The North Platte semi-weekly tribune. (North Platte, Neb.) 1895-1922, December 14, 1917, Image 6

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i Diamonds and Watches
' v., .
Two things stand out from all other as Christmas gifts a Clinton diamond and a fine watch.
These presents are not beyond your means. You will be intensely interested in the moderate prices
and big values here. Nor are they extravagant purchases. Their permanence and usefulness make
them decidedly economical. ' ' f - ;f . , if
Wear does not detract from a diamond's beauty and brilliance. Time onladds .tits value. .
A good watch is used hourly through a long period. One can hardly find a more practical pres
ent, t
A Collection of fine Diamonds r
Clinton diamonds are full cut, brilliant stones free from flows which detract their luster.- They?
are highly desirable quality in every way. Excellent selections in white and blue-white stones.
hi h
Loose Stones Tiffany Rings' Men's Rings -. .
Platinum Rings Brooches Pendants
I A superb Watch stock
We have never had a more attractive lot of watches to choose a Christmas gift from. All grades
of the best movements are here in handsome solid gold and guaranteed gold filled cases. The latest
thin models for men, and the fashionable odd shapes in Bracelet Watches, Strap Watches for the
soldier, and watches for boys, ore here at prices representing the utmost in yalues.
Howards , Elgins Walthams ' Hamiltons
Bracelet Watches Strap Watches Boys' Watches
Early selections and mailing are extremely important this year.
A small deposit reserves any article until Christmas. " y J . ;
Jeweler and Optician,
At the Sign of the Big Ring.
I. E. Trout and John Shaffor, charg
ed with the Bale of intoxicating liquors,
wore discharged at the 'preliminary
hearing hold In Judgo French's court
"Wednesday forenoon.
Tho caso grow out of tho arrost of
Tom McGraw for drunkonnoss Satur
day night. When hauled before Judgo
Illtonborgor "Monday, McQraw, Id
,order to save hlrnBolf a sontenco, a
. greed to toll where ho bought tho
At tho preliminary hearing McQraw
tcstllled that Saturday evening about
'nlno o'clock lio mot Shaffor In front
of tho VIonna restaurant, that ho
iiBkcd Shaffor to buy him a quart of
whisky, that the latter said ho would
, do so, and that ho handed Shaffor $7.50
(tho present Boiling price of a quart of
whisky In North Platto). Ho stated
that Shaffor wont into Timmorman's
place of business, and ho fallowed a
mlnuto lator. That Shaffor wont to
Trout, and Hpoko to him, that the lat
ter wont to tho basomont and returned
with two "pint bottles of whisky which
ho handed to Shaffor. McGraw said
that ho and Shaffor then wont to tho
alloy In tho rear of tho Timmorman
building whoro Shaffer handed him
tho two liottlos, and that they oach
took a drink. An hour or so lator Mc
Graw was arrostcd for drunkonnoss
and on him was found ono of tho pint
bottles with a snjall quantity of whisky
In lj:. In court tho bottle was intro
duced In ovldonco, and McGraw Bald
It was tho ono taken from him and
that It was ono of tho two ho had got
ten from Sltaffor and that had been
furnished Shaffor by Trout.
Tho defendant Shaffor testified that
ho did not Beo McGraw Saturday ev
ening; that ho had not obtained any
bottles from Trout, and his testimony
throughout was a flat contradiction of
tho testimony given by McGraw. Tho
defendant Trout also contradicted In
every particular tho statements mado
by McGraw.
In rendering a decision, Judgo
Fronch said tho caso should-havo boon
tried to a jury, McGraw had been be
foro'hlm' bofor,e -and had never told
him a Ho"; tho samo was true of Shaf
for, It was' a caso of tho ovldonco of
two against ono; tho testimony of tho
wltnoss for tho stato was not corrob
oraod; that of tho defendants was cor
roborated by each othor, and though
thoy had an interost in tho caBO ho
would dismiss thorn, ;
Tho spobtatord in!' tho court room
Know that olthor McGraw had per
jured himself or that Shaffor and
Trout had, but they sald'not who was
Storllng Silver tho gift that be
comes tiro holrloom to tho next gener
Christian Sclonco (Services Sunday
11 n. m. Wednesday ovoning mcotlngB
oVery wcok at 8 o'clock, Building &
Loan Bldg. Room 25. To thoso ser
vices a cordial Invitation Is extended
to tho public.
