The North Platte semi-weekly tribune. (North Platte, Neb.) 1895-1922, June 20, 1919, Image 4

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    Where to buy
your glasses
Keep llils In mind when yon bur
glnsscs.. The one great thing Is to
liftTe jour eyes benefited. Tills can't
bo done unless glasses arc exactly
right and properly adjusted.
The professional work of Clinton, the
optometrist, assures lenses that are
exactly right In becoming frames
properly adjusted to your features. It
is the highest scientific care that can
bo ghen your eyes a sijfe place to
buy glasses
At the Sign of the Big lllng.
4 I
This Is foot comfort week nt the
Shoo Market.
Guy Fear, of Wallace, transacted
buslnas In town Wednesday.
Mrs. Chas. Wilson has accepted a
position at tho Ideal Bakery.
4"Thc Roxall handles the goods. tf
A. S. Jones, of Hcrshey, transacted
business In town Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. John Bruer, of Arnold,
visited friends In town Tuesday.
"Wonderful sale of children's wash
dresses at The Leader Mercantile Co.
Mrs. P. It. Bcauchamp has accepted
a position o$. the Wilcox Department
Always try Tho Roxall first, It
pays, tt
Mrs. W. 13. CroBslcy, of Maywood,
spent Wednesday In town visiting with
If your feet hurt let us show you a
remedy for relieving paln at tho Shoo
Paris Green any quantity at Tho
Roxall. 4C-2
C. C. Lyon, of Grant, wns In town
Wednesday looking after business
Good baby sulky for salo. Call
Black 1162 or 118 W. Cth. 4G-2
Mrs. Chappell has resigned at the
Bluebird and accepted a position at
tho Oasis.
Mr, and Mrs. Harry Smith, of Lex
ington, arc visiting Mr. and Mrs.
Ralph Smith.
Dr. L. J. KrauBB, Dentist, room 3
MrvDnniUd Rank buildinc.
Mr. and Mrs. G. Dahlqulsb of Goth
enburg, spent Wednesday In town vis
iting friends.
Jack Taylor left yesterday for a
two weeks' visit in Denver and other
points In Colorado.
Dr. H, C. Brock. Dontlst. X-Ray
Diagnosis. Reynolds Bldg. Phone 148
License to wed was granted Mon
day tp Henry iHubbard of Goring and
Alice Quinton, of Hustings.
. A marrlago HcenBo was granted
Wednesday to Roy B. Knox of this
elty and Lydla Halsoy of Wollfieet.
Dr. Morrill, DonMst. Office ovor
Wilcox lepartmont Store.
Lucian O'Brien wont to Denver tho
nrst or tho week, having boon callod
inorooy uio illness of his mother,
Miss Elizabeth Weir came up from
Grand Island this morning for a two
! weeks' visit with Miss Clara Soren
i son ' i
Wanted--Libqrty bonds at 'market
pricor ' l-ouib iipaniiz.
Mrs. Clarence Spicer went to Omaha
Tuesday cvonlng to moot hor- hus
band, Who is returning from, overseas
Eyes Tested Dixon & Son, sight
Judge Woodrough Monday evening
finished tho cases dn the docket ready
for trial In th federal court and loft
for Omaha.
This" in foot comfort week at tho
Shoo Market.
N. F Clough, a formor resident of
iNortli Platte, came down from Oga
hllla Tuesdny for a few days, visit
with friends.
Roxall. , , t tc;2
Best Paint and Varnish at Tho
Miss Lena Baskins came up from
Omaha Saturday to spond the week
cud with her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Chas. Brtskins.-
Mlaa M. Sieman, steam bathB and
Swedish Massage, ladies and gentle
men. Phone 897. Brodbeck bide. 85tf
Mrs. John Fleming, who for the
past week had been the guest of Mrs.
J. M, Thompson, returned Wednes
day to her homo at uozaa.
Please leave orders for weaving 8
a. m. to 6 p. m. Will receive special
orders. 308 south Walnut street,
Phono Red 975. 46-4
Herman LeDloyt has resumed his
passenger run after having attended
for three weeks tho B. of R. T. con
vention at ColumbUB, Ohio.
Tho J. F. F. Club entertained their
husbands Tuesday evening at tho
home of Mrs. L. L. Bcrthe. Cards
were the order of tho hour.
Dr. Scholl's foot remedies for all
ailing feet at tho Shoo Market.
Mrs. C. B. Sousor and daughters
Cora, Helen and Ethel, went to OV
orton Wednesday to attend tho fu
noral of tho lato Mrs-. Wm. Pearaall.
Ilcd Crown or "Wlilte Rose Gas 29
Cents per gallon nt tho Ford Onrngc.
