The North Platte semi-weekly tribune. (North Platte, Neb.) 1895-1922, July 19, 1918, Image 5

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, Robinson
Circus ;j
July 24th
Buy Vfyt
iff stampj
: :
Men's and Women's Footwear at Greatly Reduced!
t c m
rrices lor spring Clearance.
No. 03 .
Ladies White Kid Dress Boot
3-4 Vamp Louis XIV heel,
plain toe
Regular $6.00
No. 511.
Ladies White Kid Dress Boot,.
Plain toe, Fancy Vamp
" Louis XIV heel
Regular $7.50
No. 801.
iLadies White Kid Lace Ox
ford, Flexible soles, Fancy
leather covered heel, high
back stay.
Regular $5.50
No. 803
Ladies White Poplin Oxfords
with French Tapering
Vamp, arched instep.
Regular $4.00
OA per
On all Men's
No. 800
Ladles and Misses white Pop
lin Pump, medium heel
white soles, fancy tips.
Regular $3.50
Dr. Marie Ames made a professional
Tisit to Gerlng Wednesday.
Garago for Rent. Phone, 812.
This week's rains will not insure a
corn crop, but it will go a long way
toward that end. 'Many of the fields
are in tassle and some in silk and
these rains will come close to making
roasting ears. ,
The Nebraska State Fair stands
in Denver.
For Farm Loans see Gene Crook,
Boom west of Vienna Cafe.
Dorothy Schott
this week with
Misses Marie and
have been spending
friends in Halg. ( 1 ,
John Hahler who is employed in a
bank in Casper, Wye, is visiting his
parents in, town this week.
Bring your eye troubles to HARRY
DIXON & SON, they are equipped to
give you the best of attention.
Hons arid Neva Trexler, who had
been visiting friends in Denver for
two weeks, returned home Wednes
day. ' .Miss M. Sleman, steam baths and
Swedish Massage, ladies and gentle
men. Phono 897. Brodbeck bide. 85tf
Mrs. L. E. Hasings, son and daugh
ter, who have been in Long Beach,
Cal for three months, will return
" homo August first. '
Unskilled workmen on Jobs around
town, including work on the streets,
are paid forty cents an hour. In these
times of expensive living the wago Is
John IV. Cochran, Ed L Plorson,
"Golden Rule" Landmen, Sutherland,
Nebraska.. 50-0
The section of country between
Itoscoe and Ogalalla was visited by a
severe rain storm about five o'clock
Wednesday. At some points water
overflowed the Union Pacific roadbed,
partially washing out the track. The
high wind blow down forty telegraph
and telephone poles.
Wednesday for a visit with friends "i0"1 f c,Tplt,tor,in, lts h0B
UUU Willi. 1.11U UUUCU V1ILUU1 1B-
ment this year of a new $100,000 barn
in which to Bhow the hogs at the Fair,
this interesting exhibit should out-do
The city council met in regular, ses
sion Tuesday, -evening, but the only
))d8iiies?bef6re ttfe. members was a
discussion 'of, p.lurib'orif' licenses,' this
being called' but by th"e arre'sFof? two
plumbors who wero operating without
a license.
I The Tribuno hopes that no North
I Platte or Lincoln county boy may fall
In tho line of battle and go weBt,"
as the soldiers say, but should this
occur The Tribune suggests that pub
lic memorial services bo held. Certain
ly this is a tribute we should all be
glad to pay to tho one who falls.
A. P. Martin, district deputy of the
Modern Woodmen, has been in town
this v'o'-'"or'i't'.nc: a campaign for
membership. Next Monday evening a
smoker and entertainment will be
held nt tho-K. P. hall, which will be
open to all young men in the city. As
part of tho evening's program about
200 pictures of the Woodmen anl
torlum at Colorado Springs' wljl be
thrown on the screen.
The latter part of last week four
auto loads of members of tho Ingham
branch of the Lincoln County Red
Cross Chapter cameto town to take
instructions in Red Cross work. The
branch at Ingham is a live one, and
prior to becoming a Lincoln, county
braneh had been shipping their work
direct to New York. The ladies took
back with them a largo amount of
Wm. S.
Hart in
"Blue Blazes Rawden" !
In which Hart pays the Penalty of
another's misdoings.
