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American and British Sailors
Best of Friends, Says
Fight Among Themselves nnd All That
Sort of Thing, Says Charles Daw.
barn, but No Happier Crowds
Could Be Imagined.
London. Writing In tho Dnlly
Chronlclo on "Tho United States Fleet
In Being" nnd discussing America's In
Valuoblo services, Charles Dawbarn
"It Is not tho American way to fenr
publicity. Undo Sam likes to act In
Iho brond cyo of day nnd to liavo his
poods emblazoned for his own encour
agement, nut Iho English nro Recro
tlvc perhaps this is one of tho revela
tions of tho war. In any case, n veil of
Rllcnco lins been dropped over Ameri
can naval action In tho scrvlco of tho
allies In conformity with British tra
ditions. Being in Home, tho good
Americans do ns Rome docs. In this
particular Homo holds Its tongue and
looks wlso. Not tho least of American
services to England Is her readiness to
becomo dumb and anonymous, because
that Is tho Immemorial way with tho
British navy.
"And yet 11 would not do to suppose
that our cousins liavo not contributed
very sensibly to tho reduction of tho
ferll which awaits us on Iho water
ound tho const. Sir Eric GeddcB paid
fmndsomo tribute to them In his
maiden speech ns first lord In tho com
mons. Tho United States 'Jackie' Is
p fino fellow, nnd ono of his finest at
tributes Is his speedy adaptation to tho
now conditions of scrvlco In European
Waters. Ho has becomo our own Jack
Tar's firm friend.
The Family Feeling.
"Gratifying examples of co-operation
botween tho two services nro fur
bished every dny. Officers nnd crcwB
pf tho two fleets llko each other so well
flint they 'get mad' at each other, ns
the Americans nay Just ns If they
were members of thoBnmo family.
"In courts of Inquiry both services
participate when both nro Involved.
Perhaps tho senior olllccr will be Brit-
Desplto tho presence of food admin
istrators, fuel directors, and othur ene
mies our bitter and undefeated pneiny,
JNcost of Living, holds sway In the
capital itself.
Hich and poor alike patronize tho
stalls of tho well-stocked markets nnd
tho products of tho near-South appear
in great abundance. Thero is no Bear
city of food here, but thero nro no de
liveries and no charge accounts. Sat
urday Is tho big market day aud no
doubt our food director . received
many of their Inspirations whllo pass
ing through thu crowded luues of the
markets, where every conceivable cdl
bio is offered for sale.
Americanizing America Feature
of D. A. R. War Work.
Calls on Women to Make All-Amerlcan
City or Town of Place Where
They LJve.
A now opportunity forwmen to
help in tho wnr Is offered i)ytho Nn
tlonal Society of the Daughters of the
American Revolution, through their
war relief committee,- of which Mrs,
Matthow T. Scott Is chairman. It Is
Mmdlng out n call to the women of tho
country to make nn all-Amcrlcnn city
or town of tho nlnco in which tlioy
live. It nnks enlistment for this spe
cial scrvlco which yorks directly with
tho unusslmllntcd immigrant, Ignorant
ef or Indifferent to America's history,
customs nnd luws, unpledged to sup
port our ling, rearing n family with un
American vlowi of life nnd rending
only foreign language papers.
Ish and tho two juniors American, or
tho senior will bo American nnd the
others British. Tho unity is such that
British and American destroyers swing
nt tho samo buoy nnd follow each
other In their sea practices. At sea
they exchnngo signals; on shore they
tiso tho same clubs and huts. At one
base n converted cinema hall Is now a
rendezvous for the bluojnekets of tho
two nntlons. There they frntcrnlzo In
the most cordial manner. Between
scenery painted by sailors nnd in front
of nn orchestra of destroyer musicians
English nnd Amorlcnn nrtlsts sing their
songs and deliver their monologues to
their brothers of tho sen.
"Tho Incessant work of tho destroy
ers and patrol boats In convoying
troopships or merchnnt ships, or In
chasing tho submnrlnc, has not blunted
tho edge of tho snllormnn's keenness.
