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American Red Cross in Paris
Quickly Answers Emer
gency Call.
No Bitterness, No Complaint, No Des
pair Among People, Many of
Whom Vere Refuoees for Sec
ond and Third Time.
?nrls. "A thousand refugees from
tho east of Amiens will puss through
Acheres nt soven o'clock tonight.
They will not have had nny supper,
Bomo of them may not have had nny
lunch. There Is no food thero nnd no
facilities for feeding them. Can you
help us?"
That was tho telephone messago
from tho French minister of the In
terior which camo to the American
Bed Cross nt noon one dny during the
German drlvo on Amiens, nnd tho nn
swer was "Yes. Emergency mes
sages nre no surprise to us theso days."
Tho food was ordered out of the
warehouses nnd a score of volunteers
rounded up,
Thoy started at six o'clock tho snmo
evening. Ono five-ton truck loaded
with tinned beef and condensed nlllk,
figs, prunes, chocolate and heaps of
huge loaves of war bread; two car
loads of midnight volunteers, stenog
raphers, bureau chiefs, drivers nnd
canteen workers set out on their way
to bring help to Jic homeless refu
gees. They rolled out through the resi
dential district of Turin, out past tho
fortifications, bumped through grimy
factory suburbs nnd on into tho open
country whero the level plnlns stretch
off Into Infinite distance, broken only
by Intcrmlnnblo rows of slim pop
lars. Then suddenly without warning,
thero emerged, from tho forest Into a
black smudgo of railway tracks, cin
ders, flat-enrs, passenger cars, sheds,
platforms, warehouses, cranes
Acheres. It was the Junction point,
whero the thousands of refugees wcro
to stop for half nn hour.
Saluted With One Arm.
Lieutenant M mot us there, sa
luted stiffly with his ono arm, and did
tho honors of the station, A group of
weary, muddy "permlsslonalres," most
of them over forty, just back from
the Champagne front, wcro routed out
to help tiB establish our tables on tho
cinders between tho tracks, nnd pllo
the food whero It could conveniently
bo passed Into tho train.
They 'unloaded bread, scraped
cheese, ufpencd tins of "bully beef,"
knocked the tops off the boxes of figs
und prunes and mndo plans to feed n
thousand people In half an hour. But
somewhere off In tho silent country
tho train, pneked full of exiles, was
standing on n side track. It was after
two In tho morning when the long
train with Its 28 carriages filled' with
refugees came Into Acheres.
A few windows were opened; tired
fnces looked outand voices asked, un
Intcrestedly, "Whero are wo?" and
were surprised to bo told that' they
wero near Paris. Tho train was ou
Its way, they snld to Tulle In tho Cor-'
rezo department, In tho south of
"Will they treat us well (here?" nn
old woman asked nnd they, In tho full
ness of their Ignorance, not daring to
say otherwise, answered "Yes."
It was a short half hour. They
carried them bread, they filled tho old
woman's npron with figs and prunes,
they gave milk to tho children, ment
to the old men, cheese to everybody.
They nbsorbed cakes of sweet choco
late, In a rapid nnd mysterious man
ner. Somo of them wero tho much be
pettlcontcd women of Plcnrdy and
some were grizzled old furrows. Oth
ers were city folk, obviously not used
to third class travel, There were fnm
idles of throe generations huddled to
gether on their way somewhere.
Somo clutched precious umbrellas,
somo carried bird cages, some ulurm
clocks. Some of them had dogs, somo'
had cats. But tho pathos of It nil
was not on tin. surface. 800 of them
quietly told that they wtro refugees
for tho secohd nnd third time nnd
laughed and Joked when they woke up.
There was no bitterness, no com
plaint, no despair.
Bread Pile Fell Away.
Tho hugo pile of bread fell away,
tho Ug boxes wero emptied, tho tits
wero nil handed Into tho trains. Tho
engine shrieked n shrill French whis
tle and the train pulled away. Tho
rescuers were in tho slleuco of the
night. Ono of mnny thousnnds of ref
ugees hud had one dreary midnight
menl far from home ono lonely meal
out of hundreds, perhaps thousands,
teforo them.