STATISTICS-RELATIVE TO THE , "Luxury goto in tho blood" la tin ott
LINCOLN (JOINT REGISTRANTS, nuoted lino' from a ranious Broadway
. play. Never was it moro aptly applied
. , . .... than to Triangle's play, "Old. Loves
Clork Allon, of the registration ror Now," featuring Margery Wilson,
board haa been directed to dompllo a Bhovlng at Uio CryBtal Saturday aftor
tnble showing tho condition of the no0n and evening. Dissipation, lovo
various classes of registrants In tho Dt lino clothes and social ontoWairi-
county. y monto on a mad and lavish scale nl-
As orlblnnlly classified thoro wore .. 1 111 1
jyi in class one, 112 ln class two, 78
in class thrco, 755 in class four and
23G In class five. I
Up to Onto 221 men of class one have
been sent to training camps, twonty
threo havo boon released for naval
service, nino wore transferrd to class!
two, fivo aro colored and fourteen!
havo boon entered for limited service.
Tills makes a total of 268. Next week
about seventy mon will bo sent to
Camp Dodge, thus bringing tho total of
men sent mp to 291, and leaving but
forty-eight In closs ono, and theso
constitute farmers who aro actually
engaged in crop growing and havo
been held back on account of their
agricultural claims. It is probable,
however, that soma of theso will bo
Included in tho August call.
Seventy-two men "Who registered
in tho county failed to appear for
medical examination or to fill out
thoir quostlonaires,
p- -
most Bring aboirt tho ruin of tw
young people. A tather'Intorvonoa'ttnd
forces tho, light-headed young people
battle vith Naturo and obtain tho
reward of clean ideals and sensible
living. ;
' Dr. Brock, Dontlst, over Stone Drug
Store. tt
Get Ready For
Harvest Now
. 'Open a checking account before tho
Miarvcst work Logins.
' No time during tho .year have 70a
.wore need of It When It comes Urao
to pay harvest help, you write checks
for tho amounts duo them.
'Depositing your funds and paying
bills by check Is easier and safer than
having money In the house or carry.
Ing It In your clothes.
Boposits may safely be nado by
mall you don't need to make a, trip
to the bank every time. Try It
Platte Valley State Bank
Soldiers' Data Wnnted.
Governor Neville is asking for the
following data of tho list of soldier's
names printed below.
Soldier's namo
Homo address . . , . .
Date of Birth ..
Nearest Relative
Present address
Organization and rank
Address replies to T. C. Patterson,
Chairman Lincoln Co. Council of De
fense, North Ptatte, Nebraska.
List of Names.
Charles H. "Ballou
Chris L. Boyor
HllUam F. Campbell
Homer Eborlo
Reynold W. Hansen
John G. High
Jennings ,V. Higglns
Freeman O. Hansen
Boyd Harmon
Wilbur Lyons
Paul Marti
John L. Murphy
Byron B. Obcrst
Thomas R. Peters
Ira B. RusseSl
John A. Rydner
..ohn A. Ross '
Irfc G. Simpson
Charles A. Sharv ,
John W. Tlgho 1
'Frank H. Winslow
Dorcey F. "Williams
Clarence Gerald Allen
Albert J. Beerbowor .
eHnry Ray Bradley
Charles P. Clinton .
Clarence Oliver Day
Montgomery Demont Doty
James A. Donnegan
Everett Hall Evans
Frank Gossol
Ast Hauden
Walter Alecn Hoxlo
James A. Hood
Walter Men Hoxlo.
Arthur W. McCae.
Joseph W. Kopf. '
Vincent DePaul Ottenstein.
Ernest Whlto Rincker.
William A.. Robinson.
Albin Waltamar Sandall.
William J. Schram.
Jesso Vernon.
Chnnn. Lincoln Co. Council Defense.
Hongland for Senator.
W. V. Hoagland yesterday filed as
a candidate for tho republican nomina
tion for state senator from this dis
trict. So far as known Mr, Hoagland
will have no opposing republican
candidate, and shotuld have none from
tho democratic party, for his calibre
as a man is such as to call for a
unanimous nomination and election.
I Mr. Hoagland's work during his form
er term as senator was such as to
satisfy all constituents, whether dem
ocrat or republican and this bolng
true ho should havo no opposition.