For "Him" For "Her"
Buy Her
i Liggett's Chocolates
Ivory Toilet Articles
Wo might HOWL our heads off to
tho fact - that wo aro just giving our
merchandise away, and no ono would
believe us, so wo will stick to tho truth
and toll you truthfully that wo aro of.
forlng tho greatest variety of any
thing and everything for men and boys
wear ever shown In this town, and
while prices havo soared skyward,
for tho reason that wo are in a position
to take advantage of tho early offdrlng
of tho larger manufacturers and own
our Immense stock of men's and boys'
-wearables nt tho minimum (before the
war prices), wo can defy competition.
You will find, upon Investigation, that
your Christmas dollar will reach about
. as far in our storo this year as In
I former years. Wo aro not holding tho
public UP, but offer you the greatest
and most complete, varied lines of
merchandise to bo found In any first
class clothing and shoo storo in west-;
cm Nebraska. Our'many lines of nier
chandlso will not permit of an enumer
ation, but you hot your life If It Is any
j thing for a man or a boy WE HAVE IT
( and at a rcnsonablo prico. " Whether
for a soldlor at tho front or a stay at
homo, WE HAVE IT and wo will n6t
put a HOLD UP price on your pur
chases. Believe mo now, when I tell
you this is THE STORE to do your
Christmas buying nt. If you havo any
doubts as to tho real virtuo and truth
fulnoss of this little statement, just
como in and satisfy yourself. y'4 (
Yours truly,
: :o: :
I. 0. 0. F. SUPPEIL
Tlio Encampment branch of tho Odd
Follows will hold tliolr nnnual UnllJ-
moro oyster supper Friday night of
this wcok. All members of tho subor-
dlnato branch aro mvlod to partake,
aiso any transient members.
J. GUY SWOPE, Scribe.
Library Notes. ?
These gifts will always be acceptable to "Her," whether she
be mother, sister, sweetheart, or wife i
Buy Him
Cigar 3 A Pipe Military Hair Brushes
Smoker Sets Thermos Bottles
Safety Razor Shaving Mirror and Sets
These things are gifts in which a real man delights he can
use, things practical.
The xaPA Drug Store
The Right Cigar,
Kept Right,
At the Right Price.
Huffmans Cigar Store.
The 'library was closed tho first of
tho weok while tho furnaco was being
Patrons aro .-co-operating with tho
library, and books aro being roturnod
much moro promptly.. .
Among tho now boys' books aro
Athshollor Guns of Bull Run, A story
of tho Civil War; Athshollor Young
Trailers, Early Kontucky Lifo; Alt
shollor Texan Star; Dolnock Bo
Prepared, Boy Scouts In Florida; Flfz
hough Along Tho Mohawk Trail;
Drysdalo Tho Fast Mall: Munroo
Dorymatos, A story of tho Fishing
Banks; Mason LIcky and His Gang.
Tho woo tots will onjoy coming to
tho library to seo Polly Flinders,
Littlo Jack Hornor, Our Chlldrcns'
Favorltos and Tho Twins.
Wanted Furnished room by gentle
man, with or without moals. In prl
voto family preferred. Addross P. O
Box 454.
Wanted 5 or G room tfp-to-dato
modorn houso( by responsible party.
Will tako long torm loaso. Address
P. O. Box 4B4.
Wanted 2 furnlshod rooms with
kttchon connection for light house
kooplng. Must bo up-to-dato. Address
P. 0, Box 454.
E. Sodormau, of Mission, Texas,
which is forty ratios wost of Browns
ville, Has been In this section for soma
tlmo visiting his son and daughter.
Mr. Sodorman formerly lived on tho
land on which Sioux Lookout is lo
cated,, bqt moved to Texas olght years
Monday,' DeceiViber 17Lh, will mark the formal opehingVoou:
next year's
Christmas Thrift
This is the third season we have conducted this club. It will
be more popular than ever this year because there are so very
many good reasons for saving systematically, and the "Thrift
Savings Club" plans are so well suited for accumulating any
amount for any purpose in any length of time.
There are several plans offered. These plans which are
styled "Progressive" call for a small deposit first, increasing each
week; while in the "Reducing0 plans, you start with the large
deposit's and decrease each week.
Plan A
Plan B
Plan C
Plan .'I
Plan J
Plan K
The amounts named are for the Christmas Club period of
fifty weeks. Other amounts can be accrued within a period of
time suited . to the needs and desire of the depositors by adopting
one or more of the above plans.
