The North Platte semi-weekly tribune. (North Platte, Neb.) 1895-1922, January 28, 1919, Image 8

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    Scmt'SBccltlB Sribime.
IltA L BARE, Editor and Publisher
Ono Year by Jlnll, In iidwuice. .$1 .t" i
Ono Year by Cnrrlor, In advance, $2.00
ISntarod at the North I'latto, Nebraska j
Potofflce an Socond ClnsB Mattor.
An Insult to tltu Uniform.
(Kansas City SUir.)
-Mr. Sccrotary Uaker, you havo or-,
dorad tho Immediate roloaso of 112'
nicm who had been nuiBtorod Into the
Borvico of the Unltod State, but who j
had rofUBoa to fight.
Have you consldorod tho (significance
of what you lmve done? I
Tho Amorican people havo Just j
fought through a great war. Millions
of man lmvo put on tho uniform and
have risked tholr liven or stood roady
to risk thoir lives. A multitude havo
come home mulnud and blind. Other
tons of thoiftandrt havo mndto the
su'promo sacrifice and will never re
turn. Theso men havo boon fighting for
all that men hold doar. Thoy havo
boon fighting for tholr homos, their wo
mon nni children.
In contrast has been a llttlo group
of slaokors of men who would not
fight If tho nation had been made
up to thorn. If they had constituted
ovon a rospeetnblo group, Germany
would now bo supronio In tho world.
A nation of theso coiiBciontous objec
tors would nover havo sent oti,t tho
mon who diod on tho Tuscania, who
stopped tho Gorman rush at Chateau
Thierry, who foil In tho Argonno.
You havo ordorod 113 of them ro
turnod to tho clUzoiiBhlp thoy des
pised,, which thoy havo rofusod to
lift a finger to 'protect. You havo or
dorod thorn glvon an honorable dis
charge. An honorablo discharge! Tho samo
dlschargo glvon tho man who has
bared his breast to tho Gorman bul
lots. Under your order thoy will como
baok to voto and onjoy tho privileges
It calls for unusual articles
mid needs. The Rexall store
has given painstaking atten
tion to these demands and is
equipped to supply every ar
ticle your physician may
Realizing thut upon the pre
scription may depend the pa
tient's recovery, we use only
highest purity, potent drugs
and chemicals and have
adopted a system of checking
that makes error impossible
in our prescription room.
;tKF ( -
See us for Sarvice
! For. tho ailments common among I NOTICE I ,
?Snh?l,Z "lffldd,0,,bnck' W'T not write your flro and cyclone
5?rfniM' i XfcWtf00,0" Insurance with a reliable company
Mid donfetlpatlon. Prickly Aali Bitters ,nTCst Ulor premiums In Liberty
Ms a aplondld remedy. It purine the jjonds nnd give our county the credit.
, bowols, tones tho stomach; cloars the gco 8 for fftrin nmi mitoniobllo rates
j cuiiiiuuxjuii, sweeiuiiB mo nrontn, re
BtoroB energy and chcorfulness- Price
n " . . a . r
i.-o pur oouie. uuiiiiiiorc-uont urug
Nebraska real estate co.
Eslraj Notice.
Takon up In the SlmanUt pasture
Bouthwost of North Platte on or about
January 19th, 1919, black maro and
mule colt. No brands, mara about 4
yearB old, weight about 800, mulo colt
about, 4 monthH old. Owner call, prove-
property and pay ciiargos.
J24-12. A. K. DAVIS
Now roeulatlons novernlng long dis
tance phono calla havo been put in
" . .: 1- 1 ...111. tl. .sy
that others laid down their lives to r'n
Burleson. Uy this ordor long distance
phono calls over tho ontlro country
are placed on a uniform basis, while
no chango 1H made in tho local scrvlco
I5y thl act you havo put a promlum
on cowardice. You havo rewarded eva
sion of duty. Yaifl aro permitting thoao
mnn In rnhirn lr llmlr lintnoM nvnn In
advance of tho fighting men of tliojtw. cmiR0 nm(lo ln ,ong
Can vou bollovo Mr Socrotarv that ' Htuncu scrvlco is that It is now
. y'1. L ""X' .? I classified Instead of coming undor ono
" rY. ra..uA.'ur" " Mioad. There Is a special charge for
lur.riuuu uio i..r u. ul unit iw , , ,., onrvlco. another
which has glvon its sons audits all
to tho great causo of freedom?