A train load of wounded from tho
front Joggled In ten minutes Inter. The
men nurses carried water through the
carriages swiftly and silently. Then
the Americans handed out the-remnants
of their stores of figs and tho
train slipped nwny nguln.. Behind them
could bo heard the dull booming of the
barrage guns about Paris, and the vis
itors know that another air raid was
on. They waited until the burrngo
stopped, then they headed back
through the defenses of tho capital.
Thero was n faint light ns they rode
back through tho forest. They could
- the
Wo get back our mete as we measure.
Wo cannot do wrong nnil feci right;
Nor ran. .we give pain and Ruin pleas
ure For Justice avenues each slight.
There is possibly no more cooling,
refreshing driuk to n thirsty throat
than ono tuado of
lemon juice. As
loiiidiis aro so com
mon thoy may be
procured anywhere
the your round. A
nice lemonade al
ways ready Is the
following: Add to
n cupful of strained
honey two cupfuls of water and a
third of a cupful of lemon juice, boll
together 12 minutes, cool and plnco
In a bottlo or jar and keep In the Ico
chest. A few fnblespoonfuls of the
sirup In n pitcher of water makes n
most delicious drink, which may ho
garnished with n hit nf fresh lemon
or n sprig of mint.
oblivious of war.
Systematic Stripping of Industry
Before the Day of Reckoning.
Even Officials Responsible to Kaiser's
Government Forced by Public to
Give Voice to Emphatic
Amsterdatn. German carpetbaggers
nro overrunning1 Alsaco to grab nil
property confiscated by tho state un
der vnrlous pretexts. Indignation
among tho peoplo Is widespread, and
oven officials responsible to tho kai
ser's government aro forced by public
opinion to glvo volco to emphntlc pro
tests, i
Alsace Is n great Industrial center
and ouo of Its principal Industries.
Is the manufacture of textiles. Most
of tho textile factories In Alsaco were
taken over by the stnto us a wnr meas
ure. As somo of the stockholders wcro
Frenchmen, the mills, It was alleged,
wero partly enemy alien property. So
tho stnto took chnrgo of tho mills nnd
prepared to llquldato them. This liqui
dation was carried out recently.
Alsatian business men nud capital
ists had" formed a corporation to buy
tho mills in nn effort to keep them in
Alsatian hands. Even city administra
tions, such ns tho municipality of
. Muhlhnuscn, whero n number ot fae
' torles nro situated, bought stock In
this corporation. Tho name of the
-corporation Is tho United Alsatian Tex-
tile Fuctorles.
I Forbidden by Berlin.
But it was decided In Berlin that the
Alsatians should not bo.ullowod to buy
What was prnctlcally their own. An
other concern, called the Blclchroeder
Ifot tfmtift wlin libit rrlnirnr tint nlfl-
sco clumps of yellow daffodils utterly fB8hIoned ginger Wllter ,a inost Wltl8.
fylng. Add honey to sweeten, mix
well with a tablespoonful of ginger
nnd a pint o'f chilled wnter. This has
been a harvest drink for the field
workers for yenrs. In the old days the
sweetening wns molasses and It gave
the drink n piquant' flavor.
Canton Punch. For ginger lovers
this is a great favorite: Chop half a
pound of Cnnton ginger, add a cupful
of honey nnd four cupfuls of cold wa
ter. Cover and let stand 30 minutes.
Bring gradually to tho boiling point
and let boll 15 minutes. Add one-half
erninent's decision was made known
by Mnyor Zopfel. Ho said not only
had tho offer of tho Alsatian corpora
tion nf ivlilnlt tlin fltr- nf Mllllllinllqon
iaiV D mnnn0nt ,rt hnnn ro- cupful of orange Juice, the same of
JectcdbyUio'sovornmonVbttthoalso Memon Juice; cool, strain nnd add
Some of your hurts you have cured.
And the sharpest you still have sur
vived, nut vhat torments- of grief you en
dured From the evils which never arrived.
Before cleaning a room with paint
ed walls, If possible choose n damp ot
rainy day. Then place
a largo pan of water on
tho stovo to boll, close
tho room nnd let tho
stenm fill tho room, then
proceed 'to clean the
walls; the steam will
have softened nnd loos
ened the dust on the walls
so that It cleans much easier than
without this treatment.
