The North Platte semi-weekly tribune. (North Platte, Neb.) 1895-1922, November 12, 1918, Image 4

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    Good Presents
For Soldiers
Clinton's has 'given special attention
to secnrlng'practJcnl oftlclcs for sol.
dlcrs whlclivlll make the liest ClirSI
mns (?lfts you can send to them. Wo
liaro been particular about 'llife qual
ity. It Is llio kind that will g5ro good
service These things arc not to
large or too hcaryto pnt In tho of
flclal container for men In Franco.
Facknges for men In Franco must ho
in Hoboken, . 3. not later than
November 20th.
Military "Watches
. Cigarette Cases
Fountain Fens
Erersharp FcnoJls
Shnttlng Sets
Trench Mirrors
Money Holts
Itlll Hooks
Lodge Emblem Rings
Military flings
On account of tho celebartlon, tlie
opening of tho united war work cam
paign to havo started yesterday morn
ing, was postponed until today. At
nino o'clock this forenoon tho ' city
solictors' began thoir work, as did also
tho railroad employes' solicitors, and
boforo Saturday evening It Is hoped to
report that North Platto has gone
handsomely "over the top" on Its
Tho work Is reported to bo prog
ressing nicely In tho school districts.
Up to yestorday noon three districts
had reported and each onb had gono
over tho top.
County Chairman Wolngand desires
to Impress upon tho people that tho
the armlstlco has been signed, firing
ceased, and tho end of tho war has
practically come, that tho need of
funds forwar work nctlvltlos has not
In the least been lessened.
Jeweler and Optician
At the Sign of the Big Ring
-: :o: :-
Dr. L. J. Krauso, Dentist, room 3
McDonald Dank building.
Miss Joslo O'Harc, who has boon
111 for two weeks, Is convalescing
Dr. Brock, Dentist, over Stone Drug
Bioro. tr
Floyd W. Daniel-ww inducted Into
Cotnor university yesterday in the
S. A. T. C.
For Salt Cook stovo and wash'
Ing machine. Inquiro at 412 oast Gth.
Mrs. William Burko returned Sun
day from a visit with hor husband,
who is in an eastorn camp.
(let a Winter top for you Ford at
Jienuy a; ugier aiho to.
John Norria, returned Saturday
from Lincoln and has nccoptcd a clerk
sliOp in tho Union Pacific round-house.
Word comes from Harry Bcecl
that ho arrived at Ft. Itiley and has
taken, up his duties In tho medical
House and two lots for salo nt 322
west 10th. Inquiro at tho premises.
$3$ Merle Day resigned her posl
tlou'iit tho Goldon Rulo last weoksand
has gono to Omaha to accept employ
ment. For Farm Loans seo Gene Crooit,
Room wost of Vienna Cato.
Miss Julia Hayes,, of Rockfcrd, 111.,
camo-last ovonlng to bo tho guest of
hor aunt Mrs. James Hart for Bovoral
I am buying cream for Boatrlco
Creamory Co. Your cream solicited.
E. A. Wohlford, 822 No. Locust. 4t
Peter Christ, a brother of MIsb Effio
Christ or this city, wiio was called to
service several months ago, is now
stationed In SIbofla.
Mrs. J. A. Foster, of Omaha, a for
mer resident hero, camo tho latter
part of last week to visit hor daughter
Mrs, Leonard Redmond.
Sister Mary Lowis, of Louisville,
Ky., cam tho latter part of last wook
to tako charge of the commercial
course In St. Patrick's school.
For Sale Furniture of a flvo room ' lie sale
nouse. inquiro at tins oinco. 2t
Tho Election Had Its Effect.
Editor at Tribune:
Ten days ago thero as much smid
in the public pross in regard to tho
Influence the elecUonNvould havo up
on tho war; 1t wa stated generally by
tho administration press that a re
publican victory would cause Joy in
Berlin, and thereby prolong tho war.
Tho result of tho election is an
over-wholntlngly majority In tho na
tional houso of representatives, and
a safo majority in tho senate."
