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NEB.t jlLY 4 191$.
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ftd. 50
Tho city council mot In regular ses
sion Tuesday evening and one of tho
features was tho appointment and con
firmation of the Welfare Board which
was recently created by tho passage
of an ordinance. Tho personnel of
this board Is J. H. Van Cleavo for llvo
years, E. R. Goodman for four years,
Airs. H. R. McMlchael for three years,
Miss Laura Murray for two years and
D. M. Loypoldt for one year. Tho du
ties of this board are manifold, es
pecially along tho lino of morality,
and tho members are glvon consider
able latitude and power In making
nocossary investigations. Tho mem
bora will enter upon their duties at
An ordinance relating to hotels and
boarding houses was Introduced and
read for tho first time. This ordi
nance requires tho hotel or room
keeper to keep a close check on his or
hor guests. Under this ordinance a
hotol commission -Is created who will
have power to visit and have a cer
tain supervision over hotels and room
ing houses.
Members of the band were present
and asked that a levy bo mado for
next year for the purpose of main
taining a band. Tho request was re
ferred to tho flnauce committee with
tho recommendation that a levy be
The water commissioner requested
that ho glvon the right to connect
with tho Union Pacific water main In
order to secure water for the water
plant boilers and this was granted.
Naturally this gives rise to the Ques
tion that if the city water is not good
for tho boilers Is it good for the Im
uran stomach. HoweVor, there Ka
probably, something in the water that
effects tho boilers that does not harm
the stomach.
The Baker-Vawter-Wolff Co. was
employed to audit the books of the
city officials at a nrlce not to exceed
$450, This company will also Install
a new system of book-keeping for tho
cltv which It is believed will result
in a great Bavlng to the taxpayers.
President Carroll, of the Chamber
of Commerce, appeared before tho
council and asked that Dewey street
l)e roped off on July 4th, thus pro
hibiting tho parking and traversing of
that street by autos. The request
was granted.
It was recommended that the park
commissioners" place lights In tho city
park.-sb that those who frequent the
park In the evening mav have light
and not grope in darkness.
The city attorney was instructed to
draft, an ordinance raising the salary
of those officials who are not already
' paid tho limit allowed under the stat
utes. "
The. city sewer inspector was vested
with police power, so don't get chesty
with the inspector or he may lug you
off to.iail.
After allowing a multitude of bills
rte council adjourned.
Robert Sullivan left Wednesday for
a short visit with friends In Omaha.
Have you your beads for the sum
fner wear? See Dixon's complete line.
For Sale New Oliver typewriter No.
9. Dr. H. C. Brock. 50-2
Lee , Henderson, of Oshkosh, is
spending a few days with friends In
Miss Edith Hosteter, of Sidney, is
the guest of her aunt Mrs. L. E.
Edward Dennis, of Torrlngton, Wy
oming, is the week end guest of the R.
C. Langford family.
Miss Vivian Lannin, of Burwell, Is
visiting her grandmother, Mrs. Geo.
Lannin, fo two weeks.
A 5-act Metro All-Star Series
Frolic of a Bad Little Angel.
A now price for Dewey street real
cstato was established this forenoon
when the 22-foot two story building
owned by tho Meyer estato and. occu
pied bv tho Gem confectionery store
was sold to Harry I. Block for a con
sideration of nlneteon thousand sov
en hundred and fifty dollars. Tho
property was offered for salo by E. K.
Goodman, oxecutor of the estate, and
tho opening bid of $10,000 wbb made
by F. L. Moonoy. A dozen or more bid-,
ders were present and this hid was
rapidly advanced to $15,000 by several.
Then all tho bidders but two dropped
out, these being Ray C. Landlord,
who was acting for Mr. Block, and
Julius Plzer, who represented In tho
bidding the firm of E. T. Tramp &
Sons. The Drlce advanced on $50 bids
until $19,750 was reached when the
property was declared purchased by
Mr. Block.
The building Is 22x90 and In only
fair repair, and tie price 13 certainly
high. Mr. Block,' however, desired a
permanent home for his store, and for
this reason was willing to bid higher
for tho property than though buy
ing It for SDeculatlon or Investment.
