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    Piano For Sale
We have stored In North Platte a,
strictly high grade piano which, for
Immediate dlsposllton, will be sold at
a tremendous .snnrlflce. Terms to a
t -sponsible party. If Iritotested wrlto
,t. once for particulars' td THE DEN
Colorado. 38-5
: i-: i
UtA L BARE, Editor and Publisher
Ono i'car by JInll, In advance. .81. 7"
Ono Year by Carrier, in udvnnco, $2.00
Entered at tho North Platte, Nobraska
Postofflco as Second Class Matter,
FRIDAY, MAY 80. 1010
Tho 'Trlbuno soldont through 1th
columns rofcrs to Its circulation,
thbugh Its subscription books aro al
ways opon to advertisers. However,
tho growth of our subscription list
during tho past llvo months has boon
such that it Is not out of place to re
fer to It. Since last December the not
gain In subscribers has been 300, or
an avorago of over two each day, and
tho total bona fide circulation Is now
To satisfy any doubting Thomases,
tho following letter from J. O. Good
man, manager of tho Western Nows
papor Union at Omaha, under dato of
May 20th, Is attached:
"Dear Mr. Uaro:
Wo have your letter Instructing us
to Increase tho rogular order for Tho
SeniMVeokly Tribune, threo quires,
which makes a total of 00 quires or
21C0 coplos that wo aro shipping to
you twlco a week, i notlco also that
this is not tho first increase that you
liavo ordered recently, but that six
quires, or 144 copies had been added
to this magnificent circulation during
tho last ntnoty days, and also that
there has boon an Increase of 15
qulros or 300 copies slnco December,
nil within the past, llvo months.
I regard this addition to the largo
circulation of Tho Soml-Wcekly Trlb
uno as something unusual, and It cer
tainly speaks mighty well for tho
splondld semi-weekly paper that you
aro publishing. However, I am not
surprised that tho people of North
Platto and vicinity arc showing their
appreciation of Tho Semi-Weekly
Paris. That Cupid was nearly busy
as Mars with tho members of tho
American Expeditionary Forco and
that romance bloomed In Franco In
splto of war's, alarms la Bhown b
tho fact that more than six thousand
French women have been woed and
"won by American soldiers within ono
year. Tho majority of tho French
girls who have becomo Americans
through marrying mon and officers
of the American Expeditionary Forco
aro stenographers, salesgirls or teach
ers with a sprinkling of peasant girls
and tlioso of tho middle class of bour
geois). -
Tho romances are, in most cases,
vory similar. A soldier would bo
billeted with a French family, a,mem
ot which would (bo a girl of ' mav
riagcablo ago. Togothor they would
dolvo into tho Intricacies of tho French
language sign language being prompt
ly superseded by a combination of
Anglo-French gibberish
Tho clean cut, healthy physlquo of
the Americans, tholr nnlitnnnsfl nnd
. generosity would appoal to tho heart
of tho French girl who saw in the
American tho realization of bur '
dreams. As a rulo, tho Amorlcans
nlso mado no Bccrot of tho particular
sympathetic feeling thoy had for tho
French girls' nnd so as a natural se
quence marriages Resulted.
Many of such pairs now nro puz
zled whether tho wlfo should nccom-.
pany hor husband to Amorlca or tho
husbands should make their homes In
France. It Is oxpected that fully 50
por tent of the bonodlcts will adopt
Franco for tholr homo.
Farmers, boo our special policy for
farmers' automobile and truck lnsur
anco. Clabaugh, 618 Dowey. 39-4
To the Public
Commonclng with tho month of
yTuno discount porlod for paying bills
will closo tho 15th of tho month in
stead of tho 20th.
Special Notice
Good things come in small packages
We have the Delco Light Agency for
North Platte and vicinity. All who
are looking for a good efficient Farm
Lighting and Power System are in-
vited to call at our office, 106 East
Front Street, where we have a plant
installed for your inspection.