Mirrors nre quickly cleaned by using
n cloth dampened in nlcohol. Th6 pol
ish Is easily put on, but care should
be falcon not to rub n vnrnlshed frame
with an nlcohol cloth.
Federal Aid Road Act Exerts Impor
tant Influence on Legislation
In Many States.
(Prepared by tho United States Depart-
ment or Agriculture.)
Federnl-nld road projects, unques
tionably, nro ready for construction In.
every Btnte this year. Under' tho fed-
crul-ald road net of 1010 every stnto
in the Union is now la n position to.
co-operate- with tho federal govern
ment In tho building of hlghwnys.
Results of far-renchlng importance'
nnd of oven greater potential vnluft
than tho appropriation of federal
funds have already been accomplished
by tho federal act. Among the Impres
sive results is the establishment out
right of stnto hlghwny departments la
Old nieces of outing flannel mnko I Delaware, South Carollnn, Texas, In-
fine cleaning cloths; It is sort aim eas- uinna nnu JMevaua nnuuuo strength-
hnd been informed on good authority
nil tho other Alsatian factories to bo
liquidated would be sold to "old-German"
concerns beyond the Rhine. .
Ruthlessness Condemned.
crushed Ice.
Raspberry Shrub. This delicious
fruit sirup should be prepared during,
the fruit season. Tnko three pints of
raspberries, put into an earthen Jar
with two cupful i of cider vinegar ;
This attempt to Germanize Alsnco cover and let Mnnd 24 hours, then
by ruthless Industrial methods, was strain through n double thickness of
condemned by several members of the cheesecloth. Pour this strained liquor
city council. Councillor Emmel do- over threo pints of fresh berries and
nounccd as u subterfuge the. statement let stand again 24 hours; strain again,
of Undersecretary von Stein, who had add to each cupful of julco a cupful of
snld the Blclchroeder offer had been sugar, heat slowly and boll 20 minutes,
accepted because It was the moro Bottle and seal.
fnvorablo one. The speaker saw In chocolate Milk Shake. Melt four
tho government's action n systematic squares of unsweetened chocolate, add
effort to tako Alsatian property uway two cupfuls of, honey, a pinch of salt
from Alsutlans. and 1 cupfuls" of boiling water, boll
Tho Blelchroeder group, tho success- QVe minutes. Cool and keep In n Jur.
ful bidder, Is headed by tho banking ,A. few tablespoonfuls of tho sirup, one
houso of Blelchroeder In Berlin. Tho egB beaten and a cupful of milk ; add
original Blelchroeder was Prince Bis- ice and shake.
marck's financial man and his heirs
Ily wrung dry.
A cheap floor wax may be made by
melting n pound of beeswax nnd mix
Ing It with threo pints of turpentine,
Melt the wax cut In small pieces ovei
hot water.
Melted paraffin wax mixed with tun
pcntlne makes n fine mixture for dusl
cloths ; dip the cloth Into tho mixture,
wring out, nnd it Is ready to use for
several montlis.
-A little paraffin used on the kitchen
range keeps it looking much better than
any other trentment. This Is a good
dressing to give stoves left during o
season (unused), ns It prevents rust
Clean paint brushes by soaking them
In vinegar (both then wnsh In sonp
suds and they may be put away soft
and clean.
Muriatic acid will dissolve the lima
In the tenkettle, and tho deposit of
Iron In the sink nnd the toUct; use It
on a Swub In the porcelaln-llned ves
sels, nnd ho sure not to leavo It too
long, or It will dlssdlvo the ennmel It
self. If used In tho teakettle, great
care should bo used to boll It out with
fresh water before using again, ns the
ncld is poisonous.
Before working In tho garden mi tho
nails with soap, then there will be less
manicuring to be done after the work
Is over.
tho highest circles IS still formidable.
It seems they had little troublo in ob
taining tho Alsatlnn properties nt fav
ornblo terms favorable to themselves,
for to them state supervision means
supervision by friends.