Hendy-Ogler Auto Co., East Fourth
Street, . 45-2
Ernest Rlnckor has accepted tho
position of state supervisor for tho
Minnesota Mutual Life Insurance Co.
and will begin his duties July first.
Just received, a largo shipment of
Evdrsharp pencils, Dixon, the Qual
ity Jeweler.
mIhh Nnvn. Trnxler Is actline as
cashier at The Leader during tho ab
sence of Miss Vobb, who Is spending
her vacation in Ogden with her sister.
AlwavB trv Tho Rexall first, it
ntiVH. II
. i
Mr. Rltnor f!on.tfta and eon Elmer
roturncd Wednesday from Keystono
whero they nau uecn visiung uio
former's dauKhter. Mrs. H. A. Cham
Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Cox returned
Wnilnosilnv frntn Tlnnvfir anil Colo
rado Springs where they had been
visiting relatives ror uio past ten
Tho Indian Card Club met Wodncs-
tlnv nffnrnnnn nt. Hin linmn nf Mrs. .T
F. Healey, with Mrs. Jas. Hart and
Mrs. Wm Hawlcy as assisting host
For ronl sorvlco In a pocket book
purchaoo ono of the Cordova bags on
display at Dlxpn's Jowolry store.
Bull For Salo Ono roan Shorthorn
bull, pure bred. Will bo throo years
old in August. A good herd bull in
prlmo sorvico condition. University
of Nebraska Experiment Substation,
North Platto, Nobr. 44-4
What Do
Your Walls Saij?
No one believes that "walls have ears,"
but it is a fact that they talk
A wall can say "restfulness, sanitation,
beauty durability" -and it can say other
things not so flattering!
The Oil Flat Wall Paint
brings out the best points of wall decor
ation and would give your home an at
mosphere you would appreciate and so
wouldvour friends.
Velumina is a practical pairit, made' with an Oil
joase, ana tnis means permanence.
AVeluminawall can be washed, so
it is easily kept clean and danitary.
Let us show you color schemes and
post you on the latest developments
Mr. and Mrs. H, N. Smith, who are
spending the summer on their farm at
Zona. Neb.; spent-several days in town
this week looking aftor business In
terests hero.
Miss Vlasta Voselpka and little
niece, Dorothy Vosolpkrt, , went to
uriugoport 'mursuay 10 Bpona tne
week ond with tho former's sister.
Mrs. J. S. Tratt. - ; ,
L. CX McGraw wont to Oshkosh
Wednesday whero ho will make tho
body of a new racor which, King
Rhlloy will' "drive In tho North Platte
auto races July 4th.
Elbort Hubbard said: "Spinal ad
justments make the sick man wall
and tho well man better. No splnul
adjustment ever Had an adverse in
lluenco." See Dr. States.
Cpl. Losllo Simons, who resides
south of town, phased through Wed
nesday morning enroute to Ft. Rus
sell to receive his discharge after
year's service overseas.
Your car stands on a level platform
when being filled at our station, en
abling us to completely fill your tank
If you bo desire. S. & R. Service
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Langford and two
Bons will leave July 5th for Estes
Park where the will occupy for sev
eral weeks tho cottage they own joint
ly with Senator Hoagland.
Tho past few days have been fine
growing days, the temperature reach
ing eighty-fivo and above. Corn,
which Is somewhat backward, stands
tho need of iust such weather.
-The S. &, R. Service Station sells
tractor oil. Get our prices before you
buy. Can furnish oil for any make of
Lowls H. Crane camo down from
Oshkosh Tuesday to meet MrB. Crane
who waa enroute homo from Birming
ham, Ala., where she had been visit
ing her parents for tho past month.
The Durbln Auto Co. received four
OldsmobileB Tuesday and before noon
Wednesday had found purchasers for
thorn. During the past week tho
Durbln Co. has sold thirty-eight Olds
trucks to sub-agents.
Christian Science service Sunday 11
a. m. Wednesday evening meetings
every week at 8:00. A cordial invi
tation 1b extended to all to attend
these services. Building & Loan build
ing, room 25.
Last Monday tho woman's suffrage
amendment to the United States con
stitution was ratified by the legisla
tures of the states of Ohio, New York
and Kansas. So far ten states have
ratified tho amendment. i
Have you 6een the new whlfo gold
and platinum diamond mounting? H.
Dixon, jeweler.
Next Tuesday the county commis
sioners will begin sitting as a board
of equalization and will continue to
sit as such board for a week or more.
If you have fault to find with your
assessment tako your grievances to
this board.