Annotto Kollonnan, shapely "Quoon
of tho Sea." is tho aquatic star at tho
SUN Thcatro for TWO days beginn
ing Thursday. Those Who remembor
hor famous picture, "A Daughter of
the Gods," aro promlsod In this latest
William Fox submarine fairy story
oven more sensational swimming and
high-dlvlng stunts, combined with roal
dramatic situations. The art of con
ll'onsatlou has beon applied to this
fcaturo picture so that thrill follows
thrill In constant, crescendo, ninth Miss
Kollormnn attains a hair-raising
cllmaxwlth hor dlvo of 85 foot from a
climax with her dlvo of 85 feet from a
This comes as a logical part of tho
story, whoro tho horolno Ib escaping
from a lofty towor by walking a wlro
cablo across a chasm, whon the vllllan
outs tho slender strand, and a, the
same tlmo tho towor Is blown up. It
Is a thrill worth going miles. to see,
whorons, you only havo to go to tho
SUN Theatre.
Marlon Dnvlo in tho llrHt Select pc
turo "Cecillia or tho Pink Roses," be
gins hor collulold career at tho high
wntjjr mnrk. Crystal Tonight nnd Tomorrow.
whon a cortaln Individual is wanted
on tho phono, another for appointment,
nlrfit calls and tlio liuo.
Tho basis for all charges on long
dlstanco calls, mnder the now system,
Is on tho "station to station" rate,
which Is dotorminted by tho air lino
dlstanco between tho two towns. Tho
rato Is computed for tho Initial period
of conservation on tho basis of five
conts for each six miles up to twen
ty-four miles and flvo cents for each
eight mllos beyond that dlstanco.
,Royn Rccelvo Membership Rations.
During tho past week all boys who
registered in tlio U. S. Boys' wonting
Rosorvo received tholr enrollment
buttons. Tho total number of boys
botwecn slxtoon and twenty who reg
lstored wa-!G2 and of this, number
105 live In North Platte. Ail but
twenty of tho hoyB received their par
outs' signified willingness to engage
In an essential occupation under tho
direction of the Hoys' Working Re
Uoyu who havo failed to recolvo
tholr enrollment button can havo tho
siuno by carl Ins at Uio Franklin
.school d.u,rlni: school hours.
II. II. Nowman.
County Fodoral Director.
Special Agents.
Office oor McDonald Bank.
Office Phono 1130 Res. Phone 1120
.My one best reference I'm always
dated ahead Phone at my expense
for dates
Don't Dry Dishes
-Fan 'era
Why wait until next summer bo-
foro buying that Electric Fan! It's
useful, you know, tho year 'round.
By next summer the supply of fans
may bo as limited as German victories.
Yqu can get excellent sorvlco from
your Electric Fan even In zero weath-or.
"How?" Just as many other shrewd
housewives do. For Instance
Drying dishes, clothes, fruit.
Driving heat out of tho kitchen
Into less warm rooms and halls.
Directing It against tho radiator
and distributing heat evenly
throughtout tho room.
Como ln and lot's talk It over.
It's often wlso to buy fans in the
early fall when thoy aro to be had.
Buy beforehand! Buy nowl
N. 11. You say you havo a fan. Well
Is It usable workable? Holler have
Ik overhauled for "Winter's vrnr work.
Wo do it quickly economically.
General Farm Sales a Specialty.
References and Dates at First Nn
Uoiial Rank, North Pintle, Neb.
Phono 1000.
A. S. (Jrewr. Jan- :I9lh.
('bus. Lcypoldl, Jim- iioth.
W. E. Gates, February lth.
John Primrose, Feb. (itli, lOil).
.John Spencer, dr., February 11th.
Fred Kuser, 31 arch lSh.
Charley Robinson, March 20th.
W -t 1" X rar' 1
..General Hospital..
One Hall Block North ot Poslofticc.
Phone 58
A modern institution for the
pcientific treatment of medical,
surgical and confinement cases.
Completely equipped X-Ray
and diagnostic laboratories.
