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    gcmtff3cckly tribune.
IltA L BARE, Editor uml I'ultllslier
Ono Year liy Mall, in adrnncc. .$1.75
Ono Year by Carrier, in advance, $2.00
Entered at tho North Platte, Nebraska
Postofflco as Second Class Matter.
TUESDAY, DECEMBER. 3ril, 1018.
Tlio Wiure FnionII'oii.
To tlio Editor of Tha Tribune I no
trtcod an editorial In your Tuoflduy'H
pupar on .tho rullroad wage sotttoig
tlio prlco for other labor. That part
I think In truo, hut I don't agrei
with tho wrltor on some of h'.a state
ment or ideas. I think Mr. McAdoo
didn't imo a certain per cent raise for 0f Htaff. showed a total of 282,093
all of tho railroad mon lecauo ho exclusive of prlnonors. The total.
viivr sonio of tho mon or claiwoi wore which exceed tlwt made public a
moro undorpald than othor. I will ago i,y 28.000 covers all lowse
havio to adnUt that It taken a lot oft0 November 20. The prlnrlpal chaiiBo
aklll to opon tho throttle or use the n tHQ revt,,0,i ut Is tho addition of
air, but I think It takew a groat deal . 13,100 men missing In action. Gonoral
more klll to rebuild a locomotive and ; Pftrshinc. it wa wild, has thus far
Washington. Nov. 80. Four divi
sions In their entirety and major
units of alght other division of the
American army In France have been
designated by General Pershing for
an early return home. These troops
with othor special units, Oonoral
March, chief of staff, announced total
3,461 officers and 79,003 men. The
complete divisions which will return
8t an early date. General March said,
are the Thirty-ninth, Sovonty-soven-ill
and Ninety-second. Important ele
ments of the following divisions, to
return as soon as transporatlon facili
ties are available, are tha Thirty-first,
Thlrty-fomrtli. Thirty-eighth- Fortieth
Eighty-fourth, Il'Khty-nfth, Eighty
sixth find Eighty-eighth.
New figures on the American army
CHftiiftWMes, announced by the chief
nut the uir and thrtoittlo on It. 80 ac
cording to my Idea tho railroad mo
chanlc hIiouIiI not only rocolvo Sis
much as the brave engineer- but
should rccd'vo more for his skill. I
do not think the euglneor is getting
t(o much pay, as It never has boon
customary for a rallmnd company to
pay Its omployos moro than thoy
earn. Whenever tho car ropalror ro
coIvoh more than tho onglneor, or as
much, you may bo that tho ontfl
noor has been laying off tor the car re
pairer has been worUlng day and
1 am mot a machinist or a car-load-hut
I am for them. C. A. H.
Huh LohI Us Tlllo.
MUwaukco, tho city of Iwor, lost Its
proud title at mldrilght Saturday.,
Tlio city that certain brows made fam
ous will have to seek anothor causo
fcr fame. Tho food administration or
der stopping tho manufacture) of edi
blo grains Into boor goes Into effect
with tho beginning of Dccomhor, and
Mwaukooi'a faniaua broworlos wiill
have to Book nomo other commodity
to turn out fcom the great plants.
Tho brewora doclaro that thotr
plants will not remain Idlo long. Tho
manufacture) of near boors will con
tinue and tho hrowera will bo allowed
to contlnuo oporatlonH as broweries
until thcf.r prosont stocks of malt are
exhaiiHtetl. Already, however, tho
browors aro turning their plants Into
other lines of endeavor.
forwarded no explanation of tho In
croaso under this hoadlng and It wns
assumed that an error occured in tho
transmission or tho previous figures.
Gonoral March explained that tho re
vised flguros on prisoners could not bo
declphored In General Pershing's mes
sage Tlio special units to ombark soon
consist largely of coast artillery brig
ados nnd separato roglments, many
battalions and battorlos of antri-alr-craft
artillery, engineers, trench mor
tar battorlos and a number of other
organizations Including aero squad-
. rons.
1 Orders have boon Issued tho chief
I of stnff also said, for tho demobiliza
tion of 010,000 mon In tho enmps and
cantonments In tho United States. Ap
proximately 40-000 officers and men
In tho heimo camps have already been
By tho end of Docombor, General
March Indicated, 150,000 to 175,000
mombors of the expeditionary forcos
will have rotclrncd to this country.
