The North Platte semi-weekly tribune. (North Platte, Neb.) 1895-1922, December 14, 1917, Image 11

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Based On
Cost Per -Tablet
ril I
ii it
Had To Give Up
Was Almost Frantic With the Pain
It Saves 9Vc.
Ko advance In price for this 30-year.
, old remedy-35c for 24 tablets Some
eoM tbleU now 30c for 31 tablets
Figured on proportionate coet per
tablet, jrou save 9tfc when you buy
Hlll'a Cnr t1A
In 54 hourt grip
24 Tablets for25e.
At any Drugstore
Thousands Find Relief
Kidney Pills
IN all parts of the country, every
day, sufferers from kidney
troubles nro saylnct Goodbyo,
backache; coodbye, pains; Dodd'a
Kidney Pins havo settled you for
cood." They know the efficacy of
this fine old remedy which so many
people have employed with success.
Yon can bo free from kidney Bis, from
eventual IJrlght'a Dieraso and possible
death.. If you start Immediately to tono
the kidneys with Dodd'a Kidney Pilla.
Bo sure you nco on the box the noma
with tureo D'a, It protects you.
Every Draesht Stlh Dodd'a and
rcf undt your money If diteatUfied
Nebraska Directory
F. F. FINK, Auto Tinner
.212 S. 19th ST.. OMAHA, NEB. and
212 S. 12th St., LINCOLN, NEB.
336.7 Paxton Block Omaha, Nab,
Accordion, knife. Bide, Bimce. box.
' nunburat and combination pleat
ing, nemsmcning, picot eaging,
pinking, ruchlnp.coverlnRbuttorjB,
all Btyles and sizes. Price List free.
The Soldier.
Wo linve heard from onb of our cor-,
respondents abroad somewhere In
darkest England, says an exchange.
And he relates that an American sol
dier accompanied him to a shop In
London, where he wished to purchase
a book. And whllo the soldier was
waiting, he, too, saw a book he thought
he'd like, and ho asked the young wom
an its price.
"Three and six, sir," answered the
shop assistant.
"Which Is the three and which Is the
six?" asked the soldier.
"There aren't two sorts, sir this
book is three nnd six."
"Well, that makes nine," said the
soldier. "Can't you add? I'll take It.
Nino what pennies or pounds?"
Has been used for nil ailments that
nro caused by n disordered stomach
nnd inactive liver, such as sick head
ache, constipation, sour stomach,
nervous indigestion, ferraeutntion of
food, palpitation of the heart caused by
gases in tho stomach. August Flower
is a gentle laxative, regulates digestion
both in stomach and intestines, cleans
nnd sweetens the stomach and alimen
tary canal, stimulates tho liver to se
crete tho bile nnd impurities from the
blood. Sold In nil civilized countries.
BO nnd 00 cent bottles. Adv.
Laundered Soldier's Watch.
Being laundered didn't hurt n wntch
at San Antonio, Tex. The watch was
thoughtlessly left by the owner in the
pocket of his nnny shirt. In tho pock
et it was carried to the laundry and
wont through the big washing machine.
One of the Inundry employees felt It
!n the pocket just In time to snve It
from going through the wringer. The
watch was still marking time.
State of Ohio, City of Toledo, Lucas
County ss.
Frank J. Cheney makes oath that ho Is
senior partner of the firm of F. J. Cheney
ft Co.. dolns business In the City of To
ledo, County and Stato aforesaid, and that
Raid firm will pay the sum of ONE HUN
DRED DOLLARS for an case of Catarrh
that cannot be cured by the uso of
Sworn to before me and subscribed In
my presence, this 6th day of December,
A. D. 18S.
(Seal) A. W. Oleason. Notary Public.
en Internally and acts through the Blood
on the Mucous Surfaces of the System.
Druggists, 7Ec. Testimonials free.
F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, Ohio.
Lots Yet to Be Done.
There may come n time when you'll
ho ashamed to admit that all you did
In tho great war was to buy a few Lib
erty bonds. Exchange.
Now Zealand has 104 butter and 302
rhcese factories In operation.
St. John, N. B is Cnnndn's second
city In volume of customs receipts.
are dangerous. Relief Is prompt from FIso's
Remedy for Coughs and Colds. Effective and
safe for younc and old. No opiates In
A (ElfratmttH
fficit. Dr. Sjmuurli Duffirtfi
MAY tho blessing of tho light
that shown at midnight come
to the hearts that are shadowed
and tho homes that aro dark.
May the blessing of the, Manger
Cradlo come to that innumerable
company against whom the doors
oi hope and peace and rest are
Q May the blessing of the Holy
Child come to every one who has
forgotten that thou, O God, art
his father and that all men ar?