Geo. B. Denl. M. D. V. Lucas, M.. D.
J. B. Rcdfield. M. D. J. S. SIMMS, M.D.
I havo a good supply of splendid
Roso Comb Cockerels that aro all
brand now blood In country. Large
bonod, sturdy fellows, that will
pleaso tho fancy of tho most partic
ular breeder. Twenty birds that range
In price from $3 to $10 each. Those
aro from high scoring, bred from lay
ing stock.
Seo theso boforo you buy elsewhere.
So. Park Poultry Yards
Jtoso Combs Reds Only.
Phsylclan and Surgeon.
Spoclai Attention Given to Surgery
and Obstretrics.
Office: Building & Loan Building
Phonos: Office 130, Residence 116
Office Phone 340 Res. Black 376
mi. SIIAFFElt,
Osteopathic Physician
Bolton Bldg: North Platto, Neb
Referonce:- Farmers Stato Bank
Sutherland, Nobr.
I alway tako stock buyers with me
and always soli for tho high dollar
Licensed Embamers
Undertakers and Funeral Directors
Day phone 11
Night phone Ulnck CSS
I will aoU ot Public Auction at my farm 5 miles east of llorshoy,
8 mlloB wont of North Platte, and, 1 mllo8 west of Ulrdwood Station
on tho Lincoln Highway, on
Thursday, January 30th, 1819,
Commencing at 10 A. M.. sharp, with the following described
property, to-wlt:
Eighteen Head of Horses,
One Porchoron Stallion, Wt. 18000, with registration papers;
brown maro, 11 years old, wt. 1000; brown maro G yoar8 old, wt. 1100;
brown maro 7 years old, wt. 1200; bay maro 8 years old, WL 1200;
gray maro 7 yoarH old, wt 1000; gray maro 11 yours old. w'tr 1000;
Borrol maro 12 yoars old, wt. 900. All thoao mares In foul from my
Registered Porchoron horso.
Black goldluK, C years old, wt, 1300; Buckskin gelding, 3 yourH
old, wt. 1200; Pinto goldlng, 3 -yoars old, wt. 900; llvo coming 2-y,ar-old
colta, toam ot mules, 9 and 12, wt. 2000.
12 Head of Good, Fresh Milk Cows,
13 Head Pure Bred Shoals, weight 05 to 125 lbs each,
Farm Machinery, Etc.,
Thr&e During mowers, two now 12-ft. JlcCormlck buy rakos,
Acma bay swep, Dane hay swoop, good 3-soctlon harrow with truck,
disc harrow, ruling cultivator, Jump aout hugy, 4-in. tiro box wagon,
clrole saw and frame, feed grlndor with now sot of burs oxtra, sani
tary Koonomy King separator No. 4, powor grind stono, 20 gallon
power churn, blacksmith outfit, doublo gonr'punvp Jack, llvo sots of
doublo work harnoa, 7 or 8 doion chlekons, 250 railroad ties, and
many othor articles too nuinorouH to mention-
TERMS: SuiiiH ot $10 and undor, cash. On sums ovor that amount
8 montliB tlmo "will bo given purchnsor on good bankable paper
draw.Ing ton percent Intoroat from dato ot sale. 2 porcont off for cash.
Chas. Leypoldt.
Ed Kierig, Auctioneer. Earl Brownfield, Clerk.
For Medical, Surgical, Mat
ernity and convalescent pati
ents. Successful operation on
Appendix, when necessary
Gall bladder
Tonsils ,
Hospital Phone 110
Office Phone 1S3
Residence Phone 283
1008 West Fourth Street
North Platte, Neb.
Practice Limited to
Surnory and Itadluui Tliorapj
72S City National Rank nulldlui?.
Omaha, Nebraska
Notice, to Creditors.
Estato No. 1G05 of Hans D. Jorgen
sen, Deceased, in tho County Court of
Lincoln county, Nebraska.
Tho Stato of Nebraska, ss. Cred
itors of said estate will take notlco
that tho timo limited for presentation
and filing of claims against said es
tato is May 7th, 1919, and for settle
ment of said estate is January 3d
1920; that I will sit at the county
court room in said county on Februa
ry 7th, 1919, at 10 o clock a. m., and
on May 7th, 1919, at 10 o'clock a. m
to receive, examine, hear, allow, or
adjust all claims and objections duly
J7-J31 CounUy Judge
Office phone 241. Res. phone 217
OHloopnthic Physician.
