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No. 51'
It. N. Lamb and Joseph Scott, who
rocontly purchased a tract of land on
tho west side of Locust street be
tweeY Seventh and Eighth, have ask
ed for bids for tho construction of a
ono-sfory garage building 66x124 feet.
Tho plans call for a truss roof that
will obvlato any posts or supports on
tho entire floor area, which will make
It convenient for garage and storage
Tho contract will be let In a short
tlmo and tho contractor will be pre
vailed UDon to rush the construction
with tho greatest possible speed.
A tenant for the building has beon
secured who will move In as soon as
it Is completed.
i Henry Sonnermnnn Dies.
Henry Ferdinand Augustus Sonnet-
maim, a well known former living on
Jack Morrow flats, died Saturday
nleht. and the funeral will be held
from the residence this afternoon and
interment made in a nearby cemc-
The deceased was born in Glletzlg,
Germany, July 6, 1874, and enmo to
Lincoln county twenty-flve or more
years ago. Ho was married in tms
city July 6, 1899, to Mlnnlo Edler, to
which union two sons were oorn,
Harlan Herbosrt and Edward Hprman.
Ho also leaves a brother Carl Sonner
mann and sister Mrs. Colo who lives
In Denver. Mr. Sonnermann lived on
the former Hardin place, which he
purchased a number of years ago.
: :: i
C. It. Morev returned Sunday from
Hastings to which city ho journeyed
by auto last Thursday. When Mr.
Marey arrived in Hastings ho found
his father, C. F, Morey, who is a
prominent, lawyer, in a critical con
dition due to. tho inhalation of gas
from a running automobile in a closed
garace. Wion lound Mr. Morey way
in ,an unconscious condition and it
was only through active and constant
-work of the physicians that ho re
trained consciousness. when Mr,
Morey left Hastings Sunday morning
the condition of his father had great
ly Improved.
Just received 500 Columbia records,
including about 100 cood Hawaiian
records. Come In early and gp.t your
choice. Harry Dixon.
We Strive To
When in need of good
things to eat Call 212.
Quality in every pack
age. Dick Stegeman,
sPHOtfE 212.
92.00 orders and over
Hold Neighborhood picnic
Tho annual nlghborhool "picnic held
at tho homo of Mrs. Bon Wilson was
attended by about sixty, TJhcsei peo
ple gather each year to ceieDrao tuo
glorious, 4th of July. The 'special
feature this year was the homebm
ln'g of the nine boys praonty most of
whom had seen service overseas. A
special part of th program was an
address by Lieut. Cobby, who won the
Croix do Ouerro, and a. drill by the
boys and bayonet chargp Upon sup
posed Frltzles. Some of the boys had
been In the Muse, Argonne and Cha
teau Thierry battles. We wish to
thank the following ladles for their
Dart In the wecome of tho'boys,: Mrs.
M. N. Johnston, Mrs. J. jH.' 'VanCleave
and Mrs. Ben Wilson, and we. hppe
next year to all meet as..blpasantly.
Harry Hemphill Is lifoeiidW this
week with friends In Ahisley, ,
Mr. and Mrs. W. L. lRchar'd8 and
C. S. Clinton attended ttio funeral of
the late Major White ln.tJrand Island
Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Carroll-and son
loft this morning by auto for Estes
Park where they will .remain until
August first.
Albert LeDloyt, of Paxton,. formerly
of this city, who has been seriously
111 for ten days, was taken to Omaha
Thursday, for treatment!1
Tho golf links at theCountry Club
grounds are being placed in good
condition this week and-inembers ex
pect to begin playing, the, game next
Sunday. ;
Frank Barnes, who has been in, a
hospital at Ft. Riley since last Sep
tember, Is home on a furlough. He
will return to the hospital and re
main until his physical' Condition per
mits' of his honorable discharge.
Wm. Munson, who attended the
Fourth of July celebration at Doni
phan, says that town put on a big
show something doing every minute.
Crops In that section of the state are
truly wonderful. t
The people want good ''cars, cars of
knewn reputation and 'tiblllty. The
consequence Is that the Dodge factory
is 25,000 cars behind orders today. 1
am far behhmVbutaa early order will
get your Dod car for you sooner. Do
,U today. J. V. Romigh, dealer.