Mr. Block will enlarge Hip. building
by extending It to the alley, and make
other Improvements before occupying
1 A. W. Plumer has returned from a
business trip to the Gordon Jewett
ranch elghty-flvo miles northwest of
Rock Springs. Ho spent a week nt the
ranch and while there had some fine
trout fishing, catching a number that
weighed from two to three pounds
Leslie Wood landed at Newport
News -Wednesday after a year's serr
vice overseas with the 52d Engineers.
He expects to receive his discharge
and arlve'here tho last of next week,
and resume' his work as fireman on
the road.
Arthur Howard came down from
Paxton Wednesday to, spend tho
Fourth with his parents, Mr. and ftirs.
A C. Howard.
See that new thin model Illinois
watch, It Is a wonder. Radio dial at
$36.50. It will please you. H. Dixon,
the quality Jeweler. v
Mr. and Mrs. John Beal will spend
Julyi 4th with friends In Ogalalla. and
witness the Round-Up stunts.
Mrs. Roberts, of Maxwell, vtslte'd
friends in town Thursday.
Bessie Barriscale
by Kathleen Norris
w -"vara
assisted by Little Glove
Ben Alexander and
Mary Janejj Irving
with All Star Cast.
Our Store will close at
Noon, July 4th. Please
do your Shopping Early
in the day.
Edwards-Reynolds Co.
For Hen and Boys.
King Rhlley, of Oshkosh, western
Nebraska's speed demon', won first in
tho tes'Vl'aco for placo in tho big 25
mlle auto race scheduled for tomor
row afternoon," going onco'riYound tho
half-mile track in thirty-five seconds.
Broede will tako second nlace, Bull
itt third, Brlnker fourth, followed by
four other drivers whoso places in the
raco wcro not learned. That Rhlley se
cured the polo does not necessarily
mean that ho will pull down the $1000
which had been hung up for this race,
for tho other drivers who have como
from Denver and Kansas, are giving
It out that tho Oshkosh man will bo
pushed harder In this race than ho
was ever pushed before
Last evening, Raco Manager Craw
ford, who will also bo the official
Btartor, called tho fourteen men who
will parttclpato in tho races into a
conference and gave thpm final In
structions as to rules, and asked that
they uso their best iudgment In order
to avert accidents.
Tho racers and their cars will as
semble at tho court house' at twelve
o'clock noon, and. a half hour later
will lead the procession to tho city
park. Music for this parade will bo
furnished by two bands.
The first raco will bo called prompt
ly at 1:30. This will be the midget
throo mile race for light cars. Then
comes the track rocord raco. This
record stands at 1:08 for tho mile, but
It Is believed that this record will bo
lowered. A purse of $200 is also of
fered for a lowering of the dirt track
state record Which is" 1:3:3-5. Tho
j North Platte ten mile special will be
I called at 2:30. This raco will be run
j In three heats with an hour Interven
ing between each heat, and the Ave
! mile Lincoln county special will be
run In two heats, this raco following
the 'North Platte special. Tho Ne
braska special will be called at 5:15.
This is the big race with S1000 to the
Indications nolnt to a record at
tendance at the races, as the ad
vance sale of tickets has been very
: :o: :
Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Stuart went to
Denver yesterday for a Bhort" visit
with their daughter, Mrs. H. N. Jacobs.
Tho all platinum and diamond bar
Jiln of dainty cut displayed in Dixon's
diamond Case at $240.00 will interest
Good Hard. Sense as Applied to An
cient Superstition Concerning
"Blue Monday."
I happened to find a most entertain
ing old book In the free library a dic
tionary of superstitions. It has three
big volumes, all crammed with the
fears and beliefs of the human race.
Just to sample some of them that ap
ply to Monduy, here are a few:
"If things commence to go wrong on
Monday they will go wrong all the
week, but If you have good luck on
Monday you will keep It up."
"Tfl V r r tit 11a nn f nnln r If vrtiv nnn
help It."
(This Is congenial advice and easily
"If you meet a cross-eyed person on
Monday you will not hnve good luck
till Thursday."
"If the sun sets clear'Frlday night It
will rain before Monday night.''
"It Is a bad sign to lose a .tooth on
(Yes, or a hand or a leg either, I
should say.)
"If you lose your temper three times
on Monday you will have a great fnm
lly quarrel."
(This bit of sagacity has an excel
lent chance of being true, one would
think. Still, there may be some men
who could get away with three blow
outs and have no comeback.)