North Platte, - - Nebraska.
Knights of Columbus llulldlog.
Phone 308
Rooms 1 and 2 Belton Building
North Platto. Nebraska.
Notlco of Petition.
Estato No. 1013 of William A. Mll
lor, deceased, ln tho county court of
Lincoln county, Nobraska. ,
Tho Stato of Nobraska: To all por
sous Interested ln said estato, tako no
tlco that a petition has been filed for
tho nppolutpont of Martin A. Slovors
oa administrator ot said estato which
has boen sot for hearing heroin on
Fobruary 7, 1919, at 9 oclock a. m.
Dated January 10, 1919,
J14J31 County Judge.
Notlco of II earl nir. 4
State of Nebraska, County of Lin
coin, ss.
In tho matter of the Estate ot Aaron
Mills, Deceased.
In tho County Court.
To all persons interested in tho es
tato of Aaron Mills, deceased, both
creditors and holrs. tako notice, That
on tho 2 1th day of Decomber, 1918
Carl Gottlieb Fredrlch, filed his poti
tion in tho County Court of Llncol
County, Nebraska sotting forth-that ho
is tho owner in feo slmplo of tho fol
lowing doscrlbed real estate, to-wlt
The SW4 of Section 2G, Township 13
North of Rnngo 32 West Gth P. M. in
Lincoln County, Nebraska; that tho
said Aaron Mills died Intestato on
Fobruary 11, 1S9S, In Lincoln County
Nobraska, boing at tho- tlmo of hi
death a resident nnd inhabitant of said
Lincoln County, Nebraska, and that at
tho time of the death of tho said Aaron
Mills ho was owner in feo slmplo o
tho nbovo described real estato. That
inoro than two years havo elapsed
sluco his death that no application has
evor been inado for tho appointment
of an administrator In tho Stato of
Nobraska, that tho deceased loft sur
vlvlng, tho following named holrs and
no other: William Mills, Egbort Mills
and Oscar M. Mills.
You aro furthor notified that said
potltlonor prays tho Court to fix a tlm
and placo for tho hearing of said potl
tioii, that notlco of said timo and placo
bo given to all porsons Interested ln
Bald ostato. both crodltors and heirs
and for tho Court to determine th
time of the death of tho said decease
and for a determination of tho heir
ship of the said deceased, a decree of
kinship and tho right of doscont of
said roal estate.
You aro furthor notlflod that said
mattor will bo heard boforo tho Court
at tho County Court room of said
Court on tho 31st day of January.
1919, at 9 o'clock a. m.. when any
porson may appear, object to or con
test said potltion.
Dated Decombor 24. 1918.
J7-J27 County Jndgo.
Hospital Phone Blaak 633.
House Phono Black 633
j Graduate yeterinnrlnn
rii . . .
iMgm years a uovornmont veterinar
ian. Hospital 218, south Locust St.
one-half block southwest of the
Court House.
Best Price Paid for
Hog Market
Office at the Old Stock Yards
We also buy cattle. Call phone
Black 381 for prices
Nortli Platte, Nebraska.
Big Price for Furs.(
From $2 to $4.50 for prime skin3.
Muskrats from 20c to $1.50
Notice for Publication.
Department of tho Interior,
U. S. -Land Office at Broken Bow,
Nebraska, January 22, 1919.
Notlco is hereby given that Bloss A.
Elias, of North Platto, Neb., who, on
August 14, 1915,mado Homestead En
try North Platte No. 0G272, Broken
Bow No. 0118GGG for tho S& SEVi,
Section 22, Township 15 North, Range
30 west of Gth Principle Meridian has
filed notice of Intention to make
three-year proof to establish claim to
tho land above described before the
County Judge of Lincoln cau.nty, No
braska, at North Platte, Nebraska, on
tho 10th day of March, 1919.
Claimant names as witnesses: Den
nis Brien, C. R. Smith, Patrick Mc-
Graw nnd John Weldon, all of North'
Platte, Nebraska.
