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    . IltA L. HARK, Editor mid Publisher
Ono Yt'ar by Mnll In Advnnco. .. .$1.25
One l'cnr by Cnrrlcr In Advance $1.51)
Entered at North Platte. Nebraska,
Poitofflce as Second Claw Matter.
To Piglil On.
The Amorlcan peoplo need now to
bco' a they never saw before tholr
vital Interest In bracing thomsolvoH
lor & war to a conclusive peace. By a
conclusive peace wo mean u
..lit .aliln 1in lualiriK of tllH WUT.
Tho administration at Washington, It
1b roported, Is inuae tno more ueier
mined by rocont events In Russia to
proas forward wun unroionimg uhi
gy. How can we do anything olso and
leavo tho worm a in pincu ior uur um
ilvnn in lll'n 111?
If peace should be made now or
soon, leaving Germany astriuo oi iiu
Bia, rich with the spoils of war tho
staggered by tho cost of Its gains
what would happen to us? Gorman
Imperialism could still claim to bo
profitable. Imperialism is novor sated
any more than an Individual's lust for
power is ever satlsiieu. uno more sm,
tho more wanted. Thero would still
exist In tho world a groat powor, tho
ntrongest single power in tho world,
committed to predatory policies. No
people will bo safe while a groat pow
er of such disposition Is abroad In tho
world. If the Gonnun people will not
unhorso the hlornrchy which uses
them for such ends, then tho othor
people must.
Somo Americans are slow to see tho
porll in thoso things bocauso they are
happening bo far away. A Lincoln au
dience was told yesterday of a farmer
whoso responso to tho food saving
efforts of tho government was: "I ralso
my own wheat. I butcher my own
pork. I shall eat my own tilings as I
please." The Itusslati farmer might
have said this last year. But now ho
will still raise wheat and meat, and
probably for tho Germans to cat. An
American whoso mathematics has
gone farthor than two times two can
see tho advantage of waiving tempo
rarily somo rights to eat his own pork
and whent In order to make sccuro the
pormnncnt right of lilmself and chil
dren to oat tholr broad in penco and
, safety.
Do wo wnnt to be a country, like
r ...... 1. .. ... .. II.... I.. .......
vui uimiy w uuiu kiti iiiuii iivu in ui iiij
camps whllo tho women do tho farm
and factory work Then permit Ger
many to win a draw in tills war, leav
ing it froe to proceed indoflnltoly with
,lts .plans to plant Us verboton signs In
'overy land and clime. It were bettor
wejfought anothor ten years, If neces
sary, than that this should happen.
Lincoln Journal.
V. H. Troops Advance (100 Yards.
With tho American Army lu Franco,
Sunday, March 10 --American troortst
co-operating with the French, success
fully carried out two raldB opposite the
American sector in I orrnlno last
night. Tho raids wore executed simul
taneously. Tho Americans swopl past tlu Gor
n an first lino and penetrated t.o the
enemy's second lino, GOO yards back
The simultaneous raids, ono north
west and ono northeast of (de
leted), woro made after InteiiBo nrtll
lqry preparation lasting four hours,
in which tho German "positions were
Neighborhood News.
Kolth county has organized a
.?G0,00Q war savings club. Tho quali
fication for meniborshlp Is to subscrlbo
for $1,000 war saving certificates. I'p
to last Thursday the club had thirteen
During the, month of Fobruarv 104
nuw members woro added to the kolth
Red Cross chaptor.
"Southpaw" FusBol, a ball pitcher
well known In North I'lntto, will plav
bull for Undo Sam. He is tho nox't
man to bo called into service from
Deuel county.
A" Red Cross sale nt Oslikosh lust
week netted tho chaptor $1,371.
For Salu.
7 room house and G lots on E. 4th
utreot. Modorn oxcopt boat, fair barn
nnd chickon house. Partly fonced,
oh okon and hog tight. Price reason
able, a good homo for right party. Soo
Dlonor and Kennedy, Cor. Front and
Dowoy stroots. tf
::o:: .
Church Affiliation al Funslon.