Jonathan Higglns, of this city, form
erly living on a farm at Bignell 1ms
filed for tho democratic nomination
for float representative from tho 77th
District, composed of Dawson, Lin
coln and Keith counties.
Candidate for Float Representative.
Geo. S. Doty, of Gothenburg, who
is a canuiuate ror the republican nom
nnation for float ropresfentntivo
from tho 77th District at the primary
election to bo held August 20th, spent
yesterday In town meeting eomo of
our men. Mr. Doty, who has been a
resident of Dawson county for four
teen years, Is a business man of
Gothenburg, and prior to ongaging In
his present calling was a farmer. Ho
is a veteran ox tho Spanish-American
war, and nis ago is tho only bar that
prevents him from being on tho firing
line in Tanco today. Ho has boon
closely associated with all tho patrio
tic war measures in Dawson county.
When yon meet Mr. Doty you will bo
Impressed with his general bearing
and his ovldonco of lovel-headedncss
and good Judgement.
Tho 77th District is composed of
Dawson, Lincoln and Keith counties.
With tho American troops bearing
tho brunt of tho battle at tho point
whoro tho Germans aro attempting to
break through tho lines, It will not bo
Surprising if our Ifct of casualties
provo very heavy. It is known that
several Lincoln county boys aro on or
near tho Chateau-Thlorry sector, and
no doubt they aro proving their valor
along with tho others.
Our Optical department is equipped
with tho latest instruments and our
methods of examination aro most
thorough and up-to-date, HARRY
Tho Catholic Girls club will meet at
tho homo of Miss Ethel Donegan
xuesuay evening.
Chas. Hupfor, who enlisted In tho
navy at Omaha last week and had Blnce
been visiting frionds In Omaha return
ed homo last night to nyalt a call to
Word was received yesterday that
John Baker, of this city, who 1iad been
sent to Camp Funston had arrived sofa
ly In Franca John is in tho quarter
masters' department.
Sergeants Homor nnd Doll Pease,
stationed at Camp Cody, arrived at
Brady a few days ago to visit tho
homo folks. Dell is division Instruct
or in bayonet work.
It has been three weeks since tho
home folks have heard from Lieut.
Merle Cross and from this his father
infers that ho has been sent overseas.
Lieut. Cross was sent from Camp
Cody to a camp in Now Jersey.
Mr. and Mrs. James Brady havo re
ceived a lottor from their son Georgo
who is at Camp Funston, in which ho
sayB he is In fine shape and has pass
ed all the examination for ovor-seaa
duty. Ho asks that his thanks bo
extended to Mrs. McGraw and tho
Sammy Girls for the Bweater and
comfort kit and to Father McDald for
the prayer book.
In a letter to the homo folks, Leslio
Carr of Gothenburg, now on tho firing
line in France Bays: "Tho other two
follows who came over hero with mo
got "picked off.'' They wero Walter
Splcknall and John Ridoncmr. Tho
latter was from North Platte.'' So far
as we havo noticed tho names of
Splcknall und Ridenour have not ap
peared in tho casualty lists.
Lieut. Burton Lambert, who was re
cently transferred from the navy
yard at Bremerton, Wash., to New
York, has now been sent aboard a
skip. . He writes: "Toll everybody
good-bye, I don't know whoro I am
going but I nm on my way. If you
people ever float a service flag for
North Platte and Lincoln county I
shall bo disappointed if I am not rep
resented by a star."
Tho Tribune has received a copy of
poem entitled "Little Pal o' Mine."
wTittcri by James K. Flynn, a formor
North Platte boy, now a corporal in
a company of railway engineers in
Franco. Tho poem was first published
in tho "Stars and Stripes," a trench,
paper issued by the American soldiers'
In Franco nnd later' appeared In tho
Paris edition of the New York Herald.
It1 will bo published in theso columns
Ttfeqday and we believe that all read
ers will agree with us that tho lines
aro mighty well written and tho senti
ment appealing.
I hereby announce myself as candi
date for the republican nomination for
float representative from tho 77tU
District composed' of tho counties of
Keith, Lincoln and Dawson, at tho
primacy election to bo hold Augnist 20,
and. respectfully -solicit your support.
I havo boon a resident of Dawson
county for fourteen years, and my
present homo is in Gothenburg.
Seeks to Recover Child.
