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National Guard? Then It
WASHINGTON. If congress determines to continue the National Guard ns
the array of reserve of the nation, Secretary "Baker states, the Gnunl
crvlce will have to be reconstituted from the ground up. When -the men
are discharged they will return to
civilian life without any obligation
nun mo without any obligation
er to tiio federal or state govern-
its to continue In National Guard
service. Should some systrtn of uni
versal military training be worked out
tt Is probable that the National Guard
will cease to exist.
There are many Nntionul Guard
units organized since the war which
are not affected. The great mass of
the Guard, however, was merged Into
the temporary forces of the nrmy of
the United Stntes for the vjir, thereby loslug Its Identity. These regiments
must be reconstituted, recruited to necessary strength and again presented
to the federal government for recognition before they can take a place In the
federalized National Guard.
Mr. Baker said he believed that state authorities generally would not
nttempt to reconstitute any of the old regiments of National Guard until
after the divisions Into which they had been merged return from France. It
would seem desirable, he thought, that men to be discharged from those divi
sions be given a chance to re-enlist in the guard. This would enable, he said,
the reconstituted regiments to be in fact as well as in name a continuation
of the old organizations, with every right to carry the names of the historic
battles In France of Chateau Thierry, the secpnd Marne, the Ourcq, the
Vcsle, St. Mlhlel, Argonno forest, Sedan, Cote Chatlllon und other pluces tho
divisions mndo famous on their banners.
Permanent Christmas Trees and Memorial Planting
A CALL Is issued by the American Forestry association to every community
In the United States to take steps to make its community Christmas tree
permanent. The association hopes to see the community tree, in many places
great waste every year caused by cutting another tree. In nearly every com
munity there will bo found an Ideal spot for public gatherings. There should
be the living, growing tree that would come to be the gathering point not only
at Christmas, but at other times. Such a tree might become, In many places,
the center of a scheme for planting memorial trees in honor of our sailors
and soldiers. Let us look ahead to next year by having your committee con
sult the city or stilte forester in regard to planting n permanent community
Christmas tree."
The nation-wide movement to plant memorial trees is widening in scope.
Among the many Indorsements are these:
T. Gilbert Pearson, National Association of Audubon Societies Tho
planting of trees means more to bird life titan can be estimated. The Audu
bon societies most heartily indorse tho plan for memorial trees.
Mrs. Ida Evans Arnold, General Federation of Women's Clubs, Chiengo
In the planting of the Lincoln highway we are preserving the native flora
of our country for those to enjoy who come after us; we are assisting In tho
building of a permanent monument to those who lost their lives in the war;
we hope to establish u bird-feeding zone and sanctuary from coast to coast.
Nicknames Replace Division Numbers in A. E. F.
TI1E American is strong for nicknames. Nobody and nothing escapes him.
There are, for lnstnnco, Uncle Sam nnd "Black Jack" Pershing; doughboy
and lentherneck ; Gotham and Windy City ; tho Sucker state nnd Little Iihody.
So it Is not surprising that few of the
army divisions of the A. E. F. are
known among the lighting men by
their official numerical designation.
For example, the Thirty-seventh
division Is naturally known ns the
Buckeye, as It Is made up of National
Guardsmen from Ohio. The Eighty
fourth, composed of men from Indi
ana, Illinois and Kentucky, is the Lin
coln division. 'The Forty-first, made
up from Oregon, Washington, Mon
tana, Idnho, Wyoming and North
Dakota, is tho Sunset. The Forty-second, the famous Ilnlnbow,
named because it reflects local color
way, It is made up of portions of the National Guards of New York, Louisi
ana, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Ohio, Georgia, Alabama, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana,
Minnesota, Maryland, Soutli Carolina, Colorado, Missouri, Virginia, North
Cnrolinn, Kansas, Texas, New Jersey, Tennessee, Oklahoma, District of
Columbia, Michigan, Nebraska, California and Oregon, anil was, beyond
question, the most cosmopolitan division that left Americnn shores.
The Twenty-ninth, from New Jersey, Virginia, Maryland, Delnware and
the District of Columbia, is the Blue and Gray division. Dixie is the name
of the division containing National Guardsmen from Georgia, Alabama and
Florida. Tho Ninety-first, from Washington, Oregon, Colorado, Nevada, Utah,
Idaho, Montana and Wyoming, Is the Wild West division. As most of tho
doughboys in tho Eightieth come from south of Mason and Dixon's line, they
have taken tho name of Lee division.