W. I. STEBBINS, Dealer
To pay for tho war within a genera
tion at tho rate of $1,000,000,000 of the
principal of tho debt and nearly $t,
000,000,000 of Interest thereon each
year, constitutes tho basis of fiscal
program being framed by tho repub
llcan leadership of tho now congress.
Tho cost of tho war to dato is in tho
neighborhood of $30,000,000,000, in
cluding $10,000,000,000 of loans to tho
alllos. Tho cost will bo Increased uov
oral billions more by demobilization
and other expenses. Altogether it is
estimated tho American people's war
bill will approxfmate' $25,000,000,000,
exclusive of tho loans to the allies.
which will not bo paid for many years,
and possibly a portion never.
Although tho Interest, cost will de
crease as tho debt Is liquidated, It
will bo necessary to Impose taxes of
not less than $3,000,000,000 a year If
the cost of tho war Is to bo met wlthlu
la generation.
Taxes this year will ho four Diuion
Tho republicans aim to reduco tho or
dinary expenses of tho government to
lng tho application of narly $2,000,-
unoroxlmatoly tho $1,000,000,000 a
Lyear of anto-bollum days, thus allow-
000,000 a year on the war uobt.
Hawker Found at Sea.
Missing for six days and vlrtuall.x
glvon up for lost Harry G.Hawkcr and'
Ills navlKator. Lieutenant trommanuor
MacKonzlo Qrlovo, British airmen,
who assayed a night ncross tho Atlan
tic ocean without protection ngalnst
disaster save what their frail airplane
afforded, aro safe aboard a British
warship off tho Orknevs. They will
1 reach tho mainland, today and proceed
to London, where they will be nc-
claimed as mon returned to life. Some
1,100 miles out from Newfoundland
and 800 from tho Irish coast Monday.
May 19, tho aviators, making tho best
of an onglno that was falling to func
tion proporly wpro forced to alight on
tho wator. Tho Httlo Danish steamer
Mary, bound from Now Orleans nnd
Norfolk for AarhuuB, Denmark, picked
tho wayfarerso up and proceeded on
hor northward voyage ,
A numbor of farmers In tho vicinity
of Nownrk and Mlndon wore about
totally balled out last week, tho dam
age being from fifty to seventy-five
nor cent, according to advanced con
dition of tho crops. Tho area nffect
od was nbout a mile wldo nnd six
rnllos long and hero hnll covered tho
ground to a depth of several Inches.
I bay mare 7 years old, stocky built,
shod In front, branded on left shoul-
I dbr. Frank Albro. Route 1, North
Platto. 40-3
'LtUALITY, qot quantity, counts. The difference
. between the size of our Bevo bottle and the beer
bottle used by others is two ounces: -one swallow.
This slight difference in quantity is their only
talking point.
Many copied our bottle, others tried to imitate
our label and name, but none have succeeded in
producing the quality of '
Devo is classified by the U. S.
Government as a soft drink.
May 2G, 1919.
Board met, present Koch, tlormlng
hausen and Springer nnd county clerlt
Claims were allowed as follows;
Neb. Culvert Co., drag acrapei,
Standard Oil Co., oil. $50.00.
Jas, Craig, dragging, $7.50. '
Shelly Schneider, dracclng, $11.25.
Standard Oil Co., supplies, $33.65.
John Evarts, road work, $10.00.
Clyde Brown, road work, $12 50.
George Caswell, road work', $5.00.
J. D. Adams Co., machinery, $168.00
Lew Perkins, bridge work, $36:00.
W. T. Elliott, bride work, $90.00.
Chaa. Loypoldt, grader man, $09.6(1.
Albert Stelnhausor,, road work,
Job Bunting, road work, $72.00.
N. D. Wells, road work. $6.00.
Nath. Bratten, dragging, $79.20.
August Bratton, dragging, $5660.