The colored ball team of this city
played at Sutherland Sunday after
noon, the score standing five to five
at the eighth inning when
me game was cauea on, account or an
approaching storm. ' The colored
Vibs kill jplay at. Brady next Sunday
The big U. S. motor truck train,
which Is to follow the Lincoln High
Way from coast to coast, stoppnlg at
all thb important cities and giving
demonstrations of all tho various mo
tor equipments used In the world war,
left Washington yesterday. Sixty
days later it will arrive Jn San Fran
cisco. It will go thrpagh Nebraska
between the dates of July 26 and Aug
ust 1.
W. G. Harbold and wife have return
ed from a 2900 mile trip with a new
1920 Chandler Speedster, equipped to
the last minute. Mr. Harbold' reports
that he drove from tho? factory ati
Cleveland to Denver, something over
1700 miles In six and one-half days
actual running time. In Colorado they
iook au uie trips ana wuti six pas
sengers took the famous fLookout
mountain hill on high gear all the
way, with no sign of boiling wter,
"Some car." says he.
The festive burglar is, still nlvlng
his ypcatlon with, a trequency and
cunning that baffles tho officers. For
tho fortyielght hours endlntc Sunday
. . a i a . i i . .. i
morning not lesa man nino -nouses
breakings occurred.
At the Stmants home Just cast of
the city Friday night tho burglar suc
ceeded In entering tho houso through
a window in a room in which a
daughter was sleeping. In moving
around the room tho girl was awaken
ed, screamed and the visitor retreated
through the window.
The same night or early In tho
'morning the Nels Rasmusson resi
dence In the First ward was entorcd
by unhooking a screen door. Tho
preseupo of tho burglar was evidenced
by the scattered clothing and other
articles, but the family reports noth
lng missing.
Saturday, night tho McGrew home
at 623 west Seventh was entered, the
burglar using a wire to unhook a
screen door and passed through the
odou house door. In the- room oc
cupled by a son, Arthur McGrew, the
burglar picked up a pair of trousers
and removed therefrom about twenty
flve dollars. This seemed to satisfy
him. for he made no further molestation.
At the A. J. Banta residence jit 315
south Chestnut the burglar entered
through a screen door, ransacked sev
eral rooms without .awakening the oc
cupants and departed with four doll-
.ars which he rifled from clothes.
. The Woods residence at 1302 North
Locust was entered anl investigated
by tho intruder- who threw things
around promlscously but tho family
found nothing missing.
Sunday night theBen Eshelman
home on- west Eleventh street was on
Eerea , through the unhooKing or a
screen door and twelve dollars taken
from Mr. Esholman's clothes.
Tho same night tho Will Slvltts res
idence on west 13th was entered and
235 taken from the clothes of a Mr.
Greeloy, who was a guest at the house,
During Sunday night two boys
sleeping jm the Walter Eshelman
Dorch In the Fourth ward wer,p awek
ened and noticed a man at one of the
windows. They snouted at him and
he ran to tho street and got into
waiting auto containing several other
Awakened at three o'clock Sunday
morning by a noise in the house, F. J
Broeker got up Just In time to see
the form of a man fleeing through a
door that bad been forcibly opened
John did not sleep well .the remainder
of the .night. . . " - -
Some time during Sunday night the
.bouse in the First ward occupied by
Mr. Wright, a traveling salesman, was
entered and sixteen dollars taken. Oc
cupants of the houso were not dls
turbed by, the burglar who gained an
entrance through a window.
Mrs. "W. H. Munger, of Omaha, who
had beon visiting her son Horton and
family, received a telegram last
evening that a fifteen year old grand
son living at Portland, Oregon, had
been accidntally drowned. Mrs. Mun
ger left for Portland this morning,.
The Union State Bank, soon to bo
opened In this city, has purchased the
Noble stock of groceries next door to
the Crystal theatre In order to secure
a location for tho bank. The grocery
stock will be sold at once and tho
room nlaced In readiness for the new
The Third ward Lutheran aid will
meet Thursday afternoon, with Mrs
Henry waltemath.
Miss Hazel Feenoy, of Koarnoy, is
tho guest of Miss Julia Nolau.
Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Tlloy spent Sun
day with friends In Gothenburg.
Mr. and Mrs. Earl McNotton, of
Gothenburg, spent tho Fourth at tho
I. Smith homo.
Mrs. Blanche Smith went to Ilor-
shoy Monday whoro she will make
hor futuro home.
Airs. Baker, of Detroit. Mich., will
arrlvo today for a visit with hor
daughtor, Mrs. Blanche Flold.
Mr3. Harry Smith tnd daughter ar
rived Thursday from Akron, Ohio, and
will spend tho summor at tho J. I.
Smith home.