J28f2S Register,
Notlco to Creditors.
Estate No. 1G10 of Evangeline Gough
Deceased, in tho County Court of
Lincoln County, Nebraska.
Tho State of Nebraska, S.S. Credi
tors of said said estate will talto
notico that the time limited for pres
entation and filing of claims against
said estate is May 2Sth, 1919, and for
tho settlement of said estate 1R Janu
ary 21th, 1920, that I will sit at the
county court room in said county on
February 2Sth, 1919, at 10 o'clock a.
in., and on May 2Sth, 1919, at 10
a. m., to receive,, examine, near, nwow
or adjust all claims and objections
duly filed.
j28f2S County Judge.
In tho Mattor of tho Estate of Anna
Margaretha Meyer, Deceased.
Notlco Is horeby glvon to any and
all persons having claims and de
mands against tho estato of tho said
Anna larparetha Meyer, deceased,
that tho 17th day of May, 1919, has
boen set and appointed as tho day for
tho reception, examination and ad
justment and allowance of lawful
claims and demands of all persons,
against said estato and that tho
County Court of Lincoln County. Ne
braska, will at said tlmo recolvo, ox
aminiif, adjust and', allow all Siuch
claims against said ostato, as provid
ed by law, at tho County Court Room
in the Courthouse in tho City of North
Platte. Lincoln County, Nebraska, and
all poraons so Interested In said os
tato, will appear at said tlmo and
placo and duly present tholr said
claims and demands In tho manner
required by law. or shtnv anso for
not so doing, nnd In case a- of Bald
claims or demands shall not tm pre
sented on or prior to tho Baid 17th
day of May, 1919, tho same shall bo
forovor barred.
signed this notlco nnd affixed tho seal
ot said Court this 17th day of Janu
ary, 1919.
(SEAL) Countv Judge J21F14
Notlco of Potltion.
Estate No. 1G12 ot Earl E. Butlor,
Deceased. In tho county court of Lin
coln county, Nobraska.
Tho State of Nebraska: To all per
sons intorostcd In said ostato tako no
tlco, that a petition has boon filed for
the nppolntment of William M. Sl
mants as administrator of said os
tato, which has been sot for hearing
herein on February' 7th, 1919, nt 9
o'clock a. m.
Dated January 9, 1919.
J14J31 County Judgo.
Morell Keith Neville, Plaintiff,
David Cash and Ellon L. Cash, and '
tho heirs, dovisees, legatees and Per
sonal reprosontntlvos and against all
persons Interested In tho estato of
David Cash and Ellen L. Cash, de
coased, and against the unknown
ownors and claimants of tho following
doscrlbed land sltuato ln Lincoln
County, Nebraska, Northeast Quarter
of Northeast Quarter and Lots 2, 3
and 4 of Section 1, Township 13,
Rango 30; East Half of Northeast
Quarter and Lots 1, 2 and 3 of Soctiou
35, Township 14,, Rango 30. Tho un
known heirs, devisees, nr 1
Abram Wiloy, deceased, unknown
heirs, devisees or legatees of Cynthia
T. Wiley, deceased, and tho unknown
holrs, dovisees or legatees of Frank
M. Wiley, deceased, and against tho
unknown owners or claimants of the
following described land sltuato in
Lincoln County, Nebraska, South half
of Northeast quarter and Lots 1 and
2 of Section 4, Township 13, Range
29. Qoorgo A. Hoagland, his liolrs,
dovisees, legatees, personal represen
tatives and unknown claimants ot the
following described land situated in
Lincoln County, Nobraska, South Half
of Southeast Quarter, South Half of
Southwest Quarter of .Section 12,
Township 13, Rango 29, Defendants
I'Irst Cause of Action.
To David Cash, Ellen L. Cash and
tho holrs, devisees, legatees and ner-
sonal representatives and all persons
interested in the estato of David Cash,
deceased, and Ellon L. Cash, deceased,
and the unknown owners and un
known claimants of the following de
scribed land sltuat - In Lincoln Countv
Nebraska, to-wit: Northeast Quarter
of Northeast Quarter (NE14 of NE4,)
and Lots Two (2), Three (3) and Four
Hj or Section One (1) Townshin
Thirteen (13), N. of Ramro Thirtv
(30) and the East Half of Northeast.