Where, Oh, Where, Are Cherry Tree and Hatchet?
THE valuable collection of Wiishingionin, collected by it. T. Crane, Jr., of
Chicago, lias been presented by him to the naval academy, Annapolis, Md.
It will be placed In Memorial hall at the academy. The collection Includes:
Nine mother-of-pearl whist coun
on parchment for C10 acres of land dated April 1, 1797. Bill of sale of camp
cups. Lease written by General Washington, containing 1U nrttogrnphs. Sur
vey made personally by General Washington and set out In his own hand
writing. Recommendation and letter to Dr. John Cochran. Dlschurge of
Nicholas Hill, with General Washington's signature. Invitation to James
Madison to dine.
Two silver cups engraved with "W," used by General AVashlngton during
tho .Revolutionary war. Silver and steel shoe buckle owned and used by
Col. John Augustine Washington, brother of General Washington. Pair of
gold and sliver buckles worn by General Washington. One Wedgwood brooch
owned by General Washington. Four engraved copper buttons from General
Washington's coat.
One tortoise shell snuffbox, gold rims, and gold button on top center,
marked "G. W. to J. A. W."
Cup and saucer, white and gold china, used by General Washington at
Mount Vernon.
Must Be Reconstructed
(try IWUD of
A -roc HiTirvNil
become the central point of a me
morial tree planting scheme In honor
of the sailors and soldiers who gavo
their lives In tho war. The call fol
lows: ''At this Christmas season let us
consider plans for making the com
munity Christmas tree permanent. In
such a tree wo would have a reminder
of tho year-around Christmas spirit
and a dally lesson before us all of
what the Christmas spirit means, to
say nothing of the elimination of the
1 1 6EL0NG TO TH" 1
be so
from half the states of the Union. Any
ters. One executor's account book.
One original land account book of
Washington, covering period 1702-1781,
Inclusive. Key to house in which Gen
eral Washington was born. One mosaic
top of General Washington's snuffbox.
One invitation to dine, addressed to
Benjamin West.
Deed on parchment for 550 acres
of land, dated October 25. 1750. Deed
on parchment for MO rjuurter ocres of
land, dated February 2S, 1772. Deed
v, S A
I AH' I'M KV-rrT S,
Extension Worker Makes Educa
tional Display, Attracting
Much Interest.
Beginners Shown Advisability of Using
Western Ewes as Foundation
Stock Farmers Realize Value
of Pure-Bred Sire.
(Prepared by the United StiUes Depart
ment of Agriculture)
That the county fair is a fertile field
for carrying on extension work has
been demonstrated in the tipper penin
sula of Michigan by Duncan L. Mc
Millan, extension specialist In sheep
husbandry of the United States de
partment of agriculture, co-operating
with the Michigan College of Agricul
ture. . During tho recent county fair
season Mr. McMillan displayed a novel
sheep exhibit, prepared strictly on ed
ucational lines, nt live locnl fairs. Tho
object of the display was to demon
strate Improved methods in handling
and breeding sheep to farmers al
ready in tho business, and to stimu
late and assist others in getting start
ed properly. It illustrated to begin
ners the advisability of using western
owes as foundation stock and crossing
them witli pure-bred rams of the black
fared breeds to build and grade tip
Make-Up of F-.hlblt.
The exhibit was made up of several
pens of sheep, Including one of west
ern ewes brought In from the range
this year, and others of first, second
nnd third crosses of western ewes and
pure-bred rams. One pen of Angora
goats was used to demonstrate their
brush-clearing ability by placing quan
tities of brush in such fashion ns to
make the goats climb for it. Milk
goats were also included In the exhib
it. The sheep In the exhibit were
used for special judging demonstra
tions nnd In Illustrating the more im
portant points to be considered In se
lecting breeding stock and culling tho
ilock. Visitors showed keen Interest
and took advantage of the opportunity
to ask questions, which kept the exten-
Besides Supplying Wool and Mutton,
Sheep Are Excellent Weed De.
slon men in charge of tho exhibit busy
explaining various phases of the sheep
Important Things Accomplished.
On the whole, tho most important
things accomplished sejem to be that
farmers came to realize the value of
tho pure-bred sire. Also, they learned
to appreciate western ewes as foun
dation stock and to recognize the or
ror of using the open, coarse-wooled
breeds of sheep for this purpose.