If you speak to him nbout his present
'motler,' nnd compare It with his
peacetime labors, ho will declare that
tho luttcr were heavier to bear. Thero
was tho eternal maneuver for the ac
tion which never came, and, after It,
olllccrs had to analyze tho thonrnHml
results. Navigating and engineer staffs
lived In nn atmosphcro of paper prob
lems. Nowadays thov nrn swrrnf nnn.
Thero Is no time for them. And the
Hplco of dnnger has given zest to tho
dally round. To understand that, ono
must understand the psychology of the
Danger Is Real.
"Ills danger Is real enough. Hydro
planes nnd other appliances have not
proved a sulllclent solution. Tho only
Dancer Convicted of Spying for
Germany, a Stoic to Last
Gazes Calmly at Execution Squad
Awaiting Order to Fire Fatal Vol
ley Confesses She Was In
the Pay of Germany.
Paris. In the gray dawn of n Tues
day morning n tall, graceful woman
stood erect before the targets on tho
VIncennes rlllo range. Ucr unbandnged
eyes gazed calmly at n sqund of
zouaves from n Moroccnn regiment. A
slgnnl from their commanding officer
and tho sharp crack of tho zouaves'
rifles cut tho early morning nlr. The
woman fell bnckwnrd to tho ground,
her face upturned to the sky. Mnta
Ilarl, tho dancer whoso charms hnd
captivated the capitals of Europe, had
paid tho price of being found out. She
died convicted of being u spy In tho
servlco of Germany, of having be
trayed for money tho country that hnd
sheltered her and had npplnuded her
Mntn-IInri died as Bho had lived
mistress of herself nnd her emotions.
When nwnkened on the fatal morning
In her cell nt Saint Lnznro sho know
that tho end wus nt hand. Sho quick
ly nttlrcd herself in n dnrk dress
trimmed with fur, which sho hnd w6rn
at her trial. Putting on n long coat
and n large felt hat, she announced
that sho was ready. Tho llttlo proces
sion pnsscd through tho dork corridors
to tho ofllco of the Warden. Hero
Maln-IIarl .wroto two long letters. She,
was tho least affected by tho suspenso
of any In tho party.
Says Last Good-Bys.
Handing tho letters to her lnwycr
she hado tho prison officials good-by
and, escorted by tho prison guards,
she entered n military nutomobllo ac
companied by tho two nuns nnd Cap
tain Bnurchardnn. Arriving nt tho
fortress of VIncennes Bho cnlmly
stepped out of tho mo'tor, turning to
help ono of tho nuns to nllght. Then
tho condemned woman was taken to
tho ofllco of the governor, where the
last formalities were quickly gono
through, after which Mata-IIarl again
entered tho automobile, which started
for the rifle range, this tlmo escorted
by n squadron of dragoons.
On tho range nil preparations for
the execution were rendy. A detach
ment jot Infantrymen in their bluo-grny
uniforms wero drawn up, forming n
hollow square tho targets being nt
They hopo to Tiring uiiout tho day
when tho alien, becoming naturalized,
shall tako tho oath of nllcglance to tho
flag Itself, not to tho man administer
ing the anth In a court room; when n
ballot Is put Into his hand accompanied
by an American ling, with full respon
sibility nnd honor of ownership; when
It Is obligatory that he learn tho Eng
lish language; when ho shall bo com
pelled to send his children to public
school; nnd when certain days of tho
year shall bo called Amerlcanlzntlon
days, on which resident nllcns shall
tako tho oath of allegiance.
Many of tho "Daughters" nro work
ing sorlously on this project, giving 11
lustrutcd lectures in settlements nnd
Bhe 8tayed at Home.