Pv utilizing a largo number of naval
vesoels and cargo caricra. In nddl
Homb to transports, ho said the war
denartniont hoped In Mmo to provide
transportation for 300-000 men a
month. ,
: :o: :
Amorlcan troops crossed tho fron
tier Into Prussia at daylight Sunday
behind tho German rear guards.
Trovoi Is tho most Important city
Walsh Defines Ehing Wiuro.
Evory worklngman Una a proporty thus far occu'nlcd. American troops
riglit in ma jot), declared Frank P, nlso aro patrolling score? of vr.llnge3,
Walsh, joint chairman of tho national howovor.
Wm,nb0.r hlin' , .,.,' Oonoral Porshlng Is In tho immodl
"Tla Is the basis of all justice." vicinity to observe tho operations.
10 nddod, "and should bo protoctod by m, ,ivnnco headquarters iwll bo es
tho government, tubthhed at Troves, whero Gon. Pros-
Assorting that tho war labor board ton nrown will bo nVlHary governor
had found upon Investigation that a n-i on. Hnrrv A. Smith In chargo
family of llvo could not bo supported Pf ciVj n ITnira
pn a wago of loss than $34.80 wookly, ; The advance averaged 12 miles.
10 declared that "wherever an Indus- Trf,vp ,H Hitimtod on the right bank
ry rofusos to pay lit. workers a llv-;f ,,, Mr,,0 river 57 miles south
ing wage, It has no right to exist, and, . v,,t of OobleiMz. It Is perhaps tho
furthermore no states can live which O,,loflt town fn 0onnnny nml ls r,ch ,
pornilts fsuch nn udtmtry to exist nomnn rollcs. Tho population nt the
Ivi'ii, (irn" . . nMMirrnlc of the war was about 00.000.
Workliiginon have the right to or-j . ...
irnn7.o, ho said, and ho e'Jiaractorlzcd Neighborhood Nerns
tho nomadic worker as "tho shifting' Fro(i tIooHton, of Grant, ti'ed Mon-
winu noneniu muusiry." .,,.. ,norni,ltr of i.Hi.rlns rncolvo.l ln.
Sat.ur-lny nlgjit, whon an automobllo
ir which ho and four of hlfi friends
wore riding- went into the ditch. Tho
nnrty was roturnipg from a daico nt
Venango when the nee'dont occurred.
Two of tlm party escaped with slight
'linrloT n"d two wore not hurt at all.
Tho Inlluoira situation romalns
"'out tlio aamo in the county, but
hero bus boon a fresh outbreak fn
town, making It necessary to close the
schools, churches, picture showsi and
all othor public gatherings until tho
eruditions aro much Improved. Of tho
thirty odd casei In town, only a fow
aro considered dangerous. Ogalalla
: to: :
! A few evcepllonnl bargains in see
on hand Fords . 1IcudyOglor Auto Co.
Pee ce Brings Us New Mouths to Feed
Overseas Soldiers Arrive.
Tho first shipload of returning over
seas soldiers arrived at Ilobokon yes
torday morning on the British stoam
sliln Mnurotnnla. Five other vesseds
with trains on board vf U nrrlvo tho
latter part cr this wendt.
I! vou have no annotlto for yrnr
meals, lomothlntr Is wrong In your dl-
rotlve prions Tnko a doso or two of
Prlclelv Ash IVtters. It cleanses tho
stp uach, liver and bowels, croatos ap-
re'i'jp. v'7or nnd cheerfulness. Prlco nor bnttln G',.iininro-nont Drug
C"., Spoclal Agents.
. .
Ver Itent --Nicely furnlshod room
for man or woman flOR W. Uh
November 25th, 191S
Hoard of county commissioners metis'
pursuant to adjournment, present
gpringer, Herminhausen- Koak and
county clork.
The following claims were allowed:
A. 11. Hoagland, englneman and
cash Items, $310.29
A. P. Kelly, printing and supplies,
Sundry persons surveying roads
No. 0 and No. 308, '$28.50.
Sundry parsons measuring fills cn
Osgood bridge. $10.00.
C. L. Grant, road work. $38.00.
Geo. O. Fowler, road work, $7.r0.
U. W. Drown- roHd wcrk $20.00.
Henry Shaw road work $14.40.
Harry Dixon ropalrs $1.50.
C'laue Andorson road work $00.00.
B. J. Oulnan roael work $75.00.
F. E. Slmnntg assessing Hall pre
cinct $100.00.
Standard Oil Co. eyll $22.13.
Emma Pulvor care of poor $1019.15
Wm. Roddon cutting pipes $5.00.