Miss Lena Buskins came un from
Umalm Thursday to spend a week
with her pardnts, Mr. and Mrs. C. W.
This Is record week at Dixon's.
500 now Columbia records. They
won't last long.
The now stato law on Sunday danc
ing went into effect last Sunday. This
will not affect North Platte dancers as
Sunday dancles hnvo never beenP held
Vi this cltv
Tho ladles' aid of tho Presbyterian!
church will meet in tho church par
lors Thursday afternoon, entortalned
by Mesdames Streltz, McDonald and
During the month of Juno the
North Platte Red Cross Cantoon serv
ed Junches to over nine thousand sol
diers and sailors passing through.
Last month this servlco was extended
to 8,800 men in transit.
July 11th tho Bible Groups will meet
with Mrs. Howard, 809 east Fourth
street; the Ann Hasseltlne Group with
Mrs. N. E. Loudon, 602 south Pine; tho
14. js. Group with Mrs. Robert Arnold,
520 south Pine.
Oscar Sandall has nurchasod a now
Buick which wiR bo driven up from
Ohmtia tliis woek. Oscar and family
anfl Harry Samuolson will leavo noxt
week In their cars for Estes far
where they will spend a two weeks'
Chris Sawyer received a telegram
yesterday announcing that his son
Chris, who had been overseas since
last Sentomber had. arrived safe and
sound In New York and Is now quar
tered at Camp Mills. He will shortly
rocelvo his discharge and return
For Sale Barn, jangoi rug., library
tnoie. rockers and kitchen chairs. 109
east 8th St. Phono Red 817. 61-lp
"Chong,-" a Chinese Jag, played by
the Columbia Saxaphone Soxtetto.
That saxaphono record you have been
waiting for all those months. Colum
bia record No. 273a. Harry Dixon.
Room for Rent Lady
Apply to 608. east Fifth.
Building contractors In North Platte
want fifteen caruontcrs and want
Ihem badly, and without them build
ing operations will lag. So many res-!
ldonccs nro In courso of construetldul pushed their cars for about all they
Races Well Conducted.
Tho manner In which tho races on
tho Fourth woro conducted received
complimentary words from tho visit
ors, of whoru there were sovoral
thousand. Thanks to Startor Craw
ford there were no delays, the drivers ,
or will soon bo startod that tho local,
supply of carpenters Is by far lnaU
cquato to do tho work,
Ray Cantltn, head of tho North
Platto Central Labor Union, has been
appealed to and ho has sent out tele
wore worth, there woro no scrlodn
mishaps on tho track, and no colli
sions going to or returning from the
grounds, and at tho park there wero'
uo disturbances of any uaturo. Tho
races as a whole were very satlsfac-
grams to Omaha, Kansas City, Lincoln' tory, and President Coatoa" and Soc-
nnd Denver asking that carnoiitora bo I rotary Blrgo can rest assured that if;.
sont hore, but in reply, to the messages
sent out has como a reply fi'dra' eatjh
city stating that no Idle carpenters
can bo found: that there is a short
age of this class of mechanics rather
than a surplusage. This condition la
said to exist all over tho United
It may be possible that the shortago
of carpenters In North Platte will cur
tntl the number of buildings orectcu
Yes. He Was.
This Is to advise you that E. W.,
a day at tho county fair Is dovoted
to auto races there will bo a. verv
largo attendance. '
Just received 500 Columbia records',
Including about 100 good Hawaiian
records. Coma in early and pot your
cholco. Harry Dixon,
A few night ago whon Mrs. Jamen
Roddy ralsod a sbado Bho faced a man
standing nt tho window. She called
to hor son whereupon tho man tppkjVto
hla hcols. Tho supposition Is that tho
Rinckbr, who was honorably dlscharg-iXw?,iM, tlD i W-Iua
od from the service of the war rlsklthroueh wh,ch to enter tho U0U8fl-
bureau of Insurance in which' I will bo satisfied If you will but
he served for several months.
Is now flold supervisor for
tho J. E. Sebastian Agency roprosent
lng the - Minnesota Mutual Life the
bost there is in old lino life insur
ance. Call or phono tho J. E. So
bastian Agoncy, for full dope on gov
ernment Insurance. Mr. Rlncker
or any member of the agency will bo
glad to tako it up with you.
J. E. Sebastian, manager, C. F.
Temple, assistant manager, E. W.
Rlncker flold superintendent Pick
your man, uso the phone.
Christian Church Notes.
