The North Platte semi-weekly tribune. (North Platte, Neb.) 1895-1922, June 25, 1918, Image 4

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"Weak Eyes;v. , , ,r
This Is a common name for a condition
brought on by eye strains-Heading or
cioso work makes tho eywi?gr"oy 6ry V.
tired and watery.
Properly fitted glosson nearly always
are tho only thing necessary.
An examination of the oyes by Clinton
will dotoririlno what la needed. It
glasses'Wo enough, you -will bo pro
vlded with exactly, tho lonses you
should. havo.
If youroyes hoed medical treatment,
we will advlso you to sco an oculist.
C. S. Clinton
Graduate Optician
At the Sign with the Big Ring.
Graduate Dentist
Office over the McDonald
State Bunk.
Mrs. 'A", li. Murdock loft Saturday
for atvlsltRPurnoll, Mo.
V ! y t,
W. V. Hoagland returned Saturday
front a trip to Omaha and Lincoln.
Mrs. F. H. Thompson , and Mrs.
Axtoll loft'Saturday for a visit In Lincoln.
Frank. Hoxlo camo down from
Lost-rA Doft'a inako hat on Dewey
Street road to state farm. 'Finder
please return, to 212 So. Walnut or not
lfy Stito Istrm and rocolvo roward.
H. Thompson, who lives south of
Paxton and was In town yesterday,
reports a bad windstorm Sunday night
Which blew down all his outbuildings.
Tho Methodist aid socloty will meot
tn tho church parlors Thursday after
noon. Thoro will bo Rod Cross work
and all members aro requested to bo
Reports from Blgnoll say that thoro
was a "rough houso',' at a danco held
thcro Saturday vonlng In which
young men from this city and Max
well "mixed."
J. .C-iPon and "Will Bell returned
Friday 'jffrpm Rat Lake whoro thoy
spent soveral days flslilng for bass
i'TanK. noxio camo uown iroin , L,..,v j i - lu((j,
Ogalalla Sunday to spend Sunday wlth.ana ucy ,m(Wor' lUCK-
Mrs. Hoxlo.
Mrs. Motcalfo
Paxton, wloro eu'eflts at tho Hbkle
homo. Sunday,
Harry Dlxonvwent io Omaha Sat
urday night, to1 visit tho nowly arrived
grand daughter.'
Honry Blckley. who for a numbor of
' ... . .'years has livedo 'ijear staploton, nas
and children, ot nil-i,Kwi tun "nimttirir turm of inn
purchased tho BusWirk farm of 100
acres n Nichols precinct, for a con
sideration of $10,000.
Goorgo iftlnlngton camo down from
his ranch twcn'ty.vmllcB north of Pax
ton Sunday- jto visit friends. Ho says
Mrs, Louise- PotorBon loft Sumlayjit has 'beon mighty dry in that.sectlon
for Rosavillo, 111., to vlijlt her mother
for a-couplo of weeks,
Mrs. R. A. Carman returned Satur
day, from a week's visit with her
mother at Malvern, Iown.
Mrs.' M, C. Hayqs and daughter aro
visiting friomls In Victor, la., having
left for that placo Friday night
Mlsa Fay Parsons roturned Sunday
ovonlng from a ton days visit with
friends and relatives in Kearnoy.
That tho British troops aro In, dally
conflict la ovldencod by tho casualties,
which for last week totaled 30,020.
Mrs. E. B. Dawson, loft for Lar
amie,' Wyo., Saturday morning after
a visit at tho Judgo Hoagland homo.
Mrs. Edgar Schiller and chlldron,
who had been, guests of her mother
and sister "or a week Toturmod to
Central City, Sunday,
The- Christian aid society will moot
in tho chiulrch basement Thursday
afternoon. Every lady of tho church
Is urged to bo presont.
Miss Bertha Thoolecko has been
visiting hor brother O. H. Thoolecko
while onrouto from Omaha to her
farm In Arthur county.
O. J. Pass, who has beon afflicted
with inoso and throat trouble, loft for
tho east Sunday to consult physicians.
Ho may -visit specialists at Rochostor,
Minn., before returning.1
it, -rrfr (,;A.,?
J. JS. INeiSOn leu ounuay uu u uusi-
ness trip to Omaha.