County Agents Have Directed Consid
erable Effort In Selection and
Testing Campaigns.
(Prepared by the United States Depart
ment of Agriculture.)
Realizing tho Importance of good
seed corn as an essential in increasing
production, und knowing that fall-selected
seed corn is best, county agents
have directed considerable effort In
seed-corn selection und testing cam
paigns. Three hundred and fifty-four
ugents assisted OII.SIIJ farmers last
year In the 'XI Northern and Western
states in fall-selecting seed corn, and
more than a million udditionnl acres
wore planted with full-selected corn re
sulting from work of the agents dur
ing the previous full. Assistance was
given to 30.KI8 farmers In tho testing
of seed corn, resulting in 040,503 addi
tional acres being planted with tested
seed. The agents conducted extension
campaigns to encourage seed corn se
lection In the fall and seed-corn test
ing in Illinois, Indlnnu, Iowa, Michi
gan and Pennsylvania.
Necessary Moisture and Plant Food
Utilized at Expense of Important
Food Crops.
Cultivation stirring tho soli kills
needs, which draw moisture and plant
food nt tlie expense of the crops, nnd
ncorporaU's air, it necessity. Into the
roll. A clod of eurtli locks up plant
food und prevents its utilization by
the plant.
' Each ton of manure applied
will produce from $4 to $9 wortli
of crops.
Each limed aero of ncld Boll
will produce from $5 to $15 In
crease In crops.
Grain crops are worth from
$1C to $25 per acre If planted on
soli that grow n legume the
previous year.
Sixty-five per cent of all farm
land needs lime nnd phosphorus
which are sold In several forms.
Alabama County Agent Relates Com
mendable Spirit Exhibited by
Southern Youth.
(Prepared by the United Stntes Depart
ment of Agriculture.)
Ambition engendered by boys' clubs
in tho South does not stop nt crop
growing or production. Tho progres
sive spirit inculcated by county agents
nnd demonstrators leads to higher as
pirations, good citizenship nnd the tie-
Bale of Broom Corn.
sire for education beyond that obtain
able in tho elementary schools. An
example of this commendable spirit
comes to the states relation service in
n recent field report from Alnbamn.
"One of my boys," writes the agent in
Center, a town in Cherokee county,
"has made 102 brooms from his corn,
lie lins sold GO at $1 each and has
200 more to make. The proceeds he
will devote to ids education along
more advanced lines."
Ailing Animals Should Be Immediately
Isolated in Clean Quarters
j Disinfect Pens.
I i Prepared "by tho United States Depart-
ment ot Agriculture.)
As soon us sickness appears In the
herd the unaffected hogs should at
oace be removed to clean, disinfected
quarters, preferably without much
range, for by running over pnstures
they mny come In contact with con
tagion. Their feed should be carefully
regulated and, If they have previously
been on pasture, should includo some
green feed, roots, or an abundance of
.skim milk.
Tho quarters In which tho sickness
first appeared should be thoroughly
cleaned, all bedding and rubbish
burned, nnd loose boards and old par
titions torn out and burned. If the
pen Is old, knock It to pieces and burn
it. Disinfect pens nnd sleeping places,
using airslaked lime on the floors and
Hie cnrbolic-acid solution on tho walls
and ceilings. Whitewash everything.
If a hog dies from any cnuse 'the car
cass should never be exposed where it
may be devoured by the other hogs or
by passing birds or beasts, but should
be burned nt once or hurled deeply and
the pens thoroughly disinfected Inline
dintely. If possible, do not move tho
enrenss from the place where It falls;
but If necessary to do so the ground
over which It Is dragged should be dis
infected. It Is not known positively
hew long the virus of hog cholera may
survive In the soil, hut under fuvor
alile conditions It Is not unlikely that
it may live In the ground for several
months. Care should be taken to main
tain n strict quarantine between the
sii It and healthy hogs. Tho same at
tendant should not care for both lots
unless he disinfects himself thoroughly
after each visit to the Infected hogs,
l ogs should be confined until tho dis
e;iM is stamped out.
Tho treatment of hogs suffering from
cholera- Is not satisfactory after the
di-ease has become well established in
a herd. The prevention of an out
break by the use of antihog-cholera
viieclnntion should bo relied upon rath
er than the cure of sick animals.
