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No. 71
A cominlttob . composed of O. B.
Elder, chairman, A. P. White, A. S.
Allen, Ray C. Langford and Ira L.
Baro has been named to secure tho
nanic of every Lino .In county boy In
service and place them on a tablet to
lu erected on the court house grounds.
These names, together with the homo
address, will bo printed In good sized
ijpo am' arrange I i.lphabetlcnll' ,
leaving space under each alphabet
letter to add tho names of thoso who
enter the service after the tablet has.
been placed In position. This tablet
will bo In tho shape of a case, covered
with plato glass' ,and of such a per
manent naturo as to stand not only
during the continuance of the war, but
for years after. Should a man bo
killed or die, a gold star will bo
placed at the head of his name. In an
other case will be a duplication of tho
names with the present address of each
man. For Instance If John Smith's pres
out address Is Camp Funston and ho
Is transferred to another camp next
week the address will be changed.
The committee will rely upon tho
parents or friends of tho boys to see
that these changes aro kept up to
Tho committee realizes that It has
undertaken quite a task. Tho names
of drafted men can easily be secured
from registration board, but it will l&
somewhat difficult to securo the names
of all tho boys who enlisted. The
committee therefore asks that tho
parents of every boy who enlisted
send his name, his home address and
Ills present address to O. E. Elder,
chairman. This should be done at
as early a day as possible as tho com
mittee Is anxious to complete Its work
without unnecessary delay.
The committee asks the people of
Lincoln county to Interest themselves
and lend assistance in this work to
the end that a deserving tribute to tho
boys in service may be erected and
maintained and honor given to those
to whom honor is duo.
Tho last precinct returns of the
registration hold Thursday were re
ceived yesterday by the registration
board. Tho total number registering
in tho county was 2,581, or 823 more
than registered in June 1917. The
number registering last Thursday
was 254 greater than tho ostlniate
made by tho federal authorities. We
can therefore claim that Lincoln coun
ty has again gono "over tho top."
Tho board has been notified that all
clerical work, physical examination
and classification of tho men and
everything pertaining to last week's
registration must bo completed with
in ono hundred days from the date of
registration.' This means that all
work must bo completed and men be
subjected to call not later than De
cember 20th. It Is possible, however,
that class one men may bo called bo
foro that date, and It Is certain that
qulto a number of tho boys between
eighteen and twenty-one will bo In
tho training schools before October
: :o: :-
Notice to Ladies.
Hair-Dresser from Denver, stopping
at the Hotel McCabe. On account of
the large amount of hair-work I am
doing, I will be horo two weoks long
er. All kinds of hair-work done while
here. Switches made from combings,
loots carefully turned. New switches
furnished from best American hair.
Old switches and hair colored and
, inndo over to look, like new. Ladles
bring your work in and see it done . I
buy hair orexchange. Call afternoons.
Room 218. Work Guaranteed.
Organize Sain in y Girls at Wallace.
A Sammy Girls' club was organized
at Wallace Saturday, and Just to show
that they aro enterprising as well as
patriotic they held a sale and sorvod a
lunch on the day of organization and
netted fifty dollars which they turnsd
over to tho Red Cross. Mrs. Swanson
was elected mother of tho girls, Ella
Corbett president of tho club and Mrs.
Newman directress of the work. The
Tribune trusts tho Sammy Girls of
Wallaco will keep it posted on what
they are doing.
Seven Roys Lcuro Tomorrow. '
Seven Lincoln county boys who
were selected to go to Manhattan, for
special service at the Kansas agricul
tural college, will leave tomorrow
night on train No. 4. Arrangements
have been made to glvo the boys the
usual farewell reception. The boys
who leave aro: Peter J. Merer, Chas.
J. Leth. Fay Mudge, John Winn and
Earl Hall of tills city, Glenn Cox of
Sutherland and Kenneth Ab?rcomble
of Brady.
mm mmi I ! J J Q J I ' ' ' ' '
Stnto Candidates Coming.
Notice was received yesterday that
jS. R. McKelvle, republican candidate
for governor, and H. T. Taylor, re
publican candidate for railway com
missioner, who aro campaigning In
tho west part of tho state, will reach
North Platte at five o'clock tomorrow
" J C Or J
Cobb Sells Land.