F. O. Johnson, dragging, $28.50.
Nath. Bratten, road work, $27.30.
C. L. Grant, road work, $245.00.
J. B. TollHon, dragging, $17.85.
J. M. Brunett, road work, $37.50. .
dms. Scharmann, road work. $20
D. B. McNeel, road work, $13.80.
F. J. Bremer, blade work. $10.00.
A. J. Samelson, road work, $178.90.
S'. P. Collins, road work, $6.00.
. Simon Bros., Jail roof, $235.00.
J. E. Schram, dragging, $12.00 .
Thos. Gass, fill North Platte bridge,
$3,000. t
R. Rasmusson mdso county poor,
Albert Stelnhausor, road work, $21
Chas. Gerkin, road work, $6.20.
C. J. Johnson, damages, road No. 71,
?34U.UU. u
Albert Stolnhauser, road work,
$24.20. x
H. E. Woods, road work, $10.00.
Chas. Gorkln, road work, $24.00.
John Campbell, road work, $2.00.
Lillian E. Wlckcrsham, damages for
death of hor husband, Maxwell B.
Wlckcrsham, which occurred Sept. 1,
1917, caused by defective road,
Bond of L. A. Curtis, overseer Dis
trict No. 7, approved.
Permission Is hereby given Chas.
Brown to out In cattle chute under
public road No. 71 on half section line
of Section 27-9-29 at his own expense
and keep said chute In repair and be
llablo for all damages which might
occur from having said chuto undo
said road.
Petition for road No. 404 came un
tor action and It was mutually agreed
by petitioners and. board to disallow
Adjourcnd to Juno 2, 1919.
Ono Hampshire Boar, strayed away
Last seen by the Experimental sta
tion. Notify E. C. Doebke. Phone
797F4. 37-4p
Clark Brooker, of Gothenburg, visit- I
od frlonds in town Saturday.
Miss , Georglna McKay canio down
irom Sutherland to attend the Senior
class play and spend the week end
w 1th the home folks.
General Farm Sales n Specialty.
References hnd Dates at First Na
tional Bunk, North Plntt, Nob.
Phone 1000.
Office oyer McDonald Bank.
Offlco Phono 118G Res. Phone 112(1
To the owners of record title of
all property adjacent to or abutting
upon the streets hereinafter described,
and all persons Interested therein,-
You, and each of you, are hereby no
tified that the Mayor and Council of the
City of North Platte, did under date of
Mav 20th. 1919. pass and approve a cer
tain ordinance forming and creating
Paving District No. 2, or the city or
North Platte, Lincoln County, Nebras
ka, and that the following streets, In
cluding the Intersections thereof, with
in the limits of said City, are comprised
within said paving district, to-wlt:
All that nortlon of 4th street of said
City, commencing at the Intersection of
4th street and Bryan avenue in mver
dale Addition' to said City, thence west
along said 4th street to and Including
Pine street of said City, thence be
ginning at the Intersection of Locust
street with said 4th street and contin
uing west on said Fourth street to the
intersection of Washington avenhe of
said City, with said 4th streot: also
that portion of Pine street of said City
commencing at the Intersection of said
Pine street with said 4th street of said
City, thence north along said Pine
street to the south line of 6th street of
said City, a It Intersects said Pine
street of said City.
Unless objections are -Med thereto
as required by Statute within 20 days
from the first publication of this notice,
the Mayor and Council shall proceed to
construct such paving.
Dated this 21st day of May. 1919.