Alfred Larson road work $15.00.
Anton Isackson road work $15.00.
Ed Isackson raid work $15.00.
Harry Andorson road work $S.00.
Elmer Oman road work $5.00.
August Larson road work $20.00.
Emll Omnn road work $0.00.
It. T. Welllvor road work $5.00.
H. T. Johnson road work $15.00.
Hormnn Johnson road work $80.25.
Omaha Structural Ssel Oct.
W. F.
C. D.
Roy Fetters road work $9.00.
Otter Johnson road work $0.00.
J. F. Calkins road work $14.40.
Sam Palmer bridge work $03.00.
Win. Johnson brldgo work $103.25.
J. F. Snyder road work $02.85.
Sundry persons road work $17.50.
W. F. Llnnomeyer scraper $12.50.
Sundry persons road Work $12.50.
C. H. Cochran road work $91.25.
Sundry poraons road work $148.25.
Honry Llnnenieyer road work
Flavo VanNatta road work $1.50.
(Jarl Larson road work $12.00.
It. Larsion road work $9.00.
Wm. Anderson road work $9.00.
Clyde VanNatta road work $9.00.
H. E. Andorson road work $4.50.
John Korto road work $3.00.
Roy Teeters road work $10.00.
in '
Llnnoinoyor road work
Ll(nnoni.oyer road work
Johnson road work $18.00.
Llnnenieyer road work
lave more sail and more kinds of sail
dealers of North Platte put
than all the
together. Betlcr call and get your supply.
Our sales of CARNATION FLOUR is con
stantly increasing.
Leypoidt & Pennington
Lamb Building; North Locu&t Street
Repairing, Cleaning and Pressing.
Wo Toko Orders for tho
Standard Custom Garment Co., of Chicago.
Will Make Garments in Our Shop if Desired.
218 East 6th Street Over Keen's Gun Shop
Marines to Do Held.
There will bo no general demobili
zation oC the marine corps until after
the conclusion of (peace, Secretary
Daniels said, although such dischar
ges as oan be effected gradually with
out impairment of tho servico will be
grnnted .
: :o: :
When your digestion Is poor, when
your bowels aro costive, when your
breath is bad, when your stomach ls
sick or disordered, and you feel lan
guid and low-spirited, Prjckly Ash
Hitters is tho remedy you need. It
cleanses tho vital organs, purifies tho
bowels, and iinparts a fine feollng of
strength, vigor and cheerfulness.
Price $125 per bottle. Oummore
Dont Drug Co.. Special Agents?;
road work
road work
C. D.
John Woldon 'road work $3.00.
Adjourned to Decembor 2d
Docombor 2, 1918.
Board mot pursuant to adjournment
present Hermlnghaiiscn and Koch and
county clerk.
Claims were allowed as follows:
EsiN Wessburp. salary, $75.00.
13. Mercer, road dragging, $3.00.
Thos, Easter, road work. $5.00.
Sundry persons, road work Dist.
58. $98.00. J
Wesloy Cocklo, dragging roads, $13.
Fred Tobas, brldgo work, $33.00.
Sundry persons, road work Dlst.
4. $50.25. -v .
Sam Souder. offico oxpenses, $304.83
K. It .Sprlngor, sorviees. $92.75.
C. R. Cochran, rond work. $21.25.
L. Perkins, road work, $92.50.
L. Gnmbrol. Janitor, $76.05.
Ailcen Gnntt, salary, $133.33.
Fayo Eldor, salary. $55.00.
A'lloen Gantti. visiting schools,
Alloon Gantt, offico expenses, $28.99
L L. Voddor. firo guards. $10.00.
Will Saunders, road work, $37.50.
.lf?so l onir. road work. $10.00..
Thos. McDormott. road work. $5.
Fred Marquette. rend work. $7.50.
J. C. Lucas, rond work, $13. SO.
H. E. Norton, road work, $21.00.
n. ,T. Greelev. firo gunrds. $1.80.
J. E. Ham. flre guards. $1.80.
Harvev Snnw. fire guards $13.20.
Wm. .Tnngon. rood work. $2S.00.
Albert Itlchiger. rood work. $10.20.
Vnrlfn Jei)en. rond work, $23.80.
rnk Gvrox, rond work. $5.40.
.E. S. Rose, rond work. $18.00.
fnri Vnng, rond work, $5.40.
Tlort Hall. read work. $5. to.
llert Rnlser, rond wrk. $2.70.