Mrs. Duoborry'. and t daughter, aire
rfxmdlng this weokVin OmahoJH... J
Mm. Patrick, of Lo Moyno, Is visit
ing at the homo ot F. O. Hoxlo.
" Ixiulo Llpahltz, returned yostorday
morning' from n business trip to
Mrs, Ireno Crane is assisting as
tolophono operator In tho Westom
Union office. , t,
, For Sale My rosldonco at 800 west
Third;., Phono Black 089.
, The Episcopal guild will lipid a so-1
clal in uie cnurcn oascmont inurs
d&y afternoon. ,
Mrs. Carl Brodbcck, cashier at tho
Union Pacific cafo, is taking a two
weeks' vacation. ,.; '
Dr. Morrill, Dentist.
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Burgner left
a few days agl for Omaha to'Bporid 'a
couple of weeks. v -
A. B. Thoal returned to Suthorland
yostorday after transacting ; business
and visiting friends. - .'
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Grleser.left
itti.6 latter part of last week" for Salt'
LakO City to spenu a lortnignu
Mrs. Bradley and children of, east
Front street yvlll leave Saturday
morning for Grand Island to visit
John F. Monroe left Saturday ovon
lng for New York City to visit his
son, Who wjU bo called to a training
camp uus wecK.
Dr. Brock, Dentist, over Stono Drug
Store. tf
Mr- Gorgfr Christ andi daughter,
Miss Efflo will roburn homo this week
aftor a two months visit-wlth relatives
ln'Ulinois. and' Michigan. . ...
. F. J. McGovern will ' bo associated
with William Hawloy In a nowmdy
Ing plcturo theatre which will ot'on
soon In tho room now occupied byMtho
Hondy-Oglor garage.
Tills ih tho spawning season for bass J For Servlc0 F,lrst and Guarantee
nnil tJihv luitl moor, luck. . Iv.. . n. m.n. t,..i.i .i
and cropsi of all kinds aro SiUJJIerlnB.
O. H Spicor.sold his axl transfer
business Saturday to F. P. Krlng, who
had bocn omployod . at tho freight
house. Olaronco was ono of the boys
who loft for Camp Funston last night
' Additional passenger equipment for
tho transportation of troops from
western .to castorn camps went
through Saturday. During the next ton
days tho Union Pacific will handle
10,000 soldier boys.
Judgo Grimes went to Sidney on
court business and' from thoro will go
Kto Klmbttll. Tills will nbout clean up
count mattors In tho Judgo's district
until tho terms Jmgln next fall.
W. H. Miles camo'dqwn from Sid
ney Sunday night to attend tho session
of fodorai court, roprosenting as a
lawyoi a Choyonno county man who
will havo a hearing on tho charge ot
Judgo Woodrough arrlvod from
Omaha Sunday! and opened federal
court yostorday. Tho Judgo spent tho
greater part of tho tlmo Sunday walk
ing out In the country, this being his
most acceptable mode of exercise.
Chas. Strauss,, who was married In
Donvor last Avook, returned to town
Sunday night and loft last night with
tho Lincoln county contingent for Ft.
Rlloy. Mrs. Strauss will remain for
another week with relatives In
Fourth Day of the Chautauqua.
Thursday, July 11th.
T Pamahasik's TeerTess Ferfolnming Ms
The Greatest Troupe of Educated Animals and Birds that
the World Has Ever Witnessed
Work, call North Platte Plumbing and
Heating Co., Phono 400, 10G East
Sixth street. ; . j.
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Barraclough
and baby, who resided In Grand Is
land for several months,, havo return
ed to this city. Tho former will ac
cept employment In tho Union Pacific '
Dodge Brothers Motor Cars ' For
hard Service. Completo stock.of
Dodgo parts, for yqutr after sorvlco.
J. V. ROMIOH, Dealer. 4G-2
Louis Tobln returend Sunday from
n months' visit In the east, haying
spent part pt tho tlmo at Clnclnat'tl
visiting his father, prior to tho latter
leaving for overseas duty. Ho also
visited In New York and Philadelphia.
An officer arrived from Brooklyn,
N. Y., Friday and tho following day
took back Harry Cook, who Is wanted
In that city on tho charge of defraud
ing a widow ot $3,G00 by means ot a
bogus mortgage. Cook at ono tlmo was
a well-to-do lawyer at Brooklyn.
