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.Mrs. B..B.. Bodlman r6turnfeu:v Sun
day from a visit in the east.
Weather Obsorver Shilling reported
a light frost Sunday morning.
Dr. Morrill, Dentist
Mrs. Ella Mao Lanyon returned
Saturday from a visit .in Boston and
Miss Florenco Stamp returned Fri
day evening from a visit at the Koliher
licmo in Omaha.
Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Forbes and
daughter Truly returned Sunday from
a three week's auto trip to Iowa.
Miss Gortrudo Robhausen arrived
home Wednesday from Chicago, whero
sho had been attending q. musical con
servatory. Tho secretary And knitting depart
ment 6f tho Hod Cross -will be in their
former rooms in tho federal building
on Tuesday.
Mrs. "Wilfred Stuart and children,
of Lexington, who visited her parents
Mr. and Mrs. John Tigho last -week,
loft Friday evening.
Miss M. Sleman, steam baths and
Swedish Massage, ladies arid gentle
meiu Phono 897. Brodbock bldg. 85tf
Mrs. P. J. Gilmamrcturned Sunday
night from a threo weeks visit with hor
daughter -Mrs. Kato "Woolsey, at Van
Couver, Washington.
Attached to train No. 1 were two
special cars in which Chas. fti.
Schwab and party were travollng
tnrougn to mo coasiv
For Sale Hoosior Kitchen cabinet
In good condition. 520 ao. unestnui
street Phono Black 4SU. tu'
Miss Riuith Streitz, chief clerk in the
State Banking department will nrrivo
from Lincoln July 13th. to spend hor
vacation with her parents.
Tho sale of the Briscoe car by the
Home Guards will occur on J my ui.
By that time the full fifteen hundred
tickets will nave Been soiu.
Charles, La., is tho guest of her sister
the latter part or last weou.
Dr. Brock; Dentist, over Stone Dnig
Material is on tho ground for tho new
'Ottenstein garagO'On east Sixth Btreet
Tho concrete foundation will be laid
this Week and bricklaying will begin
a few days later. t
Mrs. A. B. Hdagland, who had been
taking treatment for several weeks at
Rochester, Minn., returned homo Sat
urday night. Her general condition is
materially . improved .
For sale Yearling bull, good grade
Hereford. R. E. Marshall, Phono
790F11. , '
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Smith return
ed tho latter "part ot last week from a
trip to St. Paul, Minn. While there
they visited the officers' training
camp at Ft. Snelling.
Mr. and Mrs. G. Schroedor who
have made their home hero for several
weeks will leave today for Chicago
-Mr. Schroeder was connected witli
the local office of the A. T. & T. Co.
Wo will bo closed all day July 4th,
Tomorrow at the fair ground' track
Taccs for position In the Fourth of
' July auto events will be held. During
the past week tho track has been well
oiled In order to keep down tho dust.
Lost Saturday evening wrist watch
with Rubye McMichael 1918 engraved
on back. Phono Red, 429 for reward,
"Corn Is growing so rapidly,' said
a south eido farmer Saturday, "that
few of us will bo abio to go through it
with a cultivator the third time. This
may mean weedy corn, but it can't be
Tho Hendy-Ogier Co. will occupy
tho new garage this week, though it
will not quite be completed. By taking
over the building tho firm 'will bo in
better shape to take care of tho 4th
of July crowd.
Found Juno 2Cth on the road lead
ing west from the state farm a kit of
auto tools. Ownor can have same by
calling at house of Irvin Hohn, 1
miles west of Btate farm and paying
for this notice.
Fori One-Ton Truck
Every farmer at this time of tho year has Under
consideration the way he can most cheaply bring
his gram, hogs, etc., to market-return with coal
for the winter, flour, feed, lumber and bran.
The Ford Worm Driye Truck is the one that is
solving the problem, cost of up-keep unusually low
and the greatest service the Truck world knows
Priced at North Platte $659.32
I Your order must be placed
Phone 34 Corner 4th and Dewey
Mrs. E. N. Ogior returned last oven
Ing frfofcaVWaia in Gibbon.;
; Jonathan Hlgglns went tp Loxlng-
ton this morning to attend a district
convention ot tho non-partlsaJ lcnguo
Will Norris left yodtcrday for lAl-
lianco on business connected with
potash fields in which ho Is Interested.
A letter recolvcd last week 'an
nounced tho safo arrival of "Jim"
Clinton overseas, whoro ho will bo
stationed in tho Marino hospital corps.