Flfty-threo denominations are rop
rosontod in tho 89th division at Camp
Funston, according to a compilation of
religious BtatUtlcs Just coinplotcd by
the division statistical officer. Tho
Mothodlsts load all others, u total of
5,484 men claiming that faith as tholr
proforonco. Catholics como second
With 4,442 and Baptists third with 3,
010. Horo Is how the othor principal
IpitliB rank: Christians, IProsbytori
jins, Episcopalians. Congrogatlonal
Ists, Evangelicals, JowIbIi, United
Brothren and Christian Scientists.
Thoro nro 1,203 man who state no
preference as to church and 54 who
profess no faltli whatovor. Thoro aro
C3 Mennonltos. 14 Muttorltoa nnd 9
International Blblo StudontB, follow
ers of tho late Pastor RusboII.
Town Lots for Sale.
Tho slxty-ono lots in tho Town Lot
Do's, addition belonging to tho Illnman
estate hna beon placed In ray handB
exclusively for salo. They aro vno lots,
have boon priced low and aro a good
I can furnish money to build to those
who purchaso lotB.
Kolth Theatre Bldg.
Thero 1b no standard recipe for "vic
tory bread," tho only roqulromout
being that It must contain not more
than 80 nor cent of wlirmf Hour. Mm
remaining 20 per cent being composed
in corn meni or corn nour, rico,
potato flour, or other coroala recom
mended by tho Food Administration.
"Victory" pies and doughnuts, which
contain not loss than one-third non
wheat flour, may bo eold on whoatlosa
oayB if tho aarao rocJpes nro used
throughout tho week.
What is regarded as a miracle of
engineering reconstruction has been
done In restoring in record time- In
time that the Germans never thought
possible the 109 German ships seized
by the United States in New York
and other harbors, ovory one or wnicii
ships had been seriously uud Ingeni
ously damaged. All of tho ships wero
rondy for service olght months nfter
wur was declared despite the German
order, given slmi llnneously with tho
date set for unrestricted submarine
warfare, In February, 1017, for their
We read that at times' as many im
15,000 workmen woro engaged on this
unusual job and that the cost of put
ting the ossels into shnpo for service
was about $30,000,000 the cost of twn
drendnaughts. They are all Iltted as
troop and cargo ships and oacli is con.
vertiblo to a complotoly equipped hos
pital ship for return voyage servica
between hero and Europe Thoir res
toration adds 750,000 tons to the
American merchant marine. Tho
ttoop capacity of tho 10 Gorman ships
that have boon turned Into transports,
as glvon by the Sciontinc American, is
as -allows:
Vnterland (Loviathan), 54.2S2 tons,
S.800 officers and moll
Georgo Washington,
4,850 officers nnd men,
Amcrlka (Amorlca),
1,500 officers and inon.
25.570 tons,
22,022 tons,
Cecllie (Mount Vernon),
19 501!
tun a, o;3U offlcors and men.
Kaiser Wilhelm II (Agnmomon),
19,301 tons, 3,830 officers nnd men.
President Lincoln, 18,072 tons, 6,200
o.ficors nnd men.
Prosidont Grant, 18,072 tons, 6,201
ofTicors nnd men.
Cincinnati (Covington), 10,330 tons
4,000 officers and men.
Grossor Kurfurst (Aeolus), 13,102
tons, 3,r5 officers nnd men.
Prinzcss Irono (I'ocahodtas), 10,-
893 tons, 2,660 officers and men.
Barbarossa (Morcury), 10,984 torn,
2,020 officers and men.
Frledrlch dor Gross (Huron), 10,
771 tons, 2,460 offlcors and men,
Hamburg (Powhatan), 10,531 tons,
2,100 officers and men.
Ithein (Susquehanna), 10,058 tons,
2.000 officers and mon.
Nccknr (Antigone), 9,835 tons, 2,000
officers and men.
Konlg Wllholm II (Madawasca),
9,410 tons, 2,200 offlcors and men.
Total 59,295 offlcors and men.
Curront Comment.
A Fine Example of Loyalty.
To overcome a crisis in tho trans
portation situation of the country A.
O. .Wharton, head of tho railway
omploycB branch of tho Amorlcan
Federation of Labor, representing 300,
000 workmen, has agreod with Sec
retary McAdoo to a program for long
er work days, open shop conditions
and morn hnnnrtnnt mips fnr nn-
prontices and helpers to tho end that
mucn neeaeu repnir wont on motive
machinery and rolling stock may bo
speeded up.