?n(irv nc-soiiH. clerks and Judges
of election. $1,009.35.
rMinnrv nloctloii exnonso. S14S1 .95
Sundry nersons, canvassing election
"ti.a. en.
T U. Il'ill. care of T. J, T"k.
Tfi L. Hn'0. prlntbifr nnd sunulles.
" nv,'vl"'!ninpn
"'. 10. ,
13 T. Ko'h. snln-v n"'
Alien, snlnry. $137.
A. S. Allon, offico oxnenoei $33
Tim Rntton. snlarv. $100.00.
Anna Anderson, enro of Enimn An
derson. $35.00 ,
A J Snllsbury. salnry. $145.80.
Erank Koch. oiiKlneiiinn. $18.00.
John Rltnor. brldgo work. $371.00.
Adjourned to Doc. 9. 1918.
Drive Away the
Chill With a
Gas Room
North Platte Light
& Power Co
Osteopathic Physician
K. of C. Bnlldin?
Associnled Willi Dr. Drost.
Office phone 241. Res. phone 217
Osteopathic Physician.
North Platte, - - Nebraoku.
Knights of Columbus Building.
Plisylclan and Surgeon.
Special Attention Given to Surgery
una Obstretrlcs.
Office: Building & Loan Building
Phones: Offico 130, Residence 115
Practice Limited to
Surgery and Iladlum Therapj
728 City ISationul Bank Building.
Omaha, NebraHfcs.
Wiiy not write your firo nnd cyclone
Insurance with a roliublo company
who Invest tholr premiums In Liberty
Bonds and irlve our county tho credit. us for farm and automobile rates
For Medical, Surgical, Mat
ernity and convalescent pati
ents. Successful operation on
Appendix, when necessary
Gall bladder
Hospital Phone 110
Office Phone 183
Residence Phone 283
1008 West Fourth Street
North Platte, Neb.
just in rare
Let McGraw
If yourRadintor leaks, or is
filled with sed'ment and your
car heatd, have it fixed before
winter. Before using any
anti-freezinj solution, be sure
your radiator is tight and
Romigh Garage 6th and Locust Street
Some North I'latto People- May Wait
Till It's Too Lale.
Don't wait until too lato.
Bo Hiiro to bo in tlmo.
Just in tlmo with kidney ills.
Meana curliiR tho backache, tho dlz
zlnoHB, tho urinary ellBortlora.
That bo ofton como with kldnoy
, trouDioa.
1 Doan's Kidney Pills Are for this
very purposo.
II010 is North Plutto togtlniony of
eueir worm.
Mrn. J. R. Raskins, 328 W. Klshth
St.. says: "My kldnova had boon
actlnp IrreKularly and I know thoy
wero tho causo of my foor hoeth.. I
folt tired nnd deproBaod and waa
nervous . I wna takon with dizzy
' Bpolla and spots camo hoforo my oyes.
I hndn't been uslnt; Doan'B kldnoy
PUIb lonp bororo I folt much hottor.
The bonoflt Bonn's gavo mo tirovo thoy
tho flno."
Prlco 00c. at all dealers. Don't
simply nsk for a klndoy remedy Rot
Doan's Kldnoy Pills tho Bamo that
Mrs. nasklns had. Postor-Mllburn
Co,, Mfgrs., Buffalo, N. Y.
Prices are High
Before you ship come
and see inc.
(.'eiieral Farm Sales 11 Specialty.
References and Dates nt First
National Bank, North Platte, Ncbr.
Phone 1000.
..General Hospital..
One Hall Block North 01 Postoftice.
Phone 58
A modern institution for th
cientific treatment of medical,
surgical and confinement case.
Completely equipped X-Ray
and diagnostic laboratories.
Geo. B. Dent. M. D. V. Lucas, M. D.
J.B. RedaelMLD. J. S. SIMMS, M.D.
Best Price Paid lor
Hog Market
Office at the Old Stock Yards
We nlso buy cattle.
North Platte, Nebraska.
Licensed Embamers
Undertakers and Funeral Diroctora
Buy phoao il
Night phono Black CSS
Rooms 1 and 2 Belton Building
North Platto, Nebraska.
W. E. FL
Office over McDonald Bank.
Office Phone 11.10 Res. Phone 1120
Hospital Phone Black 633.
House Phone Black 033
Graduate Veterinarian
Klght years a Government Veterinar
ian. Hospital 21S, south Locust St.
one-half block southwest of the
Court House.