Tho war work councils of the
Young Women's Christian association
Young Mon's Christian association and
decided Friday to inaugurate a nation
wide co-operative campaign for $116,
000.000, to bo used in tho prosecution
of tholr respective war activities.
For Sale Borno rango and wash
lng machine. Inquire at 809 west
Third. Phono Black 089. tf.
Those who oxpect to go to Brady
tonight to attend Uio organization of
a Homo Guards company aro request
ed to meot at tho federal building at
7:15. Moro cars aro needed and car
ownors who will -take a load are re
quested to bo thoro at that time,
For Sale Two houses and two lots.
Also two used automobiles on A1
condition at a bargain, Sco Julius
Hahlor. , 4Gtf
Weathor Observer Shilling reports
sixty-eight ono hundredths of an Inch
of rain Sunday night, Tho rain extend
ed as far coat as Brady, and covered
a wide scopo of tho county, south
north and west. Barring hot winds
talis last rain should! glvo enoubh
moisturo to make tho wheat crop.
For Farm Loans see Gono Crook,
Room west of Vienna Cafo,
Captain Harry Conklln visited
frlonds in town Friday while onroute
to Mitchell to spond a day with his
brothor. Ho Is stationed at a camp at
uatue (jreok, Mich., and has niado ono
trip over seas as a staff officer,
Captain Conklln formerly was cm
ployed aa clerk In tho Schiller drug
For quick action and satisfactory
talo list your land with Thoclockc. tf
Diamonds aro considered a good in
vostment thoso days. Thoy aro con
Btantly raising In price. A good
diamond today will bo worth 25 por
cent moro in ono year. Wo liave a
vory largo stock wliich wo aro offer
lng nt tho old price. It will pay you
to soo our lino. HARRY DIXON, Tho
Of supremo satisfaction aro Wlrth
mor Waists at $1.00, unequalod at tho
prlco: on sale at THE LEADER
Hot weather and war does not soem
to lntorforo with Cupid and marriages
aro frequent. Thursday Judgo Wood
hurst Joined In wedlock Arthur Wide-
strand and Floronco Shorman, both
of whom llvo In Uus county, nnd
Saturday ho officiated at tho wedding
ot James C. Petorson of Arthur and
ixirotta walker of this city,
Moro for your hides and all kinds of
junk at tho North Platto Hido, Iron
and Motnl Co. Ill W. 6th St, Opposite
uio postomco. Phono Rod 200,
In talking with farmors from sever
al sections of tho county Saturday wo
loarnod that Uio dry weather did not
(lamago wheat to any extont that
number ot farmors cried boforo thoy
woro hurt Hero and thoro In Holds
win oo round a spot Uiat was fired
but as a wholo tho wheat is lu good
conuiuon, ana uio ram last week holp
Kill Friction and
Save the Car
FRICTION is the deadly enemy of your
motor, Kill it with Polarine. WithPolar
me in your crankcase, summer and winter,
you are assured perfect lubrication. Polarine
flows freely at zero ; it doesn't run thin or
break up at the highest Jieat generated by
your engine.
Polarine conserves power ; is acid-free will not
pit the cylinders or eat away the piston rings.
Burns up clean, minimizing carbon.
Insist on n
H olapme
always. Get it where you see the sign.
Red Crown Gasoline takes you farther on
a gallon makes hill climbing easy.
(Nebraska) OMAHA
V'"" 1 i jJjj
Edltli Cavell's brutal execution hv
the Grmans at the beclnnlnc of tlm
war shocked and angered the whole
world. Tho stcry of the heroic Eng
lish nurse and her perfunctory trial
lias beon printed In 'every language,
ven Fiimeets or uio Central Powers
deploring tho injustice of Von Bias
ings order which Bent Miss Ca.ell to
her death. Monuments have been
erected to her In England and on tho
continent and In the llttlo villace of
ueausoion, just above Monte Carlo on
worn Argei, a street Dears nor name
Tho blue sign bears the quaint legend,
ituo miss caveu,"
Mary Garden, who knows her war
history as few of us do, was responsi
ble lor this honor being paid tho
memory of tho nurso. A frequent
visitor to Monaco, she knows the sur
rounding country, well and had no'
mulcuifey in persuading tho mayor ot
Eeaiuisolell to put tho matter before
tho local council
Now Miss Garden has further op
portunity to Immortalize tho memory
of Edith Cavell, and In motion pic
tures. It happens In "Tho Splendid
Sinner." announced as the attraction
at tho Koltli theatre, beginning "Wed
nesday, in this Goldwyn production
Miss Garden, as a Red Cross nurse
finds heriiolf lenme,itieJ In German
intrigue and espionage aftor the man
ner mado famous In the Cavell case.