Horo is n .notablo instance of tho
willingness pf patriotic American la-
bor to como to tho aid of tho govern-.
ment In a serious emorgency. It con-
trasts sharply with tho recent per-
RhlZnuf :l0:rn i? ?8t0r" Administration the cause for advance
w 1 rebfe 'fSm tKldoit " ln rlc pr,CCS ,S attr,buted to e fact
warm reuuKO rrom tno president. tint m0Bt r,co m,llg hftye bcen runnlng
,, " ' ' . to full capacity in order to supply tho
or Kent. demand for 1,000,000 bags for Amori
Improved farm of 1G0 acres 2 can and allle(1 fighting forces. As a
miles from keystone Omaha Furn- uu i 1 ..!.. r i
ituro &, Carpet Co., 1211 Famam St...
Omaha, Nebr.
, Xotlco to Creditors.
Estate No. 1544 of Robort D, Thom
son, deceased In tho County court of
Lincoln county, Ncbrnska.
Tho State of Nebraska, ss: Creditors
of said estate will tako notice that tho
tiiiio limited for presentation and fil
ing or clnlms against said Estato is
July 12th, 1918, and for settlement of
said Estato Is March 8th, 1919; that
I will Bit at tho county court room ln
snld county, on April 12th, 1918 nt 9
o'clock a. m., and on July 12th, 191S,
at 9 o'clock a. m., to receive, examine,
hoar, allow, or adjust all claims and
objections duly lllcd.
M12-A5 County Judge.
Physician, Surgeon, Obstetrician. X-Ray.
For your comfort nnd accommodation The Nurse Brown'
Memorial Homeopathic Hospital. Homeopathic medicine for
acute and chronic diseases. A trial will convince you that there
is no system of treatment its equal.
Office phone 183. Residence phone 283. .
Hospital Phone 110.
Wc S,5J1 Coal, Flour, Graham, Whole Wheat, Corn
Meal, Corn Chop, Barley, Chop, Salt, Shorts, Bran, Tankage
and Cotton, Linseed and Alfalfa Meal, mixed Chicken Feed
and all kinds of Grain.
Quality guaranteed and SERVICE THE BEST.
Leypoldt & Pennington,
Sluco I lmTO sold Uio garage am doing nuto livery from tho North Side
Barn.. Day or Night. Tolopliono 20. Wo mnko a specialty of drives to
sales nil over tho county at tho rnto of flro cents per mllo per person.
Those who Im sales througlwut tho country please let mo know.
.0 n ,u,y Curs ior sale. Night
Julius Mogensen.
Wanted- Intelligent young women
to start training at once for nursing
f llllulM pisc-ua of nurses called inti
Red Cross service, and to mvdll tlu
numbers of Red Cross nursos.
This Is the appeal made by the
nurses' training department of the
Woman's Committee of the Nebraska
State Council of DefonSe, of which
Miss Mary Cogll of Lincoln is chair
man. Nebraska lias already contributed
over 200 of Its registered nurses to
iceti uross wont, ur inese iaa are as
signed to foreign service, nnd 00 of
these lattor are assigned to canton
menls. Only 187 nurses will grart
uato from the training schools in Nc
braska tills spring, which means theo
will be a dearth of nurses bore. Mhs
Cogll Is urging that college glrln,
school teachors, and other Intolligrnt
girls with trained minds entor into
training at' once. Complete Informa
tion may be secured by interested
girls by writing to Miss Mary Coei!,
202 Lei Lau Far! Apartment, Lincoln
Many queries reach Miss Cogil con
cerning possible concessions in train-
ing because of the war emergency. In
Nobraska, no lessoning of the required
period of training can bo made, a.
registered nursos aro required by
state law to have three years train
ing. In many statos. particularly in
New York the period of tralninrg U
being somewnnt snortcneu ior college
trained girls.
:o: :
For Sale.
Any part or all of my property on
east 11th street, 200 block, consisting
of one-half block, two largo modern
barns, modern five room house ex
cept heat, good fruit trees, plenty of
shade, lawn, curbing and sidewalks In,
good location, three block, from Lin
coin school. See mo If you want a
It. L. DOUGLASS, North Platte.
: :o: :
Calls Ex-Farmers Hack lo Land.
Secretary Houston has approached
tho farm lqbor problem from ono angle
that seems practical in all Its aspects.