O. E. ELDER, (SEAL) Mayor,
City Clerk. ' m26J20
Notlce is hereby given that the un
dersigned have formed a corporation
under the laws of the State of Nebras
ka, under the name and style of "Ed-wards-Keynolds
Company," with the
principal place of transacting Its busi
ness In the City of North Platte, Lin
coln County, Nebraska, the general na
ture of the business to be transacted
by said Corporation consisting of buy
ing and selling of men's clothing, fur
nishing goods, hats, shoes and the op
erating or retail stores for the sale
of the same; the amount of the cap
ltat stock Is $25,000.00, which was paid
at the time of the commencement of
the business, which was on the 1st day
of April, 1919, by goods sold to this
corporation: and. the commencement
nf tho Cnrnnrntlnn wns nn thn 24Mi dnv
'of March, 1919, nnijl to continue for a
and tho highest amount of Indebted
ness or liability to which the corpora
tion shall at any tune RtihjcCt Itself Is
two-thirds of Twenty-tlve thousand
00.100 ($25,000.00) Dollars; tho affairs o.
tho Corporation to be controlled by a
Board of Directors, of three In number,
such Directors to elect a President,
Vice-president, Secretary and Treasur
er, who aro to conduct the business of
the Corporation under the instructions
of the Board of Directors.
Dated this 19th day or May. 1919.
In the Matter of the Estate of Caroline
Fransen, Deceased. in the County
Court of Lincoln County, Nobraska.
To All Persons Interested In said Es
tate: Notlco Is hereby given that on
May 23, 1919. Fred E. Pease, Executor
of said estate, llled In said Court, a ro
port of his doings as Exocutor of said
estate, logotner witn nis application
for tho distribution of the personal
property of said estate and the assign
ment of the real estate thereof, accord
lug to the provisions of the last Will
and Testament of said Caroline Fran
zen, deceased, and It Is hereby ordered
that the same be heard before said
Court In the County Court Room In the
Court Houso In the City- of North
Platte, Nebraska, on the 14th day of
June. 11. at nine o'clock A. M.. at
which time nil persons Interested may
appear, oniect to and contest the samo.
Notice of this proceeding and tho hear
ing thereon Is hereby ordered given to
all persons interested tnorein by puo-
ILHlilnfr a copy of this order In Tho
North Platto Semi-weekly Tribune, a
seml-wekly newspaper printed In said
county, for three consecutive weeks
prior to the date of said hearlnc
Dated May 23, 1919.
in27J13 County Judge.
Notice Is hereby Riven that sealed
bids will bo recolved at the office of
the city Cleric or worm riatte, Ne
braska, up to 5 o'clock P. M. May 22nd,
1919 for tho construction of the ex
tension to Sower Lateral "B." 660 ft.
more or loss and extension of Sewer
Latorai "u,'' 320 rt. moro or loss, all in
accordance with the plans and specifi
cations now on file In tho otllce of tho
ritv Clork of said city.
Certified check on local bank of 5 per
cent of amount bid will bo required to
insure entering into contract. Satisfac
tory bond to be Riven when contract Is
slgneu. .Mayor anu jiiy council ro
sorve right to roject any or all btds.
By Order of Council.
ml3m23 City Clerk.
Notice to Creditors
Estate No. 1648 of Mary E. Evarts, de
ceased, In tho County Court of Lnl
coin County, Nebraska.
Tho State of Nebraska, ss: Crcdl
tors of said estate will take notlco
that the timo limited for presentation
and filing of claims against said e&
tato Is Septombor 20, 1919, and for set
tlement of Bald estate Is May 17, 1920;
that I will sit at tho county court
room In said county on Juno 20, 1919,
nt 9 o'clock a. m., and on Soptembor
20, 1P19, at 9 o'clock a. m., to receive
oxawjno, hear, allow, or adjust , all
claims and objections duly filed.
mJ13 County Judges,
Arrange for your Gas be
fore the spring rush is on
Ranges from
$27 to, $60
North Platte, Ncbr.
For the treatment of Medical, Surgical
and Obstetrical Cases. A place
where the sick are cared for so as to
bring about normal conditions in the
easiest, most natural and scientific
Phone 110. North Platte, Neb.
Office phone 241. Res. phone 217
L. C . DROS T,
Osteopathic Physician.
North Platte, - - Nebraska.