J May the blessing of the Guid
ing star come to those who wan
der in tho night and cannot find,
the homeward way.
q May the blessing of tho Stable
come upon all hearts, wakening a
kindly sense of kindred with every
living thing that walks the field
and forest or wings the air or
passes along the paths of tho
seas. New York World.
THERE Is very little of the right
motive in coinniemornttng the
birth of Jesus the Savior. The
spirit of .the modern Christmas is to
lave a good old time, feasting and
business activity, witli the Holy Child
Tesus a figurehead.
Such is a very great offense to Al-
ulghty God. An offering to God In
.ho spirit of righteousness, by humility,
vorshlp, mortification, In self denial
ind go'od works, should be the first
luty In celebrntlng Christmns.
Itenlly a number of hours simllnr to
Lent ought to be considered, after
svhich would come the feast and re
lolclng. Respectful thnnkfulness to the Lord
3od of Hosts for his love and pity for
i sinful race in his priceless gift of a
3a' lor such would bo a fitting grace
iefore partaking of the good things
ind many blessings that he has been
pleased to bestow on nil people. What
vould a person think in giving n re-
:cptlon and supper to have the guests
tinsten to the dining hall nnd devour
the food without giving the honor nnd
espect due to the host first? Almighty
3od is trcnted In a similar manner In
.elebrntlng the modern Christmas.
3eorge Cashel in Philadelphia Press.
The Old Christmas Hymns.
Happy is tho man or woman who,
laving left behind the schooldays and
he home gatherings, still sings the old
lymns nnd Joins in the readings of the
Dhrlstmns chapters in some slmplo
ihurch service designed to perpetuate
ho true spirit of the day.
Soft, soft, so sleeps the little stranger;
Croon, croon in tender notes and
Lovingly beside the lowly manger
Broods the Mother Mary o'er the
Hush, hush, for far away lies danger!
See, see how winsomely he smiled!
Yearningly beside the lowly manger
Bends the Mother Mary o'er the
Time, thou art the ruthless ranger,
And yet we all must needs be recon
ciled, For still for us beiido the lowly manger
Leans the Mother Mary o'er the
Child !
Cliotoa Scollird in Alailcc't.
mmr- jBt 'R 4?
j it mam jp i mmmmmmm r
wmm r " i ii i
I A I I I III III Willi I iilMH V
I ' m i I HI m II.IH I i I I III II i antai!
I J I I tVPSVVWttU. - m. Jv I II II ill I I I 1 1 I III !i YAC7?l I
I MssaBfM '..'H'.'' vSss JsSHssH
I T I I I sHssssVB'rSBssssBssslHsBKcVBflsnMisKv .-j ...T .--.JT Wi7 -'JisssHr ?n I 1 I
zaps m... .'-mi szmM s
I -V-na-rmH 17 w - t - --T f., V V I
AyVS VY .wL Child ii this, who. laid to rt.t. On I 7
4t w v I I tgjtBjB-ja- t r r , fiirt I
, an. themsiweet. While ihep-berdt watch are keep Injf
XT "TUi-i Iwy Lrj. TUlt, this Is Chrlt the King! Whom f 7
A fAfj wlV' hep-ber(J piard and an . cell ungt Ilirle, baits ta tx-y
L?26 H r 1,7 'fir M ,rr-f i lx
l I Why lies lis In such mein estate, So bring Him lncen, gold, and myrrh, IT " aMmK
k A'-Jl A Where oa and an are feedine? Come ceaiant. Klnr to own Him. . U J7'' , U.Wmr
K rA S . VW AW Cood Chritlan,(ean for sinners hers The King of kings, salvation brlnrsi VCvTvy'
lOA V SAW LAI The sllentWoid is pleading: Let loving hearts enthrone Him. 6M? CA' ' ,- IVtfM.
I'll I Fk NtIU' ttUl ,hU pierce "im "'rouh IUI"' he ,on o" h'th, JCl . ; 'T-fp
i 'irasT
and Suffering of Kidney Com
plaint Doan's Made Her Well.
Rt.. VrnnXztnriA Pa .kvk A 1,1
. m ays l VVIU OiUlt
ed my kidney trouble. My Kick began
to ache and? cot sons and lame. My
joints and ankles became swollen and
Ijiuiuiui auu lb icit as 11
needles wcra sticking in
to mem. l nnauy iiau
to give up and went
from bad to worse.
act right and the secre
tions were scanty and
dlttrrmlntr. T ka,1 ..
ful dirzy spells when cv-
ed black: one time I Sbstttr
cotildn t see for twenty minutes. Aw-
iui pains in my ncau set mo almost
stand the least noise. How I suffered!