Tho county commissioners wero in
session yesterday transacting routino
business which included tho allowance
ot salaries.
Miss Hazel Young, who has been
visiting her sister Mrs. Earl Simon
for several weeks will return in a few
day to Hastings.
Word has been rouoived in town of
tho arrival last weok of a ton pound
babv boy at tho homo of Mr. and
Mrs.i Harry Albright of Toledo, Ohio.
Tho Harrington Merc. Co. is pre
pared to offor nrlcos on now Prairio
and Alfalfa hay and grain. It will -pay
you to call and see nils boforo you sell.
Miss Julia Gleason, who has been
emnlovod In a drug store In Ohappell
for sovoral months, loft yesterday
morning after a visit with, tho home
Just Avliat you want, don't miss theso
now .Tap silk waists, nil colors at
$1.99. THE HUB.
James Karis, ono of the Lincoln
county boys recently sent to Ft. Lo
gan, Colo., will leavo today after
soendinc his furlough here with rel-
Word received from Ray Peters at
Camp Cody yesterday announced that
ho was duo for another operation. Ray
has been in tho hospital or in tho con
valescing ranks almost all tho time
since ho went to Camp Cody.
Judge Woodhurst last Saturday
issued, marriago license to Edward
H. Yates and Amy Young and to Glenn
A. Moore and Harriott Johnson. All
tho parties make their homo in tills
. Foiutr hundred feet of tho north end
of tho bridge south of Horshoy has
been torn out and replaced with a fill.
Tho lumber of tho part of the bridgo
torn out was sold for an amount suf
ficient to nav for tho fill, and there Is
400 feet less bridgo to replank arid
otherwise keep in repair.
People who saw Margarita Fisher in
"Ann's Finish." recently will certain
ly want to see her again in "The Girl
who wouldn't Grow Up," at tho Sammy
Girls Theatre tonight. Also Charming
Billio Rhodes appears In a comedy',
"Her Terrible Time." Both of theso
stars are favorites with both young
and old.
Dick Willams was called to Roches
ter, Minn., tho latter part of last week
by tho serious condition or nis wito,
In submitting to an operation for
hernia, othororganic trouble was dls
covered, and another operation will
be necessary.
Ray Raney, of Wallace, who Was a
business visitor in town Saturday, :ox
pressed the opinion that wheat inhis
section of tho county would average
fifteen bushels to the acre. Corn, ho
said, Is about two weeks ahead of tho
average season and is looKing line.
i E. F. Seoberger will return tomor
row night from Rochester, Minn.,
whore he went two weeks ago to be
present at an operation to which Mrs
na'inVMr.r aiilhm If f mt 'Pit ft In i 1 H'T la
getting along nicely, and yesterday
was removed tho convalescent
"Daddy's Girl" with Baby Mario
Osborne is a good home play some
thing that every member of the family
will like to seo. It is so filled with
sweetness and charm and quaint
humor that those who see It will be
chuckling for days afterwards. Don't
forgot that it is at the Crystal tonight
James Keefe, of Sioux City, has been
visiting his son County Attorney
Keefe, while onroute homo irom a
trip to California. Ho and his wife
and daughter had been on tho coaBt
but two weeks when ho learned that
his son, who was at Camp Dodge, was
about to bo transferred, Ho started
east and when reaching here learned
that, the son had already been sent to
a Texas camp.
at once to insure delivery
si'httfr of Tltoortf f8
;ihJTi-wttT'to Tho Tribune datell
sbuiewhero in France. Juio 9th Llcu'i
UyC Cochfrih in parti says: .
"I havo not missed tho opportunity
of boosting tho wondorfM showing
that Nebraska has mad in tho war
savjngs stamps, tho . Third Liberty
loan and other war measures. You
can lust "bp.t that tho, conduct of tho
U6mo folks, as It pertains to wa'i
mbasurbB, is closely watched by mem
bers of tho American Expeditionary
Forces. I am tho only man out ot a
great many offlcors at this contor who
is from Nebraska.
"Paris editions of tho Chicago Trib
une, Now York Horald and tho Dally.
Mall aro available ovory placo whoro
thoro Is a Y. M. C. A. and that Just
about includes every placo in Franco
whero thoro aro Amorlcan troops.
