The North Platte semi-weekly tribune. (North Platte, Neb.) 1895-1922, June 20, 1919, Image 5

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We have first mortgage loans for sale in amounts from $500:00 to
$10,000.00 secured by real estate yorth from two to three times the amount
of the loan. ' t
These mortgages are exempt from state; county and city taxes, and the.
collection of the interest is taken careof without expense to the holders. .
If you have smaller amounts than $800.00 to invest, call and learn
'our new plan for such investments.
Goodman-Buckley Trust Co.,
North Platte, Nebraska.
Graduate Dentist
Office ovtr th McDonald
State Bank.
The Rcxall handles the goods. tf
Miss Helen Basset, of Sidney, at
tended the Episcopal convocation here
this week.
No waits, no delays, at the S. & R. j
Service Station.
Mrs. A. B. Murphy, of Arapahoe, at i
tended the Episcopal convocation and
visited friends in town this week.
Dixon's Diamond stock will please
Miss Hazel Smith entertained
twelve girl Irlends "Wednesday at a
birthday party. Cards were the order
of the evening.
Geo. N. Glbbs, of this city, has
been appointed county attorney of
McPherson county by the commission
ers of that county.
You will feel dressed up with a
pair of nifty pumps or oxfords from
tho Shoe Market.
Mrs. J. B. Hayes, of Omaha, will ar
rive this evening for a visit with rela
tives. She is making .the trip in Mr.
and Mrs. Seoberger's car.
Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Seeborger will
arrive home this evening from an auto
trip to Omaha, having left for that
city last Saturday afternoon.
Messrs. Winkowitch, Hosier and
.Delaney left this morning for Grant
whero they will attend mo snooung
tournament today and tomorrow.
Ited Crown or White Itoso Gas 29
Cents per gallon at tho Ford Garngc.
Hcndy-Ogler Auto Co., Enst Fourth
Street, 45-2
J. C. Weir, who was down from
Paxton yesterday says nothing but
hall can prevent a bumper crop of
wheat in that section of Keith county.
Your Eyes Should Have tho very
best of attention. They should bo
tested every two years. Consult H.
Dixon & Son. Eyesight Specialists.
Mrs. Pat O'Cdnnor left last week
for her homo In Omaha; from there
will accompany her husband to Chica
go arid other , eastern cities to visit
You can get a I) open liable Germ
Free Vaccine fort.25 cents per dose
Why pay more? 'It has stood tho test
of time; It saves the calf. Ask Gum-mero-Dent
Drug Co. 4Gtf
H. I. Block returned Wednesday
from Columbus where he Ijad spent a
few days visiting and looking after
his branch store. Mrs. Block remain
ed for a month's vlsrt. with her sister.
Wo stand squarely behind our
goods. If they are not right, wo make
them right. Wo believo a satisfied
customer is a good advertisement. S.
& R. Service Station.
Wednesday evening a heavy rain
fell north of tho river while here in
town there was but a light sprinkle.
A narrow strip of country south of
Blgnell received a good rain Wcdnes
day afternoon.
Cou can get a Dependable Germ
Free Vaccine for 25 cents a dose.
Why pay more? It has stqod the tost
of time; it saves the calf. Ask Gum-mere-Dent
Drug Co. 46tf
Tho condition of John Federhoof,
who suffered a paralytic strokfe Mon
day morning, remained unchanged up
to last evening. His entire left side
is paralyzed and his speech is very'
seriously affected.
Complaint was filed Wednesday
against Dale Potter, a younth about
eighteen years of age, charging him
with carnal abuse of Blanche Cratty,
aged fifteen. The otfense was com
mitted May 30th. Potter Is in jail
awaiting a hearing.
State Game and Fish Warden
O'Brien arrived from the east Wed
nesday with the fish car, and yester
day morning went up on the branch
to Gerlng where the state is seining
out a lake. The car will return to
night and go to Kimball tomorrow
A New York state auto tourist who
pased through yesterday stated that
In crossing Iowa he did not find fifty
miles of good road. He complimented
tho condition of tho road between
Gothenburg and North Platte, pro
nouncing It about the best stretch of
dirt road he had passed over.
G, A. Austin has received word that
his grandson, Donald' Austin, son',1 of
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Austin, or .Pasco,
Wash., will graduate next week from
the Halo military academy at Port
land, Ore.' Another grandson, "Tom"
Austin, won a silver medal In a com
petitive drill at tho same school.
If you can find more and better en
tertalnmont anywhere than you will
get at the Keith tonight with tho Leo
Kids In "Smiles" and the comedy
"Never Too Old," wo want to ,know
about it so we can go. All new sub
jects. No re-Issues or pictures that
have been shown hero before under
other titles.
Cyril Cool, who is with the Fourth
iilvlnlnn in Germany, writes ins nar
ents that orders to leavo the Coblenz
section has been countermanded and
hn Anns tint know when thev will start
homo. He has been granteu a two
weeks' leave of absenco ana win
Rnnnd the time in ColoKno and in
. nrnsRpllq. Tho country around Cob
lenz has been fortified strongly by the
allies and everything Is In readiness to
' march to Berlin if tho Germans fail to
sign the peace pact.