Mounted on n specially constructed
railroad carriage this big French 400
lnllllmetor gun Is ready to bang nwny
at the German forces. It Is exceeding
ly well camouflaged to prevent detec
tion by Bocho aerial observers. Guns
this size ilid good work by mowing
down at 'long range the close-packed
mnsses of Germans ns they advanced
In tho latest offensive.
groups wns more" successful. Their
hid for the property wns ncqeptcd by
the government, while tho Alsatian of
fer was rejected. It was announced
the Blelchroeder bid was preferred be
cause It accepted stnto supervision ns
one of the conditions of tho sale. Baron
von Stein, undersecretary of state, In
defending tho government's action be
fore tho main committee of the relchs
tug. said tho Blelchroeder group had
oltored n million marks moro thnn the
Alsntlnn corporation. Besides, tho Al
sntlans had refused to subscrlbo to tho
conditions, Including stuto supervision
of mnnngemont.
Consternation and Indignation
reigned at the meeting of tho city
council of Muhlhausen when the gov-
More women patients, three to one,
are sent to hospitals than men, In
times of peace. This comes, in large
degree, from the fact that women Uvo
'Indoors, and breathe dust-laden second-hand
enlng of other Btate highway depart
ments bo ns to remove all question as
to tho 10 states which were not quail
fled to obtain federal co-operation at
tho time of tho passage of the federal
In tho past winter more construe
tlve state highway logislntfon has been
placed upon statute books than has
ever been enacted in any similar
period 6lnce tho American republic
was founded. Tho conditions laid
down by tho federal . act ns necessary
to participate in Its benefits operated
powerfully to bring about tho estab
lishment and strengthening of state
highway departments, the placing of
a .vast amount of road construction,
onder skilled supervision, the eys
temntlzlng nnd correlation of road
When wo look into tho lone avenue
of the future and see the good there
Is for each of us to do, we realize
after all what a beautiful thing It is to
work and to live and be happy. Stevenson.
aro still In control of the bnnklng
houso. Old Blelchroeder was not very
scrupulous In his financial methods,
but this did not prevent Bismarck
from conferring tho title ot nobility
upon his moneymnkcr. This was ono
of tho greatest Jokes perpetrated by
However. Baron Blelchroeder's heirs , xno cniira uiui,imu.ou
nro still barons and their Influence In W r0 ,fc" "nd hos.a W,Rl?,n
.. ,....,... .. . cm frosted which Is sel
domhoney, sirup (ma
ple or corn), Is used In
stend of sugar. In many
cakes barley flour may
be substituted for tho
wheat entirely, making a
most tasty cako; In oth
ers tho wheat flour Is
Bnved by using part hnrlcy Hour.
Sour Cream Spice Cake. Tako a
half cupful of sugar, n cupful of sour
cream, two tablespoonfuls of corn
simp, three-fourths of n cupful of
white flour, a cupful ef bnvley Hour,
a teaspoonful salt, a teaspoonful
of baking powder and a teaspoonfuf of
soda, a half teaspoonful of cloves, and
tho same of grated nutmeg, nnd n ten
spoonful qf cinnamon. Mix ns usual
nnd bnke i;i gem pans.
Spice Cake With Sour
Cincinnati. The first run
made by the "gas mask squud"
of tho local fire department wns
In response to nn explosion in
an ico plant. Tho firemen used
Strawberries may now be produced
throughout the summer nnd autumn
months In northern
United States. Thf
plants set in the
spring will bear It
the fall of tht
same year. Tin
everbearing vnrlctj
Is very hardy nn
resists dlscnse
bearing until lati
full when heavy frosts come.
When the berries llrst arrive from
tho South they nre too expensive foi
general use, but a few for a garnlst
to puddings or Ices will satisfy tne np
petite for the delicious fruit. One doei
not wish to lose tho Joy of the hue
grown berries by indulging too freelj work mnfl ,t imprncticable to ge!
Getting Road Levels Preparatory
improving Highways.
work so as to provide the lmprovo
ments most needed to meet trnflic ro
qulrements, tho creation of large fundi
for construction and maintenance nn
the establishment in many states o:
definite provisions insuring malnto
nance of hlghwnys from the date o:
their completion.
The working season of 1017 market
die opening of actual constructor
work under the terms of the post-ron(
provision of the federal act, as neces
eary legislative and administrate
their gas masks In locating a
leak In an ammonia pipe, Not
only hnd tho funics filled the J
phiut, muklng it impossible for
nuyono to stay In the building
without n gas mask, hut pa-
trons In n drug s'tore' across tho
street had to got out Into the
open air.