Tho Y. M. C. A. is doing a wonder
ful work over hero and is deserving
of good support at homo. It looks to
mo as though tho war spirit at homo
has improved a great deal slnco I loft
six months ago. I will commenco
wearing a sorvlco strlpo in nbout a
weok, which means six months of
service. At tho present time I am an
orlentem officer in ehargo of instruc
tion to tho newly arrived officers of
heavy artillery who specialize is orl
ontem work at this contor. Llko
ovorybody elso I havo hopes and I
think good chances of getting to the
front at tho close of this courso.
"Tho soldiers horo. aro very well
fed and tho spirit is fino. Everybody
is workinv hard not union hours but
day and night: tho instructors as well
as those taking instructions proparing
for tho work at the front. You got
tho spirit over hero and can't help
but work. It happons that the orl
entem work with heavy artillery is
very closely connected with my work
In civil life, so I am naturally vory
much Interested.
"I have never been able to connoct
up with "Pop" Sturges, but havo cor-J
responded witn mm anu nop to see
him somo time.
"In coming from my first location
(which was near the front) to this
place I came through Paris, and llko
ovorybody oIbo that hltsi that city,
spent two days. It Is a wonderful
place. "Big Bertha" barked once in
the vicinity of tho hotel in which I
was stopping and the papers stated
that ninteon wero killed. France Is
a . wonderful country nnd tho Amorl
can activity at the front is having a
good effect on tho peoplo.
"Even though wine and liquor can
bo bought any place in Franco, tho
conduct of tho troops is remarkably
"The weather hero has been Ideal,
for tho past two or three weeks, al-
though very rainy and damp previous i
to that. Last winter was tho mildest
I havo evor spent."
"Tho Voico of Conscience."
A real Hallowe'en party in an old
Southern mansion is ono of the novel
features In "Tho Voico of Conscience"
a Metro picture co-starring Francis
X. Bushman and Beverly Bayno, which
will bo tho attraction at tho Sammy
Girls theatre on Thursday.
Tho party, replete with unsual
novelties, was staged In a largo ball
room Betting at the Metro studio. Tho
room was decorated with jack o'lari
terns, flags and bunting. With domi
nating prominence, in the center of
room whs a mammoth pumpkin, which
provided tho do luxo novelty of tho
ovening. A little fairy entered tho
scene and when sho waved a wand the
pumpkin separated into sections and
out flow a "baby angol."
Eighty dancers participated in tho
party scenes and gay music was pro
vided by a colored "Jazz" band. In
tho midst of all tho festivities tho
villain comes in and denounces the
hero. Exciting scenes take place which
aro in vivid contrast to tho previous
moments of gaiety.
Tho lighting effects are novel and
beautiful. Tho party Is genuinely
Southern, as Mr. Bushman, the di
rector, Edwin Carewo, and tho author.
Finis Fox, all being Southerners, have
given tho needed realistic details.
Tho annual Batemont of tho Mutual
Building and Loan association for the
year ending Juno 30th, 1918, shows
assest of $941. 403. (14 nvlrlnnerv flinf If
has grown to almost a million dollar
concern. Listed in its assets aro
?8G5,G00 in first mortgage loans on
worm jf latto property. The statement
Is published elsewhere in theso
It was John Rltnor's good fortuno to
talk to a soldior boy eastward bound
who had been occupying tho same tent
with "Will Ritnor at Camp Fromont.
Ho learned that Will has boon ap
pointed a sergeant and that chances
wore good for becoming a lieutenant.
Will is taking advantage of everything
poBHime mat win lenu to promotipn
and is working very hard .
No. 97382
Willi mako tho Boaoon of 1018 as fol
Tuesdays, Thnsdays and Satur
days at tho Mogonsen Food and Sale
Barn, North Flatto, Nob, beginning
April 8Uu b b
Balance of tho vroolc, except Sunday,
at my farm six miles west of North
I'laito and three-fourths of a mllo
southeast of Birdwood switch.
NABOB was foaled Mav 24. 1M3.
and tmnorted xrttih (lild mnthar iv
North & Robinson, of Grand Island,
in July, 1013. Was bred by M. Des
proz, Department of Orne, In Franco.
This horao weighs 1780, is clean and
sounu in every particular, and is as
good ao you will find anywhore.
We Invito you to como and seo this
TERMS- $15.00 to insure colt to
stand and suck. If mares are dls
nosed of or leavo tho coiintrv Hnrvinfl
foo bocomea duo and payablo at onco.
uaro Tviu do taKen to prevont accl
dents, but ahould any occur stallion
owner will not bo rsponslblo.
Sammy Girls Tlieatro Program.
Tho following JphoYonltivs havo boon
boqkctl for this week. Wo want your
patronage and approval of these:
Tuesday Margarita Flshor in
"Tho Girl ,Vho Yfouldn't Grow Up."