In the county court Wednesday
Francis N. Osterhout Drought an
action against his wife Myrtle Oster
hout to secure tho custody of Luclllo
Ostorhout now threo years old. Tho
plaintiff claims tho defendant is now
a lewd and immoral woman,, and as
such is keeping the child in an im
moral house, and that she is an unfit
porson to havo the keeping of such
child. Tho defendant avorred that tho
allegations as to her morality wero
false, and that she Is a woman of good
character. Sho further contended that
tho plaintiff is a shiftless, worthless
man and does not earn enough to sup
port tho child, and that ho is not fit
to havo custody of tho child; and that
prior to tho filing of this suit, sho had
begun an action against tho plaintiff
for divorce, A dozen or moro wit
nesses testified In tho caso.
Judgo Woodhurst took the- caso
under ndvisemont and will render a
decision at 11 o'clock tomorrow.
The Nebraska House, which for
moro than forty-fivo years had been
conducted as an eating and .rooming
house, is being torn' down to mako
room for tho Ugal throo story build
ing. In tho fall of 1881 when Tho
Tribune man camo to North Platte,
tho Nebraska House, then conducted
by tho lato J, C. Fedorhoof, was the
most largoly patronized hotol in
town, having at thnt timo 120 regular
boarders in addition to many transient
guests. Boforo tho Nebraska Houso
sprang into oxistonco Mike Flllion, 1
brother of our Joo, conducted a res
tnurnnt In a long narrow building on
tho site.
Ford One-Ton Truck
Every farmer at this time of the year has under
consideration tho way he can most cheaply bring
his gram, hogs, etc., to market-return with coal
for the winter, flour, feed, lumber and bran.
The Ford Worm Drive Truck is the one that is
solving the problem, cost of up-kecp unusually low
and the greatest service the Truck world knows
Priced at North Platte $659.32
Your order mustbe placed at once to insure delivery
Phone 34 Corner 4th and Dewey
Hidden pearls havo deepest charms,
Seo Sessuo Haydkawa In "Hidden
Pearls." Keith theatre. Saturday nteht
Also tho two part comedy "A Lady
Killer's Doom."
Use Less Sugar When Canning
Fruit or Vegetables
THE Hall Cold Pack
Canner will give you a
complete canning out
- fit for use in your own
home. It enables you to do
your complete canning
with less Bugar and in less
time than would ordinarily
bo required. Tn addition to
this, fruit and vegetables
canned by the cold paclc
method are less likely to
spoil than if canned by any
oth,er method.
This is a year when it is
the patriotic duty of every housewife to can all tho fruit
and vegetables possible. The Hall Cold Pack Canner of
fers you the vory best possible means to do your canning
with the least effort and the leaser amount of work,
Wo ask every houdowifo to como to our storo and 'seo tho Hall Cold
Pack Canner. It is mado of galvanized stool, will last practically a
lifetime and is so simple that it can bo used equally well by ama
teur or export. Has patented fruit JarholdorB which mako it lm
possiblo to 'burn or scald tho hands. Has a capacity
of from a one-pint to twelve ono-quart Jars, Com- J . A
plcto Cannor sells for only , OTrstJjV-
Cnll and got Direction Booklet for COLD PACK CANNING. ''PV.
W. R. Maloney Company
North Platte,
Physician, Surgeon, Obstetrician. X-Ray, , ,
For. your.: comfort and accommodation The Nurco' Brown
Memorial Homeopathic Hospital. Homeopathic medicine for
acute and chronic diseases. A trial will convince1 you thnt there
is nb system of treatment its equal. - t
Office phone 183. Residence phone 283.
J Hospital Phone 110.
We. sell Coal, Flour, Graham, Whole Wheat, Corn
Meal, Corn Chop, Barley, Chop, Salt, Shorts, Bran, Tankage
and Cotton, Linseed and Alfalfa Meal, mixed Chicken Feed
and all kinds of Grain.
Quality guaranteed and SERVICE THE BEST.
Leypoldt & Pennington,
With us that until you aro satisfied,
wo don't oonsidor a transaction end
ed. So you will be doing us a favor
if you will tell us of anything you'
don't like about our FEED and our
sorvlco. Don't hesitate because th
matter may soem a trifling ono. Wtff
want to correct tho fault bo it littl,
or big. Perfect Bhorvico Is tho alra
of thlB establishment.