C. Cobb, who recently purchased
517 acres of the former Dillon ranch
northwest of town, has" re-sold tho
tract to Jacob Luft, of Polk county for
a consideration of $33,605. Mr. Luft
expects to move to the land early next
This salo was made through Eugene
Combs .
Wanted Experienced cook at North
Platto General Hospital
The- 67tlr anniversary of Rebecca
.Oddfellowshlp will be celebrated In
North Platte on Friday evening,
Sopt. 20th. This being the regular
moating night the doors will beopen
at S30. All Odd Fellows and their
families, all Rebeccas and their
families arc cordially Invited to at
tend to help celebrate ard to enjoy
tho program that Is b-Mng arranged.
Tho Christian aid society will meet
Thursday afternoon at tho church. A
ten cent lunch will be served, to which
all are cordially invited.
Mrs. A. C. Salvors, of this city, re
ceived tho following telegram yestor
day afternoon from tho war depart
ment: "Deeply regret to Inform you that
prlvato Edward R. Moore, Infantry, is
officially reported missing in action
slnco August 11th. Will report first in
formation recoivod."
Prlvato Mooro was tho son of Mrs.
Shivers, and was twenty-two years of
ago last July. Ho volunteered and had
been in France since the 9th of April
While tho young man made this city
his home, ho was In and out of town
and was not widly known. This
Is tho first North Platto boy who has
boon reported missing In action.
If. Ch. Elect Officers.
At a mooting of St. Patrick's Council
Knights of Columbus, last evening tho
following offlcors woro elected: Grand
Knight, John R. Carroll; Deputy
urami Knight, v. II. McEvoy: Chan
collor, Frank J. McGovern; Recorder,
tuos. Heaioy; Flnantfnl Sec'y., W.
J. Landgraf; Treasurer F. C. Piol
sticker, Advocate, Luko Hoaloy; War
den, A. Plcard; Inside Gunrd, Relit.
Sullivan; Outside Guard, W. J.
O'Connor; TniBtee, Carl Simon.
To Manure Harcourt Store.
John B. Edwards, for fourtoen years
road salesman for David Adler & Sons,
clothing manufacturers, arrtvod in
town a few days ago to look afttor
the Harcourt clothing store in which
he is financially Interested during the
nbsenoa of W. R. Harcourt In tho
Mr. Edwards has a wife and three
children and will move hero from
Omaha as soon as he can securo a
house In which to llvo.
The,strarigest of all the stages heroines. Her hatred for the
man she really loved and his burning love for her have
been made the theme of a screen classic.
Crystal Theatre
Thursday and
Sept. 19-20
Tho County Commissioners were In
session yesterday transacting gonoral
Sanford "Hnrtman and Sanl ,Van
Doran havo harvested and sold their
1918 crop of honey. Tho yl-eld this
year was nine hundred nnd sixty
Mrs. Geo. Rose nnd family wish to
thank all who word so kind to help and
for the beautiful blowers sent dining
tho long Illness nnd at tho funeral of
the late Geo. Rose.
Tho A. K. G. Club girls of. Mrs.
Perrlt's Sufnday school -class hold a
Red Cross benefit from which th?y re
ceived $G.00. This money will be
turned over tp tho Red Cro3S.
'Wanted Music pupils, beginners a
specialty- Twelve years'" experience;"
Miss Confer, 314 West 1st. Phone
Black 078 between 7 and 8 p. m. 71-4
Mr. and Mrs.. Frank D. Winn, of
Kearney, former North Platte resi
dents, were In town yesterday visiting
their son John, who leaves Wednesday
for tho training school nt Manhattan,
All those who will assist tho reg
istration board in copying regis
tration cards aro requested to moot at
tho federal building nt 7:30 this even
ing and devote sueh time as they
can sparo to that work.
Wanted Competent girl for general
housework. Apply to Julius Plzcr at
The Leader.
Dr. Shaffor assistant of Dr. Drost,
who was called to report for service
last month and was sent to the med
ical officers trailing camp at Ft.
Riley failed to pass tho examination
and has returned to Uiko up his work
with Dr. Drost again.
Tho casualty' lists which appear in
the dally press aro published fully
four weeks aftor tho casualties occur.
This is as quickly as It Is possible to
gnthor the data on tho battle field
substantiate tho records and cable tho
lists to Washington.