Red Crown or White Rose Gas 29
Cents per gallon nt tho Ford Garage.
nonuy-ugier Auto to., Hast fourth
street. 45-2
Carl Jensen ond Ruby Norsworthy,
or uoinenuurg. were united in mar
rlago by Judge Woodhurst Wednes
day. A dozen or moro relatives of
tho bride and groom were present at
tho ceremony and later a wedding
dinner was served at tho Palace cafe
Dixon lias a beautiful now wrist
watch or platinum, gold and diamonds
nt $nu.uu. this will interest the
most careful buyer.
Tom Healey, who has been out in
tho country this week adjusting hail
losses, says there are fields of wheat
houiii or iiorsncy mat promlso to
yield forty bushels to the acre. Ho
ndlUBtcd a four linll InsKpq In tl,
tion, principally on ryo fields where
Al. .t . .
uiu uuinngo was auout ten per cent.
Wo clvo real snrvlnn. Ciivn na n
trial and become a satisfied custom
er, s. & R. Service Station. .
Loulo Lipshitz. tho junk man, has
nOW 011 liaild Slxtv thnilKnnil nhnmla
of worn out auto tires, the accumu
lated buying of tho past few months.
TllOSO tiros worn wnm nut
drivers In North Platto and tributary
section. When now theso tirnn coat
tho purchasers about a dollar a pound
as junk they are worth nhnut Hirnn
cents a pound.
Wanted to Pasture Flftv ltnnrl ' nf
horses within flvn
Platte. Good water anil nlmiv nf
grass. Inquire of Crook & Coble. 4G-3
Tho most wonderful salo of girls'
gingham dresses Tho Salo held 'last
oaiuruay xiie quantity we had only
sunnlled about onn.imir th
This morninc wo rornivmi
lot of theso wonderful dresses and
iney wm no placed on sale so como
early and mnko your selections. They
are going at 98c, $1.39, $1.79, $1.98,
$2.25 and up. In sizes to nt girls. In
nirna trnm i in 10 .Ann mi.. i
...... u .u u jwHo, mo i,euuur
Mercantile Co.
Nazimova. tho Brent ntnr nf n, Mot.
ro picturo "Revelation," which will bo
presented nt tha Sun th nntrn lit nn
days commencing Juno 24th, shows
hor ability as an artistic and classic
dancer in this photodrama. Dressed
as a bacchante, a nrlostnRs
god of wino and revelry, with leaves
m nor nmr, a garianu or grapes across
hpr shouldors, with a goblet In ono
hand and a cluster of grapes in tho
other, slio porforms "La Danso Bac
chanal" tynifylnc tho
SDirlt Of rOVOlrV Of n. Pnrlnl
Tho great Nazimova oxecuted this
dance and with truo artistry nnd po
etry of motion in gracoful movements
Which Wore ldenl for rniJntni
v0.m.,uUU U.I
tho motion picturo enmora. On tho
screen, this dance is a revelation in
accurate nresnntnt'nn nf ,in
mont In motion pictures.
w , specialVotice
0 hare rails for
J0.1',"08 Suited on west Second,
V , louay. yyo sell listed
stuff only. Try our service.
)t llrnillinnl- II, .nil..,.
-wuvvn JJIIJlulllfj,
Grand Opening of
Xortli Platte's newest exclusive Ln-
dies' High Grade Outfitting Store,
MONDAY, jtfNE 2.1, 1919,
7:30 to 10:00 P. 31.
3Iuslc, Flowers and Souvenirs for the
In connection. ' '
Vc invite you nil to Inspect our
new store.
Open for Business Tuesday, June 21-
Phone 109 for Mnrlncllo appointments.
: :o: :
The New Time Card
Tho now tlmo card on the Union
Pacific will become effective next
Sunday. Among tho changes will bo
the following: No. 13 will arrive at
8:20 and leave at 7:30 a. m. west
time. No. 19 will nrrlvo at 9:25 and
leave at 8:35 west time. The branch
train will leave ut 7:50 west time,
No. 10, an added train, will arrlvo at
3:15 east time, and No. 15, another
new train will leave at 2:55 a. m.
west time. The branch train will not
wait for the arrival of No. 19. Pas
sengers ticketed for points on the
branch will arrive on No. 13.