Ho suggests that men who havo moved
to town from the farm retrace their
steps and heir raise a crop to win the
war. 2-Iore aro his words:
"If soldiers aro willing to serve in
tho trenches and risk their lives many
civilians can well afford to spare a
part of their time to serve In the fur
rows and in the harvest fields. In
many towns and cities there are men
who havo had farming experience, who
are able-bodied and who would doubt
less be willing to servo tho nation in
the flold of agriculture at this time.
Especially for the seasonal strains of
planting, cultivating and harvesting It
will not bo too much to ask such men
to aid tho farmers In tho necessary
undertaking of maintaining and, if
possible, supplementing the food sup
ply in order to feed tho armies and to
sustain tne civilian population bemnd
Nebraska has its quota of these men
who aro busy at one thing or another
In town, but who well can afford to
'elvo a little time to the big duty pf
llolPlB out the farm this summor aijd
nm'bo next Omaha Bee.
T nn nTT7 noni h t.v,i
consumption 1ms hPP.n tnmnnrnrllv rn.
duced. Lower prices aro forecasted.
Tho government is today the greatest
employer of lnbor in tho Untied States,
lot considering railroad omployees. In
normal times approximately 400,000
civilians are employed, and in tho last
year tho number has increased to 000,
000. In comparison one steol corpora
tion employs 300,000 men, and one rail
road 250,000.
: :o: :
For tho sorious dlsoasos that attack
tho kidneys Prickly Ash Bitters la a
remedy of merit. It rolloves back
acho, dizziness, presistont headache
loss of strength and nervous weak
ness; symptoms which indicate kid
noy trouble. Price ?1.25 por bottle.
Rincker Book & Drug Co.. Special
Cnll Itod 632.
Terms reasonable guarantee
satismction. For dates sec
J. F. Clabaugh, North Platte.
Phone 201.
Ornnile nnd imirblo hendsloncs. The
only shop in the city. Equipped -with
pneumatic machinery. Lettering neat
ly done. All work guaranteed.
C orner 7th nnd Locust, ISorth Tattc.
. , - -. . .. i
Successor to
Drs. Redileld & Redfleld
Office Phone 642 Res. Phone 67t
Office phone 241. Res. phone 217
L. C . DROST, '
Osteopathic Physician.'
North Platte, - - Nebraska.
Knights of Columbus building.
Sheep and Cattle
Farmers this is the year and the
time of the year to get stock to eat
up your rough feed. I have on
hand and for sale 3000 feeding lambs
and ewes, and 500 cattle. Come
and talk to me.
Licensed Embamers
Undertakers and Funeral Directors
Day Phone 234.
Night Phone Black 538.
Ileal Estato, Fire, Tornado and nail
Insruancc. Special Agents Globe
Life Insurance Company.
Corner Front and Dewey Sts., Upstairs
Phono Red C72. North Platte, Neb.
Furs .are Big rice Bring them in.
We buy all glfifo of Junk.
North Plalte J unk House
My best reference, I'm alway dated
Phone at my expense for dates.
..General Hospital..
One Hall Block North ol Postofiice.
Phone 58
A modern institution for th
eitific treatment of medical,
urgiesl and confinement casei.
Completely equipped X-Ray
and diagnostic laboratories
Gee. B. Deal, M. D. Y. Licas, M. D.
J.B. FWfeld. M.D.J. S. SIMMS, M.D.
. Geo. B. Dent,
Physician and Surgeon.
Special Attention given to Surgery
and Obstetrics.
Office; Building and Loan Building
Phones t Office 130
I hones Regjdence 115
Practice Limited to
Surpory nnd Jtndhim Therapy
728 City National Bank Building.
Omaha, Nebraska
Helton Building
Office hours 9 a. m. to 6 p. m.
7 p. m. to 8 p. m.
Offlco Black 333 Res. Black 102U
Hospital Phono Black 633.
House Phono Black C33
y. t. r hitch arm.
Graduate Veterinarian
Eight years a Government Votorlrtar
ian. Hospital 218, south Locust St
one-half block southwest of the
Court House.
Thoso wintlng sale dates let mo
know soon, as I hare dntcs nindo for
Xotlco of Petition.
Estate No. 1548 of Lewis Havens,
deceased in the county court of Lin
coln County, Nebraska.