Wednesday Alfred Whitman and
Mary Anderson In "When Men aro
Thursday Francis Bushman and
Bovorly Bayno in "Tho Voico of Con
Friday Virginia Pearson In "Tho
Firp Brand."
Saturday Tom Mix "Acq High."
Germans Fear Americans.
Gorman prisou'ors aro virtually un
animous in confirming tho foar ot tho
Americans by tho Gorman high com
mand. According to tho declaration
of officers, this is tho principal reason
for tho determination of Germany to
seek at all cost to Impose peace on
tho allies before next winter.
Tho prisoners make no secret of
their astonishment at tho spirit and
versatility of tho American soldiers.
J. H. Edmlston, who ahs about 400
acres of wheat south ot Blgnoll, thinks
tho avorago yield will not fall much
below twenty bushels por acre.
Does Chief Yeoman Service for Her Uncle Sam.
Chautauqua Program Afternoon of '
the Last Day
', If every American answered tho country's call with tho enthusiasm of Chlol
Yeoman Dorothy D. Frooks of tho United States Naval Reserve, tho war would
bo over in no tinio. Recently this twenty year old Now York girl, who has
recruited 10,000 men for tho Army and Navy, pinned on thd now Gold Modal
with which tho American Patriotic Society hpnorod hor, nnd went to Wash
lngton. Tho United Statos Treusury Department borrowed hor from tho
United States Naval Rosorvo Forco, and because of hor tremendous success
In boosting tho Liberty Loan and recruiting campaigns in tho Wost, tho two
'departments aro now compotlng for the BervicoB of this young glr. orator.
To do her patriotic work in the West sho has passed up an opportunity to
be admitted to tho Now York Stato Bar. Sho thinks thcro la plenty of timo
for that and to got married.
In addition to studying law slnco she was graduated from the University
of Chicago, recruiting for the Army and Navy, stumping for suffrage and
t.iUIng a hand in settlement work, Miss Frooks has found time to own and
(iii. tho Public Service" Record of
iiran Heart." Aftornoon of last
Physician, Surgeon, Obstetrician. X-Ray.
For your comfort and accommodation The Nurse Brown
Memorial Homeopathic Hospital. Homeopathic medicine for
acute and chronic diseases. A trial will convince you that there
is'no system of treatment its equal.
Office phone 183. Residence phone 283.
Hospital Phone 110.
!2We sell Coal, Flour, Graham, Whole Wheat, Corn
Meal, Corn Chop, Barley, Chop, Salt, Shorts, Bran, Tankage
and Cotton, Linseed and Alfalfa Meal, mixed Chicken Feed
and all kinds of Grain.
Quality guaranteed and SERVICE THE BEST.
Leypoldt & Pennington,
II. J. . Runner, of Horsh6y, -was In
town yesterday transuding business.
Ho recently roturncd from Rochester,
idlnn., whoro lie took treatment for
several weeks for rhoumntlsm and
kldnoy trouble Ho has,, improved
Bomowhat slnco taking treatments
For Sales! '
Five rccm cottago at 520 west Eth
street Modorn except boat Close in,
good lawn, largo tree. Thid property
Is priced right for quick salo. For
terms of Bale and inspection seo
Baby Marie Osborne
Ambassador extraordinary of
Sunshine nnd Happiness in
"Daddys Girl"
Also two part Billy West
"Back Stage"
Crystal - Tonight
Oyster Bay and to write a bo?k "The
day of Chautauqua.
With us that until you aro satisfied
wo don't consider a transaction end
ed. So" you will bo doing us a favor
If you will toll us of anything you
don't llko about our FEED and our
sorvlco. Don't hesltato bocauso tho
matter may seem a trifling ono. Wo
want to correct tho fault bo uuio
or big. Perfect shorvico is tho aim
of this establishment
v.. :...iiS9HIHf ill
- - l.. ., " - ,
Author's Depiction of "Tourist" Printer
Will Be Recounted as Drawn
f ( 4 From Life.
hi' i f .
Thrilling adventures bf tho old Jour
neyman printers nro contained In
"Theso Shifting Scenes," by Charles
Kdwnrd Jlusscll. Theso wanderers
roamed from town to town, denounc
ing evqry.thlng ou'sldc of New York na
unfit for consideration, and returning
by way of freight trains once a year
for n visit to that Mecca of Journalists.
Mr Iiusscll describes a typical mcm
ber of the guild, ono "Scotty."