Fulfill Your Dress Requirements Here
Harris Stuart is now enrouto from
Gettysburg, Pa., to Denver whoro ho
will for n tlmo bo located ns a ro
crultlng officer.
A card rocoived by rolatlvos Suaulay
announced that tho transport on
which Elinor Tolltz had sailed had ar
rived safely overseas.'
Hay Duncan, ono of tho three boys
recently sont to Ft. Rlloy for special
service hos boon rojoctcd on account
of physical disability.
Sergeant Ed Walker, who has boon
stationed at Greoley, Col., for some
time past as a navy rocruiting officer,
arrived Friday, night and visited tho
homo folks until Sunday night.
Victor Anderson, of this city, writes
his parents that ho Is now In n con
centration camp in Scotand, and that
ho is feeling flno. It will probabry bo
but a short time until ho will bo sont
tb France, in fact ho may bo thoro
Mr, and Mrs. E. O. Cool havo re
ceived no dotalled -information as to
tho condition of their son Cyril, who
according meager roports was shot
through tho chest whllo on tho firing
lino on Auguist 12th. Ho is in ono of
tho bnso hospitals tlrcolvflng treat
ment. In a letter to friends In town, Her
bert Bergstrom, with Co. A, Fourth
Engineers in Franco, writes that
ho was In the! trenches for twenty
nine consccutlvo days without having
his clothes off. Ho is now In a rest
camp takng a well earned vacation
from the fighting lino.
A card received Saturday by The
Tribuno announced that tho vcsboI on
which Harry Lnnnln n fornlor em
ploye of this office hnd taken passage
had arrived safely ovorseas. Harry
wont to tho school of Instruction at
tho state university about thrco
months ago, finished tho courso In tho
radio sorvlco and Is now somewhere
in France. That's shooting them ovor
pretty rapidly.
Attention Chorus Members.
All members of tho chorus who
sang at tho Pershing day celebration
aro requested to assomblo at tho
Franklm auditorium tomorrow ovon-
Ing at eight o'clock to sing at tho
reception to bo given to tho boys who
leave for Manhattan tomorrow night.
Ilccfrpjfjon Tomorrow Nlfrht.
The seven boys who leavo for Man
hattan, Kan., tomorrow night' wl.ll bp
given a reception at tho Franklin
auditorium at eight o'clock. J. G.
Boelef will make a short address, a
big chorus, will sing, thero will be
readings and the Sammy Girls will
present tho boys with swenters and
comfort kits.
: :o: :
Prlvato Frank Blau, of tho Omaha
balloon school, nrrlved hero yostorday
and will assist the local exemption
board In tho clerical work connected
with tho registration of last weok. Men
in -the servico havo been sent to ench
county seat In tho stnto to assist in
this class of work.
Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Graves, who
had been visiting friends in town for
sovoral days, left this morning for
Denver nnd Colorado Springs. They
will probably stop over horo for a
day or two next week whllo enrouto
Win. Davis has made application
for entrance into the military school
of tho Iowa agricultural collego at
Ames. Ho will tnke a physical ex
amination before tho local board to
day. Mr. and Mrs. Loulo Llpshltz ro
turned this morning from a visit in
For Snlo.
No. 3 Burdsoll Alfalfa huller. In-
ulro of Thos. Orton, North Platto.
Nob. C9-4
Making the most of the present Is tho
best uHHiirance for the future. Q
S .!.
In such an extensive display as this every requisite to women's
apparel is to be found. Only fresh, clean merchandise ol dependable
character is shown here. The styles are of the latest mode and the
shades are tasteful and attractive. Women will find if both pleas
urable and profitable to select their wardrobes here, where quality s
is always consistent with intelligent economy.
i 1 c o :: Department Store
Tho CUria of Mntz. nbtnf ilnfntialvn
Orlt 011 thn WORtorn frmitlnr nf finr.
many, and ono of tho strongost fort
resses In tho world, and the guns of
tho American nrtlllory woro engaged In
migniy uuoi yesterday.
American minion urn lilneHnt tint
gigantic web of railways ccntorlng
nt Met, with n storm of steel, while
tho Gorman guns havo tnkon tho ad
vanced positions, gained In the Am
orlcnn drlvo, undor their fire.