Tho olectlon evidentally did havo an
effect upon tho war. Tho kaiser has
isfnce abdjfcated, and tho armlsttlco
is signed.
In my opinion if wo hnd not hoard
so much two or threo years ago about
"kooping us out of war" "too pi'oud
to fight" "I did not rniso my boy to be
a soldier," etc., that tho Lusitanm
would nqyer havo boon sunk, and not
an American soldier would havo cros
sed the sea.
: :o:
I1I11 Flees to Holland.
Tho arrival of William Hohonzollorn
tho former German omporor, with his
wifo and oldest son, has caused ex
citement and much uneasiness among
Dutch authorities and tho public of
that country, says a Rotterdam dis
patch, It Is unofficially stated that
tho rofugees did not obtain authoriz
ation from Holland to entor tho coun
try and crossd tho frontier in tho
neighborhood of Eyadcn becam'so tho
Dutch neutrality guards wero weak at
that point'.' It is said that tho Dutch
government facos difficulty as to its
treatment of tho unwolcomo guests.
Many people contend that William
Hohonzollorn and his oldest son aro
still' Gormnn soldiors and must bo in-
torned.j Others urge that they should'
bosont back to Germany. Othors ar
gue that thoy cannot bo prevented
Yluitlng their old friend, Count von
! Bontlnck.
Mrs. Vosclpku Passes Away.
Mrs. Mary Vosoipka, past sovonty-
two years of age, died about noon Sun
day of dropsy, with which she had
.been afflicted for about a year. The
fttnoral will bo held nt tho residence
tills aftornoon at two o'clock, tho
sorvlco to bo conducted by Rev. KocX
of tho Lutlioran church. Boroft aro
a husband, sons GeorRO, Will, John
and Emll and daughter Valasta,
Notice to Public.
The firm of T. B. Buskirk & Noblo
havo dissolved partnership, Mr. Noblo
continuing tho business.
: :o: :
Ray Wuigford loft this mornlnc for
a ranch, north of Sutherland whoro i i -1 i. i i t .
u nui yiutiHiu un uiurit III 11 OIK IUU-
Miss Margaret Garrlty who was a', IT 1,10 T, U mK WIUcn
resident of this city several years, hnd bn tftuipondca for several weeks
aeo. .haa return.! tn.mnv w on account of shortngo of help was
liwme. Rt.n .i.i. f Mti.i n- resumed yestorday.
borne, Sho is a sister of Mf.chnel Gar
9 '
Leger Adams is supposed to havo
sailed for overseas duty a week ago.
Will Rltner, at Camp Morrltt, wroto
a few days ago that his company was
ready to sail, but whethor thoy havo
embarked lis not definitely known.
Archlo Hawloy,
J. B. Spock, of District 93, was tho
third chairman to roport ovor tho top
In tho United War Work camimJcn.
Ho sent In a chock to County Chair
man Wolngand yestorday for $137.
Mr. -and Mrs. S. I. Jeter, of Omaha,
aro guests of Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Jo-
young f armor 'tor' H"- Jctor waa wlth tho brll,B .nnd
itirwi oo .,, iftf, , , . ,, miliums aoparunont or tho Union Pa-
wlthfa. continent of Ltncolfi ennntv c,nc for orty ". retiring from
hoysffor Camp Funston, was shot , Borv,Co ,n 1914 '
thru jjboth. kneca recently whllo In ac-1 A man past eighty years of ago,
uon In Franco. IFis twin brothor, . who had boon .taken from a train, dlod
Arthur Hawloy, who was sent to camp
with him was rejected a short time a
tlmo ago on account of physicial dis
at tho'Pulvor hospital Saturday night.