Sho attempts to aid a wounded soldier
and Js detected by German officers,
brought boforo the council and given
a trial equally as unfair as Miss
Cavoll's. Tho conclusion of tho drama
is poignant In tho extreme and Miss
Garden's really notable histrionic
ability Is given adoquato expression.
: :o::-.
Flower Mission Program,
Tho Juno Flower Mission meeting
was hold at tho homo of Mrs. J. P.
Murphy, 403 south Willow. Twenty-five
ladles woro presont Mrs. Bello Morris
tho president called them to order
and then turned tho meeting over to
tho Flower Mission superintendent,
Mrs. Murphy who liad prepared a
splendid program. All sung "America"
scrlpturo reading by Mrs. w. Gregg;
prayer by Mrs. Hartman and Mrs.
Norrl8, song by Miss Gotty, "Keep tho
homo flros burning." Rev. F. A. Lln-
denmoyor, talk on! temperance duot by
Dorothy Elder ahd Lnicllo Boyorlo;
papor on Union Signal by Mrs. Monks,
Mrs. Lindenmeyor gave, a short talk.
Roll call by socrotary Mrs. Rose
Loudon, all answorlng with roferonce
on Flower Mission work, closed to
mot at tho homo of Mrs. Roads at
tho Experimental farm July 2nd.
Friends Invited.
Mlnhio Perkins, W. C; T. U. Reporter.
Food Allowance In Ylcnna.
Tho weekly food allowances In
Vienna which started tho riots, Is as
Twenty-two ounces of broad, ono
pound ot potatoes, of which half can
not bo eaten, ono ounce or blacK hran
mash, ono ounco of another mill pro-
duot, an ounco and a lialf of fat, six
and a half ounces of sugar, ono egg,
seven ounces of moat, llttlo Jam, cof-
fco substitute.
Tho Vienna newspaper says that
tho meat allowanco Is obtained "If
the applicant waltB all night for It'
; :o: : -
Hard work acts unfavorably on tho
body that 4s bilious or constipated:
producing low spirits, wcaknosa and
loss or enorgy. pricitiy ash uitters
is a system cjoansor and mvlgorator
It creates energy, good appoUto and
cheerfulness. Prlco $1.25 per bottle,
Gummere-Dent Drug Co. Special
Miss AHco Otton left yesterday for
Ed'Elsasser Is expected to return
from Omaha today.
Chas. Mann of Sidney lg- hero at
tondlng federal court.
Miss Minerva McWilllams spent
yesterday visiting In Ogallala.
Elmer Coats returned yesterday
from a business trip to Grand Island.
Mrs. Emma Pulvor Is visiting her
grand children In Council Bluffs this
Ed Kollher and A. Hordllnger, of
Omhaa, arrived yesterday to transact
business t
Miss Mario Stack, of tho Block's out
fitting store, is taking her summer
Miss Florence McKay left tills morn
ing for Denver to spend tho summer
and study music.
Dr. Morrill. Dentist. (
Miss Florence Stamp left Saturday
evening for Omaha to visit friends for
a week or longer.
In 20 minutes
It is not necessary to
Heat up the
House to have
Hot water in
The Summer
Time. '
A Gas .tank
Heater solves
The problem.
Clean and
North Platte Light & Power Co.
Before buying a car be sure to see me" as I have a number
of cars almost as good as new, which I will sell at a
bargain. These cars are not old broken down junk, but.
cars which will stand close inspection and will save you
money. Would be pleased to have you call and see these
Slnco I have sold the garage aa doing auto livery from tho North Side
Bars.. Bay or Night Telephone 20. TYo raake a specialty of ithe to
sales all over the county at the rate of Are cents por mile per person.
J.HUBB nun ms to saiea uirougnwi uie eoantry please let mo know.
Also a few cars for sale.
Night Call Bod 632.
Julius Mogensen.
cu u aiong amazingly.