Tho State of Nebraska, to all
persons interested in said Estato take
notice that a petition has been filed
for tho probate of an instrument pur
porting to bo the last will and testa
ment of Lowls Havens, deceased and
for appointment of George J. Taylor
as executor of said Will, which has
been set for hearing on March 29, 1918,
at nine o'clock a. m.
Dated March 1, 1918.
M5-22 County Judce.
Notlco of Pinal Report.
Estato No. 1483 of Estolla Belle
Simms, deceased in the county court
of Lincoln county, Nebraska.
Tho state of Nebraska, to all nersons
interested in said estate tako notice
that the administratrix has filed a final
account and report of her administra
tion and a petition for final settlement
and discharge as such administratrix,
which have been set for hearing before
said court on March 29th, 1918, at 2
o'clock p. m when you may appear
and contest the same.
Dated February 28th, 1918.
M5-2G. County Judge.
'otlce to Creditors.
Estate No. 1540 of Hormnn Koester,
deceased in tho County court of Lin
coln county, Nebraska.
Tho state of Nebraska, ss: Creditors
of said estato will take notice that the
time limited for presentation nnd filing
of claims against said estate is July
12th, 1918, nnd for settlement of said
estate is March 7th. 1919; that I will
sit at the county court room in said
county, on April 12th, 191S, at 9 o'clock
a. m., and on July 12th, 191S, at 9
o'clock a. m., to receivo, examine,
hoar, allow, or adjust all claims and
objections duly filed.
M12-A5 County Judgi.
Notlco is hereby given that Hynian
IIirschfcld,i Joseph Hirschfold and
Hillel Hirsehfeld havo associated
themsolves together for tho purposo of
forming and becoming a Corporation
under the laws of tho Stato of Ne
That tho namo of said Corporation
Ib "Tho Hirschfold Company." That
tho principal piaco of transacting
tho businoss thereof is North Platte,
Lincoln county, Nebraska.
That tho general nature of the busi
ness to be transacted is to engage in
the trcnorsrl merchandise business nnd
to buy arai soil goods and merchandise.
That tho amount of tho capital Btock
authorized by the said Corporation is
Twenty Thousand Dollars (120,000.00),
all of which has been pnid in full.
That tho tlmo of tho commencement of
said Corporation is March 1, 1918, and
tho tlmo of the termination thereof is
March 1, 1938. That tho highest a-
mount of indebtedness or liability to
which tho Corporation Is nt any tlmo
to Biibject itsolf is Thirteen Thousand,
Three Hundred Thlrty-Thred Dollars
and Thirty-Three Cents ($13,333.33).
That tho officers who aro to con
duct tho affairs of said Corporation
aro threo directors, a president, a vico
president and a secretary and
M12-A9 Incorporators.
Phone 308
Rooms 1 and 2 Belton Building
North Platte, Nebraska,
Estato No. 1535 of Hulda Oman,
deceased In tho County Court of Lin
coln County, Nebraska.
Tho State of Nebraska, ss: Creditors
of said ostate will tako notlco that tho
time limited for presentation nnd filing
of claims against said Estato is Juno
28th, 1918, arid for settlement of said
Estato is February 21st, 1919; that I
will sit at tho county court room ln
said county, on March 28th, 1918, nt 9
o'clock a. m., and on Juno 28th, 1918.
at 9 o'clock a. m., to recolvo, examine,
hear, allow, or adjust all claims and
objections duly filed.
F2(5-4w. County Judge.
Notlco of Pinal Report.
deceased in tho county cqurt of Lin
com county. Nebraska.
Tho stato of Nobraska, to all person
Interested In said Estato tako notic
that tho administratrix has filed
final account and report of his ad
ministration and a petition for finfol
settlement and discharge as sudh,
which have been sot for hearing bs
foro said court on March 22, 1918, at
9 o'clock a. m. when you may appear
nad contest the same.
Dated February 23, 1918. '
13-3 wks County Judge.
Notice To Creditors.
Estate No. 153G of Francis E. Snyder
deceased in tho county court of Lin
coln county, Nobraska.
The state of Nebraska, ss: Creditors
of said estate will take notice that the
time limited for presentation and
fill lie of claims n ml nut. R.nlil oatntn a
Juno 29, 1918, and for settlement of
saiu estate is February 23. 1919; that
I will sit at the county court room ln
said county on March 29. 1918, at 9
o'clock a. m., and on June 29, 1918, at
9 o'clock a. m., to receive, examine,
hear, allow or ndlusfc nil rl.iim'a nnri
objections duly filed.
wm. li. c. WOODIIURST
13-4 wks. County Judge.