Knights of Columbus Building.
Offlco Phone 340 Res. Black 376
Osteopathic Physician
Belton BIdg, North Platte, Neb
Phone for Appointments.
Physician, Obstetrictan
Sursreon, X-Rny
Calls Promptly Answered Night or Day
Phone Office (112 Residence 076
C, G, 7 Building & Loan Building.
Office Phone 70 Res. Phone Red 1009
Physician nnd Surgeon
Rooms 5-6 McDonald Bank Bldg.,
North Platte, Neb.
Phsylclan and Surgeon.
Special Attention Given to Surgery
ana Obstrotrlcs.
Offlco: Building & Loan Building
Phones: Office 130, Residence 115
Phone 308
Rooms 1 and 2 Bolton Building
North Platte, Nebraska.
Hospital Phone Black 633
House Phone Black 633
Graduate Voterinarlnn
Elj;kt years a Government Veterinar
ian. Hospital 218, south Locust St.
one-half block southwest of the
Court House.
Practice Limited to
Surgery and Badinm Therapy
728 City National-Bank Building.
Omofaa, Nebraska.
8 Service Service $:
Ford Repair Shop f
722 N. Locust. Phone 152,
A Trial Will Convince Yon,
Highest Cash Prices
Paid for
Hides and Junk.
Llconsed Embamers
Undertakers and Funeral Director
Day phone 41
Night phono Black GSS
Estate No. 1053 of Dave A. Reynolds,
deceased, in the County Court of Lin
coln County, Nobraska.
The State of Nebraska. To all per
sons Interested in the estate take no
tice that a petition has been filed for
tho appointment of J. H. Kelly as ad
ministrator of said estate, which has
been sot for hearing on May 31, 1919, at
nine o ciock a. m.
Dated May 1, 1919. .
m5-23 County Judge
..General Hospital..
One Hall Dlock North ol Postoflice.
Phone 58
A modarn institution for the
ciaptific treatment of medical,
surgical and confinement cast.
Completely equipped X-Rny
and diagnostic Uborutori.B,
Staff) '
Geo. B. Dent. M. D. V. Lucas, M. D.
J. B. Redfiald,M.D. J. S. SIMMS, M.D.
notick op s.vr.n under chattel
Notice Is hereby Klven that by virtue
of a chattel mortgage, dated on the
16th day of September, 1915, and duly
filed and recorded in thb office of tho
County Clerk of Lincoln county. He
branko, -in the l'th day of Dccu Tiber,
1915, and executed by A. P. Klaas to
Coates Lumber & Coal Company, a cor
poration, to secure the payment of the
sum of Five Hundred Sixty-One and
No-100 (1561.00) Dollars, with Interest,
on the 16th day of Sept., 1916. and upon
wnicn mere is now uue the sum or
Seven Hundred Sixty-Five and 14.100
($765.14) Dollars. Default havinir been
mado in the payment of said sum, and
no suit or other proceeding' at law hav
lng been instituted to recover said debt
or any part thereof, therefore I will
sell the property therein described,
viz: Carpenter shop, building, and all
machinery consisting of machine lathe,
gas engine, ripping mnchlne, machlno
tool sharpener, etc., and all hardware,
lumber and building material on hand,
also all ladders, horses and benches,
etc., and all carpenter ools. chests and
uppurtenances at public auction at.
tho shop of A. F. Klaas on Lot 3, Block
83, in the city of North Platto In Lin
coln county, on Saturday, the 31st day
of May, 1919, at 2 P. M. of said date.
uateu Aiay 7th, 1919.
M12M30 MortEacee.