. We Pay 4 per cent Interest on These Accounts.
f s Everyone Welcome No cost to join. '
' Come for your Membership Record Next Week.
lc Progressive pays 312:75 Plan E lc Reducing pays $12.70
2c Progressive pays 25.50 Plan F 2c Reducing pays 25.50
5c Progressive pays 63.75 Plan G 5c Reducing pays 65.70
10c Progressive pays 127.50 Plan H 10c Reducing pays 127.50
10c per week pays. $5.00 Plan M $2.00 per week pays $100.00
25c per week pays 12.50 Plan N 2.50 per week pays 125.00
50c per week pays 25.00 Plan O 5.00 per week pays 250.00
1.00 per week, ,pays 5Q.00 Plan P 10.00 per week pays 500.00
Supt. Tout, of tho city schools, Is
issuing a daily bulletin in which the
health condition of tho pupils in the
several buildings is- reported. If a
pupil is quarantined it is so stated In
the bulletin, tho names of those sent
homo are given, and thoso dally vac
cinated named.
Among tho items in tho bulletin un
der dato of December 10th is this one:
Uoports sent in flora tho Junior
High School show that 80 tniplls havo
had a successful vaccination, 56 have
bad smallpox, and 103 aro prospects,
that is havo neither had smallpox nor
been vaccinated. This is tho report
for 239 of tho 251 pupils enrolled at
this tlmo. This means that 57 of-tho
pupils of this Bchool aro reasonably
safe from smallpox and 43 aro liable
to havo It at any time. Of course
there are somo who woro vaccinated a
numbor of years ago and thoy may not
bo immune but they aro probably offset
by tho number of prospects who havo
attompteu vaccination ono or moro
tlmos and failed owing to natural im
In tho Issue of December 11th this
item appoars:
Tho survoy of conditions In tho Jeff
orson School Is completed and shows
tho following facts: Tho total enroll
ment of the building last Friday was
252. Only 230 of these pupils woro re
ported, tho othors bolng abBont or in
somo cases wore vaccinated but as it
had not taken thoy wero not reported.
Tho teachers saw tho scar or tho soro
from a recont vaccination of G9 pupils.
36 othors woro roportod to havo had
smallpox. 131 woro prospects. This
gives ois 44 probable Immunes and
56pro8pocts. This is for tho Joffer
son school only.
Tho Instrument of incomparablo
tono Tho Grafonola Oak, Mahogany,
Walnut priced from $18.00 to $250.00.
;:o: :
Heady To Mall Qucstlonnlrcs.
Miss Edna Sullivan, clork to tho
oxemptlon board, is now busily engag
ed In gottlng ready for mailing the
slxtoon hundred questlonalros that will
bo sont to tho drafted men of Lincoln
county. It la no small task to place in
envelopes and address thoso questlon
alros. Eighty will bo sent out each
day for a period of twenty days, tho
first eighty to bo mailed tomorrow.
Dr. Morrill. Dentist
Hev. Hay Passes Away.
Rev. William Hay, a Baptist evan
gelist, passed away yesterday morning
at his homo at 320 south Walnut street
at the ago of forty-four years. Ho
leaves a wife and two children.
Tho deceased came to North PJ.atte
last July to mako this city his head
quarters whilo conducting evangelistic
sorvlces In adjoining counties. For
tho past several weeks ho had been
holding- meetings at points In Thomas
county. A short time ago ho becamo
afflicted with a badly ulcerated throat
which seems to have poisoned his
system, and this with a slight attack
of pneumonia resulted in death
We have just received 50 new pat
terns of Picture Moulding. This ad
ded to our large stock, makes tho best
assortment ever carried in North
Platto. Bring your pictures in to bo
framed. C. M. NEWTON.
Christian Church.
Services will begin on Lord's day,
Dec. 16th., at 9:45 o'clock and will
consist of Bible School, communion
and sermon. 'The sermon will bo doc
trinal and devoted to a theme of vital
interest to the entire membership of
tho congregation. At 3:00 o'clock the
various Bible School classes and tlio
chorus will assemble to have a rehear
sal -of "the hymns to bo used for tho
Christmas service which will be ren
dered December 23rd.
At 7:30 o'clock thoro will bo a song
and praise service and an evangelistic
sermon. In spite of the cold weather
wo had all servlcea last Lord's day.
The house will be warm and comfort
able oven though It may bo cold out
side. Strangers and visitors in tho
city are welcome at all of theso ser
vices. You aro cordially invited to
tend. T. A. Lindenmoyor, Minister.
We have added and installed for the convenience
of Ford Owners, Machinery costing $500.00 in the
last month. The most important of which is our
Magnet Tester and Charger.
By this we can tell you if your Crank Shaft has
too much lateral, if your Coil is broke down. These
things being ok. can bring your magneto up to full
charge in 20 minutes without removing engine.
Making your engine
Easy to Start and Lights Stronger.
We are equipped with genuine Ford Parts and
Good Mechanics to do your work.
Corner 4th and Dewey St.