The North Platte semi-weekly tribune. (North Platte, Neb.) 1895-1922, February 11, 1919, Image 3

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Spanish Influenza can
be prevented easier than
it can be cured.
At the first sign of a
shiver or sneeze, take
Standard cold remedy for JO year In tablet
form ufe.ture, no opiates breaks up a cold
In 24 hours relievea grip in 3 days. Money
back if itfalU. The genuine box has Red top
with Mr. HiU's picture. At All Drug Stores.
Chickens Sick or Not Doing Well?
An Extraordinary Offer: TiZSifr2
kt (or chlclen ttoAMtt, roup. coMa, ctwltra, iwtUtJ t,,t
Wwtl complaint, ealcken pox, easier, not dolni wa, non
lerlnf. tie. Kow oor propciltlonj U no dtalcr tbtra ka4
rV 'itmo!"' " Tou W erree toiue It and par If aat
UM. wa wM ate4roaa73e packale without a cent In
nnco. No par It not aatlnaed. Can we do roortt Attl wi
will send tna S poultry booklet. Writs today,
toctl dealers handlist Gerroorone will do th seas.
Mupy u man lms been robbed by his
Mends while watching his enemies.
No waiting I When meals don't fit
and you belch gas, acids and undigest
ed food. When you feel Indigestion
pnln, lumps of distress In stomnch,
heartburn or benduche, llero Is Instant
Just ns soon ns you eat n tablet of
Papo's Dlnpcpsln nil the dyspepsia, In
digestion and stomach distress ends.
These pleasant, harmless tablets of
Pape's Dlapepsln always make sick, up
let stomochs feel fine at once and they
cost bo little at drug stores. Adv.
The cipher Is an example of some
thing for nothing.
To Have a Clear Sweet Skin.
Touch pimples, redness, ""roughnesi
or Itching, If any, with Cutlcura Oint
ment, then bathe with Cutlcura Soap
and hot water. Rinse, dry gently and
dust on n little Cutlcura Talcum to
leave a fascinating fragranco on skin.
Everywhere 25c each. Adv.
Put your shoulder to fortune's wheel
and turn It to suit yourself.
Weekly Health Talks
A Word About the
People are easily frightened when they
think sotnething in the matter with their
lungs or heart, and well they may be; but
few people understand the dangers of dis
eased kidneys. These organs have a duty
of vital importance to perform, and if they
are diseased, there is no telling how or
where the symptoms may appear. The
kidneys are filters, and when they are
healthy they remove the poisons from the
blood and purify it. When the kidneys
are diseased, the poisons are spread every
where, and one of these poisons is urio
acid. The uric acid is carried all through
the system and deposited in various places,
in the form cf urate salts in the feet,
ankles, wrists and back often forming
bags under the eyes. Sometimes the result
ing trouble is called rheumatism, lumbago,
sciatica and backache. Finally, come stone
(n the bladder, diabetes and Bright's dis
ease. Dr. Pierce, of Buffalo, N. Y., in recent
years, discovered that a certain combina
tion of remedies would dissolve uric acid
(urate salts) in the system. Ho found this
combination to be harmless, so that he
made it up in tablets, of double strength,
and called them Anuric Tablets. They
dissolve uric acid in the human system as
hot coffee dissolves sugar. If you have
nrio acid troubles, don't delay in taking
Anuric Tablets, which can be secured in
the drug stores. You can write Dr. Tierce,
too, and he will tell you what to rat and
how to live so that more uric acid will not
form in your system. Dr. Pierce will not
ehargo for this advice.
For Hog's and Poultry
fey Sold direct from factory to
consumer. If you want to
r get the best results for the
least money write or call on
, Consolidated Products Co.
Harding Cream Company
Many people suffer from Chilblains without
realizing what It It. One application of Dei
ton's One Nltflit Chilblain Remedy will relieve
the most stubborn case. We guarantee it and
will promptly refund the money if you fall to
get relief. We have occupied the most promi
nent Drug Corner in Omaha for twenty years,
which means our guarantee is good.
Sent by mall on receipt of 25o.
lath and Farnsrn Omaha, Nebraska
W. N. U.. OMAHA, NO. &-1919.
Small Amount Money Expended Be.
cause of Desire to Conserve Labor,
Money and Transportation.
(Prepared by the United States Depart
ment of Agriculture.)
Although $U ,550,000 was nvnllnblo
for expenditure on the post roads from
the federal aid road act, only $-125,-415
was paid from federal funds In tho
highway construction season of 1018
on all projects. The reason for this,
according to the unnual report of tho
secretary of agriculture, was tho
steps taken to conserve money, labor,
transportation and materials in high
way work during the war, and nt the
same time to facilitate really essential
highway projects.
