mr. Wilcox concluded to
become a candidate, No man In the
float district is more favorably
known than Mr. Wilcox, nor could
tho voters select ono who Is bettor
qunllftod to assist In forming a now
constitution for Nebraska. For over
thirty years a resident and practic
ing attorney of wostorn Nebraska, for
one torm a mombor of tho legislature,
a man of good judgment and unnuosv
caftle aggregate about $850,000.
In tho county thero aro 18,847
horses with an assessed value of U0.43
each, or a real value of $52.15 each.
There aro also 17,902 hogs of all ages
with an assessed value of $4.71 each,
and 3,297 Mieep.
Tho assessors found 1,538 stands of
bees and 8,208 chickens, ducks, goess
and turkeys.
Thero aro listed for assessment
2,128 automobiles wjth an average
assessed value of $C8.55 each, 1,475 pi
anos and organs, 423 traction engines,
177 threshing machines and power
corn shellers, 3C6 phonographs. G94
firearms and 1,471 dogs.
Plnu Summer Resort.
When you speak of the swimming
pool at tho south river bridgo, you
should refer to It as Scott & Son's
of tho convoy.
Saturday ovonlng nt tho court house
park a mass meetlnjr will bo held nt
which John J. Hnlllgnn will make an
address of welcome, to which Colonel
McClure will respond, and following
this Rev. Dr. S. M. Johnston, who Is
the official speaker of the trnln, will
dollver an addrosB in which ho will
tell of the purposes and objects of the
convoy's trip from coast to coast. The
band which accompanies tho train will
bo present at this meeting and render
Saturday evening and during the
stay In the city tho hospitality of tho
Elks' club will bo extonded tho of
ficers. Sunday forenoon at the usual hour
Row Dr Johnston, who was formerly
lake, for the pool Is on land a Presbvtorlan minister will oceunv
owned by them, and tho excavation tho pulpit at tho Presbyterian church,
so far made Is part of the fulfillment and to this servlco tho public gonor-
of 'plans that when completed will ally If. invited,
make a lake worthy tho name. It is During tho stay of tho convov In
the Intention of Scott & Sons to mako town tho Red Cross Canteen will ox-
a pleasuro resort of this lake, for It tend Its courtesies to all tho men.
will be of sufficient slzo to use boats. Sunday afternoon tho officers and
and next spring trees will bo set 'out men will bo entertained at tho Lox-
on th5 land which has been purchased lngton-North Platte ball gamo at tho
or Tea i'ayne. Dressing rooms win cltyi park. ,
be erected and a refreshment stand Forming part of th6 equipment of
will be part of tho equipment. In win- tho train Is a three million candlo
tor ice will bo cut from the lake, stor- power search light, which may bo op
ed In houses which Scott & Son will crated here Sunday night.
oroct. and retailed to tho trade dur-' In tho traln are ,slxtv auto vehicles
inaafJifl-gumnier. It will require sev- of different kinds.andin cqmpleraeivkofi
PM vpiira tn nnmnlpfA tho nlnnn na 99K mnti ' -
outlined, but Mr. Scott assures us ::o::
that when completed they will have a Edwards-Reynolds offer choice of
resort that will be a credit to North boys' wash suits at &5c.
Platt- i A chicken supper was given at the
:.o.. home of Mr. and Mrs. John Johnson
Married Last Night. i Tuesday evening In honor of tholr son
At 8:30 Inst night Miss Irono Van Irving, who had Just returned from
Cleave became the bride of Claude 0. rv1Ce " trance.
Wilson, Rev. Knapp of Cozad reading
tho marriage ceremony. To tho strains
of the wedding march played by Miss
Emma Bogue, .the ribbon beaters,
little Dorothy and Margaret Van
Olcave stretched the ribbon to tho
bower of palms and ferns before
which the brldnl party took their
places Miss Florence Johnson was
maid of honor and Julian Foretodt
acted as best man. Tho bride was
gowned in white crepe do chlno and
carried a shower boquet of snap
dragons and ferns.
The young couplo loft on a late
train for a six weeks' honeymoon in
California, after which thoy will mako
their home hero.
At The Sun
'The Island of Intrigue'
Fatty Arbuckle Comedy
"Three X Gorden
Billy West Comedy.
Matinee 1:45.
'The Usurper"
and 7th chapter of
Lightning Raiders
with Pearl White.
Christian Science service Sunday 11
a. m. Wednesday evening meetings
every week at 8:00. A cordial Invi
tation is extended to all to attend
these services. Building & Loan build
ing, room 25.
Miss Hulda Johnson, who spent tho
summer with her sister, Mrs. J. H.
btryker, of Kearney, arrived homo
the early part of tho week.
Always try Tho Rexall first, it
pays. tf
See "Clinton & Son'
bout your Eyoa and
satisfied. Son is over on
the Rhine, will bo homo soon. Sign ot
tho Big Ring.
llurirlur Still Busy
Tho busy burglar is still pursuing
his nefarious calling. Wednesday
night ho visited thrco homes In the
Third Ward. At tho Lester Tarking
ton home ho gained an cntranco and
docamped with two watches, but
fnlled to get Into tho other two houses.
t:o:: .
First Lutheran Church.
Morning worship 8:30 o'clock, sub
Joct, "A Look into the Futuro." Special
music Miss Irma Huffman will olng.
Sunday school at one o'clock.
REV. C. F. KOCH. Pastor.
Comedy Night -TonigKt
Keith Theatre
"The Rebellious Bride"
Tho liveliest, Bprlghtllest, fastest com
edy over tUrow.n on tho; sercon Jvl
affcn7'',gu1irplay,' hlde4n'd-seek4'i'na"
cave, dodging posse all., In a . flnoN
funny mlx-up.
Tho two-part Flags Comedy,.
"Perfectly Fiendish
Christian Church School
Meets at 9;45 each Sunday morning, visitors always welcome.
Come and say
To us while in the city. You will always find us on the job,
rain or shine, hot or cold, but the greatest benefit are derived by
each individual who attends regularly. We are sure the future of
the boy or girl that starts at the age of 3 and continues 'in the
Bible School will not be seriously clouded. The church that is
active in its avenues of work is the greatest and best
association in existence and we urge therefore that each church
member get interested in the Bible School.
Press Com.
Friday and Saturday
and while they Last
Men's Knit Union Suits, athletic Cflp
style OUU
Men's Dimity Union Suits, athletic CQ0
style dUb
B. V. D. Union Suits, only a few M QC
garments, per suit $tL3
Chalmer's first quality Men's M CH
Poros Knit union suits $ I lull
Men's Poros Knit and Keep Cool CO a
Shirts and Drawers uUU
(Also some plain balbriggan included with
these.) v
Men's light weight black ho3e, 2 nc
pair for J 015
Men's Sport Shirts, fair quality CQ
percales '. uub
Men's Sport Shirts, fine quality gQ
Wilcox Department Store.