Average Increase of 10.4 Bushels Per
Aero Secured During First Year
of Application.
Tho results of a large number of
te-ts conducted by the University of
Missouri Collego of Agriculture show
that mnuuru applied to corn land tin
dc r Missouri conditions nt the rate of
cuht loads per acre has given an uver
age Increase of 10.4 busbies during tho
first season following Its application.
At tho present price of fnrm products
tins should be sulllclent reason for
n.aklng u special effort to snvo every
ton of manure produced on the farm.
iui to see that It Is returned to file
field before tho corn crop Is plunted.
Breaks up
a Cold.
Good for
Thoto who object to liquid medU
olnei on teouro Peruna Tablets
When the Baboon Calls.
Baboons have been n sore trouble
la'ely to many South African folk, nnd
poison clubs have been founded to
keel) them away and reduce their
numbers. Uaboons recently raided a
farm In Robertson, nnd, Ignoring nil
efforts to drive them away, rode the
donkeys In the back yard. In Lulngs
burg, driven by hunger, they raided
gardens In broad daylight.
Look at the tongue, mother I If
coated, it Is a sure slgu that your lit
tlo one's stomach, liver and bowels
needs a gentle, thorough cleansing nt
When peevish, cross, listless, pale,
doesn't sleep, doesn't cnt or act natu
rally, or la feverish, stomnch sour,
breath bad; has stomach-nchc, sore
throat, diarrhoea, full of cold, give a
teaspoonful of "California Syrup of
Figs," and In a few hours all tho foul,
constipated waste, undigested food
and sour bile gently moves out of the
little bowels without griping, nnd you
have a well, playful child again.
You needn't coax sick children to
take this harmless "fruit laxative;"
they love Its delicious taste, nnd It
always makes them feel splendid.
Ask your druggist for n bottle of
"California Syrup of Figs," which has
directions for bnblcs, children of nil
ages and for grown-ups plainly on the
bottle. Bcwnro of counterfeits sold
here. To be sure you get the genuine,
nsk to see that It is mnde by tho "Cali
fornia Fig Syrup Company." Rcfuso
any other kind with contempt. Adv.
The Movie Business.
"I hear your star Is demanding an
other raise." "Yes; she heard In some
way that we are llnully making a prof
t." Lives 200 Years!
For more than 200 Haarlem Oil,
the famous national remedy of Holland,
Iihb been recognized as an infallible relief
from all forms of kidney and bladder dis
orders. Its very nge is proof that it linut
have unusual merit.
If you arc troubled with pains or aches
in the baclt, feci tired in the morning,
headaches, indigestion, insomnia, painful
or too ficquent passage of urine, irritation
or stone in the blunder, ynn will nitnost
certainly find relief in GOLD MICDAL
Ilnarlem Oil Capsules. This is the Rood
old remedy that Iibb stood the test for
hundreds of years, prepared in tile proper
Juantity and convenient form to take,
t is imported direct from Holland lab
oratories, and you can get it at any
drug store, it m a standard, old-time
home remedy and needs no introduction.
Kach capsule contains one doe of five
drops and is pleasant and easy to take.
Tiiey will quickly relieve those stiffened
joints, that backache, rheumatism, lum
bago, sciatica, gall stones, gravel, "brick
dust." etc. Your money promptly refund
ed if they do not rclipve vou. nut lie sure
to get the genuine GOLD MEDAL brand.
In boxes, three sizes. -Adv.
Two Qualities to Cultivate.
Be loving, unit you will never want
for love; be humble, and you will nev
er want for guidance. 1). M. Mulock.
To half pint of water add 1 oz. II ly
Hum, a small box of ltarbo Compound,
and Vi oz. of glycerine. Any druggist can
put this up or you can mix it at home at
very littlo cost. Kull directions for mak
ing and use to mo in each box of llarho
Compound. It will gradually dnrken
Btrcuktd, faded gray hair, and make it soft
anil glossy. It will not color tiio scalp, is not
sticky or greasy, and does not rub off.Adv.
Bequeathed Elsewhere.
"My ancestors were nil people with
"Too bud vou were disinherited "
When Your Eyes Need Care
Try Murine. Eye Remedy
No BinnrtlnK - Just Hjn Gum fort. Ul cunts at
JJrutiKlitu or mall. Wrltn for Krno Hro Hook.