Nothing could bo found on tho body
that identified Ulm, neither his namo
or homo address. Tho body Is bolnji
CcvTnty Sunt. Gantt rocBlvwl , hoUl for lnformoUon as may
following tolegram yestorday from.turn up
i-auj it. wciteo, state executive of City Physician Dent etatcd tlu's
tne victory campaign. "Pass word momlnir that flu r.nniiiilniiit n dm niiv
immediately to all local loaders that showed material Improvement In tho
uirr responsiDinty ror wolfaro work.numbor of cases. Sovoral of tho nros-
ilncreaso with peaco.. Dr.S Mott's jOnt patients are, howovor tn a very
message to you 1b: lio morrow of sorlous condition .Dr. rnnt Hnt,i
Tlctory is moro dangorous than its that from what ho could learn of tho I
i . . . .
uyu. nrry on way ovor tho top. With county outside of the city, Uio condl-
Ihn Imnf nt InoV ai ... v . .
v, .Uv., iiuna imu grown somownat worse.
Ladies9 Hats
$3.48, $4.98, $7.48
We are placing on sale all of our stock of
Ladies' Trimmed IJats. We have divided
them into three lots
$3.48, $4.98, $7.48
This is your chance to get your Winter
Hat atjja surprisingly lov price. Come
now while the assortment isj'good.
Wilcox Department Store.
. Jlcd Cross Election.
Tho annual election of directors, of
Lincoln County Chapter Red Cross,
will bo held at Chapter headquarters
hi the Federal building on November
20th between tho hours of 10 a. m.
and 4 p. m. at which time fifteen di
rectors will bo elected. Tho fifteen
directors elected, together with, the
ten branch chairmen will meet at
Chapter Headquarters at 8 o'clock p.
m. on the some date for tho purpose
of electing officers from their own
number and an oxecutf.vo committee
as provided by the by-laws. Tho
nominating committtee has placed
I tho following thirty members for your
I consideration:
'Mrs. F, W. Rincker
Mrs. W. H. McDonald
J. J. Halllgan
Mrs. E. S. Davis
W. R. Moloney
W P. Snyder
E. J. Vanderhoof
W J. O'Connor
Mrs. P. A. Norton
W. E. Starr
M. E. Scott
John McGraw
Mrs. Charles Boguo
Mrs. Gdo. B. Dent
Mrs. P. J. Barron
Mrs. R. F. Cotteroll
I. It. Baro
A. P. Kelly
L. C. Carroll
A. W. Shilling
Mrs. B. B. Field
Mrs. J. S. Slmms
J. Q. Wilcox .
E. F. Seoberger
Miss Annie Kramph
Mrs. Geo. Prossor
A. F. Streltz
Harry Dixon
M. J. Forbes
I Wilson Tout
Albert Muldoon was down from
Oglalla Saturday and sold his resi
dence whllo here. Mr. Muldoon says
he made tho sale through a six-lino
local Inserted in Tho Tribune
A nice new bungalow on east Fifth street $3,500.00
Good 8 room dwelling house, close in on
W. 5th street. Full modern. Cheap at $4,000.00
Good 6-room dwelling on North Side $2,250.00
Easy terms on any of these bargains.
' '''''
Gee! I wish there
was something I could do!"
WHEN you think of what the boys "over there" are doing
to help the great cause of freedom, wouldn't you just
give anything to be there and help them? Wouldn't you fairly
jump at the chance to do anything in the world to back up ,
the men that are fighting?
You can't be there yet, of course,
but there is a place for a boy who
wants to help our country, a place
where he can show the stuff he is
made of as well as he could over in
There is a new opportunity for
boys who want to do their share to
ward winning the war. It is called
the Victory Boys. Its motto is, "A
million boys beliinc! a million
The organizations for which the
Victory Boys are working provide
the soldier with his movie theatre,
his church, his club, his store where
he buys the little everyday things
feed him: when he is tired, they
comfort him.
When you enroll with the Vc
tory Boys, you pledge yourself to
go out and earn money for this great
work that the soldier needs so much.
Ask your neighbors for odd jobs.
Tell them of the great cause you
are working for. If you can pledge
yourself to earn $20, remember that
for five months you are taking care
of one soldier your soldier.
Wear the Victory Boys button
it is a badge of honor. It means,
that you are doing everything in
your power to help your country