The North Platte semi-weekly tribune. (North Platte, Neb.) 1895-1922, November 05, 1918, Image 3

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The horo wo love this land today
Is tho hero who lightens some fel
lowman's load
"Who makoa of tho mountain some
pleasant highway,
, Who makes of the desert some bios-
sontlng road.
JBpgj OR n small company
krr when sunnlles nro
limited, n salad Is
tho dish upon which
, , i .
we mi rt'iy. a must, i
tasty and attractive
on Is this that was
the Invention of ne
cessity, for one cu
cumber, one tomato,
nnd one large upple
served n linppy salad. The npplo was
peeled and cored, then cut In thin
rings and dropped In cold water, with
ii little vinegar; this keeps the apple
from turning brown. The cucumber
wns chopped or cut In fine cubes;
and one small onion wns nlso cut In
tho same manner. The slices of np
plo was henptd with the onion and
cucumber mixture, which had been
well-seasoned and mixed with snlnd
dressing and gnrnjshert with a stjrlp
or two of red pepper. Tho tomato
was heaped with a tenspoonful of tho
-nlnd dressing and garnished with two
or three strips of green pepper.
Cheese Dreams. With n biscuit
cutter cut circles from slices of close
textured bread. Lay on thinly sliced
cheese, place another circle on It in
the form of n 4indwlch, and brown
lightly In a little olive oil In u hot fry
ing pan.
Hat Cheese Sandwiches. Break
open hot baking powder biscuit, but
ter, and lay In n thin slice of cheese.
Cover with a hot cloth and serve
quickly ns the cheese should bo melt
ed at once. These make n most dainty
lunch with a cupful of tea and n
dish of fruit.
Tomatoes With Eggs. Peel smnll
firm tomntoes, scoop out tho centers
which may be used ns a soup or In
sauces, season well Inside and out
vlth salt nnd paprika and put In the
oven, cool: until boiling hot, then re
move. Drop in n piece of butter nnd
nn egg, using care not to break the
yolk. When the egg Is firm, remove
from the oven and servo on buttered
founds of toast. Leftover greens of
nny kind that nro cooked and season
ed may bo molded In small cups and
served ns a salad with a good dress
ing. Small balls of cottage cheese are
jood with these.
Tho whlte-fleshed fishes, such as cod,
whlteflsh, haddock and halibut, mnko
most accepjable dishes served lu a
white sauce.
Ago Is an opportunity no loss
Than youth Itself, though In another
And aa tho evening twilight fades
The sky Is filled with stars, Invisible
by day.
UUEE is commonly
known as a thick
ened soup. Tho
kinds of purees are t
without limit.
Puree of Cucumber.
Peel, slice and
parboil six cucum
bers. Drain nnd fry
In butter, season
with salt, pepper
nnd nutmeg. Dredge with four tnble
spoonfuls of flour, udd two quarts of
milk and-one quart of veal stock;
cook 15 minutes, rftlrrlng constantly.
Hub through n sieve, rehent, add one
cupful of scalding hot crenm, season
with sugar and butter and serve with
Puree of Beans and Rice. Put a
"quart of beans Into n soup pan with u
littlo salt, a small onion, n slice of
carrot, n tnblespoonful of fnt, n sprig
of parsley nnd boiling water to cover.
Cook until the beans nre soft, rub
through n sieve nnd add sufllclent veal
stock to ninke the desired quantity of
soup. Season to taste, add two tnblc
spoonfuls of butter substitute nnd n
cupful of boiled rice. Rehent nnd
servo nt once.
Puree a la Crolssy. Put Into n
snucepnu n enfrot, a turnip and nn on
ion cut fine, two eupfuls of beans, two
leeks, n stalk of celery and a smnll
bunch of parsley. Fry In butter,
dredge with Hour, add a can of toma
toes and two quarts of veal stock. Sim
mer for two hours, rub through a
sieve, rehent, season with salt, pep
per, sugar nnd butter. Add one cup
ful of cooked green pens and one cui
ful of Boiling crenm. Servo with crou
tons. Puree of Celery. Cut two bunches
of eclery Into small pieces, pnrboll nnd
drnln, then fry In butter. Add snlt,
pepper nnd nutmeg to season; cover
with venl stock and simmer one hour.
