The North Platte semi-weekly tribune. (North Platte, Neb.) 1895-1922, December 28, 1917, Image 9

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To the People of North Platte
We have just completed the North Platte Electric Mills. Taking the framework of
the former mill for a basis, we have built a modern 150 barrel flour mill, up to the min
ute in every detail of its construction.
Our flour, the "COW BRAND," known wherever it is sold as the "QUALITY
FIRST" flour, needs no introduction to most of you. You have used it and have told us
you find it good. To those who have riot tried it, we say, just tell the man "Cow Brand"
next time you buy flour. There is a treat in store for you next lime you bake.
It is an honest flour, milled to give you the best that can be made from Nebraska
wheat, and permit us to assure you Nebraska wheat flour has never been bettered.
Every Flour Dealer in North Platte has Cow Brand for you.
We Want the Friendship and Loyalty of Our Own Home Town.
The North Platte Electric Mills
Mrs. R. N. Lamb has been spending
this -week with friends In Omaha.
Mr. and Mrs. H. P. Heinckle spent
Christmas with friends in Holdrege.
Dr. Morrill, Dentist.
Mrs. Wilfred Stuart and children, of
Lexington, are guests at the Tighe
Mrs. Snow and son Lloyd, of Den
ver, are guests of Mr. and Mrs. Lem
For quick action and satisfactory
salo list your land with Thocjccke. tf
Ernest Casey came home from Camp
Funston to spend Christmas with his
Dr. and Mrs. W. T. Prltchard are
spending this week with friends in
Mrs. Byron Oberst left tho early
part of tho week for Omaha to Visit
Mrs. Harry Smith has returned to
Ogalalla after a visit at the Peter
Lloyd home.
Morlo Law, former city barber and
later railroad brakeman, has enlisted
in tho navy.
Miss Annie Valerius went to Grand
Island Monday to spend several days
with friends.
A farm hand wanted. Givo name,
ago and wages wanted. Steady Job.
Address Box 318, North Platto. 98tf
Mr. and Mrs. Gus Buchflnck havo
been spending this week with relatives
in Grand Island.
Miss Laura Murray and Frank Mur
ray have been spending this week with
relatives In Lincoln.
Miss Ruth Stroltz returned to Lin
coln Wednesday after spending Christ
mas with her parents.
Mancil Overman, now employed In
a bank at Caspor, Wyo has been vis
iting In town this week.
For Rent Five room house, mod
ern except heat. Inquiro of W. R.
Maloney at the store. 99-2
Mrs. Anna Soyferth has been spend
ing this week with her daughter Mrs.
D. T. Quigloy in Omaha.
Mrs. Mary Dunn has returned from
a 'protracted visit with relatives in
Ogden and Green River.
Wanted Young girl or woman to
assist with housework . Mrs. Jesse
Edwards, COS west Fifth street. 98tf
Glen Taylor retuined Wednesday
from Grand Island where he spent
Christmas with the homo folks.
Miss Emma Smith, principal of the
North Side school, is spondlng tho hol
idays with relatives at Farley, la.
L. W. Walker has been In town for
several clays vlsltlitg his mother and
sister and transacting Inulncss.
Mr. and Mrs. Bee -her Parker, of
Rawlins, are visiting relatives In town
while enroute home from Omaha.
I now have funds at 5 por cent
on choice bottom table land. Gene
Crook, Room 4, Keith theatre Bldg.
There will be Swedish Lutheran ser
vices New Years' day at one o'clock
at the Advontlsts' church on tho North
Mess Sergeant W. C. Woodring re-
Mr. and Mrs. C. O. Welngand en
talned at dinner Christmas the rela
tives of Mrs. Welngand who reside in
town. There were twenty-two of
these relatives present.
Frank Wilson, a former automobile
machinist of this elty who had been
at Cozad for a year or so, returned to
town Wednesday and will be found
with the North Platte Buick Co.
Dr. E. A. Baor, of Pleasantvillo, la.,
a brother-in-law of Mrs. Sarah Bangs,
of this city, who has visited hero at
intervals, has enlisted in the medical
corps with tho rank of captain.
. .The fire department was called out
Christmns day to extinguish a lire In
one of the Pealo houses on east 4th
street. An overheated stove had Rot
flro to tho woodwork. Tho damage
was slight.
Miss Edith Patterson, teaching at
Choteau, Mont., is home spending the
Christmas vacation. She is pleased
turned to Camp Funston Tusday night! with her position and haB gained in
weight whllo at Choteau, evidence
that the cllmato Is beneficial.
aftor yetting friends In town for sv
eral days.
Pete Souder, now at the Great
Lakes naval training station, has
been spondlng tliis week with relatives
and friends In town.