Winchester, Intl. Mrs. Sarah J, Sea
graves of this city, who has Just cele
brated her ninety-third birthday, has
Jived iu Winchester since 1850, nnd
since 1807 has not been In tho business
district of tho town until tho other dny,
when hor grandson took her in un uu
tomoblle for u ride about tho city.
rcnl solution Is man and ship power;
the policeman on the spot to catch tin?
"A hit, a palpable lilt, perhaps, nni
yet the result Is uncertain. This Is the
common cxperlcnco of submarine chas
ing. You nro never certain of your
bag. But whatever Gorman apologists
may assort, tho number of 'tin fish' dis
posed of by our nlly steadily grows
greater, and tho system of convoys a
number of ships 'In n bunch,' surround
ed by destroyers has at least this ad
vantage, that It brings tho enemy to
the defense force nnd thus obviates n
scnrcli for him. And In 'taking enro'
of tho tralllc, British and neutral, In
the sen lanes lending to these Isles, thd
United Stntcs nnvy Is performing n
duty csscntlnl to our existence nnd re
affirming the old mnxlm consecrated
once before nt sea that blood Is thick
er than water."
Little Bock, Ark. W. E. Hale, t
n farmer, appealed to tho local $
draft exemption bonrd to ills-
chnrgo his son, W. P. Ilnlc, be- 2
cause the lad Is "Just nnturnlly
too tall for tho army." But tho
board rejected tho application.
The young soldier Is 0 feet nnd
7 Inches from tho solos of his
feet to the top of his head. S
Umbrellas $15 Each.
Havre. Tho price of umbrellas In
occupied Belgium hns been fixed nt 75
francs ($15) each by German authori
ties. 1
the further end. Tho firing platoon of(
zouaves was In tho center, the men
standing nt nttcntlon. Tho nutomobllo
stopped nt tho entrance to the squnro
and Mnta-Hnrl stepped out. Sho gazed
unmoved, nlmost disdainfully, nt the?
setting prepnred for. her flnnl nppenr-j
ance, in much tho samo - manner na
sho had regarded tho audiences thatj
hnd npplnuded tho exotic dnnces with
which sho had startled Paris. In the1
background stood n group of officers
from tho VIncennes gnrrlson, many of
whom hnd been witnesses of tho con
demned woman's stngo triumphs. With
her lawyer on ono sido and ono of tho.
nuns On tho other sho passed un
shaken In front of the silent, wnltlngj
troops. I
Arriving In front of the targets
Mntn-IIarl bade these two good-by
embracing tho nun ns sho stretched;
out her hnnds to n waiting gendarme;
who held tho cord with which they
wero to bo bound. Tho commnnder.
of tho plntnon raised his sword and,
tho volley rang out, tho corpse was
taken to ' n military cemetery nnd'
burled In n section set npnrt for the!
Interring of executed criminals.
Mata-IIarl. whoso namo wnn MnrJ
guorlto Gcrtrudo Zello, gave Paris a'
now sensation to talk about when
some fifteen yenrs ago she mado heri
first appearnnco nt the house of
well-known opera singer, where in a
mystic danco she divested herself of a
number of veils which wero tho only
gnrments sho wore. She was a rc4
mnrkably hnndsomo womnn, tall anu
dnrk, with n skin' that was almost
bronze In color. This gave rise to tho!
statement that sho was a Javanese,1
but sho wns of Dutch parentage and'
had married In her youth a Dutch
army officer, from whom she was dl-'
At her trial her guilt was so conclu
sively proved that sho flnnlly con-'
fessed sho had been In tho pay, of tho
Gorman secret police for n number of
years. Sho' had utilized her wide no;
qunlntanccshlp In Franco to collect In
formation of military value which shq
transmitted through secret channels to
Berlin, receiving In return large sums,'
of money.
Profit on Sheep.