We are experienced, and know how
to give service to the owners of Ford
cars. We have the same methods,
machinery and skill that they have in
the Ford Factory, and we use the same
Parts made by the Ford Motor Com
pany. Ford owners are doubly guar
anteed by us as to the reliability of our
servic on Ford cars. Don't try to do it
yourself, bring your car here. Incident
ally wo are getting a few Ford cars
and are able to make fairly good de
liveries. 'tfYfiWl
Touring Car, $525; Runabout, $500;
One Ton Truck Chassis, $550; Coupe
$650; Sedan, $775. These prices f. o. b.
Girl Wanted at tho Stylo Shop. 4C-2
Miss Efflo Ritner, of Cozad, visited
relatives in town this week.
T. V. Austin has returned from a
trip to Kansas and Chicago.
Charles Rlncker has been quite 111
this week with an attack of tonsllitls.
Mrs. Mary Dunn, of Grand Island,
Is visiting friends in town this week.
Mrs. Frank Corpenlng and children
visited relatives In Cozad the first of
the week.
Miss DJolso Spencer has been
spending tho week with relatives In
Mrs. L. H. Olson spent the week
end with friends and relatives in
Mrs. Win, Upton, of Green River,
was tho guest of Mrs. W. C. Shelver
Thursday. 1
Fred Fillion is In Kansas City as
slstlng Charley Herrod in introducing
icoless refrigerators.
Mrs. Joy Church Parr underwent an
operation for appendicitis at the Gen
eral hospital Sunday.
J. B. Edwards, of tho Edwards-Reynolds
Company, transacted business
In Potter yesterday.
Don't overlook seeing Charles Ray
tonight at tho Crystal in "Tho Sher
iff's Son" last showing tonight.
Miss Bernlco Miller arrived Wed
nesday from Long Beach, Cal., for a
visit with Miss Dorothy Hlnman.
The Rexall handles the goods. tf
Mrs. Mike Hayes returned this
morning from Victor, Iowa, where
she had been visiting relatives for
some time. '
Mrs. W. F. Crook is visiting her
sister. Mrs. Covers, at Crawford. Neb
Mrs. Covers was formerly Miss Inez
Westfall, of this city.
Vaccinate before you lose the first
calf. The valuo of that calf would
vaccinate more" than a hundred. Gum
mero-Dent Drug Co. 4Gtf
- Mrs. Daisy Kline and daughter
Margaret, arrived this morning from
Malvern, Iowa, for a visit at tho
Chas. Townsend home.
J. J. Halligan transacted business
in Big .Springs Wednesday and says
people are very Jubilant over the prod
pects of a wonderful wheat crop.
Mrs. H. A. Miller and daughter Ruth
arrived Tuesday from Minonk, 111.,
and will spend a month hero with
tho former's nephew, F. L. Moonoy.
Always try Tho Rexall first, It
pays. tf
Take Saturday afternoon off and see
Mablo Normand play "Sis Hopkins" at
tho Crystal theatre. It's there Satur
day night too nnd also Monday night.
' For Rent Unfurnished rooms. In
qulro at 902 east Third street.
Engineer Tom Orton, who put In
250 acres of wheat on leased land
south of Kimball, says dry weather
has about knocked out the prospects
of a crop.
Harris Stuart left Wednesday for
Hastings nt which point he was Joined
by Loren Hastings and the boys mo
tored Into Omaha for a short visit
with friends.
Postmaster McEvoy spent Tuesday
and Wednesday In Scotts Bluff and
Gerlng and after driving around over
that section ia enthusiastic over It as
a farming section.
For Sale Hand washing machine.
Phono Red 402.
James Nolan arrived Wednesday
for a visit with his sister, Miss Julia
Nolan. He has just received his dis
charge from tho 3Gth Infantry after
sixteen months service overseas.
Vaccinate beforo you lose the first
calf. Tho value of that calf would
vaccinate more than a hundred. Gm-mero-Dent
Drug Co. 4Gtf
Mrs. R, L. Ockerson, of McCook a
sister-in-law of Mrs. H. A. Hencklo,
has been tho guest of tho latter this
week. Mrs. Okorson came here to at
tend tho Episcopal convocation.
Tho Racine Tiro Co. has been mak
ing tires for satisfied customers for 14
years. If you need tires see the S. &
R. Service Station for this popular
F. L. Fox returned Tuesday to his
homo at Los Angeles after a short
visit horo with F. L. Moonoy. Mr.
Fox, who formerly resided at Lexing
ton, has visited hero soveral times
and is woll known.
Tho Canteen service yesterdav re
ceived a letter from a sailor who had
passed through the day previous stat.
lng that ho had lost hero somo ko
dak pcltures and negatives which ho
valued very highly. Tho prints wero
in an envelope addressed to John II.
Fletcher. Santa Rosa. Cal.. and
should anyone find them it 1b asked
The New Hotel Palace and Cafe
Is now Open tor the Accommodation of the Public.