Blend two tablespoonfuls of butter
wUh two of flour, ndd n quart of veal
stock nnd tho celery nnd cook until
thick. Bub through n sieve, reheat, add
two eupfuls of hot milk, n pinch of su
gar nnd n tnblespoonful of butter.
Serve with croutons.
Tho soup needs to bo but opened
nnd heated, adding n dash of ptiprfka
or a bit of onion or cooked rice and
It Is ready to serve.
rtltiSvSiOirttrt ft
ssBBsssssaBm e
The ones who mean to win their Btars
For the deds they shall have
Won't have' too many sleeping cars
Attached, to their train of thought.
Nixon Waterman.
O MONTH Is known,
even In the summer
time, when griddle
cakes nro not wel
comed In the aver
age family. In n
large majority of ho
tels hot "grlddlccakes
are always on the
bill of fare, summer
or winter, nnd In
many, the cake Is a favorite finish for
tho night meal.
Corn Flour GrWdle Cakes. Bent
one egg very light, add n cupful of good
rich buttermilk or sour milk, a hnlf
tenspoonful of salt nnd n half-ten-spoonful
of soda, a quarter of n tea
spoonful of linking powder; then add
enough corn flour to make a thin bat
ter. Cook ou n hot grldill. The
secret of n good tender cake Is tho
materials used, sour or buttermilk
making most tender nnd fluffy cakes,
then tho care with which tfcey nro
A breakfast, which Is quite satis
iaotory, Is tho following: Either n
dish of sliced peaches or a canteloupo
or muskmclon, n (Hah of well-cooked
ontmenl, nnd If the peaches nre served,
tlioy may be enteh with the cereal,
cream nnd sugnr, nn egg on tonst and
n cupful of coffee.
Pears, plunls, quinces nnd grapes
nre all In the market nnd furnish n
good variety. Tho quinces are to bo
stewed or baked to mnko them pal
atable. Scrambled Eggs a la Guerre. Mako
a paste of n cupful of milk nnd n
third of a cupful of flour any kind
may be used; cook until smooth and
the starchy flavor Is entirely removed.
Now add three eggs, stir and cook with
butter nnd seasoning until tho eggs
nro thick. Servo At once.
Kentucky Batter Bread. Tnkc two
eupfuls of cornmeal, three eggs, well
benten, one tenspoonful of salt, one
tnblespoonful of melted fat. Mix with
milk to mnko n thin batter. Pour into
shallow buttered tins nnd bake 45
minutes in a hot oven.
Rice With Eggs. Brown a third of
n cupful of rice In n little sweet fnt,
season nnd mid broth or water, cook
until the rice Is tender, then stir In
three eggs nnd servo hot at once.
We Bearch tho world for truth; wo cull
The good, tho pure, tho beautiful,
From graven stono and written scroll.
From nil old flower-Holds of the soul;
And, weary seekers of the best
Wo como back laden from our quest
To nnd that all the sages said
Is in the book our mothers read.
John a. Whlttler.
MOST tnsty dish to
serve hot for n mnln
dish is n combina
tion of fish, potnto
and white sauce.
Escalloped Fish
and Potato. Pre
pare creamed sal
mon by melting one
tnblespoonful of but
ter, nddlng two of
flour, stirring until tho mixture Is
smooth. Then ndd n cupful of milk, snlt
and pepper to taste; add the can of
drained fish after the sauce is well
cooked. Put a layer of tho crenmcd
fish Into a baking dish, cover with a
layer of cold mashed potnto, then an
other layer of fish until nil Is used.
Have the potnto for n finish to the top.
Dot with. bits of butter, sprinkle with
salt and pnprlka and bake In modernte
Salmon Rice. Line a buttered mold
with cold boiled rice left from break
fast, fill the center with creamed sal
mon and cover with more rice. Cover
mold nnd steam hnlf an hour or more.
Serve with n crenm sauce, which may
be seasoned with curry, lemon julco or
chopped sour pickle.