"This solid nnd Borry ragamuffin had
so often escaped violent death thnt ha
was convinced of n destiny to dlo of
disease nnd wns fnr more fearful Qf
drinking contaminated water than of
riding on car trucks. Once us ho clung
to the bumpers of n freight car n mad
or intoxicated brnkemnn had fired flvo
revolver Hhots at him and every shot
had clipped or gono through Scotty'a
hnt. Whereupon tho brnkeman, prob
ably convinced that ho had seen a
ghost, leaped from tho train and was
"Sovernl times Scotty had been in
train wrecks. Onco tho car was on
flro and ho wns pinned down by a pile
of Joist, but two brakemen worked
with frenzied seal until they freed
him nnd saved his life; nnd then pur
sued him down the track pelting him
with coal for stealing a ride.
"Ills wulking experiment was mado
In 3874 when business wns depressed
and tho country wns full ot trampsr
IIo Joined a colony of theso and so
great was the terror they inspired that
tho farmers used to como every morn
ing with presents of chicken nnd milk;
but as a mnttcr of fact the tramps
wero tho most hnrmless of men. Ono
had been n clergyman and usod to re
prove tho others for swearing."
In Sending Prune Trees to Devastated
Country, California Is Repaying .
an Obligation.
California Is generously sending a
million and a half .two-year-old pruno
trees to help In restoring the French
orchards, nnd enough seed beans to
plnnt GO.000 ncres. Cnilnda is under
taking the planting of thousands ot
Cnnndlnn tim. lcs In France. It is
pleasant ulso to know that there Is to
bo no Inck of outside help for tho dev
astated towns, observes Christian Scl
enco Monitor, In stating these facts.
English and American architects aro
at work on plans for new buildings to
repluco those razed by tho guns, both
In Belgium nnd In Frnnce.
The Indlnnapolls News sees senti
ment in tho prune trco transaction. It
says : "Theso trees nro expected to con
vert 15,000 ncres into bearing orchards
In two years. It wns Franco which, in
18f0, gave to California her first
pruno trees. The prune, which slnco
then has illlod many a gap on the table
of tho American boarding houses, and
hns borno the bruut of many a Jest,
keeps right on proving ItEf worth."
Troops Suffered From Thirst- "
Somo of tho hardships experienced
by tho HrHlflh forces In Palestine nro
described In a letter received by a
friend In Montreal from a priest Tho
letter, written shortly beforo the fall
of Jerusalem, tells of a day early in
November when a camel convoy from
Ileersheba wns unnblo to reach tho
men then fighting for the doltvornnco
of the Holy City from tho Turk.
"Thero wns a hot wind blowing,"
wrote tho priest. "A tumbler full of
water wns left In my bottle, which I
divided between Xour ofllcors whoso
Hps wero split nnd covered with a
green slime. Thnt nfternoon I had a
burial service, and literally I could
not articulate without keeping my hand
to my mouth nnd pulling my lower
Hp off my teeth, while bullets from a
concealed sniper whizzed past us. In
the evening water enmo In enough to
give each one bottle qulto Inade
quate." Communal Kitchens.
Tho latest proposal for tho elimina
tion of wasto. In food nnd tho supply
of meals at minimum cost In England,
Includes, what for n better term Is
called, communal feeding. Tho com
munal kitchen hns been proposed on
jovernl occasions but, savo for a few
spasmodic experiments, It hns not been
given n thorough trial. Lord Ilhonddn
Is interested In the now proposal and
acting with a committee of soclnl
workers ho Is devising plans to give
tho scheme n renl test. With so mnriy
women doing war work and with con
sequent neglect of household duties,
somo such plnn as is proposed fill
have to bo carried out if tho rising
generation Is not to suffer seriously in
War Helps Chinese Industry.
Tho European war nnd consequent
cessation of Imports of German aniline
dyes Is bringing nbout a revival of
Chinn's ancient industry of indigo
making. China's fondness for tills
color has earned for her tho nnmo of
tho Lnnd of tho Blue Gown. Indigo
growing Is especially adapted to tho
Yangtze valloy and southern China.
Tho color is extracted by soaking tho
leaves in hot water aud beating tho
Hog Killing In Britain.
According to ofllclal figures secured
by the United States food administra
tion, hogs havo decreased much more
than any other class of llvo stock in
tho British Isles. Tho total decline for
1010 and 1017 was over 000,000, of
which raoro thnn BO.000 wero brood
fows. -
rnoNE 99.