Enu Clnlre, Wis. A clenr profit of
$20 n head from n flock of 275 ewes,
with tho wool clip averaging eight
pounds, nnd nn Increase In numbers
of 108 per cent Is tho cheerful outlook
reported by n Bayfield county sheep
raiser. This flock master expects to
market 85 ram Iambs averaging from
00 to 05 pounds ench this fnll. Each
of the 275 owes carried on tho farm
will produco an nverngo of more thnn
$30 n head this year, represented by
her wool clip nnd thu snle of her lambs
for mutton. ,
Dun-Sur-Meuse In France Is Promised
Restoration by Man of Same
Paris. Tho Inhabitants of tho little
town of Dun-sur-Mcuso aro convinced
that, after all, there Is a lot In n unme.!
For, thanks to tho fact that Its pat-;
ronymlc happens to ho tho samo na
that of n wealthy and generous Amorl-J
can, tho ravages caused by war will
soon bo mado good.
The munlapol council of Dun-Rur-Mouso
has met in Paris to bo present
ed to Its "godfnther" who has under
taken to rebuild tho town.
8ees Belled Buzzard.
Mnrtlnton, W. Vn. The belled boz-
zuru was nctunuy seen nenr hero
.Tastier D. Dlllnv wMi ...nt.
farm. Dlllcv hnnrrt Mm tinki.
ut.ii, wiu Buiiuu npjmreimy coming from
overhead, nnd In looklug up ho snw a
largo buzzard Balling over, with tho
bell tied nround his neck. Tho bell
tinkled nt every movement of tho bird's
Thanksgiving Day Especial Event in Washington
WASHINGTON. Thanksgiving time brought n brightening of Washington
hearth fires nnd turkey-scented Invitations in honor at tho lnda nbout us
iln nntlonnl livery who nro far from hoSie and mother. Itnto tho Thanksgiving
' lnn.l .1.1.. lt.L .lt.1 L 1 . I ..
juuuiu lino yvui uiiu uiu iiui uuusi it
khnki-covered guest or so. Father and
mother plied high the strangers' plates
Jocosely. Never mind the mist in their
"Yes, I'm proud of my Jimmy; but
I'm not n heroine. I'm Just his moth
er I" Exalted eloquence I
They had n grand memorial service
for Jimmy at Evansville, Ind., his home
town, when the dread word came thnt
Prlvnto Jnmes B. Greshnm, enlisted nt
nineteen such n kid I was one of tho
first three Americans killed In the trenches of northern France. And Jimmy's
,mother in her nngulsh, thnnklng God for the proud gift of such n boy, sobbed
,out to those who would fnln console her. "I'm not n heroine I'm just his
imother 1"
And I'm rather Inclined to think that she was both.
"Please Invito mo where there's n kid that I can mind while Its mother is
getting dinner," nn enlisted man urged when Wnshlngton's Thanksgiving invi
tations began to circulate nmong tho camps. And nlmost every mother of n
baby, touched in her tenderest spot, bid to hnve that especial man to turkey.
A kiddie nlwnys seems to touch the soft spot underneath n khaki coat.
Tho other night there wns nn Interesting vaudeville entertainment given
,by patriotic local telent before the men nt Washington barracks. Tho wee
(daughter of Representative Klncheloe of Kentucky aocompnnled her mother to
tho performance. Mrs. Klncheloe, n versatilo artist, was ope of the headllners
jof the excellent bill. The orchestra was filling up the spnee between two
numbers with n strenuous rendition of "Over Thero" when tiny Miss Klnche
loe, Just three yenrs old, escaping from her protector, inspired by the stirring
'strains, scrambled up on tho low stage and began to dance in n spontaneous
baby way that overwhelmed, the soldiers with delight. The regular program
had to wait. The laddies wanted more of the baby. Grown folk were every
day affairs. A kiddle was n treat.
Government Departments Hard Pressed for Room
TOE treasury department Is in the market for 185,00) square feet of floor
space for ofllco purposes, and Is having groat difficulty In getting evw; n
smnll portion. Other government departments are hard pressed for ofllco
which partly solved the demnnds far
by taking over n large number of npaitmcnt houses, nnd are still badly in
need of office nccommodntlon, are expecting relief by March 1, when It is
contemplated that the big wooden buildings nt Sixth nnd B streets, the site
6f the old Union station, where Garfield was shot by Gulteau. will be ready
for occupancy.