While a few of our fixtures are still lackimr we are able o take euro of tho public both"
as to rooms and dining room and lunch counter service. AH rooms are equipped 'with
running hot and cold water and a number of tho rooms have private baths attached.
All rooms arc neatly and attractively furnished, thus giving to our patrons the maxi
mum of comfort. In our dining room and at the lunch counter tho best tho market af
fords is served, and throughout our service Is second to none.
Upon the arrival and installation of the delayed fixtures wo will liavc u public
opening and will be pleased to show tho public one of (lie best appointed hotels and
cafes In tho state.
HUGH Y. WADA, General Manager.
Y. S. CHENEY, Assistant Manager
Old SeWers' IMcntc
Tho annual picnic oftho old set
tlors will be held at tho Coolldgo farm
northwest of town, Thursday, Juno
20th. A program of songs and recita
tions will bo rendered nnd addresses
made by North Platte speakers. A
drill by boys who wero In tho service
will bo given under command of Cap
tain Halligan and Llout Nolan. Tho
customary basket dinner will be
served.. All arc Invited to attend.
For Sale
My houses and lots on the corners
Inquire of Guy Swope.
46-8. H. N. SMITH.
W. Walker and, Julian Wnlkor mado
a business trip to Paxton Wednesday.
Wonderful salo of children's wash
drosses at Tho Lcador Mercantile Co.
Let tho children go to tho Crystal
Saturday afternoon to boo "Sis Hop
kins." It's a mighty good, clean cn-tortnlnment.
Olson lluys Wallace Ranch.
Andy Olson, who a year ago pur
chased ono of tho Park farms in the
valley this week purchased tho Wal
lace ranch of C40 acres at Blrdwood
Siding for a consideration of one hun
dred dollnrs an aero. Mr. Olson has
been offered $200 per ncre for the
farm which ho purchased last spring
and for which he paid ?100 per acre.
Reduced Prices on Tubes.
To make room for new stock we
aro offering the following slzo tubes
at greatly reduced prices:
31x4 37x5
34x4 3Gx4
35x4 32x4
34x416 33x4
Exclusive distributors for Federal
Raclno and General tires.
A special troop train carrying 220
mem nnrl 17 nfflr-r-rs nncnuto to Ft.
Russell, at Cheyenne, and Presidio at
San Francisco, stopped here xor a
nnnnln of hours Wednesday and tho
men celebrated their return from ov
erseas by carrying their supper which
they had already prepared, Into the
canteen hut and having mess nt a
tablo again.
'Clinton & Son' will
take care of your Eye
Glass trouble; wo guar
antee to Klvo you satis
faction. Sign of the Big
Ring. Son is with Undo Sam In Ger
many, will bo homo soon.
Yesterday a trunk that looked as
though It contained boozo was opened
tin nt tiif lintrcniro room by a detective
and found to contain two wooden casks
filled with water. The water had cvi- linnn nlaced 111 tllO Casks to
keep tho wooden staves from drying.
Whether the casks had been in tho
boozo transportation service, or were
about to be useu ror tnai purpose is
not known.
Shipped by parcol post tho Leo Kids
liven things up for tho mnu cierus
See them at tho Keith tonight.
O" "
Blacksmith to begin July 1st. Write
Tin 177. Sutherland. NQU. 10-1
Hall Hamilton in
Fatty Arbuckle Comedy
J. W. Kerrigan in
Lonesome Luke Comedy
"The Fighting Raider"
5 reel Vitagraph Feature.
Beginning next Monday our first
show will start nt eight o'clock Cen
tral time. Evening prices 10 and 25c,
lllackleg Aggrcssin (Kansas Germ Frco Vaccine)
We guarantee every dose of our. Blackleg Aggrcssin
(Kansas Germ Free Vaccine) lo bo made according to Kan
sas Method, worked out under direction of tho president
of this company by his subordinates, at tho Kansas Slate
Agricultural College.
25c Per
Why Pay
A Forest Reserve Grazing Examiner in sending in a
"rush" order for 320 doses for a friend writes us: "I in
formed him that in so far as I knew 100 per cent efficient
results had been obtained tho past two years in Mr. T.'s
herd on the Reserve.
For Your Summer Guests
Look about your home. Is the furniture as bright and
new and inviting as you would like to have it? Will it
carry the evidence of prosperity and comfort to your Sum
mer guests?
If not, come into our store and look over the beautiful
new furniture here and. note carefully as you do .so, the
exceedingly low. prices on the tags.
Wo can show you he'd room furniture in Antique Ma
hogany, Gray Enamel, Old Ivory, Blrdseye Maple, Ameri
can Walnut, Gum Wood and Oak.
New Furniture is arriving every day. Let us fill your
wants. We can save you quite a bit.
Liberty Land Company
Office Over Rexall Drug Store.
Choice Farm Land in Lincoln and adjoining Count
ies. Also some good Ranches. Houses and Lots
in all parts of North Platte. Look for tho Big l sijn,
that they bo loft at the Canteen.
I Saturday Matinees G and 17c.