Tho Americans n-tmlnil flmlr
between tho Mouso nnd Moselle rivers
011 SundllV. nriviinnliiir hvn lllllna nn o
Lthlrtyithrce mllo front.
rno Americans thus havo liberated
from tho crnsn nf thn Hun tnfrlrnrv
aggregating more thnn 250 Bquaro
nines in area.
Norrov and Vllocv fthn inttni riTilv
about fourteen mllos from tetz) are
,u American iinnds nnd patrols aro
renortcd to havo ml Villi noil fnr n linrifl
of Gonoral Pershing's main force.
xuoro man uo guns haw been
captured by tho Amorlcnns slnco tho
doughboys began smashing tho St.
Mlhlol sallont last Thursday and tho
German prisoner oxceed 15,000 (of-
uciai nguresj
Tho Americans now hnld n Rimli-ht
line in front of Motz, running from a
ponu on mo voraun-utam road, noar
Abaucourt to tho Mosello noar "Vllocy.
Tim Amoricans apparently nro mnk
lng ready for n drlvo ngaliiBt tho
"Kriomhlld" lino to which tho Ger
mans wlthdrow from tho St. Mlhlol
salient. Along this front American
forces aro on tho threshold of Gor-
Tho victory of General Porshlng's
men has had moro than a moroly local
onoct. uorman linos to tho southeast
linVO boon WOakotlPil hv thn tnrrlfln
blow dealt along tho heights of tho
MottS(? whlln in thn nnrtW-nat ilm
iGermnns nro forced to adapt thom-
K.l..n. 4 !. ........ .
ouivub iu iuo uuw iiiyuiicn WIlICIl Iia8
taken from them tho comer .stono of
their positions east of Verdun.
Kolihcr Homo for Snlo,
Will soli our homo at 414 east 3rd
St., North Platto. Proporty consists
of seven room houso, all modorn,
good condition; with full bIzo lot,
good lawn and shndo trees. Addrosa
E. T. Kollhor, C24 First National
Bank. Omaha. Nob. C8-0
j Tho Sammy Girls havo made ar
rnngomonts to servo dinner and sup
' por nt the fair grounds during tho
continuance oi mo rair next weok.
Tho object of serving thes meals is,
I of courso to secure tunds to carry on
tho o.vecollent work of tho Sammy
Girls, and tho Girls nro Juist at pres
1 ent Urcentlv In nood of funds in tinr.
chase tho necessary supplies for
swontors nnd comfort kits to bo given
to tho boys who leave. ' Thot Girls
respectfully solicit donations for thoso
meals, such as moat, potatoes, uutter,
cream and milk, break, plos, otc,, and
this appeal lor donations Is extended
Mm fnM,.M ...1.. ...... I. -1.1 .
furnish moat for roasts, or other
Thoso who will donate to tho needed
articles will ploaso phono Red 530 or
Black 232.
Rev. Cunningham, who closed a
week's mission at St. Patrick's churcb
Sunday, loft for tho east this morn
ing. Tho pooplo of tho parish speak
very highly -of tho lectures given by
Father Cunningham during-, each
ovonlng of tho past week,
Ranch Bargain.
9,G00 acres pasturo land, 5,000 acres
under fenco, ?G.OO por ncro. Also
BOO acres flno hay, alfalfa and farm
land $50 por aero. Will sell together
or separate, Tho Wist bargain' In
tho stnto. O. H. THOELECKE.
Twlncm Hospital Notes.
II. L. Pennington was tnkon to his
homo this week.
Dr. D. A. Footo of Omnha was at
tho hospital last weok.
Mrs. Fred Low who was recently
opornted on returned to her homo
Tuesday. , ,
Dowoy Boyor, who was operated
on last woek will return to his homo
L. D. Snow, a surgical case, enter
ed tho hospital Saturday.
N. Pequoles was released from tho
hospital last weok .. ..-
Tho son of Harry Lowls, of Max
woll, underwent an operation last
Wednosdny. '
A. L. Bostwick roturnod to his homo
today. '
A daughter was born Mondny to
Mrs. Elmer Swanson at tho hospital .
Thursday At The SUN
Fritzie Brunette in
"Play Things"
And a Christee Comedy
Wedeesday-At the SUN
Harold Lockwood in
"Lend Me Your Name"
And the latest Current Events., All the World's
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