To add our own observation to the
collected wisdom of the ages your
Monday Is neither more or less than
what you choose to make It when you
get out of bed In the morning. You
can make It lucky or unlucky If you
wish. Philadelphia Bulletin.
A burglnrloUBly-lncllncd individual
early Wednesday morning bent a ploco
of wire and shoving It througlu tho
netttlng unhooked tho window Bcrcon
catdh at tho R. A. Garman residence.
In Oils room was sleeping Miss Lou
don, a telephone operator, and tho
foot of tho bod was backed against
tho window. As tho thief cllmbod "In
he shook tho bed which awakoncd Miss
Louden and sho reached out her hand
to turn on a light to soo what was
wrong and in doing this her hand
came In contact with tho burglar. Sho
screamed and tho Intruder mado a
hasty exit through tho window which
ho had entered.
Some time during Tuesday evening
an outfit car standing in tho yards and
occupied by a member of tho bridge
and billldlng gang was broken open
and money and articles of the value
of $G0 taken, also tho annual
pass which the occupant of tho car
Life Cttinrd for Swimmers.
It Is probable that tho Red Cross
will secure tho services of a llfo
guard for the swimming hole at the
south river bridge. This is deemed
to be a necessary precaution, as tho
place Is largely used by men, women
and children and already thoro have
been, two or three Instances whore
drowning was averted only by timoly
assistance. A commlttco of tho Red
Cross directors will meet this evening
to furthor discuss tho mattor and
probably upon tho selection of
a guard who will bo on duty from
noon until nlno in tho evening. This
guard will be given power to direct
and govorn the actions of the Bwlm
mers. U a
Methodist Church Announcements.
Preaching 11 a. m. Subject
Thought and Tradition."
Preaching 8:00 p. m., subject, "Go
to the Ant.."-
oujwuy -icnooi h;io a, m., m. a.
Scott, superintendent
Epworth Leaguo 7:00 p. m
::o:: .
A new pattern in heirloom pllvor,
having perfection of design, cho mlng
originality and mado in substantial
silver. DIXON, the Quality Jeweler.
i Dr. Anna Shaw Dies.
Dr, Anna Howard Shaw, honorary
president of the National American
Womans Suffrage association, died at
her homo lnMoylan, Pa., at 7 o'clock.
Wednesday evening. - She was .71 years
old.,,. .'L: ... O;
Strike Called Off.
The strike of telegraphers which
began June 11 was called off at noon
wednesuay by S. J. Konenkamp, presi
dent of the Commercial Telegraphers'
Union of America. President Konon-kamp,-who
returned from Washington
Wednesday morning, called off tho
strike after hp had conferred with oth
er officials of tho union.
Mrs. Well returned Tuesday to her
home In Bayard after a visit with her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Saudall
Prizes for Plgmanshlp.
Every year a pig race Is held at
Cnmesur-Marne. In the north
France, a prize of 2,000 francs being
awarded the lucky rider or tho win
nine Die. This rnco Is held In accord
ance 'with the terms of the will of a
wealthy tradesman of the village, who
died forty-two years ago.
He ordered that amongst the amuse
ments of the annual fete should be In
cluded a race with pigs, to be ridden
either by men or boys. Tho prize,
however, was not .to he handed to the
winning Jockey except on condition
that he wore deep mourning for the
deceased for two years after the raco.
The municipality accepted the eccen
tric bequest, and those singular races
have been held regularly ever since.
Felicity a Necessity.
The presence of a wlso population
Implies the search for felicity as well
as for food; nor can any population
reach Us maximum but through that
wisdom which "rejoices" In the habi
table parts of tho earth. The desert
has Its appointed place and work
the eteruul engine, whose beam Is tho
earth's axle, whose beat Is Its year,
and whose breath Is Its ocean will still
divide imperiously to their desert king
doms bound with unfurrowable rock,
tad swept by unarrested sand, their
powers of frost and fire; but the zones
and lands between, habitable, will be
loveliest In habitation. The doslro of
the heart Is also the light of the eyes.
Question of Opinion. '
The late General Booth of the Sal
vation army was conducting a biff
iiioetlng which lasted unusually long,
and toward the close a newspaper re
porter loft his seat and gained the
M .sle. General Booth pointed a finger
nt him and said:
"Whoever leaves this auditorium
will bo damned by God."