Fruit Popovera. Take one cupful of
flour, one egg, unbeuten, one cupful of
milk nnd half n tenspoonful of snlt, a
tenspoonful of bnklng powder; mix nil
together nnd beat well. When tho gem
pans nre sizzling hot nnd well groused
drop In the batter, filling ench pan half
full; udd a piece tt banana, a spoonful
of blackberries or nny fruit. Baku lu
a hot oven until n golden brown. These
mny be served with n simple fruit
sirup for dessert.
Tongue and Potato Salad. Cut cold
ccoked pickled lambs' tongues Into
dleo; mix with doublo the quantity of
cold boiled potatoes i cut In dice nnd
add hard-cooked egg. finely chopped.
Pour over n French dressing nnd
Baked Sausages With Rice. Cut
largo pork sansages Into thin slices;
butter n baking dish nnd fill with cold
boiled rlco. Moisten tho rice with cold
water In which n little beef extrnct has
been dissolved. Spread tho sliced sau
sages over the rlco nnd bnko In a hot
oven until tho sausago Is crisp.
Satin and Fur for Winter Wraps
Beauty may go beautifully lu any
thing Hindu of silk or anything nuule
of fur, with n clear conscience nnd
without criticism for these lire things
the soldiers don't need. So there nro
magnificent fur wraps nnd loss splen
did hut quite us beuutlful ones mndo
of satins and silks for those who
chooso to wenr them. There Is plenty
of latitude in this mntter of wur-tlme
dressing to allow those who can af
ford It, to go ns brilliantly clad, when
occasion makes opportunity, us In tho
past, or to dress as simply ns for n
promenade. There aro several minds
nu to what befits tho times.
Since fur and silk nro ut hnnd noth
ing more Is nsked by the crentors of
styles, except customers to buy tho
beautiful things that can bo mndo of
them. At one of tho New York stylo
shows the lovely evening coat Which
is pictured above shows how well nn
American designer succeeded. This
Two Views of
Keen and practical observers of the
styles sny that they embody the spirit
of youth nnd that this Is one effect of
the war. The great armies are mndo
up of youths It is tho duy of the
young man, and it is rotlected In nil
apparel. One might think that for
mntrons, this flavor would bo nbsent,
but no I Matrons nro as busy as maids
nnd soldiers, ns alert and active, nnd
their npparel expresses this, which Is
the spirit of youth.
In tho hiindsoine silver-tone coat pic
tured something of this Idea Is appar
ent. It seems to be simple, but Is
really designed with wonderful nnd
sophisticated cleverness, therefore It
may bo selected its representative
among garments for women no longer
youthful. It Is a benutlful model suit
ed to all-round yenr. with Raglan
sleeves, that give It an ample roomy
look nnd cleverly shuped under-nrm
pieces that keep It from being bulky.
Only an expert could think out and
execute a thing so now In Ihe world
of conts.
There Ik a capo collar, coiivertllili
Into n muffler for very cold weather
Unit Is mude of seal plush, and deep
cuffs to match, or one may choose to
have these accessories replaced with
Hudson seal. But when fur buyers
tell you It Is dltllcuH to tell which
wuip is not too gorgeous to be youth
ful. Is clever and original enough to
bo interesting nnd there nro not two
opinions as to Its beauty.
Even Paris, after four years of war,
Willi air raids nlwnys Imminent nnd
niiild n thousand dlllicultlcs, tins had
the courngo to carry on Its buslnesi
of creating benutlful npparel. Tim
French feel Unit this is u necessity.
Their genius for clothes has been such
nn asset thnt place for It must bo
maintained. They hnvo been much
given to hluck and whlto for evening
gowns and wraps and u capo very full,
of black satin lined with white satin,
Is fo (pilot and elegnnt that It compels
everyone's admiration. It has an Im
mense collnr of monkey fur. Tiiero
nre other satin capes In dark shades
of brown, liiude up with moleskin col
lars and bnnded trimmings, nnd black
satin long, looso nnd nmplo conts with
deep cape collars and bnnded trim
nilngs of lieuver or other furs.
a Smart Coat
, . which, at a little distance from the
I wearer, there is no very good reason
j to preferring fur to tho more durable
l plush.
i Of course n coat that embodies tho
spirit of youth may bo worn by youth.