Miss Janot McDonald arrived tho
early part of tho week from Vnssar
college to spend the Christinas vaca
tion with her parents.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Wlmborly are
happy over tho arrival of a baby
daughtor on Christmas day. Mother
and daughter are doing nicely.
MIbs Dorothy Hubbard, who is teach
ing In tho central part of tho state,
camo homo tho early part of tho week
to spend the Christmas vacation.
For Sale Two lots and two houses,
ono ton room and one llvo room, all
modern except heat. Will trade for
land. Inquiro of J. Hahlor. lOOtf
Miss Irene Hubbard, now employed
ns clerk to Dan Roberts in tho U. P.
store house in Denver, camo down to
spend Christmas with the home folks.
Arthur Plumer, Frank Murray, Ar
thur Rush, Charley Horrod and C. T.
Wholan aro planning on a pleasure
trip to Kansas City and St. Louis
next week.
Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Richards have
returned from Omaha, whero Mr.
Richards, as chairman of tho local
protective board, attended the con
ference between tho B. of L. E. and
tho U, P. officials. Enroute home
Mr. and Mrs. Richards' vIh! ted rolatlves
at Odessa.
Tho actual weight of a standard
Dodgo Brothers touring car was
found to bo 2475 pounds, tho first prize
being won by Joo Plzor and the sec
ond by W. E. Burton, of Paxton, Neb.
J. V. ROMIGIL Dealer.
Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Miller, of Hor
shoy, and Mr. and Mrs, Ulrlch, of tho
Experimental farm, took Christmas
dinner with Mr. and Mrs. 0. W. Slzc
moro. Tho houso was prottly decor
ated with red and green.
Wo tako this method of thanking
our friends for tho kindness shown us
during tho sickness and at tho funoral
of tho lato Henry Doobko nnd for the
lloral tributes.
Mrs.' II. F. Doobko
and Family.
Gus Brantlng, of tho Jack Morrow
flats, has recently completed a 32x42
barn, with hay loft, and other build
ings. Though Mr. Brantlng has lived
In Lincoln county but fivo yearB, ho
has made many improvements on his
farm that indicate that ho is a pro
gressive farmer. .
C. F. Tracy returned this week from
Omaha whero ho attended tho confer
ence of tho B. of L E. protective
board officers and tho Union Pacific of
ficials. Tho conference extended ovor
a period of Bovoral weeks and was in
relation to a now schedule for engi
neers on tho Union Pacific system.
Mr. Tracy says as a result of tho
meoting tho engineers secured a high
ly satisfactory schedule.
Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Lock and son
spent Christmas with rolatlves in
Mrs. Geo. N. Glbbs and daughtor
have been spondlng this week wltl
rolatlves In York.
Miss M. Sleman, steam baths and
Swedish Massage, ladles and gentle
men. Phono 897. Brodbeck bldg. 85tf
Mrs. II. M. Grimes has been enjoying
this week a visit with her sister MIbb
Lillian McCrncken, supervisor of
music in tho public schools of Boulder,
Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Baldwin nnd
children, of Omaha, nnd Mr. and Mrs.
Chas. Ilendy and son, of Denver, ar
rived Sunday, to spend Christmas with
Mr. nnd Mrs. John Hratt. Mr. Ilendy
and Mr. Baldwin loft for homo Wed
nesday night, leaving their families to
continue their visit.
Miss Florence Babbitt, a formor res
ident of tills city, wns recently innr-j
rled at Hoppner, Oregon, to William
J. Martin. Tho wedding was to havo
occurred Christmas, but was hastened
on account of Mr. Martin being cnlled
to war. For some time past tho bride
has been teaching school at Morgan,
Georgo A. Austin wns pleased to re
ceive ChrlstmaB photographs of hla
two grandsons, Donnld and Vllllers
Austin, who aro nttendlng tho Hill
Military Acadomy at Portland, Ore.
Tho boys,, who aro tho sons of George
Austin who loft hero eighteen years
ago, aro sturdy looking nnd prosont a
line appearance in their 'uniforms.
be payable on tlio lHt day of Soptcmbor.
1918, nnd on tin; 1st clay of March and
on the lot ilay of September of each nnd
every yenr thereafter, until all of tho
IntereHt on Haiti IiohiIh shall havo been
Snld bonds to be numbered consecu
tively from 1 to .10 Inclusive, and the
Interest thereon to bo evidenced by
con pon h thereto attached.