Sheriffs Snlc.
By virtue of an alias order of salo
issued from tho District Court of Lin
coln County, Nebraska, upon a decree
of foreclosure in said Court, wherein
Anna V. Metcalf is plaintiff and Will
Outrlm e al are defendants, and to me
directed, I will on the 18th day of
March, 1918, at two o'clock p. m., at
tho east front door of the court house
in North Platte, Lincoln County, Neb.,
sell at public auction to the highest
bidder for cash, to Batisfy said decree,
interest and cost, the following des
cribed property, to-wlt:
The West One-half of Section Twenty-one,
in Township Sixteen, North of
Range Thirty-two, West of the Sixth
P. M.
The East One-half of Section Twenty-one
in Township Sixteen, North of
Range Thirty-two, West of the Sixth
P. M.; the Northeast One-fourth of
Section Twenty-nine, in Township
Sixteen, North of Range Thirty-two,
West of the Sixth P. M.; the Southeast
One-fourth of the Southeast Quarter
and tho West Ono-half of the South
east Quarter, all in Section Twenty
Nine, Township Sixteen, North of
Range Thirty-two, West of tho Sixth
P. M., and tho South half of the South
east One-fourth of the Southeast
Quarter of Section Nineteen, in Town
ship Sixteen, North of Range Thirty-
two, West of the Sixth P. M.; South
west One-fourth of Section Twenty
nine, In Township Sixteen, North of
Range Thirty-two. west of the Sixth
P. M all in Lincoln County, Nebraska.
Dated North Platte, Neb., Fob. 9,
fl2-mlC A. J. Salisbury, Sheriff.
Sheriffs Sale.
By virtue of an alias order of sale
issued from the District Court of Lin
coln County, Nebraska, upon a decree
of foreclosure in said Court wherein
Jam6s A. Fike is plaintiff and Arthur
uattles, et al are defendants and to me
directed I will on the 18th day of
March, 1918, at twovo'clock p. m., at
the east front door of tho court house
ln North Platto, Lincoln Countv. Ne
braska, sell at public auction to the
Highest bidder for .cash, to satisfr
said decree, interest nnd cost, the fol
lowing described property, to-wlt:
The West One-half of the Northwest
Quarter and the Southeast One-fourth
of the Northwest Quarter, in Section
Three, in Township Fifteen, North of
Range Thirty-two, west of tho Gth P.
M., tho Southwest One-fourth and the
West One-half of tho North-west
Quarter and tho Southeast One-fourth
of tho Northwest Quarter and the
Southwost One-fourth of the South
east Quarter, in Section Nineteen,
Township Sixteen, north of Ranee
Thirty-two, West of tho Gth P. M the
aoutn une-nair or the Southwest Quar
ter in Section Seventeen, and the
North One-half of tho Northeast Quar
ter or Section Nineteen, all in Town
ship Sixteen, North of Range Thirty-
two, Wost of tho Gth P. M., and the
North hair or tho Southeast Quarter
and the South half of tho Northeast
One-fourth, and tho North half of the
Southeast Ono-fourth of tho Southeast
Quarter, in section Nineteen, all In ,
Township Sixteen, North of Range
Thirty-two, West of tho Gth P. M., all
ln Lincoln County, Nobraska.
Dated North Platte, Neb., Fob. 9,
F12-M1G A. J. Salisbury. Sheriff.
Estato No. 1517.
In tho matter of tho ostnto nf v.nm
I. Mitcholl, deceased.
In the county court of Lincoln
county, Nebraska.
Stato of Nobraska, to all prosons in
terested in said estate notice is hereby
given that on tho 22d day of March,
1918, at tho county court room in tho
city of North Platto ln said county at
tho hour of two o'clock p. m. of said
day the following matter will bo heard
and considered, to-wit: Tho petition
of Ray C. Langford and W. R. Maloney
for tho probate of a certain written In
strument now on file in said court and
purporting to bo tho last will and
testament of Zara I. Mitchell, deceased
and for the grant of letters testament
ary thereon to Ray C. Langford.
Dated February 23d, 1918.
f2t-m19 County Judge.