Often I didn't care whether I lived or
"I couldn't sleep on account of tho
terrible pains in my back and head.
Nothing seemed to do mo a bit of good
Until I lilrnn tnVlnir Ttnnn'k rrjA.t
rills. 1 could soon see they were help-
iiih uiu, uic.uacKacno stoppcu, my Kid
neys were regulated and I no longer
had Am ihrrv annlln rr .linnmn , I
I still take Doan's occasionhlly and
tnT Keep my kidneys in good health."
"Sworn to before me.
F. W. CASSIDY, JR., Notary Public.
Get Doan's at Any Store, 60c Box
f Every Woman Wants
Dissolved in water for douches stops
pelvic catarrh, ulceration and inflam
mation. Recommended by Lydia E.
Pinkham Med. Co. for tea years.
A healing wonder for nasal catarrh,
sore throat and sore oyes. Economical
Has eitraordmary cleaniina and setmlcUal power.
SamplaFraa. 50c all drusauu, or pMtraid by The PAltooToilfl Company, Bortoo. MaM.
W. N. U OMAHA, NO. 49-1917.
A Touch of Nature.
The sccno Is a crowded bus. A sol
dler, back from tho trenches, sitting In
n corner near tho entrance, puts Ida
hand into his pocket for his fare, nnd
pulls out n shilling and sonio coppers.
The bus jolts violently and, to the sob
dler's dismay, tho shilling slips from
his lingers Just as lights go out, as
they always do In Loudon, In these
days, when a bridge Is being crossed.
Tho passengers with one nccord begin
to gropo for tho soldier's shilling,
Frald It rolled off, mute," Bays tho
conductor. Then lights go up again,
and discover thrca pnsscngers ench
holding out tho shilling. Christian
Scicnco Monitor.
With Cutlcura 8oap and Ointment--
They Heal When Others Fall.
Nothing better. Quicker, safer, sweet.
er for skin troubles of young and old
that itch, burn, crust, scale, torture
)r disfigure. Once used nlwnvs usml
occnuso these Bupcr-crcamy emollients
tend to prevent little skin troubles bo-
iomlng serious, If used daily.
Fred sample each b.v mnll with Book.
Iddrcss postcard, Cutlcura, Dept. L,
Boston, sola everywhere. Adv.
An Average Load.
"Thero goes whnt you might call tho
nvorugo suburbanite."
"How do you place him?"
"He's currying homo something his
wlfo asked him to get nt a department
store, a steak, a head of lettuce aud o
new record for his phonograph."
important to Mothorn
Examine carefully every bottle of
CASTORIA, that famous old remedy
for infants nnd children, nnd seo that it
In Uso for Over UU Years.
Children Cry for Fletcher's Caatoria
Some Reason.
Probably Delilah's hair wns getting
thin and she became enraged at Sam
son because he refused to uamo tho
hraud of hair tonic ho used.
Not bo Bad.
"Is this son of yours adolescent?"
"Oh, no, sir; he's Just a llttlo queer
In tho head."
The Oulnlna That Dees Not Rffeet Head
Because of 1U tonlo and luxaUve oDect, Laxatlrs
llroinu Quinine can bo taken br anyone without
pausing nerrouinuss or tinning In the head. There
Is onlr one "llrouio Cjulnlne." 11. VV. UllOVH'S
signature Is on box. 80c.
Not n Clean Take.
"Can Allco take tho high C?"
"Not without knocking off come of
the bars."
Smile, smile, beautiful clear white
clothes. Red Cross Ball Blue, American
made, therefore best. All grocers. Adv.
Tho difference between a skin-deep
beauty and the other kind is that you
ect tho other kind nt tho drug store.
Dr. Pierce's Pellets nro best for liver.
bowels and stomach. One llttlo Pellot
for a laxative, three for a cathartic. Ad.
An old bachelor says that tho vocal
(zing at n wedding Is even more de
pressing than Iho singing nt a funeral.
filler WW UiMQ le Inr Tlrail Cuac
M0VIQS Ucd Eyes Sore Eyes 3
i Qrannlatod llselUa. lte.ta 5
g llof roshes Restores. Murluo la a Favorite 3
E Treatment for Hyos that feel dry and smart. 5
g Olvoruiir lljos as much of your lovlna care a
a as jour Teeth and with the same regularity. 5
g Bold at Druif and Optical Stores or by MalL a
Aik Midas En Rsmtdy Co, Chlcigo. for Fret Book