Three sections of ono largo building will be rendy before March 1, it was
eald today by an officer of the government.
Tho treasury department has not such good prospects for early relief, al
though the supervising architect of tho treasury is rushing plans for the new
.trensury annex to bo built nt Pennsylvnnla nvenuo nnd Madison place, adjoin-
,ing tho Bclnsco theater. It Is planned
will be n permanent one, ready for the treasury by September 15, 1018.
Would Fight to Prove Nationality of Bambino
IT IS n street of second-hand. smells. Also, thero nre noises the Babel shrill
of foreign parent voices outclashed by tho raw Americanism of their jun
lors; tho insistent call of the push-cart, and always, always the comings and
goings of Job-lot humanity that must ..
buy other people's cast-offs, because
everybody knows why.
But nt ono corner the other morn
ing the sun lay like a yellow blanket
;on the pavement and the leaves swirled
jdown from the trees ns if dying were
u gny sort of dance. Also, there wns
n box, nnd on the box sat a small girl
In blue holding n baby with rings In
its enrs. The girl was n skinny little
tnckeV, with a dark face, mostly eyes,
nnd as she cuddled the buby her croon
ing voice somehow suggested olives, Vesuvius, wnyslde shrines and banunq
carts. But there was nothing Latin about the fat, bald-headed baby, except,
the rings In its enrs.' As the two mado n picture worth looking nt, the woman
paused and offered the baby an applo from n bng.
"She Amerry-ean baby" the girl explained It with a pride that was sdme
thing flue to see. "She is not no dngo. She have earrings becnuse my mar
iner sho say so, and her saint name is Mngdalena but my par-per he say It
is Maggeo for Amorry-oan and If she he n boy sho be president, mnybee."
"Why, that is splendid. And whnt Is your name?"
"I urn Marrec-ah, after tho Moth-er of God. My mur-mer glvo me to. bet
at the cathedral In Mllnn. I wear bluo nil the time I am a child. When )
nm becg I hnve a pink ribbon bow in my hair and u green dress nnd felluh to
go with. But the bambino no, the babeo sho come when wo got here. No
boy shall call her dago. I will light heem. I will keel heem if he call her
That's about nil, only
Ono would llko to know in advance whnt America will do for Mnggce,
whoso saint's name is Magdalenn, when sho Is no longer n fat, bald-headed
baby with rings itrher ears.
Opinions as to the Training of Officers Differ
ACOMPREFIENS1VE plan to train reserve officers and. their more systematic
( employment In the wnr lias been submitted to the secretary of wnr by tho
Training Camps association. In addition to establishment of n school or
schools for training of officers, to con
J J s J, V"
CC '
the war department to ubnndon all
training camps for officers and to obtain a supply of officers in future solely
from the ranks, with tho training for commissioned grades given nt the liend
quarters of the several military divisions.
Apparently the proposnl that reserve officers be sent to Franco for train
ing under uctunl wnr conditions and then returned to train the Nntlonnl army
does not appeal to the war departmenf. It was said there thnt reservo officers
nro being sent to Frnuco us General Pershing muy require them, nnd that
alrendy about 2,000 have been assigned to the American expeditionary force hi
Europo at General Pershing's requeat. The explanation was made, howler,
(hat theee officers would remain in France.
la Mil I II
accommodations for employees, nid it
will not be until various new buildings
authorized by congress are completed
that real relief will come.
The government's executive nnd
administrative nctlvltles . are now so
badly scattered throughout the city
that persons having business with
Uncle Sam often find trouble in locat
ing tho particular bureau or division
they arc looklug for. Many times they
are sent from one place to another.