In connection with tho federal nld
road work, a letter was addressed to
each state highway department ask
ing that n program of federal aid coiv
structlon be submitted at the earliest
possible date. In which would bo In
cluded only those projects which the
state highway departments considered
vitally necessary to the transportation
facilities of the country.
At the request of the capital Issues
committee, engineers of tho depart
ment were made available for Inspect
ing and reporting upon proposed high
way and Irrigation and dralnngo bond
Issues. Inspections were made of 181
separate projects, Involving total bond
Issues of $30,912,390. An arrange- J
ment was made with the fuel admin-
Istrntlon whereby highways of special
Importance should receive enough bi
tuminous material to provide for ade- l
qunte maintenance, and, where ncces- i
sary, to permit construction and recon
structlon. From May 13, 1918, when
the co-operation became actively effec-
tlve, until the close of the fiscal year, .
! nnnllr-ntlnna nnlllm- fnr 7fi DTKY.
000 gallons of bituminous material..!
were received from states, counties and ,
municipalities. Of this amount
provol was given and permits were Is-
sued for GS.OOO.OOO gallons. I
In order to co-ordinate the activities I
of vnrlous government agencies, so far .
ns they relate to highways; better to
conservo materials, trnnsnni-tntlnn ,
money nnd labor; to eliminate delays
and uncertainties, nnd to provide posi-
Truck Load of Hot Bituminous Con
crete Being Dumped Ready to Be
Placed on Surface.
tlve nsslstir'-w In carrying on vltnlly
effective highway work, the secretary
requested each of the government de
partments and administrations Inter
ested to nnme u representative to serve
on u council to deal with highway proj
ects during the period of the war. As
a result, the United States highways
council, consisting of i. representative
from tho department of agriculture, J
tho war department, the railroad ad
ministration, tho war Industries board
and the fuel administration wns
formed In June. During the first four
months of its existence tho council
passed upon about 5,000 applica
tions, Involving nearly -1.0C0.000 bar-
1 rels of cement, 3,250,000 tons of stone,
1 1,110,000 tons of gravel, 1,207,000 tons
I of sand, over 77.000,000 brick, nnd
I nearly 20,000,000 pounds of steel, nnd
j 1-10,000,000 gallons of bituminous ma
; terials.
Often Due to Small Appropriations In
Endeavor to Make Cheap
Surface Endure.
Too often faulty road conditions nre
due to too small appropriations In the
endeavor to moke a cheap "surface en
dure under heavy tralllc. Where traf
lie of tiny consequence exists, the
chenpest road to build Is usually the
most expensive In the end.
Permanent Investment.
Every dollar spent In good roads Is
u permanent, paying Investment, peo
plolzlng public highways and promot
ing legitimate truillc and travel be
tween communities. Good roads make
near neighbors of once distant
New Roads or Congestion.
Automobile manufacturers tfhy there;
Is an immediate market for u million
new cars. We shall have to build soma
new roads or there will be n universal
congestion of trnfllc.
I - 1 a i
Much Mooted Question Among Fra
ternity for Many Years Data
Offered by Government.
(Prepared by tho United States Depart
ment of AKrteuKuro.)
"Cows consumed somowhnt moro
feed and produced slightly more milk
when kept In open sheds than In
closed barns, whllo their Increased
production did not offset the cxtro(
cost of feed," reports the United States
depart ment of agriculture from the
results of Investigations conducted at
Heltsvlllc, Md. "Which : the open shed
or closed bnPh for dairy cows?" has
been a much mooted question among
Interior of a Well-Arranged Dair
the dairy fraternity for many years
and tho data o.fered by the federal
department Is Illuminative In cleur'ng
u the problems. From present kiiowl
edge, the open shed Is not thought to
' uu,,Htu lu " , '
!!?. SF i!ifl wing:
Considering all operations, othei
th"n milking and feeding, slightly
,noru labor wns required to euro lot
cows un(ler 41,0 opeiwrtied system ut
tr.ruiugetnent, while there was n lon-
i i .1 a . i r i.i
dency for "boss" cows to deprive tha
weaker animals of feed, and the nor
mal advantages of tho shed which re
sulted in decreased production on thq
part of the more timid cows. Thq
iiinnutc wns apparently well pre
served, until it could be hauled to the
land, under the open-shed system and
It was handled more economical
than in tho closed bnru. Furthermore,
cornstalks in the manure were sunV
cleiitly decomposed to bu handled sue
cessfully with the manure spreader.