The reporter answered: "If I don't
leave tins auditorium anu nurry back
to my office I'll be damned by the city
"God Is above the city editor," re
torted General Booth.
"Yes, I think he la," piously respond
ed tlw reporter, "but the city dltw
A church baso ball leaguo, which
Includes a team from each of the sev
en churches of Uib city has been or
ganized and games will bo played at
tho city park on Monday,, Tuesday and
Thursday evenings of each wcol: .be
ginning at 7:30 Tho games will run
tho full nlno Innings. While tho
schedule has not been fully completed,
It will be so arranged that tho season
will continue until tho last of August.
Included In tho teams are somo "has
boon" players, men who in years past
gained considerable notorloty- on tho
diamond, and In addition thoro arc a
numbor of players who glvo promise
of becoming real artists.
Tho first game of tho nowly organ
ized league will bo called this evening
at 7:30 at the north side city park
with tho Catholics and tho Methodists
as tho opposing teams.
Attention Mnsons.
Tho funeral of the lato Major
Whlto will bo held at tho Masonto
temple at 10 o'clock a. in., Saturday,
Julyi, 5th. All Masons and frlonds of
tho deceased aro, respectfully Invited
to attend this service.
Lodgo will open nt 9:30.
S. O, MECOMBER, Master.
Mlss Elaln Bundy and Harold R.
Wright wero married Wednesday ev
ening at ten -o'clock at tho Episcopal
church. Ror, R. O. Mackintosh read
ing tho marrlago service. Only tho
mombors of the immediate families
wero Dresont. Mr. and Mrs. "Wright
left on a late train for Milwaukee.
Tho eyes of all sport fans will bo
turned toward Omaha and Toledo to
morrow. In tho former city Joe
Steelier and Ed Lewis meet on the
mat, in tho latter cltyi Josa ."Wlllard
and Jack,Demp8cy will hnvo a 12-
round mill that promises to ho a hum
mor. License to wed was granted this
forenoon to John A. Horn, of Rath
burn, and Ellzaboth Sanders, of Pal
Beginning with July
. biir driv acainst the usual
Next Sunday; July 6th, will be known as
at 9:45 a special program in keeping with Nation
wide Prohibition, Signing of World Peace Treaty and
the Nation's Birthday, July 4th.
The returned Soldiers of the Church will be
special guests of honor. We invite you to this
Sunday School.
Why do without it when Gummere
Dent still have a ton on hand at the best
prices in the county. , .
We realized the need of it in plenty
of v time to be prepared to furnish it, and. at
prices which were set
became so great.
1-2 lb
1 lb
8 lbs, per pound
14 lbs, par pound
28 lbs, pr pound ... 60c
100 lbs, per pound 57c
Gummere-Dent Drug Co.
Or with the Farmer's po-Operative Association at' Hershey.
Police Court Fines Heavy.
During tho month of Juno tho fines,
collected in tho police court amount-'
ed to $350, ovtdenco that tho tho po
llco forco is active In corralling
thoso w.ho fracture laws1 and ordinances.
A company capitalized for $25,000
at Grand Island and to be dovotcd to
matters pertaining to the aeroplano
Industry is the first of Its kind in tho
stato. Tho purpose1 is tho buying and
selling of aorottlanos and accessories;
the conducting of flights, with pas
sengors, tho Instruction of prospoct
lvo lllors and other buslnoss pertain
ing to tho advancement of aviation.
R. N. Lamb and daughter Miss Jen
nlo returned Wednesday from
month's visit with relatives In Call-
fornla. ,' " ' .
" ' . A
A pleasing
optical service
It's our endeavor to mnko thp so-,
curing of grosses at Clinton's li" thor-'
oughly satisfactory transaction from
every viewpoint.
Interested nttcntlTenoss Is given to
your oye needs.. Tho examination I
scientific and thorough We glvo'
you professional help- In selecting tho
typo of glasses best adapted to your
needs and most becoming to yon.
To flt you as yon should bo ilttotl,
and want to bo fitted, Is our sole do-'
At the Slga of tho Big Itlag. ,
the Sunday School is in a
before the scarcity;-?
... . . . 70c
First Show starts at 10 a, m
doesn't I"