The war and navy departments,
floor space nt the beginning of tho war
to have this $1,250,000 building, which
she is AMEiyvr-CAn)
n&nv tut ik V
tlnuo without Interruption lustend of
for n few months only, ns in the train-
"S camps, uio association recommends
that u certain number of reserve olll-
ccrs should bo sent to Franco for
actual experience with the troops In
the field nnd Inter brought homo to act
as instructors of troops being prepared
for war service.
Tho association also notes an ob
jection to tho understood purpose of
MM Wl I 1 S?S jCA
11 v
Main Points Aro That Fowls Should
Be Snow White, Free From Color
Foreign to Variety.
' In exhibiting Leghorns tho main
points nre that tho birds should be
( white that is to say, snow white, with
due amount of luster nnd free from
brnsslness. crenmlness, "greenness" (o
jterm usually referred to the Immature
i condition of the feather commonly
found in young stock), gray specks nnd
color foreign to tho vnriety. Tho comli
in single-comb vnrietlcs should hnvo
fivo points. The pullet should weigh;
three nnd one-half pounds, tho hen four
pounds, tho cockerel four nnd one-half
pounds nnd tho cock bird five nnd one-
i White Leghorn Cockerel.
half pounds. Tho ear lobes nro re
l quired to be white, nnd should moro
thnn one-third of tho surface be cov
ered with red In cockerels and pullets,
same would bo disqualified, but this Is
allowablo in hens nnd cock birds.
Feathers other than white in any part
of plumage aud shnnks other than yel
low would also disqualify tho White
Leghorn. Other general disqualifica
tions nre ns follows : The presence of;
stubs, feathers or down on tho shankd
or between the toes, side springs, squir-i
rel tail, etc. '
Poultry to Do Well Should Not Be Ex
posed to Severe Weather In
Fall and Winter.
That farm flocks nro often too much,
exposed to tho weather, and that tho'
farmer would realize moro from lils'
poultry if he did not nllow them out
doors during tho fall and winter, are,
without doubt, established facts, saya
A. 0. Smith of the Minnesota experi
ment station. The Iden often ndvanced
that poultry can withstand nny nmount
or degree of cold wenther provided it
is dry, is not borno out by experienco.
Poultry should not bo exposed to eli
their wind or rnln in tho nutumn.
House tho birds comfortably if you
wish eggs. Keep them in tho housd
hfter tho ground freezes. Let them
out only during tho .middle of the dnyj
ns a rule In the fnll after the frost
comes. If you cannot tako tho trouble,
,to get them in early in the afternoon,
keep, them in.
Make All Changes .Gradually and Keep'
Roosting Quarters Dry and
( ' Well Ventilated.
Pullets beginning to lay should bo
handled with exceptional care. Do'
not think because they have started'
ito lay that you should confine them
in their winter quarters. Make no
changes on them till the wenther will
permit; then take plenty of tlmo In
vnrylng tho ration. Make all changes
gradually. Keen the roo'stlng quarters
''dry, well ventlluted, but boarded up
tight on tho north, east and west sides.
They should then have a comfortable
house, and when handled by n enreful,
person who understands tho nature of
tho hen they should produce nb'un
Demand Far Exceeds Supply and
Prices Rule Exceedingly High
Give Heno 8ummer Feed. t
Tho demand for strictly fresh eggs
during tho lnte fall and winter months
far exceeds tho supply, prices rulo
very high during that period and the
breed of hens nnd tho system of man
aging them thnt will produce n good'
egg yield at this time of tho year Is
being much sought after. This can
be nccompllshed by starting in the fall'
with a good laying strain of fowls'
und managing them in n systematic
way, giving them hummer conditions
Iu feeding throughout tho winter.
Effective Measure' Is to Plow During
Winter Freezing Weather
KHIs Insects.
Winter phmlr.g Is r. i effective meth
oJ of rld.llng Polls of tho gnpcworin.
This worm causea tlio so-catied
"gapes" in little rhlcU, and can o:ly
result from contiuulwued soil. Whi
ter plowing throws tho worms to, or
near tho s irface, v. hero freezing
weather qujckly cnd- t.Vir exl,tcucc.