Rev. W. E. Anderson, of Danville,
Ind., will be In tho city on Wednesday
and remain over Sunday. Mr. Ander
son comes with a view of locating with
tho congregation If It seems wise. He
will probably preach each night while
hero as well as at the morning hour
on tho Lord's day).
drive ono of my Chandler cars for flva
miles, then you will know and the de
cision is in your own hands. Maybo
not now, but somo tlmo you will
want a Chundler for your family car.
Mako the test now. I am making de
liveries In tho order of filing of pur
chase blunks with mo. J. V, Romigh,
Wanted A housekeeper. Apply at
tho Martl Meat Market 51tt
Alice Brady
nn irl(.ll rsiptlirw.rlpnn nf )rtnnind
rSH nd wholly beauUfuH
lne story of twin alstera who loved,
one man makes a picture which
does credit to the screen.
Toiight &7 Tomorrow,..
should take noto of this and arrange
to meet and become acquainted with
him. Also noto the Summer Slump,
contest that Is on In tho Bible school,
If you are dad wo havo a very slmplQ
plan of resurrection.
Carl Sheetz was Jailed Sunday on
the charge of hypothecating a grip
belonging to J. C. Benecko who was
stopping at tho Hlnman .rooming
nouau. no win oe arraignoa touay,
Both men are returned soldlors.
Last Sunday was pleasantly spent
by tho membors of several families
at tho home of Curt Hlnman, In tho
west part of the city. Tho guests of
honor wore William Slcbold, Ben
Johnston and Julius Forstedt. Tho
company was soyally entertained by
tho -ladles of the famly
Rest grades Monogram, Wolf Head
and HcrnioIJno oils for your car, 20
cents ppr quart nt Hendy-Ogler Anto
Co. 47-4
The people of Maxwell seem to bo
excited over conditions In North Platte
mid -iome of them threotiui to vote
against the proposed court house li
the officials of North Platto are not
more vigilant In getting after boot
leggers and houbes of prostitution.
Perhaps tho people of Maxwell know
mon - nbout the conditions in North
Platto than do wo residents, I J they do,
as gooH cltlz'.ns of the county, they
should havo the courage to fllo Infor
mation against tho purtle against
whom they have the evidence. They
are not half as anxious to cinch boot
leggers and close houses of prontltu
tion as are tho peoplo of North Platte,
and if thoy havo evidence to con
vict, for heaven's sako produce It: but
I don't give North Prtitte a black oyo
through hearsay, rumors. To do that
1 is absolutely unfair.
I ::o:: : r.
1 , Shelve Are Fireproof.
Not n stick of wood Is used In, two
fireproof houses being built in 15ns-
. land ns un experiment, says nn Illus
trated arllcle In Popular Mechanics
magazine. Concrete nild steel ure used
1 exclusively, the floors being of Joint-
less composition with rounded cor
ners, while window frnines, trimmings,
doors, stnlrcases, and even the cup-
bonrd shelves nre of steel. The cot
tages are fitted wllh every modern Im
provement and, are said to have ex
celled similar dwellings of wood or
brick, both In time and cost of con-
Crystal Theatre, Thursday and Friday.
All right, Twelve Cylinder Aristocrat have your day, you'll
reckon up later. Greased Lightning wasn't much of a looker but
it was sure some car. Don t fail to see Charlie b carl Whoa Boy?
Keith Theatre, Wednesday and Thursday.
"The Midnight Patrol59
A Thos, H. Ince Production that presents a stirring
story of love, intrigue and lawless adventure, a masterly pro
duction of life in a Western Metropolis, "
At The Sun,
Tuesday and Wednesday, July 8th and 9th.
Notice of Petition.
Eatato No. 1G74 of Albert Coolldgo,
deceased, In tho County Court of
Lincoln County, Nbraska.
Tho Stato of Nebraska. To all per
sons Interested In said estate take
.notice that a petition has beon filed
for tho recular administration of saiu
estate, by Delia A, Coolldgo, widow
of deceased, for tho Appointment of W.
H. McDonald as administrator of said
estato, which has been, sot for hearing
on August 1st, 1913, at z o'iock p. m.
Every Home Should Have A Hall i
Cold Pack Canner.
The Hall Canner is made of 28-gauge galvanized steel;
height over all, 21 inches; diameter, 12 inches; canning
capacity, 12 jars, either pints or quarts . (18 pints of some
styles.) Weight 11 pounds net. Each canner furnished
with six holders and complete directions for canning fruits
and vegetables.
Dated Ju y 7th. 1010.
J8J23 County Judge.