My ono best reference I'm always
elated abend Phone at my expense
for dates
Tho defendants, Theodore B. Pot
ter and Pottor, his wife, real namo
unknown, and the unknown heirs, dov-
iBees, legatees and personal represen
tatives of Theodoro E. Potter and
Potter, his wife, real namo unknown,
If deceased, nnd all persons Interested
in tho Northwest Quarter (Nw) of
Sectlo Twelve (12), Township Fifteen
(15) north of Range Thirty-three (33),
West Sixth P. M., Lincoln county,
Nebraska, are hereby notified that on
tho 28th day of August 1918, the Equi
table Land Company, as plainfciff hero
in, filed its petition in the district
court of Lincoln county. Nebraska,
ngaHnst you and each of you, tho ob
ject and prayer of vhtch petition aro
to quiet tho title in plaintiff to the
following described real estate to-wlt:
Tho Northwest Quarter NWYi of
Section Twelve (12), Township fif
teen (15), north of Range Thirty-three
(33), west Gth P. M., in Lincoln coun
ty, Nebraska.
And for general, equitable rellof and
costs. You and oach of you are here
by required to answer or plead to said
petition on or uefore tlie 6th day or
January, 1919, or tho same will bo ta
ken as true and decree and Juelgment
rendered therein as prayed quieting
title to said real proporty In tho name
of plaintiff and canceling and annul-
ing any and claims of said defendants
or either of them and for costs.
nl95w By J. W. James, Its attorney.
No:ico of Suit.
In tho Matter of the Estate of John
Bratt, Deceased. NOTICE.
To all persons Interested in said
estate, Notice ts horeby given that
Elizabeth Bratt, Elizabeth M. Bald
win, Jessie M. Hondy, Grace S. Good
man and Nellie E. Buckley, nee Bratt,
Executrices of tlio estate of John
Bratt, doceasod. filed a final account
of tho administration of said estate
and also thcUr application for the ells-
trniution of all personal property of
said estate and the assignment of the
real proporty thereof and that tho said
account and application for tho as
signment and elJstrihirtion of said es-
tato will bo heard boforo tho County
Court of said County in the Court
house in tho city of North Platte, Lin
coln County, Stato of Nobraska, on
tho lGth day of Decembor, 1918, at 10
o'clock a. m.. at which time any per
son Interested may aippear, object and
contest tho same, cr piiow cause. If
any there be, why tho said final ac
count should not bo allowed and ap
proved nnd tho real and porsonal
property of said estate, bo distributed
nnd assigned to tho parties entitled
Dated at North Platte, Nebraska,
this 25th day of November. 1918.
N2G-D13 County Judge.
Notice of Petition.
Estato No. 1599 of Abner W. Dillon.
In tho County Court of Lincoln
County, Nebraska.
Tlio Stato of Nebraska: To nil per
sons interested in estato, take no
tice that a petition has boen filed for
tho appointment of Minnie E. Dillon
as administratrix of said estate, which
has been set for hearing heroin on Do
combor 13, 1918, at 9 o'clock a. m.
Dated November 13. 1918.
N19-3w County Judge
Sheriff's Sale.
By virtue of an order of sale issued
from tho District Court of Lincoln
County Nebraska, upon a decree of
foreclosure rondoreel in said) court
wherein William E. Sampson ls plain
tiff and Charles E. Rima, et. al., are
dofondants, and to mo dirocted, I will
on tho 23d day or Decembor. 1918, at
2 o'clock p. m., ot tho east front door
of tlio court house- in North Platte,
Lincoln county, Nobraska, soil at pub
lic auction to tho highots bidder for
cash to satisfy said decroo. interest
and costs tho following tloscrtbed
proporty to-wit: Northwest Quarter
(XW of Section Twenty-nine (29).
Township Twelve (12), north of Range
Thirty-two (32) in Lincoln county.
Dotod North Platte, Plntto, Neb..
Novoniber .0, 191S.
N19-GW Sherin
Notlco of Finn! Report.
Estate No. 1552, of Max Beer, de
ceased in tho County Court of Lin
coln County, Nebraska.
The Stato of Nobraska, to all per
sons IntoroBtod in said Estato tako
notice that tho Executor has filod a
final nccount and report of his ad
ministration and a potltlon for final
settlement and discharge as such,
wllich havo boon sot for hearing ho
foro said court on Decembor 20, 191S,
at 9 o'clock a. m., whon you may ap
poar and contest tlio samo.
Dated November 20th, 1918.
N25-3wks. County Judgo