Quarter (E of NEy4) and Lots Ono
(1), Two (2.) and Three (3) of Section
Thirty-flvo (35), Township Fourteen
(14), N. of Range Thirty (30), West
Gth P. M., defendants.
You and each of you will take notice
that Morell Keith Novlllo has com
niencod an action In t;he District
Court of Lincoln County, Nebraska,
against you and each of you, tho ob
ject and prayer of which said petition
is to quiet titlo in plaintiff against
you and each of you in the following
described lands sltuato In Lincoln
County, Nebraska, to-wit: Northeast
Quarter 'of Northeast Quarter (NEA
of NE4) amrLots Two (2), Three (3)
and Four (4) of Section Ono (1)
Township Thirteen (13), Rango Thir
ty (30), West Gth P. M., and East
Half of Northeast Quarter (E4 of
NE14) and Lots One (1), Two (2) and
Three (3) of Section Thirty-five (35),
Township Fourteen (14), Rango Thir
ty (30), West Gth P. M., and to have
decreed to him new nnd independent
titlo by reason of adverse possession
of said described promises against
you by himself and his grantors.
Second Cause of Action.
To Abram Wiley, Cynthia T. Wiley,
Frank M. Wiley and tho heirs, dovi
sees, legatees and personal represen
tatives and all persons interested in
the estato of Abram Wiley, deceased,
Cynthia T. Wiley, deceased.and Frank
M. Wiloy. deceased, and the unknown
ownors and tho unknown claimants
of the following described lands sit
uate in Lincoln County, Nebraska, to
wn Snntlt 1. i 1 P i . t-
tor (S NEH) and Lots Ono (1)
and Two (2) of Section Four (4) in
Township Thirteen (13), Rango Twen-ty-nlno
(29), West of the Gth P. M
You and each of you will take
notice that Morell Keith Novlllo has
commenced an action in tho District
Court of Lincoln County, Nebraska,
against you and each of you, tho ob
ject and prayer of which said petition
is to quiet titlo in plaintiff against you
and each of you in the following des
cribed lands situato in Lincoln Coun
ty, Nobraska, to-wit: South Half of
Northeast Quarter (SM; NE4) and
Lots Ono (1) and Two (2) of Section
Four (4)f Township Thirteen (13),
Range Twonty-nino (29), west of tho
Ijtll l'. M., and to have decreed In lilm
new nnd independent titlo bv reason
of adverse possession of said describ
ed lands against you by himself and
his grantors.
Third Cause of Action.
To Georgo A. Hoagland and tho
heirs, dovisees, legatees and personal
representatives and all porsons in
terested in tho estato of Goorge A.
Hoagland, deceased, and the unknown
owners and unknown claimants of tho
following described lands situate in
Lincoln County, Nebraska, to-wft:
South half of Southeast Quarter (SV
of SB VI) and South Half of Southwest
Quarter (SVa of SWV.) of Section
Twelve (12j,Township Thlrtoon (13).
Rnngo Twonty-nino (29), west of tho
Gth P. M., dofondants.
You, and ench of you will tako notico
that Morell Kolth Neville has com
menced an action In tho District
Court of Lincoln County. Nobraska.
against you and each or you. tho ob
ject and prayer of which Bald potltion
Ib to quiet title In plaintiff against you
anil each of ymi in tho following de
scribed landH Mlluate In Lincoln Coun
ty, NebraMka, to-wlt: Hotith Half of
SoutheaBt Quartar (H HE 14 ) and
South Hair or HoiiUiwomI Quarter I8V3
of 8WV4) or Hch'IIoii Twelve (121,
Township Thlrlnon Rung" Twen,
ty-nlno (29), wont of tlm Ulli p M..
and to havo decreed In htm now and
Independent titlo by reason of nd
Vorso poBBOMMlou or Bald described
pronilsoB ngalnst you by himself nnd
his grantors.
You and oach of yom will mako
answor heroin on or lwforo tho 17th
day ot Fobruary, 1919. or your do
faults will bo takon and Judgment
takon and ontored against you as in
said potltion prayed.
J?-5w Plaintiff