Under the open-shed system, 08 pel
cent more bedding was required fot
each cow, but tho cows were cleanei
nnd more comfortable. There n
l.'ttlo difference In the time required
, to bed the nnimnls under the two sys
tems, hut the rapid rotting of the corn
stalks or other coarse material un
(ley tho open-shed method makes then
use for litter in the open shed pni'
i tical. Despite other results to tli.
contrary, tho results of this expeii
ment showed that there was little ii
I any difference in the frequency of in
I juries to cows under either open-sin
or closed-burn conditions.
In general, little difference could In
noted In the contentment of the cows
tinder open-shod or closed-barn con
ditions. Some of the animals up
peared to be more contented in barn
'stalls; others moro at ease in the
open shed, while still others appar
ently had lib preference. However
under open-shed conditions the cow
hud more freedom, as they could li
down and get up with ease and could
select n clean place on which to lif
whenever they chose. Furthermore
they hud access to an abundant sup
ply of fresh air. In many poorly ven
tlluted dairy bnms the ulr supplv
doubtless would be an Important fin
tor In making the open shed more !
slrablo ns u source of cow comfort.
Data collected by tho department
of agriculture shows that In the in
stance of 21 cows which wero kepi
under the two systems, 15mlmals pro
duced more milk and butterfut win
kept In the open shed, while six cov s
showed u higher production win u
maintained in tho closed barn. Tin'
total production while In the op a
hed was tt-i.KlO.O pounds of milk con
tnlnlng' pounds of butterf:n,
and that in the closed burn was Hi -808.7
pounds of milk containing I
pounds of butterfut. Accom'-
ingly. under the opezi-shed system,
there wns u total Increase for tl"
period considered, about eighty dn -.
pf 2.7J12.2 pounds of milk nnd i)7 . 1
pounds of butterfut, or an uveruge i"r
each cow of 1:50.1 pounds of milk in I
4.05 pounds of butterfut. The tot l
numner or months compared uin.' r
each system was f7, and the avern "
time was about eighty days. Calcu
tlons from these figures Indicate tl t
there was an average monthly m
crease of -IS pounds of milk and 1 7
pounds of butterfut for each cw
while stabled In the open shed.
It Is largely a matter of
preference for tho farmer to deter
mine under which system, open tdn-d
or closed dairy barn, It Is most pif
Itable for him to maintain his dairy
In Working on Apple and Pear Trcei
Begin Sawing on Underside
Leave No Stubs.
U'repuretl by tho United Status Depart
ment of Agriculture.)
Hegln pruning the apple and pear
tii'. s by sawing on tin underside and
:ut all diseased branches and all
crowding brunches to open up the tor
s the sunlight can get In next year
to rolor the fruit. If large branches
must be taken olY, begin sawing on tho
underside nnd about one-third through
f the branch; then saw from the top
l meet the lower cut. In this way
there will be no breaking or tearing
il"wn of the sapwood und bark, as will
be the case if the sawing Is nil done
fmm the top.
"ut oil" all brunches so short that no
tul will he left nnd after a few days
..??- v.. : ,
!fa&U.,I,.rffgVi ....XSiz..:i&.
Young Apple Tree In Need of Pruning
cover the large wounds with white
lend and raw linseed oil pulnt.
Do not prune the stone fruit trees
until spring.
Couple Inches of Straw or Waste Hay
Should Be Spread for Winter
(Prepared by tho United Stutos Depart
ment ot Agriculture.)
After the ground freezes cover tho
strawberry plants with a mulch of a
couple of Indies ot straw, waste buy
cut before it ripened seed or coarse
manure with the flue portion shuken
out. Do not use vegetable rubbish
containing weed seeds, because these
seeds will grow next year and cause
a lot of work to keep the weeds
cleanedjiout. The mulch protects thu
ground from sudden thnwing and
freezing which "heaves out" plants not
Hold Soil, From Washing, Prevent
Burning Out Humus and Furn
ish Pasture for Stock.
Cover crops hold the orchard soil
from washing, prevent burning out hu
mus, furnish profitable pnsturo for
hogs, calves, poultry and small stock,
and furnish un excellent mulch and
soil cover for the trees. If tho or
chard is pastured with small stock it
should not be pastured too close.
Knough growtlt should be made by Hie
cover crop for winter to furnish a good
mulch that will catch nnd hold snow
und leaves that would otherwise blow
Soil Must Be Supplied With Humus
If Manure Cannot Be Supplied,
Use Some Crops.