( The tanning- of ostrich skins Is ono
of the net South Afrflcan Industries,
Serbian Lieutenant Tells Stirring
Story of War.
Otrt of Whole Army He Was Selected
to Command Bodyguard of
''Bangor; Me. Among soldiers recent
!sr from European buttlellelds who
passed. 'through hero was tho olllcer
who was selected to commanu tho
guard detailed to escort King Peter of
Serbia to a place of safety when tho
Austrian bombardment mudo It ncces.
eary for tho monarch to quit tho royal
pnlaco In Belgrade. This olllcer Is
Lieut. Pavle- Xovnnovltch, u man 'of
stately .llguro nnd courtly maimer, who
wears upon -his tu.ulc the Insignia of
the Order of the White I5agle which
Is equivalent to tho British Dlstln-,
guHhod Sorvli-o Order, nnd Order or
1k Whit.- Star, which conenpondB to
tho Victoria Cross, besides several
gold bars bestowed for service In tho
Balkan wars.
Lieutenant Yovnuovltch's narrative
of tho couutry's sufferings nud despoil
ment at the hands of tho Teutonic
hordes Is dramatic and pitiful, n vivid
word picture, in very good English, of
the. gallant tight of tho Serbs against
overwhelming force. When It became
ovldent that Belgrade must fall prep
arations wero mndo for safe conduct
ot King Peter out of tho city, nnd out
ot tho whole Serbian army Lleutennnt
Yovnnovltch was selected to command
tho body guard, which was of his own
choosing vetcrnus with whom ho had
been associated In the Balkan cam
paigns. Austrian shells wcro crnahlng nnd
thundering in tho outskirts of beauti
ful Belgrade as tlw guard of hODor
drew up at the paluco gates, and al
ready the enemy was posting machine
guns on roofs within range of. tho pal
ace. As tho king was escorted from
tho paluco to his cuningo a hall of
bullets swept tho plaza, nnd several
bf tho guurds wcro wounded, Including
Lloutenant 1'ovunovltch,' hut tho king
escaped Injury. When tho imrtv hnii
rcachPd n place of safety tho king thor n lmif cupful or sweet fat. a
Cream' together a cupful of sugar with
a third of n cupful of shortening ; add
a cupful of sour milk, ono egg well
bcuten, a cupful each of hurley and
wheat flour sifted with a teaspoonful
of baking powder, a half teaspoonful
9f soda, a tcuspoonful of cinnamon, n
third of & teaspoonful of cloves and
tho same of salt; a teaspoonful of
prut od nutmeg, and lastly n cupful of
raisins, Kent well and make In a loaf.
Chocolate Cup Cakes. Cream lo
in the early ones. It Is more econom
leal, saves shipping expense, nnd Is all
round more loyal In war time to enl
of our own products.
An unel food baked In n square tin
then cut In squares heaped with sweet
ened whlnned ereani and crushed
sweetened berries, mukes a dossorl
par excellence.
Strawberry Salad. This Is a delight
ful way of serving the berry. Cut Inrgc
nnn Imurl.w In linlf. Korvn nil letttlCC
leaves with French dressing, using CULVERT OF BEST MATERIAL
four tablespoonfuls of oil to one ol
construction projects under way ear
Her. On January 81. 1018. the fiecre
tary of agriculture had approved 25
Indlvldunl projects, aggregating 2,840
48 miles nnd calling for nn expendl
ture from federal funds of .$7,324,
721.72, nnd from state and local fundi
Df 50,017,14!1.70, making a total of $17,
241,805.42. These projects represent
ed applications from 44 states.
sent for the lieutenant, whu came, hut
fell, faint from the lo3s of blood, nt.
tho monarch's feet. Then und there
did King Peter bestow the orders that
the. veteran Wears so proudly upon his
breast. Lleutunant Yovnnovltch will
return to the battlefields.
rupful of riigar; add a half cupful of
hot water to 1 squares of chocolate,
bent two ggs, sift together ono cup
ful of hurley flour, a half cupful of
wheat llmir, a half teaspoonful of bak
ing powdp,, n teaspoonful of soda and
blund Ingredients as usual, using a
lmf- cupful of sour milk and raisins
nnd flavoring to taste. Mix, boiTt well
nnd bake In gem pans.