Hondo No.'s 1, 2 nml .1 to become duo
and payable on the 1st day of March,
lionds No.'h -I, ti nnd C to become duo
nnd pnynble on the 1st day of .March,
lionds No.'s 7, 8 and 9 to become duo
nnd payable on tho 1st day of March.
lionds No.'s 10,11 nnd 12 to become
duo nnd payablo on the 1st dny of
March, 1932.
lionds No.'h 13, 14 nnd 1G to become
due nnd payablo on tho 1st dny of
Mnrch, 1933.
lionds No.'h 1C, 17 nnd 18 to becomo
due nnd payablo on the lMt day of
Mnrch, 1934.
lionds No.'s 19. 20 nnd 21 to become
duo and pnynble on 'tho 1st day of
BoihIh No 'h 22. 23 nnd 21 to become
duo anil payable on the 1st dny of
Mnrch. 193C.
jioimIh ko:b lift. 20 ami 27 to becomo
on tho 1st dny or
HllVO a wldn nrmiiilnfiinrn iininiiL'
buyers. Phono nio at my expense. Llvo
niocK u specialty, win also Jiaiidio
j iiorougimrou Nines.
otich. or
Notice Ih hereby Klven tbnt a special
(diction will ho bold In Kust I'lntto
I'reclnct, In Lincoln County, Htnto of
.M-iiniHKu, on tho 29th day of January,
l'.MS. at which tho following nronoHl.
tic n will he submitted to tho voters of
nam jj;nsi finite precinct, to-wlt:
'Shall the Hoard of Countv Cnnunls
sloaers of tho County of Lincoln, stnto
of Nebraska, Issue Thirty thousand
Dollars (S30.000.U01 of M2nnt Plntln I'm.
clmt Hrldgo lionds', In denominations
of One thousand ($1,000.00) Dollars each
bearing Intorest at tho rato of six por
cum per milium, payanio semi-annually,
Interest mid principal pnynble nt tho
Office of the County Treasurer of Lin
coln County. Stato of Nobiaskni In tho
t-iiy oi iMoriu t'iniio, Lincoln uounty, in
the State of Nebraska
Kald bonds to bear date of March 1
1918, and the Interest on said bonds to
duo and pnynble
March. 1937.
lionds No.'s 28. 29 and 30 to becomo
due and payable on tho 1st dny of
Mnrch, 1938.
And shall tho Hoard of County Com
inlsssloncrs of tho County of Lincoln,
In the Htnto of Nebrnskn, levy n tax In
the year 1918, nnd In each and every
yenr thereafter sufficient to pay tho
Interest on said bonds, nnd sufficient to
pay llvo per cont of tho principal there
of as jirovldod by law; and In tho year
1928. nnd each and overv vonr there
after sufficient to pay the principal of
said bonds ns thev become due. until
sulllclont tax hns boon levied to pay
all of the principal of snld bonds as
provided by law; and such tax both for
interest ami principal to do levied upon
nil of tho taxable property In snld Hast
j'latto i'reclnct.
Said bonds to be usod for the purpose
of constructing a sorles of wuuon
brlilgos across tho following streams,
to-wlt: tho North Channel of the I'lntto
Ulver, the south slough of tho I'lntto
Hlver, and the North and South bran
ches of tho I'lntto Hlver, hoglniiiug at n
point on the North bank of tho north
chanuol of tho I'lntto Hlver, whore a
continuation of Market street or the
Village of Hrady. Lincoln County,
Nebraska, running In a southwesterly
direction, intersects tho north bank of
the said North Chanuol of the I'lntto
Hlver, nnd then across vsnld North
Channel of the I'lntto Hlver to a point
on the south hank of said North Chan
nel of the I'lntto Hlver, whero said lino
conects with tho Public Highway No.
183; thonee commencing on the north
bank or tho south siough on tno Mection
line hotwoen Sections twenty-two (22)
nnd twenty-throe (23) In township
twolve (12) North, or raiiKe twenty
seven (27) West of tho Ctb I'. M. then
across snld south slough to the south
bank of snld south slough connecting
with Public Ulnhwiiy No. 43; thenco
commencing nt the north bank of tho
North branch of tho Platte Hlver on
said Section lino botween said HectloiiH
twenty-two (22) and twenty-three (23),
thence south across snld north branch
of tho I'lntto Hlver to the south bank
thereof, connecting with said Public
Highway No 43; thence commencing
nt the north hank of the South branch
of the Platte Hlver on said section lino
between mild HectloiiH twenty-two (22)
nnd twenty-throe (23). thence south
across suld south branch of tho I'lntto
Hlver to tho south bank thorof; all of
snld bridges being approximately 2003
feet In length, more or less, and nil
being sltunte within said Knst I'lntto
I'reclnct, nnd to bo of sufficient width
for two teams to pass each other at
any point on said bridges, and to bo
constructed of concrete and steel, and
to comply with the plnns nnd specifi
cations prepared and furnished by tho
Htnto Kuglneer of the Htnto of Nebrns
kn, nnd snld bonds to bo approximately
one-half of tho entlro cost of tho con
struction of said bridges as heretofore
set forth, and the ontlro cost of which
Vi J,0 1,0 I.l,rxinintoly sixty thousand
Dollars ($00,000.00), ono-hnlf of which
Is to be borne by the Stnto of Nebraska.
t ST i,ro,,(le'Vr ' Article 5, Chap
ter 28. Sections 123 to 133 Indus vo, of
tho Hovlsed Statutes of tho Htnto of
Nebraska, for the year 1913, and nctH
nmondntory thereto, said amondntory
acts being Chapter 57, page. 1C0 of tho
.Session Laws of tho State of Nebraska,
for tho yenr 191 G.