Paving District Defeated
Tuesday evening wns the regular
semi-monthly meeting date of the
city council, but a quorum of the
council failed to appear. The peti
tions for and against paving could
not thereforo be considered, but it is
known that the remonstrance filed
contained about sixty-five per cent
of the property owners within the
district. This completely knocks out
the creation of the paving district. It
Is not probable that any further ef
fort will be made this year. We can
oxlst without paving; quite a few of
us lived in the period when wo didn't
have waterworks and electric lights
and sewage and permanent walks
and furnaces in our houses and other
modern conveniences and not having
thom we trudged along with a smile;
and so without paving wo will wade
across muddy streets, have clouds of
dust swirl into our houses, have stag
nant pools of water standing ln the
streets in front of our homes creat
ing stench, sending forth fever germs
and breeding millions of mosquitoes
and proving an eye sore to those who
take pride in cleanly premises; but
wo will continuo to smile we have
tho satisfaction of knowing that the
money wo might have spent for pav
ing can bo expended for a new auto,
or buy gasoline for -he one we now
own, or purchase a dress that out
classes the one our neighbor wears,
or go to more dances or more pic
ture shows or tako a trip to the
mountains. Tho memory of these en
joyments may fade in a year while
the conveniences of paving would
last a century; but we are living for
today, nob tomorrow. On with the
dance let Joy be unconfined.
J. Warren Kerrigan will appear be
fore hiB admirers at the Sun. theatre
in a role and story entirely different
from anything he has dono before
when "The Drifters" is shown Satur
day. With most of tho action taking
place ln the snow bound regions of
Alaska, whero three men and a Klrl
find their lives strangely interwoven,
"Tho Drifters" mysteriously unfolds
an absorbing plot. Mr. Kerrigan re
celvos tho support of Lois AVllson,
Casson Ferguson, Walter Perry and
William Conklln.
::o: :
Two year old Holsteln Heifer, most
ly white with few black spots, swal
low fork on loft ear, undercut on right
ear. Any information leading to tho
recovery of animal will bo liberally
rewarded. A. COOLEDGB,
42-8 North Platto.
Estray Notice
Taken up on Section 13, Town 12,
Range 29, by the undersigned who
thero resides, on or about April 15,
1919, ono roan heifer, no brands. Own
er can have tho same by proving prop
erty and paying charges.
Routo A North Platte, Neb.
: :o: :
Estrny Notice
Taken un bv tho underBlcned on
Section 10. Town IB. Ttnne-n 59. wVin
.thero resides, on or about April 1st,
ft 4 ft .
luia, one two year oia red neirer; no
brands distinguishable. Owner cal,,
prove property, nay charces and take
animal away. II. B. W00D8,
North Platto.
I Best Paint and Varnish at The Ilnrry Dixon & Son, Eyesight Spe-
I bimiaiq
Elliott Dexter and Ann Little
A Cecil II. DeMille production of the well known. stage drama. It
Is n quick nctlon photoplay based on stirring frontier situations
Keith Theatre, Monday and Tuesday.
10c, 20c and 2Sc, including war tax.
A Little Information
About some of our Groceries nnd
Meats. Wo deliver any order uny
Pluco in town for fir-
Spoclal on Urooms while thoy Inst 4(Jc
i inrgo can j omniocs irc, doz. $1.75
1 enn Earlv Juno Pens ir,p. iin. si ?r.
1 can corn 17c, doz. $1.80
1 bar P. &. 0. Nnptha Soap So, IK M
i iuicKiige juio no jiioro 7c, is $l.un
1 packngo Oatmenl 25c, I packages 93c
1 nuckuuo -Miitrltpa r.,v 19 i1mfu nn
1 pint buttle Hliiing Oc, 8 bottles 25c
l resh Bread nnd 3Iilk every morning.
Gamble with Springer,
Store No. 1 S22 North Locust.
Store No. 2, 110 Enst II.
Telephone 203.
The kids are at it again! Traveling by parcel post!
Kidnapping an airplane!
Jane and Katherine Lee
A story of two little girls whose pranks are perilous, but who man
age to make everybody happy especially tho audience. The Scn
nctt comedy,
A laugh, a minute Go on I That's what they nre mnde for.
When You Co On
Your Vacation-Call On Us.
If you are going on your vacation remember
We will supply you with travelers' cheques
the modern traveling money safe, practical,
We will protect your valuables in our Safe
Deposit Vaults while you are away.
. You can deposit any surplus funds with us in
the form of a Certificate of Deposit or Savings
Account and have it earning interest while you
are gone.
We will gladly attend to the payment of insur
ance or taxes that come due while you are away.
Or we will attend to other money affairs you may
have to care for.
. Come in and see us, ; " ' " ' "
Platte Valley State Bank,
Cow Brand
The Best Flour
Made in
the Best Town
Western Nebraska
A Home Product Used by
all Home People.
Iutual Building and Loan
j Association,
Of North Platte, Nebraska.-
The Association has unlimited funds at its command to
assist in the building or purchase of homes for the people of
North Platte. If you are interested, the officers of this
Association will render every assistance and show you how
easy it is to acquire your own home.
President. Secretary.