Barley Chocolate Drop Cakes.
Combine tho following ingredients:
lomon Juice, a bit of salt, paprika, pow
dered sugar 'and n dash of cayenne.
Strawberry Ice Cream. Add u plnl
of sugar to u qunrt ot cream with n
teaspoonful Of vnnllln and freezo;
when partly frozen open the freezer,
jQIrls to Do Farm Work.
Los Angeles, Cal. An army of l.nars
high-school girls of this city have vol-
untcored to harvest crops and will ho Ono-fourth cunful of shorlimlnir. one
rondy for call by tho Woman's Laud Pgg, one cupful ot bnrley flour, a half
Army of America aftPr Juno 21. when teaspoonful of soda, a square of melt
the local schools cloau. By that time pl chocolnte. a half cunful of nuts, a
tho high-school fnrnifrettea expect to cupful ot sugar, n half cupful of sweet
havo nt least U.000 in tholr ranks. milk, n lmlf cupful of wheat flour, n
teaspoonful of baking powder and a
Could Not Speak Khaki. cupnu or sugar. Tins recipe maKos
Groensburg. I'm. "Khaki" proved lh'e,? 'V1' , , ,
too much for tho crack hpellers in Vlu,n """i? h"rd"'00! loors ,n
Smlthton school. Vorty-iilne of fifty ?lQ' cloth 1d,W"1 ,n 0,1 ,a ,ml 1
words. wero spoUad correctly by the tter to use tlmn ono dampened wto
wholo class, but everyone misspelled ,VU l'"t. mny bo wnrticU If
tho tmnio of the doughboy's uniform. , , V ,. V "
il. i i i i mi- Minimi,
Worse Than Folly to Use Boards to.
Take Care of Roads That Have
Cost Much Money.
If the culverts nro not built of good
nnterlal they will have to ho rebuilt
add n pint of strnlnert strawberry Julco n a few years, whatever the quality
from berries which havo been put 5 the roads they nro made to serve.
through n sieve. Let stand four hour? Defective culverts vitiate one of the
to rlpeiij 'lementary principles of highway eco-
Strawnerry Tapioca. w asn nnu lomlcs, and the Interests of tho tax-
cooic a cupnu oi miiiocn, iiuinK pun payers require that the annual cost
of water and cooking until clear and )f every part of tho roads built for
soft, wnen com ami a quart oi straw- :neir uso bo reduced to tho lowest pos
borrlea sliced; servo with sugar and flhlo figure consistent with cfllcleucy.
cream. Manifestly. It would bo worse thnn
Strawberry Pie. Make n pastry folly to build culverts of hoards to
shell and hake It. Fill tho shell with take enro of roads that have cost hun-
sllced berries, mixed with sugar; heap ireds or thousnnds of dollars tho mile,
ovor It sweetened whipped cream and md It would bo none the less foolish.
...I ...1,1. (-..... ..... . .
will r worse. IO WllStn mnnov In vnrr nf
Ills sort with tho use of bad material.
dot with sliced berries.
as any pie.
Strawberries crusncu with sugar
mixed with cream mnko delicious cako
Coughing Spreads Disease.
According to Surgeon General Gon
gas, practically all tho sickness nnJ
death In tjie nation's new armies luu
been caused by diseases of the respir
atory organs. This is his -reason fot
Speed Up Good Roads.
"Speeding up construction of cood
toads Is an integral part of govern
ment wnr work. Efficient transporta
tion Is necessary to reduce tho mar
tin between producer and consumer."'
r-Unitod Stntes Food Administration.
federal AId for Roads.
The theory that fedoral-ald road
onitructmn Will not be snnellnnml
starting nn' educational campalgq ?.ur5ut lie ,wnp 1,08 bo" exploded by.
against promiscuous coughing, sneez. , , .V u,ai U1U eovornuiont una
Inc and spitting, for It Is by thesn u,e ,ince 01 cement for thin
alone thnt such diseases nre spread.