Should tho State of Nebrnskn fnll to
K'i'it uch nld, thon tho bonds of mild
Last Platte I'reclnct horeby ordorcd
vuiuu uiuu, nnaii uoi do issueti,
Tho ballots to bo usod nt Bnld special
oloctlon Bhnll hnvo printed thereon;
"For" Issuing Thirty-thousand Dol
lars ($30,000.00), In "Knst Platto Pre
cinct Hrldgo lionds", in tlenomlnntloim
of One thoiiBnnd Dollnrs ($1,000.00) each
bearing Interest nt the rnto of six por
cent por annum, pnyable soml-annual-ly,
Interest and principal payablo nt tho
Olllco of tho County Treasurer of Lin
coln County, Stnto of Nobrnsku, In tho
City of North Platto. Lincoln County,
In tho Stnto of Nebrnskn. Snld boniln
to bear date of March 1, 1918, nnd tho
interest on snld bonds to bo payable on
tho 1st day of September, 1918, and on
tho lHt day of Mnrch, nnd on tho 1st dny
of September, of each and cvory year
tliereaftor, until all of tho Interest on
snld bonds shall have boon paid, and to
levy a tax in tho year 1918, and In each
and every yenr thoreaftor sulllclent to
pay the Intorost on snld bonds, and
sulllclent to pny nvo por cent of tho
principal thereof ns provided by law:
nnd in the ynr 1928, nnd ench and
every your thereafter HUtllclcnt to pny
tno principal or sain nonus as they be
come due, until suiricient tax has been
levied to nav all of the principal of
said bonds as provided by law, nnd such
tax both ror intorost ami principal to do
levied upon nil of the taxable property
in said Hast Platto Precinct.
"Against"1 issuing Thirty-thousand
Dollnrs ($30,000.00), in "Hast I'lntto
I'reclnct llrldge lionds", In denomina
tion! of One thousand Dollars
($1,000.00), bearing Intorest at the rato
of six per cont per annum, payablo
Boml-nnnunlly, Intorost nnd principal
payable at tlio oillce of the County
Treasurer of Lincoln County, State of
jNenrasitn, in tno t'lty or worm nunc,
Lincoln County, State of Nebraska.
Snld bonds to bear ditto of Mnrch 1,
1918, and tlio IntereHt on Hnld bonds to
be payable on the 1st dny of September.
1918. nnd on .the 1st (lav of Mnrch and
on the 1st day of September, of ench and
every year thereafter, until nil or tno
interest on snld bonds slinll have been
paid, and to levy a tax Ih the yenr 1918,
niiil In each and every year thereafter
sulllclent to pny the interest on sniil
bonds, and sulllolent to pay Ave per cont
of the principal thereof ns provided by
law, and in the year 1928, and each nnd
every year thereafter sufllclelit to pny
the principal of said bonds ns they be
come due, until sutllrlent tax bus been
levied to pny nil of tho principal of
said bonds as provided by law, and hucIi
tnx both for Intorest and principal to bo
levied upon all of tho taxable property
In said Hast Platto Precinct.
Those voting In favor of said proposi
tion shnll mark their ballot with an
".X" before the paragraph beginning
with tho word 'FOH" nnd those voting
against snld proposition shnll mark
their bnllot with nn "X" before tho
pnrogrnph beginning with the word
Said oloctlon slinll bo onen nt it
o'clock A. M. nnd contlnuo open until 8
o'clock P M. or snld dny, nnd tho polling
places of snld Hast Plntto Proclnct will
be, nt tho School house on Section throo
(3) In township eleven (11) North, of
range twenty-seven (2,7) West of tho 8
P. M. nt which nil of tho voters living
In said precinct south of tho south
branch of tho south channel of thePlntto
Hlver In said Precinct will cnBt their
ballots, and at the Woodman Hall In
tho Village of Hrady. In said Precinct,
at which all voters living In said Pro
clnct and residing north of tho south
bank of the south branch of tho south
chnnnol of the Platte Hlvor shnll enst
their ballots, on the 29th dny of Jnnu
ary, 1918."
Ily order of tho Hoard of County
Commissioners of Lincoln County,
State of Nobrnska, made on the 24th
day of December, 1917.
(127J24 A S. Alien, County Clerk.