Strawberries to succeed well must
be on soli that Is well supplied with
humus, and If manure cannot be had
he sure to turn under organic muttei
of Mime other kind, such as a crop of
eowpo'is, crnb grass, etc. In turning
under this kind of organic material
however, one should be careful to dr.
U early enough for It to rot ns much
i pnyolhln before the strawberries art
I ll !'t.
"ffl-sr i m
juouii ox Jiieirar
vr?r war
Ill I -M !
els off
Many farms
cattle, sheep
era. l'nrnis
Truly Rated.
"What do you think of n man who
will constantly decelvo his wife?"
"I think he's a wonder 1"
Red Cross Boll Bluo is tho, flnewt
product of Its kind in tho world. Ev
ery woman who has used It knows
tills statement to be true.
It's what a woman doesn't know
about a man that causes her to have a
good opinion of him.
1 Mttxmst mv vtnn It-H
For centuries all over tho world
GOLD M1CDAL Haarlem Oil has af
forded relief In thousands upon thou
sands of cases of lame back, lunmgo,
sciatica, rheumatism, gallstones, grav
el and all other affections of tho kid
neys, liver, stomach, bladder and al
lied organs. It acts quickly. It docs
tho work. It cleanses your kidneys
nnd purllles the blood. It makes a
new man, a new woman, of you. It
frequently wncds on attacks of tho
dread and fatal diseases of ,tho kid
neys. It often completely cures tho
distressing diseases of the organs of
the body allied with tho bladder and
kidneys. Woody or cloudy urine, sed
iment, or "brlckdust" Indlcuto nn un
healthy condition.
Do not delay n minute If your back
aches or you nre sore across tho loins
or hnve dlfllculty when urinating. Go
to your druggist at onco and get of
Baby Colds
rtnulro treatment with a remedy t
Uins no opiates, risers is mini tut elec
tive) pleasant to take. Ask, your druggist for
Sure to Get
HE wax-wrapped
sealed package
upon if Is a guar
antee of quality.
The largest chewrn&
gum factories Id tfis
world the largest
selling gum In the
world: that is what
WRtGLEVS means.
Flavor Lasts!
-u-b v 'as.
Western Canada for
veara has hel Dd to t eed
the world the same responsi
bility of production atili rests upon her.
While blah prices for Grain, Cattle and Sheep
ere sure to remain, price of land ia much below its value.
capable of yielding 20 to 45 bualt-
wheat to the acre can be had on
terms at from $15 to $30 per
good grazing land at much less.
paid for from a sinule year's crop. Railing
and liORS brings equal success. The Government
tormina ana stock mining.
Kauwov ana
Land (onioamea oner unusual Inducements to Horns Seek
mnv no stocked bv loans at moderate interest.
Western Canada offers low taxation, Rood markets and ship
ping; free schools, churches and healthful climate. e
Far d articular! as to reduced railway rate, location of land. IDas-
trsUU llUratore. ate., apply to Supt. of lmmla., Ottawa, Can., or
V. DENNETT, Room 4, Bte Diuldkuj, OMAHA, Ntk.
Canadian Government Agent
Some men have a mat)la for doing
nothing und do It assiduously.
Take care of your health nnd wealth
will tako care of you. Garlleld Tei
promotes health. Adv.
Wlso Is tho man who knows what
not to say to a woman. j
Keep clean !: as well as outside bj (aktest
a eentl laxative at least once a Week, such ai
Doctor Pltrce's t'leassat I'olltts. A dr.
There Is pleasure In sllenco.
bos of Imported GOLD MEDAL Uaaf
lem Oil Capsules. They are pleasant
and easy to take. Each capsule con
tains about ono dose of Ave drops,
Tako them Just llko you would any
pill. Tako a small swallow of water
If you want to. They dissolve In the
stomach, and tho kidneys sonk up th
oil llko a sponge does water. Thoy
thoroughly cleanse nnd wash out the
bladder and kidneys and throw off the
Inllammntlon which Is the cause of
the trouble. They will quickly relieve
those stiffened Joints, that backache,
rheumatism, lumbago, so'ntica, gall
atones, gravel, "brlckdust," etc. They
aro an effective remedy for all die
eases of the bladder, kidney, llver
stomach and allied organs. Your
druggist will cheerfully refund your
money if you nre not sntisfled nfter e
few dnys' use. Accept only the pure,
original GOLD MEDAL Tlnnrlem Oil
Capsules. None other genuine. Ad.