In the House
All the time
IVIr. Robert McDougall, R.
R. No. 6, Liberty, Indiana,
"I wish to stato that I always
keep Poruna in tho house. I
think it Is a eood mcdtclno to
havo on hand. If I commence
taking a cold, I take Peruna and
It breaks It up for mc. It la
also good for tho Bronchial
Peruna has served the Amer
ican people for more than forty
years. Those who know Its value
always havo It at hand. Why
not you?
Much More Important.
He Didn't you promlso nt tho altar
to love, honor and obey me?
She Goodness knows wliat I prom
ised. I was listening to hear what yon
promised. Boston Transcript.
Has been used for all ailments that
nro caused by a disordered stomach
and Inactive liver, such as sick head
ache, constipation, sour stomach,
nervous Indigestion, fermentation of
food, palpitation of tho heart caused by
gases In the stomacli. August Flower
Is a gentle laxative, regulates digestion
both In stomach und Intestines, cleans
and sweetens tho stomach and allmen
tnry cnnnl, stimulates the liver to so
crete the bile nnd Impurities from tho
blood. Sold In nil civilized countries.
Glvo It n trial. Adv.
Away With Theml
Stella The Smiths have never quar
reled. Bella Slackers I Life.
Coated tongue, vertigo nnd consti
pation are relieved by Garfield Tea..
More than 7i per cent of tho trade
of' Hgypt Is with tho British posses
sions. .
Back Lome and Achy ?
There's little pcaco when your kid
neys aro weak and while at first thefre
may be nothing more serious than dull
backache, sharp, stabbing pains, head
aches, dizzy spells and kidney irregu
larities, you must act quickly to avoid
the more serious trouble, dropsy, gravel,
heart disease, Bright's disease. Use
Doan's Kidney Pills, tho remedy that
is so warmly recommended everywhere
by grateful users, (
An Iowa Case
"Evtry Ficturt
Joo Goodman,
butcher, p r I m
Rliar, Iowa, says!
"H o m o 1 1 mos I
hnvo baekacho
pretty badly. At
tlmos it Eots a
good Hold on me
nnd lays tno up
until I get Doan's
Kidney Pills. I
have, that tired
fcellnR and lacR
ambition to do
any hoavy work.
When suffering
In that way I
tnko a few doses
of Doan's Kidney Pills and they
strengthen my back and make me
feel bettor in every way. I wouldn't
bo without them on hand."
Get Dona's at Anr Stor. COc Box
Bring Your Friends Along
I nmwell pleated with EATONICnnd II
iurely doc Juit wliat it aaya It wIlL Know
I can recommend It highly; because my
customers coma hack for mora nnd not only
pralsa it, but brintr or sand tholr frionds
for It, An old gentlemen 87 years old aays,
"I would gut indigestion so bad. thought 1
would dlo. would havo to getaphyalclan and
bo in bod from ono to three days; In July I
got EATONIO and have not had n spell
Ince, nor aphytlcan nnd I know I2ATONIU
ho. kept mo well." J. K. FKOCTOIl, Unw
gist. Wooiter, (Jhla
After meals eat one
nemovrs Heartburn. Indigestion, that foil
feeling, nlmont instantly; dsive gas ont of
body und tba blout with rL All Urugglata.
Your Veterinarian can stamp
tlicra out with Cutter's Anti-Calf
Scour Scrum and Cutter' Germ
Free Blackleg Filtrate and Aggressin,
or Cutter's Blackleg Pills.
Ask him about them. If he
hasn't our literature, write to ua for
information on these products.
The Cutter Laboratory
Berkeley, Cel., or Chicago, III.
"Th Laboratory That Know How"
A toilet prtpwalloa ot merit.
Ilelpa to radlcata dandruff.
ForRaitorlnv Color and
Boauty toCrar or Faded Hnir.1
frtra. ana si.ogas israreuu.
Creamery and Cream
Station Supplies
Milk Bottles and Dairy Supplies; Rca
Cases and Chicken Coops
1.109 Jone3L 1901 E. 4th St,
I ISTFN! A'." '1nr ,too'' MeUl1 nil "" I'alnu
l.iu!l,mi direct from manufacturer. iHomriiil
Deep-Seated Colds
develop Jcrious complications If neglected,
l ie an old and time-tried remedy that
has given satisfaction for more than fifty years
I till a Sfry- JHfx