1 And this,' like many other of tho sen
'son's offerings, will grace both youth
! and maturity. Conts us n rule nro
i In quiet colors what nre called the
j "fur shades." But recently the trend
of stylo Is toward brighter colors In
J frocks and hats, reflecting the mood of
tho public which grows lu cheerful
' ness.
Thore Is no doubt that, as n rule, thn
long and nnrrow samplers nro older
llinn those more nearly square. Theso
ancient samplers, especially tho few
bearing dates of the seventeenth con
tury. nro much finer in design, morn
closely worked, nnd better In execu
tion than those of later dato. Tho lln
en background Is much more closely
covered. They hnvo more curious and
varied stitches. Occasionally' they nro
, of mliiuto size, but four or live Inches
. long, with exquisitely fine stitches.
American Standard Breed Are Good
Producers of Meat and Eggs
Farm Hens Are Small.
(From tho United States Department of
Inasmuch as most farms have al
ready some supply of poultry, tho
problem for tho farmer Is one of In
crease nnd uot, like that of the city
dweller who undertakes to keep hens
to supply Ida own table with eggs, one
of securing tho foundation stock.
While tho American standard breeds
nre, fur general purposes, the best, It
Is not urged thnt they bo made to
supplant other breeds where the oth
er breeds aro established and whore
they can be produced with n fnlr do
greo of success nnd of profit. Tho
American standard breeds, brondly
speaking, nro tho larger breeds of
general-purpose fowl, good producers
of both meat nnd eggs, as distinguished
from tho smnll breeds thnt nro spe
cialized egg producers. Farmers and
farmers' wives who hnvo built up their
own flocks, nnd know the peculiari
ties of their breed nnd how to make
the most of them will do best by
keeping the hens thnt they have, oven
though they bo smnll nnd Inferior ns
meat producers, Instead of trying to
replace them with heavier ones.
In growing chicks, tho quality the
vigor, vitality nud capacity for growth
Barred Plymouth Rock Female, Bred
at United Stateo Government Farm.
thnt tho chick has when It sturts In
life count for at leust us much ns good
conditions nnd good care.
Also, In growing stock for layers, It
Is especially Important at this tlmu
when a large Increase In meat prod
ucts Is needed, to avoid breeding from
undersized specimens. Whntover may
be the facts ns to tho relative value of
largo and smnll hens us layers, us thnt
question relates to standard brced3,
tho question Is Irrelevant in this farm
poultry production campnlgu, for farm
hens nro nearly nil small according to
standards for Improved breeds of
Tho ordinary farm flock contains n
lnrgo proportion of hens qulto unfit
for breeding having no quality which
It Is desirable to reproduce. Tho eggs
from theso should not bo used for
hatching, but, us far us possible, egga
used for hatching should bu from the
best hens lu tho flock. To determine
how many of theso nro needed, nn es
timate must bo made, basing it upon
the usual htitchubllity of eggs, nnd the
probable length of tho hutching sea
son. Tho ordlnnry avorugo of hutches
extending over u period of Hcvcral
months Is nbout 70 per cent. If ull
the chicks urn hatched curly the
length of Uio hatching season In about
six weeks, from the setting of tho first
to the setting of the last hen used.
Allowing two weeks for saving eggs
before tho first hens nro set, tho egijti
used for hatching must be laid witniti
eight weeks. Allowing for rejections
of small nnd defective eggs, provision
should be mnde for nbout COO eggs In
eight weeks. This means u, flock of
35 to 20 hens uu breeders. Such a
number of tho best of tho flock should
bo separated from the rest.
As a mutter of convenience It will
probably be more satisfactory In most
cases to confine the culls and glvo tho
portion of tho farm flock used for
breeders tho usual accommodations
and rnnge. Tho culls may bo shut In
Hmall quarters without yard If ncccs
try, while thnt Is not ndvlsablo for
breeding stock.
Tho next thing to consider is tho
male. In many cases It will bo to the
ndvantago of fanners undertaking to
Increase nnd Improve their flocks to
buy standard males of general-purpose
breeds bocuuso of tho additional slzo
und weight such mules will glvo the
chicks, to say nothing of Uie probable
Increase in egg production. From one
or two pounds extrn weight enn be
put on tho chjeks from ordlnnry farm
hens by using males of approximately
standard weight of Rhode Island Reds
and Wyandctes, Plymouth Rocks nnd
Free Range Ic Ideal.