By virtue of an order or sale Issued
from the District Court of Lincoln
County, Nebraska, upon a decree of
foreclosure rendered In said Court
wherein The Banking House of Folda,
a corporation, is plaintiff, and Henry
Noltfeld et al., aro defendants, and to
me directed, I will on the 31st day of
May. 1919, at 2 o'clock P. M., at the east
front door of the Court House In North
Platte, Lincoln County? Nebraska, sell
at public auction to the highest bidder
for cash, to satlfy said decree, interest
and costs, the following described
property, to-wlt: The Southeast Quar
ter and the South Half of the North
east Quarter and the East Half of the
Southwest Quarter and Lots One, Five,
Six and Seven all In Section Six, Town
ship Eleven, North of Range Thirty
three, West of tho Sixth P. M., Lincoln
County, Nebraska.
Dated April 28, 1919. .
A29M30 A. J. SALISBURY, Sheriff.
Notlco Is hereby given -that an Incor
poration has been duly formed under
the laws of the State of Nebraska, the
name of which is "North Platte Home
Builders, Incorporated."
The principal place of transacting
business Is In the City of North Platte,
Lincoln County, Nebraska.
The general nature of the business
to be transacted by this corporation
shall bo the buying, selling, leasing,
renting, or otherwise holding of real'
estate and personal property, either
for Itself or as agent, representative 'or
trustee for others: the contracting for
and the constructing and erecting of
buildings of any and all kinds, and all
tho appurtenances thereof; to loan,
borrow, and invest money, take and
give security or obligations therefor;
and to do a general contracting busi
ness; to cieai m all Kinds or building
materials, fuel and other commodities!
and said corporation shall have power
to maice ana execute all Kinds of con
tracts and obligations Including deeds,
leases, and mortgages of real estate
and personal property nnd bills of sale
ana snail nave power to take, hold,
own, use, improve, lease, sell, assign,
mortgage and convey real estate and
all other kinds of property or interests
tnerein, including its own capital
stock, for Itself or as agent, repre
sentative or trustee for others; and to
take, hold, hypothecate, assign and col
lect all kinds of obligations for Itself,
or as agent, representative or trustee
for others, including nower to take.
hold, collect, assign and transfer stock
In other corporations as well as of Its
own for Itself or as agent, representa
tive or trustee for others; and said cor
poration snail nave general power to
do and perform all things necessary or
expedient In the carrying out of the
purposes aforesaid. It shall have pow
er to conduct its business in Its prin
cipal place of business and at any
branch olllce established by It, nnd to
maintain an ofllco of said corporation
within the State of Nebraska, or in
any other part of the United States,
District or Columbia and the United
States territories.
The authorized capital stock Is
$25,000.00. $10,000.00 of which 1b fully
paid, the balance to be sold and pay
able subject to the order of the Board
of Directors.
The highest amount of Indebtedness
or liability to which the corporation
may at any time subject Itself shall not
exceed two-thirds of the capital stock.
Tho time of commencement of this cor
poration shall be the 1st day of May,
1919, and the samo shall continue for
a porlod of fifty years.
The affairs of the corporation are to
be conducted by a Board of five di
rectors and such other officers as may
be provided for by the Board of Di
rectors. Dated April 26, 1919.
To Connor Moore, defendant:
You are hereby notified that on the
Uth day of January, 1919, the plaintiff,
Mary Moore, filed her petition for abso
lute divorce from you In the District
Qourt of Lincoln county.Nebraska.alleg
lng In said petition as her grounds for
said divorce that you have been guilty
of extreme cruelty toward said plaintiff
and that you have wholly failed to pro
vide maintenance for her. although of
sutllclent, ability to do so, and that
you have been guilty of extreme cruel
ty In other respects as set forth In her
petition now on file. That plaintiff has
beon unable, after due and reasonable
Inquiry and search, to determine your
place of address, and has therefore ob
tained an order for service upon you by
publication and that plaintiff Is asking
nn absolute divorce from the bonds of
You are required to answer this peti
tion by the 23rd day of June, 1919, or
Judgment wjll he taken ngalnst you as
prayed In plaintiff's petition.
Datod May 8th, 1919.
M9J6 Her Attorney.