Free rango Is Ideal, being conduclvo
to rapid und economical growth, with
feed matcrlul in the form of grubs,
Insects und green grass.
Good Feed for 8tart.
Ltttlo chicks nnd little turkeys usu
ally do well if started on Johnnycnko
baked hard, crumbled nud fed dry.
There was nevef a time when the sfte-
rlfices and the help of women were mors
appreciated than at the present time.
Women should learn war-nursing and
nursing at homo. There is no better
way than to study Uio new edition of the
"Common Sense Medical Adviser
with chapters on First Aid, Bandaging,
Anatomy, Ilyglcno, care of tho SioV,
Diseases of Woman, Mother nnd Babe, the
Marriago Relations to be had st soma
drug stores or send 50c to Publisher, 054
Wsshlngtpn Strcot, Buffalo, N. Y.
If a woman suffers from weak back,
nervousness or dizziness if pains afflict
her, the best tonic nnd corrective Is one
made up of native herbs and mado with
out alcohol, which makes weak women
strong nnd sick women will. It Is the
Prescription of Dr. Tierce, used by him
in active practico many years and now
sold by almost every druggist In the
laud, in liquid or In tablets, as Dr. Pierce's
Favorito Prescription. Send Dr. Pierce,
Buffalo, N. Y.. 10c for trial pkg. Dr.
Picrco's Pleasant Pellets aro also best for
liver and bowel trouble.
Omnlin. Neb. "I was nt one time oreat-
ly benefited by taking Dr. Picrco's medi
cine. I became .nil mn-down in health,
wns wenk and nervous nnd wns greatly In
need of some good tonic to build me up
nnd givo me strength. I took tho Fnvor
ite Prescription nnd tho Golden Medical
Discovery nnd they proved to bo Just
what I needed for they built mo up nnd
restored mo to good health. For this I
am very thankful, Indeed." Mrs. Jennie
Itlchnrdson, 637 8. 25th Ave.
For Constipation
Carter's Little
Liver Pills
will, set you right
over night.
Purely Vegetable
Small PHI, Small Dose, Small Price-
Carter's Iron Pills
Will restore color to tho faces of
those who lack-Iron In tho blood,
as most pale-faced people do.
Cuticura Soap is
Easy Shaving for
Sensitive Skins
The New Up-to-date Cuticura Method
Watson R, Coleman,
1'alant Uiwjor, Wmhlnalon,
II. fl. AdTlAnnntl books frea.
Bate roMonablo. lUghairtralaienoei. UmtMrrloM.
While the Boss Is Away.
Tho following notice scrawled on
the wull of hla but by n Banunuland
(Australia) timber cutter:
"You ull take tills notlco I have
gono to fight the Germans, nnd I don't
know when I'm coming buck; some
body chip round my humpy against
Brass fire. All my bullocks Is sold ex
ccpt Sambo, him with the cockhora
Anyone finding him can sell him to
tho butcher and mind tho money
till I como buck,"
Sambo bus bocn collected and his
price (?59) banked against tho boss'
return. Tho humpy (shuck) Is regu
larly chipped round, nnd anyone who
Interfered with the old wagon rust
ing outside, or tho gear piled against
tho wall would hnvo to fight tho wholo
Only Professional.
"How are you getting on with the
knifo-swnllowor ns a boardorT"
"lie bus u very sharp appotltc."
A Question.
"A man becomes what bo cats."
"Docs ho feel sheepish after eating
spring lamb?"
Don't mistake a gourmand for a
food export Thoro aro garbage cans,
Wnh day Is smile day if you use Keel
Cross Hall Blue, American made, thcreforr
the best made. Adv.
Even tho cat has a human trait
Ho will sharpen his claws In play.
A good book Is a tonic for the mind.
m r Wholes, Ckul.i.
ItHr Relreshlag and Heallai
Lotion Murine for Red
ness, Soreness, Granula-
HP " tion.ItchineandDumIns
-J of the Kye.. or Eyelids:
"2 Drops" After tha Movies. Motoring or Gelt
will win your confidence. Ask Your Drucatat
for Murine wnen your tires neea care- -u
Murine Eya Remedy Co. Cbicg?